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Reputation Resources Results Rendering of the Shanghai Centre courtesy of Gensler

RWDI是国际著名的建筑与环境科学咨询公司。自从1972年成立以来, RWDI以最先进的技术为世界各地众多地标性项目提供了一流的专业技 术服务,赢得了良好的声誉。这些项目包括世界最高楼迪拜塔、台北1 01大楼、马来西亚双子塔以及许多新颖独特的项目,如北京水立方和C CTV大楼。RWDI参与了中国大多数超高层建筑项目,其中包括上海中 心大厦、深圳平安国际金融中心、广州东塔以及天津周大福中心等等 RWDI is a world renowned consulting firm in the science of buildings, structures and environment. With a track record that dates back to 1972, we are proud of our reputation for cutting edge technical expertise applied to landmark projects including record breaking skyscrapers like Burj Khalifa, Taipei 101, and the twin Petronas Towers plus unique structures like the Beijing Olympics watercube and the iconic CCTV Building. RWDI has been involved in most super-tall building projects in China, including Shanghai Center Tower, Shenzhen Ping-An Tower, Guangzhou East Tower, and Tianjin CTF Tower.

RWDI凭籍在风工程与建筑物理方面的先进技 术,帮助建筑师、结构工程师、规划师以及发 展商营造了舒适的室内外环境与高效能的优质 建筑物。RWDI的参与使得其客户能够节约工程 造价、减少工程周期、降低工程风险、提升工 程品质。

Our technical services help architects, engineers, planners, and developers create comfortable environments and high performance buildings by providing proof of concept for wind engineering and buildings physics issues. RWDI's involvement helps clients save money, save time, reduce risk, and meet and exceed their goals.

技术服务内容 风工程 风荷载、风致振动、空气动力稳定性等。 微气候 风环境、热环境等。 振动控制 减振阻尼器设计、咨询等。 雪、雨、沙尘 雪荷载、雪堆积、冰雪滑落等。 振动问题 楼板振动、行人引起的结构振动等。 空气质量 排放废气的再进入、排气烟囱、废气扩散等。 通风 自然通风咨询、数值模拟、消防排烟模拟等。 可再生能源 风力发电机咨询、太阳能利用咨询等。 日照与采光 噪音与声学

SERVICES Wind engineering: wind loading, wind-induced vibration, aerodynamic stability, etc. Microclimate: wind environment, thermal comfort, etc. Motion control: design and consultation for supplemental damping systems, etc. Snow,sand,and rain: loading, drifting, sliding snow/ice, etc. Vibration: floor vibration, pedestrian-induced motion, etc. Air quality: exhaust re-entrainment, exhaust stack, pollutant dispersion, etc. Ventilation: natural ventilation consultation, numerical modeling, smoke simulation, etc. Renewable energy: wind turbine consultation, solar energy, etc. Solar and daylighting Noise and acoustics

RWDI的人力与技术资源遍布世 界六个国家,从而保证了能够及 时地为世界各地客户提供高效率 的技术服务与交流。RWDI拥有 全世界范围内丰富的气候资料与 研究经验、四个风洞试验室、大 型计算机群、以及先进的建筑科 学软件,并以此帮助RWDI的客 户取得更大的成功。

With substantial resources in six countries, we are accessible and responsive. Using our unparalleled experience in all the world's climates, four wind tunnels, computer clusters, and advanced building science software, we help our clients achieve greater success!

RWDI International China Inc. 安邸建筑环境工程咨询(上海)有限公司 Shanghai, China 上海,中国 电话Tel: +86-21-6218-8997 传真Fax: +86-21-5228-8586 信箱E-mail:

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