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Theme Weddings 1st course: “Caviar dream” with saffron blinis and baby potatoes

Hawaiian Backyard Tropics

2nd course: Ambrosia salad with dates and figs 3rd course: “Love birds” - braised breast of duck and quail with pomegranate syrup, baby beets and seared sugar plums 4th course: Individual angel food cakes with Persian apricot orange glaze, and fragrant pistachio brittle Guests dance between courses. “The music is all forties; the perfume in the air is a combination of orange blossom and jasmine.” Then guests depart, with gifts, splits of champagne and champagne truffles. An ethereal, effervescent dreamcome-true!

Thinking About Yourselves

Do you wish to provide your guests with a delightful experience; a one-of-a-kind affair? Or do you wish most of all to express the spark of your relationship, magnified and brought to life within the theme of your celebration, for all to see and enjoy, to honor and support the both of you as you begin your new life together? These are just a few preliminary questions to answer as you begin considering your own theme wedding. And budgets can be large or small: there is no need to steer away from a theme-based ceremony if it’s near the top of your wish list, simply because you feel limited by finances. There are creative and affordable ways to design nearly anything you can envision – enlist the help of friends and family, ask for others to donate previously used items that you can refresh and re-use... modify components with the help of your wedding vendors in order to make the most of your wedding budget.

Following are a few more ideas to consider as you and your partner begin “Photographing a theme wedding is indulging in overall easier and a lot of fun. The details your exciting in a theme wedding are very important, preparations:

therefore giving us the opportunity to use our creative eye - we use different lenses Location: As Paul advocates, Where your to photograph every detail - and then begin with ceremony or simplicity and change the images (black / white, sepia, reception will think about color, cross-process or vivid color) in posttake place yourselves when production to enhance every shot and make is a natural planning your own every photo look and feel different.” foundation for wedding theme. your wedding In addition to Blendi Reynolds, Owner/ Creative Director theme. If choosing favorite of Sun-Dance Photography yours is to music, such as the be a Stowe Dreamland CD, you winter can also build on wedding, bring the snow indoors. Fake the idea of a favorite movie or TV show. –Or modify concepts you and your partner have snow, that is, falling gently from the ceiling during your first dance on a shining floor seen and liked in the movies, to suit your designed to appear like an ice-covered lake. own wishes. For instance, envision bold backdrop designs to polish the look and ‘set the stage’ for your reception. Base ideas Community: Perhaps at the heart of your relationship is a strong sense of family, or on the architecture of your future Victorian community, or a commitment to equal dreamhouse or that white picket fence rights for gays and lesbians nationwide. If you’re creating together... or the bridge at this is the spark that fuels your love, build the park where you shared your first kiss. on it to create a tone and flair for your ultimate commitment to one another. 42

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