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Elena & Liz – two years later...

The image above shows the baby at 16 weeks. See outset image upper left for finer detail.

story short, after about 8 more attempts, several heartbreaks and so much more, our dreams were almost coming true. We found out that we were pregnant in July 2008!


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After over a year of trying we were finally going to have our Baby. But it wasn’t all happiness: the beginning of our pregnancy was full of up’s and down’s and we were told by the doctors not to start celebrating because they weren’t sure if the baby was going to make it. But here we are with only 9 weeks to go and thank God all is well.   RWN - How do you both feel about the upcoming arrival of your new Little One? What are your hopes for your birth experience?   EQ - Words can not come close to describing the happiness that we feel in our hearts. We have become so much closer during the whole pregnancy. I sometimes wonder who’s pregnant, me or Liz!

The reason I say this is because we are so close that she has developed sympathy pains for everything: She gets my heartburn, my backaches, my headaches, and best of all she has gotten most of my pregnancy weight gain. I think it’s just so sweet; it truly shows how much we are connected and live our lives as one. We are scheduled for a C-Section on March 08, 2009 by doctors’ orders. So we are just hoping for no surprises before then, and our only wish is that both the Baby and I are healthy. We can not wait to welcome our son into our lives and our family. It has been a long-awaited moment.   RWN - What do your other two children think about their new baby brother?   EQ - The kids could not be happier! They’ve also ridden along on the roller coaster,

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