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The Infinity (above) is a spacious, 117-ft yacht with a capacity up to 145 guests. The Ovation (below) is a stunning 138-ft craft, designed to accommodate larger weddings & events, up to 300. Photos provided courtesy of Infinity & Ovation Yacht Charters


Today’s Infinity is a fourth model yacht, built in 2007. Her capacity is 145 passengers, ideally suited to intimate wedding parties, engagement or rehearsal dinners, second weddings or other smaller private affairs such as Sweet Sixteen celebrations, bar or bat mitzvahs, business luncheons or nighttime cocktail parties. In 2005, the company moved forward into a new market, commissioning the building of the luxurious 138’ Ovation. With a capacity of 300, this craft is ideal for larger wedding ceremonies as well as celebrity events, corporate functions and largescale fundraisers. Together, the new yachts came with a price tag of app. $10 million. Both crafts are equipped with the latest technology, satellite tv/radio and full audio/visual capabilities.

Most menus are strolling menus, with stations attended by chefs who prepare the dishes directly. Beverage stations, featuring selections such as martini or daiquiri packages, are also available, and customized menus are always an option. “But our stations,” Rybicki explains, are so diverse that there is usually something to appeal to everyone in terms of dietary needs or preferences.”

There are many exciting facets to a cruise aboard the Infinity or Ovation, and the dining experience is certainly a highlight. Each yacht boasts a commercial galley, with a mouth-watering array of menus prepared by executive chefs. This year’s South Pacific menu features dishes such as: Mandarin Crêpes with Roasted Vegetables and Almond Pesto served with either Grilled Shrimp and Papaya Mojito Relish or Slow-Braised Pork with Black Bean Salsa… and to sweetly finish: Pineapple Upside-Down Cake flambéed with Coconut Rum, served with Coconut Ice Cream and topped with Caramelized Macadamia Nut Sauce.

The Infinity & Ovation culinary team, he says, is also prepared to help couples choose wines to best complement their menu selections. “Wine is becoming so much more appreciated here in the US. So we try to provide some unique blends for our clients and their guests to enjoy.”

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He continues, “In Detroit we are very diverse culturally, so every year our executive chef and cruise directors work together to create new menu ideas. We have an Indian menu, an Arabic menu… And we do our best to try to stay ahead of the trends.”

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