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from the editor past two years have not worked hard enough on behalf of LGBT rights. As it turned out, millions who went to the polls in 2008 in favor of Obama in fact did not vote in these recent mid-term elections. How is it possible that so many Americans can believe that nonparticipation is an Puechl (rt) with partner Cindy Sproul and daughter, Kestin option?? How can so many within the I recently became a cancer survivor. A sobering experience, a scary one, a LGBT community (and our allies) believe veritable roller coaster ride for both myself that forwarding our own civil rights can and my family. At times, people ask what I be achieved by turning our backs on the learned from the process. Honestly, there system to which we are pleading our case? are a few key things… but probably the most notable is something I’m considering We’re all in this together. It’s kindergarten printing on a bumper sticker. It’s an ideal math; it’s cancer survivor group dynamics. that’s short, it’s simple, it’s obvious but in Basic stuff… And yet the implications are the day-to-day grind of things we often far-reaching, perhaps cosmically so. distract ourselves away from the wisdom It’s our responsibility to put out the effort and meaningfulness of it. to find ways to work together, to help each other succeed so that we can continue to “We are Meant to Uplift One Another.” strive for higher goals, one after another As I mentioned, it’s short and simple. But and another after that. -Whether we’re it’s worth taking a moment to think about. interacting with our town councilman The recent election cycle proved this to or our neighbor, our life partner or our be the case. …Our general population’s President. And the journey is that much unwillingness to rally around our President more comfortable and happy and sweet, in recent months proves this to be the case. when we engage in this way. We can trust Maybe I’m just a dreamer (and obviously a one another’s intentions; we can rely on the loyal Democrat) but isn’t it true that a great security that we do not face the challenges deal more productivity can be attained alone. We all become healthier and more by helping each other achieve our goals vibrant; that’s how it works. rather than cutting each other down, or disagreeing so staunchly that we’d rather sabotage someone else’s plans instead of finding a middle ground? There was talk prior to Election Day that the Gay Minority would boycott the vote, in part because our political leaders these

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Volume 5, Issue 2  

Autumn/Winter 2010