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Summer Beach Julie and Jennifer of Santa Clarita, California chose a Summer Beach wedding, held on a grassy knoll as the sun set over the ocean. “We both wanted to wear dresses,” Julie says. “I chose a black dress and Jennifer went with a more traditional yet casual white wedding dress.” But in keeping with their Summer beachy theme, they wore floral leis, as did those in their wedding party.

Sun-Dance Photography, CA

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The wedding cake, which Julie describes as “a half white/half lemon cake,” was adorned with sea shells and tiny starfish. “Our names were written around the cake in simulated sand (cinnamon),” Julie adds. The wedding rings were affixed to a large starfish, and Julie and Jennifer spotlighted their names big and bold on the sandy beach.

Tri-Color Christopher and Mario of Miami chose a color theme for their destination Toronto, Canada wedding. Christopher explains, “It was based on three colors: Tiffany blue, black and white.” The blue symbolized a very special event. “My partner went to Tiffany’s to pick out rings, and asked me to marry him after 15 years.” The black and white was in response to a special situation Christopher faced, his father’s inability to attend the wedding. “Black and white came from what we wore in honor of my father,” Christopher explains. “We got married in white dinner jackets, like my father had.” Christopher says he used the color scheme in every aspect of the couple’s Gloucester Square Inn wedding. “-Even down to requesting that guests wear black and white too.”

Photos by Sandra Strangemore

Dreamland Many couples wanting theme weddings contact wedding planners, and Paul Bott receives hundreds of requests each year. One of Paul’s recent assignments was to create a wedding from the CD, Dreamland, described as an ‘album/radio show/stage musical, reminiscent of old-time radio with classic love songs.’ The story, written

by actor Brent Spiner (Star Trek’s “Data”) and Grammy winner mixer/producer Dave Way (Sheryl Crow, Christina Aguilera), is performed by Spiner and cabaret singer Maude Maggart, and Paul was asked to listen, then conceptualize a wedding based on what he heard. Rather than featuring just one of the CD’s themes - retro era, music, love story, romantic setting, dream-like atmosphere and narrative, and a little intrigue and ●● cont’d

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