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color into the crease of your eye and then sweep the medium toned color to your eyelid until it reaches the crease. 4. A great lip-tip to make color last longer is to first apply foundation over the lips, use lip liner to define them and then apply the lip color.  Wait a minute or two, then dab the extra color off with one touch of a clean tissue, and then reapply the color, touching it up with a sealer and possibly a dot of shimmer in the center of the lips.  Using a long wear lipstick is a great choice too, especially for the Wedding or Reception.  Just be sure to apply the long wear lip color to a completely clean and dry lip.  You may use a little lip liner after the color has set and then you can use a gloss to blend. TIPS for MEN 1. For the more natural man...  if you do not really have a predilection for makeup, ask your professional or a friend to apply a light liquid foundation or tinted moisturizer that matches your skin tone. Apply a little concealer afterward to the areas that need extra coverage. Applying the concealer after the foundation prevents the concealer from being smudged by the blending of the foundation.  Be wary of powders, they do not reflect light well in photos and have a tendency to wear off quickly.  Also, a non-iridescent bronzer on the cheekbones is a great way to add a little color naturally. Lip balm finishes off the look for supple lips. I tell all my male clients, both gay and straight, to try and remember that these photos are forever; a little basic grooming and makeup is always an excellent idea to ensure that you look your best.    2. If you want to wear drag for your wedding, I recommend that you have a makeup artist or an experienced friend lend you a helping hand. If you enjoy wearing drag you have probably done your makeup yourself a time or two. Just try to keep in mind that most modern photographers have gone high-tech, meaning enhanced photos that can show every blemish. Even if you are made up in drag, you still want your face to appear soft and not over the top. 3. Unless you are Freddie Mercury, mustaches and beards do not go well with foundation and eye shadow.  So choose one or the other.  Replace foundation with a bronzing gel on the bearded area.


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Photos: Mary K. Wood, Atlanta

TIPS for WOMEN & MEN 1. Have your eyebrows professionally shaped for the ceremony.  Don’t tweeze your eyebrows the morning of your Wedding - you will create redness and irritation.  Get your brows professionally shaped about a week before your ceremony and check for strays two days before. If you do not have a preferred professional, ask your friends who they might suggest, and make sure you like the way your friend’s eyebrows look before taking their advice.

Volume 4, Issue 2 (Summer/Autumn 2009)  

Heartland in Gay America

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