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Branding the Word “Marriage”

A Conservative Success-Story...

by Cindy Sproul

RWN co-founder “Marriage” - what does this word mean to most Americans and what image pops up in their minds when they think of this word? Have the conservatives been successful in branding this simple series of eight letters to their particular ideas and political agenda?

nation. For it is true, with the passing of Prop 8, the conservative movement has gained momentum and a revitalized degree of legitimization for its cause. First and most important, our minority must decide together on a simple and concise meaning for our definition of Marriage. We must focus on a clear image of the word that embodies our own political agenda: Equality. And truly, a greater degree of Equality in our nation will only serve to bring the exact opposite of anarchy… instead it will serve to bring a stronger foundation of freedom and happiness for all our people. ●● cont’d

Has the word been inextricably locked into both legal and religious connotations, despite our nation’s division of church and state? Is there an effective way to transform this definition? With the tactics that were used to pass Prop 8, all of us were quick to learn that the conservatives wanted to brand the word Marriage to include fear, limitation and brutal misconceptions about the gay community. From their print ads and television commercials, conservatives injected an image that gay marriage would mean the tragic loss of their own ideal of “Marriage.” More than that, their message set out to convince voters that the loss of their definition of Marriage would surely lead to utter anarchy and ruin for our entire society. –The complete and irreparable undoing of the moral values within our country, shore to shore.

We must turn perception around, and this is no easy task. We must brand our own vision of Marriage and effectively communicate it to the voting public, so as to avoid another Prop 8, or worse: the continuing ripple effect that Prop 8 could potentially create in states throughout the

In my opinion, the American conservative movement has absolutely been successful in convincing the general public that bringing equal marriage rights to the gay minority = the ruin of our nation. How the conservatives have managed this task is certainly something to consider: perhaps we can learn from their successes. In fact, we must learn from their tactics, as sobering and souring as such may be. In order to do what is necessary to re-invent the definition of Marriage so as to promote instead our own clear vision of Equality, it will become necessary for us to take advantage of the strategies that the conservatives have proven to be effective. Does the average LGBT citizen realize just how important this truly is for our cause?

Vol. 4 Issue 1 Spring 2009 23

Volume 4, Issue 1  

This season's tips for your LGBT Wedding!

Volume 4, Issue 1  

This season's tips for your LGBT Wedding!