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Delectable Trends in Wedding Cuisine

Cakes, cakes, and more cakes Looking for a delicious wedding cake flavor combination? Debbie Meyers and Scott Eschelbach, owners of Sweet and Savory Bake Shop in Oxford MI, provide their insights about the latest trends in flavor combos. ● Vanilla

cake with Swiss raspberry marmalade and French buttercream

● Cardamom

chiffon with white chocolate mousse and fresh figs

● Chocolate

cake with Belgian chocolate mousse and fresh strawberries

● Marble

cake with espresso buttercream and rich chocolate ganache

● Yellow

chiffon with pineapple rum, apricot marmalade and coconut buttercream

● Yellow

chiffon with lemon mousse and fresh raspberries and blueberries

● Chocolate

soufflé pastry with alternating circles of white and dark chocolate mousse

● Vanilla

cake brushed with Grand Marnier filled with dark chocolate mousse and espresso buttecream

● Hazelnut

and almond chiffon filled with praline, chocolate and vanilla buttercream

● Yellow

chiffon filled with peach mousse and fresh blackberries

Clark says that for his clients, décormatching is more widely requested when the décor is very seasonal. “If the wedding has a summer feel with pastel blue and white fabric, white wicker chairs, beautiful hydrangeas and sea glass integrated into the table center pieces, we find that menu selections incorporate seasonal food items such as fresh seasonal berries or locally harvested heirloom tomatoes, and fresh local shellfish.” He adds that following another new trend, some couples want their signature drinks to match their color scheme. Rahul explains that couples often use the inherent “theme” of the science museum, or as the Museum’s website states, “dine with dinosaurs; sip cocktails while surveying virtual sea life; accent an occasion with a large-format film or a journey to the stars.” One example of how food can incorporate a “scientific” theme, Rahul says, is making ice cream on-site using liquid nitrogen.

W ine Options

When it comes to wine selection, couples have also become well-informed. “Most of our clients are educated and do not look for the ‘expensive’ bottle,” Clark explains. “Rather they look to our expertise in helping

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them select the perfect accompaniment for their menus. We also find that a red, a white and sparkling is not enough – couples want their guests to have options and often select 2-3 varieties of red and white wines.”

T he Interactive Menu...

With more couple involvement and couples’ increased culinary knowledge, chefs must now explore one more new trend: how they feel about working more closely with these brides and these grooms. “I personally enjoy meeting with couples to work on menu design,” Clark says. “The personal interaction with couples gives the whole event a more intimate experience, and ensures that I can give them both the menu they desire and deserve!” As an example, he describes a recent wedding in which the two grooms were highly involved in their wedding and reception for 300 guests, created by the design team at Events at Sunset Bay. “It was totally out of the box!” Clark says. “They decided to do all small, combination plates. Some passed, some displayed in a continuous flow for the duration of their five-hour reception. Essentially this meant that each plate was comprised of two

Volume 5, Issue 2  

Autumn/Winter 2010

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