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EDITOR’S LETTER To the weatherman who forecast that this summer “might not” be “as good” as last year – WHAT?!?! Er, 2010 was RUBBISH. And how can you forecast weather four months before it happens? You’re a meteorologist, not flipping Mystic Meg/ God. After a cold, cold winter, I think we can all agree that we need that big burning ball of gorgeous hotness to makes its way to our faces this year. And I have faith it will. It’s already been a sweet, sweet Spring, so I’m ready to throw on the Factor 30 (skin cancer ain’t no joke, folks). Summer 2011 for me will consist of ice creams, bike rides, festivals (please can someone hook me up with some Glasto love!?), the Red Bull stage at Carnival, sand, salty sea water itching up my eyes, cider, some kind of weird heat rash, an avoidance of bees and wasps and other things that sting, an attempt to rock a pair of shorts (I fail every year, but it doesn’t stop me trying), pedicures (we all need to ensure our flip flop game is tight) and big summer anthems. Talking of which - Swagger Jagger is heating up the ‘Nets right now. With beats by The Runners and some serious triple time rhyming from the Worcestershire 17 year-old, I predict big things for Cher’s debut album when it drops this year. Someone that certainly seems to split opinion, RWD gives Cher the chance to reply to the doubters and tell us, in her own words, who she is and what she’s about. I can say that having met her, I think she’s brilliant – really funny, incredibly smart and very, very down to earth. #teamcheroverhere. What else is going on? Well, there’s the latest in gadgets, games, grooming, films and music, there’s a little lol in the form of 10 Things You Need To Do This Summer and why Danny wants to ban hay fever, and we also delve into politics with four young people from the leading parties in the UK. Also check out interviews with Wiley, The Saturdays, SBTRKT, brilliant newcomer Josh Osho, upcomers Meisha and DJ Sam Cooke before we finish off with a word from weatherman John Kettley. Until next time, check out and

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CONTRIBUTOR OF THE MONTH FRANCESCA MOLLY DUNN Francesca Molly Dunn is from Lincoln, but arrived in Islington, London, via stints in Paris and Taiwan. Getting an internship at RWD after sending its amazing editor [Ed: That’s me by the way] an email, Frankie has been very busy “interviewing, reviewing, attending lots of gigs, assisting shoots, editing, eating ice cream and being forced to listen to Hattie’s rapping (girl got skills) [Ed: Ya dun know!].” This drum and ukulele player’s goals include “to get paid to do this, to be in another band and learn Japanese,” although in the immediate future this self-confessed grammar geek is planning to pop back to Paris to see friends before going to Bestival in August. Check Frankie over at francesca_dunn and 4 / RWDMAG.COM

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We’ve collated the best from the world of email and http land and we’re so pleased we’re giving everyone on this page a pair of K-SWISS Classics. But don’t thank us, they come courtesy of Gonzoworld who are celebrating the launch of their new website, Send all your letters to: Attn. Editor, RWD Magazine, W107 Holywell Centre, 1 Phipp Street, London, EC2A 4PS or


Hi, My name is Marco I’m Italian and I’m a VJ, I visit a lot of time your but I’m really interest to ask you a thing... why don’t you put some articles of VJs? At the moment is the era, all the clubs is starting to have a VJ, a label bought me this year and now I’m playing for really good DJs like [names removed as we didn’t know who he was talking about] can I ask if is not rude if you are interest to this kinda of things? Best regards, Marco Pac Thank you Marco, for your interesting take on the English language and the world of the VJ. We have a few friends and the odd colleague who have dabbled in video jockeying. Let’s just say it’s about as exciting as a watching paint dry. Dear RWD, I noticed that you didn’t list Shystie’s new mixtape in your audio section. It is a free 8 / RWDMAG.COM

mixtape with a lot of quality tracks of different variety. As an American I’m kind of shocked at this! Her mixtape is located here [link removed]. Can you post this mixtape? Thanks ;) Tenise Dear Tenise, We noticed that you wanted us to list Shystie’s new mixtape. As a lover of decent music, we are kind of shocked by this! Her mixtape is now located here [RWD’s virtual dustbin]. Can you post this? Thanks ;) RWD Have you maybe thought of a RWD app for Apple iPad? Tanorman Hey Tanorman, Where is our app? That is a very good bloody question. We’ve actually been hard at work on an app so watch this space. In the meantime read RWD online via Yo! You probably get hundreds of these a day so I’ll keep it simple. Basically we’ve got some new music that we think you will enjoy and we was wondering how we can/ if we can submit it to yourselves. Helixx We do get quite a few ‘This is the best music you’re ever going to hear’ emails. Most end up failing to be musically coherent at all let alone ‘the best music’ while others are worth a review/ upload. Hook us

up via and we’ll let you know which category yours falls under. Hi ya RWD, You know I get your magazine religiously and I was thinking I know someone that should be featured in it cos their music is very good. He goes by the name of Tru Patriot and he does experimental type music, I think it would be a good idea if you had him featured in your magazine as he needs support and I know RWD is one of the best UK supporting magazines. Keep up the good work... xx Kira Awww thanks for the love Kira. Drop us some of his tunes and we’ll see where we go from there. Who’s trying to sue twitter? Ryan Giggs? That’s stupid, that’s like trying to sue the water company because someone threw a water bomb at you. Anonymous Coward [Actual] LOL Re: Pokémon Championships In the future can you please hold upcoming championships near Walthamstow as I live far from Birmingham my parents said no and I really want to participate please help. Aswin Aswin, because we care so much, we’ll email a Pikachu and see if they can get the event moved to your house, how does that sound?


The hot as hell singer/ dancer/ actress (phew!) who stars in this year’s mustsee dance flick, Honey 2 breaks down her summer plans... “This summer hopefully I’ll try to go back home and see my family and do another film or project. I am currently promoting my new single Dance Floor, which is out now on iTunes. My style for this season is gonna be sassy, cool and little bit of edgy but girly. Always gotta kept it a bit girly. I’ll probably go Mexico or Cabo just to get away for a little bit. I’ve been to one place actually by the Mayan river in Mexico and it’s called The Secret Maroma resort and it was amazing. I definitely want to go back there. It’s true relaxation if anyone wants to get away.” Honey 2 is out on 20 June. melissamolinaro


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Wearing shorts/ dresses

BBQs/ picnics/ parks


Festivals/ Concerts

New film releases

20% What will be the highlight of your summer?

Bwoywonder says “Highlight of my summer will be orange, looking to get that Wiz Khalifa hair style :p”



Wrex says “Festivals/ Concerts: I’m going to every festival I can... In fact, I’m going to every festival I can afford!”



Not getting up early


Finishing school/ college/uni


0% 10% 56% 59% 44% 31% GARY NEVELLIE







1. @MartinCox0155 “@RWDmag Is there any way of printing your mag? I have a friend without internet, who would like to see the article on Ed. Thanks :)” 2.@ChantelleFiddy: The fashion/ photography in new issue of @RWDmag is impressive. Great issue @hattiecollins @dannywalker1 3.@edsheeran “My FiRST major magazine cover, many thanks to @RWDmag” 4. @Okwonga “@edsheeran Wonderful stuff, Ed! Your first cover of many.”



Greetings people. They call me Manny Norté, the name you can trust simply because my word is good! I’m a DJ and presenter on the circuit and have been for a hot minute. I’ve been blessed with a MOBO award for best club DJ in 2004/05; radio-wise, you can catch me every Friday night /Saturday morning from 12-2am on Kiss playing some of the biggest hip hop, R&B and grime all up in the mix! Music wise, I’ve put out a couple of tunes (together with videos) with production from myself featuring artists that I rate from the UK; J2K, Dready, Baby Blue, Sincere, SAS & Bigz. I’m currently working on a new single to feature more talent from the UK, so watch out for that. What else should you know about me? I’m very much into sneakers, fly wears, movies (preferably superhero flicks), Serato and mangoes...! This summer, I’m active in the clubs up and down the UK and abroad, check my Twitter for updates. In August I’ve been invited to the International Music Conference in Atlanta, where I will be on the panel representing the UK alongside DJ Drama, DJ Canon, MTV’s Sway, songwriter Bryan Michael Cox (Usher, Mary J, Mariah) and many more. I’ve also got a weekly club night called Different Strokes which is every Wednesday at London’s Cherry Jam (58 Porchester Rd W2 6ET) which is a damn good night playing damn good music! Also dropping soon is a couple of mixtapes with some UK artists as well as US! Check me out on and I’m about, holla at me!

See Manny in action at the RWD Live presents The Energy Sessions, sponsored by Relentless Energy Drink, 27 July, The Garage, London. Also playing are Modestep, Urban Nerds and a very special surprise guest. Tickets, £5, from


FIDDY’S WORLD OF WHATEVER... Seeking some self-improvement in her life, journo, consultant, blogger and mentor, Chantelle Fiddy (tries to) find a life. This month: Summer inside The sun’s coming out which means one thing – bare hypeeeeee! But if the roads are proving too much, if a trip to Brighton beach and the thought of fat blokes with Jesus sandals and socks turns your stomach, have faith oh lover of summer. You can create the vibes in your own home thanks to one man, the almighty Daniel Bedingfield, yes he of vocal garage greatness. While you’ve been tweeting fraff about the perks of Ibiza over Malia, the boy Bedders has been signalling the plane in Jamaica with the man like Jeremy Harding. Don’t believe me? Check the photographic evidence, sent to RWD editor Hattie Collins by Harding himself following our excitement when Marvin Sparks blogged the riddims. Bedingfield fever soon had more than just the RWD crew on the floor - Dazed & Confused’s deputy editor Tim Noakes even took it upon himself to mock up a front cover, green n yellow flag et all. Sadly, despite tweeting it to @danielbedinfld we got no response (but he does use patois at times and this is clearly of mild amusement, so follow maannnnn). But a p***-take this is not; we’re in agreement that Swag Tun Up features the best use of auto-tune in 2011 and Bedingfield’s singing of his own name suggests Jason Derulo should bow the f**k down. Also vibesing with the New Zealander pon the track are Gyptian and Russian. Say whaaaaaaat! If this came on at your local Plaza, the dutty whine could just take over. For further aural seasoning check his Ovamarz blend Now You See Me, Now You Don’t, with Bedders riding the riddim like geeeeeez. I could carry on attempting to talk the talk, but it’s time to let the one-time UKG don walk the walk. With a cocktail in hand and a sun hat on your head, load it up one time. It’ll warm you. Follow @chantellefiddy and check Daniel at

Daniel Bdingfield with Jeremy Harding and Leftside... photo by Christopher Edmond

If you want to get your party started properly, there’s one man you should call. One of the UK’s sickest DJ’s gives us a rundown of his summer fun...

ENOUGH ALREADY: Hellish Hay Fever As soon as spring syncs with certain sinuses it turns public transport into a scene from an upcoming movie called 28 Sprays Later. With runny noses as far as the (itchy) eye can see, it’s time to get rid of the allergic rhinitis better known as Hay-Feverus-Bloody-Hell-itis... words by Danny Walker image by Jiro Bevis Trees, grass, flowers, plants, bees, small bushes, Mother Nature, women with size 3 feet... they’re not your friends if you suffer from hay fever. They hate you. They want to hold you down and rub pollen on your bottom. ‘I hear you, but why have women with size 3 feet taken a disliking to me?’ wonder the minds of our affected audience. Women with small feet have small bodies. Sitting at the top of these bodies is hair... hair that is the perfect height to release micro particles of pain (that they’ve obviously been smuggling) directly into your schnoz. If you’re hampered by hay fever, stay away from all of the above. The good thing about the allergy though is it comes in seasons and during the peak you don’t even have to check the weather reports (or the thousands of fancy pharmaceutical sponsored apps) to know that the pollen count is up; just look out a window, jump on a bus or walk past a Boots. There you’ll see various pathogen possessed people passed out on the pavement. The streets are littered with the fallen coughed-out comrades of those who didn’t make it to boxes of Benadryl in time. It’s said that 20% of the population are 14 / RWDMAG.COM

afflicted by this ailment... that is a lot of losers who can’t cope with a little bit of nature. By now, the Sherlocks amongst you should have realised that I don’t have hay fever, better still I have a normal immune system which grants me the ability to walk through a park without wetting myself. I don’t need a tissue IN my eyes to appreciate a hot summer’s day and when it comes to aiding a small child who’s got their football or cat stuck up a tree (this happens all the time, what are you talking about?), I can help said small child instead of walking off pretending to be deaf. To be honest, I think it’s hilarious how this allergic reaction to pollen/ spores turns even the biggest goon into a coughing, spluttering, slobbering, symptom ridden, bogie-faced, antihistamine snorting, GP calling, eye drop drinking, Claritin cruncher. Listen up snotty, you can’t look cool when you’re clutching a Kleenex. Turn around, wipe that miscellaneous liquid from your mouth and return indoors, the only domain in which your nasal cavity can thrive. Stay off our buses; stay off our tubes and for f***’s sake stay out of our faces!



ASICS.CO.UK/SPORTSTYLE ASICS introduce their new low profile silhouette shoe; with its roots on the volleyball court, the ASICS BIKU CV is a great example of retro sport styling with an urban twist using clean lines and simple colours. It’s a real winner. Talking of which, we have three pairs to give away to three very lucky people. All you have to do is email (subject: ASICS) and you’ll be in the running to get yours... Check for more.

MEISHA Rather than taking inspiration from other musicians, this dark and different band are mostly inspired by directorial legends such as Tim Burton and Quentin Tarantino. With a winning EP out now and team spirit like never seen before, it’s no wonder that this raw, experimental, six member collective sold out their first ever show. Francesca Dunn heads to the studio with Meisha’s James and Michelle to find out more. image by Adrian Nettleship “Happy hardcore mixed with reggae, with a massive dose of irony!” is how James Earp, guitarist and producer for the band Meisha jokingly describes their sound. “I don’t know... they’re pop songs but not in the dirty sense of the word,” he adds before lead singer Michelle Oakley chips in. “What would you call Kate Bush and Muse mixed together?” she asks. We suggest epic. “Yeah, epic sounds good to us!” Despite all six of the band having day jobs, everyone’s really committed, the pair point out. “When we’re not writing/ rehearsing/ recording we can usually be found hanging out together either in London pubs or on a group snowboarding holiday,” says James. “Standard.” Whereas Michelle and James have been working together for eight years now, the rest of the gang were only called upon two years ago, when it dawned on the Flight of The Conchordsloving duo that they needed to get more instruments involved. “Our first gig together was 18 months ago and we sold out the Luminaire – it was a mental, mental night!”

They’ve already experienced a transition in their music finding that as well as their polished studio work, people loved their live sound (“It’s just a bit more raw and experimental”) - and they worked to incorporate that feel into the tracks. Though the band are currently unsigned, James is signed to Sony as a producer and songwriter - not a bad person to have in your band then! “Basically we’re doing all that a label would do,” they explain, “whilst developing our sound and getting the live thing together too. You can do so much yourself if you work hard as a team”. “When I was nine, I thought I was gonna get a scalectrix for Christmas and I was so happy! When I opened it and it was a guitar I was so f***ing disappointed,” remembers James with a laugh. “But then I started playing it like a nutter... so I suppose my parents did well with that one!” They certainly did, with his guitar skills leading to his involvement in a whole host of musical projects - the most bizarre being him playing recorder on a hip hop track. The name Meisha comes from a nickname Michelle had at a previous job singing in a restaurant – they discussed it with the rest of the band and found “it kind of had a weird relevance with everyone else as well... each member of the band had some kind of connection with the name”. Right now, Meisha have just finished filming their video for Firesale, a track that is featured on their first EP. Talking of the EP; be sure to check that out as soon as. It’ll be... epic.


After the recent string of diss tracks made purely for hype, Manchester rapper Meany - already a decade deep in the music scene - is starting to create a nice little buzz for himself. “They won’t really listen until you say something bad about them, and then they’ve got to listen,” he says. Re-tweets from the likes of Pro Green for his Dissin Wiley track, which the Masta Ace and Mobb Deep fan did because “he’s a sad act” and spots on Charlie Sloth’s 1Xtra show have led to a new fanbase, following performances over the years across the UK and Europe alongside Skinnyman. Look out for the free mixtape Henry’s Spine, dropping soon with an album to follow later this year. (NS)



Fresh from a starring role in the awesome action adventure Attack The Block, John Boyega is fast becoming one of the most talked about young actors in the UK. At just 19, John has already wowed veterans Nick Frost and Joe Cornish who heaped praise on the rising star citing his natural talent and energy for his show stealing performance as Moses in ATB, for whom Boyega said he “watched a lot of The Wire Series Four. Studying the character of Michael...” A focus and rare understanding of his role shone through when we asked him about how it felt to see himself on billboards and bus stops every day, “I’ll never get used to it. I’m very humbled by it though”. John Boyega will appear in upcoming Britflick Junkhearts later this year. Follow the avid Tweeter @JohnBoyega (TS)



Photograpghy by Coco Zurita


MARK WEBB He’s touched the skies, dazzled the masses and practically defied death and he’s only 24 years-old. Jerry Gadiano talks to BMX prodigy and Pull-In’s team rider Mark Webb about being in extreme sport’s elite... Mark Webb is hardcore - no, seriously; he’s as tough as a rhinoceros’ behind. The tattooed Southsea, Portsmouth BMX rider has been perfecting his craft since he entered the stage in 1998 and has quickly risen through the ranks of extreme sports by putting both his career and his body on the line. “That’s just BMX man, it takes you to places,” Webber explains. Opting to make good use of his talents, the BMX extremist has competed in some of the biggest tournaments across the international circuit. Some of his achievements include winning both the park and mini-ramp at the 2007 Nokia FISE in Montpellier, France and getting third place at the Dew Tour (which is the biggest BMX contest worldwide). It hasn’t been all smooth sailing for the British daredevil;

in December 2007 Mark suffered a career threating injury that resulted with him breaking his back. “S**t! Will I be able to ride again?” was the only thought running through young Mark’s mind when the accident happened at Southsea Skate Park while attempting to do a ‘simple’ backflip. Despite a busted back, the nearly quarter-of-a-century old-er has beaten the odds and proven that there’s still more for him to do in the world of BMX and extreme sports. Since making his triumphant comeback, the extreme sportsman has once again been competing in tournaments; a year after his injury he made an impressive return at the Cologne Masters and won it in quick fashion. Last year he also setup his own BMX company, TotalBMX, with fellow competitor Ronnie Remo. Even at such a young age Webb’s already had a huge impact in the world of BMX culture and we’re sure there’s more to come. Maybe a trick (or two) up his (padded) sleeve? “That’s for me to know and you to follow me on twitter,” he laughs. Follow Mark Webb on


New kids on the block AlunaGeorge are already gaining a lot of well-deserved attention from blogs. The fabulous London duo combine dubstep/R&B production techniques with stuttering electronic rhythms that, with the welcome addition of Aluna’s sweet, breathy vocals, traverse genres beautifully. The precious few singles the band have already released vary nicely – Body Music sounds pretty Bibio-like, and others boast a definite pop vibe. They’ve recently filmed a simple, monochrome video for their latest single We Are Chosen, a synthy, ambient track that definitely stands out amongst their others. Having already caught the attention of Radio 1 DJs, and with a whole host of gigs lined up, AlunaGeorge are surely destined for success. You Know You Like It is out 22 August. (FD)


ABOUT TO BLOW: JOSH OSHO South London raised gifted singer/songwriter Josh Osho has been in love with music from day dot. Since signing just a year ago, the 20 year-old has turned his once negative life right around, as Nardene Scott finds out at Island Records HQ.

“I used to just write for the sake of writing,” laughs the laidback south London singer and songwriter Josh Osho about his transition from poetry to songwriting at the tender age of 14. His journey was pretty much inevitable having grown up influenced by the musical melting pot constantly stirred up by his parents. Referencing the influence of his Nigerian father on his upcoming debut album, L.I.F.E, Osho’s underground sound embraces both the commercial and credible worlds with ease. “There’s a lot of soul, neo-soul and hip hop as well,” he says noting conscious old skool icons like “Mos Def, Nas, KRS1, The Fugees.” From his half Nigerian, half Northern Irish mother there’s been an awful lot of power pop. “We had a lot of Sinead O’Connor, U2 and that kind of planted the seed for, I suppose, the writing side of me,” muses the Giggs and Krept & Konan fan. It’s probably the folk angle which has given Josh the added bonus of knowing how to write a good pop/soul song, which is more than evident in feel good debut single Redemption Song. On first listen it might sound summery, but there’s also a glimpse into a darker side of the smiley character. Just a few years ago, Osho was living rough and selling drugs. “It was pretty tough and it taught me a lot of lessons. When I was experiencing and going through the stuff I was going through it seemed like that was all that was ever going to exist...” he explains. After a stint in an infamous hostel in Brixton, Ebenezer Hotel, Josh pulled

gaining guest vocals from Ghostface Killah on his debut single, but it led to the rapper and fellow Wu Tang member RZA jumping on board to remix and co-produce a good chunk of the album. “It was only then that I realised the power of a major label and what they can do, because for me having Ghostface obviously it’s a blessing. I love Wu Tang but also creatively it helps me with the kind of statement I’m trying to make on the record.” The harsh but hopeful reality the Wu Tang member sprays in his verse was just what the gym-head wanted to achieve from both his debut single and, in a broader sense, throughout the album; depicting hard line messages in a positive way. “It’s quite open and honest and there is an undertone of grit in there as well but at the same time it’s most definitely not been all bad,” he insists. “Obviously now things are looking up, so the overtone is that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel”. Emerging from a scene currently boasting the likes of US stars Frank Ocean plus homegrown acts Maverick Sabre and new friend Ed Sheeran, how exactly can Josh see himself carving out his own niche? “I’ve got quite an eclectic sounding record... there’s elements all over the place of hip hop, folk, soul, but I think there’s also something quite big about it, which you can hear in Redemption Song”. The humble musician can’t even believe his name is being put in amongst artists he’s a huge fan of, but with recent dates supporting Giggs, performing at cool festivals like Dot To

“IT WAS ONLY THEN THAT I REALISED THE POWER OF A MAJOR LABEL AND WHAT THEY CAN DO, BECAUSE FOR ME HAVING GHOSTFACE, OBVIOUSLY IT’S A BLESSING. I LOVE WU TANG BUT ALSO CREATIVELY IT HELPS ME WITH THE KIND OF STATEMENT I’M TRYING TO MAKE ON THE RECORD.” his life together, and began to refocus on playing the guitar and writing. Don’t expect his debut album to be full of preaching and wallowing though; Redemption Song boasts massive remixes from Roni Size, Mensah, Distance and RZA while his album, L.I.F.E has the all-seeing eye of a certain hip hop legend. After signing to the man who signed Amy Winehouse [Island’s Darcus Beese], a brief conversation led to Josh not only 20 / RWDMAG.COM

Dot with Sheeran, plans to hook up with the Wu when they hit up our shores this summer and a super undercover grime remix of Redemption Song on the way - “I’m excited about that one because I’m a big fan of grime as well” - it won’t be long before his name is splattered all over the industry. Redemption Song is out 7 August. and




It’s only a matter of time before we’re treated to a typical British summer (three days of blistering, supernatural, weave-melting heat, where everyone smiles through a grimace whilst secretly praying for it to rain). This year, instead of doing nothing but paint your auntie’s rancid toenails and play FIFA until your corneas cave in, why not break the tradition and do something fun... Words by Danny Walker. Editorial Assistance by Francesca Dunn



The ONE thing guaranteed to put a smile on your face (and a wet t-shirt on that girl/ guy you fancy) is an old skool water fight. Ambush some mates, pour water over your boss’s head... however and wherever it takes place, do it big. If RWD don’t hear about in the news then you’ve failed us!!!





With so much going on overseas this year (Isle of MTV in Malta, Volvo Snowbombing in Austria, etc.) why not book a flight to the Balearics and get your boogie on? Even if you do catch an STD or get banged up abroad (which we hope you don’t), at least you’ll have the memories... and the crotch scars.



Instead of gripping the change in your pocket and pretending you don’t have any money (or is it just me who does that?), buy a homeless person some brunch, breakfast or at least the Colonel’s finest Mini Variety Meal. Even if they do swap it for crack at least you know you’ve done your bit this summer.



Unless she’s The Only Way Is Essex star, Amy Childs, she won’t bite. Grow two spheres of man confidence between your legs. What’s the worst that can happen? Ok, you could get pushed down the stairs by that pregnant woman again or never allowed to talk to lollipop ladies but that’s minor.




We don’t mean literally start a new sport (so get those wild dreams of underwater table tennis, synchronised spit dangling and parking attendant paintball out of your head). Pick up a racket and head to a court, pick up a ball and head to a pitch or simply pick up your belly and head to the gym.



You can have a 100,000 followers on Twitter, 10,333 Likes on Facebook, 3,000 subscribers on YouTube, 700 notes on Tumblr, 250 BBM buddies and a gang of faceless nobodies on WhatsApp but if you have to go to the cinema ALONE again, you need to download some real friends.



Also known as a ‘Ryan Giggs’, this is a surefire hit to have a summer worth looking back on. Just make sure it’s not Susan Boyle trying to keep you from selling your story to the papers because that is one dream not worth dreaming!!!



Throw away those grey tracksuits and buy something that your friends, family and partners will compliment you on. If it breaks the bank, so be it. Even Wayne Rooney went and got his hair did. Ok, he got his whole scalp did but you don’t need to go that far. Add to Basket and think about the consequences when your statement lands.







Famous American artist Andy Warhol once said, ‘Everyone will be famous for 15 minutes.’ The crazy fool also said, ‘I never think that people die. They just go to department stores.’ But let’s not focus on that madness. To have a memorable summer get your face in front of a camera by any means necessary. Live TV, some second-rate regurgitated reality show on ITV 4, even Channel 5 counts... just make sure you enjoy it whether it be 15 minutes or 15 seconds.



We’ll start off this list of must-dos with something easy. Something a baby could do... simply stroll up (or stroller up, depending on if you actually are a baby or not) to a large picnic/ BBQ, grab a plate, hijack some food and then sit down with your spoils. Nothing could be simpler. Sure, you could host your own park party/ garden gathering but where is the fun/ danger in that? If there isn’t a 66% percent chance of you being punched in the face by ‘Uncle Ned’ for grabbing his sausage then what’s the point?

*Disclaimer* If any of the ‘suggestions’ in this feature lead to you being sacked, dumped, slapped, arrested, embarrassed, financially ruined or attacked by a swarm of angry pregnant women, RWD Magazine and its publisher’s, Rewind Creative Media LTD, accept no responsibility. However if any of the ‘advice’ in this feature lead to fame and/ or Internet notoriety, we expect 20%.

OUT AND ABOUT Instead of keeping things local, get your arse out and about... words by Francesca Dunn We’ve all done standard festivals before, and not everyone fancies joining the middle-aged hippy wannabes and their children, ‘bopping’ along to headliner Paolo Nutini, so mix it up with year. WILD CARD: Alton Towers With Thirteen – this year old coaster is dubbed the world’s first ‘psychoaster’ and takes you deep into an unearthed ancient burial site in an area of unexplored woodland known as the Dark Forest – and coaster classic Nemesis – one of the world’s best inverted rollercoasters – in their armory, why not take a visit to Staffordshire this summer. WORTH A SHOT: Worldwide Festival, France 6 – 10 July 2011 Worldwide has festivals both in the south of France and


Singapore. Obviously, we’re suggesting you check the one in France, Singapore being a bit far and all. This year’s line-up includes James Blake, Jamie xx, Ghostpoet, Ramadanman and more. The website says, ‘It’s all about the sea, sun and worldwide sound’. Recommended: Outlook Festival, Croatia 1- 4 September 2011 Outlook is Europe’s biggest bass culture festival showcasing the best of dubstep, reggae and hip hop, featuring the likes of Skream, Benga, Jamie xx, Shy FX. Radio1 fills us in: “It’s literally in an abandoned castle – very impressive line-up, very impressive location”. Damn straight.




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Chuck wears navy jumper by Fila, trousers by Volcom, backpack by Canterbury


Chuck wears gingham shirt by Luke, jacket by Umbro, shorts by Henri Lloyd Igor wears vest by 55DSL, hooded denim shirt and camouflage shorts by Luke, belt Alpine Stars 37

Kirsty wears Printed playsuit by Numph, high-tops by adidas Chuck wears t-shirt by Trapstar, gingham shirt by Henri Lloyd, jeans by Supreme Being Igor wears checked shirt by One True Saxon, grey jumper by Eto, shorts by Alpha Industries, Casio Baby-G watch



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NICKELSON GIVEAWAY With the festival season well underway, we’ve teamed up with the lovely guys over at Nickelson to offer you the chance to win this stylish but practical summer jacket. With the weather, too much luggage and the stench created by 99% of festival revelers that will happily go without washing for the full three days, Nickelson have come up with the answer to all of your festival styling dilemmas. Made from a high-tech shell fabric, the jacket is lightweight with a mesh lining for easy airflow (minimum sweating potential), whilst still managing to remain shower proof (protecting you from the rain). It also features a two-way heavy-duty zip, enabling you to create two looks from the same jacket (reducing the amount of clothing you’ll need to keep your swagu in check). To enter, send an email Subject: Nickelson comp, including your name and contact number, to A winner will be chosen at random on 26 July 2011.

GONZOWORLD MEET DAVID HAYE As part of a new series launching on, K-SWISS’s Gonzo team spent a day with WBA World Champion Heavyweight Boxer, David Haye, at his gym in south London... Deep in an intensive period of training in anticipation of his big fight on 2 July with Wladimir Klitschko, David gave the Gonzo team an exclusive sneak peak into the training rituals of a winner. From his daily exercises and his nutrition plan, to his night time heavy punching sessions, Haye and his team put Gonzo’s host through his paces - even teaching him how to take a punch from the Hayemaker himself. A must see. For more information make sure you visit to check out the behind the scenes photos and film trailer, before the full series launches in August. Also, while you’re online, take a moment to look at the mini Gonzoworld we’ve put together at

MOS DEF A V.I.P Last month, Mos Def, Kill It Kid and Huey Morgan (Fun Lovin’ Criminals) took to the stage at East London’s XOYO, to celebrate the launch of Ben Sherman’s Very Important Plectrums (V.I.P), in aid of Trekstock. After Kill It Kid dazzled the audience, Mos Def took to the stage, dressed in a sleek camel suit and red shirt, and launched into his back catalogue. Cream Of The Planet, Black On Both Sides and Revelations all featured, and the hip hop legend danced his way through each joint, in a manner reminiscent of a ‘70s soul singer.


Hip hop meets dad-dancing; perfection. Taking numerous “sweat breaks” to compose himself, Mos Def joked with the audience as he removed his blazer and rolled up his sleeves that “looking like s**t is never an option. Funny looking is ok, but s**t, no”. Ben Sherman are auctioning signed plectrums from the likes of Coldplay and The Kooks as part of their new VIP charity incentive to raise funds for Trekstock – an organisation dedicated to supporting young people with cancer.

R.I.P JONAS BEVACQUA We were very sad to hear of the death of Jonas Bevacqua, co-founder of LRG, on 31 May. Passionate about uniting both skate and hip hop cultures, Jonas was widely considered one of the originators of the streetwear movement.

PUMA SOCIAL: PRO GREEN VS. RWD VS. YOU! For those who enjoy all things social, Puma, Professor Green and RWD are putting your “skills” to the test. Fancy yourself as a bit of a lady’s man, someone who can obtain numbers at will? Does your iron stomach eat gutwrenching chilli-drenched kebabs for fun? Or do you simply want to win a shed-load of Puma goodies, meet, greet and compete against Pro Green and possibly walk away with a big-arse trophy? If you’ll relish in any of the above, we need to hear from you ASAP. We’re looking for a three-strong team of After Hour Athletes to take on both a RWD team (The RWD Regurgitators) and a Puma Social team led by Professor Green (The Green Team). Not only will you go head-to-head-to-head in a three-way series of shenanigans but you’ll be draped in Puma gear throughout. To enter, your squad of social soldiers will consist of you and two other likeminded individuals who love to work hard but play much harder. The ideal candidate will enjoy a good battle (whether that’s against opponents or simply to the bar), they and their team will be 18 years-old or above, and will be able to haul his/ her gang of game loving goons (or girls) to London for a daytime photo shoot in the first week of August. For your chance to be involved email [subject: Fun Times] with your full contact details along with your (semi-humorous) team name, player names/ ages/ pics and a reason your posse should be picked, before 20 July. Check for updates on RWDmagfans and for inspiration.


Founded in 1999, by the mid-noughties LRG was listed as one of the world’s fastest growing companies by Entrepreneur Magazine. We were due to run the following interview with Jonas this month and hope that you’ll find his words as inspiring as we did... My advice to any upstart brand... is to have a partner with a lot of money, but make sure it’s smart, vested-interest money. There’s a big difference between smart money and regular money. I was lucky enough to have two business-savvy math whiz kids as partners. Know your part – if you’re the creative guy then be the creative guy, if you’re the business guy then be that guy. Handling a rapidly growing company without any formal training... is a blessing because you’re still innocent. You don’t even know if what you’re doing is wrong, you just do it because you like it and you believe in it. Once you’re tainted by experience or education you definitely lose that innocence. Always go with your gut feeling. The key is to learn not just from mistakes, but to also learn from your successes as well. Supporting independents is... our way of giving back to the ones that support us. Our slogan is “underground inventive, overground effective.” LRG is our way of rebelling. I think the punk-est sh*t ever is creative freedom. To be able to do what you want, whenever you want and not answer to anyone. To be able to hold your head high and say ‘We’re independent as f**k,’ and then say Bravo’.



With the sun heating up offices, cars and armpits it’s all about staying fresh. One person who knows about regular ReFreshment is D&B guru and Louder producer DJ Fresh... words by Danny Walker images by Artjaz

“I always seem to cut myself shaving before interviews or appearances. It gets to the point where I try to pick up the razor without it noticing, but somehow it always manages to nick me just in time to make me feel like a plum before I get in front of a camera.”

“To be honest I’m pretty functional about [my hair]. I use this stuff called Rough Paste by Redken, but only because my hairdresser tells me it’s good.” RWD RECOMMENDS:

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“I’m really addicted to Aveda products. When I first started working with Adam F I used to go round to his phat pad (seemed phat at the time as I was a lot younger and had no money!), and I’d borrow his shower (and his ridiculously expensive Aveda shampoo!). It’s SOOO bubbly... it just feels expensive, unfortunately it IS expensive.” RWD RECOMMENDS:


(, £14.00 for 300ml) We’re not even going to recommend any other products for you DJ Fresh, it seems like you’ve got a taste for the good stuff. For those still looking for the pure-fect potion, this rich scalp soother both cleanses and moisturises, which will leave your hair healthier. 44 / RWDMAG.COM

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DJ FRESH Sorry to hear about your jaw infection, what have you been eating/ drinking? Is it all Heinz Chicken Noodle soup and lemon and ginger tea? A combination of protein shakes, mashed potato and scrambled egg. I’m more than ready for a nice steak at this point. You’re getting loads of radio/ TV play, with Louder why should we pick up this single? Because it’s ‘Louder’ than all the others. And how did Lucozade get involved... They hit me up after my single Lassitude, they were interested to work together. My ethos has always been primarily high energy music. They loved the Golddust video and brought Ben Newman aboard to stay with what I guess they saw as a winning team. I had just started Louder, and it fit Ben’s video ideas perfectly. I spent a lot of time doctoring it for the advert; I’m really happy with the result. What’s the loudest noise you’ve ever heard? I often get ringing in my ears in the studio, it’s not permanent thank God, though no doubt getting there. What’s your refreshment regime? Teeth first, you can’t enjoy a nice morning shower with manky teeth. I’m a bit Jack Bauer when it comes to shaving. Sometimes my girlfriend prefers the slightly fuzzy rough and ready flavour. How long do you take to get ready? Ages... it’s pretty much the only time I take my time with anything. Probably 45 minutes? What is your reason for being ReFreshed? I always feel like my mum’s standing over my shoulder telling me to brush my teeth! She must have been good (or bad) with me when I was younger. Louder is out 3 July.







rs-old, Despite being just 17 yea d Cher Lloyd has already liveshows quite a life. Turning talent ped upside down when she repher for the underground withOn, her version of Turn My Swag ger will debut single Swagger Jag one solidify the 17 year-old as nts. of urban pop’s biggest tale e Hattie Collins lets Cher hav her her say on haters, hair and brilliant new album...

The first thing you notice about Cher Lloyd when you meet her at her record label HQ in west London is how teeny teeny tiny she is. “4’nothing,” she exclaims with a laugh in her Worcestershire accent. “But people are scared of me. It’s hilarious, have you seen the size of me? I’m a skinny little stick!” The rapper who sings, slash, singer who raps is indeed really little, but what’s immediately apparent about Cher is that she’s packed full of personality. This is no media-trained-by-numbers pop puppet. “I’m just a rebel. If there’s stuff I don’t want to do, I’m not going to do it,” she continues with a gleeful grin. “No one can make me. That’s what my label likes about me though – I don’t take any sh*t! Never.” After coming fourth on one of the most talked about TV talent shows of all time ever, Cher was soon snapped up by Simon Cowell’s record label, Syco. But rather than shove her down an obvious pop route, they’ve allowed Cher to follow her musical heart. You can’t fake this either – remember, this was the girl who performed Keri Hilson’s version of Soulja Boy’s Turn My Swag On for her initial audition. Far from an obvious choice. An ardent fan of everyone from SBTV to JME, Cher is certified in the world of underground fandom and her debut album, as yet untitled, will demonstrate this. Of the five tracks RWD heard, there was brilliant blend of reggae, dubstep, hip hop and pop courtesy of The Runners (Rick Ross, Rihanna, Khaled’s Go Hard), Kevin Rudolph (Lil Wayne, Timbaland) and RedOne (Gaga, Nicole Scherzinger). But still, she has a lot to prove. She has an awful lot of fans, yet Cher Lloyd has attracted her fair share of haters too. And not just Internet gangstas on Twitter; even the press have given her a hard time (not RWD though Cher, honest!). With her debut single just around the corner, how is someone so young preparing for a summer that’s about to turn her life (even more) upside down? Are the five tracks RWD have heard indicative of the album? Yeah they are because each and every one is different; sometimes you listen to a track or two from an artist and they sound exactly the same, but I’ve

tried to steer away from that. It’s a massive amount of variety; it’s like I’ve got a music box and there’s wild things popping out all over the place. You could describe it as ‘Swag Pop’, but I’d also describe it as ‘Grit-ya-teeth’ as well (laughs). Like ‘eurggghhhhh’. How was working with The Runners, who produced Swagger Jagger? The great thing about them is that they made me feel so comfortable; when I arrived they welcomed me with open arms. Instead of ‘Yeah, I’m a big man, look at me I’m producing Rihanna tracks’, they’re just really nice to me. At first I was intimidated by all these big producers but now it’s like ‘Actually, I’ve got the chance to be here, so why be so afraid?’ Cos if I’m afraid I’ve got no chance of making a banger. Outside of managers and the label, what did Cher Lloyd want to create with this record? I wanted to do something completely different to all of the other X Factor contestants. Not to say they haven’t all done well for themselves, but I am a lot different. I don’t want to be compared to any of the other contestants. How did a girl from the Malverns even know about Keri Hilson and Soulja Boy? Growing up, I was a big Internet watcher; I used to watch all of the radio websites, 1Xtra mainly. I’m a massive fan of 1Xtra. I check out SBTV, all of that, all of the new music. I always wanted a new track before any of my friends had it, just to say I had it first. Because I’m competitive with my music like that; I wanted to know about new stuff first. How did that transfer into you wanting to sing and rap? I can remember sitting at my computer watching people’s YouTube covers of things. I’d get the instrumental up and I’d sing it as well. I’d make a freestyle rap to it too, write it down as it went along. That’s when I knew I wanted to be pop/urban. I was a big fan of JME, I found him really funny. Also, Wiley, Dot Rotten, Scorcher, Bashy – I’m a big fan of Bashy. I’m really feeling James Blake at the moment as well; I just find him really different. Proper inspiring. I’m really into Emile Sandé. She’s not dropped her album yet, but when she does, I swear I’ll buy 20 copies. She’s just amazing. I recorded a track with her. It’s called A Lifetime. It’s basically explaining how you can have money one minute and then it’s all gone, and that fame >> 49

COVER STORY CHER LLOYD << doesn’t last. It happens to everybody. They could be playing your song one minute and then next you’re gone, and no one will bother you anymore. That’s a mature attitude... Because growing up I was taught to always have a back-up plan; I’ve still got one now. Nothing lasts. Some people might laugh at me, but I really want to learn how to produce. I need a back-up plan; you need money to put food in your belly, to make your mum and dad happy, to buy your sister’s new clothes. That’s where I get my joy from. You’re not from a rich background... No, we’ve never ever been wealthy.

don’t bad-mouth, you always have to help each other out... How are you finding fame? The reality is, is that nothing is ever as it seems. You can’t expect to just jump in and have everything handed to you on a plate. It may look like I’ve had everything handed to me on a plate, but I’ve done 10 years of hard graft in a few months. It’s such hard work, but I take every day as it comes, I don’t expect too much cos I didn’t have anything in the first place. Now you’ve got Dot Rotten on your album, Busta... Busta is insane; he goes in,

“I WAS A BIG FAN OF JME, I FOUND HIM REALLY FU ALSO, WILEY, DOT ROTT NNY. , SCORCHER, BASHY – I’M FAN OF BASHY... I’M REEN ALLY INTO EMILE SANDÉ. A BIG NOT DROPPED HER ALBU SHE’S M YET, BUT WHEN SHE DO ES, I SWEAR I’LL BUY 20 COPIE S.” I know it sounds really cheesy, but my mum’s always said ‘Who needs money when you’ve got all this love?’ My mum and dad never, ever argue it’s so rare that they argue. We’re such a tight family. I’m a daddy’s girl, so I’m always with my dad. Yeah, we never had much, but we’d still be happy. I was waiting for my £30 a week from my EMA while I was at college. I’d go down to New Look and buy myself a new cardigan and give the rest to my sisters for sweets (laughs). I’m saving because I’m planning to buy me mum and dad a house. And then I want to go into property too; buy a couple of flats and do them up. You’ve always got to have a back up plan. How was school for you? School was disastrous. I’ve never had a time in my life that I’ve hated so much. I went from being bullied at a young age to going AWOL. I’d do stupid, stupid things. I was just a brat. But that was because it was my cry for help because no one was listening to me... Teachers dust it under the carpet. It was always my fault. But that’s because of my gypsy background. Really? Yeah. People don’t know half the stuff. Soon, I reckon I’m going to set up a campaign. I think our beliefs are just respectable. It’s common sense; you 50 / RWDMAG.COM

seriously. It’s one of my favourite tracks on there. I go quite fast on there; I can go faster than that though. I’ve been practicing for ages. I write most of my lyrics and I co-write everything. On With Your Love you say that ‘you feel on top of the world’. Do you feel like that in general at the moment? Yeah, I do. I do feel on top of the world. I actually couldn’t be any happier. I’m in the best position I’ve ever been in my life. Sometimes when I’m abroad I wake up and I feel a bit down cos I’m lonely, but then I think ‘Hang on a minute, I’ve got the best thing ever going on’.

A lot is made of your hair.. Oh god, yeah! I dye it red so I’m trying to be like Rihanna. It’s brown, I’m Cheryl. Make your mind up who you want me to be. In the meantime, I’m just going to be myself. Today I’ve got half dreadlock hair cos I can’t be bothered to brush it. Do you speak to Cheryl much? No, I don’t speak to her at all. I haven’t spoken to her since the show. It’s quite funny though innit. Do you really think she’s going to want to phone me up? She’s busy, I’m busy, she ain’t got time. Maybe I’ll ring her! Does Simon have much involvement? Yeah! Yeah, he rang me the other day to say he’d seen a clip of the video and he’s chuffed with it. I text him to say it’s finished, stuff like that. He always calls me ‘trouble’ and I don’t know why that is. I am trouble. I’m giant trouble. I walk in the room, people walk out. Why are you trouble? I don’t know. I like it though. I don’t want to be good. I want to be naughty, it’s fun (laughs). What are your ambitions? I pray Swagger Jagger will be No.1., even if it’s just for a day. It’s such a club banger, it’s a summer anthem. How would you describe Cher Lloyd? Basically, I put on a big front. I act like the hard girl, like I can do anything but really I’m just a scared child. I’ve been through a lot. So many things to get to this position. But now here I am. In Simon Cowell’s office! How about Grammys, Brits...? Well, I say don’t wish for it. I never wish for anything. Apart from a No.1 (laughs). God, I’d love that. Swagger Jagger is out 31 July. &

SUMMER SUMMER... What are your plans for this summer? Work, work, work. I want to try and get to a few festivals. I want to see Ed Sheeran play. I’d love to do something with him. We’re talking about that at the moment. We’re two very different people, it would be brilliant. He’s going to be massive. What’s the best holiday you’ve been on? Pontins. It was so good; on the funfair, I really like hot doughnuts and the strawberries with the chocolate. You’ll basically find me sat next to the burger van! And the worst? Oh my god, the one I just came off. I went to Cyprus. I’ve never, ever been on such a

rubbish holiday in my whole life. We had a villa and the cleaners were meant to come twice a week – they came once and didn’t even clean. The pool was dirty, there was glass on the beach and next to us was literally a scrap yard with chickens, dogs and smashed up cars. And then the telephone wire fell down from the sky. It could have killed someone. I went with my whole family and I paid for it. It was horrible, I cried. Well, we were laughing because it was so sh*t. We could have spent so much less at Pontins and had a sick holiday. But I can’t go places like that anymore; I’ll get bombarded with people.



WILE OUT! Someone who needs little introduction, on the verge of releasing his new studio album 100% Publishing, it’s the first man of grime, Wiley... words by Chantelle Fiddy

At 32, Wiley’s had over 15 years of music business wranglings, a near life long lesson in learning the hard way. Having completed his first UK tour on returning to independent label Big Dada, it’s now time for Richard Cowie to unveil the last few month’s work and his latest studio album, 100% Publishing (so named cause he did it all himself). Taking a break from Twitter activities, RWD caught up with the MC favourite over a glass of grape juice... They managed to keep you at the shoot for the entirety of the (impressive) Numbers In Action video... Do you know how long that took?! Do you have any idea?! (laughs). Don’t get it twisted I did walk out half way through but I came back. It was my idea that video. Tell us about 100% Publishing? I’ve always tried to please the grime kids who moan. The album I’ve just made is pleasing me though. I just wanted to make beats and spit on them because people who should be aren’t. How does it feel carrying the weight of a scene on your shoulders? I like being an authority in one way but not when people want me to do everything for them... like, ‘Yeah, I’ve listened to your tune, it’s alright, now what do you want me to do? Hold your hand and take you to the chicken shop?’


Any favourite tracks? The one I did with my daughter cause she’s always saying to me ‘Daddy, you don’t need to do these songs for money, do the music you love.’ Why the move back to Big Dada? It’s like my spiritual home – it’s not about the money. It’s only really cos of (A&R man) Jamie Collinson. He gets me in a way not many people do. JME gets me though. So all in all, is 100% Publishing better than The Elusive? This album isn’t necessarily better than The Elusive cos that didn’t come out and get proven, but it’s maybe the last gasp before I have to be quiet and then come back with a bang. You know, shut up for six or seven months... I’ve never really shut up before. But isn’t that because you don’t want to slow down or shut up? Wiley’s always been like this. People, fans, they may perceive me as not being normal and that’s because I’m not. I don’t have a 9-5... I’ve never had to travel their paths. Someone like me just needs to be left alone to do things. Does this contribute to the idea that you’re clinically ‘mad’? I sit at home and weigh up the odds: ‘I’m not mad but Tim or Shirley think I am’ but I haven’t got time to go around the world and prove myself to everyone. How do you feel about the success that’s surrounding the UK scene? They’re succeeder’s because they

“I’VE ALWAYS TRIED TO PLEASE THE GRIME KIDS WHO MOAN. THE ALBUM I’VE JUST MADE IS PLEASING ME THOUGH. I JUST WANTED TO MAKE BEATS AND SPIT ON THEM...” want to succeed, it’s not I don’t want to do what they do, maybe in my day we didn’t have to do what they have to do - not that you could be lazy. Maybe I would hate my life if I did that, I’m not jealous though, I’m happy for them. If I was to hate on people who were successful that would make me bitter. I wouldn’t rob them either; I’m not a robber... You’ve had an amazing career, would you change anything about it? If I could change something I’d change signing my deal to XL. The fact I signed a deal to XL showed that if two people of the same nature go into a record company, doing a similar thing, they’ve gone into competition. It was a conflict of interest for me and I probably knew it then but I wanted the money, and it made sense at the time. But it was the worst thing I could have done because it set my path wrong, it changed the next seven years. Talking of XL, do you still miss Dizzee? I miss him musically, not as a person. Not because I need him but two people can compliment each other. I just don’t know him anymore. So what’s the dream? Right now, I’d rather have Nick Huggett’s (director of A&R at Island) job to be honest. At least then I could go to work in the day, make music at night and not be pressured into doing things I don’t want to do. In this job, if you don’t make music that strikes, you’re out the game. His job’s about making someone money. Sometimes I just think ‘Holler at me, even if you think I’m bipolar, let me come to the office and I bet I’ll bring something in.’ Trust me. We do. Anyone else wishing to offer Wiley a job should contact staff@ No offers under £75k PA will be considered. 100% Publishing is out now on Big Dada



SECRET WARRIOR The innovative electronic DJ and producer SBTRKT tells Nardene Scott all about his debut album, non stop touring, the deal with those masks and how he feels about a certain Canadian artist and his unofficial remix.

Adele, Dizzee and The xx are just a few of the British acts championed by XL Recordings for their originality within today’s saturated music scene. Fellow signee SBTRKT is no different; the DJ and producer is just on the cusp of offering up his accessible but boundarybudging hybrid of funk, soul, garage and house to the masses. There’s little eye contact as he attempts to explain his sound further during a rare interview with RWD. “It’s just about taking little elements of everything and re-contextualising them in my kind of world. Like, what if I just used a D&B beat with a techno bassline? Then you realise you’ve got something totally fresh.” It’s clear why the talented London based DJ has secured sets at festivals all over the world – but don’t expect the live show to be a laptop lulling set either (check the Abbey Road 4OD session for proof). SBTRKT, alongside vocalist and producer Sampha, fully go in on the liveness, playing and controlling every synth, snare, echo pad and effect on stage. So far 2011 boasts live and DJ shows at SXSW, Coachella, European dates with label mates Friendly Fires, not to mention an upcoming headline set at Japanese Fuji Rocks alongside Four Tet, Glastonbury with Jamie xx, Denmark dates with Magnetic Man and the all encompassing Reading and Leeds festivals. “It’s pretty varied to be honest,” the Asian-African descended DJ says of his influences admitting the first albums he bought included Bobby Brown and De La Soul. “I guess I have two elements from the DJ side of things; I’m always on the lookout for new music I can play out, which is generally stuff from 120 to 140bpm in any genre but in terms of music a big album for me is Friendly Fires - I’ve been playing that to death!” With 54 / RWDMAG.COM

“THE MAIN THING FOR ME IS JUST WRITING QUALITY SONGS REALLY AND DEVELOPING AS AN ARTIST...” shout outs on US radio from the electro pop-stars there’s almost definitely a collaboration in the coming future. “It’s actually on the cards,” he admits, but before that of course it’s all about SBTRKT, a debut album which has been years, and we really do mean years, in the making. It even took four months to work on the track listing. “My main thing is that they appreciate it as a cohesive album really... any of the plans to collaborate were always around a serious body of work that gelled together, so I don’t see where you could pick apart bits,” the Wildfire composer says of his expectations for the album. He also pulled in Sampha, who he originally met as a producer and instantly aligned with both his beats and his vocal, the eclectic line up also includes the breathy sultry vocals of newbie Jessie Ware, chameleon songstress Roses Gabor (whom he spent five sessions on dealing with one bridge) and the uber hip Swedes, Little Dragon. Yukimi of course provides vocals on the first single, the Radio 1 playlisted Wildfire which drew in Toronto’s finest Drake who, within a few days of posting Wildfire on Twitter, had already thrown a verse together and dashed his version online. “It’s really cool for me, I’m really excited that not just people like him, anyone to be honest on a different tip, is enthusiastic about it,” he smiles humbly. As well as a new album influenced by everyone from Hessle Audio and N.E.R.D, Massive Attack to Untold, global live shows and DJ dates galore, the masked artist also finds time once a month to host his own show on Rinse FM showcasing new finds and his own


Can you remember your finest summer memory? I’ve got African/Asian heritage so I spent a lot of time gowing up in Africa so I guess to me I have memories of lions and elephants and stuff in Kenya, things like that. If you could go anywhere this summer where would it be? I would probably go on holiday to Peru, not to see Paddington Bear! It just seems like a really amazing place and the crazy climate you can go from climbing mountains to wherever. exclusives. We think he’s definitely one of the UK’s pioneering electronic music makers. “The main thing for me is just writing quality songs really and developing as an artist,” says the capital letters fan. It’s this focus on the music that brought about the masks most people are familiar with. “Initially it was to keep it part of my anonymous theme really... the idea is that I don’t really want to talk about myself, I want to talk about the music,” he clarifies of staying faceless. “I see the music as more important; if people don’t understand the songs, they won’t appreciate me giving them a descriptive back story as to why these songs are created.” To be honest when GaGa is traipsing around with sirloin strapped to her groin, a tribal mask seems quite understated and when the music is as good as this is who cares what the creator looks like...! SBTRKT is out 27 June.





Did you know that The Saturdays have actual personalities? No, nor did we really, till we got to spend an hour with them recently. And let us tell you, they were megalolz. Hattie Collins catches up with the famous five...


Rochelle: My sister rang me and she was like, ‘You’re so cool!’ It was the first time my little sister has thought I was cool (laughs). She was like ‘They said you’re fit!’ I saw Tinchy the other night and I was with my boyfriend [Marvin of JLS fame, obvs) and Tinchy said to us, ‘I hope you don’t think I was being rude!’ and I was like ‘No way! Apparently I’m cool now!’ Frankie: What’s wrong with the rest of us, that’s what I wanna know!


every album we try step up our game a little bit. With this one, it’s really the same Saturdays pop but dance music is so big at the moment, so we thought we’d incorporate that into it. From the first time we all heard it we all thought it was amazing. Sometimes there’s a song that four of us will like and one of us is not so keen, but all of us were instantly like, ‘That’s gonna be a single!’

A SONG THAT MAKES US CRY IS… Mollie: Someone Like You.

When that came out, I had broken up with my boyfriend and that song was on repeat for me. It’s just so sad. So sad. Frankie: You feel like it’s your song. Una: Luther Vandross makes me cry. Dance With My Father and Endless Love is so beautiful. Vanessa: I remember being 15 - don’t laugh - and crying to I Give My All, by Mariah Carey... Frankie: Confessions! That album was on repeat when I broke up with my boyfriend when I was younger.


Rochelle: You always have an album for a particular break-up. I like songs that are a bit ‘F you’ like Beyoncé or Jazmine Sullivan and Usher’s Throwback. Frankie: Rochelle sent me Irreplaceable once after a break-up. I turned it up and I was like ‘Yes Rochelle!’ - it made me feel good.

THE FIRST RECORD WE BOUGHT WAS… Vanessa: Michael Jackson’s Bad. Una: Madonna True Blue - on cassette. Mollie: Mine was Aaron Carter, Crazy Little Party Girl.


secret the News of the World would love to print it! I think we’re quite out there as well [laughs]. We put our cards on the table.

OUR FAVOURITE SLOW JAM IS… Vanessa: Kelly Rowland’s Motivation is such a good song.


No! None of us are planning that yet. >> 57


SUMMER SUMMER SUMMERTIME What are the Sats doing this summer? All: Festivals! Frankie: No camping though. We have a tour bus! Rochelle: I’m looking forward to Beyoncé this year at Glasto. She’s my favourite. My favourite person ever. If she’s in the same space as me you lot aren’t going to hear the end of it. She’s my idol. That said, I don’t like the new single. What would your ideal destination be? All: Anywhere far and hot! Mollie: I wanna do a ‘doing’ holiday this time - I’ve done beach holidays. I wanna like drive down the West coast of America or go on safari or something... Rochelle: You know Richard Branson has that island, Necker? It’s something ridiculous like £25,000 a week. It’s insane. But like, that’s the ultimate honeymoon destination. I don’t think I have the money for that but as an ultimate place maybe we can make friends with Richard Branson and stay for free!



Gandy makes her... Rochelle: A lucky girl! But he’s also a lucky boy! Mollie: Yeah, when people are like ‘How have you done that?!’ I’m like, ‘Thanks! I’m not that bad, am I?’ (laughs).


Politics. There’s politics in every job obviously but when you’re younger and you think ‘I want to be a singer’, you don’t realise that there will be paps outside your house all the time... Mollie: We grew up wanting to be singers on stage ... Rochelle: Not a Big Brother contestant... Frankie: When you break up with someone it’s hard enough, but when it’s all in the press... People think your private life is their business. Rochelle: I went through a breakup before the band and one while I was in the band, in the spotlight [Rochelle and

Marvin broke up for a bit. Boo. But then got back together. Yayyy]. It’s the same but different... My first one I felt like I didn’t want to tell everyone just yet, cos it can be embarrassing. So you have the fact that not just your friends now know, but everyone knows.


loving Frank Ocean at the minute. Rochelle. I haven’t listened to Frank Ocean loads, but I know he [Marvin] has it on when he’s getting ready. Mollie: I really love J-Lo at the moment. Rochelle: She’s too hot for her own good.

IT’S HARD BEING IN A GIRL BAND BUT… Mollie: We’re quite determined about things. We’d like to crack the world, but it’s a big place [laughs]. We take it a day at a time.

Notorious is out now. For tour dates, check



From studying architecture, to glamour modelling, to DJ’ing across the globe, Mancunian Sam Cooke tells Nardene Scott why girls run the world...


Firstly, how are you doing and what are you up to at the moment? I’m on my way to Ibiza at the moment to shoot my 2012 calendar - this may well be my last topless calendar but I’ve not fully decided yet. I’m gonna make it a good’n’ just in case! I may also shoot a sexy but covered calendar in London’s Ministry of Sound club for my DJ fans. Apart from squeezing in modelling where I can, I’ve been mad busy DJ’ing and loving every minute of it. I recently got back from a tour for Carlsberg in Malaysia which was cool! How did you get into modelling in the first place? If I’m honest I was pretty un-photogenic before I started modelling! I wasn’t very confident and just never knew how to ‘turn it on’ for the camera, but when I was about 20 and at university studying architecture I noticed my boobs were looking pretty decent and 60 / RWDMAG.COM

decided to enter into The Sun’s ‘Page 3 Idol’ competition. To my surprise I won and had to learn pretty quick how to turn it on for the camera (laughs)! Some of my early pictures are shocking! What was it like when you started off as a DJ; because of your modelling did you feel like you had to work harder? I think it worked to my advantage, people booked me initially because I was a Page 3 girl, so it got me some big gigs pretty quick - but obviously I had to prove myself as a DJ to get re-booked. For some reason, people expect me to be rubbish because I’m a girl, but I don’t get that stereotype! We play tunes that girls like which gets the girls in the club dancing and men go to clubs to see girls dancing so everyone’s happy! Don’t get me wrong, I play tunes that the men love too but I don’t mind this stereotype because it just means I get to shock people and impress them more.

You used to get DJ Target to stand alongside you whilst you was on the decks at your first gigs in Ministry Of Sound; would you say he has been a big help in your career as a DJ? Darren [Target] is a good friend of mine and when I started I was mixing UK funky so he sorted me out with tunes. I had him in the booth with me for comfort at Ministry! I was really nervous there because the gig meant so much to me; I used to go raving at that club and it was my best club! Plus all my friends were there which put the pressure on. Luckily I

didn’t need Darren’s help but having him there helped calm my nerves. What’s been you most memorable gig to date? I played in China at a perfume party once. It was a secret, invite only party on like the 40th floor of this building. It was the whole floor and looked 360 degrees over Shanghai. Every time I mixed in a new tune this guy put a different fragrance into what looked like a cooking pot thing, making the room smell gorgeous! For me the best part about DJ’ing is getting to go to

parties all over the world. I also love seeing people having a wicked night and knowing that I’m creating that experience for them. You focus on house music in your sets, why did you chose this genre and what else are you into? I still love UK funky but there’s more going on with the house scene; it’s massive worldwide so means I can play all over the world rather than being restricted to the UK. I’ve always liked house, I like all genres of music, but since mixing house I have a new

appreciation, I can’t get enough of it and would never mix anything else now. You still model alongside the DJ’ing where can people check out you doing your thing in front of the camera? Well, I’ll be releasing a calendar probably around November time, also I still shoot for Page 3 of The Sun. I don’t really do the lads mags anymore but I definitely haven’t completely quit so who knows. You can follow Sam on 61


POLITICIANS The Next Generation

You don’t have to be over the age of 400 to get involved in politics. These young people are actively involved in the issues that affect the UK right now; who knows, among Ben, Sarah, Jason and Ciaran, we might just have another Tony Blair, Margaret Thatcher or, erm, Nick Clegg on these very pages. Here, we get your peers to explain why we should all get voting, and pose some of the questions we think are of current importance... images by James Pearson-Howes “LABOUR SEEMED TO LOVE THROWING MONEY AT A PROBLEM AND HOPING IT WOULD CREATE A POSITIVE RESULT. WITH GROWING TEENAGE PREGNANCY AND STREET CRIME, IT IS PROVEN THAT DID NOT WORK.”


24, North East Essex, National Chairman Conservative Future

What did your friends think of your interest in politics? They did question it a little; it is not exactly normal to go leafleting at 10am on a Saturday after a Friday night out. But we do it to make some kind of change. We can compare it to watching your favourite team play on a Saturday.   There are very mixed reactions to the Coalition - what is your opinion on it? The Coalition is working in the National interest.  While all Conservatives wanted to see us win an overall majority in 2010, we had to work with the Liberal Democrats in order to make the changes that are so definitely needed. What is your opinion on tuition fees? I am in favour of the increase as I see the changes made as progressive and

fair. As the first in my family to have gone to University, my parents had to pay upfront fees for me and then my brother. That was costly and unfair to them, the changes offer the student to pay less per month in repayments with no upfront fees. There are currently huge cuts being made at libraries, youth centres and other areas that benefit young people. How can the government justify this? Unfortunately over the last 13 years of Labour they kept spending beyond their means, that means that the Government has to make tough decisions on spending. If not we will end up defaulting on our debt and bailed out such as Greece, Ireland and Portugal.   Teen pregnancy and gang culture appears to be a rising problem. How should young people can be engaged? It all revolves around better education and communication.  The Government have been working hard to look at these particular issues with more efficiency. Labour seemed to love throwing money at a problem and hoping it would create a positive result. With growing teenage pregnancy and street crime, it is proven that did not work. We need to think carefully about these problems.


19, Hounslow, West London Councillor for Syon Ward in the Borough of Hounslow and West London Campaign Organiser for London Young Labour.

What is it about your party that resonated with you politically? There is still a massive amount of inequality in this country and the world - to me the deficit between the richest and the very poorest in this country is the most important deficit any government should be concentrating on. Some of the people who read this magazine, however bright they are, will be much less likely to go to a top university, will find it really difficult to get a well paid job and are more likely to die sooner just because of where they were born and what their parents do. To me, although the welfare system does



POLITRICKS brilliant things for people already, this inequality represents a fundamental failing in our society and those who we elect to represent our interests in Parliament...Although the Labour party is by no means perfect, its history and its present make me believe that it’s the only viable political party that has the ability to create the sort of world I want to live in. What is your opinion on the Coalition? Put simply I think the Tory-led coalition are making completely the wrong decisions in Government. Of course they have to make difficult decisions in Government and the Labour party would have to make cuts just as Labour councils are doing across Britain. But as far as I’m concerned the priority of the government should always be to protect the poorest and most vulnerable, that’s what I’m trying to do as a Councillor in Hounslow, but I see very little evidence of this. In fact, while the government reduce corporation tax and refuse to take tough decisions on reforming the city, they are cutting funding to deprived city councils, all aspects of education and back to work programmes. In four years time we might have no deficit, but with a semi-privatised NHS, high unemployment, people not able to afford to go to university, no funding for the arts or youth services, crumbling schools, with the rich richer and the poor poorer, what would have been the point? There are currently huge cuts being made at libraries, youth centres and other areas that benefit young people. How can the Government justify this? Simply put, I don’t think they can. I didn’t go to Eton or Westminster and I couldn’t have done as well as I did in school or college without my local library, EMA and some of the programmes my school and the council ran. The idea that we can cut these things and that everything will be fine just doesn’t hold water. I think the decisions that Cameron and the Tories are making show a complete disconnect with the lives of normal people and I hope that as more young people feel the bite of these policies, they will get involved and try to bring down the Coalition before the five years of irreparable damage has been done.



from Southport, West London Policy Officer of Liberal Youth. I am also Chair of the University of Manchester Liberal Democrats.

How did you get interested and involved in politics? I have always been interested in current affairs and politics in general, and joined the Lib Dems shortly after the European Elections in 2009 because the Liberal Democrats, more than any other party, are passionate about the European Union and its future; a policy which I have always believed in myself. What is it about your party that resonated with you politically? The first political campaign I became involved in was the fight against the controversial ContactPoint database, in effect a fight for our civil liberties. Civil liberties have also been important to me, these coupled with my beliefs on localism and Britain’s energy future made the Liberal Democrats the perfect party for me to join. Why do you think it’s important, especially for young people, to vote? Young people make up a large percentage of the total electorate, yet less than 30% vote! There are very mixed reactions to the Coalition - what is your opinion on it? Given I would like to see a proportional voting system, I am very much in favour of the principle of coalition Governments. The Coalition Agreement

held many exciting opportunities for the country, and so at the Liberal Democrat special conference in May 2011 I voted in favour of joining the Coalition. I do not agree with everything this coalition has done but I support a majority of the decisions taken. That no child will ever again spend a night in a detention centre, Universal Credit and the Freedom Bill are more than enough reason for me to continue supporting the Coalition. What is your opinion on the raising of tuition fees? I believe that education should be paid out of general taxation. That being said, the last Government’s plan that 50% of people should go to university - with no supporting facts or evidence, has made my belief financially impossible to implement in the short term. I campaigned against the raising of tuition fees to £6000 as I do not agree with introducing a market in fees. However, I fully support the new payment system as it is much fairer to graduates. There are currently huge cuts being made at libraries and youth centres and other areas that benefit young people. How can the Government justify this? Each local authority has responsibility for the streamlining of services they impose. I worry some councils have politicised the cuts, and cut frontline services where they did not have to. Libraries and youth centres are hugely beneficial where run well, but the financial position the last Government left us in has meant that ineffective and unnecessary services have had to be reduced in number. If you were prime minister, what would be the three main policies you’d personally like to implement? Improving the Rights of Asylum Seekers, as currently the application process is too flawed. I would prioritise mental health, including more education in schools. Thirdly, I would focus a lot more Government attention on renewable energy development, particularly tidal power.




CIARAN WHITEHEAD 24, from Devon National Young Greens Coordinator

What is it about your party that resonated with you politically? It was the Green Party’s LGBT policies and the scrapping of Trident that first got my attention. More than any other Party the Greens have a comprehensive set of policies for LGBT people such as legalising gay marriage and tackling homophobic bullying in schools. The Greens were also the only party that were talking about scrapping the Trident nuclear weapons program and using the money to pay for education instead of war. What’s your opinion on the Coalition?

The Coalition isn’t working at all. That’s not to say that all Coalitions are bad, but the Liberal Democrats have gone completely against their principles to get their hands on a small amount of power. Many people voted for the Liberal Democrats did so because they liked their policies on tuition fees, public spending and supporting PR but they backtracked on all three. When the SNP began a minority government in Scotland, we outlined three policies that we would not budge on. Although we supported them on some issues, we weren’t afraid to block their budget when one of the three policies was at stake. The Liberal Democrats failed to do this, and as a result have lost much of their support. If you were prime minister, what three policies would you implement? I would introduce a Robin Hood tax (a financial transaction tax) and use the money it brought in to make University education free. I would launch the Green New Deal to create a million green jobs in things like renewable energy and home insulation to get people into work and tackle climate change. Lastly I would introduce voting at 16. I don’t believe young people are apathetic. If people could vote at 16 then governments would have to listen to young people and maybe things like scrapping EMA wouldn’t happen.

BEN HOWLETT What is the last book you read? Captain Correlli’s Mandolin by Louis De Bernières. What is the last concert you went to? Alexis Jordon Who’s your favourite person in The Only Way Is Essex? Nanna Pat Where do you stand on Lady Gaga’s new music? Love Lady Gaga! I think she is fantastic; her music is brilliant and she has such an amazing style. JASON ELLAR Who’s your favourite person in The Only Way Is Essex? Although I am tempted to Google the show now, I think that might be a bit dishonest; it would probably be best to admit that I don’t really follow the show. Where do you stand on Gaga’s new music? I quite like her. I haven’t got her on my iPod or anything, but I love her style and originality. I think there are so many boring and clichéd artists in pop music at the moment, so I really respect her for her wackiness and ability to write songs that are a bit out of the box. SARAH HARDING What is the last book you read? The Runaway by Martina Cole What is the last concert or gig you went to? Biffy Clyro at Hogmanay 2011 Who’s your favourite person in The Only Way Is Essex? I’m going to have to admit to being an Essex virgin! Where do you stand on Lady Gaga’s new music? I prefer her older tracks such as Speechless. That being said, Born This Way is a step up from the last few songs. There are some incredible tracks on there. CIARAN WHITEHEAD What are your career aspirations? I would like to work for an environmental group like Friends of the Earth. What is the last book you read?  Giovanni’s Room by James Baldwin. What is the last concert or gig you went to?  I went to see Bonobo at KOKO in Camden. Who’s your favourite person in The Only Way Is Essex?  Harry. Where do you stand on Lady Gaga’s new music? I wasn’t the biggest fan of Born This Way but I’m loving Judas. I think she’s amazing! 65


SUPER MAN With his Superhero mixtape, newcomer James Bellamy is showing some serious power moves. Tajha Myer-Ferreira catches up with the up-andcoming R&B singer and one-time X-Factor semi-finalist...

Describe your style of music? It’s R&B-fusion, because I have such an eclectic music pallet. I’m very inspired by reggae and gospel so I really go in with my harmonies, being more elaborate with them and blending the old with the new. You made it to the judge’s houses on X Factor but that’s where “the journey ended”. Despite Simon Cowell saying “You’re super talented you are”, did you see yourself going this far? To be honest yes! I did! Though it was heart wrenching, I thank God for everything that happened, through the whole journey I learnt so much. What happened after X Factor? I was working with loads of labels and companies, but my heart wasn’t in it, so I wasn’t really producing my best work or taking it as seriously as I should have. So that’s when I took to the West End stage [James was in Dancing In The Streets] and it was through this I learned so much about my craft. 66 / RWDMAG.COM

And you’re set to release your single My Love (Say You Want It) on 27 June. I’m really excited. Actually, excited doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel. To see your vision take shape and come to life is amazing, so much of who I am went into the video of My Love..., so when you watch the video you’re seeing a glimpse into my quirky world. But My Love... is just the beginning. My aim is to really open the eyes of the world to UK talent, especially male singers.* Ras Kwame says that you’re an “artist going places”, so what are we to expect from you next?* Well I’m working on my EP Superhero Chronicles and my new track Hard As Nails (H.A.N.). is produced by Rio Flawless and features a few people, like Young O. It is off the chain! What can we expect from the My Love promo tour? You can expect a lot! My inspirations are people like Michael Jackson and Beyoncé, both are people who bring so

much energy and presence... That’s the kind of feel I wanna bring on tour, so expect there to be dancing, rapping, fans on stage and just a crazy experience. You’ve written for people like fellow X Factor contestant Duane Lamonte; who are you working with on your own projects? Young O, Courtney Bennet, Dray, RTI and so many others. They have such skill and I want everyone to notice what I see in them. Your Superhero: The Beginning; has had good feedback... I’ve had a phenomenal response from my fans. I am so grateful for all the love; it brings a huge smile to know people are enjoying what I’ve poured my creativity into. It’s also hugely encouraging when the main feedback is that they want to hear more. My Love is out 27 June. Check and Twitter. com/jamesbellamyuk






(Out in Autumn, As you can see the new car renders in Microsoft and Turn 10’s Forza Motorsport 4 look amazing. Pictured above is the Mosler MT900S – yeah, we just did a sex wee too – and it’s just one of the many four wheeled beasts that need to be tamed in the forthcoming game. With Kinect connectivity, downloadable content and more vehicles than you can imagine this is a title that is more than wetting our appetite. Read on as RWD went to Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, Washington to check it out. >> 69


When asked to go to Redmond, Washington – the home of Forza Motorsport developer Turn 10 Studios and publisher Microsoft Game Studios – for an exclusive heads-up on one of the biggest games in the company’s history, Forza Motorsport 4, there’s only two things you can do. Danny Walker packs some hand luggage and prepares his thumbs for an intense international gaming session...

“WITH THE KINECT CAR EXPERIENCE, I THINK THAT WE’VE REALLY TAPPED INTO SOMETHING THAT’S MAGICAL” Located 16 miles from Seattle, the leafy city of Redmond is known as ‘Microsoft Country’ (well at least that’s what the taxi driver risked our lives to explain whilst his body contorted an alarming 180 degrees to face us on the Interstate). Once inside Turn 10 towers you can tell they live and breathe Forza and have done for the past 10 years since the company’s inception in 2001. With a triple screened hydraulic racing pod in reception, their latest and greatest car renders lining the walls and Audi R8 lights (especially flown in from Germany) acting as a project barometer, it would be fair to say that Turn 10 Studios work and play hard.


As one of the first journalists in the world to play Forza Motorsport 4, even testing my skills (and my neck muscles) in the hydraulic pod, I can officially say the Turn 10 team have once again pushed the boundaries of 70 / RWDMAG.COM

gaming. With every track, every lap and every corner you can tell why the series has been rated so highly. Forza 3 amassed such rave reviews just about everywhere, so not only did the driving experience for the latest incarnation have to be immense but it needed to be innovative as well. That’s where the Kinect comes into play...


The purple ribbon just above the seductive 8-cylinder Ferrari 458 Italia that’s emblazoned on Forza Motorsport 4’s cover reads ‘Better with Kinect Sensor’, this means Team 10 Studios have used the bone tracking, Guinness world record breaking gadget to enhance several aspects of the game. “With the Kinect car experience, I think that we’ve really tapped into something that’s magical,” details Bill Giese, Team 10 Studio’s Lead Game Designer. “I think people of all ages can relate to it and it

gives you an emotional response. Being able to interact with it, in a way that we are letting people, is something that’s not done in magazines, it’s not done in television shows, it’s not even done on websites, so it’s kind of a first for this.”


Grabbing an imaginary steering wheel and taking an exotic supercar for a spin is an experience everyone should try as soon as they get their copy of Forza 4. A little weird at first, as you’re sat with your fist out in the air looking like a human armchair or you’re begging for change outside Sainsbury’s, the Kinect driving experience works very well.


“The second we had people simply just walk around a car, and every person we brought in, from old to young, they were immediately like ‘Oh wow, oh man,’” states Bill of the Kinect-enabled feature in which gamers can study the selected

vehicles up close. The ability to open the boot, walk up to and check out the rims and get in to start-up a car – I studied the Ferrari California in depth – is pure genius. With commentary from Top Gear’s opinionated Jeremy Clarkson this is a part of the game you’ll keep coming back to, even if it is just to hear a classic Clarkson insult.


One for the elite gamer – those with £200 Logitech Racing Wheels, driving gloves and recent scars from the laser surgery in which their Gran Turismo tattoo was removed – will be pleased to know that there’s a Kinect addition with your name on it. With Head-Tracking enabled you can to turn into corners that little bit better.

A WALK THROUGH TURN 10 REVEALS HIDDEN ARTWORK AND GAME EXCLUSIVES… NOT Just when we thought the Turn 10 team were joking when they said ‘We’ll have to leave a blanket over a few things,’ during our walkthrough we found just that. Blankets, black cloth and secret shielding material draped over blackboards, computers and entire areas of the studio. Although we desperately wanted to rip off the covering, take exclusive photos and await the consequences, we somehow refrained. However, we did see maps of the tracks, an overly expensive colour calibration TV (worth about $5,000 but looked like it was worth about £15) and a communal beer keg. Nice.

For the video interview with Turn 10’s Bill Giese and more Forza Motorsport 4 content check and 71


GAMES When the sun is at full pelt don’t you just love staying in and turning on a console? (Oh, just us then.)



Just when you thought he was dead and buried, resting peacefully in the plot between MiniDisc players and Opal Fruits, Duke makes an over the top entrance right back into our lives. With an arsenal that would put any third world country to shame, he’s big, bold and just as crude as ever. You begin on your quest to save the day almost straight away and anyone familiar with the series will know he doesn’t

take prisoners. When you’re not increasing your own ego to stay alive – by pumping weights, punching ugly unearthly chumps in the chin and doing steroids – you soon make sure those stupid aliens realise they picked the wrong planet to try and mess with. It’s almost embarrassing that so much fun can be gained from ridiculous one liners and shooting/ right hooking everything that moves.


The Volition Inc. boys know how to update a classic and what we like about these developers is that they actually listen to the community. They’ve worked hard to build a following so it makes sense to bring back what the following want; good free-roaming gameplay, easy customising carnage and a whole bunch of humorous antics. With each incarnation, the environments, the characters and the driving mechanics always seem to (at least) triple in quality and by the look of November-bound Saints Row the Third, they’ve done it again. With everyone at E3 getting a glimpse of the first troublesome trailers, expect big weapons, big vehicles and a whole heap of stuff they can barely get away with.


Drab at best.


Not only did this head-scratch provoking puzzler have one of the weirdest/ most innovative starts in mobile gaming history – receiving a simulated phone call from an app is a little disturbing by anyone’s standards – it was also fun and addictive; the perfect formula. For those who want to solve situations on the move, this is your game.

DIRT 3 Codemasters PC, PS3, Xbox 360

Continuing the tradition of games with great gameplay the DiRT series rolls out another classic with no exceptions. With new gymkhana mode the levels have gone up a gear and there are quite a few other little inclusions too and you soon realise this is a fastpaced, reputation chasing, obstacle smashing summer must have. Just try and take our copy, we dare you!

GAMING FACTS The first Duke Nukem game came out in 1991, it was available on the PC and since then there have been four versions (including ...Forever) not to mention spin off titles in their thousands. Duke Nukem Forever was originally announced in 1997, what took them so long? Colin McRae died in September 2007 in a helicopter accident. In November 2008 Codemasters released Collin McRae: DiRT 2 and in early 2010 it was announced that the ‘Colin McRae’ moniker was to be removed entirely from the front of DiRT 3. I think we liked it better with the legend’s name attached.



After he appears on ITV1’s prestigious Penn & Teller: Fool Us on 2 July – he still won’t reveal if the legendary duo were tricked or not magician and hypnotist Damien O’Brien is only getting started when it comes to ventures for 2011-12. The 26 year-old tells RWD how he relaxes and what else he has up his sleeve... words by Danny Walker image by Adrian Nettleship


What were you like at school? We can imagine this cheeky, chappy, all in people’s faces, making everyone’s homework disappear... I was quite quiet [laughs] I would hang around with all the sort of cool kids. I was always into my football and everything like that. I went to Thomas Tallis down in south east London. I use to do a lot of magic in the sixth form, that’s when the personality started coming through. Do you remember your first trick? Yeah, the first trick I actually ever did was someone took a card then signed it and I’d put it back in the deck somewhere and put a rubber band around it and as soon as I would throw the cards at the ceiling or the wall, that one card would be stuck there. So it wasn’t sorta anything like a Paul Daniels box set kind of thing. I was deprived; I never got one of them as a kid... hard times. Deep. What about your first big break? I did this party, then I got invited to the Brit Awards official after party with Dizzee Rascal, Kelly Clarkson and people like that. Tell us about some of the reactions you’ve had to your street magic? For example Alexandra Burke called you a ‘freak’... [Laughs] Yeah, that was a bit harsh but I understand when it’s like ‘Wow, that isn’t physically possible, how can you do that? You’ve got to be something not from this planet.’ But yeah, we get a lot of reactions like Akon running around

Daniels on your back? Never! Not even if I was paid £10 million (laughs). What else do you do? Are you a gamer? Ah, I’m a massive, massive gamer. I’m actually getting involved in a special celebrity group of 25 gamers. It’s a private group and we all just get to basically play games. We get exclusive copies of games first, it’s kind of a thing that you can sit there and brag about things all day on Twitter. I’ve always been more into fighting games though. Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat... Who is your character on Street Fighter? Ryu... or Akuma, With Akuma, I try not to play it with him too much as I’ll beat you too easily... and I’m not even bragging!

Unwind With... DAMIEN O’BRIEN


backwards and forwards in a room. And [after a card trick with] Nelly, at the end of it, when the cameras went off he was still checking his pockets for his card. Travie McCoy went crazy and Professor Green was just like ‘Ok?’ and I love that reaction when they just don’t know what to do with themselves, you’re kind of pushing them so I love both reactions. We can tell you’re passionate about your craft... Ahh, absolutely, it is passionate. I won’t name names but I know there are other magicians out there that don’t really care about it. They just do it as a paycheck. All they do, they don’t have skill, I know people like myself and Dynamo, we’ve got sleight of hand stuff as well. [Bad magicians] will only use gimmick stuff and they just get away with it. You have to have a passion and a skill level at the same time. So when it’s not all magic and card decks, how do you UnWind? Apart from getting tattoos obviously... I am addicted to the tattoos, I must admit. RWD notice some flaming cards on his right arm] We knew they’d be some cards somewhere... [Laughs] Yeah, has to be... I’ve got some Chinese writing on the back of my neck too, I always wonder if it says chicken chow mein, but it doesn’t. It does say ‘magic’. And you want to get more? Why don’t you get a massive Paul

So you must be able to tell us about Penn & Teller: Fool Us. Tell us... tell us!!! [Laughs] Unfortunately, I am not allowed to say due to contract but they said it was one of the ‘best performances’ they’ve ever seen, the style of the trick they said was one of the ‘best routines of that type of trick’ and the trick I’ve done, there’s quite a few different routines of it where I’ve made it totally different, so I just kind of put it to new levels really. Ok, we’ll wait for that then, and you have a DVD coming out? The first one is a trick [called ‘Sign Off’] with a good friend of mine called Leon Metcalfe. We came up with doing this vanishing of a signature from a card but made it jump to another but for

once just using two cards; so I’d be holding mine from a distance and just give it the slightest move, barely move and the signature would be gone off my card, turn it over, let him feel the card and straight away on his. The second one, we are in talks about right now, literally penning the concept still, but we are filming at the end of this month, beginning of July, all performance, basically you seeing me performing all around the country, in and out of shows, a bit of street magic... some hypnosis as well but I’m going to use a new twist as well, something that no one has but it’s going to be really good.

SUMMER SUMMER SUMMERTIME! Can you remember your best summer? My best summer was when I spent three years in Kos [we assume he means three consecutive summers not 1,095 days in a row]. There was a lot of drinking and a lot of partying. That was amazing, it was a huge experience going away, I think everyone should do that for one season. It just opens you up to loads of new things. It kind of gives you that independence, just going out on your own and it ain’t too dear either. And what about your worst? Probably the first summer that I spent back in the UK after [laughs]. or 75


FILMS As the big screen takes on some big summer blockbusters it would be nice to know which were the good ones, right? RWD at your service...

BAD TEACHER Sony Cert 15

It’s always great to see an actor comprise a role you’ve never seen them in before. In a delightful first, Cameron Diaz plays Elizabeth Halsey, a lustful moneygrabbing ‘teacher’, who goes out of her way to woo super-rich Scott Delacorte, played by her real life ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake. With Jason Sigel as a worthy supporting actor, Bad Teacher kicks the summer off nicely. (DW)

BRIDESMAIDS Universal Cert 15

Going into this movie I was already set with the pre-notion that this female-led comedy was a dreaded ‘chick-flick’ – I say dreaded because what dude REALLY wants to watch a romance-based tear-jerker? Wet ones that’s who. To be vaguely blunt it is a chickious flickious but an unconventional one at that. This Kristen Wiig written, Judd Apatow produced film is for the ladies but guys will definitely catch a laugh or two. (JG) 76 / RWDMAG.COM


This summer (Friday 15 July in fact) will see the final installment of the phenomenon that is Harry Potter. If the trailer is anything to go by, this finale is set to be packed with fights, falls, monsters, amazing special effects, epic music, and magic and stuff. The end of the fantasy world you’ve been escaping to for the past fifteen years – pretty damn gutting. If you’re one of the few who aren’t massive Potter geeks, you should probably watch it anyway... and hey, Hermione is pretty damn fit. See you at the cinema, yeah? (FD)

GIG GUIDE SOUTHPORT WEEKENDER @ BUTLINS, MINEHEAD 6-8 MAY Our gold deluxe suite got barely a minute of our attention for the duration of the three days; Southport Weekender proved once again why, year after year, people from all over the UK and even further afield come together to enjoy the best in house, garage, dubstep, R&B and more. Stand-out sets included DJ EZ’s old skool rave in the Funkbase Arena where Naughty By Nature also held their own (although a little too heavy on the 2Pac big ups boys). However, the impromptu chalet party that started in the early hours of Friday morning and ended late Saturday night 78 / RWDMAG.COM

was by far the highlight - not even a downpour held back the all night ravers. The extra revellers due to this year’s switch of location from Southport to Somerset meant that we were strong in numbers, as 6500 music lovers brought vibes each and every day (and night!) despite constantly warring with the coastal weather. Definitely a weekender every fan of good music and, more importantly. good vibes needs to head to. Southport Weekender presents Suncébeat 2 in Croatia. Tickets are available from Suncé


JULY 1 This Is Dubstep Plastician, Trolley Snatcha + more @ XOYO, London 2 Mike Hough @ 02 Academy, Ldn 1-3 Wireless Festival BEP, Tinie + more @Hyde Park, London 5 OFWGKTA @ Electric Ballroom, London

Dionne Bromfield @ Jazz Cafe, London 6 Black Eyed Peas @ Alton Towers, Staffordshire Ed Sheeran @ Scala, London 7-10 T In The Park Beyonce, Artic Monkeys + more @ Balado Airfield, Kinross

8-10 Wakestock Festival Kelis, Ellie Goulding, Example @ Abersoch, Gwynedd 10 Aloe Blacc @ Somerset House, London T4 On The Beach Jessie J, N-Dubz, Chipmunk @ The Beach, Weston-Super-Mare 11 Ice Cube @ Millennium Music Hall, Cardiff

12 Alex Clare @ King Tuts Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow 14 DMC UK DJ Final 2011 @ Scala, London 15 Snoop Dogg @ 02 Apollo, Man Mistajam, Heatwave + Sticky @ Fabric, London 15-17 Lovebox Festival @ Victoria Park

16 A-Trak @ XOYO, London 17 Erykah Badu @ 02 Academy, Brixton 21 N Dubz, Starboy Nathan @ 02 Academy, Liverpool 22 DJ Fresh @ Audio, Brighton

23 Live Fest Tinchy Stryder, Roll Deep, Tempa T + more @Indigo2, Greenwich Borgore, Doctor P, Flux Bavillion @ KOKO, London 31 One Love Festival Busta Rhymes, Skepta, Sean Paul + more @ Wembley Arena, London





Black Up Sub Pop Records

ARCTIC MONKEYS Suck It And See Domino Records

Alex Turner, Matt Helders and the other two return for their fourth studio album, the follow up to 2009’s lukewarm Humbug. When Turner’s not dissuading you from running ‘with scissors’, he’s juggling a variety of social situations (like wearing “comfortable shoes” on Piledriver Waltz) over sugary guitar-tinged pop/ rock. In a nod to the 2006 debut that put them (and Sheffield) on the musical map, this is a much needed revisit to Planet Form. Track to Check: Suck It And See (DW)

Coming straight out of Seattle, this collective serves up some ambient/outer space hip hop. The S.P. lads bring some cool concepts to the table with their unique beats, but the they seem to be lacking the final execution that could make this album enjoyable. Instead it’s run of the mill and you’ll find yourself skipping most of the songs. Even those dutty back-packing hip hop heads (me being one of them) would only give this a listen through only once. Track To Check: Are You... Can You... Were You? (Felt) (JG)

Fulham 2 Waterloo

(Dub Police / Submerged)

The King is back with a flurry of hits. 02 JOKER


The Vision

The Lateness Of The Hour

A banging summer anthem, great to see a full release finally.


This debut from Golders Green native and Island signed Clare arrived with high expectations, especially with the likes of Diplo and Switch attached to the project (Too Close and Up All Night). As much as I like a good mix and blend of folk vocals up against harsh beats and basslines, towards the end it just gets straight depressing. I’d stick to the singles if I were you. Track to Check: Too Close (NS)

(Bad Records)


Haunt Me


Representing real UK grime with conviction, Dot over-delivers. 04 BENTON

No-Ro-Fen (Wheel & Deal) Honest, pure, dirty stinkin’ dubstep to order. No condiments are required. 05 HATCHA & LOST

Albarsha (Sin City Records) Welcome to Tibet is the standout on this double sided, rare vinyl. 06 BOGORE

Foes (16BIT F~’K Hoes Remix) (That Filthy)




It’s Not The Same EP

Patiently Waiting Vol. 1




Ministry of Sound

Taking us back to the sounds of legends Sam Cooke and Otis Reading, this four track EP from the raspy soulful tones of Nottingham singer Liam is a reminder of classic soul, with a modernday twist. From It’s Not The Same to the spine tingling acoustic dubstep of Chase and Status hit Blind Faith’, this EP is definitely worth more than just one listen, especially if you’re feeling a mellow summers day. Shame that it’s just four tracks long. Track To Check: Older Than The Sun (TMF)

North London’s straight talking rapper Banks has gone in on this mixtape, alongside members of his Cream Block family, with English Frank, G-Money and more all spitting the realness. Predominantly produced by Westy and Show N Prove, don’t expect any over-rated US beats on here; it’s homegrown beats and grown ass bars. Yet another nod to the ever-growing UK hip hop scene, he’s not going to have to wait patiently for much longer. Track to Check: No Advice Ft. Squeekz and Joe Black (NS)

Esteemed journalist Joe Muggs and Ministry explore dubstep and bass music once again. In Vol. 2, the adventure gets more warped and less wobbly on the second of the double disc release - but that’s what adventure is all about surely? The first CD takes you through high levels of bass at full speed before the second winds you right down; if you’re interested in more than your generic dubstep bangers, this is for you. Track To Check: Evol Intent – Paradize City (Instrumental Dub) (NS) 80 / RWDMAG.COM

If you need reminding how aggressive and raw the scene is, then check out Bogore. 07 RESO

Boriken Groove (Promo)

A hybrid UKG track that fits into funky, dubstep before dipping its toes into breakbeat. Banging. 08 DJ PIONEER FT. E...

Stronger (Promo)

One of London’s hardest working funky DJ’s releases a proper power player. 09 RUSSO FT. DOT RO...

Bad Tonight (Yo Video)

A great feature alongside an exciting new British vocal talent. 10 DURRTY GOODZ

Don’t Ask Me (Inapeace)

Still one of the very best premier leagues MC’s in the game, if not one of the best ever.

INNA Hot 3 Beat


The self-titled album sounds as though James Blake, The xx and Burial have made sweet, experimental, musical love. Kicking off with Heatwave it’s simple male harmonies that we want to ride our bikes to. Featuring vocals from UK DJ Sampha, Hold On and Never Never are winning tracks complemented by Sampha’s Blake-like voice. This is poppy, experimental, chilled dubstep and we love it. Track to Check: Never Never (FD)

When electronic Eurocheese meets the pretty profile of Romania’s Inna, it leads to almost perfect results... however these are predominately in the video output from the singer. The lacklustre 12 track LP consists of club friendly Hot and worryingly addictive Sun Is Up, but it’s ultimately the same beat for 47 minutes. Imagine you were trapped in a club on the continent and all they played were generic dance loops for overweight fathers to dad dance to; that is Hot. Or, rather, not. Track to Check: Sun Is Up (DW)



Here Comes 2001, So Lets All Head For The Sun EP.

Man Or Machine


This LP is pretty much a snapshot of everyone doing their thing in the UK scene right now, from grime to rap to R&B and even indie. Tthe likes of Emeli Sandé, Scrufizzer, Black The Ripper, Random Impulse, Maxsta and even Jon McClure from Reverend and the Makers all make an appearance on the beatboxer’s debut. There’s something for everyone here and a chance to hear your favourite artists in a less familiar guise. Track To Check: Road Trip Ft. Ghetts (NS)

This talented Oxford quintet spread mad summer vibes; combining West-coast surfpop with psychedelic folk, they channel Fleet Foxes, The Beach Boys, MGMT and Animal Collective in a most interesting way. Opening with stunning four-part harmonies that fade into thumping drums before ending with Passages/Love In Action you’re left with a slower, darker, magical vibe that confirms their experimental ways. Track to Check: Uriel (FD)

Play Hard


Eschewing any fireworks or flash, Mrs. Carter simply puts it down on this album. I know there’s been a lot of mixed reactions – I’m personally not a fan of Girls either - but how anyone can’t see the massive levels of musical majesty here is beyond me. Stripped down, thrown-back, tentative in places this is real grown woman’s business as Beyoncé shows those other crazy pop tarts that less is absolutely definitely more. And not a sign of any euro R&B crap, no generic hits-for-hire rubbish and a vocal that at times might leave you breathless. YES! If you liked Adele’s 21, you should be backing this too. Track To Check: I Miss You and Party Ft. Andre 3000 & Kanye West (HC)


RoxXxann Ft. L & Benny Banks Tear (Polydor) Scorcher Ft. Loick Essien We Ain’t The Summer (Mixtape) Starkey Ft. Curly Castro Bricks (Free Download) Drake Marvin’s Room (Young Money) Jay Norton Fast Car/ Daddy’s Lambo (Youtube) Emeli Sande Daddy (EMI) Cher Lloyd Superhero (Syco) Professor Green Ft. Emile Sande Read All About It (Virgin) MellowHype 64 (OFWGKTA) Bigz Ft. Chipmunk, SAS, Sincere, G-Frsh, Smiler I Just Want The Paper (remix) (Fly Boy) Giggs Guess Who’s Back (White) Clement Marfo Vs. Smasher Take A Look (Rude Kid remix) (Warner) Kelly Rowland Motivation (Diplo Remix) (White) Nicola Roberts Sticks & Stones (A&M) SAS Ft. Chipmunk Ready (Streets All Salute) Dream Last Time (Heavy Artillery) Joker Ft. Jessie Ware The Vision (4AD) 50 Cent Outlaw (G-Unit)


FINAL WORD: JOHN KETTLEY Alongside Michael Fish and Ian Macaskill, John Kettley was that dude when it came to weather reporting in the ‘80s and ‘90s. Just ask yo momma. With this being the Summer issue, Hattie Collins asked the Great Man what we could expect this year in terms of some sun...

How are you John Kettley? I’m good thanks. I’m eating a biscuit. I’m eating an Alpen bar with a chocolate coating. That’s not technically a biscuit, is it John Kettley? No, that’s true. It’s a cereal bar. How is the weather today in your area? Well it’s London’s wettest day since I don’t know when. It must be about six months, mustn’t it [laughs]? But hopefully there’ll be some sun coming through shortly. The weather changing day to day is like my future changing all the time. It’s been an rollercoaster ride, after all those years when people use to watch me on television, I’m surprised that anybody reading your magazine will know who I am now. Has weather reporting changed a lot? Well yes; putting people like Michael on television – he wasn’t there for his good looks [laughs]! We were selected first and foremost because we could actually communicate, second, we didn’t look like the end of a bus and third we had some knowledge of the subject. I would like to 82 / RWDMAG.COM

think that is still the case but sadly there has been some dilution over the years. There’s more training on the job as it were. Tell us about your weather app? It will be on the iPhone and we’re hoping to get it launched within a month or so. It will give you things like about BBQ index of best days to have a BBQ in your part of the country. Things like weather events affecting sporting things like Wimbledon and also holidays as well. It’s definitely my take on how I think the weather is going to pan out five, six days ahead, whatever you might be up to wherever you’re living. Is it going to be a good/ bad summer? Well my feeling would be that because it’s been such a dry spring in many parts of the country or at least in the south east, that always makes me a little more fearful of how the summer’s going to pan out because I’m a great believer in averages when it comes to the weather. It was so dry that of course it has to rain sometime, so when it does rain, it has to rain for a long time and quite heavily. So my fear would be that

although there may be some lovely hot sunny days, I do think it’s going to look back on as it being a fairly ordinary summer overall because we’re going to counterbalance this dry feeling we’ve had. But we could be lucky You’ve been on puuuuuure game shows. What was the best? I did Weakest Link three years ago. Annie [Robinson], she’s always fancied me to bits so she was just looking at my body the whole time I was there [laughs]! Who’s the greatest Weatherperson? My inspiration was Jack Scott but you might not remember him. There was no point having an inspiration like Michael (Fish) or Ian McCaskill because you couldn’t copy them, they were unique in their own way. We don’t want a second Simon Cowell, we want the first of somebody else. So I wanted to go on there as the first John Kettley, remembered for making people smile at least.

RWD mag July 11  

RWD Mags Summer Special

RWD mag July 11  

RWD Mags Summer Special