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My Dangerous Commute

My Dangerous Commute Newly Published Book Spotlights the Gay Wedding Industry!

‘...Many within the LGBT community see the world in such a way. They’ve come to believe it’s not quite okay to hold hands in public, or that deep-down we are in fact sinners, or that we ought to remain somewhat invisible to spare the mainstream. To some degree, we’ve successfully internalized the prejudice. Note to those opposed to the gay lifestyle: Mission Accomplished. Minorities do this to themselves, as do others who have felt less-than, or victimized or disempowered. It’s natural. And it can be silently unrecognized for lifetimes, like a thin haze in front of the eyes, virtually unseen. It can skew the way we interpret our own experience; our own reality. It can be passed down, through generations. And the result can be utterly detrimental, obviously, concerning the ability to envision a clear and justifiable reason for the desire for equality, fairness and non-discrimination. It can hinder an entire group’s collective ability to believe in itself. Legalizing same-sex marriage presents the opportunity to heal at such a remarkable level, well below the surface. Individually and culturally. There are indeed broad implications.’ –Excerpt from Chapter 22: Layers of Shame

elebrate the 10-year anniversary of with the founders’ new book, “My Dangerous Commute: Witnessing Gay Marriage Rights Across America.” Authors Cindy Sproul & Marianne Puechl detail their unique experiences as pioneer entrepreneurs for the past decade midst a business venture never before charted. Through touching accounts with samegender couples from Massachusetts to ­­­California, candid comments from gayfriendly and non-gay-friendly wedding professionals, Sproul & Puechl outline many of the landmark turning points in the history of gay marriage rights, from the down-to-earth perspective of those living with the issues every day. “It’s been a unique experience, to say the least!” comments Puechl, about the newly released paperback. “From death threats to teary-eyed and spontaneous engagement proposals, in state after state throughout America, Cindy and I have witnessed firsthand the controversy

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and triumphs surrounding the issue of gay marriage rights. Obviously, it brings out the worst and the best in people, and we’re honored to share some of our own insights as business owners, activists and also as lesbian moms.” The short, pointed chapters provide an easy read, while also highlighting many of the vital themes and subthemes associated with marriage and family equality for the LGBT community. “My Dangerous Commute” targets the heart of the matter, on many levels, and inspires a fresh view to the issues... yet leaves the reader uplifted and poised for a revitalized focus. ‘Sometimes, when we meet couples today,’ the authors write, ‘we end up chatting about activism and involvement and how to feel like one is actually making a difference in the endless span of time. (We) tell them to come out of the closet. Not as gay or lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, queer or questioning… We invite them to come out as an equality advocate;

Volume 5, Issue 2  

Autumn/Winter 2010

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