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for a few days, rather than just the few hours of the typical wedding has been a wonderful experience. One time a bride’s brother and his fiancé said they needed to roll their wedding planning back to the drawing board after the time they had at the Highlands celebrating his sister’s wedding to her bride. RWN: Do you see any current trends with regard to ceremony or reception themes, cuisine or rituals? How are today’s lesbian weddings the same or different than they were 10 or 15 years ago? GN: Our weddings are very individual. We have had very “traditional” weddings with one bride in a white wedding gown with bridesmaids while the other was in a tux with her attendants attired likewise. We have had many weddings where both brides wore white dresses. It is far more typical to have a wedding where the brides choose a few wedding traditions and give it their own spin - dressed in what feels comfortable to them, gathered with a few family members and friends and exchanging vows in a short ceremony followed by a dinner out at one of the many fine dining restaurants a short distance from the Inn. The biggest change in weddings over the years is probably the number of weddings, and this of course is due to New Hampshire having marriage equality. RWN: What seasons or months are best for visiting New Hampshire? Why? What sets your area apart from other states in New England?

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GN: New Hampshire is truly a 4-season destination. The White Mountains offer yearround recreation of hiking, skiing, dog-sledding, zip-lining, moose watching, arts and culture, and even tax-free outlet shopping! With millions of acres of national forest we offer beautiful surroundings for every vacation activity. The fall foliage is unmatched, the comfortable summer mountain temperatures, the winter scenery, and the mountain springtime - make New Hampshire a great getaway any time of year. My favorite months are July, August, September, October & February. One distinguishing characteristic from other New England states is that NH does not have a sales tax - which makes that souvenir shopping just that much more enjoyable! RWN: What are some of the most popular attractions close to the Inn, that visitors like to explore while on their honeymoon or vacation trip?

The 2011 LGBT Wedding Planning Guide (Vol. 6, Is. 1)  

An expanded issue of the nation's first Gay and Lesbian Wedding Magazine. This issue features the latest tips and trends for 2011 along wit...

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