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Love Is In The Air, All You Need Is Love, Love Makes The World Go Round, Love The Way You Lie, Love You Down, Love You No More, Love To Love, Do You Love Me, Is This Love... Ahh, Ell Oh Vee Eee. We write about it, sing about it, think about it, talk about it, hate it, love it, ignore it... Yet, we kind of can’t live without it. Whether it’s romantic love, unconditional love or love for Call Of Duty, love really is all around us, whether we want it to be or not. And what a sad old world this would be without it. Whether it’s love for a girlfriend/ boyfriend/ husband/ wife, love for your kids or love for your friends, that surge of blood around the heart when you see your other half, your goldfish Rover or your bestie is unbeatable. Without sounding too hippy, if people concentrated a bit more on love rather than money, oil and building big massive bombs, we might have less war, destruction and unhappiness in the world [Hats, you sound like a hippy: Deputy Ed] [Shut up Dan: Ed). Unfortunately, that’s not the way life goes, so make sure you make the most of everyone around you and take the time to tell people you love them. As it’s Valentine’s Day this month, we’ve gone all out on the love theme and asked everyone inside their thoughts on emotion, attachment and matters of the heart. Our cover star Jessie J - who we’ve loved for over a year now - fills us in on being 2011’s hottest new act and her love for making cheesecakes. Other ace acts like Katy B, True Tiger, Anna Calvi, Nero and Oh Land! also give us a heads-up on the loves of their lives, which include everything from trifle to kippers to art, while we also catch up with Mr. Who Dat, J Cole and the utterly brilliant Chase & Status. That’s it for this month, but lets us know what you love - and hate - about RWD. Send your thoughts to

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You gotta love a well-made margarita...!


24 year-old Tego Sigel from Brixton is the man behind’s recent overhaul. Putting up exclusive content every 1.4 seconds (approx), Tego who is “in love” with his iPhone (and also Arsenal, his nephew and music), has been working in music and mags since the age of 16. From Artrocker to RWD, he now throws up 25 stories a day over on our site and hopes to get an exclusive interview with Jay-Z one day (hey, don’t we all!). Check Tego’s brilliant work over at and follow him on 4 / RWDMAG.COM

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Thanks for your emails and messages this month - too bad our resident Love GP threw them out so he could hold a heart-soothing soul surgery in the middle of the office. WITTYBOY wins this Opera Bomber jacket - get yours, £70, from

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Dear Love GP, What would you do in this situation? Ok, my mate met a girl in a club, grindin’ on it all night, lipsing, etc., he gets back to his place after spending a good four hours in the club with her. Then they end up in bed and midpenetration she looks in his eye and says “Wait, you’re not Owen...” Looooool WITTYBOY (Producer) Dear WITTYBOY, So this ‘friend’ of yours... is he also a producer from Leeds? I’m gonna start by questioning ‘his’ morals, how drunk was this girl? Then I’m going to question why you find it funny? And lastly, do you have her number? Jokes aside, The Love GP wouldn’t have drunk himself into such a ridiculous situation; funny though. Dear Love GP, Love? Are you serious? Love doesn’t exist in 2011? Jamie Jamie, Jamie, Jamie!!! Are you ruthlessly single? 8 / RWDMAG.COM

Have you spent the last three Valentine’s Days watching episodes of 24 with your cargo shorts around your ankles? Wake up and smell the future, buddy. I can officially tell you it doesn’t smell like Vaseline. Dear Love GP, I’ve got one for you. Back in college this girl was running around claiming to be sleeping with this MC called ‘Random Impulse’; It’s obvious that she clearly didn’t know what he looked like. I know this because she bragging about it to me and my friends!!! Lol Random Impulse (Artist) Mr. Impulse, What are you like, eh? Sleeping with young girls and then ignoring them when they turn up at your college. Tsk tsk tsk. We hope you wore protection. Only joking, we hope you put that young woman straight. Random, very random indeed. RWD’s Love GP, I really really fancy this boy on Twitter. I kinda know him but the only contact I have is via Twitter, but he doesn’t follow me. How can I get his attention without letting everyone see? Anon Dear Anon, Thanks for your email. Start @mentioning him and drop him a couple of RTs here and there. Not too much though. You don’t want to come off like a Ronnie Mitchell-type crazy. By March, not only

will he reciprocate your follow, he’ll be tweeting from your lap(top). Yo Love GP... I once had sex with a girl who smelt like Xmas. But it was in June. Which is weird isn’t it? Example (Artist) [Disappointed tone] Elliot Gleave, only you could come up with such a bizarre query. June? Hot summer’s day was it? Are you sure that was the whiff of Christmas. Anyway, get a check-up ASAP. Ps – Loved your album BTW. Dear Love GP, One Valentine’s Day I spent money on a very nice place to eat, done all the flowers and new shoes for the lady, then went back to the expensive hotel at 2am and when it was time to get down to business, damn!!! I forgot the condoms I was sooooo angry!!! ... and the shops were closed, let’s just say it was not a good look for me at all lol. Sincere (Artist) Sincere, I don’t know where to start with this one; congratulations for pulling out all the stops. It’s just a shame your bus broke down just outside the garage. There’s always this year.


We catch up with Dagenham’s Devlin to find out what makes his heart beat faster… “I love The Discovery Channel. I think TV’s pretty crap these days, there ain’t much on. If I’ve got a bit of downtime, TV makes me sick man. Especially at 12 o’clock and all you’ve got is Poker. That’s a liberty. What do you pay your license for? I like interesting facts. There’s always something interesting on he Discovery Channel, from Einstein, to time travel to Krakatoa. I pick up a lot of interesting facts. In terms of people I love, it’s got to be family; they’re my favourite people in the world. I couldn’t pick out one of them as my favourite though. As for girls, well, I always say Megan Fox, she’s a beautiful girl. And Carol Vorderman – she’s a golden oldie! She’s a GILF!” Let It Go Ft. Labrinth is out 31 Jan. Dev tours in February.



RWDMAG.COM USERS CAST THEIR VOTE Each month we give you the chance to answer our Quick Question. This month: What will

you be doing this Valentine’s Day?

Getting with someone else’s partner (cos that’s how you roll) (0%)

Quick shuffle before bed, standard (0%)

Nothing/ not bothered/ really not fussed/ broke/ long (42%)

Chilling with the missus (or hubby) (42%)

Double M Says “ “Chilling with the missus. I’m gonna take the day off and romance her properly.”

Partying or getting Vijazzled (or both) (0%)

Kayleigh LFC Says “Nothing. It’s not a case of being broke, but who can be arsed with all that nonsense.”

Probably have a hot date (Nandos, Pizza Express, Chicken Cottage, etc.) (15%)


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> Lil Kim Black Friday Nicki Minaj Diss > Skepta Frisco > Eminem Cocaine Ft. Alicia Keys > Katy Perry E.T. Ft. Tinie Tempah > Dr Dre Topless Ft. Eminem & Nas VIDEOS > Tiesto Vs. Diplo Cmon Catch Em By... > Lethal Bizzle Pow 2011 > Skepta Mike Lowery > Chipmunk Champion Ft. Chris Brown > Skepta & Chipmunk Hang Out In Miami..


> Miss Ultimo Jade Ewan Boots Lingerie... > Lacoste Launch Varsity Inspired Range... > VA-G X G-Shock East Xmas Special > The UK’s Premiere Streetwear Brands Unite For Two Day Sale > Win Tickets To The G-Shock Secret Wars...


CHEYENNE REVIEWS Chipmunk’s Ft. Chris Brown Champion “Who would of thought that UK grime artist Chipmunk would collaborate with C-Breezy? It’s said to be Chipmunk Ft. Chris Brown, yet it seems to be the other way round, seeing as Chris has way more vocals on the track, but then again I suppose the shots of Chipmunk’s head shape make up for that! Better yet with a chin like that, he should really avoid those side shots! The aim of this track is to hit back at all the people that have slated them, and in my opinion Chris Brown comes out top with his lyrics. He’s seen chillin’ in a dark hole, where he drops his deepest lyrics yet, portraying how he was feeling at the time when the shocking incident hit the headlines, leaving him full of regret. Champion is a sick tune, with powerful lyrics; no way am I condoning what Chris did, but maybe everyone deserves a second chance?”


1. @FEMFEL WHILE YOURE WAITING PLEASE RETWEET AND READ MY RWD INTERVIEW. @RWDmag interview with me... 2. @OfficialMaxsta @RWDmag I’ve only gone and spelt honoured wrong lol wot a life 3. @itsYasmin Re-e-wind RT @RWDmag: Yasmin On My Own (Steve Smart & Westfunk Extended Edit)...



1. @RWDmag Someone broke into our office over Xmas n tagged the wall, but 4got to jack the dre beats headphones on the desk 2. @RWDmag Just had an exclusive listen to @RealDurrtyGoodz ‘stadium grime’ album, Overall. People aren’t ready for this! 3. @RWDmag We’ve got some MASSIVE plans this year, should be a good one. Plus it’s gonna be our 10TH birthday in September.



Seeking some self-improvement in her life, journo, consultant, blogger and mentor, Chantelle Fiddy (tries to) find a life. This month: Love in the first degree One man who’s yet to break my heart is Jody McIntyre, one of the most fearless mo fo’s I’ve ever had the pleasure of not beefing with. You may have heard his name in the news back in December, after a policeman dragged him from his wheelchair during the student protests. Disssssssrespect. On the plus side, having captured the public and media’s attention, he’s now blogs for The Independent newspaper. Jody’s passion for issues doesn’t rest with the increasing cost of education. Born with Cerebral Palsy, 21 year-old McIntyre’s always been about highlighting the inequality faced by disabled people and showing you can stand up and be heard, even if you spend more time sitting down. One recent video he posted highlighted how backwards and ill-resourced London’s underground network is when it comes to rolling in a wheelchair. According to McIntyre it’s easier to get around a developing country on two wheels than our own capital. Having already taken himself around South America and ventured to Gaza, to join in the ongoing battle to free Palestine from illegal occupation, he’s also garnered acclaim for his international lecture tours with Lowkey, a rapper who holds many a cause close to the mic. So, It’s not hard to see where the love comes from (no Black Eyed Peas). I love Jody because he’s less about the talking and more about the action. As his former editor at Live Magazine, I remember when he first decided to head to Gaza with the likes of George Galloway on an aid convoy. Despite the blockades, physical struggle, confrontation and tear gas, he’s since returned a number of times. His three-month tour of South America, although more personal, also saw Jody (much to the dismay of his family) just going with the flow. Still a believer in human kindness, he utilised popular traveller service couch surfer (which involves sleeping on various strangers sofa’s with a promise you’ll return the favour one day). He even ventured into the desert for a few nights. Alone. Also a keen lyricist, poet, partygoer and man about town, my good friend Sam once described Jody as the most “able bodied man you’ll ever meet”. With that in mind, there’s little more to do than raise a glass full of love to Jody and all those taking on 2011 – whatever she may bring. and read Jody’s work at and




Wayne shows his soft side with Jeremy Scott’s latest sneakers... Already a big fan of Jeremy Scott’s sneaker designs, Weezy was the first to rock the Missouri designers’ brand new line for adidas at a BET New Year’s Eve show in New York this month. Wayne chose to team the latest in the Jeremy Scott adidas Original line - the amazing Jeremy Scott adidas JS Teddy Bears - with brown fingerless gloves, a BBC varsity jacket and brown shades. While these sneaks might be more for the sartorially adventurous among us, now they have Wayne’s seal of approval expect to see the entire world rocking these cuddly creps on a street near you. From his winged high tops to his triple-tongued JS3’s, it looks like the sky’s the limit for this credible collaboration with the sportswear brand and one of the fashion’s most exciting designers…


While the UK’s urban music scene has broken all boundaries over the last few years and become a global force, the UK’s independent streetwear scene is still relatively underexposed... This is set to change with a growing selection of brands developing cult followings. Easy access to T-shirt printing and e-tail stores has allowed what was once a prohibitively expensive business to be accessed by young creatives. “What is British streetwear? So many brands claim to be this and jump on the bandwagon for the ounce of credibility it gives them, even though they are just mass produced high street regurgitations,” points out Tim Hoad from King Apparel. “Real streetwear are those brands started independently, grown from the underground scene and run by people who live and breath the culture. The last six to seven years has seen tonnes of brands come and go, but the cream always rises and I’d say there are now a handful of true UK streetwear brands that are at the forefront of this creative movement. It’s an exciting time to be involved,” Tim continues, “because other countries and cultures are increasingly looking to the innovative British youth and subculture for inspiration and direction; from fashion, to music and style, plus these brands are right in the centre of the whole process. The possibilities in this ever-shrinking world are endless and given the opportunity I truly believe that UK streetwear can make a lasting international impression.” Finding stockists is still problematic, although there are a few high street stores - MASH, Global Sports, JD and Robot Bunny - and pop-up stores such as The Reset @ Nike’s 1948 store, Crep City and Off The Radar. However a collaboration between the brands has seen a monthly pop-up store in east London’s Brick Lane which has opened to critical acclaim. With a diverse set of brands on rotation, DJs, competitions and free drinks courtesy of Red Bull, the first event on the 8-9 January proved a winning combination. For information on forthcoming events keep your eyes glued to



We catch up with the I Need You Tonight singer to find out why he spent £1200 on a suit... Hello Ed Drewett. How would you describe your style please? Somewhere between sporty and suited. Best of both hopefully (laughs). Favourite item of clothing? My Chinoooooooo’s. High Street or designer? I’m never really fussed. If I see something I like, whether it be Oxfam or Saville Row, I’ll buy it. Who do you consider a style icon? I’ve always loved Mr. Timberlake’s dress sense; smart, comfortable yet slick and cool. What’s the most you’ve spent on a single item of clothing? I spunked £1,200 on a Prada suit for my 21st. Then I got p*ssed and lost the bloody tie! They should put tracking devices on those things. Biggest crime againgst fashion? Probably being born. I know nothing about fashion! What’s hot - and not - on a woman? I don’t like it when a girl is blessed with a little too much ass, trying to wear clothes made for girls cursed with too little ass. It’s grim; mirrors were invented a long time ago. What’s new with Ed in 2011? We’ll see the push of the ‘Ed Drewett’ project. The first single might be If I Ruled The World but I’ve written around 130 songs in the past two years, so we shall see. I’m taking it all in my stride and dealing with the highs and lows as they come.


Known for his incredibly innovative design, Hussein Chalayan counts everyone from Björk to Kanye West as fans of his avant garde, experimental approach to fashion. The award winning designer, who was born in Turkey, made a huge splash when graduating from leading London school, Central Saint Martins, after he dug up a collection of clothes he’d buried in his backyard. ‘The Tangent Flows’ was bought and sold at luxury design store, Browns, and since then Chalayan has gone on to be considered one of fashion’s most artistic creatives with his skirts that turn into tables and dresses that light up. Normally a little out of our financial league, thankfully he’s joined forces with PUMA to create an amazing new line, exclusive to Selfridges. PUMA’s Urban Mobility collection encompasses apparel, footwear and accessories, with a Chalayan multi-functionality twist to many pieces. There’s a jacket that turns into a bag, a hooded rucksack, that also contains umbrella, phone and laptop compartments, while the T-shirts embrace the MBE awarded designer’s love for texture, form and pattern. Footwear-wise, expect an an array of materials, as both the men and women’s collection use suede, full-grain leather and nylon textile. With such innovation and creation that combine PUMA’s technical excellence and Chalayan’s next-level creativity, this collection is ideal for those whose lifestyle is on the go. Put your best foot (fashion) forward at Selfridges from 1 February or visit 15

ENOUGH ALREADY: Audley Harrison

For the 1000s in attendance and the millions reading around the world, ladies and gentlemen, LLLLLET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE TAKE THE P*SS OUT OF THAT IS AUDLEY HARRISON... words by NAM image by Artjaz

Before we weigh into the 18 stone mess, who embarrassed himself at the hands of a far more superior boxer, David Haye, we have to apologise to Michael Buffer (where is he now anyway? Doing annoying voiceovers for Just For Men adverts? Introducing midget wrestling in Mexico, perhaps?) Anyway, sorry for any association that may occur after we customised your world famous catchphrase to set the scene. As graceful as you are though, I’m sure even you will admit that Twiglet-haired Harrison has had better days. Since his Commonwealth and Olympic Gold wins in 1998 and 2000 respectively (to be fair, we are proud of you for that), what has he done? Apart from cleaning several canvases with his chin? Although he has had many low moments – landing just ONE feeble, girly half-punch in the Haye massacre, being ruthlessly knocked-out EVERY TIME he’s considered a title contender and barely winning that Prizefighter competition in ‘09 – his lowest was trying to bring 41 year-old Frank Bruno out of retirement in 2003 to redeem his OWN carcrash of a career. “This is my destiny,” he said at a press conference. “On 13 November Audley Harrison will be champion of the 16 / RWDMAG.COM

world and of that there is no doubt.” Champion of the world? Champion of the world? CHAMPION OF THE WORLD? He should be crowned champion of getting knocked the f*ck out. We can imagine him sitting on a throne too; as long as that throne is a toilet. There is nothing left for Audley Harrison now so why isn’t he retiring? Everyone around him is adamant he should give up the day job. “I’d never show my face again if I fought like that,” respected British and Commonwealth champion Dereck Chisora stated after that fatal third round in November. “It was pathetic. He disgraced himself and he disgraced British heavyweights, he shouldn’t get paid the reported million pounds he is earning after that shambles.” Harsh but true. He should take his reported million and go into hiding and only return when he’s removed the taste of Haye’s gloves from his mouth... and that could take a while. After watching that “three-dimensional beating” (as Haye put it, being the first live fight broadcast in 3D) it’s clear that the undeserved money would be best spent on a good long time reflecting on past achievements when he actually made the country proud and maybe training the next generation of Bruno, Haye and, yes, Harrisons...


After hunting high and low for RWD’s Puma King Pro the search came to a halt when we stumbled across 16 year-old football star Aaron Collins. Much like the Puma King Finale he’s bright, talented on the pitch and looks cool in front of the camera. Behold, the new King... THE UNLUCKY LIST Some of the competition entrants who didn’t quite make it... Joe Bryan “I need these please, my old boots are called The Old Stin ‘King’ I could do with a New King” Steve ‘Stoned’ “RWD, you need to hook me and my team up!!! [Picture removed for reputation purposes].”

Name: Aaron Collins, 16 Nickname: AJ... Position: Centreback Team: I’ve been playing for Genesis since I was seven and I’m going to be joining Shirley Town soon. They’re a much bigger team and a couple of my mates play for them as well. Reason For Winning: Imagine getting all of that Puma King

stuff, I love King boots. All my mates will think I’m better than I am too, with all the gear! Maybe I won’t get megged so many times. Footballing Highlight: We won the League Cup with Genesis, that was great. Biggest ‘Taxi’ Moment: I get nutmegged all the time at school. Don’t even get me started [laughs], I play

football at lunch and the ball is always getting put through my legs [laughs]. Last Game: We won 3-1. It was a tournament final, so that was good. What will you be doing with all of your Puma King Finale boots (a pair every month for a year, that is serious)... doing the business on the pitch. I might have

to give a few pairs to my mates and my dad has got an eye on a pair too. I also got loads of Puma King tops, a massive holdall, trainers, a yellow Puma King top, a white top, a tracksuit, jumpers and a pair of shorts... oh and two pairs of socks and... [at this point RWD get jealous and walk away].


In the first of our diary series catching up with the artists, DJs and producers we can’t get enough of, Nardene Scott hears from the UK’s current dubstep darling, Katy B, as the Columbia signed singer recalls her journey from JD to the top of the charts...


‘ve always wanted to be a successful singer but I didn’t think it would be like now. Thinking back before singing became full time I had a few jobs, at Nike in Brixton we used to get mad characters all the time - I love Brixton! Then I got a transfer to Lewisham JD where the stock room was like four flights of stairs up... but I probably had good leg muscles from working there! Then I worked in the hairdressers and I was just awful at washing people’s hair, I would just get it down their neck and face, so I’ve done a few things before music. I remember the first PA I did, it was in a garage rave in Scala. I was 16 or 17 and I remember I wasn’t supposed to be in there, I was just hoping that they wouldn’t ask me for I.D. I really enjoyed it though and I definitely thought then that this is what I want to do. Over at Rinse the team are all pretty tight, Zinc is pretty sane but Benga, Skream and Artwork are just larger than life! Benga, he likes a drink, I think he drank a whole bottle of Sambuca in the studio and then went on to do a DJ set...I literally had like that much Tequila (around half a glass) and I was just swaying around in the booth, but they’re soldiers. There’s no chance I’ll be running to the US to work any time soon. I love American music, don’t get me wrong, a lot of the music that I listen to is American. There are so many talented artists out there but I think at the moment, there is a lot of 20 / RWDMAG.COM

UK talent so there’s not really much point in me really getting on a plane and going all the way to LA, when I could get on a bus or maybe get on my bike (laughs). So 2011 is going to be another busy year for me and also there’s two new Rinse signings, Jamie George, he teams up a lot with Roska, I’m listening to a lot of his stuff because he’s making an album so there’s a lot of demo’s floating around. P Money is the other signing that I’ve been listening to, a lot, I really like him because he MC’s over a lot of dubstep, it’s like his thing so I hope he gets to come on tour with me, which is coming up soon. Seriously, I would have an orchestra with me, if I’m allowed, if it’s in the budget. I’d love to put on a massive show because it’s kind of disappointing sometimes when you go and see someone and you can see they’re not that bothered. The album is basically 95% finished, there’s loads of D&B, grime, funky house on there, mainly produced by Geenus and Zinc. My funky single Lights On, proves that that kind of music is still getting played but the scene just didn’t seem to crossover. So you know, I’m bringing the underground to the overground! Lights On is out now and Katy B’s headline tour starts in April go to for more information.


I remember Max from 1Xtra tried to hook me up with Devlin and it just started this whole long thing so I don’t know whether I want to start it again. There is one actor that I love, James Franco. It’s his smile, he has this like smirk thing; I don’t really fancy celebrities but him - yep!



For the sneaker head who likes a bit more freshness, cushioning and vibrancy to their footwear game we’ve hooked up with Sportswear giants ASICS, and their SportStyle collection, to give away THREE pairs of Gel Lyte III. Inspired by the ‘80s running boom and packed with Gel technology that brings the hint of professional performance to the high street all you have to do is email (subject: ASICS) and you’ll be in the running to get yours... Check for more.


“I’m in limbo land,” laughs 23 year-old Falbo who grew up in Dorset, studied in Manchester and is now contemplating a move to our Nation’s capital, which she describes as ‘The Big Smoke’. “I actually got into skating when the council built a new skatepark in our hometown and so everybody at school got into it. We lived and breathed skateboarding 24/7.” Whilst in the process of finally finding her feet she’s managed to appear in critically acclaimed DVDs such as SkaterGirl, run her own well-liked blog (, which is “a juxtaposition of style, skate, and music,”) and linked up with the Nikita Clothing team appearing in their latest catalogue. “My first trick was a rock fakie on the Volcano. SCARY,” the hat fanatic says of her early beginnings before explaining how she was the only girl in the village to stick to skateboarding. “A group of girls started with me. We had a good little girly crew but eventually it was just me and the boys. I didn’t think anything really, I just carried on. All my friends would come and hang out at the skatepark anyway, even those that had never stepped on a board. It was the place to be. Sherborne Skatepark!” As the Harry Enfield and Chums, momma’s lasagne and Amaretto and Coke connoisseur reminisces the good and the bad (“my first serious injury was tearing a ligament in my foot. It still haunts me today,”) she fills us in about what actually inspired her to stick with all things skate. “I watched a female skate video called AKA Girl Skater and it changed my life,” the Rihanna fan smiles. “Those girls were my heroes; Amy Caron, Vanessa Torres, Elissa Steamer. I had it on repeat daily.” She may have heroes but what about other ladies? Are they hitting the ramps hard? “The UK scene is actually really strong,” she says proudly. “As If, And What? by Rogue Skateboards is an amazing movie that shows the scene well. It’s mad how good the girls in the US are getting. Finally female skateboarders seem to be getting the respect and attention they deserve.” With big backing (“Nikita had always been my favourite brand, I’ve still got all the childhood stickers all around my room at my parents, so it was a dream come true to be involved with the team and the catalogue,”) an eye for style (“I have a great interest in subcultures and the styles they adopt,”) and her goals for this year confirmed (“I hope to film more and create more,”) all she needs now is... to meet Rihanna. “Yeah, Rhi Rhi for sure,” she answers swiftly when given the choice of a day with legend Tony Hawk or the Bajan beauty. “A night out with Rhi Rhi would be great... she doesn’t mess about. I’d show her my hat collection. I’ve got a gold sequin one similar to the one she’s rocking in her Rude Boy video.”


Born Daniel Thomas in London’s east end, Marger began making moves into music at the age of 17. Hooking up with bad boy producer Rude Kid, people started checking for him with the street smash Not Again. Despite making his mark, he took a two year break to really up his lyrical game, coming back hard in 2008 with the Scumbags mixtape. With Logan and Westwood backing him, last year’s Flow Flood firmly established the grime rhymer as one of the main MC’s to watch in 2011, while his freestyle alongside Merky Ace and Kozzie on Sama’s Chosen Ones KISS FM set raised the roof with listeners. Watch out for a new single, One To Watch, produced by up-and-comer Sibling, from the 19 year-old this February, and pick up a copy of the EP Kushwave from (SA)


photography by Tao Ruspoli

Chilled out Maria Falbo is known for skateboarding the hardest, blogging all things style/ fashion and looking good in the Nikita clothing catalogue. She tells Danny Walker why that’s just the tip of the iceberg...



Odd Future aka Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All are the young Californian collective made up of hip hop MCs and producers, artists and skaters who are gaining the attention of everyone from Rolling Stone to Fader and The NY Times. A succession of YouTube videos, virals and self generated blog hits has garnered them a cult status with masses of die hard fans. Their lyrics are disgustingly offensive, their beats incredibly infectious and their success inevitable, all of which makes us love them massively. Tyler The Great at 19 spearheads the group, designing artwork, directing videos as well as producing and rapping, but despite GZA and Mos Def being fans, the complex punchline spitter still refuses to rap about being in VIP - he’d rather talk about eating cereal whilst watching cartoons. Download their mixtape Radical from their site, though if you’re expecting blurb on there, the best you’ll get is ‘F$ck A Trak List With Titles’/ Told you they were rude! (NS) 23




Nardene Scott speaks to newcomer Blynk (formerly known as Underground Soundz) about the stream of dubstep refixes he’s been creating of late...

As well as studying Music Production in Manchester, this ambitious 19 year-old Midlander found a way into the music scene by acting as a sound engineer for some of the city’s hottest underground talent, including R.I.O, Connect 4 and Shifty. That’s not even the beginning of Sam Pemberton’s story though, having been in music since his early teens. His take on dubstep is a relatively new foray for him. “Originally, I started off doing hip hop. When I was a teenager everyone listened to 50 Cent, so I started doing that before slowly moving into my own style.” He’s glossing over things a little on the hip hop front though; a few days later he’s telling Twitter that he’s created tunes for Remy Ma and G-Unit. He’s a dedicated fan of UK music though, whether that’s the dubstep/D&B side of things like Lungs, Numan and James Blake, or the grimier side of life like JME and Wiley. Blynk knows how to put his atmopspheric, bass-inflicted slant on things too. “As soon as Pass Out came out, I was like I need to do something to that,” he says of his first remix. His reggae tinged D&B take on the biggest track of 2010 led to him taking Pendulum’s The Island down an eerie synth dub road, and when it came to David Morales I Make You Gaga, things got seriously dark. Despite the aforementioned mostly being produced as entries for remix competitions, they quickly attracted interest from others. “Dotstar asked me to do a remix for the single,” he says of the skippy dubstep rendition of Killing Me.” Next up is “A free EP with Rub The Ego, which is a collaboration with Evo Thieves and Rub A Dub Dub, that’s coming out pretty soon,” he reveals. You can also expect the Birmingham teen’s basic bedroom studio set up to churn out a further EP on indie imprint, Rankadank Records this year. and


24 year-old Lewisham living MC Ruinz Ason has been making music since getting an Atari at the age of eight. Now the Lauryn Hill, Klashnekoff and Kanye fan is hoping to follow in the footsteps of his influences and change the UK rap game by “bringing back reality, with music and subjects real people can relate to.” His most recent mixtape Hoodstarz and Villains merges old skool soul with a “modern electronic retro sound. A lot of my music is built around concepts. I like to paint a picture with words from both a hero and a villain’s perspective. I embrace the balance.” Having supported Ms. Dynamite and reached the finals of UK Unsigned, latest single Callin’ is now getting a load of play on Flava and Ason is looking forward to more than making his mark in 2011. “I think getting to the point where I am today is a big achievement in itself; people recognising what I do is a major reason I continue to go in so hard.” Hoodstarz And Villains is available for free now, Callin’ is on iTunes. (HC) 24 / RWDMAG.COM


OH LAND! Danish singer Oh Land! has already caught the beady eye of super producer Pharrell, while her recent single topped the charts on domain de jour, Hattie Collins meets the 25 year-old in London to talk about wolves, the sun and trifle... ‘I feel like my main influence isn’t music but film and visual arts. I feel like when I watch art and films, I make the music for what I’m seeing. It’s almost like musical interior decoration. I try and imagine what it looks like and that’s what I talk about in the song,” says Nanna Oland Fabricus of her method of making music, for which she draws inspiration from filmmakers like Tim Burton and David Lynch. In the same way as fellow Scandinavia singers like Lykke Li, Robyn, and Björk, Oh Land!, with her surrealist wordplay and outlandish dress sense (“I like to wear a skirt around my neck sometimes”), could definitely be described as ‘kooky’. Songs like Son Of A Gun are about the sun never rising again (she got fed up of it after three months in LA), while Wolf & I reflects on a relationship between a wolf and the moon who have to hide their affair from the jealous sun. But for the girl who grew up around an opera singer mum and organist dad, in the country where Hans Christian Anderson wrote fables like The Little Mermaid, this is perhaps not so odd. “I grew up with the theatre very close to me because of my mum, and I went into the Royal Ballet school when I was 10, so I was used to big stories like Swan Lake and Giselle. I think from when I was very young I learnt to see through the spectacle of the performances and see what it was all about, so I think that has stuck with me.” Plus, she says, all of the songs are a direct result of things that have actually happened in her life. “With Son Of A Gun that absurd thought about the sun not coming up again inspired this love story about a person that you depend on but it’s still a

symbol of danger. It’s very direct from my own life, but often there’s some kind of fantasy element.” It certainly seems to be a formula for success. Spotted at South By Southwest in 2010, she’s so far been tipped by The NME, The New York Post, had two No.1’s on Hypem and is officially one of the most written about artists on the Blogosphere in 2010. The former professional ballet dancer and her Scandi-electro-pop is winning fans over left, right and off of centre. “I’ve written two songs with Pharrell, who got in touch with my label after hearing some stuff. It was amazing, but very different,” she says of working with Skateboard P and Chad Hugo in Miami. “I’m not used to listening to urban music, cos that’s not where I’ve come from, so I thought it was amazing to write with someone who was that different. I think it’s amazing to meet superstars and then the minute you make music, there’s no hierarchy - the music takes the lead.” That track won’t be appearing on her new album, due out later this year, which has been produced by British duo Dan Carey (Franz Ferdinand, La Roux) and Dave McCracken (Beyoncé). “They understood my references and got into my head and explored the crazy world of Nana,” she laughs of the album stuffed with glockenspiels, omnichords and other sorts of musical oddness. “It’s like with fashion; I like things that have a fantastic or surreal or twisted element but never shocking. It inspires me and makes me smile.” The Wolf & I is out in March followed by Sun Of A Gun in May.


“I have many loves in my life. I love trifle! I just got introduced to it in London. It was homemade and it was how I imagine my grandma would make it if she could make trifle. I love food and I feel like it revolves around a lot of my experiences in life. Like ‘Oh that was the night I had that amazing potato dish in Poland’. One thing I haven’t understood here yet is Marmite. I thought it was going to be sweet like jam and it wasn’t so that made it more horrific. It was just all wrong.”




Love is in the air...or is it just silly teenage infatuation being exploited by big corporations so they make a quick pound or two? Well whatever it is, how about you switch up your Valentine’s Day game and surprise your significant other with these delightful headphones... Words by Jerry Gadiano


( or Urban Outfitters, £50) Available in a zillion colours (which would put the rainbow to shame) this is the perfect his or her gift for the day of love. Why not listen to music together with matching headphones in perfect harmony, then people will be like ‘Aww don’t they look cute together’... Yuck, pass the sick bucket... NOW!!! Buyabilty: Cheap, cheerful and colourful. Longevity: They’ll last as long as your relationship. Just make sure you keep them less dirty though. J Factor: Throw any dull headphones under a bus, the future is bright... the future is Plattan.


(, £149) Pioneer has introduced two new limited colourways for their popular HDJ-1000 headphones. Now available in both black and gold if you haven’t got these yet, they’re the perfect excuse to cop for yourself (or a loved one). Buyability: Definitely not for those who do the lastminute. com purchase. Longevity: These last quite a long time so if you get a pair of 1000’s for your partner, your love will be like Celine Dion and Titanic ‘It will go ooooon’. J Factor: The striking colours will leave tongues wagging and questions being asked, ‘Where can I get myself a pair of those?!?!’


(, £199.99) Boasting some super-duper high-definition sound quality and built with durability in mind – meaning this sh*t won’t snap or lose sound in one ear like some other dead out headphones – V-Moda’s Crossfade LP is one that will definitely give Dr Dre and Monster headphones a run for their money. Also the design looks über-slick. Buyability: Very costly, but then again can you put a price on love or the opportunity to ‘get some’? Longevity: Like we said before, built to last... unlike the average celebrity relationship then. J Factor: Just like that dude at the bar that’s been chatting up your girl, someone is bound to get jealous. 28 / RWDMAG.COM



(, £169.95) The box reads ‘The Sound is the Emotion Between Us’. How wet is that? You know what though fellas, if you get these for your girl you’re guaranteed some extra lovin’ on Valentine’s. Cause what doesn’t say ‘I love you’ better than a prepubescent mopped haired man-child singing ‘Baby, baby, baby,’ and his new headphone range? Buyability: Justin Bieber and Dre are dancing their arses all the way to the bank. Longevity: As long as you don’t go off the colour, these sonically-rich headphones will last a while. J Factor: The only person you and everyone else should be jealous of right now is Justin Bieber.

After buying one of these for her/ his headphones, you better get some lovin’…


(Panasonic, £39.99) Panasonic’s HX45 is an upgrade from their HX40 product. Developing better sound and design quality this is the best way to say to your new girlfriend or boyfriend you are an upgraded version from your ex. Just make sure you get them a shiny new iPod to go with as well. Buyability: Affordable and decent looking, that’s exactly what you want from these middle market miracles. Longevity: Good sound quality, comfortable on the ears and more reliable than your significant other. It’s a win-win situation. J Factor: Even if they are hating, you bloody well can’t hear them anyway.


GOOD: Apple iPod nano (, £131.00)16GBs of MultiTouch madness with a belt clip... big!!!

SWAG: NanoWatch Strap (, £16.99) A watch strap for the above. Nice or sh*t??? The latter.


(, £429.99) In a bid to take on the fourth version of ‘you know what’ from ‘you know who’, the Android 2.3 OS (also known as Gingerbread?!?!) running Nexus S from Google is a phone which is more than smart. The 4” Super AMOLED touch screen is crisp, clear and vibrant. The feisty 1GHz processor seamlessly finds information from within the 16GB memory and also facilitates gaming, web surfing and the lovely FREE navigation software provided by Google Maps. Add the 5MP autofocus camera (with LED flash of course) this is a lightweight and instantly loveable alternative to a BlackBerry, HTC Desire HD or that phone that shall remain nameless... (the iPhone 4 for those who haven’t guessed yet). (DW)

LOVELY: Kindle 3G (, £152.00) Read, listen to music... it’s their call.


“I love to use putty in my hair. I’ve also been known to use wax. I love the strength of wax but it makes your hair look a bit greasy.” RWD RECOMMENDS:


(, £10.50 for 50ml) Jamie, to satisfy your putty and waxbased demands we’d recommend you go for label.m’s Strong Wax. Not only will you definitely avoid what we call the ‘Greasy Ryan Giggs Dipped in a Chip Fryer’ look but you’ll have hold like never before. Using nourishing Barbados Cherry instead of alcohol, this is the tropical tub your hair has been waiting for.


After hanging up our straightners, gel sachets and shavers during the Christmas break (even the shears we use for you hairy folk got put to one side) the ReFresh team are back with a vengeance just in time for Valentine’s. This time business hopeful Jamie Mayland is taken to the creative candy shop... words by Danny Walker photography by Kevin Joseph hair by Michael Damiano for Wahl makeup by Analisa Sarno knitwear by


Reading RWD for... “A bit, I just had a quite look at the online version too. It’s really good and I’m glad to be in it.” During the day... “I’ve taken a year out of uni and I’m reapplying to do business; I was doing engineering.” I like to... “Socialise in my spare time, mainly with my girlfriend in the pub. Maybe a bit of skiing when I get time. I


also play a bit of rugby.” How long do you take to get ready? “I have a shave and then have a 15-20 minute shower. Then I do my hair, put on some clothes (that have been on the floor) and I’m done. I’m a big fan of Top Man clothes at the moment, especially if it’s a good fitting t-shirt.” Any bad hair days? “I tried dying my hair once, it went gingery-orange [laughs]. I’ve also had

my eyebrows shaved off by my mates.” Apart from your girlfriend, what do you love? Beer, friends and family [laughs]. We love the order you put them in Jamie... [Laughs]. To feature in ReFreshed, send us a pic of yourself and why you should be included. Email (subject: Refresh Me) to

“Usually my skin is quite good, sometimes I might moisturise after I have a shave.” RWD RECOMMENDS:


(, £4.99 For 50ml) You know when you search for fragrance free products and then you stumble upon an additive exempt, hydrating, no-nonsense, skin liberating lifesaver (well, it could), you tell someone, right? Well we’re telling you Jamie;. The frequent use Simple For Men’s Hydrating Daily Moisturiser on your face after you shave could make life a whole lot easier.


“I brush my teeth every morning and night as standard. I use green... Dettol? I don’t know what it’s called. Oh yeah, Dentyl!”

Ladies, if you want to get on the love lift this Valentine’s Day? Treat your man to one (if not all) of these…



“I wet shave just before I jump in the shower with my Mach 3.” RWD RECOMMENDS:


(Boots, ASDA, etc., 99p for 100ml) Dentyl have come up with Complete Care that will officially leave your gob icy fresh. Getting to work in six ways (destroying up to 99% of oral bacteria like no other product) your breath and gums will be healthy without that burning/ stinging sensation. Bloody brilliant.

(, £12.99) We’re glad you’re a fan of the Gillette series because it gives us great pleasure to introduce you to their brand new Fusion ProGlide razor, which is available in a Power version (£12.99) or Manual (£9.99). With the thinnest blades in Gillette history at your disposal these re-engineered beauties, with their lowresistance coating, will allow you to effortlessly get ready for the pub in no time.


“I use spray on my body. My overall tip is to look ok and not to look too rough.” RWD RECOMMENDS:


(0800 085 1548, £4.99 for 150ml) If you want to stay dry and odour free during those important business meetings SureMen Maximum Protection have the Anti-Perspirant deodorant aerosol for you and they have the perfect stat for you too; a massive 93% of HR Directors think a ‘dedication to grooming will help you get ahead.’ So instead of just wanting to look ‘ok’ why don’t you go all out and look/ smell impeccable.

HAIR: Brylcreem Paste Limited Edition (Exclusive to Boots, £3.49 For 75ml) With Kevin Pietersen signature on the side this makes the perfect prezzie for cricket fans.

SKIN: Right Guard Xtreme Fresh Shower Gel (, £1.79 For 250ml) Involve this in your plethora of presents and he’ll take the hint kindly.


(, £48 for 100ml) With Ryan Reynolds (or shall we say the Green Lantern) spearheading the advertising campaign, BOSS BOTTLED. NIGHT. has been displayed almost everywhere. Fortunately for BOSS it smells like it should be sprayed everywhere too. It’s masculine without stinking like Old Spice and refined without being overtly feminine. A real good mix. With Birch Leaf and Cardamom leading the fragrance (a hint of exotic wood and manly spices are also detected) you’ll definitely have her sniffing out the sources. Just make sure you squirt wisely.

SPRAY: Sex Panther (, £29.99) This classic, ‘Stings the a good way!’



We may have given drinking for January, but now it’s February, it’s time to get on the piste...!

DAKINE Elmo Beanie, £18.99

O’NEILL Striped Beanie, £12.99

BURTON Blender, £360

THE DUFFER OF ST. GEORGE Standard Hoody, £29.99

PULL-IN Snow socks, £17

NIKE6.0 Proost Jacket, £180

JANSPORT The Right Pack, £59.99 32 / RWDMAG.COM

UNION FLITE Flite Snowboard Bindings, £139.99

O’NEILL OSG-1, £84.99

ADIDAS iD2 goggles, £130


NIKE6.0 Kampai Jacket, £110

BURTON Hail, £200

NAPAPIJRI Trapper Hat, £49

SALOMON Quest 12, £350



RIP CURL Razorlight Gloves, £40

Step onto the slopes - and the High St - in style with this season’s hottest skiwear...

ANON Majestic, £75

PUMA Snowbucket, £75

OAKLEY Splice Neon Fire Goggles, £140

O’NEILL Chunky Beanie, £22.99

NITRO AT SURFDOME.COM Rook Snowboard, £379.99

BO PEEP Fur boot ties, £10 NIKE6.0 Storm-FIT Saude Jacket, £140


KICKERS Kick Hi Fold, £75


Looking ahead to the trends for 2011. We provide you with the key looks you’ll need to stay ahead of the pack this spring and summer! concept by DJB images by Kevin Joseph styled by Cheyenne Davide

LRG 020 8993 1010, £35

FLY53, £100

HL JEANS CO., £135

CROOKS & CASTLES Box check flannel shirt, £60

LRG 020 8993 1010, £120



LEVI’S LS Tab Collar Shirt, £60 BBC, £230 KING, £54.99




ALPINESTARS Prep Flexfit, £25


PULL-INS Sleepy in Sid14, £30 FISH ‘N’ CHIPS Gravy, £44.99

PALLADIUM Baggy, £55

CROOKS & CASTLES Anti social club, £17.50

ANUUN BY TED BAKER 0208 970 6202, £50



FENCHURCH Simon Short, £24.99

FENCHURCH Simon Short, £35

ALPHA INDUSTRIES Jet 2, £70 FENCHURCH League Belt, £15

LUKE Cookie, £60



Jacket by Topman, T shirt by PXL, trousers by Bench




This page: jacket by Andrew Buckler, shirt by Alpinestars, jeans by Andrew Buckler Opp page: jacket by Topman, hoodie by The Duffer of St. George, T shirt by Topman, jeans by Topman - customised by Neesha, trainers by Nike



This page: cardigan by Crooks n Castles, shirt by Levi’s, trousers by One True Saxon, trainers by River Island Opp page: jacket by adidas, trousers by American Apparel, belt by Carhartt 44 / RWDMAG.COM


This page: jacket by Fly53, shirt by Luke, waistcoat by Topman, scarf by Tootal, jeans by Andrew Buckler, trainers by adidas Opp page: hat by LRG, jacket and shirt by Luke, bottoms by American Apparel



jacket by Armani, T shirt by Trapstar, trousers by Topman, trainers by adidas, glasses by John Galliano


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Winning the BRITs Critic’s Choice Awards, topping the BBC Sound Of 2011 poll and hitting No.2 with her very first single, 2011 has started out pretty strong for Jessie J. With the UK crying out for a proper, big pop star to rival our American friends, RWD’s putting our dollars and pounds on this 22 year-old from Essex...

We first featured Jessie (Ella Cornish) J back in October 2009* after RWD Contributing Editor Chantelle Fiddy showed us footage of a girl with a Mystic Meg hairdo singing the sh*t out of a song called Big White Room. Since then, we tipped her (a little prematurely, yes) alongside Hurts, Ellie Goulding and Nicki Minaj as top acts for 2010, before anointing her as About To Blow in October of last year. And blow she has. You can barely pick up a paper without seeing that symmetrical black bob splashed across the pages. And deservedly so. From being in an ill-fated girl band, to losing a solo deal after the label (Gut) went bankrupt, it’s taken this former West End performer a good few years to get to where she’s at. And now she’s there, is Jessie J ‘living the dream’? Is fame and impending fortune, all that it’s cracked up to be? We spend a couple of hours with this month’s cover star to see how life is in 2011... * see Jessie’s thoughts on that, below.

It’s all gone crazy since we last saw you back in October... I know! I’m so tired all the time. I was up for 24 hours the other day and was just like ‘I have to go to bed now’. You forget to eat. You get up at 6am, get into hair and make-up at 8am, then you have make-up all over your face so you don’t eat, then at 12pm or 1pm you’re traveling onto the next thing, and you do a phoner in the car so you don’t eat then, and suddenly it’s 4pm and you haven’t eaten all day. How are you feeling about the BBC Sound of 2011, the BRITs Critics Choice award...? It’s humbling that people are still getting to know me. I feel for a long time that I >> 51


<< was around, but no one really knew a lot about me, whereas now I’m doing interviews every minute of the day and giving a little bit more each time. It’s nice that people want to find out about me, and are accepting me into the world of music, and supporting my hustle. It’s overwhelming to win all of these awards, you never think you’re going to win, you never expect it – this year there were some sick artists in both of those awards. What do you think of Clare Maguire and James Blake? I’d love to work with Clare, I think she’s f*cking phenomenal, she’s like the new Kate Bush. To me, she’s so dramatic and I don’t think she’s getting the attention she deserves. I think James Blake is dope as well, I only heard his stuff recently. It’s mad though. It makes you feel

majority that want to bring me down, cos then I’ll lose my mind. Tell us a bit about where you’re from? Where all this started? I’m from Essex, I grew up in Romford. I’ve never been to Faces though (laughs); I went once and queued but they wouldn’t let me in cos I didn’t have a gold card. That’s how they’re going on in Essex these days! I’ve got two older sisters, my mum is a nursery teacher, and my dad is a social worker. They are the most supportive family I could ever wish for and I don’t take them for granted any second of any day. My mum and dad come to every gig, whether that’s at 3am or 7.30pm at a random jewellery shop on Regent Street. They’re totally cool. You started to really get noticed after your song for Miley, Party In The USA went to No.1.

now. I’ve heard it and I most definitely didn’t write it, I don’t know who did. But I wrote this other single, with Ali Tennant, two days ago, I sent it, and now I’m waiting to hear back. It’s sick. She’s an icon, she can disappear for four years and no one can f*ck with her. It’s Britney, bitch! I’ve been sent a beat from Willow’s camp too. What do you write about for her though, she’s so young? ‘I grabbed my lunchbox, I went to school...’? (laughs) You’ve written all of the songs on your debut album, Who You Are, right? I’ve never sung a song in my life that someone’s written for me; well, maybe two in my lifetime. I can only write and sing songs that have been shoes I’ve walked in, which is why I like to have a dramatic life otherwise my album would have been really boring. A dramatic life?

like, I’m only 22, I’m only 5’9, I’m only this much, I can’t be in six countries at once, I can’t tweet back to 4000 people a day, I can’t keep everybody happy. I hardly see my family. My whole life has been pulled from under me – and that’s not a bad thing – I just have to quickly learn how to deal with it. I tweeted I was at R1 the other day and within minutes, there are crowds of people there. There’s something telling me this isn’t going to be a come and go story, they’re going to stick around, the fans. Why do you think people love Jessie J so much? I think it’s the relatable factor. I expose that I’m not a robot, that I am human, and that I do have bad days. I listen to so many people’s albums and I feel like I don’t know them at the end of it; I don’t know them, what they like, where they’re from. That’s why Devlin captured me – he’s so brutally honest that you have to respect him. I think with me, when you listen to my album you really get to know me. I’m not all ‘F*ck the haters, I’ve got loads of money, lets party’, I’m embracing the whole idea of being a role model too. For years I’ve been that little girl watching the BRITs saying ‘I want to win’ and now I’m the girl getting it and little kids will look at me saying they want to be like me. So I’ve just got to me be and not cater to the small

I’ve never met her, that’s what people don’t realise. I’ve been writing songs since I was 17, I did Chris Brown I Need This from his Graffiti album, US Idol winner Lisa Lowes, who’s a bad boy singer, I wrote two songs for her debut album, Smoke. There was also a song that’s followed my career, the story will be told one day. It went from Mary J Blige to Christina Aguilera to Alicia Keys but I’ve got it back again now. Is it weird, hearing people sing songs you’ve written? Yeah. You know what’s more weird though, is that you’re not actually there when they record it. I recorded Party In The USA, played it for the label but they didn’t think it was right for me. So they pitched it and two weeks later it was No.1 in six countries. I don’t feel like I got to experience it to be honest though. I won Pop Song of the Year but I couldn’t go because of the volcanic ash last year - so I missed out on everything! I’ve got a nice little outfit at home, still in the wrapping and everything. And now you’re writing for Britney? Well, I got sent a beat that was supposedly for a Britney single, not the first one necessarily, just a single at some point, but I never got the chance to write for it. I mentioned it in an interview and it got totally twisted to make it sound like I wrote Hold It Against Me that’s out

Drama seems to follow me wherever I go. Ever since I was a kid, I wasn’t allowed in the school choir cos I sang too loud, then I had a stroke three years ago, so I’ve always been misunderstood. I think some people mistake my belief and confidence for divaness and it’s not the case at all. I’m actually quite an emotional, intense person that just wants to make everyone happy A lot has been made of your health... Yeah. I’m aware that I inspire young people that have disabilities and illnesses, but sometimes it feels like my health has become my story. ‘Cleanliving Jessie J’. But I’m still 22, and I go out and have a drink, I’m just not a drinker. I can’t go out and push myself to the limit and take drugs and drink, but I don’t want to be patronised either; everyone’s had bad health, there’s people way worse than me. People say to me ‘You don’t drink’ and I’m like ‘This is my life right here’. How do you kick back then? Release? My thing is I like going to theme parks and on rides, I like a good comedy. I’ll have a drink, it’s not like I can’t, but I prefer not too. I love performing, that’s my getaway, that’s my high. Now you’re doing 800 interviews, what questions are you getting bored of? I’m getting a bit, I don’t know if I want to say it, but (long pause) but the whole >> 53


“I love mint matchsticks, I love pie and mash – why is it all food? (laughs). I’m obsessed with my family; I’m such a family person. I miss them all the time, constantly. I love shoes – I ordered what I thought was a pair of proper [Christian] Louboutins the other day, and then I got an email from them telling me they were fake. It’s not my fault though! I had a New Years gathering, and no one left for two days, so I was really, really tired, looking online and I saw them down from £1700 to £100 so I was like ‘Yes!’ and bought them. I’m such a dork. I love cheesecake – I keep making them at them moment. I’m also obsessed with cleaning, I clean most nights. I get quite OCD about it, to be honest.” 54 / RWDMAG.COM

<< comparison with Cher is starting to get on my nerves a bit. Not because I don’t think she’s good, I just don’t think it’s a fair comparison. We both sing out the side of our mouths that’s true. Someone online said I sing like I’ve got a stroke, which was nice, seeing as I have had a stroke. And my mum saw that but I told her to feel sorry for them. I didn’t live my life thinking one day I might be famous, I just lived my life. (Pause). When people say I’m like the UK Gaga - I’d love to be as successful as her - but almost the opposite in a way, to compliment her. I want to do it in a theatrical but a real way. I feel like the UK needs a pop icon that can battle with Gaga and Rihanna and Katy Perry. There hasn’t been one since Amy [Winehouse]. I want to do big shows and I want to create something crazy. I’ll do interviews and say I need a poo, I’ll go onstage and say my tit-tape is falling off, rather than with the US stars where it’s all perfect and precision. I want to create something crazy, I don’t want any boundaries. What do you feel makes you unique? It’s my story, no one’s lived my life other than me and I’ve bought my life to this album. I’ve been through a lot of health sh*t, and through ups and downs, I’ve been seduced into the gossip world, I’ve thrown my finger up to the haters... you can’t listen to that album and think someone else wrote that for me. If you want to get to know me, you will get to know me. It’s very honest, and it’s versatile. I’ve taken a risk and I’m so glad the label let me. So many albums sounds like 14 versions of the same single, but Price Tag and Do It Like A Dude are worlds apart. But I tie it together. In the Price Tag video, the ‘video ho’ is the same girl from Do It.... I want people to know I’ve thought about stuff and that my sense of humour is a big part of what I do. I want people to know I don’t take myself too seriously. You can’t buy stories, you have to live it. I think the distinct characters I’ve bought to my vocals, people will know it’s me. Do you rap on the album? Not really. I’m trying to do a project at the moment, which will probably never get released commercially, but where I get all the rappers I want to work with, and who want to work with me, but I can’t because of the label here and the

American label. I think it will be the first pop mixtape. I’m thinking Tinie, Lab, Giggs, Devlin, Bashy, Skepta, N-Dubz... they’ve all hollered at me. I’ll rap, sing, do things I’m not allowed to do commercially. I think you have to compromise; when you sign to a label you can’t be stush. I’ve given them a certain amount, and they’ve given me a certain amount, you have to come to a happy medium. When you’re doing a global release, you have to be global. You have to do something that speaks to the world. A mixtape for me would let me run wild and let me do what I want to do. Like, me and Chipmunk did a track, I don’t know what’s happening with it. I need to talk to him. What did you think of the Master Shortie remix of Do It...? I saw him the other day (laughs). I didn’t love it, but only because I don’t think it was thought through. All the remixes I’ve heard all have a sexual connotation and I don’t actually talk about sex once in my version. I don’t say I can do you like a do, I say I can do IT like a dude. It’s a play on words, and so I felt the remixes were a bit chauvinistic. I never said I wanted to drive a truck or that I can’t, I said I could if I wanted to. It’s me saying women can be prime minister, heads of companies, we can do it like you can. I’ve got a lot of male egos in my life that I wanted to sing that too. Just different people during my career that I’ve met that smile to your face and then stab you in your back. I’m not saying I can p*ss standing up, cos I can’t and if I did it would be a mess. I’m not trying to say I’ve got a hidden penis! (laughs). Other than B.o.B will there be collaborations on the Who You Are? Hopefully Drake! Nah, it’s not gonna happen. I met him, and he’d heard my song. He was really cool. We swapped numbers, so I might text him now and say ‘I’m round the corner, I’ve got my iPad I’ll come and play you some stuff’. Imagine him on Nobody’s Perfect, or Who You Are, he’d be sick. Drake for me is one of the best rappers to come out in the last five years. I’m very picky; I’ll only work with people I really respect. So are you ‘living the dream’? I got papped for the first time the

other day and it just felt weird. I have been freaking out about it a little bit, which I’ve been very open about on my Twitter; I’ve got 30,000 people being my therapist right now. I think it’s because I’m new that people want to say I’m copying Nicki Minaj cos my hair’s like hers, or I’m copying Gaga cos I don’t wear your average clothes, I copy Lily Allen cos I’m white... I think they have to attack because I’m new. But it makes me laugh. People feel they have the right to attack you, and, yeah, I have had a little cry, because I’m 22 and it’s a lot to take on. I’m just trying to bring good energy to the world but they’re just sad, lonely people and I feel sorry for them. I’m not out to hate anyone; I don’t hold grudges, but don’t take the p*ss. I don’t like bad energy around me but I don’t kiss people’s arse either. I am what I am, and people can take me or leave me. My focus is on the people who believe in me, I’m real, I’m me, and that’s all I can be. Who You Are is released on 28 March, Price Tag is available for download now.

INTERVIEW FACTS > The interview took place at Jessie’s PR company, who also do Example, Yasmin, Adele, Hurts and Beyoncé. Pretty good company she’s keeping there...! > Her two best friends (one of whom is Shanika Warren, soon to be seen in Suicide Kids with Tulisa) came to the office to meet Jessie after the interview. > She was undecided about her plans that evening - should she go to see Drake again, or pop to ILuvLive? > Jessie was wearing a customised varsity jacket, Office wedges and leopard print leggings. Boom! > Jessie keeps her hair super glossy with Brunette: John Frieda and Tigi’s Lusterizer. “It’s the sh*t. You put it on before you dry your hair and it smells like bubble gum.” > Jessie took a big dislike to her Pret hot chocolate. “This is disgusting,” she grimaced. “It tastes like pure cocoa powder.” > Jessie ticked off RWD for a piece we did on her back in October 2009. “The picture you got off Youtube was terrible,” she said. “And you said I moved to America when I didn’t.” Hey, Jessie, we were just trying to show you some love!


BASS ODYSSEY Ahead of the release of follow up album No More Idols Nardene Scott travelled to the hidden, inner city, underground studio of Saul and Will aka Chase and Status to hear about how they managed to make Dizzee go old skool, how Tempa T sips camomile tea on tour, and hooking up with Pharrell being next on the agenda...



<< Not only do they manage to flirt with the charts whilst keeping the walls of the deepest darkest underground clubs wobbling with their hybrid of D&B, dubstep, and just damn good music, they got Snoop to drop bars over Eastern Jam, gave pop princess Rihanna some serious edge and made Tempa T hyper than ever before. Now with the release of second album No More Idols the tracklisting proves Chase & Status have every intention to keep things just as fresh with the likes of Cee Lo, Plan B, Tinie and newcomers Clare Maguire, Liam Bailey and Maverick Sabre all on featuring duty. “We have been really lucky,” says Will on the collaborations they’ve accomplished so far. “This year and last year we spent a bit of time with Pharrell and he was really excited to get into the studio with us and obviously he’s a big hero of ours... it never quite happened though, so I’d like to pick up where it was left.” Saul also has another couple of big hitters he’d like to work with. “Stevie Wonder and Justin Timberlake on the same record?” he exclaims with a laugh. It’s hard to believe that just two albums in and the thought of working with Stevie Wonder isn’t exactly out of the realms of possibility for the bass enthusiasts. After starting their career six years ago in Manchester after meeting at university, it’s clear the city still means a lot to them. “We started out in Manchester, we’re part of that early raving scene,” says Will before clarifying the timescale in relation to their recent critically acclaimed Blind Faith video. “That video is set in ’91 so we would have been 11 then, so we definitely didn’t go to those raves,” he admits of the Daniel Wolfe directed clip. Self-confessed control freaks, they went through a number of treatments before the right director came along. “We got loads of, like, boring club scenes of girls dancing and then Daniel, an amazing director, sent us an idea and that was us.” An important part of their whole music making process is getting on with the artists they work with, so when they were introduced to a quirky new soul singer, they were up for it. “We got on like a house on fire,” says Saul of Liam Bailey. “He’s proper on that Muddy Waters flex, the coolest dude,” he points out of the Polydor signed singer. It’s not this collaboration though that most impresses us here at RWD Towers – it’s when they managed to put a certain boy from E3 into the booth and extract 58 / RWDMAG.COM


the fire we’d all been waiting for that had us dropping out of our seats. When C&S approached Dizzee, his team were interested in continuing along the same pop/ dance route, to the dismay of the bass maestro’s. When Diz called them up on a Sunday night to get into the studio, Will says arrangements changed very quickly. “We played him some beats and initially he was like ‘I’m not sure’ and then we played another beat, cranked it and all of a sudden I noticed a little smile on his face... Next thing we know he pulled out a piece of paper and was like, ‘I did write some bars that were quite grimy.’ It was music to our ears.” We’re surprised to hear another RWD favourite, Tempa T - after touring

with the guys and living with Saul for four months and despite being within our very pages a mere few months ago smashing up everything in our offices - is the first one into his bunk on tour. “He’s like Bipolar, he’s just so chilled with a Camomile tea listening to his iPod,” Will reveals. “Or he’s wild, like, ripping his shirt off running around with a big smile on his face... he’s like the Incredible Hulk when it’s time to go.” With hooking up with Pharrell on the back burner, missing out on working on Rihanna’s Loud because of No More Idols, gigging plus remixing, it would be easy to forget the fact that Chase and Status are label bosses too. “We’ve got like 16 lookalike dwarves we bring in to

be us,” Saul cackles when we run down exactly what they’ve been up to in the past 12 months. After starting More Than Alot Records (named after their debut LP) just a year ago, their signings are already topping BBC Sound Of 2011 lists and remixing the likes of Professor Green and Björk. “We’ve got these guys called Nero and 16 bit...” Saul says seriously as if they are names everybody and their mum hasn’t already heard about! Whilst we are in the studio, there’s already been a stream of missed calls from new signings they’re keen to work with, though Saul states that the laidback label ethos focuses around “talented, versatile people... that’s been a key in us doing well in our careers,

you know you can turn your hand to so many things.” That’s something C&S do like no other; not only multi-talented, they are continually busy, whether working on their forthcoming album, which has been two years in the making, or creating hits for the likes of Rihanna and Plan B. “Our profile didn’t disappear, that’s what we’re blessed about; our profile has actually increased without having an album out,” Will decides. “That’s a testament that we’re not just like a pop act.” No More Idols is out 29 January and the tour begins 9 March. Get tickets from

INTERVIEW FACTS > RWD had to be escorted to the secretive C&S’s studio through restaurants, side doors, staircases and all sorts... > The arcade machine in the Nero Me And You video is real; we saw it in the reception of their swanky studio > Both Will and Saul thought Rihanna looked better than ever in that X Factor performance but Christina looked...erm fat! > We all sipped on ahem...Peppermint tea > Saul was rocking a parka and jeans whilst Will kept things smart/casual in a sweater and boat shoes > Neither answered their phone during the interview, how polite! > Will was initially late to the studio not because of the annoying snow but a car explosion!? 59


ANNA-MATED The name Anna Calvi may not be familiar to your ears just yet, but after the BBC Sound of 2011 nod and the recent unveiling of her self-titled debut album, it will feel like you’re best friends with the moody pop of this Domino Records signee by the end of the year... words by Danny Walker


ell I definitely need to be on my own,” a coy Calvi retorts when asked about her ideal writing environment. “Usually I get inspired if I’m listening to a piece of music or watching a film that has really moved me. I just feel a lot more open to being expressive. [When I’m ready to go to the studio], I have a little tape recorder and I just record all my ideas.” After growing up in London on a healthy diet of painting and listening to guitar-playing greats, it was inevitable this Jimi Hendrix fan was going to be involved in the arts. “I was always drawing and playing the guitar,” the self-confessed dreamer says of her first loves. “I did a lot of creative stuff; painting a mixture of things and listening to records. But it wasn’t at school when I enjoyed my time, it was mainly out of school.” We can imagine the music lover running home and grabbing her acoustic Fender before letting loose on a hairbrush in front of the mirror. Whilst laughing she soon sets RWD straight. “No, I wasn’t really like that but I do remember the first ever album I bought. It was a David Bowie LP. I remember after that I got into Jimi Hendrix and I remember I used to imagine I was actually him.” So with a firm grip of the strings in one hand and a paint brush in the other, Calvi soon found herself choosing a degree in music over art school and things started to hit the right chord. “[Roxy Music/ super producer] Brian Eno sort of heard my early recordings,” Anna recalls of her big break a year ago. “He’s been a supporter or my music and he’s the one who told Nick Cave about me and that’s how I managed to get on to [Nick Cave’s] tour. I feel I owe Brian Eno a lot.” Music legends aside, a lot of Anna’s career landmarks (so far) can be attributed to a crowd-engaging stage presence and tranquil, room-grabbing voice... oh and constant Nina Simone (Feeling Good, My Baby Just Cares For Me, etc.) comparisons are no mean feat too. So will Anna ever fill the stockings of the civil rights singing blues great? “I don’t know about that,” she laughs. “For me I like singers that sing with emotion and give it their all. They don’t hold back, which is quite a vulnerable thing to do, but it’s also very empowering. I love singers like Nina Simone and Édith Piaf and people like that.” Anna’s 10 track selftitled LP is a great way to start her career, and it seems it was more pleasure than business every time the lady, who

cites David Lynch as her favourite director, stepped into the booth. “Yeah it was fun,” she smiles of the two year process. “It was like a mixture of being fun and rewarding. It was challenging at times. I think when you’re trying to push yourself it gets difficult sometimes. I definitely learnt a lot from the experience.” But everyone knows when you push yourself (in Anna’s case ‘constantly’) you get to where


What do I love? Erm...Hmmm... that is a really difficult question. I suppose beauty in music and art.


you want and Domino Records’ roster was just that for the Londoner. “I’m a fan of a lot of their artists so I felt very proud to be part of their setup,” Anna says of her new label before explaining the aftermath of putting pen to paper. “Well I guess all my friends and family were really excited for me because I can’t really imagine doing anything else. It’s really great that I have this opportunity.” So with a daring debut (her favourite track is Love Won’t Be Leaving, by the way) on the shelves, this BBC Sound of 2011 nominee (“I’m really happy about that, the fact they’ve chosen an artist who’s leftfield and obscure like me.”) is ready to take the year by storm. Just as long as you see her music – or shall I say ‘mini movies’ – as more than just notes on a page. “It’s important that the music tells a story as much as the lyrics do. I spend a lot of time working on arrangements and making the music sound as expressive as possible. I just imagine a whole kind of world where the song can inhabit and that feeds my imagination and keeps me creative.” Anna Calvi is out now on Domino Records and for tour information check 61


WHO’S AFRAID OF THE BIG BAD WOLF? What is it about the South that makes them stay so hot? They’re practically running hip hop from the trunk of their 64 Chevy Impala, and, with the dawn of a new year it looks like the Dirty’s iron grip is about to get even tighter with one of their finest newcomers Yelawolf tearing a hole throw the scene. Words by Jerry Gadiano...




elawolf is Cherokee, it’s from my dad’s side,” explains the man born Michael Wayne Atha, although we should all get used to calling him by his stage name. “’Yela’ represents a sign of life, power, fire and knowledge and ‘Wolf’ represents being a pack leader and my ability to survive,” he explains via a late December phonecall to RWD HQ. Hailing from the place rap fans affectionately dub the ‘Dirty South’, the Alabama rapper is another worthy edition to the legacy that is southern hip hop. “I was just a kid surrounded by music, always,” recalls Yelawolf of his entry into MCing. “I was surrounded by it day and night, whether it was in the house, in the car, by the lakes or hanging out with my mum. My mama’s boyfriend, when they met, he had some Aerosmith and some Beastie Boys tapes. That was the first rap record I ever heard. He never told me it was rap at the time so I didn’t know until later. I just thought it was rock and roll.” In an area where you’re either getting crunked out, snappin’, or reciting about slangin’ in the trap, Yelawolf has carved his own niche with full throttled trunk music, made famous by the likes of Paul Wall. The tattooed artist released his debut Trunk Muzik 0-60 last November, which featured fellow southern rapper Gucci Mane as well as hip hop legends Bun B and Raekwon from the mighty Wu-Tang Clan. Although released near the end of 2010, it’s considered one of best hip hop albums to come out last year, alongside stellar releases by Eminem and Kanye West. Not bad for someone from the so-called backwoods of the ‘Bama. “80% is influenced by southern music, period,” says the Wolf Man of his inspirations. “From country and classic rock to Southern rappers like Pimp C, all of that heavily influences the way I write records and the way I pronounce my words.” “I’m an extremist, if I want to do something I’m a go for it,” he explains when asked about picking up the mic in the fifth grade. “Passion pretty much nurtured my 64 / RWDMAG.COM

6 FACTS ABOUT WOLVES: To honour Yelawolf’s Cherokee heritage (that’s Native American for you guys that don’t know) we’ve compiled a list of useful facts about the wolf. > Wolves share the same DNA sequencing with foxes, coyotes, jackals and your everyday domestic dog. > Wolves often live, travel and hunt their prey in groups called Packs. > Wolves are native to North America, Canada, Asia, Europe and the Arctic. > They are territorial and defend their territory through vocalizations and scent marking. > The wolf’s sense of smell is more than 100 times greater than a human. > In Norse, Japanese and Native American mythology wolves are looked upon as religious deities. Vikings believed that the Norse god Loki’s oldest son Fenrir was a giant wolf. The Japanese worshiped the wolf as a protector for their crops whilst Native Americans saw Wolves as guides and skilled hunters.

talent. It was through my passion - and my arrogance - that I got better after falling down, and failing so many times.” Even when the trivial, but always talked about, issue of race is brought up it doesn’t even seem to phase him. “I forget that I’m white all the time and I have to be reminded by my black friends,” he laughs when touching on such on the subject. “I don’t think about it, I woke up white today like I woke up white yesterday. I was born this way but I don’t really study it. I don’t really give a f*ck about that.” He’s similarly nonchalant about the inevitable Caucasian comparisons he draws. “Eminem, Bubba Sparxxx, Everlast, Vanilla Ice, Lil Whyte, Paul Wall... you name it,” he shrugs. “I’ll get over, it’s cool. You’re always going to get compared.” Talking of Em, he’s just signed to the Blond Bomber’s Shady label. After impressing mightily at talent-spot fest South By Southwest, he was snapped up to Jimmy Iovine’s Interscope hit factory, with Em getting involved this past January. His label mate has already shown his support, though Yela isn’t ready to reveal whether or not the two might collaborate. One hip hop star he has worked with is one half of Outkast– he appears on Big Boi’s most recent album, Sir Lucious Leftfoot... and he also performed with Big at the BET Awards last year. How does it feel, going head to head with such an iconic ATLien? “It makes you nervous being around an MC who’s had some the best hip hop albums ever and who’s respected all over the globe,” he points out, before self-confidence kicks back in. “But when it’s time to rock, it’s time to rock!” Yela’s first single official single I Just Wanna Party featuring Gucci was a certified club banger that is starting to get a whole heap of play in the UK. With Trunk Muzik 0-60 still banging into 2011, Yela promises that his next album will reach far beyond the confines of the ‘bottom of the map’. “You got that bounce music on there and the south is definitely on that bounce sh*t, but we got the jeep music for New York City, the rider music for cats out West, the Chevy music for Texas, we got that sh*t for ATL,” he insists, emitting a final laugh. “There’s something there for every side of the country. People in the UK, man, you need to know another state cos I’m real descriptive about where I’m from and who I am. I’m opening up the world to this sound with new ideas and new concepts.” Yelawolf debut album Trunk Muzik 0-60 is out now.



Recent Virgin Records signees, True Tiger, have been plugging away for a while now. Danny Walker catches up with Stanza to talk Slang Like This, their impending album, and playing Pure Garage in Asda at 9am?!?!


ukh Knight’s Slang Like This just blew up from kinda nowhere... With Slang Like This it was organic. P [Money] had already vocalled one of Sukh’s beats and he sent it over to us and then we saw what it had done in the raves and wanted to get in the studio with him. We sent the track off to Mistajam, Nihal and Logan and from there it spiralled. Even within a month of us having the track out there we were performing and gigging it and people were already singing away. We kind of had a quick feeling it would be one of those club anthems. You’ve been in the game for a while with Scandalous Unltd and tracks like Watford Weather, the Eye Of The Tiger mixtapes and more. Why do you think 2011 is the one for you? We’re really excited about the album and I think the music on there will speak volumes. I think Slang Like This will kick it off on the right foot, it’s got a nice organic buzz about it. When the singles drop and you hear some of the other collaborations, we’ll be making a lot of noise. Have you got your own skank for Slang yet? [Laughs] Not really, we just generally go mad whenever it’s played - bouncing about and loads of finger signals. That’s what I love about dubstep, everyone reacts to it in their own way. The music makes people respond; you start doing the bass-face. True Tiger, of course, also produced Pro Green’s Jungle too.


Like Slang Like This, it’s one of our biggest tunes. They’re both doing very well online. It’s great to have that positive feedback especially for Jungle because people didn’t expect Pro to do that. It’s cool and Pro likes it so that is nice for us, it gives us that buzz before our album. If you could work with anyone in the whole wide who would it be? Probably Snoop because he’s done some amazing stuff. What do you think of Snoop jumping on Pass Out? Yeah, it was amazing. Working with Snoop Dogg would be an honour. Oh and Florence from Florence + the Machine. She has got a great voice. Those would be the main two. Tell us about the album, have you got everyone you want? Nah, not yet... We’re not rushing it. We’ve got some really good collabs on there but we’re making sure we get it all down in the studio and seeing what tracks suit the album. Then we’re also producing tracks for other people’s albums as well. And what has been your worst ever job? Probably working on the music counter at Asda. I remember playing Pure Garage at 9am and getting complaints [laughs]. Yeah that is a bit early for Bump & Flex... It was selling well, so... [laughs]. And lastly, where will True Tiger be at the end of 2011? Where you won’t expect us to be!!! For more check


Uh oh there’s a new girlband on the scene; yet, who knew, but Parade can actually sing! And dance! Hattie Collins puts the fun-loving five-piece through their girlgroup paces to see if they have what it takes to make it to the top... Firstly, explain the name please ladies of Parade... Emily: Well, one of the first mood boards we did, we were going through some magazines and I cut out the word ‘Parade’. It turns out it was from this ‘80s porn magazine but we really liked the font. We were with our label [Atlantic] trying to choose names and they were like ‘Why don’t you just call yourselves Parade?’ cos it was smack bang in the middle of the board. I think that’s when great things are found. Accidentally. Jessica: I always say because there’s five of us and we’re all girls, we’re like a big gang. Like the Spice Girls had the whole girl band thing or when you watch Gwen Stefani’s Holla Back Girl video and she’s causing chaos and they’re following her down the street and it’s like a carnival kind of thing. I think a bit of light heartedness is what the industry needs. There’s about 18 (ish) girl bands in development right now; what makes Parade different? Lauren: I think it’s just a whole new energy. Jessica: I think we fit in quite nicely because our music is very commercial and it’s not directed at a niche market. Our music is for any one, of any age, of any gender, from any place, to latch onto and have fun. I think cos Parade are lighthearted and fun, and us girls are always having banter, and we also do a lot of choreography which is really in now with Flawless and Diversity, we’re going to appeal to a lot of people. Bianca: There’s not been a crazy, fun, energetic group since the Spice Girls. We’re also really on the dancing, we do very, very complex choreography whilst singing at the same time. So you’re Spice Girls 2.0? Bianca: I think it’s possibly the strongest comparison we’ve come up with so far. Obviously we’re nothing like them but it’s just that energy. I remember when I was a kid you felt like you knew them and you felt like you wanted to be part of the gang. We’re trying to capture that same type of thing. Emily: I think it’s really focusing on being for the girls. It’s really that Spice Girls kind of fun, loud vibe rather than being focused on being sexy and for the guys. We’re definitely more for the girls; we’re on a Girl Power 2011 vibe. I think with boy bands like The Wanted and JLS doing so well that it would be so good to get the girl bands back up there. The Saturdays are doing really well. What do you think of The Sats? Sian: I’ve got so much respect for Girls Aloud and The Saturdays and I give them their dues - they’ve conquered the UK - but I’d like 68 / RWDMAG.COM

to take us to take it even further. I really want Parade to take over the world. Emily: I like them too. Lies. Emily: No I really do. I know a couple of them because Molly was in the same year as me on X Factor (Emily was in the group Hope who came fifth in 2007). I think what they’re doing is really good and I love their programme. Molly is absolutely hilarious. Looking at Girls Aloud and Spice Girls, someone always leaves first. Which of you will it be? Bianca: Noooooo. This is where it’s at for us. Us five, doing our thing. No one is thinking of going solo. Jessica: I hope not, I don’t think any of us have ulterior motives. Plus, we all live together so I think we know each other inside out now. We’re in this together. You were put together as a band, which some people would call ‘manufactured’. How do you respond to that criticism? Sian: Well everyone has been manufactured. Even when it’s a group who has put themselves together, they still have to go through the marketing process, they still have to go through the press training, the vocal training, all of that. So there’s no need to put us in a box because of it. We’ve also had a record label that have really taken on board our originality and our musical style and fashion style, which is very lucky cos I know that a lot of bands might have a product, and then be released. A lot of this has come from us. Who’s working on the album? Jess: We’ve been working with Sham, who just done the Rihanna Loud album. We loved working with him, he’s amazing. We’ve also done stuff with Fairground (Jay Sean) who are just brilliant too. Lauren: We’ve also worked with Andre Merritt (Cheryl Cole), Brian Kennedy (Rihanna), Rob Fusari (Gaga) and Naughty Boy (Tinie Tempah, Wiley). What kind of sound are you bringing? Sian: I think it’s R&B pop. It has real energy and it’s very girly and fun, and something you can sing a long too. Nothing controversial or anything. Just fun and youthful. You’ve just finished supporting Shakira on tour - how was she? Jessica: Oh, she was wicked. We was all in awe of her - she’s absolutely stunning. We watched her afterwards, and as a performer, she’s absolutely faultless. When we met her, she was really nice. It was really kind of her to come and have a chat and a photo, cos she didn’t need to do that. Tell us about your debut single, Louder. Jess: The single is definitely what we’re about as a group. I don’t think there’s anything else like it out at the minute. It feels like a British girl group but with an international sound. There’s nothing like Louder in the charts at the moment.” Hopes for 2011 and beyond? Sian: A few top 10s would be phenomenal. To be a household name and for people to get us would just be amazing cos I’ve had such a long journey to get here. It would just be to push through and get to where I want to go. Lauren: As long as we’re still happy, still working and still performing in a year, five years, ten years time, that’s all I’ve wanted to do and want to carry on doing. Emily: I hope everyone falls in love with us. Hopefully in a year or two we’ll be on our own headline tour, from Wembley to Madison Square Gardens. That’s the dream right now; until then we’re sticking together and working as hard as we can. Louder is out 7 February.


Emily: “She’s one of the most quick-witted people I know,” says Jessica of her Parade pal Emily. “Plus she’s so chilled, nothing fazes her.” Touted as “Funny Parade”, you may recognise Emily from X Factor’s Hope, plus she also dates X Factor’s Leon Jackson. Cute! It was during her A’ Levels that Emily auditioned for X Factor, initially as a solo artist, before joining Hope . After the X, it was decided that Hope needed some new members and a new name. Hence Parade was born.

Sian: It’s not too surprising to discover Bolton’s Sian Charlesworth was a “very hyper child.” Described by the other girls as “the loudest by far”, the 22 year-old admits that while she might be the eldest in years, in some ways she’s the youngest of the group. “I feel like I’m regressing in age as I get older,” she exclaims. “I know how things are but I don’t feel the need to prove my age. I just want to have a laugh.”

Jessica: Despite her surname, Jessica Agombar descends from a long line of East London ancestors – she’s a true Belle of Bow Bells in fact. Bought up in the same area as Dizzee and Tinchy, Jessica started out doing Irish Dancing, went onto a group with Ministry of Sound, had a spell in writing collective Xenomania (Kylie, Girls Aloud), went solo, got a role in St. Trinian’s 2, before finally being approached about Parade. “I thought ‘I’ve got to be involved in this, the music is amazing’.”

Lauren: “I’m bit strange. Weird. Random. A thinker,” contemplates 21 year-old Lauren Deegan. “A lot happens up there - I’m ‘Deep Parade’”, she grins. Lauren might be the quietest of the crew, but don’t let her silence fool you; this extreme sports fan who likes motorbike racing and who BMX’s in her spare time has a sharply candid sense of humour. “I can belch for minutes long to the point where the house will shake,” she laughs of her specialist party trick.

Bianca: At 19, Nottingham born Bianca is the youngest of the group (just don’t call her Baby Parade!). Claxton was a member of the Nottingham Television Workshop, whose alumni includes MistaJam and acclaimed director Shane Meadows. She also trained at the Junior Royal Academy of Music, graduating at 18 as a classically trained cellist and singer. With such a striking vocal and the range to rival a Mariah, it wasn’t long before her demo CD landed in the right hands.



For fans of This Way, Nero’s first foray into dubstep, it’s probably no surprise that only a couple of years later the production duo are all over 2011’s Ones To Watch lists, getting a ridiculous amount of national radio airplay and touring the globe. Recently snapped up by MTA Records and following the huge success of singles Me And You and Innocence, Nardene Scott catches up with Dan Stephens to see what we can expect from upcoming album Welcome Reality...


o how is it going? Are you guys still busy in the studio wrapping things up? Yeah, basically we’ll probably be here till quite late in the night. We’ve got a couple of weeks to finish it so it’s going to be a couple of weeks of blatant up all night ones! What’s the album Welcome Reality sounding like? It’s mostly dubstep and then there’s a couple of D&B things and house on there. It’s kind of electro almost, but electro in that kind of hard-stenched electro sense, because they’re quite dark and synthesizer based. There’s almost an ‘80s feeling as well, like an ’80s sci-fi soundtrack. You manage to incorporate huge stadium sounds on your tunes; do you make a conscientious effort to achieve this? Yeah, that’s probably our sound; big vocals and building up a real wall of sound where everything sounds really big and epic. But with the album we felt like we didn’t want everything to be like that because you get fed up with it, so we wanted a couple of stripped back, bizarre sounding, weird little electro, synthy type things in there to have a break really. Have you got any features on there that people wouldn’t expect? We’ve got a feature on the album and we’re just waiting because it’s the last feature on the album for them to record the vocal you definitely wouldn’t expect us to work with these guys. We didn’t want to work with guys in the charts, it’s not really us. If we were to do a collaboration with anyone, it would be someone really obscure and then this turned out to be a real ‘80s rock legend and we were just big fans. We’ve also done a track with Sub Focus. It was great working with Nick, he’s based in the studio next door to us. It’s a really cool way to work and a nice set up because Shy FX and Chase and Status are here as well. You’ve made it into the BBC Sound of 2011, had loads of radio plays, scored a chart hit, delivered remixes, toured all over... It’s quite surprising because we’ve sort of been around since we were like 17 and 18. Now we’re mid-20’s it’s quite nice that it’s all happened now. 2010 was a great year and it’s all been building up to this year. Towards the end of 2010, we were getting really good radio plays on our current single Me and You, it’s been a real building point towards the album, so it was just 70 / RWDMAG.COM

great to have a really big single to get the name out there. Have you got any more remixes in the works? No, we’ve been turning down remixes for the last couple of months because we’ve done so many. They’re really fun to do, but we’ve kind of done that now so I guess the only remixes we’ll end up getting done now are if a really, really big one was to come in. But it’s a nice position to be in, that we can make those sort of decisions.

“THE DUBSTEP SCENE IN AMERICA IS JUST AMAZING AT THE MOMENT, IT’S STRONGER THAN IN THE UK! IT’S QUITE AMAZING THAT THIS LITTLE MOVEMENT THAT CAME OUT OF CROYDON IN EARLY 2000 IS NOW GLOBAL. IT’S MENTAL!” How was touring over in America? The dubstep scene in America is just amazing at the moment, it’s stronger than in the UK! They’ve really taken to it so we’re playing gigs over there and people just go absolutely mental, which is wicked because there’s great touring possibilities and it’s a great place to go. To think that this little town that only has a population of like 10,000 they’re not going to have heard of dubstep and then you’ll get like 500 or 600 people packing out the club going crazy. It’s really surprising how it’s branched out into all these corners of America, it’s quite amazing that came out of Croydon in early 2000 is now global. It’s mental! It’s crazy indeed. We spoke to Chase and Status too this issue, how are they as label bosses? Yeah, it’s a really, really good working relationship we have with them because we’re on the same sort of level, like where they want to take their music and that sort of thing. Obviously where we are now they were a couple of years ago, so it’s great to have their advice and have them bringing us through and stuff like that. They’ve nurtured us I guess. Me And You is out now and Welcome Reality is out 4 April. Follow Nero on





QUEEN OF HOXTON, JANUARY 2011. London’s finest acoustic night is normally rammed, but this time around the queue was literally around the block. RWD breezed into the packed out Shoreditch venue where we headed straight downstairs, to a celeb packed basement. Everyone from Ed Sheeran (who recently went to No.2 in the iTunes chart entirely independently), to Example, Lioness, Sway, Mr Hudson and G Frsh were in the building to witness soulful singers Lily Mackenzie and Mike Hough, as well as Lauren Mason and South London spitter, Adian Coker. But that’s not the reason why there was a serious roadblock; Yasmin and Wretch 32 were in the building. Yas sang her way sweetly through the Labrinth produced first single On My Own and her version of Runaway. We could just about see Ras Kwame’s nicely coiffed dreads when Wretch stepped on stage, kicking things off with his most current freestyle where the crowd basically drowned the complex MC out. After taking things back with Be Cool, L jumped on stage to end the show with Traktor. A perfect start for another big year in UK music. (NS)


6 Sunday Girl @ The Relentless Garage, London

The Joy Formidable @ Thekla, Bristol

Devlin @ Lancaster Central library, Lancaster

2 Hurts, Clare Maguire @ Brighton Dome, Brighton

3 Professor Green @ Middlesborough Empire, Middlesborough Chapel Club @ Thekla, Bristol 4 Skepta @ Jazz Café, London 5 Fenech Soler @ The Relentless Garage, London


8 Lauren Pritchard @ Borderline, London 10 Roll Deep @ The Duchess, York 11 Wretch 32, Yasmin, Jodie Connor @ Jazz Café, London 13 Giggs @ 02 Academy, Leicester

15 Sleigh Bells @ Digital, Brighton 16 Mark Ronson @ Roundhouse, London 17 Kele, Salem, Hudson Mohawke @ The Arches, Glasgow 18 The Streets @ HMV Picture House, Edinburgh Ninja Tune @ The Hope, Brighton 19 EPMD @ HMV Forum, London

19 Example @ Mandela Hall, Belfast

24 Jamie Woon @ Scala, London

Magnetic Man, Crystal Castles, Everything Everything @ 02 Academy Brixton, London

25 Janelle Monae @ Birmingham Institute, Birmingham

20 Usher @ MEN, Manchester Tinie Tempah @ Rock City, Nottingham 22 Ne-Yo @ SECC, Glasgow Beardyman @ O2 Academy, Liverpool

27 Plan B @ Olympia Theatre, Dublin 28 Katy B + Tinie Tempah @ Plymouth Pavillions, Plymouth, Book Now


11 – 14 Bloc Weekender with Magnetic Man, Rusko Untold @ Butlins, Minehead



On 14 February, cuddle up to your loved one (in the back row of course) over a chilled drink, a large bag of Maltesers and a massive box of sweet popcorn. Or just stay in and watch ‘Stenders... words by Danny Walker



Fpx Searchlight Cert 18

If every time you think about Natalie Portman you have visions of her in a white nightgown wearing bread rolls on either side of her head, then Black Swan should help to change your mind. Part horror flick, part psychological thriller, this film, directed by Darren Aronofsky (Requiem For A Dream) is already nominated for a swag of awards and will have you squirming in your chair as you watch Portman, who plays dancer Nina, slowly lose her mind as she tries to become the evil Black Swan in Swan Lake. If you’re not into ballet, it’s probably worth seeing just for Nat’s co-star, hottie Mila Kunis. (SM)

SOUL MEN High Fliers Films plc


Cert 15

Cert 12

It’s not right to speak ill of the dead, but when I say this is dullest role I’ve ever seen Bernie Mac in, it’s nothing but the truth. And as for Samuel L Jackson? Well, I guess he did the best he could with the tired and predictable script. There isn’t a single lol in sight during this slapstick drama. The best thing about the DVD is the extra’s, which includes a tribute to Bernie Mac, and his show at the Apollo. (NS)

Thinking this was going to just be another inane, easily ingested, throwaway, gag-a-minute, joke-fest from Superbad writing duo Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, we were instantly proven wrong. Yes, it displays all the attributes of the aforementioned BUT IN 3D. They’ve never done 3D before, especially of such a comic book nature and that extra dimension added to the experience making this a more grown-up addition to their already impressive back catalogue. This will sting the funny bone like no other.


REVIEWS CHASE & STATUS No More Idols Vertigo

A very, very strong contender for AOTM, Will and Saul return with a second album that rivals their first offering, More Than A Lot. The London duo are without doubt one of Britain’s bestest beatmakers, blending epic D&B with dramatic dubstep and some incredible guest vocalists, including Tempz on the outrageous Hypest Hype, Cee Lo on the dubalicious Brixton Briefcase, Tinie on Hitz and the track that saw Diz return to the dirt, Heavy. Fast, furious yet never overwhelming, their Status continues to rise throughout the world of music. Track To Check: Let You Go Ft. Mali (HC)




Serious Games



Oh god, this is 22 tracks long. Twenty-mother-frickin’-two. Come on son, no one has the attention for that length of album these days. What’s there (and damn, is there a lot of it) is unquestionably good, but even the most ardent Jurassic 5/ 2na fan would be hard-pushed to retain attention for an hour. On the upside, he spits hard over Rusko’z Gadget Go Go while J-Live helps him do justice to the eastern instrumentation of Across The Map. Track To Check: Gadget Go Go (KMT)

I’m not sure what makes this slightly less appealing than other UK rappers like Klash, because there’s no denying T’s talent. However, there’s a monotony to the album that overshadows the undeniable quality and which stops you from wanting to listen to it more than once. At 18 tracks deep, this is also far too long; Verb would have provided a far stronger record with 10 offerings rather than risking boredom by the time you get to track 11. Track To Check: Bounce With Me Ft. Graziella (PM)

T.I. No Mercy Atlantic/ Grand Hustle

Well, if you admit you’ve done something stupid (i.e. buy enough guns to take out half of Scunthorpe) and then do something stupid again (test positive for drugs), why would you whine on that it’s not fair and how hard it is to be rich. Um, you’re not gonna get much sympathy over here Clifford, sozzo. On the upside, irritating self-pitying lyrics aside,hot guest spots from Em, Kanye and Scarface, coupled with tight beats, and some fine rhymes, take it up a notch. Just stop moaning already Tiiiip. Track To Check: That’s All She Wrote (HC)





Love Me Back

The Hunger For More 2



J Records

G Unit


He’s been away for a minute, but it’s clear the grime veteran didn’t rush this album. With beats provided by the likes of Scratcha, Stenchman and newcomer Dutchpot (mastered to perfection at Metropolis Studios), Overall delivers, as the MC puts it ‘a stadium grime’ sound. Tracks like Imagine and the lively dubstep of What’s My Name demonstrate a bolder Goodz, while Badder Than Ninja is perfect for fans of his legendary bashy flow. A very, very welcome return for the incomparable Goodz. Track To Check: Imagine (NS)

Undoubtedly a huge, massive talent, the Bust Ya Windows singer has yet to become the star she deserves to be. Whether her second album will see Sullivan hit a-list status remains doubtful; retaining an air of quality, the Philly singer doesn’t play the pop/ R&B game. Instead, she and producers like Salaam Remi and Missy Elliott prefer subtle songwriting that tells a proper story and understated soul sounds that are somewhat chart-unfriendly. Regardless, she should sticks to her guns cos we love Jazmine. Track To Check: Holding You Down (HC)

Yeah, this has been out for a minute, but we need to let people know that the G-Unit goon has made an album really worth buying. “I made it there before and I’m a make it there again” Banks spits on opener Take Me To War, proving he’s got just as much fire as he did back in ‘03. Obviously Beamer... is enough reason to cop the album, but production from Cardiak on Start It Up featuring Kanye etc. allows Banks to be looked at as more than just a member of G Unit but an MC in his own right. Track To Check: Start It Up (NS)

Brick/ Showoff


More backpack for your brainiums, this time from two NYC born, Massachusetts residing friends who have teamed up to cause double trouble on their first joint album. Already respected MCs and producers who have worked with Premier, Bun B and Talib Kweli, rhymer Term is as filthy as an southern rapper, which, when teamed with Statik’s grimy beats makes for an explosive combination. An album that sucks you in and doesn’t let you go. Track To Check: Goin’ Back Ft. Cassidy & Xzibit (PMT)

GHOSTPOET Peanut Butter Blues And Melancholy Jam Brownswood

FEED ME Feed Me’s Big Adventure Mau5trap

From the label of Mau5trap comes a young man called Jon Gooch who has been busy remixing for everyone from Muse to Timbaland. Boasting a house, electro and dubstep ‘vibe’, this is eight tracks of mostly instrumental insania. There are some implausibly massive tracks on here – one of which, Jodie you can download for free from Adventurous indeed. Track To Check: Cloudburn Ft. Tasha Baxter (SMH)

“Who is this? This is proper emo rap innit?” Yes, Chidi, yes it is. But then, to be fair Ghostpoet is from Coventry so who wouldn’t be a bit emo coming from Cov? This is for people of very particular tastes only. Mostly, depressive, wethinks. Track To Check: Yeah Pause (HC)



Doin’ It Again Boy Better Know/ 3 Beat

Proving he’d nailed the grime-pop formula on Cross Your Heart, Skepta’s fourth album promises more of that same underground/ mainstream balance. Dipping into grime, west coast flava and all in-between, tracks like the ridiculously catchy Take So Long Ft. Charlee Drew, Thrown In The Bin Ft. BBK and Do It Like Me (if you’ve ever wanted to shout F*ck Skepta, you’re given the chance here) are evidently why this album is getting proper distribution. Diddy was definitely right to listen to the masses and get Skeppy to feature on the remix of Hello Good Morning. Easily his best album to date. Track To Check: Take So Long (CF)




Hoodstarz And Villains

Trilla Music

A Hero And A Villain

Proving he’s more than just a bassline MC with catchy hooks, S-X’s title track, 0121, sets the pace for one of Brum’s best MC’s, Trilla J Trilloski on his Tim Westwood hosted CD. With the exception of a couple of slower tracks courtesy of Figz, Trilla not only shows he’s a versatile MC, he also proves he’s got an eye for up and coming talent, bringing in new teen producer, Thomas Mellor on We Know. Basically if you’re into your UK grime/hip hop (which you obviously are if you’re reading RWD) this is for you. Track To Check: Wha Gwaan(NS)

Proof that you don’t have to have a record deal or be a regular on radio to be worth listening to; Ason delivers in the vein of a Klashnekoff or Sway – this is UK hip hop at its best. Soul-slapped sounds mixed with a little dub and hardknock hip hop provided by producer J-Flames, this south London spitter is a gifted rhymer with plenty of flow and concepts. Offering up the good and not-so-good sides of life, this is a great debut from an emerging talent. Track To Check: Call Me Ruinz Ason (HC)


Ruby Goe Ft. Poet Name Life Beat Breaking Boy (Goe Music) Yasmin On My Own (Jakwob remix) (Ministry Of Sound) Cocknbullkid Hold On To Your Misery (Island) Devlin Let It Go (Joker Remix) Island Dexplicit Ft. Big H, Big Narstie, Goodz, Dot Rotton, Black The Ripper, Shizzle Pull Up Riddim (White) Chromeo Ft. Elly Jackson Hot Mess (Duck Sauce Remix) (Fools Gold) Amina Bryant Jimmy (UWMG) Encore Hero (Island) Gil Scott Heron & Jamie xx I’ll Take Care Of U (XL) Skillz 2010 Rap Up (White) Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa That Good(Profile) Adele Turning Tables (Columbia) Claire Maguire Last Dance (Polydor) Lonely Island Ft. Akon I Just Had Sex (Universal) Eminem Ft. Jazmine Sullivan Cocaine (White) Lil Wayne One Night Only (Young Money) Wiz Khalifa Teach You To Fly (Asylum) MNDR Jump In (Wondersound) Jessie J Who You Are (Island) Ed Sheeran No.5 Collaborations EP (White) Selah Ft. Donaeo Out My House (Gorgeous Music/Myish Records) 79

UKG / GRIME / DUBSTEP / BASSLINE CHART BY DJ CHEWY 01 KATY B FT. MS. DYNAMITE Lights On (Rinse) Released last December, this is still without a doubt the biggest club and radio tune since Tinie’s Pass Out. It’s also fantastic to see the original Queen of Garage back at the top. Boo! 02 THE ALIENS Exterminate / They’re Here (Aliens) This huge tune has been floating around for a couple of months and has been getting hammered by N Type, Benga and the rest of the top players. This was one of Skream’s winning tracks that killed Goldie at the Red Bull Soundclash late last year. 03 EMALKAY Crusader (Dub Police) Positioned between 130 & 140 BMP, this track is causing a massive online riot from the original dubstep supporters. The Brummie beatmaker will get even bigger in stature this year with a string of releases due in the next few months. 04 DOCUMENT ONE Forgive Me (Buygore Records) Freshly signed to Bogore are these new producers who have somehow managed to inflict some frightening pop chords on top of a chipmunk (the cartoon, not the rapper) loop. Seems to be the way a few people are going at the moment. 05 CASPA Geordie Racer / Back For the 1st Time (Dub Police) This is out-and-out rough, rugged, raw and super-dirty bass. A f*cking anthem. What did you expect!

06 LX ONE You (Wheel & Deal) One of only a few releases that have actually dropped in January 2011 (it’s a quiet month so far), but LX has gone straight in. Definitely not for the faint-hearted, You is strictly for the true dubstep connoisseurs. 07 ROOMMATE Mercy Riddim EP (King Dubbist) Out since the beginning of the month, this EP is getting well and truly hammered. Featuring some of the biggest names in the reggae world, including Ras Zacharri on Jah Rule, also check out Take A Look and Mercy Dub. 08 DEVLIN FT. LABRINTH Let It Go (Universal Promo) Adding what can only be described as an even grimier remix to an already dark track, Lab has created an incredible remix for a fantastic song. With gold sales under his belt, Devs is steadily tipping towards well-deserved platinum sales. 09 TWO DOLLAR HOOKER Breath So Near (Orson Records Slightly leaning towards old skool garage with its BPM and production style, also look out for a couple of great remixes from Point B and Fine Cut Bodies. One of a number of hot releases due out this Jan/Feb. 10 FUNKYSTEPS & SOUNDBWOY Party Ting (Soundbwoy Ent) The funky scene seems to have slowed don to a snails pace in recent months (Katy B aside). This is the only worthy track released in the last four weeks, so a big shout out to Shy for the diverse tracks and artists signed to Soundbwoy Ent. 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 80 / RWDMAG.COM

HORSEPOWER Quest For The Sonic Bounty (Tempa / Ammunition) COMPOUND ONE Get Loose (Landslide Remix) (Compound One Records) DIGITAL MYSTIKS Urban Ethics (DMZ) UNKNOWN Lock Up (Remix) (Boots) DOCTOR P Big Boss (Circus Records) ORIGINAL SIN Take No More (Playaz) LYSERGENE Sub Ritual (Area) HATCHA & LOST Work Out (One Gun Salute) CESSMAN VS. JOE ARIWA Shanker EP (Ariwa Records) LATE Phantom Papers (Immerse Records)


He’s signed to Roc Nation, is touring with Drake and his latest mixtures have converted even the most ardent nonbelievers. Sian Anderson allows Jermaine the Final Word on life, lyrics and love... We hear you’re a fan of P Money. How did you hear about him? I saw a film called One Day: The Movie and it was just crazy, incredible. From there we started talking about how there was some dudes in there that was really good and then one of my homeboys was like ‘Yo, I’ve seen this video of this kid, he was crazy,’ and it was this P Money video. He was standing outside just MCing into the camera and it was mental man. I love that sh*t. Did you understand the accent and slang? I’ve gotta really pay attention but yeah I could understand what they’re saying. With the slang, some of it. Can a UK rapper ever break the US? Yeah absolutely. It’s gonna take somebody from the grime scene that’s really connected to the underground over here but it’s also gonna take somebody from over in America tapping into it and introducing that sound. I do think it’s possible.  What did you think of the P.Diddy and Skepta collab? I didn’t hear it. It didn’t cross over to my side of things.  Wacka Flocka, yourself, Yelawolf and Wiz Khalifa are all tipped for this year - besides yourself, who has the best shot? I think they all got a good shot, they basically already doing it in some sort of way. I don’t know who’s gonna get the furthest man, I can’t call that. I like all of them but my personal style, like who I would listen to would be Yelawolf, cause he’s really rappin’ for real. I feel the stuff that he be saying.  Rita Ora or Alexis Jordan? Argh man you can’t do me like that [laughs] I can’t decide. I’m gonna say both, for different reasons, two different styles, they can both exist in the world, you know... Jay-Z or Jay Brown? Come on man you’re tryna’ get me in trouble. Both. I’m on their 82 / RWDMAG.COM

label [laughs]. Who’s the hottest lady in the world right now? I just see a picture of her yesterday, what’s her name?... Man she’s a singer and she raps a little bit, she had a hit like five years ago in the UK, she’s a light skinned girl. Affia or something... Lisa Mafia? Yeah! Other than her, I’ve gotta say Scarlett Johansson. What/who does J Cole love most in the world? Friends and family man, they’re the core of my world.  Do you have any guilty pleasures?  I’ve seen It’s Complicated and He’s Just Not That Into You [Laughs]. I’ve seen a few movies that aren’t the most manly.  Would you say you’re a romantic type of guy? I’m not romantic at all. On Valentine’s day I’m the one running around last minute to do stuff. I’d do the hotel but it would be a last minute hotel and there wouldn’t be no candles [laughs].  What’s it like with woman now that you’re successful?  I’m not really into it. Not at all.  Are you making music for the charts or from your heart? I’m making a couple of tunes for me, and then I’m making a couple for the charts. You have to. When I was younger I would never say that but now that I’ve grown and learnt, you have to, I’ve realised that all my favourite rappers who are successful did that and the ones who aren’t did not. Finally, what are your plans for this year? Release more singles, I feel like last year was just a warm up year in all aspects of my career, so my main goals is the singles, the album and then production for other people.  The single Who Dat is out 27 Feb.

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