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onal Legals & Logistics for Your Ceremony Internationally

hy a destination wedding in Canada, The Netherlands or South Africa? Imagine, an entire country standing behind you & your partner, in upholding the validity of your marriage! American couples often choose destination weddings abroad in order to experience the wonderful feeling of legitimization inherent in such a declaration of vows. But there are other benefits as well: even if your homestate in America does not recognize your international nuptials, the fact that you & your partner did enter into a legally binding relationship does show intentionality, with regard to future children or assets or other possible circumstances that may arise. And, when same-sex marriage is legalized across the United States, the fact that you and your spouse married once abroad will in fact become recognized here as well! To find screened, gay-friendly wedding professionals throughout Canada, Europe and Mexico, visit the Orange Pages in this issue or our extended Directory online at

International Recognition of Same-Sex Relationships Other countries that currently offer Offering Civil Unions or Same-Gender Marriage Rights: Domestic Partnership Status: ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

Argentina Belgium Canada Iceland Mexico City, Mexico Netherlands Norway Portugal South Africa Spain Sweden

● Andorra ● Austria ● Colombia ● Czech Republic ● Denmark ● Ecuador ● Finland ● Some areas of France ● Germany ● Greenland ● Hungary ● Ireland ● Luxembourg ● New Zealand ● Slovenia ● Switzerland ● United Kingdom ● Uruguay

World Vol. 6 Issue 1 2011 LGBT Planning Resource Guide 55

The 2011 LGBT Wedding Planning Guide (Vol. 6, Is. 1)  

An expanded issue of the nation's first Gay and Lesbian Wedding Magazine. This issue features the latest tips and trends for 2011 along wit...

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