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Legally marry in Canadian waters aboard your own private yacht!

by Marianne Puechl

senior editor/RWN co-founder Photos provided courtesy of Infinity & Ovation Yacht Charters


A most unique destination wedding. Launching from downtown Detroit aboard your own private yacht, you and your partner exchange your vows in a legally binding ceremony in the sparkling Canadian waters of Lake St. Clair or the expansive Detroit River. Up to 300 guests join the celebration, witnessing Your Special Day free from concerns about passports or lengthy international travel time. That evening as newlyweds, surrounded by the exuberance of your wedding party, you and yours indulge in a festive private cruise, dining lavishly and dancing under the stars.

Since 1987, Infinity & Ovation Yacht Charters has developed an impressive reputation throughout the Detroit area for excellence, style and professionalism. The company offers a winning combination of services, ideal for corporate events, fundraisers, private celebrations and, of course, for weddings. Blending an expertise in

the culinary arts, a commitment to energetic and impeccable service, along with the resources to provide full event planning, Infinity & Ovation provides couples a highly unique wedding experience with convenience and customized flair. Given the recent Proposition 8 legislation in California, and the fact that so few states throughout the USA offer full marriage rights for the LGBT community, Infinity & Ovation offers a niche that few other companies can touch. “We’ve found that today’s couples are busy people who want a one-stop shop,” says GM Steven Rybicki. “So we’ve become a full event planning company, and supply wedding packages. We’ve partnered with who we believe to be the best vendors in Detroit: flowers, cakes, DJs, photographers, videographers, guest accommodations... each package customized for each couple. If they like roses, we get roses. If they like sunflowers and jazz, we get sunflowers and jazz.” He summarizes pointedly: “Quality plus great service at a great price.” What’s more, gay and lesbian couples can actually enter into a legally binding union while on board. The Canadian marriage may not be transferable throughout the United States, but

it is transferable to some locales; moreover, it offers couples the opportunity for a much higher degree of legitimization regarding their commitment and their future together. Ceremony packages through Infinity & Ovation are affordably priced, and typically begin at just $65 per person. Most packages include several amenities: an open bar and the choice of ten different gourmet menus, in addition to the fivehour private wedding cruise aboard one of two beautifully outfitted yachts. “The views of the city skylines and of Grosse Pointe are breathtaking. And we have an unprecedented international waterway here in Detroit, which many people don’t realize,” says Rybicki. “For couples who want something different -not the same windowless banquet hallwe have a phenomenal alternative to offer.” And it’s a viable option for gay and lesbian couples who reside out-of-state and are considering a destination wedding. Compared with a similar weekend excursion to nearby Chicago, for instance, a couple choosing a package with Infinity & Ovation in Detroit might easily see a savings of 35-50%. ●● cont’d

Vol. 4 Issue 1 Spring 2009 19

Volume 4, Issue 1  

This season's tips for your LGBT Wedding!

Volume 4, Issue 1  

This season's tips for your LGBT Wedding!