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DESTINATION: DETROIT Beyond the dining experience, a cruise aboard the Ovation promises a romantic, luxurious adventure. The craft is outfitted in brushed nickel, mochas, sexy blacks and greys. The Second Deck, known as the ‘Admiral’s Lounge,’ opens to the views of downtown Detroit or Windsor, Ontario with wide windows overlooking the bow. A 22’ granite bar complements the lavish Italian furniture throughout, and the lighting is stunning. “It’s a fun, swanky, loungetype feel,” offers Business Development Manager, Ryan Angott. “And on the Second Deck as well is the bridal or grooms’ suite: a nice area for one or both partners to escape throughout their event. The suite is complete with vanity, restroom and a comfortable area to relax.” Heading outside to the Admiral’s Deck, guests find themselves beneath a covered deck with exposed sides, ideal for dining in the fresh air or enjoying a cigar later in the evening. This Deck lends itself to intimate musical entertainment, such as a duo or trio ensemble. Staircases wind to the third deck, offering excellent portrait backdrops for the wedding party. The Third Deck, or ‘Sundeck,’ spans 100’x27’ and offers an open-air view to the wide open sky. A gorgeous cherrywood bar with brushed chrome counters, hi-top and bistro tables provide a relaxed setting for cocktails, dinner dining and enjoying the night with the celebratory sounds of a full 10-piece band. “Here is the place,” Angott comments, “that our couples can dine, pamper their guests and dance beneath the stars.”

After leaving the dock in downtown Detroit or at St. Clair Shores, in just 10-15 minutes the yacht will cruise into Canadian waters. This offers gay and lesbian couples an utterly unique opportunity: to marry legally, surrounded by family and friends, without the challenges of traveling internationally.

Exquisite cuisine is just one facet of the luxurious service aboard both the Infinity and Ovation. The diverse menu is sure to intrigue even the most discerning of palates. Pictured above are some favorite selections: Grilled Prawns and Mahi-Mahi, Sea Bass and Seared Ahi-Tuna. In addition to an array of trendsetting menus, cocktails and wine selections, guests can choose to indulge in a variety of fresh fruits and cheeses, as well as sweet temptations, freshly prepared.

Prior to the wedding day, the couple must travel to Canada -specifically Windsor, Ontario- to file for their marriage certificate. Infinity & Ovation’s preferred ceremony officiant, Joe McParland, will help walk couples through the process. “For most same-gender couples it is easy,” explains Ontario resident McParland, a former Catholic priest who, in recent years became certified to perform civil marriages. Personable and extremely active within the community, McParland will do all he can to assist couples with

the license and other logistics. “The application for the marriage license,” he explains, “can be downloaded from my website, and the couple then drives to downtown Windsor, to City Hall… Each individual needs two pieces of identification, $135 Canadian dollars and it takes about fifteen minutes. After this June, passports will be required for re-entry into the United States.” He continues, “If one partner has been married prior, say a heterosexual marriage in the United States, there is extra paperwork and time involved. Previously divorced couples need to give themselves a buffer zone of about two months.

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