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Wow, I’ve read the editor’s letter for the majority of RWD’s reign as one of the UK’s biggest publications – having been heavily involved since ‘The Nod’ dropped in April ’04, a fan since I clapped eyes on my first issue month’s before [Dec ‘03] and even writing my very own during an interim caretaker period after Matt Mason’s departure [Aug ‘05]. Despite throwing up on my first day, due to a ruthless combo of strong pain killers sans breakfast and not nerves despite what Dacre says, I’m just as excited to be involved in RWD now as I was then. Under Hattie Collins’ brilliant editorialship we’ve seen many highs and with me at the wheel long may they continue. I’d like to take this moment to say I’ve gained so much from being under Hattie (#leaveit) and I know RWD will grow even more with her as our new Brand Relations Director. She. Be. A. Legend. Famo. Also massive congrats to Nardene who is now RWD’s Deputy Editor. It comes with a LOT of responsibility/ pressure Miss Scott... I should know. Those who know me will know I’m a man of few words, well intelligent ones anyway, so I’ll keep it sweet and short. Our first annual Versus issue (we’re not including last year’s Love Vs. Lust) is sick, songstress Delilah vs. Perfection, Mac Miller vs. the World, Cheryl vs. Cheryl Cole and new features such as #GenrevsGenre where grime’s infamous Trim returns to take on Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard and Be Kind Rewind RWD with unsuspecting Mark Morrison. In fact, we’ve got so much this issue, why are you still here?


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Name: Sophie Robinson RWD Nickname: SoRo? Age: 26 in 2 weeks. This month I’ve... styled the fashion ‘Streetwear Special’ editorial and snapped the cool kids down at the big Sampled Street sale. This month I’ve loved... the sunshine (briefly)! This month I’ve hated...generally running around London in heels dragging suitcases full of clothes! But it keeps me fit... @sophie_stylist Name: Cerriann Taylor RWD Nickname: Cezza Age: 23 This month I’ve... interviewed David Oyelowo and Chery Cole and attended the Trey Songz listening party. This month I’ve loved... the UK’s week of Summer and going down to Brighton to enjoy it and Kayne West and Kim Kardashian being dubbed Kimye (amazing!) This month I’ve hated... Not getting tickets to the Watch the Throne tour and then seeing all of my friends tweet about it. @Cerrianntaylor Name: Chantelle Fiddy RWD Nickname: T**t Age: Rude [Sorry Chan]. This month I’ve... disrupted the RWD office, splashed champs and did my damn column, alright. This month I’ve loved... Finding previously undiscovered feelings for Tom Jones, Prince Harry and Will.I.Am tops. This month I’ve hated... The cost of organic raspberries. @Chantellefiddy


“I’M A BIG MAN BUT I’M NOT 40!!!” “Hyper, was the oldest one in N.A.S.T.Y. Crew and he was like, ‘I’m a big man...’ Back then I was thinking, ‘I’m a big man as well, but I’m not 30’. That was it. The single is out on 1 July when I’ll be 30. So it’s moved to 40 now.”






image by Andres Reynaga

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Thanks for your emails, tweets and general gripes this month, the best comes from Ben who wins a six month subscription to streamed goodness courtesy of Netflix (to get yours Send your letters to: Attn. Editor, RWD

Magazine, W107 Holywell Centre, 1 Phipp Street, London, EC2A 4PS or Jamie, as fans of the beautiful game we wish every page could be full of footy, basketball and table tennis content (OK, maybe that last one is just our editor). More on the way. Via Twitter: Big up @DannyWalker1 on it from day n now recently promoted 2editor of @ RWDmag... good 2see the hard graft paying off bro #BigManTingThisYear Thanks a lot Mr Deacon and thanks for your cameo on the #Euro96F**kries video, it was a pleasure to work with a BAFTA winner. Also a massive thank you to everyone who said congrats and gave their kind words of support to Nardene, Frankie and myself on our new roles. #letsdothis

LETTER OF THE MONTH: Re: 15 year-old DJ, Dear Danny, I was on MistaJam’s 1500 seconds of fame with this mix BBC 1Xtra. My real name is Ben Frith but I am known as DJ Future. I am 15 and any promotion or support from you would be appreciated! Also any one you may know to speak to about promoting myself if you cannot help me would be useful. Look forward to hearing from you. Ben Thanks for the message and thanks for the music Ben. Your blending of bass-dubstep and grime went down a treat. Keep up the good work and maybe we’ll see you on the pages of RWD in the near future. Dear RWD, Can we have more football from you guys please. Liking what you done-did last month, more of the same please. England will not win anything but let us get behind them anyway. And yes, Roy Hodgson looks nuff like an owl LOL. Jamie B 8 / RWDMAG.COM

Dear RWD, I’ve just been looking at your current issue and I see Jeremy (Jezza) from Issue 124 is being hooked up with a back issue. Well my request is the same but on a much larger scale. I’m fairly new to your magazine and really NEED this year’s back issues or as many as you can possibly give me. Is there a possibility of making this happen? I would be really grateful and forever in your debt (OK just really grateful) if you can make this happen. Kind regards, Leanne Grace Miller (a reader for life) Oh no, we knew this would happen. We’ve opened somekind of postage floodgate. Is and not good enough? We give so much. No worries Leanne. We’ll see what we can do.

To contact/ moan at/ send love letters to the team send your words and/ or images to

THE MONTH IN TWITPICS #RWDTheLegacy posters have been EVERYWHERE, send us where you saw yours...

“#RWDTheLegacy in Stockwell tube, between Northbound Northern and Victoria lines.” Stockwell knows

“#RWDTheLegacy in Clapham North Tube station. Out Monday.” Clapham North knows

“How is this my first @rwdmag #thelegacy poster spot, they’re bloody everywhere” Seven Sisters knows



RWD’s Official spoof has been released: Euro 96 F***ries Oh please, Euro 96 should have been a breeze...

oOoMAJESTICoOo: “For a piss take this is quality.” @jenMEAddict1: “Funny as f**k!!” Maria Fleming: “Hahahahaha love this!”

RWD TV: Ill Manors Red Carpet Report

Rhian Barnes: “Ill Manors is so different yet so real” @SnakeyManUK: “Just seen this” @ILuvUKMusic: “Check out The iLL Manors @4PlanB, Red Carpet Report”

RWD TV Exclusive: Vanessa White Covers Frank Ocean We hook up with The Saturdays singer Vanessa for a special refix

Riky Bains grabs Riz Ahmed, Aml Ameen, Arnold Oceng and more on the red carpet...

32% 42% 26% VAN P, IT NEITHER, GOMEZ,

HAS TO BE YOU GOT IT HE’LL SMACK IT ALL WRONG UP TOP TWEETS @RWDMAG: 1 @Ace_UK: Loooool big up @dannywalker1 foe channelling his innner grime

MC and big up @RWDmag #Euro96f**kries is joke!!! 2 @MakeYouShiver: “I want to see Usher in London @RWDmag HOOK ME UP!!!

PLEAAAAASEEEEEE!! :)” 3 @UkweliRoach: nice! But I’m 25 not 27 lol :) 4 @RClassicsUK: @RWDmag RWD legacy looks like an absolute top album...might

Jaynee: “Nessa you have so much soul, luv this mash up! well done sister girl! x” Steve S: “Vanessa, your voice is so powerful, really like how you’ve progressed over the years!” Olisa O: “She sounds beautiful but this is just a shadow of what she used to be...”


5 6 7 8

have to get this one for the ReebokHQ office #tunes #classic magazines In JD Sports! :D @RikyBains1: OMG just saw the @RWDmag legacy advert on TV!!!!!!! :D :D @SwayUK: I just bought @RWDmag’s triple disc album #RWDTheLegacy from iTunes. It even has “Up You Speed” on there. out RT @C4_OoRITE: Congrats Nardene :) RT @RWDmag WE’RE VERY EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE: @Nardenescott is the NEW deputy editor of RWD Magazine @ScorchersLife: @RWDmag its a pleasure to still be working with you guys after all these years #ItsAllLove


STYLE | FILM | GAMES | TECH | SPORT | REFRESHED | MUSIC | EXCLUSIVES Welcome to our bigger, better, ballsier Check-In Check Out. The place to get the heads-up and the low-down on the places you should be checking in to checking out this fine month of July...


ADIDAS YOUR STORY They’ve done it again, adidas have returned with their limited edition Consortium range and round two of the ‘Your Story’ collection... Check out... a select group of exciting new collaborators that have given life to five designs with a hint of the upcoming Olympics about them. As well as the collaborations, adidas Originals have created a special shoe to mark the 20th anniversary of involvement in the Olympics. The BC – MMXII X adidas Originals has a simple BC shape and Olympic ring inspired lace tips. Check for more



SOMERSET IN DA HOUSE Fashion Week isn’t the only time Somerset House gets cool... Check-in... to Somerset House this July as each year it provides eclectic vibes for lazy summer evenings and this year with the American Express sponsored Summer Series, boxes are being ticked all over the shop! This month sees soul queen Jill Scott back in the UK for two nights within the grand Somerset House settings. Not to forget our very own starlet Katy B bringing a little bass into the mix, as well as Temper Trap Jessie Ware and Paloma Faith plus a very special line up courtesy of DJ Abrantee and his Afrobeats evening. Get booking up Film4’s Summer Screen event too as August is a chance for you to snuggle up to your date under the stars whilst watching everything from Apocalypse Now and Drive to Boogie Nights and Pretty In Pink. Find out about all the events on

SUMMER VS. WINTER IN NUMBERS We put the two biggest seasons against each other...

hours 55minutes: the longest day of the year (21 June).


The number of people in the RWD office that prefer summer to winter.



HAYE VS. CHISORA ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ this is not! Check-in... to BoxNation in July cos despite NEITHER having a boxing license this fight is somehow still going ahead. Sanctioned by the Bolivian/ Luxembourg/ Uranus Boxing Federation and taking place at Upton Park, this pay-per-fail fight is still going to make Frank Warren and co a lot of money. Shame all round, yet exciting in the same breath. Watch BoxNation on 14 July

Rising style stars Beck & Hersey have been pretty busy of late, and the most recent fruit of their labour comes in the shape of some very desirable caps. Big!

Yakutsk (Russian Far East) the coldest inhabited city in the world.

Check out... their collaboration with headwear legends STARTER. This sweet collab has produced a tidy collection of off-the-wall slogan and graphic topped snapbacks. Five-panel caps are in the pipeline and some crazy under-visor fabric additions are being flashed around right now. What’s even better is the lovely folk at Beck & Hersey appreciate our Young, Gifted and Slack readers so much they are giving you the chance to win 20 of the primary coloured head toppers! You’ve got to be in it to win it so head to comps to get involved (Styles will be picked at random).

The distance in foot from which a mosquito can smell you (a good reason to stay in England this summer).



Estimated number of people affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder in the UK. That is a lot of depressed folk considering we only live on a small island with 62 million people on it. Can’t they pretend its summer all year?





It takes a bold man to use a fragrance entitled ‘Happy for Men’, luckily bold men know that Clinique do a good scent... Check out... the cool crispness of Clinique’s citrus-rich Happy for Men. With refreshing high notes and a modern undertone this is a smell that you’re definitely going to be ‘happy’ with. With a matching after shave balm, body and hair wash and much needed antiperspirant deodorant stick you can easily complete the set. 100ml Clinique Happy For Men Aftershave will set you back £29. For yours call 0870 034 2566 or check


DEGREE SHOWS GALORE Love a bit of art? Already chosen your course but not sure about your destination? Simply want something to do in July, check-in to an art degree show... Check-in... to a university art degree show. Easily the best way to see what your potential course is capable of and what the future David Hockneys will be doing. Goldsmiths Post Graduate exhibition 5-9 July (; Ben Pimlott Building, St James, New Cross, London SE14 6NW Central Saint Martins 2012 Degree Show 21 June (; Granary Squares in N1, based in King’s Cross, London Plymouth University 2012 Degree Show 16 June – 28 June (; Faculty of Arts, Plymouth University PL4 8AA


TWIZ BEATS Despite David Guetta’s involvement in the ad campaign this little slice of electric elegance is getting a lot of love, viva le Renault Twizy... Check out... The new 100% electric, 100% crazy looking, 100% fun new Twizy from Renault. Available in three choices of trim, Twizy Urban, Twizy Colour and Twizy Technic (with 13” ‘Diamond’ gloss black alloys and Technic upolstery as standard), this cool city runaround is 100% the direction in which the automobile industry need to go. From £6,690. For more check 14 / RWDMAG.COM



LONDON 2012 LAUNCH Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle has so far brought us the likes of 28 Days Later, Slumdog Millionaire, and 127 Hours. What could he possibly bring us next? Check out... The London 2012 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony. With such a brilliant director leading the creative team, the ceremony is bound to be spectacular. Details are of course top secret, but we’re looking forward to showing the world the very best bits of London’s diverse culture. Whether you’ve already applied for one of the 80,000 seats in the stadium, or if you’re planning to watch the event from home, the night is going to be BIG. The Opening Ceremony takes place on Friday 27 July


G-SHOCK X MAHARISHI Distract the style starved with this designer collab... Check out... this sick collab as G-Shock are no strangers to teaming up with cool and seriously stylish brands and people to create limited edition timepieces. Influential UK brand Maharishi have joined the harem of hipsters with their electrifying monochrome take on the GA-110 watch. Inspired by the naval ships of WWI, this tougher than tough watch is literally fit for anything. £135, at 16 / RWDMAG.COM


THE GOOGLE CURRENTS EFFECT RWD’s ever-improving Google Current edition... Check out... the latest way to read RWD. Whether that be on a tablet or a smartphone, Google Currents is FREE and adapts to your device. For content being consumed on the bus, the bog or even on the back of your busted ol’ bike, it’s perfect. is you


GO WIRELESS For a festival that’s cheaper than most and jam-packed with a line up of more live music than you can shake a stick at (what does that even mean?), this is most definitely the place to be.


LONDON ZOO LATES Zoo-themed, adult-only festival? Check-in... at London Zoo for the silent disco alone (can’t upset the animals, can we?), the Wii Just Dance Party Bus, and the zoo’s famed Penguin Beach Live demonstration, which is actually really bloody sick. Trust us. The Twisted Cabaret will see animal themed-burlesque dancers, the Aquarium will play host to comedians and much more. Just go! 18+ every Friday night in July, 6-10pm. Check

Check-in... at Hyde Park’s Wireless Festival. With Deadmau5 headlining Friday, Drake ruling over Saturday and Rihanna taking over Sunday, the weekend is set to be a good’un. Plus, with other acts including Nicki Minaj, Jessie J, Example, Wiz Khalifa and Pro Green the only issue you could possibly have with Wireless fest is wanting to be everywhere at the same time. Wireless Festival takes place from 6-8 July. For more info and tickets check

FIDDY’S WORLD OF WHATEVER Journo, consultant, legend, Chantelle Fiddy on all things Whatever. This month: Me vs. I

Yes, I’m doing the unthinkable – taking on myself. If, in the words of D Double E, you only “deal with original written,” you’ve got to be real when you’ve taken a punt and opted for the wrong sentence. Or, in other words, totally flopped your entire viewpoint and/ or life. Take the time I slewed Rihanna’s Umbrella. “This is how desperate times have got,” I pretty much shouted in the reader’s direction. “Singing about bloody umbrellas...” A few million copies sold and the rest, you’d have thought I signed that bloody record so in love had I become with it. But. I. Got. It. Wrong. Similarly, if you’d told me the P’s & Q’s video to accompany Kano’s debut was going to be an iconic slice of grime’s documentation, I’d have shrugged it off. “It’s just a video, yeah the track’s good. Still.” Mug. Even though I’d revoked my initial thoughts within thirty minutes, I. Missed. It. First. Time. Round. I don’t slew as much anymore - donating a 1/5 in the world of Twitter is simply L.O.N.G. Plus I’ve got to an age where I feel a small (very small I’d like to note) amount of guilt-forward-slash-sorrow for the hapless receiver of my sometimes/ often incorrect opinion. But f**k it. And you. Joke, jokeeeeee. I stick to the time I told Princess Superstar to drop herself from her own label. She really was sh*t. Then. I chat doo-doo and some @chantellefiddy much like @RWDmag




MIDNIGHT BEAST MODE Check out.. this exclusive image of Warp Films and Cuba Pictures’ The Midnight Beast. After taking over YouTube – raking up an impressive 47 million views with their potent parodies, comical clips and general mocking of Ke$ha – Musical mad-men Stefan Abingdon, Dru Wakely and Ashley Horne are bringing their fresh batch of crazy comedy to E4 this summer. As well as slipping into wild music videos, the six-part series charts the band’s failures and successes (mainly the former) as they try their best to claw through a melee of madness, obstacles and insane unsavoury characters toward pop stardom. Looking at clips online we can see that you’ll love or hate the madness from the Midnight crew. We’re already loving it. Written by Jason Hazeley (That Mitchell and Webb Look), Joel Morris (10 o’Clock Live) and up-and-coming Writer’s Guild and BAFTA nominated writer Tom Edge, its easy to see TMB is in good hands, especially as it’s directed by Ben Gregor of The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret fame. Make sure you tune in as this band’s hilarious rise to stardom will be televised. The Midnight Beast is coming in July 18 / RWDMAG.COM



RWD: The Legacy Launch



6.30pm Check-in “Last month saw the launch of RWD’s amazing 3-CD album. Being the party animals that we are, we hosted at super Shoreditch House. RWD legends, celebs and special friends headed on down for a night of debauchery and tunes. Starting up on the roof garden, Yasmin gave us her all before we moved down to the bar where the likes of Artful Dodger and RWD’s very own DJ Chewy entertained (especially online editor Tego, who was LOVING IT).” (FD)

Ubisoft have spent a lot of time working on the next offering of Far Cry, it looks pretty big too...


NOLAN SEASON Christopher Nolan is basically a God, basically... Check-in... to The BFI Southbank for Christopher Nolan Season baby! With a screening line up literally spanning Nolan’s life in film, London is in for a real treat. Starting with his directorial debut, Following and The Dark Knight Rises, big. is you


GALAXY S III The third generation of Galaxy... Check out.. the must-have Galaxy S III. 4G-ready, Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), 8MP zero shutter lag camera, S-Beam, ALLShare and all-sorts inside. Check for more

Check out... the tropical setting that will be greeting PS3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows gamers this September. That’s right the open-world, FPS will take place somewhere in the Indian and Pacific Ocean. Get ready to get ruthless as this looks a stealthy slasher that will consume you. You know it will. For more check

Watch The Throne

8.06pm Check-in “We only managed to blag a pair of tickets but we can tell you that there is more than enough reasons to cop #WTT2 tickets. If not just for Kanye’s little dance moves, a ridiculous amount of N****s In Paris reloads, off the scale visuals concocted by the fashion house Givenchy – naturally Mr West wore a matching leather Givenchy skirt – then just do it to brag to everyone that didn’t manage to see the most talked about concert that has ever been.” (TS)

Club LaSanta, Lanzarote

5.15am Check-in “Dacre (Creative Director), Frankie (Senior Staff Writer) and Sophie (Fashion Editor) were given the hideous task of heading to Lanzarote for a week. But this was no summer holiday! Oh no, the JD Summer Campaign needed shooting and we were the ones to do it. Ending up on a week with a crazy heatwave (highs of 40°C+), team members were flaking all over the place. However a brilliant ad campaign was shoot. Bravo team!” (FD) 19

ENOUGH ALREADY: RWD VS. GLEE For the past three years we’ve been on the faux pas frontline digging a trench on the outskirts of Tasteful Television Town, stocking up on alliterated ammunition and sharpening the bayonets of basic decency in the war against terror Glee. Last night Danny Walker jumped in a tank of truth and went on the offensive about this ongoing, annoying American invasion... imagery by Art Jaz.

“LITERALLY EVERYONE INVOLVED SHOULD BE IN FRONT OF AN INTERNATIONAL COURT ON CHARGES OF WAR CRIMES.” The time is 0100 hours and I’ve just read what can easily be considered an act of war; the silly sods from the States will be doing a fourth series of Glee – which will add to what I describe as ‘66 episodes of skull-numbing, soul-sapping sh*te.’ When I found out the show had been commissioned again a tiny piece of me died. You know at the end of Steven Spielberg’s 1991 classic, Hook, when the 20 / RWDMAG.COM

massive crocodile falls on the weirdly moustached Dustin Hoffman. That is me. Only it’s not a ridiculously oversized reptile that decimates the senses, it’s a bunch of grown adults prancing about the screen, vocally massacring dried up Madonna mishaps and dressing like they’re too cool for school. Even if the alumni were Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates’ glasses and all the pencils at NASA, they STILL wouldn’t be ‘cool’. We’ve got nothing against Matthew Morrison and the cast who play the students of the fictional William McKinley High School, in fact when these hand grenades of literary hate go off, they’ll be considered collateral damage. Our distain merely lies with everything and anything to do with the production of the show; from the cardigan-crazy crackheads in wardrobe to the inhumane idiots who keep making these feature length specials. Literally everyone involved

should be in front of an international court on charges of war crimes. Since that dark day in 2009, they’ve basically been churning out the same thing only with different songs, odd attempts at comedy drama and a mix up of overpaid (how much did the Britney appearance set them back?), over-publicised (seriously, even ONE advert is too much) and overacted cameos thrown in the mix. I know all the Gleeks in the world (we see you closet crazies too, humming when the badverts come on and pretending you don’t dead up your HD Sky-Gin boxes with these idiotic episodes) are very upset by these wise words. They’ve stood up and are ironically ready to make a song and dance of this act of valour; please, sit down, relax and accept these statements to be true. Unless Fox declare a ceasefire by 1600 hours or incinerate this weapon of mass destruction, we’re officially at war.



We’ve been getting to know the creatives that make up the #GoHardOrGoHome squad AKA the Run Dem Crew Youngers for the last couple of issues - we’ve not even scratched the surface. Comprised of models, free runners, writers, poets, and much more, this time around we hone in on the crew’s love for music. Check out what Jammz, Darkz, P Casso and Bruda Dre learned from their time in the studio with Youngman, ahead of releasing the #RDCYoungers mixtape. Image Pharoah Styling Nasrin Jean-Baptiste Grooming Shreya Patel Thanks to Urban Development

Dre: The Youngers will probably experience some late nights in the studio making this mixtape. How many sacrifices have you made to do what you do and which one affects you the most? Youngman: I’d say family time and time with my friends from Derby because it’s away from everything; it’s rare that I get the opportunity to go back, switch off and just see all my old mates. That is your sacrifice and you find out in this that your best mates become the people you’re surrounded by, like Benga is one of my best mates now. You end up hanging out with guys that you’re on the road with, so family and home is the biggest sacrifice. Jammz: Do you make tracks in the 22 / RWDMAG.COM

studio with the thought of performing them live? Youngman: Yeah, me and Benga just made a track called I Love Brazil and when we take it on the road we change Brazil to whatever city we’re in. It’s literally like, ‘Put your hands in the air, say yeah!’ It’s about all of those vibes, so it goes off live! Jammz: How do deal with your nerves before a performance? Do you have any special rituals? Youngman: I’d like to say I don’t really get nervous but when I do (like if it is a big one) I just warm up and relax with my mates and crack jokes and make it as fun as possible. To be fair you only really get nervous if you make a big deal

out of it, so I just treat every show as the same; put on a great performance. Dre: Apart from yourself who’s another MC you would rate at this point in time? Youngman: Labrinth. I think he’s sick and he’s covering all spheres, he’s a really talented guy so if you just want one I would say him. I also really rate Example and the way he is just making dance music so big out here. I toured with him a couple of months ago. There were 20,000 people at every show! You don’t traditionally see dance music and party music in arenas and he’s managed to fly the flag for dance music, which is amazing for us all. Jammz: What artists did your parents listen to and how do you think that

RUNNING IN TUNE The RDCY’s all have their favourite tunes to train to, check out their recommended playlists...

DARKZ Grafter Ft. Bianca Jay: Therapy. It’s just pure ‘Heartistry’. Chocolate Brothers: Killer. The tempo is great. Meek Mill: Y’all Don’t Hear Me Though. Keeps me going.

affects the music you’re making today? Youngman: Well, first and foremost my father is an artist (D&B legend Bassline Smith) so I was always surrounded by D&B as a kid. Then, you know, it was just kind of pure Motown, like old skool soul and I listened to more R&B and pop as well. I’m a big fan of Michael Jackson... Al Green and all those guys and Mary J. Blige, she was a big inspiration for me. Dre: Do you remain two steps ahead of the game or do you just go with the flow? Youngman: I would have to say we always try and stay ahead man... Like Skream and Benga have always been known for creating and pushing things forward and I would like to brand myself within that same thing. Everything I’m

“WE TRY AND STAY AHEAD… SKREAM AND BENGA HAVE ALWAYS BEEN KNOWN FOR PUSHING THINGS FORWARD… EVERYTHING I’M DOING NOW, I’D LIKE TO THINK IS 2014 MUSIC.” doing now, I’d like to think is 2014 music. Look out for the #RDCYoungers mixtape which will be released exclusively via Plus follow @YoungmanMusic and check out his upcoming tour dates alongside Skream, Benga and Digital Soundboy

ELIZA Scorcher Ft. Wiley: Terms of Agreement. Allows my inner thug to take control! James Morrison: If You Don’t Wanna Love Me... He needs to move in with me. Ellie Goulding: Starry Eyed Sing loudly and badly!

VENETIA Daft Punk: Harder Better Faster. Train harder, you’ll get better, faster and stronger! George Morel: Let’s Groove. Gotta have old skool house. Doctor P: Sweet. A serious bit of bass is like my energy boost.




ONE TO WATCH JONATHAN BAILEY Whether you know this 24 year-old as ‘Flatpack’ from his role as a wet-behind-the-ears undergrad in Channel 4’s Campus or simply as Jonathan Bailey the theatre performing, stage loving chap from Aylesbury, just know he’s one to watch... words by Danny Walker “I feel like I’m constantly winning at the moment,” exhales the man who goes by the social networking pseudonym @Jonny__Bailey. Please note the use of TWO underscores because, “apparently, there is a guy with one or three underscores who pretends to be me. Please tell your readers to bring him down.” Back to the subject of #winning; “I remember winning a Sega Mega Drive,” the Demon Headmaster-devotee pauses before comparing his current career to a childhood memory. “It was from the back of a Frosties packet. It’s exactly the same at the moment, that feeling of winning when I get a new job, it’s more exciting though. I’ve just been offered another series as well which I’m really excited about, which I think I’m gonna do. It’s for ITV. It’s like a crime thriller.” Currently filming with Neil Morrissey and Robert Sheehan for new BBC comedy Me & Mrs Jones and having just returned from South Africa (“Yeah, we’ve just finished the second series of Leonardo.”) all things seem to be going Jonathan’s way. “We’re in about week three,” he details of the

process. “It’s quite cool because with the BBC they need that particular show to fill a comedy slot; this definitely suits the mould. There are a few tongue-incheek p***takes which make it slightly more interesting than... I don’t want to say My Family... but I just did.” Speaking of families, are the Baileys 100% behind him. “I think they like it when I’m on a

“I FEEL LIKE I’M CONSTANTLY WINNING AT THE MOMENT,” DVD. They’re bloody chuffed. They put up on the mantlepiece.” After appearing on the stage in productions, BBC Three’s Pramface and of course the humorousyet-ill-fated Campus, which only saw one series (“I was gutted. It was a bit of a shock as it was turning out to be really good,”) we’re surprised there’s room on the mantle. And lastly, if given the choice stage vs. screen which would it be? “Sh*t, that is hard. I think I get off on having that instant reaction of theatre.” Me & Mrs Jones hits BBC late 2012. @Jonny__Bailey (with TWO underscores)


“I tried to MC when I was younger and it went wrong, my friend said stick to producing”, wise decision from the Birmingham beat maker, now over a decade into perfecting his productions. Music was probably the most likely of avenues for Swifta, following in his father’s footsteps (who produced Apache Indian’s Boom Shack-A-Lak) but it’s only now he’s getting some love from his pop’s for his hip hop, grime and bassline wonders. “I like doing it all, I get to express myself when I do different genres,” naturally hometown artists Stay Fresh (“That’s my team”) SP, Lil Choppa, Dapz the solely hip hop listener has worked with but lately his inbox has been inundated with requests from Roll Deep, P Money and Wiley and with tracks sent for Skepta’s upcoming album, there’s only 20 odd tracks left on the lappy. You can look out for the horror sound lovers solo releases including his Easy EP and productions popping up all over the place. @SwiftaBeater



I’m not a rapper. I’m a versatile artist reads the 18 year-old south Londoner’s bio on Twitter. When your videos are totting up just under 400k views and you actually SELL your mix CD, A Lil Bit Of Cash, we’re inclined to agree. “I was around 10 and inspiration-wise my brother played a big part in me wanting to do music, it was more about me wanting to be him and be like his protégé,” the confident Drake and Westlife fan admits about his come up, describing himself as dedicated and humble. Sets at Biggafish and opening for Wretch 32’s recent headline tour alongside Kyra is only the beginning for the artist who’s not afraid to get personal (Conversations With Cash, K Koke J Cole) or smash up the clubs (Gassed In The Rave). @cashtasticmusic



MAC VS. THE WORLD When US rapper Mac Miller visited our occasionally sunny isle last month Nardene Scott met up with the laid back lyricist to grill him about everything from losing his virginity and biting bars to his tatted up torso, f**king with Bieber and of course Blue Slide Park...


Yeah, my virginity story is funny. It was actually my homie’s ex-girl. It was bad! What happened was, she hit me up to hang out and I went to her crib and she told her parents I was gay; that’s how I was able to hang out at the crib. So we went down to the basement – I was fourteen, it was October, we were watching Nacho Libre - I mean, she did everything, I just laid there. So I lost my virginity and the next time I had sex I was all like ‘Yeah, I’m a pro now!’ except for the fact that she had done everything! I just had to figure out the whole... insertion part... but hey we grow older and I’ve got it pretty much down now [laughs].


It’s kind of like a landmark album for me. It summed up the whole grind up to that point, something that reminds me of how I got to where I am. It’s something that my fans can listen to and it’s also kind of a stepping stone to the next thing. A lot of my music has just been a lot of fun. I wanted people to look at Blue Slide Park not as party, party, party but for records like PA Nights and Of The Soul, Man In A Hat, and the more reflective and reminiscent records, talking about where I came from. My favourite records on the album I think are Missed Calls, Loitering, One Last Thing and Frick Park Market. I love those songs!


There’s this one song... the interlude to Blue Slide Park, Hole In My Pocket that was originally a full song. It would have been one of the best on the album but the sample didn’t get approved in time. We had like three days before the album 28 / RWDMAG.COM

and I emailed this dude personally about how I found the music, what I thought about the song, why I wanted to use it and what it means to me. We didn’t get a response in time but two days later he replied, like ‘Oh you guys are definitely cool to use the sample!’ but it was too late. I was so pi**ed!


I’m a be 100% honest just to keep it all the way funky, there’s this song on Blue Side Park that was like a learning experience for me. The song itself is in some aspects a great song (Up All Night). The record was me playing guitar and it’s like a party/ drinking anthem but I made it when I did K.I.D.S, the mixtape. I decided to save it... the album doesn’t come out for another two years, and there’s nothing wrong with the song but I want to be as current as possible with who I am and that song represents me a year prior to my album. I wish I had just put it out and not worried about not being able to make another hit song. It kind of bothers me, but I think it’s just me being a perfectionist ‘cos kids love that song and it’s a great drinking song.


Yeah, it’s funny because in the States, I’m still too young to drink... yet I still do! We’ve had a couple of crazy nights. This one time we went out to a club and these girls were like so excited to see me, that


they peed their pants! I just ran into the car! [laughs] I was like, ‘Not for meeee!’


Erm, looking back I remember, like as a kid I was really interested in rapping. I didn’t know anything about it, but I used to write little rap songs all the time and freestyle. I had this one rap that I performed in front of a whole summer camp when I was eight... it was pretty bad. I actually stole the rap off my friend’s older brother, I never told anyone that! I took it off his computer and rewrote some words and used it as my own.


Yeah, it’s definitely one of my favourite films. That movie changed my life for sure. I think the concept of the mixtape K.I.D.S was inspired by that movie. It wasn’t really the soundtrack to the movie because the movie is very dark and K.I.D.S is a really bright, happy mixtape. But it was my version of being, you know, 16/17.


I was a HUGE Method Man fan. I went through a stage when we used to watch that movie How High on repeat. We had it on VHS and we’d sit in my homie’s attic,

smoke and watch that movie over and over and over again. Between music and smoking I’d quit smoking in a second! Hell f**king yeah! I used to smoke a lot more than I do now. To keep it real in high school, I sat there and smoked, all day all night. That’s all I did. I mean, I smoke more of that than your average person, but compared to my homies, they’re like ‘Man! You don’t smoke as much as you used to!’ I think it’s like this hump I have to get over.


If I had a power there are a couple of >> 29



<< things I wanna be able to do. I wanna be able to teleport, it’d make travelling easier. I mean, first class travelling is dope but I’d much rather take that 22 hours of flying and change it to like do the show, get straight home, pop into the studio. People around me would love me because I’d be around more. I wanna fly for sure! I wanna be able to like just charge up energy too and not have to sleep. That’d be tight. I wanna like be able to live out fantasies without actually having to do them. Like hook up to a dream world where you can do anything you can imagine but it’s not real.


I like to work with everybody. I’ve done records with everyone from Cam’ron to Maroon 5. So I’m doing the Justin Bieber Boyfriend remix - me and 2 Chainz - but it’s hard. I f**king murder it! I f**king rap my a** off and I f**k with Justin Bieber, you know! People talk sh*t cos he’s young and all successful but f**k that man, I f**k with him.


I kind of wish I had more space on my body for tattoos. This is probably my favourite – my knuckle tats – MOST DOPE. Shout out Norm man! And shout out Stretch! Stretch did my tattoos in Pittsburg, and Norm is my homie who does my tattoos in LA. This one’s super ill, the John Lennon one. This is a Tibetan monk, this sh*t is the dopest sh*t ever. My tattoo dude Norm put me up on this sh*t – when Tibetan monks die, depending on their stature, they cover their skulls in jewels and diamonds and keep it. want to do to my skull too. Blue Slide Park is out now and follow @MacMiller for more


Each month we’ll be making crap...

We thought it might be nice for the world to join in on the tatt action. #YOLO


I used to go to Catholic school and cos I’m Jewish I used to write Hebrew on the chalkboards when the teachers weren’t looking. Obviously they knew it was me...


Watch Mac Miller go up against the world in his RWD video.

1) Choose your tatt. 4 + 4 or 8 all the way? 2) Get a mate with a steady hand / GCSE in Art to select their finest permanent black pen and ink you up slowly and carefully. 3) Leave it to heal [cough] dry... because you don’t want it to get infected [cough] smudged do you? 4) Just look at our tatts (below Mac Miller’s). Who has more swag???



CLEO SOL You might recognise her name from one of the many collaborations and features that she already has under her belt. Now back, signed to a major and about to release her stunning second single, Never The Right Time, Miss Cleo Sol promises to keep on impressing us with her music making. Francesca Dunn finds out a little more about the 20 year-old songstress... Image Krzysztof Grychnik Styling Sophie Robinson Hair/ Make-up Jodie Hyams


“I grew up around music. In fact, my parents actually met in a jazz band, so I guess it was sort of meant to be!” laughs Cleo as she reflects on her place in the music world. “They were always playing Motown, Reggae and Jazz really loudly on the record player.” With her free spirited, multi-instrumentalist parents behind her all the way, the west London girl remembers times when her and her seven siblings would go to their dad’s house and all sit around the piano singing together. Not a bad environment for a musical child really! After her GCSE’s, Cleo took herself on a journey of self-discovery and studied several years of Performing Arts at three different colleges. “I kind of did it as a personal thing,” she explains. “I wanted to meet lots of new people, find myself as a person and not have my friends and peer pressure around me.” Well, it certainly seems to have worked out! Nowadays the confident and clearly very beautiful girl is making waves with her refreshingly different, soulful sounds. Having already featured on tracks with the likes of Wretch 32, Tinie Tempah, Bashy and Roll Deep, Cleo has built up a ridiculously impressive back catalogue for someone so young. Working extensively with producer Davinche, it was only natural that they would collaborate on her own material. After the release of the super-catchy debut single High last year, major labels started flocking, resulting in a signing to Island Records last December. “There’s a big team involved now, so I don’t have to worry about as much, which is cool.” Since then, times have been busy for the JT-fan with late night studio sessions, label meetings, magazine shoots, acoustic sessions, more studio, and usually, even more studio. Not that this bothers Cleo at all. “I don’t see it as hard work because I really enjoy it!” Cleo’s brilliant second single Never The Right Time is due for release 9 July and is already causing quite a stir thanks to the amazing video starring the gorgeous girl herself. Featuring a sample from The Isley Brothers’ Work To Do, the old skool track came about pretty easily. “Me and Davinche were in the studio going through different samples and when he played that track we were both just like YEAHHH!! And nodding our heads.” Despite being hailed as One To Watch by MTV, MOBO and of course RWD, it’s the little things that matter to Cleo. “My biggest achievement so far is a

“I KIND OF DID IT AS A PERSONAL THING. I WANTED TO MEET LOTS OF NEW PEOPLE, FIND MYSELF AS A PERSON AND NOT HAVE MY FRIENDS AND PEER PRESSURE AROUND ME.” personal thing; gaining more confidence. I used to find it really hard just speaking to a crowd, but now I just speak to them like they’re my family. That’s a big thing for me.” So what about the name? Well Cleo’s first name is Cleopatra, and Sol is Spanish for sun (her mum is half Spanish, half Serbian and her dad is Jamaican). The real truth soon outs: “Every time I think of it just makes me feel nice and happy, so I thought why not!” In terms of musical role models, Cleo has always been a big fan of Stevie Wonder, as well as Michael Jackson and Beyoncé. “I’ve always looked up to her – she’s an independent woman and so strong.” In fact, Cleo has been known to dabble in the odd Beyoncé cover herself – check them out on her website. They’re pretty damn impressive! Quite rightly describing her music as eclectic, bubbly and fun, Cleo clearly combines the classic soulful music she was raised on with the modern pop she knows and loves to create something really special. Just take a listen to any of her tracks... we challenge you to not nod/ hum/ sing along! Never The Right Time is released 9 July on Island. For more follow @CleoSol or check Follow @ecko_unltd_UK on Twitter

Watch the video interview on





SHAPE UP We keep it fresh from head to toe in this month’s streetwear style special. in association with



>> 35

Haseeb wears King Apparel denim shirt, Denim Demons sweatshirt, red Beck&Hersey chinos opposite page: Beck&Hersey varsity jacket, Converse backpack @, Ellesse trainers



Haseeb wears checked Supremebeing shirt, Volcom jeans, Supra navy trainers opposite page: Elliot wears The Duffer of St George sweatshirt



Elliot wears adidas stripe shirt, The Duffer of St George T shirt, Matix Brand shorts opposite page: The Hundreds snapback, King Apparel snapback, camo adidas jacket, BAPE stripe shirt, Weekend Offender jacket



Haseeb wears Beck&Hersey sweatshirt, Edwin jeans, Starter snapback Elliot wears adidas shirt, Beck&Hersey burgundy shorts, 10 Deep T shirt, Lacoste mid tops



Haseeb wears shirt by BAPE below: Haseeb wears The Duffer of St George hi tops, red chinos by Beck&Hersey opposite top: Haseeb wears blue jacket Beck&Hersey, JanSport back pack opposite below: Haseeb wears Beck&Hersey sweatshirt, Starter snapback



below: Haseeb wears King Apparel t-shirt, HUF snapback opposite: Haseeb wears Crooks & Castles baseball jacket, Edwin Jeans, Beck&Hersey snapback



Haseeb wears The Hundreds t-shirt Elliot wears Crooks & Castles snapback, PXL t-shirt opposite below: Haseeb wears BAPE shirt, vest by Rebel8, Humour jeans, Converse trainers @




STREET CAST We’ve always got our eye on the next big trends and where better to find them then on the trendy streets of our capital! RWD’s Sophie Robinson met all sorts of stylish peeps down at the Sampled streetwear sample sale, (which was on Curtain Road, east London to be exact) and got them to break down their look for us... images Pharoah

Name: Heaven-lee Age: 22 Occupation: Dancer. Is wearing: Rebel 8, Mishka, Sly Guild and Huf. Is listening to: Sam I Am and Flying Lotus and everything else in between.


Name: Alex Age: 25 Occupation: Speedball Clothing Shop Owner. Is wearing: Famous Stars & Straps, DTA Is listening to: Hardcore, heavy metal, I’ve recently downloaded loads.

Name: Chris Age: 19 Occupation: DJ/ Animator Is listening to: Rap, soul and funk.

Name: George Age: 23 Occupation: UK Silas Brand Manager. Is listening to: Scar, hip hop, soul and jazz.Â

Name: Rio Age: 19 Occupation: Designer for Flywear. Is wearing: PXL T shirt, Famous Stars & Straps snapback Is listening to: Hip hop and dubstep. Is Reading: RWD and Albion Mag.

Name: Max Age: 19 Occupation: Games Programmer. Is listening to: A$AP Mob.

Name: Kingsley Age: 21 Occupation: Graphic Design Student Is Blogging on: Fludded and Flipboard. Is listening to: R&B, dubstep and hip hop. Need to get more.



Sprinkling pitch-perfect tones on Wretch 32’s Don’t Be Afraid, synching sonically with the bass-infused warbles of Chase & Status’ Time and an astounding audio output in her debut, the eclectic Chaka Khan reworking that is Go are just a few reasons why 21 yearold Paloma Stoecker aka Delilah graces RWD’s cover. Her first ever cover, may we add. This Camden-living, pickleeating, Atlantic Records signee co-produces, has toured with Prince and supports Arsenal (need we say more?) Danny Walker gets to the bottom of her debut album From The Roots Up, her diva-ish aura and her self-confessed perfectionism... Directed by Dacre Bracey images by Andres Reynaga Assisted by Krzysztof Grychnik Styling Janine Jauvel Make up Adam de Cruz using Nars Cosmetics

Assisted by Holleigh Gallon Hair Sherman Hawthorne using Paul Mitchel



DELILAH VS. DANNY Delilah and I go head-to-head with some random general knowledge questions... Quizmaster [aka Briana, Head of Press, Atlantic Records UK]: Name Britain’s current Foreign Secretary? Delilah: Oh my God. Danny: What? Delilah: Erm... Foreign Secretary? Danny: David Blunkett? Delilah: I actually know this one... Oh my God. Danny: You better not get this. Delilah: Hasn’t he got a name like ‘Love’ or something? Danny: Everyone is shaking their head. Delilah: Who is it? Quizmaster: William Hague. Danny: I was just about to say William Hague [lies]. Delilah: Whatever. I thought it was someone called ‘Loveheart’ or ‘Sweetheart’. Quizmaster: Which legendary director, directed Terminator? Delilah: Erm... Not Spielberg. Danny: Erm... what!?!?! Quizmaster: James Cameron. Who is the captain of the England cricket team? Delilah: Next... Danny: Ah, I know this... [mind goes blank due to the pressure]... Quizmaster: Andrew Strauss. Danny: Oh, I wouldn’t have got that. Quizmaster: When did World War II end? Danny: 1944, no 1945!!! Delilah: No, that’s when it started... Quizmaster: 1945. Danny: Yes, 1-0!!! Quizmaster: Spandau Ballet’s Martin Kemp played Steve Owen in Eastenders but who did he kill with an ashtray? Delilah: With a what? Quizmaster: An Ashtray. Danny: It’s not Natasha or someone like that? [soooooo close]. Delilah: No... Quizmaster: Begins with an ‘S’... Both: Stacey!!! Danny: Erm... Delilah: Shirley? Quizmaster: Saskia. Last question; name the planets in the solar system in order of their closeness to the sun... Delilah: What? That’s a joke. Can you ask me something relevant to my life? Danny: What? Delilah: Mercury, Venus... [pauses]... Quizmaster: Mars... Delilah: Mars, [and with more assistance]... Jupiter, Saturn... Quizmaster: Uuuuuurr... Delilah: Uranus, give me some more planets... Neptune and Pluto. Danny: What? Are we giving her that??? [room claps] It’s a draw then, 1-1. Delilah: Yay!

Running a little later than planned, Paloma is sat on her iPhone with a clothing rail as far as the eye can see on the left. To her right a miniature army of stylists and hair and make-up professionals, who she later refers to as her ‘dedicated’ team. Throwing caution to the wind I soon find out who has the best hissy fits between her and her stage persona ‘Delilah’. “Paloma strops are the ones,” she smiles. “If you know me you get it. If you don’t know me very much I won’t say anything.” Glad we cleared that up...

What have you been up to this week, Parkfest and eating ice cream in the bath? Oh yeah. You’ve been stalking me on Twitter... You’ve got to. [Laughs] I had the evening off so I had ice cream in the bath. I think [Parkllife] was my first main stage performance ever, so that was kind of nuts to be on that bill with the likes of Dizzee Rascal. You tweeted about footy recently... I like the Euros, I think it brings everybody together. I used to play football actually. I was the girl who got the studded football boots for Christmas. If you got me shin pads and matching goalie gloves I was like the happiest kid ever. I was the only girl in the football team and I loved it. I’m a Gooner too. So ‘Delilah’ is your Great Grandmother’s name, why did you name yourself after? What did she mean to you? She had the best name... really. Everyone else had boring names. I didn’t actually know her; she passed away before I could remember, so it wasn’t really anything personal. If I couldn’t use my own name then someone in my family just fitted. I’ve got fans that scream my name, ‘Paloma!!!’ and I don’t know them. But I like having it separate, it sort of forces me to become bigger and better than myself. What was the first CD that you bought? Erm, that is difficult because when I was younger I went with my dad to buy loads of records. The first CD that I bought was Destiny’s Child, No, No, No. I thought I was special, giving it all that [shows off a move with her arms].


Your Twitter reads Singer/ songwriter signed to Atlantic Records, the rest will soon come clear... Yeah, people who know me know me. And people who don’t will hopefully get to know more with time. What would you like them to know... That everything I put out has become a thing. My music is a huge part of my life, it’s literally me writing down and narrating my life. That’s why it’s been 10 years in the making this record. There are a lot of personal songs in there and I’ve been involved with every piece because I want to give people integrity and honesty. With that heavy involvement, is that your diva dide... [Pauses]... I wouldn’t call it diva [laughs]. I’d call it strong-willed. I’m definitely a strong-willed woman. When I’m wrong – which is really rare – I’d be happy to admit that, but usually I’m right. Yeah [Laughs]. I’m just going to let that one marinate. Yeah, it does sound bad when I say it out loud, but it’s true. I’ve written these songs and the whole thing has come from my imagination. If you believe in something then you should fight for it. Occasionally, I fight for it. Is that the negative side of you or do you flip that and use it as a positive? I always do it with a smile on my face. Always [laughs]. You know, I throw my toys out of the pram every now and then but I love everybody involved, everyone who is involved with my journey I really value and I respect. I really appreciate all of the dedication and the whole team are dedicated.


PALOMA VS. DELILAH Paloma talks about overcoming attention... Can you tell us about something you’ve been versus? I hated taking photos. Is that the whole body conscious/ image thing? No, it’s not even that. I just don’t look like anyone else and you can easily take an awful picture of me. That was something I had to get over quite quickly. I never really focussed on the way I looked, I always focussed on the music and music and music and then suddenly you’re thrust into camera world... lights camera action and people judge you. At first I found it quite hard, people’s opinions. You know, I have a different looking face and features and I think people either love you or hate you [laughs]. And attention from guys, how do you handle that?I don’t get attention from guys. I don’t get attention from guys. I think I scare them all away. No attention from guys, so yeah. What’s the meaning behind your triangle tattoo... It’s about empowerment and being upside down is the feminine symbol. It says strength and femininity and power.


SIGNED AT 17?!?!

How does one get signed to Atlantic Records at 17? Luck. Chance. Right time, right place. Erm... a little bit of singing capabilities maybe? A bit of writing. Genuinely, I think it was just really good timing. Once I signed, hard work. Lots and lots of hard work. But before I signed I just happened to be very blessed. I was lucky that people saw something in me that maybe I didn’t see myself. That was how it happened and once I signed the hard work began [laughs]. Until this day. It is a lot of hard work. But it’s very rewarding and it’s all good. I speak to a lot of artists and they all seem to have that moment where it’s make or break, they might give up. What was yours? It’s every single day. Like even down to this weekend on the main stage or when I did a smaller festival. Until I’m at the head of the bill and it’s all sold out and no one can literally move or breathe because it’s packed out, it’s make or break. I have really high aspirations and low expectations... Are you constantly trying improve? Erm, I learn quite fast. I don’t like to make mistakes. I’m a perfectionist and I enforce that on everybody in my life. I’ve always been that way since I was a little kid. I’m usually disheartened by every performance, which is something I’m trying to learn to not be. I’m kind of über-critical when I get off stage. I think the fact that I am a perfectionist will help me continue to get better.


When did you start writing song? I started before college. I started when I was about 12/13 years-old in my house on the piano. I remember shutting the door, [Does moody teenager impression] ‘Go away, no one listen to me! Go away mum, stop listening.’ I was a real Kevin and Perry teenager. When did that grow into your first audio offering, the 2-4am Mixtape? The 2-4am Mixtape is a collection of songs that I’ve written over the last three years; my catalogue of songs is about 250 tracks probably. Tons of music, tons. And I don’t mean just a verse, I mean finished tracks. I felt like [my fans] deserved to have something to listen to until the album was ready. I didn’t want to keep them waiting six months so I thought there was enough stuff there to let people

have a taster. There are one or two that are on the album and the rest are just demos that I did over the years and just wanted to give to say thank you. So out of those 200-odd tracks you’ve picked the best for From the Roots Up... The best and the ones that tell a story that is relevant to me now. The ones that sat nicely next to each other. Because it’s an album, I wanted it to be an album as much as iTunes lets you, as it cuts up each individual song which is kind of heart-breaking. I think – not to be political – you buy the singles and you should get the album. Back in the day you couldn’t slice the album up. If you don’t like track seven then play track eight. It’s not complicated. I wanted an album that worked as a body of work. There are songs that that bridge the gap between me as a 14 year-old and the time is basically between then and now. Tell my life story accurately. Breathe is great, talk me through lines like, “I must survive... This wonderful punishment called life”... I wrote it when I was 14 in my mum’s living room on the piano. The only thing that has changed on that song is the production. There was a lot, I mean, a lot of family stuff that happened and it was a hard time. Is there a track that encapsulates what’s going on? What is your favourite track on there? I like the song Shades of Grey a lot. I just like it and another one, Never Be Another. Those are songs of mine that I can really listen to. Have a little skank if I need to. From the Roots Up is out 30 July. Check and @delilahmusic for more

Delilah tells us her story via the wonderful world of



VERSUS Please choose one and explain... Chaka Khan vs. Gloria Gaynor Gloria Gaynor. Why? I don’t know. Rihanna vs. Beyoncé Ohh that’s cruel, Beyoncé but only because I’ve known her for longer. The Weeknd vs. Frank Ocean The Weeknd. Dru Hill vs. Jodeci Jodeci. American Idol vs. X Factor X Factor. Adele vs. Michael Jackson Adele. Ed Sheeran vs. Maverick Sabre Ed Sheeran. Nicki Minaj vs. Lil Kim Nicki Minaj. Drake vs. Lil Wayne This is not fair the whole thing is wrong. I like when they collaborate. Tulisa vs. Kelly Rowland Tulisa, only because I know her, but I like them both.


CHERYL VS. CHERYL COLE Cheryl Cole is back in town, packing more than just a brand new single. She’s grown up, fiercer and sexier than ever; ready to swan dive back into the charts with her third studio album A Million Lights. Finding her way through the maze of the exquisite Langham Hotel, drinking some Red Bull, doing a little dance, Cerriann Taylor caught up with the pop princess to chat Rick Astley, dance routines and dubstep...


It’s not every day you’re in the presence of one of the hottest women in the UK. A decade has gone by since Cheryl Cole burst onto the music scene. And with welcomes done, Cheryl gets comfortable in the luxurious Central London suite... it’s difficult to not be in total awe of the pop princess. Dressed in trademark ‘Aladdin pants’ and those amazing Giuseppe Zanotti heels, we’re straight onto her pampering paint. “It’s really nice isn’t it, I can’t do yellow though, it just looks wrong,” referring to the neon orange nail varnish that popped next to her brown perfectly tousled hair.


It is hard to believe one and a half years have passed since we’ve heard anything musically from Cheryl, a UK pop star whose used chewing gum would sell on eBay for a price you could retire on. Believe it or not this TLC CrazySexyCool fan hasn’t been lounging around in velour tracksuits or blowing her dosh in the Metro Centre, “I’ve actually been recording,” Cheryl smiles. “I know people think I’ve been away for all this time, but I haven’t stopped. It’s taken this long to record the album and finalise everything, shoot a video. I‘ve actually been non-stop.” The Newcastle upon Tyne born lass’ third studio album is called A Million Lights, but behind closed doors it’s referred to it as her ‘baby’. “The first album I was really nervous and missed the girls terribly, the second album I got sick halfway through. This album has been the one I’ve took the most amount of time with, to really hone in on the sound and I love it the most out of all three.” Scrunching up her nose midsmile, the former X Factor judge doesn’t like anything too chaotic or manic, describing her favourite way to spend time is with her family, when it’s sunny. “I love the simplicity,” Cheryl beams. “If it were my mam’s birthday and I was due to go on tour I’d take her with me!”


When not cooking a Sunday dinner for nieces and nephews she can be found in the lab cooking tracks with up and comers. “It’s really easy to make are more daring to try different sounds.” “It’s definitely got an urban feel, >>


INTERVIEW CHERYL << but there’s loads of sounds, there is dubstep; dance with the new single Call My Name produced by Calvin Harris, even the beat Craziest Things is dubby. There’s also a Lana Del Raywritten track, Ghetto Baby. Making a conscious decision to make a record that sounded like Cheryl, Wretch 32 also appears on the album. “He actually heard this track I’ve got called Screw You, and I was actually honoured that he wanted to be part of it.” Sexy Den a Mutha is a track I definitely want to hear, with Love Killer being the second single due for release later this year.


On Cheryl’s last album, Messy Little Raindrops, the lady who just revealed to us a Joe obsession hooked up with Dizzee Rascal and Travie McCoy. Could Cheryl be running the risk of being David Guetta in a skirt? “I didn’t want to do 20 collaborations,” a swift answer continues. “Where I end up sounding like every other song and you don’t really have that definite sound, but I’ve got so many good memories and so many songs, probably two albums worth of material, it was so hard for me to choose 15. A stand out song is Under the Sun by British producer Alex da Kid (Rihanna, B.O.B, Nicki Minaj), he’s done some really amazing stuff, super talented guy, it’s kind of got a hip hop beat but it’s a pop song.”


“How old are you?” Cheryl asks, I replied shyly, “23 in a few weeks.” Her mouth drops open! Cheryl gasped, “You would’ve been 13 years-old when [Girls Aloud] came out!” I then shamelessly gush how much of a fan I was/ still am... I think I’m in a dream. “When you put it like that it’s a pretty big statement,” the 28 year-old continues. “So we’ve all said that we’d like to do something.” I sense she’s trying not to give any reunion info away, similar to her Twitter biography; ‘I’ve learned sooo much from my mistakes... I’m thinking of making some more’, I wonder if there is anything that could have been done differently? “There isn’t you know, you have to take the good with the bad and the bad will make you appreciate the good, everything has made me who I am.” When you look at the stats; BRIT Awards, twenty consecutive top ten singles, five platinum selling albums, I wonder what that cheeky ballet dancer from Tyneside will be up to in 10 years time. With a cameo 60 / RWDMAG.COM

appearance in Hollywood rom-com What to Expect When You’re Expecting, will we see a turn to acting? Presenting like bandmate Kimberley perhaps? Who knows? One thing’s for sure, a dancefloor will be involved. “Sometimes the VIP areas are really annoying,” Cheryl leaves us with. “They are so secluded that you don’t even feel like you’re in the club. I like to party!” A Million Lights is out now. @CherylCole

For more goss on @CherylCole’s new self, get yourself on to

QUICK FIRE You want more? Tracks Cheryl Cole can’t get enough of right now... I love Rihanna’s Talk That Talk; I love Red Lipstick, but no-one seems to really talk about that track. I can’t wait for Chris Brown’s new album to drop. Three musical guilty pleasures... I love cheese! Yazz, the song that they play on The Only way is Essex, [Sings] The only way is up, baby, for you and me now. Rick Astley, Roxette – Dressed for Success, I was singing that earlier too. If you could have made any song, what would it be and why? Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know. Anyone you’d like to work with... I would work with most people to be honest, I love good music. I like to do things that are unexpected too; maybe I could do a song with Gotye. I like telling people about the new stuff, see I tweeted about Gotye months ago and now look.



On his most recent stop in London, Nardene Scott caught up with the three milli man currently bringing joy to hardcore hip hop fans across the globe with his ‘real’ music, A$AP Rocky, to get a slight insight into his trill life... image James Pearson-Howes

It’s clear that last night’s event and the events before that and before that get the point, have taken a toll on the ‘pretty muthaf**ker’. When we meet him in the lobby of his west London hotel around lunchtime it seems the party is still going on as he congratulates his homie walking past about the amount of chicks he scored after the show. Despite experiencing “racist Spaniards” at customs getting to his Primavera Sound set a couple of days earlier. Plus someone stealing his $15,000 Rolex – which he got back and urged the crowd to ‘stomp on the thief’ – at his Camden date here in the UK; the narcotic induced grin still stretches wide to reveal a gleaming set of natural knashers during our interview. Minus the Mob, who are said to be, “either getting jiggy with some ladies right now or they smoking or they sleeping or they in America” the stylish star questions why he hasn’t got any time to go shopping before finally taking his left hand - weighed down by the weight of his ridiculously huge yellow diamond ring - to pin the mic to his leather jacket and guides us through his world... A$AP Guides Us Through Long Live A$AP... It’s done we just got room for some dope sh*t! I ain’t on no rush, you know, for what?! I just put Goldie out I got wayyyy more to do, they need to know what they got in store. It’s only gonna be a glimpse so when you get the whole 62 / RWDMAG.COM

“I’M PRODUCING NOW AND I’M QUITE ALRIGHT. EVERY TIME I PRODUCE, I PRODUCE SOME NEW SH*T. I CAN’T DO IT ON MY OWN, SO I’M GONNA REGRET THIS BUT RIGHT NOW…MAN F**K THAT, I’LL PRODUCE FOR SOMEONE, ME AND TY BEATS.” package, you be satisfied and it’s not just to please people man. I’m happy with what I’m doing; I’m really having fun. On the album there’s Hit Boy, he’s crazy dope, he’s a good friend of mine. T-Minus he’s a good guy, Clams Casino that’s my boy right there, shout out to Clams...Ty Beats too, don’t forget Purple Swag, Bass, Soufein 3000 he did Acid Drip, Get Lit. A$AP On Extended Family, TDE... I really like TDE because not only am I a fan of the music but we all have a special relationship and bond with those guys. We see them as extended family so when they come to town they’re good and when we come to town, we’re good. Q should be a comedian for real, that’s why I really f**k with Q because we can go studio anywhere but just being around him, he is f**king hilarious [laughs]. Kendrick is crazy man, his bars, his lyrics, he’s a real lyricist. It’s advanced to where like >>

A$AP’S GUIDE TO THE A$AP (ALWAYSSTRIVEANDPROSPER) MOB… Whilst his fellow mob were continuing the hotel party upstairs A$AP took the opportunity to rat out the wannabe pimps and players of the crew. Aight when it comes to A$AP the most chilled one is DJ J Scott, he don’t give anyone no problems. When the music is on and we at the parties you would think that this guy is just like crazy and wild. Yams plays the type of Mafia, Yoda looking muthaf**ker, he just always be moving like he muth*fuckin’ Paulie from Goodfellas or something. He don’t say much but you feel his presence and all the b*tches is on his d*ck kind of sh*t. Twelvyy a player, he calls himself the good goon because when it’s time to really get into it and handle his business it can get ugly but for the most part he tries to be the pretty one; he gets girls.


INTERVIEW A$AP ROCKY much of an option when you’re on the road. It’s McDonalds and Burger King and diners, they don’t really do things I guess with vegans, vegetarian and pescatarian people in mind. So you know, I lost a lot of weight, long story short, I was sick, unhealthy, wasn’t eating right and needed protein so I started eating chicken, at first it was nasty but I love it now. I don’t eat pork and beef though! A$AP’s Guide to His Music... Personally for me, I really feel like with hip hop, with A$AP, our generation, I feel like we could really change something. I feel like there’s a lot of people who really want the worst for me and are scared of what I’m capable of or what I’m about to do or what’s about to happen but I look at it like yo, you can’t really stop destiny. All I want to do is bring back the essence of hip hop, it’s not just about screw music or New York or Mid West or Southern music, it’s about art. I can’t express that any further, that’s really what it all boils down to, art. You know, I just want to be able to articulate myself with my words behind the music.


<< most people or me at least, got to listen again like, ‘What did he just say?’


A$AP’s Guide to keeping it trill... It’s about being authentic, having that organic personality and I think being like a really loyal person that’s trill... and humble. A$AP’s Guide to Harlem (kind of)... The best spot in Harlem to go to is... erm my house even though my mom and me we don’t live in Harlem anymore, we live like twenty minutes away, she could cook shrimp, you want some shrimp sh*t... (We agree but question his vegetarian hiatus). A$AP’s end to vegetarianism... I’m not a vegetarian no more because I was on tour and you don’t really have 64 / RWDMAG.COM


A$AP’s big announcement... I’m co-producing and it’s dope! I did a track with Clams it’s not like I’m really in it; it’s really about me trying to expand my horizons and melodies. I’m like, ‘Show me how to do this?’ ‘How do I get this sound?’ or he already got sounds we just wooooo! I’m producing now ni**a and I’m quite alright. Every time I produce, I produce some new sh*t. I can’t do it on my own, so I’m gonna regret this but right now... man f**k that, I’ll produce for someone, me and Ty Beats you know what I’m saying. A$AP’s appreciation for Drake... Shout outs to Drake man. I always say this in interviews but I really appreciate Drake for what he did for me. A lot of people didn’t support me in the beginning of all of this craziness like before the bandwagons before the big big hype he respected the art and I really appreciated that. Goldie is out now and Long Live A$AP drops in September and you can follow the pretty muthaf**ker @asvpxrocky



Every month we’ll be pitching the representatives from two genres against each other. If you want to see who wins in brutal clashes such as soaps vs. serial dramas, scholars vs. strippers, cricket vs. kabaddi or in this month’s case electro vs. grime stay locked to RWD mag. This month electro-pop renegade, Joe Goddard of Hot Chip and 2 Bears fame battles grime guru Trim... JOE GODDARD (HOT CHIP)

Hey Joe, how are things? Yeah we’re just rehearsing at the moment. Our festivals start next Friday with Lovebox. I’m also playing at a club after, so it’s a busy day but should be really good. How has the album been received? Really well thanks! You know how everyone on the Internet is just a b*****d? Well, we put it up on the Guardian website and stupidly, I don’t know why I did it, but I looked at the comments and some people are so mean! How did the 2 Bears remix Night And Day come about? Well me and Raf [Rundell] just wanted to have a go at doing our own mix. We’d just been working together for a few years now and really enjoyed the remixes at the moment, it’s going really well... like our mix of Wiley [Skanking]. What made you choose Trim? I just think he’s a really good UK MC. He’s always had his own voice; very distinctive, always inventive; he’s just himself. 66 / RWDMAG.COM


Where have you been and what have you been up to? All my real fans know where I have been, I made fifteen mixed tapes. If you’re a real fan of Trim you will know that I never stop working...and I haven’t. How did the 2 Bears remix happen from your side of things? They just wanted something different. Joe spoke to my manager and it went on from there man. How did the Rinse collab come about? Geeneus has known me all my musical career, and has always told me that he would sign me. He came round my house one day and told me ‘Yep, I’m signing you!’ When are we going to hear some of these features Rinse are looking to put out? I dunno, well, you will be surprised. There are a lot of shows coming up and a lot of touring and all of that other stuff. I’ve done too much work! My label was like ‘You’ve got to chill out for a bit.’

RWD TEAM Editor Senior Staff Writer Senior Staff Writer Contributing Editor Online Editor Contributors

Art Director Designer Fashion Editor Fashion Stylists

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Twitter Name: @JoeHotChip Twitter Followers: 6,348 Twitter pics we like: 1 Name as many grime artists as you can in 30 seconds: “BBK, Roll Deep, Newham Generals, Kano, Skepta, JME, oh this is hard on the spot! Oh sh*t!” Tell us an electro-related groupie story (best story wins): “There have been loads over the years! We try to stay out of trouble really because if you end up going back to someone’s house and partying it always ends in tears, and you end up missing the tour bus the next day... [laughs]. I fell asleep standing up at a party once. Once I was in Bristol after a gig and I went back to someone’s house party and it was like Skream, Benga and everyone. Skream was trying to convince all these youngsters that Hot Chip were good [laughs], he was saying like, ‘Yeahh they’re good! Honestly!’ I think it ended up with a punch up after I left.” Biggest track to date: “Ready For The Floor got to No.6.” Most famous electro/ alternative person in your phone: “Santigold, Diplo?” #GenrevsGenre Twitter challenge (most RTs wins): “Can you please re-tweet this all Hot Chip fans? I need to defeat @SithTrim in RWD mag’s first #GenreVsGenre clash. Thanks, Joe x” 49 Retweets

Twitter Name: @SithTrim Twitter Followers: 4,612 Twitter pics we like: 6 Name as many electro artists as you can in 30 seconds: “Radioclit, they’re mad! [Inaudible] he’s crazy! Mumdance, he’s different! Crunch, he’s crazy, Balistiq, they are not really though, they are just their own people. They can make whatever they feel! Funk Butcher, he makes House! He’s sick, he’s sick! Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs.” Tell us a grime-related groupie story (best story wins): The groupie stories are for the mandem not for the rest of the world! I don’t know where to start! I haven’t got like, real groupies, but yeah, there are girls that are around! grime groupies are just like... anybody’s girl! I’ve got a Mrs as well so I’ve got to be careful! That was back in the day, old Trim would have been happy to tell you about grime groupies.” Biggest track to date: Soulfood Vol.1. Most famous grime star in your phone: Roachee! #GenrevsGenre Twitter challenge (most RTs wins): “Come On Peeps..!!! Grime Tweets.!!! #GenreVsGenre” 13 Retweets

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49-13, Joe wins, he might have clinched it and cheated by using the 73,231 follower strong @Hot_Chip account but we’ll let him off. For more check #GenrevsGenre 67


LENORA CRICHLOW Ridiculously talented actresses and now very skilled in the sports department too, Lenora Crichlow and Lily James are definitely in their own lane. With previous roles in Being Human and Wrath of The Titans respectively, the lovely pair went for something a bit different this time around with the track-themed Fast Girls. Giving the ladies a break from a particularly intensive photoshoot (“We’ve just been in heels in the running blocks!”), RWD caught up with the co-stars to talk scripts, fashion tips and their trainer wanting to see them flip... This is for our ‘Versus’ issue, can you remember when the two of you first met? Lily James: We met in a gym! Lenora Crichlow: Yeah, we had the same lady training us. Before we actually met she had filmed Lily and showed me so that I would start getting all competitive. So the first time we saw each other was on our trainer’s iPhone! She was playing you against each other! LJ: I kept seeing the video of Lenora and feeling really bad, like ‘Oh my god, she’s so much better than me!’ [both laugh]. What was your training like? LJ: Hardcore. Absolutely knackering. LC: I found the drills a bit tedious... but you start to enjoy it after a while and its nice training as a group too. What did you first think of the script for Fast Girls? LJ: I don’t think I realised how much training there would be. I just really wanted to be involved. LC: Yeah, for me it was all about determination and the underdog story. It’s a character driven piece, so as an actor when you read something like that you naturally think of all the emotions driving the characters, etc. So, tell us did you think it was a bit cliché at first? LC: Well there are no new stories, it’s just about how you tell it, and I don’t think this country has told a story like this... Following women, women of colour, women from London, women being strong, the competitiveness but also the friendship and loyalty. LJ: You get to see their lives, their backgrounds and that everyone’s 68 / RWDMAG.COM


struggling and everyone has got their own problems. What do you think Noel Clarke added to the mix because he can produce, direct and act? A man of many many skills... LC: Fun! He’s just jokes. Lots of banter. He’s one of the writers on the project as well and he just brings a real fun energy to everything. Compared to how you are now and how you were before training how fit do you think you are now? LC: I think we’ve gained a lot of knowledge about fitness and our bodies and stuff like that. It would be very difficult to maintain though because an athlete’s schedule is determined by the fact that they’re athletes, and when that’s not your job and your profession, it’s impossible to train like that. LJ: ...and it’s a lot about being healthy as well! Fast Girls is about overcoming challenges - what was the last challenge that you faced? LC: Taking that picture just now in high heels and starting blocks! [Laughs] You can’t wear a skintight dress and stilettos in blocks – it’s just not right [laughs]. LJ: No but really, this film was a massive challenge. Physically but mentally as well. It was a lifestyle commitment and we really embraced that lifestyle as well, and that was huge, huge challenge. >> 69

INTERVIEW FAST GIRLS LC: We’ve had no ticket hookups. I would like tickets for the men’s 200 please! LJ: Yeah, men’s anything... No but really, having worked with these guys, you can see how exciting it all is. Fast Girls is out now

<< You’ve both been involved in very different projects up until this point. What do you think you brought with you to this film? Lenora, what was it like going from something like Being Human to something completely different like Fast Girls? LC: Well that’s one of the reasons I do what I do – because I like doing different things all the time. And Lily, you were recently in Wrath of The Titans. How does that compare to high heels in starting blocks? LJ: [Laughs] Well in Wrath of The Titans I was in Greek sandals! For that film I did loads of archery and sword fighting and things like that, so there was quite a physical side to that role as well, but nowhere near as much as this. What do you both have coming up? LJ: I’m about to start filming for the next series of Downton Abbey in a couple of weeks. At the moment I’m just doing promo for this. LC: I’ve been up in Durham filming an ITV four-part film called Doors Open which is fantastic and very exciting and very cold. It’s keeping me busy. LJ: The thing we’ve bonded over is oatcakes and tuna... LJ: [Laughs] Yeah, and dumbbells and Lycra! So much Lycra! Are you both looking forward to the Olympics? Have you got any ticket hookups through doing this film? 70 / RWDMAG.COM


LENORA CRICHLOW Birthdate: 4 January 1985, Age 27 Birthplace: Westminster, London Sex: Female Division: Acting Top billing debut: Stacey’, Bella and the Boys - 2004 Last time they stepped in the ring: ‘Annie’, Being Human Next bout: Fast Girls Last 5: W-W-W-W-W

LILY JAMES Birthdate: 5 April 1989, Age 23 Birthplace: Esher, Surrey Sex: Female Division: Acting Top billing debut: ‘Ethel Brown’, Just William - 2010 Last time they stepped in the ring: ‘Korrina’, Wrath of The Titans Next bout: Fast Girls Last 5: W-D-W-W-W





We think Will Ferrell is a comedy genius; alas his new comedy caper doesn’t exactly tickle our funny bones. Farrell fans will flock to this Spanish speaking, elongated sketch show though, regardless of logic.


>> 73


FILMS You vs. Cinema prices, we know who’s gonna come out on top... Rock of Ages New Line Cinema Cert 12a Where do we even start with this musical (you know we love a musical) Rock of Ages; the cast, one of the film’s few positives. Tom Cruise is amazing as over the hill, bourbon sloshing, groupie groping, dead-eyed rocker Stacee Jaxx. Not sure if it was the director Adam Shankman or Maverick himself who should get the credit for transforming the 50 year-old chameleon into the end of the road rebel, but someone deserves a high five. Julianne Hough, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Alec Baldwin also deserve some props. Russell Brand however has seemed to have dragged an mix of previous characters for his portrayal of Lonny – a hapless, skinnyjeaned half-wit – and is in grave danger of being typecast. Meanwhile the music makes you feel like you’re playing Guitar Hero, the only problem is you’re not playing that classic game you’re watching a film adaptation of a power ballad-rich, over-hyped musical. Shame, cos we really like Guitar Hero. (DW) 74 / RWDMAG.COM


Each and every issue we give you the latest music to download, buy and/ or avoid that month...

“Cool collab”

“Warm chip”

Linking up with ‘Medicated’ #legends in the rap game, Rusko returns in great form. “When the shots go off... everybody get down” resonates on the hook for Shots Go Off and on this bassdriven five tracker fireworks are going off on every song. Decent but more for a big arena, festivals beware. (DW) Track to Check: Lez Go

With 2008’s Ready for the Floor still on a playlist somewhere buried on my iPhone – having amassed a decent 66 plays in amongst the grime and the old skool garage – Alexis, Joe and the crew had a lot to live up to. The single Night and Day was a great start though (especially the 2 Bears remix with Trim) but there’s just something missing. (DW) Track to Check: Look At Where...

Cypress Hill & Rusko Cypress X Rusko EP 01 Cooperative Music


Casa De Mi Padre Studio Canal Cert 15 Decepcionante en el mejor de... According to Google Translate that Spanish phrase means, ‘Disappointing at best’. Being massive Will Farrell fans, we were left with a foul taste of burrito-flavoured flop in our mouths as the weakly written tale of Armando Alvarez (Ferrell) failed to entertain in all areas. Funny, kinda. (DW)

“Was 8701 Usher’s Climax?”

Usher Looking 4 Myself RCA Records

Killer Joe Entertainment One Cert 18 Another deep performance from Mr McConaughey as he plays a complex hitman in a dark, unapologetic, moral questioning Killer Joe. Cop by day and a troubled, gameplaying individual on the sly, which weighs in insignificance to the multiple peculiar ‘relationships’ that Dottie (Juno Temple) is dragged into. Slow in parts but good. (DW)

As a massive fan of Climax, I thought this LP was sh*t on the first spin, just Ush jumping on a hot trend as usual and not really getting it right [cough] Raymond v. Raymond [cough]. Alas, production from Diplo, Swedish House Mafia and The Neptunes ensure it’s quality. (DW) Track to Check: Lemme See

Hot Chip In Our Heads Domino

“Mids musical madness” Swifta Beater Easy EP Stay Fresh

We’ve already told you to watch out for this guy, now with Easy EP the first of three EP’s to drop this summer you can begin to find out why. Opener Bangs speaks for itself it’s a definite head bopper, Easy screams energy whilst Flush and Nuke Em 2 hark back to Swifta’s earlier horror and suspense filled beats. (NS) Track to Check: Bangs



STORAGE 24: BEHIND THE SCENES WITH NOEL CLARKE Noel Clarke, the talented actor/ director/ writer has done it again! This time around it’s a double whammy. Well, triple, if we’re talking production as well... Having written the script for Storage 24, Noel went on to both produce the film and do a great job as one of the main characters too. Overly excited at the prospect of a British sci-fi based in London, RWD’s Francesca Dunn demanded the big boss tell us all about it...

A military plane crashes over London, leaving its top-secret cargo spread across the city. Unaware of the horrific situation unfolding outside, Charlie (Noel Clarke) and Shelley (Antonia Campbell-Hughes) are dividing up their possessions at Storage 24 after a break up, along with their friends Mark (Colin O’Donoghue) and Nikki (Laura Haddock – that really fit one from The Inbetweeners Movie). When the power suddenly cuts out, the group realise that something isn’t right. Trapped in the now irritatingly secure unit, the dark maze of corridors play host to a terrifying game of cat and mouse as a mystery predator hunts them down one by one. Expect explosions. Expect aliens. Expect brilliantly shot, brilliantly gritty, genuinely scary sci-fi.


How long did Storage 24 take to write? It took me about 20 days for the first draft. I was doing a kind of competition on Twitter where I said I’d try and write three scripts before any of my followers could write one. And if they could write one first then I’d consider making that into a film instead of mine. I wrote mine first, but we took a look at a few that people sent in and one of them we might actually produce later on. Anyway, Storage 24 is one of the three that I wrote during that time. I mean, it’s had a few redrafts since then and I’ve had a couple of my boys take a look too. When you’re writing a script, is it like reading a good book, do you just get stuck into it for hours and hours? Yeah sometimes! I mean, today has been really interrupted because I’ve had 76 / RWDMAG.COM

interviews and meetings so I haven’t had time for much writing. But if I’m not interrupted, I’ll often sit and literally write all day. Why sci-fi? It seems like a bit of a change for you... Well that’s probably people’s perception, but I write loads of things! I mean, Kidulthood wasn’t the first script I wrote, I wrote about three before it, and they were all different genres. For every one film that you see in the cinema, there are about five that didn’t make it that are just sitting on my laptop. But I’ve always loved sci-fi so it was just something I really wanted to do. What inspired you when you were writing the script? Just sci-fi in general really. Young people need to understand that with films or music, they can write whatever they want. You don’t have to write about what you know or where you’re from. If you want to write about aliens, you can!


Was it always the plan to act in it yourself? Yeah, it was. Don’t get me wrong though, I don’t always write roles for myself, it just happens. In Fast Girls for example, I just had a small role... and there are some films that I’ve written or produced that I don’t feature in at all. What were the other main actors (Laura Haddock, Colin O’Donoghue and Antonia Campbell-Hughes) like? They were great! They’re all nice people and a lot of them have done great stuff before, but nothing like this so it was a change for everyone really. I’ve done Doctor Who before, so I’m used to

working with aliens that aren’t really there... but some of the others had to get used to it. But they’re great man, and everyone brought their own thing to it. I think it’s important to not cast people just because they look good. We selected actors who could actually act. How did you decide on what the alien would be like? When I started out on the script it was actually going to be a serial killer, then that turned into something like the Spider-Man villain carnage. But in the end the director and I decided on the alien. It’s a cool alien! [laughs] It’s smart, but obviously everything is a curiosity to it.

NOEL CLARKE’S TOP SCI-FI FLICKS With so much to choose from, which will he pick? There are too many man! Definitely Alien and Blade Runner. Even the family ones like E.T and Independence Day with Will Smith. I mean, I’m sure that proper sci-fi fans would call them bubblegum sci-fi or something, but I like that stuff.


Did you work closely with director Johannes Roberts? Well yeah! I hired him for the job, and you’ve got to be able to trust the director with your ideas. As the producer I always had a say, but I definitely trusted Johannes to run with his ideas too. That’s why you get a good director. Did the low budget limit you at all or did it allow you to do everything you wanted to do? Are you happy with it? Obviously there are things that we’d have loved to have done if we had a bit more money, but that’s just the way things are. Personally, I’m never completely happy with anything. The moment you make a

“IT’S IMPORTANT TO NOT CAST PEOPLE JUST BECAUSE THEY LOOK GOOD. THEY SHOULD ACTUALLY ACT.” film, you always think of improvements that you can make. You could always have more money and there are always things that you would change. But for the budget we had, I think it’s really ambitious and I don’t think that there’s ever been a film like that before over here. Storage 24 is released on 29 June. For more info check storage24movie. and follow @NoelClarke

The battle is on... I think I’ve gone too far now. I couldn’t just do one. All I’ve ever wanted to do is act, but I’ve learnt so much on the other side of things that I love creating now too. I have to stick to all three. Cheat! OK, Storage 24 in three words... Absolutely action packed.





Games are the ultimate playground for versus activity... MONTHLY MUST PLAY Game of Thrones Focus Home Interactive PC, PS3, Xbox 360 It took a while for us to depackage Game of Thrones, the all-action RPG that has evolved from George R.R. Martin’s novel, A Song of Fire and Ice. Mainly because we’ve been playing Euro 2012 and also because when it comes to the world of fantasy you always have to prepare before you delve in. Once inside you’re greeted by Mors, Alester and the world of wonder made popular by the recent HBO series as the two protagonists go on their quest of vengeance, and honour. In typical role playing fashion GoT takes a while before you’re into the swing of things but the results are good. Both characters have their own skill sets, including some obvious strengths and weaknesses and both tackle combat in their own way too. Much loving the way in which Alester can draw for his priest powers and distribute spells at will. Westeros has never been so accessible. (DW) 78 / RWDMAG.COM

MUSIC Sniper Elite V2 505 Games PC, PS3, Xbox 360 Set in Second World War, this is a unique shooter where stealth is key. This time around you’re marking your enemies like never before (with the use of your trusty binoculars) and making sure your weapons are ready. The most important being the Springfield M1903 of course. With challenging (at times) gameplay – it only takes a few hits from an MP40 until you’re ‘Killed in Action’ and a new devastating x-ray kill-cam. (LB)

“Scene defining dubstep from Tempa” Dubstep All Stars Vol. 09 Silkie & Quest Tempa

Silkie & Quest take you on a journey from funked up dubstep courtesy of the likes of Swindle to atmospheric laid back bangers from Quest and energy providing pace setters from Silkie. If you want a little something more chilled out and slightly deeper than your average build and drop then you’ll enjoy this. (NS) Track to Check: DoTheJazz

“RWD Hearts Josh” Josh Osho L.I.F.E Island Records

As our friend Ghostface Killah once said, “my man Josh is in another lane!” and as RWD famo Hattie Collins once said, “I love Josh Osho!” We agree with both of these statements. Josh’s debut is a brilliant mix of soulful R&B and beautiful acoustic tracks. Telling the story of his (surprise surprise) L.I.F.E so far. Something for everyone. (FD) Track to Check: Redemption Days

F18 Carrier Landing SoftCOM Android, iOS Top Gun, this is not. “Timeless” “Mad skills.” That said, it has Lianne La Havas Clams Casino the same premise, Is Your Love Big Instrumental only without the Enough? Mixtape 2 missiles. Decent Warner Bros Mixtape graphics – which We pointed out this For them that are amplified on talented young don’t know Clams the new iPad – woman to you all Casino, he’s a coupled with some ages ago. Don’t Wake brilliant American addictive, mustMe Up opens up the producer that has conquer one-MOREalbum beautifully brought us the likes and if you like good of A$AP Rocky’s go-before-I-gomusic this is it. (NS) LiveLoveA$AP and to-bed gameplay Track to Check: Mac Miller’s Blue make SoftCOM’s Forget Slide Park. In other Tomcat-totting words, he has mad flight sim a title skills and this is a worth tackling nice little follow / with replays, RE S up to last year’s O M titled achieveFOR REVIEWAG. aptly Instrumental ments and L M L Mixtape. FU T RWD EWS Track to (FD) leaderboards to keep your VISI M/REVI Check: I’m God coming back [Lil B] CO for more. (DW) 79



LIVE PARKLIFE WEEKENDER There’s nothing like a weekend up north, especially when there are over a hundred artists and DJs spread across the musical spectrum doing what they do best for 21 hours in a little get together otherwise known as Parklife Weekender... images Emily Coxhead @emilycoxhead


After last year’s antics RWD were fully prepared for the random weather, wellies were first on the list of essential Parklife packing along with the extra drinks fund, sunglasses – to battle the rain or sun – and well, wet wipes of course cos we keep it clean. Don’t be fooled by northern stereotypes, this wasn’t just any old festival in a random park. Platt Fields hosted 12 tents covering everything from D&B and dubstep to indie, house and hip hop, not to mention the main stage boasting acts from Azealia Banks, MistaJam and Dizzee Rascal to our very own cover star Delilah. On the opening day we were greeted by showers, actually it

absolutely pelted it down all day but that didn’t faze us hardened ravers, not one bit. Easing ourselves into the festivities nicely via the Wagamama Lounge – yes that’s how the food situation was going down plus there was also Pizza Express – to the sweet sounds of soulful house. Before heading straight into the Thrasher tent for Redlight to throw all sorts of BPMs in our faces in politeness we threw some shapes back. After that it was best to get some shut-eye. The next day the Ape Carnival Sounds tent really kicked off when Toddla T took us through an hour of hype tunes covering everything from bassline to bashment and moonbahton then Mr Ram Jam MBE himself elevated


Allow us to introduce your selecta for the summer... It’s not just fashion that Reebok know a thing or two about, continuing to support emerging talent. The Classics creators’ launched Reebok Radio, an interactive, popup station through a live feed direct from Parklife Weekender on 10 June via the RWD website. Dot Rotten, the first of many guests stopped by the Reebok Radio arena at the weekender to chat about being on RWD: The Legacy straight after his performance but we’re sure you watched all of that on already. Over the five-month major city tour across the UK, every second weekend of the month, Reebok Radio will be inviting artists including Benga onto the station to provide live sessions, exclusive mixes and in-depth interviews courtesy of presenter, Goldierocks. Tuning in at locations from Glasgow to Bristol and Leeds during the summer, expect Reebok Radio to come to an almighty climax this November in London. So almighty in fact, the final event is top secret but judging by the last Reebok Classics shindig we suggest you keep your eyes peeled to and pick out a fresh pair of creps to wear too whilst you’re there.

things once again. Drawing for classic reggae mixed with some dancehall, we think we might have even heard dubstep and showing respect to his temporary ends Rodigan invited Mancunian lyricist Strategy on stage before the Dub Phizix & Skeptical anthem Marka created a hell raising atmosphere. Our need for dubstep was satisfied succinctly by veteran Artwork of Magnetic Man and feeling the old skool vibe we made time to also take in DJ Zinc’s jungle set... A great weekend was had all round, see you next year. If you’re into your major headliners, underground artists and big DJs, with a dash of rain, glimpse of sun and plenty of smiles then head to for information on 2013’s event 81




Welcome to our new section, Be Kind Rewind RWD. Not only are the journalistic gloves off here but we’ve dipped the office recorder into broken glass like in those straight-to-VHS movies Jean-Claude Van Damme used to do before he lost the plot. First prey Mark Morrison...

With a new single out, are you still the ‘King of British R&B’? Yeah, that’s something I feel is justified calling myself the ‘King of R&B’. I feel like I was one of the forefathers, one of the innovators you know. What has changed since the ‘90s? Well you know, there’s always gonna be change – without change there’s no progress. I mean, whether it’s fashion, whether it’s the way we think. But from a musical point of view, I just think that the influence of the ‘90s is still there. And what was the best part of the ‘90s for you? Tamagotchis? No I never came across that.I must have been away when that came out! Away away? Or just away? Yeah, away away [laughs]. What about Furbies? Those little furry animals that kind of speak? Yeah, I vaguely remember that... You had a Furby didn’t you! RWD Exclusive... No, I didn’t own one of those [laughs] What do you say to people that sigh or kind of swear when they hear that Mark Morrison is back? Well you know, haters are a good thing. If you don’t have haters, to me I don’t feel like you’re doing something right. To me hate is a form of jealousy and 82 / RWDMAG.COM

Phrase we had to get in, ‘Big Brother’: Great success. Quote we had to leave out: “Rio Ferdinand out? Some people need to get some balls and start speaking up and saying what it really is.”

jealous comes from envy. And those who have that trait, as ugly as it is, it comes from jealousy. So it’s a good thing to hate haters. I enjoy the haters. They wake me up in the morning. They keep me on my hustle! So tell us about the album, I Am What I Am... Well it’s self explanatory really. It’s about who you are, how you live. You are what you are, I am what I am. It sounds almost like a confession. You weren’t born a woman or something like that? No, no, no, no... it’s definitely no confession. There’s no confession to be made here, and I definitely wasn’t born a woman. Definitely 100% man. And will you be mixing it up, you haven’t been working with David Guetta and completely sold out have you? Well no, I don’t think it’s selling out if you work with different producers. David Guetta is a very talented DJ, producer, he’s done very well. What makes music beautiful is that there are different genres that we can all enjoy. You’re going for a massive tour this time around... Will you send a lookalike? Never say never! No, I think I’ll show up for this one [laughs]. We’re looking to

What we’ve learned: Mark Morrison is an Usher fan, (“he’s one of the best to do it.”) Be Kind Rewind RWD Rating: Moderate; we could have been kinder.

put that together towards the end of the year and be on the road for the whole of 2013 And lastly, you vs. yourself… tell us your best and worst qualities. Never say never! No, I think I’ll My worst is I can be very impatient. I thought you were going to say decision making, I remember you were on Kevin Campbell’s ‘2 Wikid’ record label and things like that... Right, well, that wasn’t a bad thing! Listen man, he’s a brother, and he had a plan. I’m always about trying to help someone or owning my own stuff. My best [quality] is my perseverance. People have written me off, expected me to be dead or back in jail, not making music. I’m Mark Morrison and I’m still here! You know why? Because I am what I am, and it’s God’s will. Ain’t No Good is out 23 July

Issue 125 - July 2012 - Delilah  

This is our anual Vs issue! That means that we do really fun stuff, such as Electro Vs. Grime, and Mac Miller Vs... THE WORLD!!! Also, make...

Issue 125 - July 2012 - Delilah  

This is our anual Vs issue! That means that we do really fun stuff, such as Electro Vs. Grime, and Mac Miller Vs... THE WORLD!!! Also, make...