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Composition of polyactic acid

Devices and chemicals -Test tube -Beaker -Bunsen burner -Scale pan -Tin(II)-chlorid -Lactic acid

accomplishment -Put 3ml lactic acid, a few tin(II)-chlorid crystals and some boiling stones into a test tube -Heat the content ca.10 minutes above the Bunsen burner below constantly concussion -In the meantime you have to hold the small, water-filled, beaker above the test tube -After the liquid has turned orange-brown you have to pour the liquid into a cooled plastic container

Observation - After heating the liquid develops a foam -After 10 minutes the liquid is orange-brown -During cool instance: You can pull threads, which Solidify after a short time.

Conclusion At first: the substance is colorless and liquid After the heatingup and cooling-down process: it is a brown sediment

Application possibilities -Drink- and yoghurt container -medical field -cosmetic ambit

polyactic acid  
polyactic acid  

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