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Upcoming Gigs Oct 10th Rachel Sermanni 10 Feet Tall 7:30pm Oct 11th Those Grubby Folk The Old Library 21:00pm Oct 12th (Bristol) Wingin’ It Folk House 7:30pm Oct 16th Folk in the Foyer: Hugh Sheehan RWCMD Foyer 6:00pm Oct 22nd Eddi Reader The Glee Club 7:30pm Oct 23rd Fay Hield & the Hurricane Party St David’s Hall - 3rd Floor 7:30pm Oct 24th Woodpecker Wooliams 10 Feet Tall 7:30pm

Hi everyone and thank you all for joining the Folk Society. First of all we’d just like to put out a disclaimer; this is a brand new society and we are currently working hard to make our plans and ideas reality. We are all terrible unorganised people, so it may take us a wee while to find our feet but we are passionate about this group and look forward to seeing it develop. This newsletter will release on a monthly basis featuring news, upcoming gigs/events, and folky tidbits to keep you in the know at all times. Anything new that pops up after the newsletter’s release that we feel is important shall be sent to your college email. Don’t worry, we won’t spam your mailbox! Our Aim is to boost the folk scene not only in the college but in Cardiff. This is an ambitious goal and won’t be easy to achieve, however we have already been in contact with venues in the city as well as other music societies with prospects of creating performance opportunities and more. We are also directly linked to the college’s Folk in the Foyer evenings which - if all goes to plan - will continue into next term and beyond. Trad Music Ensemble is another project we are directly involved with; we are in the process of arranging music and organising a concert date towards the end of this term. But it’s not all work, we will be hosting a variety of evenings throughout the year which are purely for fun, including sessions nights and social gatherings. Of course for all our plans to work we need you - the members - to participate. We don’t expect you to come to every event, but we encourage you to come along when you can. Forming new bands is vital to the development of the society and we encourage anyone eager, to do so. Folk comes in many forms, shapes and sizes, so during society gatherings get chatting to a few people and see what you can make. If you have any questions or help forming a band then speak to any of the society organisers. We’d love feedback regarding any aspect of the society, such as ideas for the newsletter, any gigs you know of that we haven't included, event ideas, whatever you can think of! Please email your feedback to to society email.

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About Us David Grubb - Bmus4 - Violin Hailing from Fife on the east coast of Scotland I was brought up with traditional music, playing as part of various groups including Fife Young Fiddlers, Kingdom Fiddlers and my band Skee’n’Doo. My enthusiasm for folk music thrived in 2009 when I was briefly a student of Stevenson College Edinburgh; there I joined a folk band and learnt a great deal about trad playing. Since arriving in Cardiff I have started many projects including Those Grubby Folk, Fiddle Tune a Day/Fiddler’s Blog and Trad Music Ensemble. My biggest influences are Aidan O’Rourke, Mike Vass and Karine Polwart. Jordan Williams - Mmus - Double Bass Growing up in Wales I have been exposed to folk since I was a kid. I first started playing folk about four years ago when I started at the RWCMD. My biggest influences are Julie Fowlis, Brian Finnegan, Kate Rusby and Kathryn Tickell. My favourite tunes come from the Gaelic music of the highlands and islands of Scotland, and the songs and tunes from north east England. Karim Bedda - Bmus4 - Composer I came from a classical background, having learnt to play classical guitar, piano, and violin before I came to college where I now study composition. Growing up in Sussex, folk music (along with folk-inspired music) was just one of many genres I enjoyed but it wasn't until a few years ago that I really became involved in the folk scene, attending various gigs, concerts and festivals and learning about the history of the genre alongside various styles and techniques to influence my own playing. I've been hooked ever since! Some of my favourite artists include Chris Wood, John Smith, and Andy Cutting.

Events Times and locations subject to change Kickstarter - Mon 15th 6:15pm - A3.19 If you are interested in starting up a folk band then this ‘Kickstarter’ evening is intended to help you out. They’ll be a few handouts with useful bits of info and links, as well as some example music. Bring your instruments if you’d like a tune. Fiddle Tutorial (All Strings Welcome) - Thu 18th 6:00pm - A3.19 A chance to learn a few fiddle tricks will help your folk sound a little more folky. Please don’t look at this as a class; it’s a bit of fun but hopefully you’ll learn a few things along the way. All strings welcome. Whistle Tutorial - Fri 19th 6:00pm - A3.19 Similar to the fiddle tutorial, but for all you whistlers and flute players! A chance to get to grips with a few tricks that help bring a real folk flavour to your tunes! Social Folk - Band Talk - Thu 25th 7:30pm - SU Bar A simple social gathering for all those looking to relax for an evening. We’ll want to hear from you about any bands that you have started or want help with. November 27th, Folk in the Foyer will be featuring a variety of folk acts from college in front of the college christmas tree. If you’d like to be part of the performance then you need to let us know by this date. Session Night - Wed 31st 7:30pm - SU Bar Grab your instrument and lets have a few tunes! Don’t worry if you don’t know any, we’ll bring some music to get you started. The whole point is to have a good laugh and a pint.


RWCMD Folk Society - Newsletter Oct 2012  

Issue 1 October 2012