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Q&A with The Highlands Inn

Photos throughout courtesy of Grace Newman & The Highlands Inn

A Romantic Lesbian Getaway in the White Mountains of New Hampshire

RainbowWeddingNetwork Magazine (RWN): New Hampshire is obviously a beautiful state, and of course now offers full marriage rights for same-gender couples. But what are some of the particular reasons, in your mind, that New Hampshire is such a wonderful destination for lesbian couples? Grace Newman, owner (GN): New Hampshire is a beautiful 4-season destination state so it is a great destination for anyone who loves the outdoors. New Hampshire also happens to be the only state that achieved marriage equality without any intervention from the courts. The legislature voted in marriage equality as the best thing for the state. New Hampshire’s culture is that of valuing personal freedoms and many have re-located to the state to seek that out. As a matter of fact, many lesbians have moved to New Hampshire after staying at the Highlands Inn. RWN: What are some of the comments that you receive from Inn visitors? Why is it still important, in 2011, to have a resort that caters to lesbians-only? GN: I think those of us that are more out in our lives or live in places where we feel the safety to

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be fully who we are in all forums, forget that there are many women who don’t feel that freedom. Some may feel limited by geography or other obstacles that keep that door to the closet firmly fastened. Women from around the country can feel confident that they can come here and be safe, welcomed and fully respected and embraced as a couple. Within the last month a couple visited, together over 10 years, in their 50’s and they had never held hands in public. They sat in our breakfast room in the company of women feeling that liberating rush because they cannot be out in their home community. Some comments from our guests: Thank you all for a truly spectacular vacation--we hadn’t felt so relaxed in years. Not only were we surrounded by acres of beautiful peace and quiet, we also made several friends that we can’t wait to see again (not to mention the coconut pancakes)! The atmosphere and friendliness far exceeded our already high expectations. Thanks for making our civil union so unforgettable, and you can bet you’ll see us back for each anniversary! - Dayton, OH The Highlands Inn is such a safe haven, such a very special place. The atmosphere, the friendliness

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