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Ten Ways to Recession-Proof Your Wedding Do you know someone who sews or tailors? Maybe they will do what my sister did for me, for my first wedding, and make you an outfit. For my son’s wedding, I ordered two outfits from Beijing. You don’t want to know what they didn’t cost me. Ninth, consider a potluck wedding. Most public halls (but not hotels) will allow you to bring in food. Have an elegant potluck requiring everyone to bring their very best dish in their very best container. You’ll be surprised at just how good the food is and how it will make the rubber chicken of yore soon forgotten as the “norm” for wedding fare.

you really don’t have enough money to get married, elope. You can always have the wedding you want later when you can afford it. Think fifth anniversary.

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Tenth, I return to the beginning. If you can save on 9 items, you can splurge on the 10th. Don’t do anything that puts frugality as the primary goal in the wedding. Let feast be the goal – and let frugality serve that goal. If



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Make your purchases over time. Buy the invitations this month, favors next month and so on. Consider a potluck reception. Stress the elegant tone you wish to create and you’ll be surprised and enchanted at just how creative your friends will be! A delicious and memorable option, and a unique way to include your guests in ritualizing Your Special Day. Be open to used attire. Most ceremony attire is used once. Buying gently used apparel for yourself or the wedding party can save hundreds and a talented tailor can do wonders to customize and polish!

Volume 4, Issue 1  

This season's tips for your LGBT Wedding!

Volume 4, Issue 1  

This season's tips for your LGBT Wedding!