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Photo: Mary K. Wood, Atlanta

and insightful tips for all gay and lesbian couples - to ensure that you’ll present your most beautiful face on your Special Day! TIPS for WOMEN

by Maura “Mo” Lewit contributing writer

If you enjoy wearing makeup, there is no right or wrong, just wear what feels comfortable.  One partner does not need to be the male, nor does one need to be the female.  If you both enjoy wearing makeup, wear it! Many photographers suggest brides and grooms wear at least a little makeup so they don’t appear washed out in photos; here are some easy

1. Get a professional!  If you can afford it, by all means use a professional makeup artist.  Many resorts, chapels and ceremony sites offer makeup services or have several artists they can recommend.  This is your one Special Day, but makeup artists build their careers working with brides (and oftentimes grooms.)  -That is a lot of experience!  Makeup artists know which foundation is right for your skin color and which hues will appear best in photos.  Enjoy their expertise; it’s one less thing to worry about on this important day.   2. If you are going to buy your own makeup, try it out at the counter first.  When it comes to foundations and shadows, it is hard to tell if they will work for you while still in the package. Many makeup counters offer a free make-over

with purchases. Pick out a few shades you would like to try, and have the artist apply them for you.  If you have the time it is always best to have a technician show you one side of the face, and then try to repeat the same technique on the other side yourself.  Many women purchase colors or foundations that look wonderful when applied by a professional, but when they get home they can’t recreate the look.  The makeup then gets thrown in a drawer. For women with darker skin tones, be sure to choose a color that is closest to your complexion but not lighter. Blend well to avoid uneven tone, otherwise it will appear like a chalky layer and can translate poorly in photographs. 3. For eye shadow, choose a tri-color makeup palette with hues made for your eye color. Almay makes some great eye shadow palettes that are formulated specially to complement different eye colors. Generally, cool colored eyes like blue or green contrast well with shades of brown, peach, or bronze. Warmer colored eyes like hazel or brown look nice with plum or rosy shades. Use the softest color in the palette to highlight your brow bone, apply the deepest ●● cont’d

Vol. 4 Issue 2 Summer/Autumn 2009 15

Volume 4, Issue 2 (Summer/Autumn 2009)  

Heartland in Gay America

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