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Circle of Love while sitting on a boulder at the edge of the ocean late that afternoon, near the Pacific Beach pier in San Diego County.” Jennifer and Belinda chose to leave their rings blank. “We haven’t had them inscribed yet,” Belinda explains. “It’s a forever sort of statement and we want it to be right.”

Tears and Laughter

The Finished Product! Scott & James showcase their creations; Belinda & Jennifer’s hand-crafted wedding bands.

At this point, most couples’ rings are finished, but those designs incorporating gemstones take an additional few days. “Of course, stone setting is a skill all of its own,” Lewis explains, “and cannot be taught in one day.” Those rings are left with the jeweler for mounting the gems at a later time.

Satan replies in a very deep voice, ‘I am.’” Jason explains that Greg’s ring reads, “Who’s your creampuff?” and his reads, “I am.”

Jay says 90% of couples who want gemstones choose diamonds, which he has readily available or can order. But he adds that couples often bring in diamonds from relatives’ rings. “That’s an amazing thing,” he says. “It’s a way of saying ‘I want to include this, incorporate this into my own band.’ That way they can have grandma’s ring with them.”

Randall and Victor chose a special date too. “That date (7/9/76),” Randall explains, “is the day we actually committed our lives together by exchanging simple words

James and Scott chose the date they met for their inscription: 01-20-2003, along with one another’s initials.

All the jewelers concur that at this point, most couples gaze “into” their rings. “They remember all the processes that went into this creation, and that they made these perfect rings themselves, for each other,” Jay comments. “It’s more touching than you can imagine.” He adds that tears are not the exception. Jason and Greg summarized their day. “We liked the idea that we could design and make our own rings, instead of it being such a generic process. The experience was great! We felt very relieved when it all came together.” ●● cont’d

Champagne! Whether a couple’s rings are complete or will await the inclusion of gemstones, a celebration is now in order and the couple toasts their sparkling creations with champagne in crystal flutes. This is the ultimate photo op of the day, and also the moment for engraving. “At this time,” Jay concludes, “while they enjoy their champagne, I engrave any personal message the couple might want inside of each ring.” Jason and Greg chose an inscription based on the South Park movie. “The scene shows Saddam Hussein and Satan having a lovers’ argument,” Jason explains. “Saddam says to Satan, ‘Who’s my creampuff?’ to which

Vol. 4 Issue 2 Summer/Autumn 2009 25

Volume 4, Issue 2 (Summer/Autumn 2009)  

Heartland in Gay America

Volume 4, Issue 2 (Summer/Autumn 2009)  

Heartland in Gay America