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pride with a rainbow wedding featuring a rainbow cake, rainbow decorations, and inviting your guests to dress in the colors of the rainbow!

â—? Community center:

Chances are, the guests who will be present are only there because they’ve played a big part in your journey. Here are some ideas for showing your tribe how much you value their support. Incorporate a sense of community with the following foundations: Your theme - create a theme around the concepts of community, family, or gratitude. Invite your guests to write wishes or blessings for you and to put them in a box. Return the favor by sending each of them home with a personalized fortune cookie! Your ceremony - Honor your community through a ritual at your ceremony—you can invite all guests to greet and acknowledge

each other through a variation on the traditional Catholic church ritual of “Passing the Peace� or involve your guests in a ring warming, in which your rings are passed around, in a small pouch, through the hands of each of your guests as they take a turn offering a silent wish for your lives together. Your gifts - give back to those who gave to you. Invite guests to contribute to a favorite charity that exemplifies your values. This offers them, and you, an opportunity to give back for your blessings, and to make a difference in your community.

â—? Blaze a trail:

Why not make your wedding day the start of an on-going tradition exclusive to you and your sweetie? You are trailblazers! Why not flaunt it by making this the theme of your wedding—incorporate quotes from favorite trailblazers, name your tables after

area trails or landmarks, include nature elements throughout. Sneak off and share a private moment with your partner - some kind of small but meaningful ritual you can repeat again to honor the start of each new day together, or each future anniversary. This is a magical moment... Embrace It! Rev. Dawn is an Interfaith Minister, spiritual counselor, and writer. She has conducted workshops on goal manifestation around the country and her articles on spiritual living have been featured in Whole Life Times, LA Yoga, Awareness Magazine, Oracle20-20 and on She is proud to be listed with Rainbow Wedding Network and proud to guarantee that if she performs your commitment ceremony in a State that has not yet legalized same-sex unions, she will gladly perform your legal ceremony at no additional cost once they are. Rev. Dawn Smith-Camacho, Interfaith Officiant Seventh Sense Weddings & Events 404-729-0640 (Based in Atlanta)

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46 Rainbowweddingnetwork MAGAZINE

Volume 5, Issue 2  

Autumn/Winter 2010

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