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Delectable Trends in Wedding Cuisine

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Rahul, who was educated in Bombay, concurs. “Seasonality is huge. It factors in menu choice - fall  for example and the use of pumpkins, squash, etc.” There are also more requests for cultural and ethnic cuisine today, as many couples now include their combined heritages in their wedding, which often leads to a combination of two or more ethnic cuisines. “I have definitely seen a trend in this direction,” Clark says. “Not only involving a couple’s heritage but also perhaps a place they have lived or visited that is special to them.” He says this is one of the many factors that keeps his professional life interesting. “Staying current on various world cuisines is an important part of my job.”

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H ealth and Nutrition

Rahul, who is guided by Wolfgang Puck’s recipes, also addresses new trends that now embrace nutritional and health concerns. “Requests for all-vegan, gluten-free menus are becoming popular,” he explains. Clark, Christine, and Nicole also receive such requests at Events at Sunset Bay, and Clark says, “In almost every wedding, there are a few people with special dietary concerns. In this day and age, with the variety of grains, produce and agriculture in general at our disposal, putting together a fabulous vegetarian/ vegan menu is really quite effortless.” He mentions another type of special request as well, explaining that carbohydrates are a consideration for some couples now.

Volume 5, Issue 2  

Autumn/Winter 2010

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