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Theme Weddings Creating Your Own Theme Wedding Basic tips from event producer, Paul Bott, on successfully creating your theme wedding.

1. Totally be in love with your theme. 2. Do not compromise on making it happen once you have set a realistic budget. 3. Determine which of your friends & family can help you with it. Chances are, somebody close to you has the same “passion.” 4. Outline your day, then look for

somebody to hire to help make it happen. Planning can be stressful and you will want to be sure to be able to enjoy your own Wedding Day.

5. Seek a venue that will be absolutely perfect to host the wedding theme. 6. Some companies will “sponsor” a wedding in part, for example, if

Meaningful, emotionally-based theme celebrations are often those most fondly remembered. Favorite Era: Do you and your fiancee love the ’60? Invite guests to slip into bellbottoms, fringed vests, tie dyed T’s, and leather sandals. Wear flowers in your hair and make huge peace symbol cutouts the focus of your décor. Tone it down or tone it up as much as your quirky and wondrous relationship will allow – remember, this is Your Day. Ethnicity & Culture: There’s no need to be a Macalister, Macdonald, or Macintosh to wear Highland kilts and sporrans, feature bagpipes and Gaelic hymns, and walk down the aisle to Highland Wedding. If you are Scottish by blood or simply in the heart,

“My advice is to really decide how far you want to go with the theme and how much money you have to do it!”

your theme is Hollywood, maybe you can get a film organization to donate movie posters, or celebrity photos. Name your tables after Brad Pitt, or Marilyn Monroe, and use the photos as table identification. Or maybe your theme revolves around the beautiful culture of Mexico, and perhaps a local restaurant will donate one of the appetizers. Or if you have a Champagne wedding on New Year’s Eve, perhaps the champagne can be donated.

7. Be sure to thank everybody who helps you, and find ways to acknowledge them. 8. Carry the theme through. Send thank-you notes with an enclosed photo from the Wedding. paul bott (877) 722-7895 (323) 791-1013

rest assured that all options are open to you. And as far as adapting ethnic rituals to suit particular tastes, again don’t allow yourselves to stress over limitations. Many rituals –whether religious, historical, ethnic or otherwise- must be adapted for same-sex unions. As long as your choices are based in respectfulness and integrity, the sky is the only limit.

Given that some of these couples’ ceremonies occurred several years ago, it appears that the memories of a great theme wedding, including yours! will just continue on and on. Happily Ever After. Susan Hart Hellman is a freelance writer based in California.

Judging from continued comments

received by the couples above, theme weddings are worth every moment you put into the planning. Carey and Michele’s guests comment on the good food; Chad and Maxwell’s talk about their “heartfelt ceremony.” Julie and Kate’s friend raves that theirs was the “coolest” wedding ever, and Michael and Harris hear what a “laid-back” celebration they had!

Vol. 4 Issue 1 Spring 2009 43

Volume 4, Issue 1  

This season's tips for your LGBT Wedding!

Volume 4, Issue 1  

This season's tips for your LGBT Wedding!