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It’s that time of year. Snow is falling (mainly up north), it’s really cold (mainly everywhere) and somehow the perfect moment for magazines to predict the future (and mainly get things wrong). Right now, you’re holding the 13 for 13 issue. As we’re RWD – the cool genie-like gang from the future – we rarely get things wrong. In 2011 (the 12 for 12 issue) we were so on-point it was crazy. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Emeli Sandé, Azealia Banks, Jessie Ware, Josh Kumra, Lady Leshurr, Woodkid, Naughty Boy, should we go on? They all had a storming 2012 and broke through, shining from their respective areas. For 13 for 13, we’ve had a little peak into our crystal ball and we can see the following year will be filled with glowing headlines about Liverpool and now England’s pace abundant winger Raheem Sterling, Hollywood-bound Skins star Jack O’Connell, and vibrant 16 year-old songstress Rainy Milo. We’ve jumped in the DeLorean and plucked the singers, rappers, groups, TV shows, artists and more that you’ll be talking about next year and beyond. You’re welcome. Also for the first time in our history, we took a gamble and asked and @RWDmag followers for your top tips and introduced a 13 for 13 wildcard. So check the following pages to see who has snuck onto the biggest list since Santa received Nicki Minaj’s hair dye and bum Botox top up inventory.

Thanks for joining our league people. Looks like everyone is having an up-and-down season too. Apart from our designer Sam, he’s bottom, his is just down... Pos. Name 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 17 19 20 21

Ian Camacho Daniel Cunningham Mike Sherrill Nana Adu-Sarfo Andrew Poultney Alessandro Moro James Banwell Shakes Mashaba Ben Greenfield Allen Ward Delali Zotor Dolapo Adenitire Ukali Walker Mr Armstrong Mr Ike Mitesh Chandarana Kier Wiater-Carnihan Rohan Govardhan Tomi Ashimolowo Ashanti George-Faure Rajveer Kathwadia

Points 853 824 815 806 800 797 789 783 776 775 769 768 767 766 762 761 760 760 759 754 753



Pos. Name


53 61 62 64 78 81 119

709 691 689 685 664 658 343

Paul LeFevre Tego Sigel Felix Kemp Danny Walker Greg Bond James Humphrys Sam Hardy

As of 7 December 2012


“EPIC/ TROOT” “I’ve been using epic a lot. In Dutch they don’t have a word for ‘epic’, they say ‘Troot’, which means big/huge, but I don’t use that.” Netsky has just remixed Epic Mickey 2 for Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power Of Two. Check 3




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2013 is basically here so let’s all rejoice, but before you get merry have a read of these letters. The best comes from Ray who wins a pair of these awesome new TDK ST750s. Lucky, lucky Ray. Check them out at Send your letters to: Attn. Editor, RWD Magazine, W107 Holywell Centre, 1 Phipp Street, London, EC2A 4PS or she will establish herself and her music in the industry with a successful future ahead of her. Eddie J Thanks. We checked this chick out and she’s good! You’ll make a good A&R.

LETTER OF THE MONTH: For 2013 Have a look at new girl band M.O These three girls can siiiiing, mooooove, perforrrrmm. All the elements that are so so so sooo lacking from the current crop of girl bands. They make Stooshe look like Pooshie! A BREATH OF FRESH AIR!!!! Ray A Ray, you’re sooooooo on it! M.O are already in on the 13 For 2013 action, and we wholeheartedly agree with you. They’re cool! Great minds think alike although you were a bit harsh on Stooshe. Anyway, here are some headphones. Hey RWD, I believe that Indiana will shoot straight into the high end of the music industry and will become big in 2013. Her amazing vocals are similar to Ellie Goulding and have a deep meaningful tone. Check out her EP - Blind As I Am, which I personally think is amazing. The song is heart-warming and truthful, touching at the audience’s emotions, and with 2013 around the corner I am certain 6 / RWDMAG.COM

Hey RWDmag! My name is Emily and I’m 16 years-old from the non-TOWIE part of Essex! I think Fazer (N-Dubz) will be HUGE in 2013. He’s always been the underdog and with his own record label STL, I think he’s going to be huge. Secondly, I’d check out Luke Towler. He’s a singersongwriter and is 15 years-old. He already has the support of Dappy. Thanks so much! Emily A Someone’s an N-Dubz fan! Good shout with Luke Towler though, as if he’s only 15! Future Bieber vibes for sure. Hey RWD! Although he is already quickly on the rise, I believe that the singer/songwriter/producer Angel is the one to watch for 2013. Beyond his charming looks and witty charisma, Angel is a talent that exceeds the boundaries of the UK industry as it stands!! Angel possesses a lot of qualities that the industry lacks, that deep raw talent and self belief instilled in him by his own dad from an early age. Mark my words, Angel is going to be THE NEXT BIG THING... He’s already well on his way! Natalie T Wow, you need to do his PR Natalie, cos that is how you sell an artist. We hear you about Angel though, he will have a good 2013, but we’ve already featured him.

To contact/moan at/send love letters to the team send your words and/or images to

THE MONTH IN TWITPICS All around us people are achieving their dreams. We’re pretty sure you can do it too!

SophieeJames_: #FaceofJD family in @ RWDmag <3 One of the Faces of JD gets gassed over appearing in RWD... obviously!

Idriselba: Here We Go... Aaaannnnddd ACTION! On set vibes with this truly talented man. Is everyone as excited as us... we think not.

Caradelevigne: BOO! @rihanna Utter babe and model of the moment, Cara Delevigne has not only just become a Victoria’s Secret Angel, she’s also chillin’ with Rihanna.


Kendrick Lamar Talks RWD TV Through His Good Kid, m.A.A.d City Album Artwork

Breakthrough artist of the year talks shop...

William Marple: Dope interview! Spread PEACE! Make LOVE! Get MONEY! Laydeextra: yeah DMX Slippin big tune... YoBroCoop: Kdot was ripped as a baby! LauraBBKxx: He so fly.

RWD Exclusive BTS Video: Rascals – Fire Blaze

RWD caught up with all four of The Rascals on set of their new single.







RWD Exclusive: BBK Reign Victorious At Red Bull Culture Clash 2012

We get some exclusive side stage action...

DJJamo: What a truly epic night!!! MoAdallum: They were always winners though in my opinion. Leg-ends. HannahJBerkley: Ah, I wish so bad that I coulda been there. Damn living in the States x


Mrs Dappy C: Tempz <3 CarlyTogh21: That dog! So cute! tobefrankmate: Looks awesome. Slow mo my life. Yeezysayyeezydo: Such a good track.

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STYLE | FILM | GAMES | TECH | SPORT | REFRESHED | MUSIC | EXCLUSIVES This month there’s great music, mighty fine technological advances, and some superior style selections. Enjoy!


ALL GOLD EVERY THING Gold Lomo is here and we want the whole collection. Check out... this baby! As well as the Diana F+, Diana Mini and Fisheye No.2, the new Diana Baby 110 and Fisheye Baby 110 have joined the family. Complete with gold buttons and a gold chain, these are the most stylish cameras we’ve ever seen. So slick in fact, we reckon you could get away with wearing it as an accessory, Flava Flav style. We will if you will. From £55 at 10 / RWDMAG.COM


NIKE’S MARC DOLCE Jerry Gadiano speaks to the lead designer for the Air Force 1’s latest incarnation, the Nike Lunar Force 1... What measures did you take to make sure the Lunar Force 1 was still iconic? That took a lot of time; the AF1 has such an iconic silhouette so we wanted to make sure that we continued to drive that as we started to go through and refine it. After 30 years why is the AF1 still so popular? It’s so clean and so simple yet so iconic. It has a great canvas for us to use and do great storytelling. I think the AF1 is timeless. The Nike Lunar Force 1 adds to that legacy, right? We’re trying to give it new dimension. What’s good about this one in particular is it’s a nice juxtaposition on where you take performance DNA and mix it with a classic. Nike Lunar Force 1 is out now at Nike Town London and

WHERE WE’VE CHECKED IN This month we’ve been drinking all over the world. Also, Paul went to America. Again.

RIZZLE KICKS LIVE Where: The Roundhouse, Camden When: 15 November Who: James Proud Rizzle Kicks fan James hopped on the train to Chalk Farm to see his boys kick-off their UK tour. A lively performance from the headline act and chance meetings with supporting artists Mikill Pane and Nina Nesbitt after the show made for a memorable night.


VIVA LA FIESTA Here it is. The hottest hatch on the market raises the temperature. Again. Get in line as the orders will be rolling in. Check out... the hatchback that’s set to take 2013 by storm: Ford’s new Fiesta. Available with the award-winning, super-economical Eco Boost 1.0 engine, featuring a whole host of fancy new gadgets inside, a newly-formed front grille which looks like it’s been plucked straight from the bonnet of an Aston Martin DB9 and available for as little as £9,795. The 2013 upgrade of the most popular hatch on the road is definitely worthy of putting some of your grandma’s Christmas money towards. For more information on the 2013 Ford Fiesta and for full prices, visit


TRAPSTAR X HITMAN LAUNCH PARTY Where: Concrete, Shoreditch When: 19 November Who: Tego, Nardene, Dacre, James and Garry That many free drinks on a Monday is dangerous but we had to celebrate our friends at Trapstar and their Agent 47 inspired collection properly. Benga, Delilah and Semtex kept us busy, nonetheless, whilst the 200 strong crowd lapped it up.


A competitor to the incredible Nike FuelBand hits the market. Check out... one of the smartest accessories that’ll ever grace your wrist; the Jawbone Up. After a rocky start last year, the device that tracks your dayto-day sleeping habits, food and drink intake AND energy exertion, and does so through a discreet wristband and a free iPhone app is here. Technology, eh!? For more information on the Up by Jawbone, visit

WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS... Where: Las Vegas When: 15 November Who: Paul RWD’s soon-to-be-a-father Sales Director Paul made the trip across the pond to make the most of his last few months of freedom. With Dazza, Gazza, Bazza and the rest of the Chatham crew he did his very best to recreate The Hangover. We haven’t seen him since.



STREET KING Calvin Klein go Street. Check out... the brand new, limited edition CK One Shock: Street Edition bottle. Vibrant graphics add to this fresh scent. For more information on CK One Shock: Street Edition, visit



ODT TDK We’re all over this fine piece of technology.


WE CARRE Henri Lloyd celebrates 50 years. Check out... the Olmes Carretti jacket. £275 at 12 / RWDMAG.COM

Check out... the future, aka TDK’s Life on Record Wireless Charging Cube. Yup, you can charge your phone without even plugging it in. You’d better believe it. Simply place your Qi compatible mobile device on top of the cube and it’ll charge it for you whilst blasting out your favourite tunes. As well as performing this magic, the Cube looks great and it’s wireless too. With a built in rechargeable battery and adjustable treble and bass, it’s perfect for pretty much everything. £349.99 at

Sun, sea, and, uh, music. We know what you thought we were going to say... Check out... to Tisno, Croatia in July for the 2013 edition of Soundwave. For those who have been before, you’ll know the score and will be straight back out there this year. For those Soundwave virgins, don’t worry, your first time will be very special indeed. Basically a holiday and a festival in one, Soundwave Croatia features incredible bands, DJs, and parties, all in a truly beautiful location. With five days of music scheduled (18-22 July), you can take a whole week away, or even just the weekend. Fancy camping? Sorted. Glamping? Sure. Hotel? Apartment? You got it. Want to posh it up with a boat or a yacht? That can be arranged. Book now for cheap flights and early bird tickets. Tickets (£119, early birds £85) and line up at

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GOOD KID, M.A.A.D CITY Straight outta Compton, Kendrick Lamar is touring our Isles. We’ll probably see you at most of the events... Check-in... at one of seven cities lucky enough to get the Kendrick treatment. Newcastle, Glasgow, Dublin, Manchester, Birmz, Brizzle and little old London will be playing host to the big man during his UK tour this January. Expect plenty of bars, big tracks and deep lyrics, ya bish! If his shows are anything like his previous performances, it’ll be epic. Our Nardene will be there, on the front row, Jägermeister in hand, wearing her MARRY ME KENDRICK tee. Kendrick’s UK tour is going down 1420 January. Tickets at

Nigel Wells Paul LeFevre Matthew Richards Garry Carbon Hattie Collins Martin Ferguson Bob Austin



SLICK AND SLIDE Please please cover up that pretty, chip-attracting iPhone 5 with this rubberized lifesaver. Check out... the latest scratch stopper from Incase. Since being founded in 1997, they have set their sails out to be the brand to go to when it comes to protecting and enhancing technology. The Pro-slider case features rubber bumpers that perfectly surround the sensitive sides of Apple’s latest device. £29.95 via

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ENOUGH ALREADY: CHRISTMAS NO.1 HYPE The race for the official UK Top 40 Singles Chart xmas top spot is so exciting; will it go to an X Factor contestant? Can a charity, led by a string of aging celebrities, take it? Should it be shared between some unattractive women who are married to people in the armed forces? The future is unclear but one thing we know for certain, no one cares any more.. words Danny Walker Illustration Art Jaz How comes topping the charts at Christmas make certain people wet their knickers? Actual liquid seeps out, gushes in fact, at the prospect of 25 December chart dominance. Seriously, if you mention the mere thought of that No.1 to certain people, fluid would hit the deck faster than Ricky Fatton. And whilst they wipe up their pool of embarrassment you can’t help but question their sanity. For as long as we can remember, the Christmas No.1 has always been a talking point. It’s not up there with the “What did Santa bring you?” conversations, the annual “snow/no snow” weather debates or the critical, “Do we invite mum’s aunt over or let her chill at the home?” discussions. This countdown conundrum falls somewhere way down the list of things to do – between avoiding the Queen’s boring speech (droning on about how it’s been a “difficult year” living in 14 / RWDMAG.COM

palaces, eating stuffed pheasant balls and planking on £800 billion) inspiring speech and trying to slip off to play your new Xbox games after the third episode of Eastenders – and every year top spot talk moves down the pecking order. With any luck they won’t even announce the Christmas No.1 next year; Simon Cowell will just send out a tweet that he’s won, receive a couple of retweets and we’ll just carry on about our lives. No hype, no bookie’s favourites, no elaborate Facebook campaigns (deployed so well they could overthrow a small Government), no Matt “Where is he now?” Cardles, nothing. And how does this meagre music news become a must know media update? With all the Jimmy Saville business going on at the BBC you’d think they’d have more important things to do with their time. If there was a prize for topping the


charts over the festive period – like the ability to be invisible for a day, an all-expenses paid tip to Devon, or simply a chance to kick David Guetta in the balls – it would be worthy of the build-up. Instead you get to join a list of deadbeats like Shayne Ward, Leon Jackson and Mr Blobby. Surely there is more to the music industry than being on a list with Mr Blobby?!?!


It’s going to take a lot to beat Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises, and with his Batman trilogy seemingly at an end, a lot of people are pinning their hopes on the upcoming Superman film he’s going to be involved in matching that level of genius. It won’t.

We’ve got news for you: 2013 is not going to be very much different to 2012, and, because of the fact that the year ends in those dreaded numbers: one and three, there’s a good chance it’s actually going to be significantly worse. Sorry to be the bearers of bad news, but here are 13 reasons why 2013 will be sh*t... Words James Humphrys Illustrations Lucus Jubb

The eighth official instalment in Rockstar’s award-winning franchise will be brilliant, and will stop you from leaving your house for a few days, and probably have an adverse effect on your personal relationships. Remember this summer? Of course you don’t, because it took place in March. For three weeks. We’re predicting this year it’ll be in February for two days, sandwiched in between a month’s worth of snow.

Remember when everyone was really happy while the Olympics were on? Every street in England was buzzing with excitement over the games and for a good month, everything was right with the world. Not in 2013 though. No Olympics, no good will to mankind.


As if tie-dye, leopard print and heavily-patterned shortsleeved shirts weren’t enough, things are only going to go further downhill in 2013. By this time next year, everyone will be wearing skin tight, snakeskin tracksuit tops. Mark our words.

In case being one of the biggest international super powers wasn’t enough, the Chinese are now planning their first unmanned moon landing. Next step: world domination.

This guy knows how to pump out an irritatingly catchy pop tune, and, unless he gets caught up in one of the inevitable natural disasters, he’s going to continue doing so throughout 2013, and possibly forever.

It can’t be, can it? The drama that saw Manchester City grab the Premier League title from the jaws of the Red Devils is extremely unlikely to be replicated, but at least one of them will win it.

With hurricanes, tornados and just about everything else mother nature can throw at us, it’s only a matter of time before a meteor strike.

That means the iPhone 5S will no doubt disappoint even more than the 5 did. In 2012 it was a bigger screen. This year it’s going to be a louder speaker. #Exciting

Yep, an even year always sees a major international tournament take place in the summer, but a year ending in three doesn’t. We’ll have to make do with the African Cup of Nations and the European Under-21 Championship finals.

Quitting smoking? Joining the gym? Eating healthier? Yeah, right. Just because you’ve told a room full of people that you’re going to improve your lifestyle doesn’t actually mean you’ve got the willpower to do it.

As the old saying goes: ‘same sh*t, different day’, the same generally applies to years. But hey, at least you’ll be able to rely on having your favourite magazine to accompany you through the next 12 dreadful months. 17

Liverpool haven’t exactly had the best start to the 2012-2013 season, with just four wins (one, at the time of interview) they need to find form... quickly. Thankfully, recently turned 18 year-old, Raheem Sterling, is both in form and incredibly quick. The FIFA fan tells Danny Walker about playing for England, rocking the new Nike Lunar Force 1s before anyone else and why he can’t take practical jokes... Images Jake Green Styling Sophie Robinson Grooming Shreya A “Ah there have been some bad ones but I don’t get involved in that cos I can’t take it,” recalls an initially quiet Sterling when asked about pranks. In the corner of Liverpool’s trendy eatery, Leaf, an equally trendy, Jamiacian-born footballer tells us how it is. Raheem Sterling soon opens up. “[Liverpool’s up-and-coming striker] Adam Morgan, put Deep Heat in my boxers and burnt my...” just as Raheem said that, the winger winced in retrospective discomfort. After the RWD team – who were still wired from the early morning train journey from London – had erased the mental image, we empathised and then quizzed the England International on the retaliation. “Yeah,” he beams before laughing. “I cut his boxers open so once, he put them on... it all fell out.” On that note, we got on with the interview. 18 / RWDMAG.COM

Destroyer jacket £250 Nike Lunar Force 1 £115, Levi’s® 501® Jeans £90,



Tell us about making your Premier League debut for Liverpool [against Wigan] at the end of last season? That was pretty cool. It was like a dream come true. What was it like knowing you could be coming off the bench at any minute? I was just thinking, ‘Hopefully I can get on there and do my bit on the pitch.’ At first I was a bit nervous cos I wanted to get a good first touch, once that was done, things were just natural. Did you have any fears? 20 / RWDMAG.COM

I didn’t really have any fears cos it was in front of our home fans and they were really supportive of the young players in the team anyway. It was just good to make the debut at home in front of the Liverpool fans. Who was that one player you looked up to when you were younger? Players like [Cristiano] Ronaldo, Messi, they are out of this world, they’re one in a million. They’ve both just got their own style and they’re very skillful. Have you got that in your game? I’d like to think so. I’d like to think that I have that close control, nothing to what

they’ve got though. What do your old mates think of your success as a player? They don’t really see me as any different compared to before. That is the reason why they’re my mates, cos they’ve been with me from day one and no one really looks at me any different. Tell us about what you had to overcome to make it as a football player. My mates were mainly playing street football, so it wasn’t a case of them going out drinking. They were playing football so I had to pick the right times to play cos obviously I was at [Queen’s

Park Rangers]. I picked the right times so I wouldn’t get injured. If I had a game the next day I’d decline but apart from that it was all good.

2012-2013 SEASON

Nike Henley Crew - £95,


Tell us about the highs and the lows of the new season? The lows of the season have obviously been the team, cos we haven’t been getting the results of late. That wasn’t such a good start to the season but we’re getting into a good run now so hopefully we can take it up another level. And the highs? Making a good start in the Premier League, taking my chances and carrying that on and trying to get more assists. So your goal against Reading puts you as the second youngest Premier League scorer for Liverpool. Did you not want that goal to be in front of the Kop? Or were you just glad you finished expertly... Erm, it didn’t matter really as long as I got the goal, it didn’t matter. And the finish was excellent... [Laughs] It was alright, yeah. It could’ve been higher in the top corner. But yeah, it was alright. Were you going for one of those finesse shots on FIFA? [Laughs] Na, it was a good little finish that I’ve been practicing in training, so it was good to know it paid off. So, are you saying you could teach Suarez a few things? Na, Suarez is a great finisher. Good answer, good answer. Who are your pals in the Liverpool team? Erm, all the boys are really cool to be fair but I speak mostly to Jordan Henderson, Jonjo Shelvey, Andre Wisdom and people like that. Most of the young lads, well youngish. I’m one of the youngest but no one really treats you that way. Everyone treats you the same.


Tell us about your promising England career [since doing this interview Raheem made his senior debut against Sweden], would you like to see yourself as a senior team regular? From day one that has been the goal. It has never been a case of just taking part for me. When I got selected for England [at Under-16 level] I was really focussed to say to myself that it was a great achievement. I always wanted to go all the way and just concentrated on what I

had to do on the pitch. How are you finding the Under-21s? Are you looking forward to Euro 2013? Yeah, it’s good to go away with the team and get to know the other boys. Obviously, I went away for a short period with the seniors and it was a mixed one for me because I didn’t know anyone (apart from Jordan [Henderson] was there to guide me through). It was good to get to know them though.


Who has the best/ worst clothes in the Liverpool team? Worst clothes? Has to be Luis Suarez. Some of the clothes he wears just aren’t that good. What, mad shirts? I don’t even know what it is. Some of the stuff he wears, I just haven’t seen before [room laughs]. Who has the best clothes? Who is throwing down the swag? Erm... You can put yourself in that. On my day, I’m decent. I got that skinny jeans swag but na, I’m not one of them. Jordan Henderson has got good swag... Is it alright if I use swag? Yeah, yeah... we’re probably the only magazine you’re going to talk to who know what that means to be fair... [Laughs] And Glen Johnson and Gerrard. Tell us about your style? Like today you’re rocking the new Nike Lunar Force 1... Yeah they’re really good. Nice and comfy as well. It’s something that I would wear as well. Seems like you’re getting used to this... Yeah, I’m a fresh guy. [Laughs]. Na I’m joking. I hear your trainer collection is big. Ah yeah, I love my trainer collection. I have a few and I haven’t even worn half of them. I like Blazers, Jordans and Air Forces. A few of the Nike guys have sent us some, so I just collect them really. I send some to my family in Jamaica too. If they’re in the cupboard for too long, I’ll see who I can give them to. Are you feeling the high Blazers or the low Blazers? It doesn’t matter. As long as they’re a nice colour and not a strange colour. What do you like about the new look Nike Lunar Force 1? It feels lighter and more comfy. Your foot feels more loose in it. [The design] is not too much; they’re just nice and plain. You can wear >> 21

<< them every day with any outfit. I think mine are on the way. Favourite item in your wardrobe? I’ve got this spiked blazer. Is that how you’re going on? Yeah, there’s spikes all over it. It’s nice. What would you rock with it? Erm, probably my spiked shoes. Is that how you’re going on, just going around all spiky? [Laughs] Or my plain black ones.


We see from your Twitter that you play as yourself/Liverpool on FIFA 13, what is going on there? Na, my mate thinks he’s really cool. I had to show him a lesson, so I used Liverpool (and scored a few goals as myself) and posted it up there. What do you think of your player’s stats in the game? He’s rapid but a bit weak [laughs]. It’s like he’s a real person. He’s alright on the game, to be fair. After a few seasons of manager mode he can do a bit. Is it weird seeing yourself as a character in a game? Yeah, it is weird, cos growing up and stuff, you’ve always wanted to be on FIFA and it’s really cool to play with your character and see the stats they give you. Who is your team? My team is Real Madrid, definitely! Ronaldo is a joke. He’s a joke. He is very serious! So when you’re playing FIFA, are you one of those people who talk a good game and then lose 6-0? Na, na. I can do a bit. I’m not the best but I can play. Wilfred Zaha is good. Really good. He bangs it out all day. Jordan is my beating stick. Whenever I want to win a game I bring him into my room. No one really plays but whoever does play they will get involved and have a little tournament or something. Being a professional footballer, you must have such a busy schedule though, how else do you relax? FIFA and movies on the laptop. What kind of films do you like? I don’t like scary films. I like comedy or a bit of action. I like stand up; Kat Williams and Kevin Hart, people like that. Last legal download? [Laughs] I never used to really listen to music but obviously travelling to and from games, you have to do something. I’ve started to listen to Drake, Tyga, Giggs and Krept and Konan are cool too. 22 / RWDMAG.COM

Nike Varsity Shawl Collar - £102 /


You’ve had a great start to your career with regular starts for Liverpool and getting a senior cap for England but, if you weren’t a footballer, what would you be doing? I wouldn’t be in college or anything like that, I’d probably try track and field. 100m [would be my event]. The last time I ran it I did it in 10:99. That was like a year ago. With a bit of work I’d like 10:8 something [laughs]. What are your plans for the future, where will you be in five years time? That’s a hard one. Obviously I’ve done well at the start of this season. Hopefully, I’ll just carry on and get a few games under my belt and show the

England manager that I’m an alright little player. He can give me a little shout if he wants. Nike Lunar Force 1 are out now. Check Nike Town and For more follow @sterling31

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AIR FORCE TIMELINE Nike’s historic Air Force 1 has changed the game on more than one occasion; we look at some pivotal moments in its history... In 1982, Nike dropped the revolutionary AF1. This prototype was designed by Bruce Kilgore and was the first basketball shoe to use Nike Air technology.

1991 saw the Air Force 1 take a step off the courts and take to the streets. This was one of the first trainers to be released that year. Balancing the traditional roots it used metallic silver elements (in the Swoosh, tongue and outsole) to modernise the shoe.

With an upper made from anaconda leather, these 25 year anniversary AF1s retailed at a mere $2,000 in 2007 and were constructed by Italian craftsmen. Their name ‘Lux’ justifies the 24k gold-plated lace tips.



The 2012 Low Max Air NRG is the most wanted trainer on Nike’s extensive AF1 anthology, Worn by US Olympians at London 2012, it’s easy to see why the shoe that marks 30 years of the Air Force 1 is so popular. On 12.12.12, Nike Lunar Force 1 was unleashed. With Lunarlon cushioning this game-changing shoe is the perfect remix of the original Air Force 1.


Gravity-defying, Derby-bred, breakdancing, actor-in-themaking, freerunner, Tim Shieff is going places and fast, Danny Walker catches up with the co-star of Ellie Goulding’s recent Figure 8 video to talk 2013... image James Pearson-Howes

“Not only do people recognise [freerunning] as a sport but it’s going to get to a stage when there are household names like Tony Hawk,” states the man also known as ‘Livewire’ who’s been recently showing JME (“pretty much become my best mate now,”) how to perfect parkour. 24 / RWDMAG.COM

“My aim now is to become the Tony Hawk of freerunning.” Getting to the finals of NBC’s highly rated American Ninja Warrior, winning the World Freerunning Champs and amassing over 15 million YouTube views in the process are just a few ways to achieve this goal. If his skills and determination are signs of success, we expect all households to know his name pretty soon. “I’ve learnt so much in the past one/ two years. I’ve been on my own journey in my head about how to work life and now I feel I can see it happening. It sounds mad but I am excited for the future.” Check @TimothyShieff, livewire and

It’s not often you find artists who write all of their own material, but in 26 year-old Charlie Brown’s case, it’s a given. Words Francesca Dunn Image Adrian Nettleship

We headed over to Soho’s Fernadez & Wells, to meet the south London native fresh off his flight from Dublin, part of his tour where he’s been supporting Dappy. Coffee in hand, Charlie soon filled us in. “Now’s the first time in my career when I’ve been able to write a body of work and stand beside it saying ‘this is absolutely who I am,’” the Universal signee explains. Using his experience writing with Wiley, Jay Sean, The Script, and many more, the ambitious John Legend fan puts his heart and soul into his work, and debut single Dependency is no exception. “I was very miserable when I wrote it – I was being completely ignored in a relationship, and was with somebody who was addicted to their ex. So the song is all very true, very raw,” he says, before adding

that he genuinely did call her ten times and she didn’t pick up once. Deep. Fresh from touring with Dappy, Charlie was on Channel 4 moments before we met, “McFly were introducing me on Freshly Squeezed, then I got in the car later and KISS were playing my track!” With support growing steadily he describes getting a record deal as “kind of the holy grail,” which makes sense. With a lot of love from 1Xtra and a big intro from CJ Beatz at his media showcase, things look set to keep on growing. Having already collaborated with Youngen and Ms D on Dependency, we soon get hints that the debut album due summer 2013 - will have more top features. “I’ve always wanted to work with Katy B,” he smiles. “I think she’s amazing and really respect her as a writer.” Sounds like 2013 will be an important year for him. “The next single On My Way is out in January, and then more singles leading up to the album release in Summer!” RWD look forward to watching him progress. For more follow @CharlieBrownLDN



I’m generally against anything that I think is overrated and hyped. I’m not original, I am simply a physical collective of my influences, Milo’s Tumblr reads. Whilst she’s not overrated the hype machine is about to go into overdrive for her unique tunes. “I’ve always known what I like and I think as time’s gone by, I’ve been introduced to music that may have been old but was new to my ears and then they became a part of what’s influenced me.” The Croydonian, whose style icons are mostly men, blends vintage finds from her mums wardrobe and charity shops to create her look. But there are more important things than clothes... “Nearly every weekend, you will, without fail, find me at my favourite spot in China Town, eating. I don’t feel like my week has ended properly unless I do it, it’s a ritual now.” Production from US producers Oddisee and Blck Rssn, plus super cool Oz beats master Chet Faker ensure Rainy’s delicate vocals and meaningful lyrics stand out amongst an otherwise dance infested, drop heavy music crowd and, 2012 has been about creating more of that than anything else. “I always think of

Age may be nothing but a number, but at 16, Rainy Milo is definitely setting the pace for a serious career in music. Giving us deep yet angelic R&B with hints of jazz and soul and an authentic British edge, her five track EP, Limey, had everyone from Complex and Giles Peterson to RWD poised for more. Nardene Scott caught up with the dip-dyed blonde fashionista whilst she was out in Cali recording, and got to know her a little better. 26 / RWDMAG.COM

something, a lyric/mental note, I tell myself I’ll remember it and I never do, mayne I hate myself for that every time. I like to make myself feel better by saying it probably wasn’t worth remembering.” We’re sure there’s more gems to come but until then Bout You will stay on constant rotation in the RWD office. When it comes to inspirations there’s Tupac and Corrine Bailey Rae but an easier route of diagnosing her taste would be the tracks she’s a little bit jealous of, “I always judge how much I like songs by how much I wished I’d written them; right now it’s Twice by Little Dragon.” The soulful southerner has a few admirers to say the least but there’s a special someone she’d be interested in running into the sunset with, “My family gave away my pet Chihuahua Rocko and I would love to bump into him one day tied up outside a store, I would run off with him for sure!” Download Limey now from and check out for more


Something to say delivered in a sultry and soulful way, Nardene Scott meets Mr. Jacob Banks. Scooping MTV and MOBO unsigned awards last year, has set up 21 yearold, drums-sax-keys-guitar playing,

singing and song writing - he’s not bad at basketball either - Brummie Jacob Banks for a prosperous 2013. Kids On The Corner was championed by eclectic Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe, surprising the down to earth artist, “we have never met in person, so there’s like no reason to do it, obviously I’m glad that he is [supporting] because everything that is out now is all about love or b*tches so for him to play it and it’s so different helped a lot.” The recently released Monologue EP is a perfect opportunity to get into Mr Banks, “I’ve tried to write from my point which is what I’ve learnt working with Plan B and Wretch, they both taught me honesty in music.” If you like music that means something, moves you in some type of way and is certified authentic, then make sure you get your ears around our Jacob, before the bandwagon is full. Go grab The Monologue EP @MrJabobBanks 27

17 year-old Brooklynite, Jo-Vaughn Scott aka Joey Bada$$, is history in the making. Nardene Scott finds out why... image Verena Stefanie Grotto

“The latest... Madlib, DJ Premier, Pete Rock...” the Jay-Z, Biggie and MF Doom fan tells us ahead of his XOYO show, of who’s been in contact recently. Not bad for a teen who has dropped two free mixtapes; one being the defining 1999 mixtape and the other, the brave Rejex. “I wanted people to peep the progression you know,” a hype Joey states of the project that is basically rejects from the previous tape, but appreciated in the same way. “I wanted people to see how far I’ve came in a year or a couple of months, from like where I started at.” With a strong team (Pro Era crew; including Kirk Knight and CJ Fly), a relaxed flow, thoughtful content, on some seriously laid back hip hop beats, what could we possibly expect next? “Dope sh*t, east coast sh*t, beast coast!” We think he’s going to be needing a few more $ in his name soon, although he is certain the fame hasn’t changed him. Pro Era album is out 21 December. For more follow @joeyBADASS_ 28 / RWDMAG.COM

Dublin, not the first place Nardene Scott thinks of when it comes to MCs. Rejjie Snow’s changing that. If you forget about the major controversy Rejjie caused claiming to be the mysterious MC Captain Murphy recently and instead consider his upcoming support slot for Kendrick Lamar and the fact he spent last summer locked in the studio, you’ll appreciate more than his Internet savvy side. After getting rid of his Lecs Luther pseudonym (“because I realised I wasn’t a superhero”), Snow is working with Darq E Freaker and friend King Krule. Using a mic from an old PlayStation game, and hooking it up to his Dad’s PC, his first bars were completed on Audacity over Saigon’s Pain In My Life, even though the tatted one finds it all a bit “cringe now”. Other than whiskey, women and his cat, graffiti plays inspiration to the determined artist, “walking around a city during the night with a spray-can can inspire the sh*t out of you, I have bare stories but f**k rapping about that, only a few could relate to it.” Follow this guy, he’s funny @rejjiesnow 29

The Midlands hasn’t produced much in the way of Hollywood stars, but 22 year-old Jack O’Connell, best known for his roles in Skins, This Is England and Harry Brown, tells James Humphrys he’ll do just that...

Sitting atop Shoreditch’s Boxpark, with temperatures dipping close to freezing point, the Derby County fan quickly marks his territory by etching the initials ‘D.C.F.C’ onto the frosty wooden tables, before glancing down at his work approvingly and then mutters disapprovingly in his familiar Derbyshire accent about a group of hipsters making a commotion on the street below.         For those passers-by that may not be aware of O’Connell’s previous work, all they would see is a young upstart in a Fred Perry parka with an ‘abrasive personality’ (his words) and not a care in the world, but, in actual fact, they would be completely wrong. It soon becomes clear that there is much more than the charming persona he displays as he struts around smiling and talking to anyone and everyone in his path. Behind the laddish exterior, there is a humble, eloquent and extremely talented actor that, whether he believes it or not, is 30 / RWDMAG.COM

destined for stardom. “I got back from Bulgaria about a month or two ago,” he says as he tucks his scarf further into his jacket and rubs his hands together to keep warm, before expanding his experiences of filming the first Hollywood blockbuster, the ‘equal’ to 300, entitled Rise Of An Empire, in which he stars alongside a host of big names, most notably Bond girl Eva Green. “It was a new experience. Before then I used to do very naturalistic, drama-based stuff, but this time there was a lot of special effects and it was very much an action piece, so that involved a lot of training and physical discipline, which I wasn’t particularly good at, prior to that.”          “After doing several interviews I was deemed ‘inadmissible’ by the American embassy,” the Alvaston-born lad tells us about his initial struggles to break the States, shaking his head at the same time. “I ended up having to go to a physician, do drugs tests and what not, all


of which came back negative, but they still found an excuse and kept me out of there.”           With the filming for the new 300 film taking place in Eastern Europe, O’Connell saw an opportunity to prove himself to those that doubted him and seized it. “It was good plan B. It couldn’t have been timed better after all the rejections. I was just pleased to be working, let alone in Hollywood.”            However, before he makes his Hollywood debut, he’ll finally get his chance to finish what he started by concluding his character’s story in a double header of Skins in the Spring. A task that he’s clearly been looking forward to. “I can’t wait to get back on set with him and mature him” he tells us, referring, of course, to the character that he more than made his own back in 2009, James Cook Jnr.,“I invested a lot in Cook emotionally, so it’s definitely been good to see where he’s ended up and where his head’s at these days.”           With original writer Jamie Brittain taking on the script, and only two other characters confirmed to have episodes dedicated to them, there’s a real sense of excitement from Jack on reprising the role. Due to a couple of characters’ stories ending inconclusively, he explains: “I don’t think we (the cast) ever considered that to be the end [of the character’s story], so this will be good to draw a line under it.”           It would be forgivable for a young actor with such a busy year in store to get ahead of themselves, but Jack remains as grounded as ever. “I’m deciding between scripts right now, which is a very favourable position to be in. It’s what I’ve worked seven years straight for. I’ve got the right head on my shoulders now, so hopefully I’ll find myself here this time next year, with a healthy body of work under my belt again. If I could guarantee that, then happy days. I’m not out for gold. I’m not a flash in the pan. I want to be working for as long as I can.” But what if the vacant role of a certain 00 agent presented itself? Would he be up for filling Mr Craig’s shoes? “F**king right,” he chuckles, “but would they be interested in me, though? Maybe a few elocution lessons down the line and we’ll see.” Catch Jack in Tower Block on DVD and Blu-Ray from 4 February. 300: Rise Of An Empire is schedule for release in August, while Skins series 7 is will begin in Spring. For more follow @JackO__C 31

With a great cast and the writing skills of Levi David-Addai (My Murder), Big Talk Productions (Peep Show) will be mixing it up on E4 in 2013 with witty comedy drama, Youngers. From their south London set, lead actors Ade Oyefeso (Yemi), Shavani Seth (Davina) and Calvin Demba (Jay) tell Danny Walker all... 32 / RWDMAG.COM

“I think there is a gap in the market,” expresses Calvin Demba in-between takes, on set in the heart of Peckham. “It’s like Hollyoaks and there’s a crave for something new and we might be that.” If anyone were fit to make such a weighty comparison it would be Demba, as he played student Scott Sabeka in 80 episodes. “I’d say it’s a fun show to watch with the family,” chips in Ade, who plays Calvin’s producing sidekick, Yemi. Following the lives of aspiring musicians Jay and Yemi, Youngers, promises to deliver. “I sat down and spoke with Big Talk and went through things I thought could work,” explains the show’s writer, Levi David-Addai. “Basically, I was like, ‘We have to do this REAL’. Not real just to be edgy. I wanted to really show heart

and really show friendship and really do an enjoyable piece of TV. Fortunately they listened.” Shavani, who shares many similarities with her diva’ish character, Davina (if we believe Calvin’s jokes, “yeah, they both know what they want, they’re goal orientated, intelligent, quite sassy with attitude... and also a bit of a pain,”) had nothing but praise for her screen counterparts. “There have been loads of jokes. Having a young cast is just brilliant.” A cast which includes YouTube hit Mandem on the Wall. Joivan Wade aka wall-sitting waster, Failia, and his crew were requested by writer Levi. “There is a real gap in the market for Youngers,” he says. “It will do great.” Youngers will be broadcast on E4 early in 2013. Hit for more


Not only are their YouTube hits through the roof but Mandem on the Wall will kick off 2013 by appearing in new E4 drama Youngers. Legends-in-themaking Yungah Baker, Yungah Baby Tinie Winie and Falia aka Dee Kartier, Percelle Ascott and Joivan Wade take a break from the wall and tell Danny Walker about their future...

“It all started with us wanting to do something different,” the trio explain boldly. “Something that wasn’t out there but needed to be done. We kind of just thought to play on those stereotype of road youts, no one had done a comedic spin on that.” That creative choice has seen them go from just a few thousand hits (when RWD wrote about them back in Feb 11) to just under 2 million. “It’s funny because neither Percy or myself have done comedy before,” BRIT school graduate Joivan Wade says of theirn growing success. “Because we did a lot of writing we knew what was funny, but we never actually portrayed it with characters. With Dee being a standup comedian, he had that natural funniness. When we all work together it just works nicely.” It’s clear that the Maddem just clicked. After just releasing episode 8 of the popular Internet series, it’s only a matter of time before their inclusion in Youngers turns into their very own show. “We’re still hoping to get it to TV,” Joivan divulges before revealing the rest of their 2013 hopes. “TV is still the plan. That is why we’re keeping the production levels high to make it look like it should be on there. We’re going to keep pushing and make sure it gets to as many production companies as possible. Find someone who likes the idea and get someone to take it forward.” With their talent, RWD don’t expect these Mandem to be on the wall for much longer.



ART DAVY EVANS How could you miss the trippy work of the Welsh graphic designer Davy Evans. Especially after he brought a psychedelic light to The xx. “I was very lucky really,” Evans says of Phil Lee, XL Records creative director coming across his final uni project titled, //// and approaching him. “We worked together on pushing the technique further to create images and video to work with the album. As the album is called Coexist, the iridescent colours of oil on water was a good theme.” Describing his work as “photographic, abstract and experimental,” Davy is more about keeping things natural when it comes to creating. “I think it’s nice to get away from the computer now and again.” Interested in working with more upbeat bands now, the Brighton grad is pretty tightlipped about future collabs but assures us there’s something exciting on the horizon and to look out for Grimes, Benjamin Garrett and Mikky Ekko, his most recent collaborator in 2013. See davyevans. for more 34 / RWDMAG.COM

George The Poet is the 21 yearold student who seems to be taking over with his impressive spoken word. Francesca Dunn caught up with him... George The Poet is friendly, polite, and drops his iPhone every seven minutes. “As you can tell, I’m smooth,” he jokes. Currently repping north west London at Kings College, Cambridge, he describes himself as an “obsessive over-thinker”. He started rapping at the age of 15 and moved on to performance poetry just two years ago. “I

wanted to communicate more. I think that rap has more of an entertainment aspect, unless you’re really good at getting your message across... and I wasn’t that good at getting my message across,” he laughs. The Politics, Psychology and Sociology student recently wrote an F1 poem for Sky Sports and youth unemployment at the Race For Opportunity dinner, and even performed in front of Prince Charles at Awards For Excellence. Then of course, there’s his feature on Naughty Boy’s Hotel Cabana alongside Emeli Sandé, and his work with Jakwob, Wretch 32, Labrinth, etc. Basi-

cally, George is making big waves. “I feel like I want more time to figure out the creative process and the direction: I’ve got a degree to complete!” He says with a smile, before noting that his dream collaborations include The Weeknd, Lana Del Rey and Kendrick Lamar, which we really hope he can score. And of 2013? “I wanna have a big presence in the education sphere too... come out with a book eventually.” We have big plans for this one, and it seems that he does too. 35



We gave you a little heads-up about these ladies last month but that obviously wasn’t enough. Frankee, Annie and Nadine of M.O fame give Danny Walker a proper rundown of how they came to be, how they create their sound and how they’re going to takeover in 2013...


“This time around it’s not nerve-wracking, it’s more positive,” smiles Nadine when asked about reassembling under the guise M.O “We’re very all very committed to what we are doing. We all know what we’re doing. We’ve got a great team around us and we’re really excited with what’s ahead.” Previously in another projects with Annie, things already seem more positive. Annie, with her big hooped earrings, explains how they became a three. “We finished with a group and me and Nadine got back in the studio. For about six months we were writing and getting some material together. Then we wanted to be a three...” Luckily, it wasn’t a crowd and Frankee, as a third member, just clicked. “I was in a band called Mini Viva,” adds Frankee behind a veil of curly hair. “I came from a pop background. We were a group although there were only two of us.” “The other groups were a massive learning curve,” says Keyshia Cole fan Annie of splitting up and forming

M.O before Frankee defines things. “I think everyone has their own personal paths but this time around we’re all more confident.” That self-belief is stamped all over their debut Show N Prove produced single, Wait Your Turn, especially on the video. “It was a long day shooting, like 20 hours,” Frankee explains of the track that is popping up everywhere. “But every minute of it was so fun. We had all of these girls in it.” Grooming slick and styled to perfection (“Oh yeah. We’ve got a really good glam squad.”) the Wait Your Turn video shows exactly what stamp they’re already leaving on the music industry. “Have you noticed it’s just women in there?” Annie cuts in. Yeah, we noticed Annie, we noticed. After explaining the weighty production from Black Butter’s finest, Woz and Rack N Ruin (“Yeah, we’ve been in the studio a lot,” gasps Nadine), the trio soon breakdown how they’re going to shine in 2013. “It’s all about being creative,” Frankee insists. “Whoever has an idea, even if it’s really bad, we get it out there.” And who had the last bad idea? “It was probably me,” she laughs as the girls soon join in. “Na, we see all of our ideas as creative.” That’s good, let’s hope that methodology is applied to the album. “We’re really excited about 2013,” Nadine leaves us with. “We all know what we want; we want bring the old skool edge back to it.” Yeah, definitely apply that to the forthcoming album. For more follow @_MOmusic 37

This Bristolian producer and DJ joined the Black Butter family in 2011 following a remix competition. Now Ashley “Woz” Westlake can add official remixes for the likes of Example, C4, Charli XCX and label mates Rudimental plus original productions from the DJ’s fave Zylo EP to singles for breakout artist Syron. We met up with the bass music provider and let him breakdown his musical style. Words Nardene Scott Image James Pearson-Howes


My sound is developing because... It’s a bit slower now, I was making stuff before at like 135BPM and I’m making stuff now at 125/128BPM. But I feel like in the same way dubstep had so much space to work with, that’s the same when you slow these beats down. You kind of have a lot more room to f**k about with the low end and make the groove out of the bass rather than just the kicks and stuff. I honestly just focused on the kick drums and the rhythms and I’m finding now that the bass can also play that part as well, like contradicting the rhythm. I’ve had a lot of people saying ‘don’t do what everyone else is doing and make deep house...’ You kind of forget the reason why we all got into this, just to have fun making it and if I’m having fun doing it then I don’t care. If you come to a Woz DJ set expect... New music in my sets. I’m just someone who would like to do that every time. I need to put the foot down and make some more club bangers. My highlight of 2012 has been... Outlook [festival]. It was the best time, just being was out there with Black Butter [Records], we’re kind of like a

“I’VE HAD A LOT OF PEOPLE SAYING DON’T DO WHAT EVERYONE ELSE IS DOING… I DON’T CARE.” family now. Just being with them the whole time and coming back even closer, it just put an extra buzz to my music. So whenever I’m making music now, I just think back to those times. It was so great to hear all different types of music that I don’t normally listen to and kind of take influence from it. In 2013 I’m trying to... Work on a good vocal track. I’ve been working with a lot of people - me and Mensah we’ve been trying to get in the studio for ages. That’s gonna happen for sure and I’ve been chatting to Mele and the same with Dismantle. I’m definitely going to be working with a lot of people next year, just kind of broadening my horizons and making sure that it all fits in the club. Follow @Wozlo and grab his Zylo EP

Chicago production and DJ duo, J2K and Autobot have been terrorising us with their trap music for a hot minute now, nearly disappearing when dubstep exploded onto the scene in 2007, a brief hiatus saw them burst back onto the scene via their homie Diplo so Nardene Scott got in touch to see what else they have in store for us. Image Shane Mccauley

“Amsterdam was super f**king tight... obviously we smoked a sh*t tonne but we were in the studio with the Party Squad too,” Joshua aka J2K tells us from his Bristol hotel room. Considering the bass loving pair have pretty much been touring for like forever also alongside their Fools Gold familia, Dillon Francis and A-Trak the Dutch date was special - not just because of the race incited tension and drama leading up to their date, which luckily didn’t come to any fruition but also because they got in the studio with Original Don producers Party Squad too. “OMG our rider is so square now, like for real,” we shake our heads at the only healthy food comment and gasp at the mention of fruit, until J breaks it down for

us. “We’re just a little bit older and more sensible, this is an opportunity that we have and it’s not guaranteed so we’re really on our grind right now, we’re on our focused game, we’re not trying to be all like f**king random groupies and doing dumb sh*t. I did that sh*t for six years” can’t argue with that to be fair. With Diplo, Mistajam and Toddla T supporting their EPs we recommend you go see these party DJ’s live because they’ve been known to literally make the floors cave in! Following the UK tour, Asia and Australia are in the midst plus labels are talking, so look out for a load more trap vibrating your chest in 2013. Follow @Flosstradamus and download everything from


If 2012 has been anyone’s year, it’s definitely Scottish producer and DJ, Show N Prove (and the PRS will prove so). Benny Banks, Rizzle Kicks, Wretch 32, Maxsta, A Dot, Stooshe, Dappy, just a snapshot of the artists that have been blessed with an SNP production, so it’s well overdue that Nardene Scott caught up with the man himself to talk 2013...


”It’s not like my Dad was some jazz pianist but there were loads of records around my house and I kinda started DJing from my mum’s collection,” the J Dilla appreciator tells us of his initial climb into the music scene. Making the move from Edinburgh down to London four years ago, the self-confessed studio hermit has networked his way around the city organically. Although nowadays he’s known more for his productions, deck skills still play a big part, touring as the official DJ for key collabos Maxsta and Benny Banks. “With any artist, there’s a pre-conception and they’re usually not like that at all and he was just proper cool the first time I met him,” RWD hears on set of our photoshoot of the first time the Bada Bing producer met Benny. “I think we done like four songs in like a couple of hours.” No

‘‘I GREW UP AROUND LOADS OF RECORDS.” wonder they’ve done hits - all of Banks’ singles to be precise. But what’s currently being housed on the laptop. That’s what we want to know! “Woah! My life, like everything, everyone, at the moment I’m just trying to cover everything.” Currently A Dot’s Get Down, fellow 13 for 13 stars M.O’s Wait Your Turn and Banks’ Trouble are running radio and with his Instrumentals Vol. 2 on the way, plus top secret US link ups and the want to spread his wings a little further picking out Willy Moon as a potential collaborator, 2013 is somehow going to be bigger. Download Instrumentals Vol.2 and follow @SHOWNPROVEuk

There aren’t many people on this planet that can lay claim to having over 200k followers on Twitter, almost 100k YouTube subscribers and a channel with almost 5 million views, especially at the age of 18, but Wolverhampton dancer Maz Listhrop can, and his loyal army of followers seem to think he should be someone you should be watching out for in 2013, as they voted him into the coveted position as the 13 for 13 wildcard... Words James Humphrys Image Sam Bond


“I guess, it kind of just happened really. A couple of my friends do other stuff and they’re quite big in social media, so I kind of thought, OK, I might try a little something something [referring to his series of YouTube videos].”


“I just want to keep working, really. Just do my thing. What I’m doing at the moment is a lot of YouTube stuff. So what I’m planning to do is to collaborate with a lot of different YouTubers, like Sam Pepper, I’m cool with him. I’m

ER READARD WILDC definitely up for doing some more collaborations with him. And Six Pack Shortcuts, he’s cool as well.”

because it never went on TV, but it’s cool. We just left the studio and were like ‘OK, lets keep it to ourselves.’”



“I did really enjoy doing it. If I could go back and do it again, I would. At the casting, they treat you really professionally. It was really cool. I’m going to use as a platform.”


“I did Britain’s Got Talent before. I did it with my dance crew, but we tend not to talk about it. It’s like a little secret,

“I’m just gonna see where life takes me. I could end up being a bin man, you know. It could all change. Everyone could just turn around and say: ‘Yeah, Maz, you’re a pr**k’. I have no idea [what the future holds]. I really don’t know. I always get stuck on that question.” For more on @Mazzi_Maz, check out his videos at TheMazziMaz 41



Photographer Pharaoh Styling Sophie Robinson Grooming Shreya A Assistants Shama Anwar & Sarah Ahn Assistant Set Design Mister Cee Model Danny Blake @D1 Clockwise from top left: Luke jeans, Nike Toki Premium Suede trainers, The Duffer of St George Goldings trainers, The Duffer of St George quilted jacke,t New Era Raiders snap back, Crookes & Castles aztec print shirt, Urban Ears Harris Tweed headphones,

>> 43

Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the essential accessory and this season bright colours are the only way to do it.


Jansport Superbreak, Luke orange backpack, BAPE red print back pack,

Get on board with the naval trend. A waxed Mac, stripes and sandy accessories with rope details are key.

Below: Daniel Wears: Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Neill Offshore jacket, Henri Lloyd clove crew knit, Luke Medic chinos, Vans Sk8-Hi CA, Left: Luke twill coat, The Duffer of St George rucksack, exclusive to Replay footwear,


Layering it up or keep it subtle with accessories and footwear, quilting is still essential. Daniel Wears: Lavenham quilted denim jacket and quilted gilet, The Duffer of St George denim shirt, Luke Jeans,


Chinos have moved on from autumnal tones to fresh, bold, bright colours. Above: Luke orange slim chino Route One navy and deep red slim fit chino,


The Parka has been re-worked into a sportier, slick technical jacket.


Above: Daniel Wears: Route One 5 panel cap, Luke stirpe longsleeve polo, Levis straight cut jeans, Onitsuka Tiger Fabre BL-L Right: Minimum mac, The Duffer of St George waxed mac exclusive to

Keep it smart, suede with a brave touch of neon, the new statement smart shoe.

Dr Martens grey suede shoe,


Left: Fly53 orange khaki mac 47 Brand camo and orange cap Converse Grape Leaf back pack,

Mix it up with bright camo prints and accessories...


Below: Daniel Wears: The Duffer of St George orange mac exclusive to Penfield camo chinos, Clarks Originals desert boots,

Make sure you layer it up with a hoody too.

Daniel Wears: Luke hooded sweatshirt and gilet, PXL Tweet t shirt,


Brushed denim, Aztec prints and spots, the denim shirt has been modernized for the new season.

Daniel Wears: New Era Oakland Raiders Snapback, Crookes and Castles aztec print shirt, Left: Minimum spot denim shirt, Levis palm tree print denim shirt, Minimum aztec print denim shirt, 52 / RWDMAG.COM

Below: Fly53 zigzag knit jumper, Fly53 stripe knit jumper, Minimum stripe knit jumper, Remus Uomo navy fairisle jumper,

Keep it lightweight with a bold pattern for knitwear this spring.


Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s all in the detail. BAPE tweed detail trainers Below: Penfield tweed gilet, Harris Tweed x Urban Ears headphones, Nicholas Deakins game,


Now itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s time for the new take on the traditional print. Below: Denim Demon parka,

Wearing all one colour can be quite a statement, but keep it very simple. Above: Daniel Wears: Farrell quilted jacket, Friend or Faux t shirt, PUMA Machtâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Mit Qualitat Explorer,


all Callings, if you r o t a illustr to design aner want Hero train g Unsun check / RWDm nghero unsu


DON’T SWEAT IT, SKETCH IT Consistently supporting the next wave of creatives whether emerging from the worlds of fashion, music or design, this month Unsung Hero were on the lookout for illustrators to sketch a bespoke design for a pair of their slick kicks. Floating way above all competition was Birmingham based illustrator Sweaty Eskimo aka Tahgasa Bertram.

COLD DESIGNS We thought it was only fair to share some of Sweaty Eskimo’s top notch illustrations...

Image Sam Bond


Can you explain how you got your name? Basically, when I left college, I was told I would never make it in the industry. So I wanted to prove people wrong, I wanted a name that showed something that wouldn’t happen - Eg. a sweating eskimo and making it work... I brainstormed a few things, but Sweaty Eskimo was the stand out name for me. Nice idea! For people that don’t know a lot about you and your art how would you introduce yourself? I’ve been drawing since I was about two, my mum told me since then, all I wanted to do was draw. It wasn’t like I stood out as a two year-old genius or anything, I’ve had to work hard at it. I just kind of followed it through school and then I thought about it as a career, about three years ago. I only got my first paid piece of work two years ago and it’s just gone from there really. You have a really distinctive style, how has that come to fruition? Yeah, I picked this up. When I first started getting into it, I used to draw animals and people, I had a fascination with them anyway, so I just used to draw them and then I thought, this is just not me. I wanted a style, so I started looking at illustration and the illustrators that I liked had their own style. So I was just kind of messing around with things trying to see what hasn’t been done. I was on the phone to someone, doodling away and I just started drawing these weird objects interacting with each other and I just took it from there; it just came out of nowhere. Which illustrators inspire you? Jon Burgerman, that’s one illustrator, Jeremy Dale is another one. Their work is like, when you see it, straight away you

“I WAS DOODLING AWAY AND JUST STARTED DRAWING THESE WEIRD OBJECTS INTERACTING WITH EACH OTHER.” know it’s them. They have a unique style and that’s the thing that I wanted. So you’re currently creating a bespoke illustration for Unsung Hero footwear. What is the process from concept to sketch for you? I do prefer to work overnight, I find that I can just focus on it. I normally start drawing about 10pm. I’ll just kind of brainstorm an idea and then I’ll start sketching up little bits and pieces and then I’ll try and work out how I’ll fit them all in. I’ll just think of a theme I’m going to go with and then once I’ve got that, it’s pretty much easy for me, not quite twenty minutes work but it’s a lot easier. I think the hardest part of the process is finding a theme. Who is an Unsung Hero in your life? Probably my mum, she does a lot of charity work. She’s actually moving to Africa because she has a charity over there and does a lot of stuff over there, so I’d probably say my mum. Lastly, for people that want a gist of what to expect from a Sweaty Eskimo piece. How would you describe it? Colourful, crazy, detailed and wacky. Continuing to give young creatives a platform, this month rising clothing brand Unsung Hero recognises @SweatyEskimo who wears grey sweater by Unsung Hero. Check







SHEA TALENT Croydon certainly seems to produce more than its fair share of talent these days, and 28 yearold Shea is certainly talented. Admitting that her upbringing was ‘tricky’, her music is inspired by anything and everything. “If something can give me any sort of emotion, I can write about it.” So, if it’s jazzy, honest, soulful music you’re after, look no further than this. With an impressive list of collaborations already under her belt, it’s definitely time Francesca Dunn got to know this one.

Describing herself as colourful, committed and ditzy, the singer-songwriter loves nothing more than eating out and hitting up live shows in her hometown. Shea has been singing for as long as she can remember, but confesses “it was only when I had the opportunity to write with MJ Cole that I gained true writing confidence.” Going on to work in the underground UK dance scene, Shea featured on tracks by the likes of Toddla T, Redlight, Shy FX and Attacca Pesante, resulting in some amazing opportunities. In early 2012, for example, she toured with Japan’s finest, DJ Kawasaki, of which she says “I couldn’t believe the fans knew all the words to my songs!” Despite her growing love of the house scene, she stayed true to her own, more retro style, and started to write her album. Working with producer

Drew Horley, Shea discovered her sound and has created what promises to be a very impressive album, due for release in April 2013.


I would say Lauryn Hill and Ella Fitzgerald really inspired me to make the most of my voice.

I find it hard to choose one! Singing at Wembley arena, or a sea of people at carnival all singing back my words are definitely some, I’m also very proud of the album I’ve written, but there’s much more I want to achieve!


ON 2013…


This first single is definitely a good representation of my style. It’s quite different to anything I’ve released as a featured artist before.


I worked with producer Drew Horley mostly on my new album, Grey Skies and Rainbow Fingernails. I’ve also done tracks with TMS (Pro Green, Emeli Sande).

I’m really looking forward to sharing my album with the world! I can’t wait to tour with the tracks - first off I’m playing a few live dates in London including Notting Hill Arts Club on 22 January. I’m also looking forward to seeing the response in Japan where it will be released too. 2013 will be very exciting! Where Did You Go is out 28 January. For more check 59






You know you want it!




Already 2013 is shaping up to be absolutely huge for games. James Humphrys lists a few of the titles he’s looking forward to the most... PREVIEW


Rockstar Games Xbox 360, PS3 April/May

Arguably the most anticipated title of 2013, GTA V is, without doubt, going to be one of the top sellers of the coming year, and if any of the early teasers, trailers and artwork are anything to go by, it will be deserving of the millions and millions of pounds it’s going to take in from the moment it drops on game store shelves worldwide. This year sees the player take control of three different characters in the surroundings of Los Santos, returns for bicycles, aeroplanes and a familiar face from San Andreas. So, with so much promised, we’re expecting a script worthy of a Tarrantino film, the most detailed and diverse backdrop to a sandbox game ever, and a true return to form for the astronomically popular series, after the ever-so-slight disappointment that was GTA IV. If anyone can pull this off, it’s the talented folks at Rockstar. It’s a big ask, but we’ve got faith in them. We. Cannot. Wait. 62 / RWDMAG.COM


MUSIC Once again we’ve got a great selection of the month’s music for you. From Skepta to Phreeda Sharp, we got you.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Konami Xbox 360, PS3 February

A year on from getting pulses racing with the first trailer of the new MRS: Revengeance, rumours are still rife in regard to the latest MRS: Revengeance title, which tells the story of the returning Raiden’s journey in-between the timespan that ran through Sons of Liberty and Guns of the Patriots. Despite a change of pacing from its predecessors, this is going to more than live up to our high expectations.



As if ending the year as champions of the Culture Clash and Jammer’s LOTM series wasn’t enough, BBK’s Skeppy has outdone himself with this release and all for under a tenner. More than a worthy buy here, it’s totally necessary. Be sure there is plenty more to come from the BBK camp. Download now. [NS] Track To Check: Castles

Beginning in a pretty bashy way before getting a few MC’s in for the title track, not forgetting big dubstep and more subdued hits Feel Good, Show Me A Sign, Sunlight and Praying For Silence, this is a sophisticated LP from the Modestep crew. [NS] Track To Check: Evolution Theory Ft. D Power, Jammin, Frisco & Jammer

“On The Rise”

“Tripping genres”

Skepta Blacklisted 3 Beat Production

Tomb Raider Square Enix Xbox 360, PS3

Modestep Evolution Theory Max Records


It’s been far too long since we last laid eyes on the gaming icon that is Lara Croft (almost five years, in fact), but she’s all set for a 2013 return and we cannot wait. Dumped on a mysterious island and stripped of the majority of her trademarks skills and techniques, she has to fend for herself. While the thought of a stripped off Lara will excite people regardless, we’re just looking forward to a new leg in such an epic franchise.

RIO Bottom To The Top 2 Rare Breed Entertainment RIO is still rising up through the concrete and this time he’s brought along a gang of other artists on the rise (or blown up in the case of Misha B) including Manchester’s Blizzard and Geko as well as Marger, PW, Z Dot and C4. Keep a look out for this guy! [NS] Track To Check: We Love Grime Pt. 2

Phreeda Sharp 7 Days In The Life Of A Sharp Shooter Unsigned London-based French-Ghanaian Phreeda is spanning genres with her debut mixtape. The fierce spitter jumps on the trapwagon with Sharp Shooter (Meek Mill’s Young & Getting It), before getting real bassy on the rest of the tracks. [FD] Track To Check: Bouji Gully Chic



FILMS 2013 will be a massive year in the world of films, here is just a sample of what’s in store... PREVIEW The Lone Ranger Walt Disney Cert. TBC When they announced Jerry Bruckheimer (executive producer), Johnny Depp (Tonto) and Armie Hammer (John Reid/ The Lone Ranger) will be involved in the forthcoming film adaptation of this 50s’ TV series, the world didn’t really stop. In fact, it took a while for it to register. However, since the release of the trailer(s), a lot of chatter is creating a little buzz around it. Released summer 2013 – in amongst the Iron Man 3, Man of Steel, World War Z hype – it’s going to have to come out swinging if it’s going to be remembered. Hammer - who portrayed the Winklevoss twins in The Social Network - looks like the perfect casting for Reid and with support from Helena Bonham Carter, you know the acting’s going to be on-point. With action set to high-octane and adventure bordering on maximum the western is worthy of being on any radar. Out 9 August 2013 64 / RWDMAG.COM

MUSIC Once again we’ve got some more could-be-classics for you. But are they worth a little download? Read on to see...

TO A Good Day To Die Hard SCAN 20th Century Fox VIEWER Cert. TBC TRAIL Bruce Willis will once again be donning the white vest and kicking off in the name of anti-terrorism. Aging John McClane will be cleaning up Russia this time. Expect guns, one-liners and big, big explosions. Out 14 February 2013



Ruff Sqwad White Label Classics No Hats No Hoods Recordings

Raider Work Harder Vol.1 StayFresh

This 22 track instrumental album has a lot to offer. As Rapid put it, “these are the anthems, the tunes people remember us by. The ones people have been asking for ever since.” Damn straight. White Label Classics is full of memories and quality productions. A real classic for grime fans and more. [FD] Track To Check: Tings In Boots

“Dotty’s back!!!” Amplify Dot Spare Parts Virgin

This Is 40 Universal Cert 15 Billed as the follow-up to Knocked Up, this could go one of two ways. One; be a massive hit reminding us how good Paul Rudd is. Two; literally crash and burn like Speed II: Cruise Control, and be the worst sequel of all time. Fingers crossed for the former. Out 14 February 2013

“It’s the one and only mixtape everyone’s talking about!” shouts DJ Hotsteppa on the intro. While that might not be 100% accurate, the beats, flow and energy are. Show N Prove smashes Get Down but throughout, with it’s weird references and metaphors, it’s a it of a letdown. [DW] Track To Check: Rubble

Raider, Macca and the StayFresh camp are officially flying the flag for Wolverhampton. Keeping this CD as fresh as possible over the 12 tracks that make up this mixtape. Not really feeling Champion but it’s on Buss Ft. Menace & Casper and Sparring Session which the “top spot owner” excels. Watch this space. [DW] Track To Check: Sparring Session

“Meh” Rihanna Unapologetic Def Jam Getting back with her troublesome ex isn’t doing much for our RiRi, but apparently, that ain’t Nobody’s Business. Ft Chris Brown, the track talks of their perfect love and making out in a Lexus. It’s all a bit weird. Not even David Guetta can help. We miss Pon de Replay. [FD] Track to check: Diamonds



BE KIND REWIND RWD £1 FISH MAN With millions of YouTube views, whether you like it or not, you’ve probably seen £1 Fish Man. Newly signed to Warner, with a Christmas No. 1 in the pipeline, we caught up with the man himself. After meeting at his market stall, we ducked underneath carcasses and headed through a butchers shop, where Francesca Dunn quizzed him (and his translator).

Hi. Have you been told where I’m from? I’m from Pakistan... Ok, and I’m from RWD magazine... so, how much is your fish? My fish is only £1 each – very, very good and very, very cheap! When did you start singing £1 Fish? Basically, I start this job before eight months. First day my owner of the shop said to attract the customer, so I just said a little bit ‘Have a look – one pound fish’, but no reaction of the customer. Then next day I made a song to myself ‘Come on ladies, come on ladies, one pound fish’ and people say, ‘Your voice is very, very good. Your song is very catchy. You should go to Britain’s Got Talent, you should go to X Factor.’ And you did go to X Factor didn’t you? Very good. Great experience. So then word spread... what’s the best reaction you’ve ever got? When I saw Alesha Dixon and Mindless Behaviour and Boy Better Know singing my song. That was amazing for me. Any attention from women? Yes! [Laughs] I got some proposal on my Twitter! Did you accept the proposal? No! I am already married. How is your wife? 66 / RWDMAG.COM


She’s good! But she is in Pakistan... What is your favourite fish? I like mackerel. We heard that you’re working with Naughty Boy. How’s that going? Basically, I meet with Naughty Boy but we can’t do... But you’ve recorded a track? Yeah, with Warner Music and there is a Timbaland mix too. Will you release more tracks? I will do more songs. I will write myself. I’m writing your hair, I’m writing your face, I’m writing your hair, I’m writing your lips. You are so beautiful. A love song! If anyone in the world could cover £1 Fish, who would it be? MADONNA! My favourite song is Last Night I Dreamt of San Pedro... Do you plan to take over the charts? An old friend said, ‘You can do it, you can make it No.1’ Our duty is to try. Do you plan to carry on working here? Yes! This place is very, very important for me. This place changed my whole life. I can’t leave this place. Even if you got a No.1? Yes, I can’t leave. Do you think that the other market traders are jealous of your attention? I can’t say jealous, but I do get many

Words we had to get in: £1 Fish Quote we had to leave out: “We heard that your wife was also your cousin...” What we learnt: He’s getting marriage proposals on Twitter. Be Kind Rewind RWD Rating: High. We were super kind. Bless ‘im.

more jobs! The man on the fruit stall is my student! I teach him! £1, £1, any bowl £1! Lots of bowl £1, any bowl £1! If you become rich and famous what’s the first thing that you’d buy? I’d start my own fish business... Good idea. Tell us a joke.... TRANSLATOR: He doesn’t know any in English, but he said “I’ve got a joke for you. There were two women sitting quietly in a room... but there’s no way two women could sit quietly in a room!” Hmm. So, what part of a fish weighs the most...? [Insert Urdu for five minutes]. TRANSLATOR: No, he doesn’t know. THE SCALES!!! ...but we don’t weigh the fish, we only sell them. Never mind. So, what’s the plan? After this success, I will writing more songs. I will compose more songs. Punjabi in English. Amazing. @Real1PoundFish

Issue 131 - Janurary 2013 - Raheem Sterling  

WORDS BY Sam H (Designer): In this issu(u), Raheem Sterling looks at us, then looks away from us, then looks at himself, then looks at us ag...

Issue 131 - Janurary 2013 - Raheem Sterling  

WORDS BY Sam H (Designer): In this issu(u), Raheem Sterling looks at us, then looks away from us, then looks at himself, then looks at us ag...