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ASICS.CO.UK/SPORTSTYLE ASICS introduce their new low profile silhouette shoe; with its roots on the volleyball court, the ASICS BIKU CV is a great example of retro sport styling with an urban twist using clean lines and simple colours. It’s a real winner. Talking of which, we have three pairs to give away to three very lucky people. All you have to do is email (subject: ASICS) and you’ll be in the running to get yours... Check for more.

MEISHA Rather than taking inspiration from other musicians, this dark and different band are mostly inspired by directorial legends such as Tim Burton and Quentin Tarantino. With a winning EP out now and team spirit like never seen before, it’s no wonder that this raw, experimental, six member collective sold out their first ever show. Francesca Dunn heads to the studio with Meisha’s James and Michelle to find out more. image by Adrian Nettleship “Happy hardcore mixed with reggae, with a massive dose of irony!” is how James Earp, guitarist and producer for the band Meisha jokingly describes their sound. “I don’t know... they’re pop songs but not in the dirty sense of the word,” he adds before lead singer Michelle Oakley chips in. “What would you call Kate Bush and Muse mixed together?” she asks. We suggest epic. “Yeah, epic sounds good to us!” Despite all six of the band having day jobs, everyone’s really committed, the pair point out. “When we’re not writing/ rehearsing/ recording we can usually be found hanging out together either in London pubs or on a group snowboarding holiday,” says James. “Standard.” Whereas Michelle and James have been working together for eight years now, the rest of the gang were only called upon two years ago, when it dawned on the Flight of The Conchordsloving duo that they needed to get more instruments involved. “Our first gig together was 18 months ago and we sold out the Luminaire – it was a mental, mental night!”

They’ve already experienced a transition in their music finding that as well as their polished studio work, people loved their live sound (“It’s just a bit more raw and experimental”) - and they worked to incorporate that feel into the tracks. Though the band are currently unsigned, James is signed to Sony as a producer and songwriter - not a bad person to have in your band then! “Basically we’re doing all that a label would do,” they explain, “whilst developing our sound and getting the live thing together too. You can do so much yourself if you work hard as a team”. “When I was nine, I thought I was gonna get a scalectrix for Christmas and I was so happy! When I opened it and it was a guitar I was so f***ing disappointed,” remembers James with a laugh. “But then I started playing it like a nutter... so I suppose my parents did well with that one!” They certainly did, with his guitar skills leading to his involvement in a whole host of musical projects - the most bizarre being him playing recorder on a hip hop track. The name Meisha comes from a nickname Michelle had at a previous job singing in a restaurant – they discussed it with the rest of the band and found “it kind of had a weird relevance with everyone else as well... each member of the band had some kind of connection with the name”. Right now, Meisha have just finished filming their video for Firesale, a track that is featured on their first EP. Talking of the EP; be sure to check that out as soon as. It’ll be... epic.


After the recent string of diss tracks made purely for hype, Manchester rapper Meany - already a decade deep in the music scene - is starting to create a nice little buzz for himself. “They won’t really listen until you say something bad about them, and then they’ve got to listen,” he says. Re-tweets from the likes of Pro Green for his Dissin Wiley track, which the Masta Ace and Mobb Deep fan did because “he’s a sad act” and spots on Charlie Sloth’s 1Xtra show have led to a new fanbase, following performances over the years across the UK and Europe alongside Skinnyman. Look out for the free mixtape Henry’s Spine, dropping soon with an album to follow later this year. (NS)


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