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Recession-Proof Your Wedding While outside services can be tricky, because of that funny way weather has of being itself, they can also be very beautiful and inexpensive. If you keep the group for the actual ceremony small enough, many public parks are ideal and don’t even need reservations. Those who do need reservations are booked way in advance. Consider Western Mass Electric’s site on the Connecticut River, with Pavilion. $100.00 will get it for you but you need lots of leadtime. Or Washington Square Park in New York. $25.00 under the arch. If you don’t want to book or can’t book, just show up and say what you have to say to each other. And leave before the cops come. Small ceremonies have an intimacy that is quite lovely all on its own. And you can still have a larger reception.

Seventh, evaluate all the parts of the wedding and see what you can do yourself. Can you hand write invitations? Can you find a friend with a garden for the flowers? Do you know someone who sings? Plays piano? Bakes a mean cake? Eighth, consider used clothing. Go online. Many people have already indulged themselves with one-of-a-kind and neverto-be-worn again clothing for the ceremony. Whole wedding parties are sometimes available. Size of course is an issue, as is style. But tailors are magicians when it

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comes to redoing something beautiful into something beautiful that fits you. Recycling clothing is a mitzvah – which means good deed. Imagine the loneliness of a once worn outfit, stuffed away in a plastic bag in a corner of a closet or thrift store. Don’t put dry cleaners out of business: they live to freshen the under-used items of our wardrobes. ●● cont’d

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This season's tips for your LGBT Wedding!

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