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Elena & Liz – two years later... both of us. All our doctors and nurses and their staff have really been great. We really had very few issues, but there was one at the hospital. I was in for observation. The guard gave Liz such crap. LQ: Yeah, we’d taken Elena in and I had to go back to the car for something. The security guard gave me the third degree and wouldn’t let me back into the hospital, even though I told him that my wife was upstairs and pregnant and in pain. He’s asking me all these questions just because we were two females... Had I been in uniform or a man, he never would have even questioned it. EQ: He had seen her go up the day before, so why was he giving her crap? We later went to his boss and he got ripped – the supervisor was really great about the situation. RWNM: So, you made it through the first trimester and the second… How exciting! I know the due date was early March, and there

you were –you’d finally made it to February with everything proceeding along. What was the story of the baby’s birth? EQ: I had started bleeding once again at 36 weeks. I had actually started getting contractions at 28 weeks and I was on med/s to hold on to the pregnancy. We were in the hospital at least once a week at that point. Then when it happened again at 36 weeks, the doctor decided just to go ahead with a caesarean. LQ: The delivery was so graphic; it was hard. I was standing on a chair, taking photos from there. I was scared –well, more nervous than scared. We’d just been through so much with the conception and pregnancy… EQ: She was nervous too about holding him, but she did just fine. Liz was the first one to hold him. RWNM: And he was rather healthy, even though he was premature? What did you name him?!

EQ: He was healthy! And his name is Eli, from Liz’s full name ‘Elizabeth.’ We considered the middle name ‘James,’ after my brother who passed away, but my mom said she couldn’t handle that. So he is just simply Eli Quinones. RWNM: Congratulations, how wonderful!! I’m sure the family has been so very happy and busy with the new Little One. EQ: Yes, Justine and Patrick love being back home and having a new brother. They both want to feed him and take care of him. They take pictures to school and brag about him... The school’s been great about it too, very supportive. And my mom is all over Eli. And we’ve already taken a trip to Puerto Rico to introduce him to Liz’s mom, which was great. RWNM: What was it like filling out the birth certificate? Does New Jersey have the new documentation in place to accommodate samesex couples who have entered into a civil union and are having children? ●● cont’d

Vol. 4 Issue 2 Summer/Autumn 2009 53

Volume 4, Issue 2 (Summer/Autumn 2009)  

Heartland in Gay America

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