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Rev. Dawn Smith-Camacho contributing writer

aybe you and your partner are totally into Chinese food or love the same pizza joint. Maybe you’re both fans of Japanese Anime. But how similar are your backgrounds? If ever there was a time to highlight the unique aspects of your cultural heritage, and the fantastic journey that brought your two worlds together, it would be at your wedding!

accessories and decorations —the Chinese consider red the most auspicious color and it is believed to represent love, happiness and prosperity. Or awe your guests with a traditional French wedding cake, or croquembouche—not actually a cake, but an impressive tower of vanilla cream-filled puffs bound with ribbons of caramel and decorated with sugared almonds.

From tasty international treats to the era of your dance music, to flaunting your favorite celebrity inspirations, here are some tips for incorporating your unique backgrounds, values, and traditions into your ceremony and reception.

● Honor your ancestors:

● Think globally, act locally:

Take inspiration from weddings around the world. Consider incorporating red

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Find out what your parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents did at their ceremonies—or wish they had done! Choose one element from their unions to replicate in your own. Do you have relatives who have influenced you in love? Maybe your centerpieces resemble those that graced the tables at your mother’s wedding. Maybe you have a great aunt

who was never able to publicly celebrate her own commitment to her truelove, and you can honor her by playing her favorite song or wearing one of her bracelets. This can be a great opportunity to learn more about your partner’s family and to involve relatives on both sides in the planning process. Also consider famous authors and activists who came before you on a similar path—incorporate quotes from your mentors in your ceremony and program or include readings from famous authors whose stories exemplify your background and feelings about commitment. Consider these for inspiration: “All mankind love a lover.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson “I love you not only for what you are,

Volume 5, Issue 2  

Autumn/Winter 2010

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