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Founded December 1985 Executive Committee 2010/2011



President Bryan Elliott CEO Centennial Park Cemetery Authority Telephone: 08 8276 6011


Contents 2

Armen Mikaelian

President’s Report

General Manager Cemeteries and Crematoria Invocare Australia Pty Ltd Telephone: 02 8841 7810


Executive Members

State Reports

Peter Deague Director Planning Metropolitan Cemeteries Board Telephone: 08 9383 5229

Pieter Den Boer CEO Bunbury Cemeteries Board (08) 9721-3191

Karen Hinrichsen Manager Toowoomba Garden of Remembrance Telephone: 07 4635 4866

Board Activity

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Industry Events




AFDA Report

New Financial Year Update

14 Memoriam Glass

16 Monumental Cemetery of Staglieno

18 ACCA Conference

Expansion of Enfield Mausoleum


5 Things Many Families Don’t Know About Cremation

22 ACCA Mid-Year Seminar


Visit by Lord Sebastian Coe


Lakeside Memorial Park


Australian Cemetery Friends Calendar


Water Mill For Sale

ACCA Membership & Certificate III Training


ACCA Member Directory


Darryl Thomas CEO Geelong Cemeteries Trust Telephone: 03 5221 1077


cover: Mausoleum at Fawkner Cemetery and Memorial Park

Industry News

Malcolm Tucker General Manager Norwood Park (02) 6241 3177

Executive Officer & Secretary Ken Manders Suite North 4, 215 Bell St PRESTON VIC 3057 Telephone: 03 9863 6914 Facsimile: 03 9863 6901 Unless expressly stated the views put forward in accanews are not necessarily the considered views or policy of the Association or the Publisher, nor is the Association or the Publisher responsible for the claims of its advertisers. Graphic Design by Andrew Spicer @ Ravelston Designs Printed by D&D Digital Printing Published by ACCA Secretariat






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President’sReport As I wrote in the Autumn ACCA news the Board and ACCA staff has been working hard on finalising a program for our conference in Wellington that is aimed at being both educational and stimulating. The program is now finalised and the brochure has been distributed to all members. You can also go for more information. Here is something you can do during the cold winter - plan your travel, make your airline bookings and register for the conference taking advantage of the early bird registration concessions and mark the date of Sunday 23rd October 2011 as the start of the 24th annual ACCA conference. I hope to see many of you in Wellington in October. Bryan Elliott

The leaves on deciduous trees have changed colour and fallen to the ground. Americans use the term “fall” to describe the season of autumn and one can wonder if it has anything to do with the falling of the leaves. Having now entered the winter months many of us hibernate away from the outdoors retreating to warm cosy houses waiting for the warming rays of the spring sun to beckon us once again into the great outdoors. Well - take heart - the winter solstice has been and the days will now get longer. Seasons may come and go but the work and service we provide to the community goes on. Spare a thought for the gravediggers and others who have to do their job no matter what the weather conditions are - such is their commitment to the service that our industry provides. Recently a small delegation of the ACCA Board attended the AFE 2011 in Hong Kong through the generous sponsorship and assistance received from our Chinese friends. The three board members were present at our booth to welcome visitors and provide information about ACCA and invite attendees to come to Wellington in October 2011 to the 24th ACCA Conference. In excess of 200 conference brochures were handed out with genuine interest being shown about taking the opportunity of attending. AFE 2011 was their most successful event ever with over 2400 people viewing the exhibition. With AFE 2012 having an Australian focus and the AFDA holding their annual conference in conjunction with the event there is no doubt there is a lot of interest in all things aussie.


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In the autumn edition I quoted John F Kennedy and I find myself doing the same in this edition with “For time and the world do not stand still. Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or the present are certain to miss the future.” The mid year seminar held at the Rydges Bell City in Preston, Melbourne on Thursday 2nd June and Friday 3rd June on the topic of Change Management was a great success. The participation and involvement of those who attended contributed to a positive environment of learning. It will be interesting for those who attended to get their own letter in September to remember what their proposed change was and whether any progress has been made towards achieving their goal. Thank you to all of our sponsors of the event and both the SMCT and GMCT for their generous support of the cemetery tour on the Friday. Early on the Thursday morning of the mid year conference a special meeting was held where the Board proposed changes to the ACCA constitution. Of all the proposed changes a number were passed at the meeting and a number that were not. As soon as practical the updated constitution will be made available on the ACCA website for you to download. Changes were made to the membership categories that do allow the opportunity for many smaller organisations to join ACCA and have a voice and a vote. If our association is to remain a positive contributor as the national voice of the industry it must look forward and be prepared to change and be able to address the challenges that the future will thrust upon us.

The industry does not sit still; laws of the land do change and if there are issues that have an impact on our industry your association and its members cannot remain silent. We have a voice and we have the opportunity, and even an obligation, to use that voice to influence that change. Recently on both New South Wales and Queensland the question of limited tenure for interments has been raised. The concept of limited tenure polarises the community but with the ever increasing demand for land close to the communities for housing, education, industry, hospitals and shopping precincts setting aside land for cemetery use is a low priority. Limited tenure does provide a solution and serious thought and debate is required on the merits of such a proposition. As ACCA President and the CEO of a cemetery that practices re-use I have been more than willing to provide information and participate in workshops and debate the pros and cons of limited tenure without such debate an informed decision cannot be made. What change are you planning?

BoardActivity The ACCA 2010/2011 Board. From left to right, Front Row: President Bryan Elliott, Vice President Armen Mikaelian Back Row: Darryl Thomas, Karen Hinrichsen, Peter Deague, Pieter Den Boer, Malcolm Tucker

ACCA BOARD ACTIVITY The following items are noted from the recent Board Meeting held in Melbourne and of subsequent events. CCAV SECRETARIAT During the month of May, ACCA assumed the Secretariat role of the Cemeteries and Crematoria Association of Victoria (CCAV). As a result, the staff of ACCA have relocated to a slightly larger office in the same Bell City complex. In fact the only address change has been the Suite Number - now North 1 moved from North 4. All members, partners and stakeholders are requested to change their databases. AUDIT The new audit company Selby Westhorpe and Partners, represented by Michelle Westhorpe, CPA attended the Board meeting to meet with Directors and outline the Audit Plan for the financial year just ended. ACCA looks forward to a long and successful partnership with Selby Westhorpe and Partners. EVENTS Conference and Events Reports Mid-Year Seminar 2011: The Mid year Seminar held at the Rydges Bell St complex in Melbourne on 2-3 June 2010 incorporating a workshop entitled “The Power of Change” was facilitated by Wayne Goldsmith. The cemetery tour included visits to Melbourne General Cemetery and The Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust – Fawkner Cemetery and Memorial Park. A report is included in this issue STATE SERVICE AWARD RECOGNITION Reminder: A complimentary Full Registration to the ACCA Annual Conference will be awarded to the winner of any state/branch Cemetery/ Crematoria association based recognition/ achievement award for service to the industry, upon written application from the state/branch association. A maximum of one award per state, per annum applies. At the time of printing, CASA has taken this invitation up and Mary Yiambouranis will be attending. CERTIFICATE III IN GRAVE-DIGGING AND CREMATORIA OPERATIONS Member CEOs and management are encouraged to enrol their staff in these Nationally-accredited training courses, the details of which are included in this issue.



A general meeting was held in Melbourne in conjunction with the Mid Year Seminar, to consider various changes to the ACCA Constitution.

a) Representation:

The changes as below were approved by a majority of more than 75% of members: RULE 3b) 30 6 49 2.2.7 72 Various

REFERENCE Observer Members (deletion - not required)

Number of Votes (changes to allow smaller-entity members)

Membership Fees (timing and application thereof)

Vacancy of Office… (create contingency rules for President and Vice President)

Objects (broaden..terms)

Notice to a Member (include email notification)

Correction of capital letters for proper nouns.

There were two proposed changes that did not gain the requisite 75% of votes: RULE



Maximum of Two Board Members from any one area (change area definition)


Maximum of One Board Member Per Organisation (change to two)

An updated Constitution has been sent to ASIC for approval and is posted on the ACCA web site.

Asia Funeral Expo (AFE) – Hong Kong

The Board accepted a sponsorship proposal from ACCA International Member Fu Shou Yuan to attend and present at the AFE 19-21 in Hong Kong May 2011. This was at no cost to ACCA and the Association was represented by President – Bryan Elliott, Director – Karen Hinrichsen and Director – Darryl Thomas. b) Crematoria Operators’ (ACCA) Membership Qualification It was reported that some industry stakeholders are debating the issue whether widening the qualification, thereby increasing membership/ participation outweighs the lowering of standards. There is still much discussion with the disposal of ashes being a critical issue. It was agreed for Board Members to submit their views to EO for compilation and discussion next meeting. This can then be relayed to members at the AGM for further discussion. c) International Cremation Federation ACCA Director, Darryl Thomas was nominated by Geelong Cemeteries Trust and endorsed by the ACCA Board for election to the ICF. At the time of printing, Darryl was attending the ICF Board meeting at the Cremation & Burial Conference and Exhibition in Bristol, UK NEW MEMBER APPLICATIONS: Welcome to the following new Ordinary Members of ACCA: Melaleuca Station Memorial Gardens, Colac Cemetery Trust, Silverton Village Cemetery (from Observer Member).

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FROM THE DESK OF THE EXECUTIVE OFFICER Training - Certificate III Industry National Accreditation I CONTINUE TO ENCOURAGE YOUR PARTICIPATION IN THE ABOVE NATIONALLY-ACCREDITED TRAINING. Workplace training has more benefits that just the transfer of information to the participant. Here are 5 additional benefits to your business that you should seriously consider.

01. Increase Staff Motivation When staff are provided with training, the result leads to increased work efficiency. This not only leads to higher motivation levels and the confidence to come up with ideas, but also a willingness to take on the responsibility of making positive changes.

02. Increase Productivity & Improve Service With the increase in motivation, staff become aware of the benefits of improved workflow and are able to further increase productivity and service levels with little extra effort and great returns.

03. Enhance Job Satisfaction Most people know what it feels like to have a good day at the office. Usually this is when everything has run smoothly, and production and service have run like clockwork. This results in feelings of satisfaction and accomplishment.

04. Knowledge

Cemeteries & Crematoria Association of Victoria (CCAV)

Sharing this new-found knowledge is a benefit to the business. As staff become able to multi-task, there is a reduction in the need to bring in external resources to complete the work. The self-confidence gained with this new knowledge provides them with a healthy level of perspective and self-esteem that will see them through more stressful periods.

The CCAV Committee has been busy with the transition of secretariat services throughout late May/early June. Although the transition has been completed smoothly the Committee unfortunately had to cancel its June General Meeting as it clashed with the ACCA mid year conference and an alternative date could not be found.

05. Improve Staff Loyalty Staff are the greatest asset in any business. When you provide training to your staff, it demonstrates a belief, trust and commitment to their continued employment. It is also a tangible display of their value to you as an employee, and a sign that their skills and knowledge are highly regarded as a way of contributing to the success of the business. Through increased loyalty, staff training can minimise employee turnover. The consequences of a lack of training have the potential to be disastrous to the business and future employment opportunities. By providing professional workplace efficiency training, you and your staff can learn the fundamental skills necessary to break out of old habits and become organised in the workplace

NOW TURN TO PAGE 27 AND SEE HOW YOU CAN IMPROVE YOUR BUSINESS!!!! ACCA News Please support ACCA News in 2011 – remember this is your journal and we encourage and welcome your input at any time. Thank you and take care.

Ken J Manders

CCAV has also had to manage the loss of its President, Glenn Solomano, as a result of a management restructure at Bendigo Cemetery Trust. Glenn has served the industry well for over 10 years and we thank him most sincerely for his contribution. As a result of this loss, the Committee appointed the elected Vice President, Rod Shell, to the office of Acting President. Peter Green, the new training provider, has completed some training sessions in Geelong and Eltham and they were very successful. The Committee is confident that CCAV will be able to continue to provide quality training programs to the industry into the future under Peter’s stewardship. The CCAV Communications Focus Group has developed a cemetery questionnaire which has been forwarded to cemeteries with their CCAV membership renewal notice. The questionnaire will also be forwarded to non-members as part of our Membership Promotion. The results of this questionnaire will be used to further develop our communications plans into the future. Improvements to the CCAV Website are another important issue keeping this valuable group busy. The CCAV Environmental Sustainability Focus Group continues their good work on the metals recycling project. The group is currently working on a Renewable Energy Guidelines document which will be a “living” document providing the industry with valuable information on technology advancements.

EVENTS 5 August AGM and Tradeshow Kind regards, Rod Shell CCAV Acting President 4

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Cemeteries & Crematoria Association of New South Wales (CCANSW)

1. Government Relations CCA’s input into the work of the NSW Government’s Cemeteries and Crematoria Advisory Committee is continuing, particularly in relation to the issue conferning the possible enactment of the concept of renewable tenure. Following CCA’s representations, a facilitated session on this issue also included an address by Bryan Elliott, ACCA President, recently on the practices employed at the Centennial Park facility in Adelaide.

2. Griffith Quarterly Conference By the time you read this report, our Griffith Quarterly Conference, being held on 30 June and 1 July 2011 would have been held. It included of an exciting program and the conference was developed to provide a balance between professional development, networking and collegiate assistance. The attendance numbers were excellent, with 50 delegates attending to make it a successful event.

3. Adelaide Quarterly Conference

Northern Sydney Institute of TAFE, (NSI) NSI have delivered three skill set course in Grave Safe Techniques over the last 12 months, with 62 people trained in best practice systems.

SAFE GRAVE TECHNIQUES Course No. 19441 • August 2010: Rookwood 2010 - 12 people attending • April 2011: Booderee NP Nowra - 6 people attending using hand digging • June 2011: Rookwood - 10 people attending (assessment in process)

WORKING EFFECTIVELY IN THE FUNERAL INDUSTRY Course No. 19443 • June 2010: 19 people attended • September 2010 15 people attended

The following courses are scheduled: Safe Grave Techniques Course No. 19441 • 7 - 9 September 2011: Rookwood - 20 people registered • September 2011: Albury - 12 people registered

The November CCA Quarterly Conference is being held in Adelaide on 17 & 18 November 2011. All industry delegates, Australia wide, are welcome to attend. To receive a copy of the conference brochure, please contact the CCA Secretariat at


4. Education & Training


NSW continues to provide members with the opportunity of further education and training.

• 25 - 26 August 2011

• Possible training in Albury after the Safe Grave Techniques Training is completed. NSI has a Confined Spaces Training course, covering shoring techniques, proposed in Brisbane for August 2011.

CERTIFICATE IV IN CARBON MANAGEMENT 27 CCA members are in the process of completing a Certificate IV in Carbon Management. This certificate course is an accredited workplace qualification for managers and supervisors to enable and support the development of carbon management and carbon emission reduction strategies for enterprises. This para-professional qualification is designed for candidates at the supervisor, manager or executive level. Certificate IV graduates develop skills or competencies to enable them to understand the strategic implications of carbon emissions for business and how emission reduction strategies can be implemented using business planning frameworks and supported by existing business systems. The course is being held both on-site and online. Normally this course would cost $2850.00, however a grant covering 100% of the cost has been received for eligible NSW employers. Only a $275 administration fee was payable once the student was approved for the subsidy. Our industry has embraced the idea of training ourselves to manage the carbon footprint of our own businesses to being preparing for change.

In closing, I wish to acknowledge and thank our sponsors for the recent Leura and forthcoming Griffith Quarterly Conferences being: Principal Sponsors: ARROW BRONZE PHOENIX FOUNDRY Sponsor: Austeng Engineered Solutions Frank Dimarco & Son Pty Ltd Globe Memorial Company Pty Ltd N & F Arciuli Pty Ltd Tyrrells Northern Suburbs Memorials Co Pty Ltd. Their support and contribution ensures that the CCA is able to continue with its member and government relations activities and, thus, remain the peak industry association in NSW. Thank you sponsors. Mary Reid. CCA Secretary.

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Queensland Cemeteries and Crematoria Association (QCCA) Just a reminder that the QCCA Annual General Meeting will take place at the Watermark Hotel on the Gold Coast on the 19th of August. It is free to attend and the QCCA Management Committee would welcome your attendance. We have great speakers lined up including Christine Smyth from Robbins Watson Solicitors, David Sharpe from TAFE NSW, Brian Elliott from Adelaide Cemeteries Authority, a presentation of the new Matthews Bio-Cremation system and much more. We will also have industry product suppliers on hand with lots of brochures and information to hand out. The program is detailed as follows:

2011 QCCA

Robbins Watson Solicitors

Changes to Inheritance Law and its affect on the industry 2.15pm David Sharpe TAFE NSW – Industry Training Opportunities

4.00pm Steven Justin National Granite Update

5.00pm Meeting Close


6.30pm Join us for a casual meal at the Watermark Hotel River Pool Terrace

8.50am Welcome & General Housekeeping

Supported by Arrow Bronze Matthews

10.00am Morning Tea 10.15am Brian Elliott Centennial Park Adelaide Opportunities for “Greening” your cemetery / crematoria business 11.15am Mrs. Carryn Sullivan MP Chair - Qld Govt. Environment & Resources Committee

Parliamentary Enquiry Update: Environmental Impacts of Conventional Funeral Practices 12.15pm Lunch Waves Restaurant - Watermark Hotel

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Almost 60 delegates from the Cemeteries Association of South Australia gathered at picturesque Stirling in the Adelaide Hills early in May for the annual general meeting and information day.

3.45pm Joe Campbell Phoenix Foundry Update


9.00am Arrow Bronze Matthews Bio-Cremation: A Green Alternative


3.30pm Bryan Elliott ACCA Update

4.15pm QCCA Annual General Meeting

Surfers Paradise Blvd Surfers Paradise QLD 3032

Cemeteries Association of South Australia (CASA)

3.00pm Afternoon Tea



1.15pm Christine Smyth

above: CASA Info Day and AGM

Delegates travelled from as far as Port Augusta and Kangaroo Island and represented a diverse mix of cemetery operators, including metropolitan and regional councils, church parishes as well as large cemetery authorities. The morning’s business session was hosted by the Adelaide Hills Council in the council chambers, where CEO, Peter Peppin, welcomed everyone. Topics on the agenda included recent changes to cemetery regulation in South Australia and the introduction of a Rights and Responsibilities Statement to be completed prior to the purchase of an interment licence. The new cemetery regulations came into effect in late 2010 and proscribe the provision of a ‘plain English statement’ designed to ensure families are informed of their rights and responsibilities regarding cemetery licences before making a financial commitment to purchase. The association worked closely with the South Australian branch of the AFDA to develop the form, since funeral directors have by necessity become the main conduit for completion of the form at the time of arranging a funeral and selecting cemetery sites and services.


A presentation and discussion of cemetery master planning looked at several overseas cemeteries’ approach to planning as well as some of the essential considerations such as traffic management, infrastructure and community consultation. The association’s website has undergone a revamp in recent months and was launched to members on the day. The Annual General Meeting included the election of the association’s executive committee for the ensuing 12 months. Bruce Nankivell, the Manager, Marketing & Client Services at Centennial Park was elected President. A major highlight of the day was the presentation of the Darren Leuders Customer Service Award. On October 28, 2007 CASA’s much loved and respected President, Darren Leuders died unexpectedly. Darren was a member of the Adelaide Cemeteries Authority for 10 years in the roles of Business Development Manager and Deputy Chief Executive Officer. As President and a highly valued, committed and driven member of the CASA executive, Darren had a gift for providing outstanding customer service. In recognising this, the CASA executive developed a fitting tribute to appropriately recognise outstanding customer service the ‘Darren Leuders Customer Service Award’. The award is presented to ‘any employee of a CASA member who has performed above and beyond the call of duty in providing excellence in customer service.’ Additionally, it is considered the award will assist in the promotion and improvement of excellent customer service delivered by CASA members.

The ACCA Board kindly sponsored the registration fee and the Adelaide Cemeteries Authority, Centennial Park and CASA will sponsor airfares, accommodation and conference expenses.

Cemeteries & Cremetoria Association of Western Australia (CCAWA) The Cemeteries and Crematoria Association of Western Australia has not met during this period and has therefore not produced a report for his edition.

This year’s most worthy winner of the Darren Leuders Customers Service Award went to Mary Yiambouranis. Mary is the Administration Receptionist at Centennial Park and has been in the role for eight years. Her customer service skills are exemplary as she deals with a myriad of enquiries and requests on a daily basis. Mary is of Greek descent and is highly respected and appreciated by Centennial Park’s strong Greek community of clients. She is the welcoming voice when customers call Centennial Park communicates with Funeral Directors, Monumental Masons, other industry partners and members of the public and without fail has an outstandingly pleasant demeanour. After lunch, delegates toured historic Stirling Cemetery which was established in the 1870s, when Adelaide’s wealthy residents built homes in the hills as a way of seeking relief from the summer heat on the plains. New President, Bruce Nankivell, said that the day provided an opportunity for members to travel from far and wide to renew acquaintances, put faces to names of people they have spoken to on the phone when asking questions and gaining and sharing knowledge of how our industry operates.

The award is sponsored by Phoenix Foundry and presented at the Annual General Meeting and Information Day. This year, the CASA executive enriched the recognition even further with registration and funding for the winning employee to attend the ACCA Annual Conference.

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INDUSTRYEVENTS 2011 We are increasingly becoming an international/global business community. Following is a snapshot of the industry conferences and seminars we have been informed of for 2011. Web links to the organisations are below, if you would like further contact details of any of the organisations listed, please contact the Secretariat Office.

2011 5 August CCAV Annual General Meeting Moonee Valley, VIC

23 - 27 October ACCA Conference Wellington, NZ

17 - 18 November CCANSW & CASA (proposed combined meeting)

Adelaide, SA

















Cremation Society of Great Britain

NFDA (Southern Africa)






19 – 22 March


ICCFA 2012 Convention & Exposition, Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada


Welcome to Print-A-Plate, the new name plate system, which completes ALL sizes of coffin name plates and plates used on grave markers in seconds. There are NO set-up costs at all, all you need is a basic PC and a laser printer, we will supply the rest. When comparing the Print-A-Plate system to existing method of completing plates please bare in mind:

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For further information or to organize a promotional CD to be forwarded to you please call The Minter Group


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lakeside memorial park ~ dapto NSW, AUSTRALIA

N&F ARCIULI PTY LIMITED Established 1970



above: Entrance Pavilion, Existing Mausoleum and New Crypts

NEW COURTYARD CRYPTS IN $2M EXPANSION OF ENFIELD MAUSOLEUM Construction of a $2 million expansion of the mausoleum at Enfield Memorial Park is underway. The development is designed to meet growing community demand for above ground burial and will include 184 new crypts in an outdoor courtyard precinct adjacent to the existing Enfield Mausoleum. “The Enfield Mausoleum is a prestigious building in a unique setting, and has met the cultural needs of Adelaide’s Italian community very well,” Chief Executive Officer, Robert Pitt said. “The Courtyard Gardens expansion features sandstone walls, elegant entrance gates and landscaping to create a contemplative serene space. The existing mausoleum car park area is being reconfigured to form an entry plaza and hearse driveway.”


accanews winter11

Two four-level high crypt modules will be built and landscaped pathways and gardens will provide ample room for large gatherings, as well as areas for prayer and contemplation. Single and companion crypts will be offered in each module each with a 99 year lease. Public toilet facilities have been incorporated into the gateway design and will be accessible to all cemetery visitors. Robert said the expansion would complement the existing Enfield Mausoleum; the centrepiece of the Memorial Park’s new mausoleum Precinct. The development was designed by Greenway Architects in consultation with Milne Construction Company and forms stage one of a master plan providing flexibility for future growth. The construction contract was won by Coombes Barei.

“I’m pleased to say that the project is on schedule and on budget and we’re on track for completion of construction in September,” Robert said. “Our operations team will then install landscaping elements and plants, ready for an official opening in November. “We’ve recently announced the sale of crypts off-the-plan, and community interest in the new development is strong.”


Cremation in Australia was first promoted in the late 1800’s as more hygienic and modern than traditional burials. By the 1960’s it was very much accepted and had overtaken burials as the first choice of the majority. Now the preference is as high as 75% of people in capital cities. Over these years a paradigm has developed which ever increasingly threatens the institutions that have serviced our communities with the essential continuum between grief and remembrance. The paradigm, that sees cremation as just a cheap option, manifests itself in a growth of no service cremations and families storing or scattering cremated remains. The inner desire by all of us to be remembered or to remember has some how been overlooked or even ignored, resulting in a gradual decline in remembrance at our beautiful cemetery and crematoria facilities throughout the country So why do people carve their initials in trees? Or place their hands in cement? They want to leave their mark, and to be remembered. But the real marks they leave are the ones they’ve made on us. A hug. A smile. A kind word. We want to remember them. We need to capture the essence and importance of this fundamental yet basic human need, encapsulating the caregiving continuum before death through the farewell process with time-tested ways to help families move from grief to remembrance.

The paradigm must shift. A shift where firstly the funeral industry as a whole acknowledges that families need to complete the process of grief to remembrance. Secondly, our families need to be informed of all the wonderful options that are available and that cremation is not just a low cost easy option. A small part of that paradigm shift could be an industry recognition and promotion of “5 things people don’t know about cremation” 1. THAT CREMATION DOESN’T LIMIT YOUR FUNERAL CHOICES. Our research shows that many families aren’t aware of all the choices they have for saying goodbye to loved ones. You can be as creative in planning the way you want to say goodbye to your loved one as you wish. Cremation or Burial, your services should be created to meet your family’s emotional needs. The industry and Arrow offer many choices and aids to help move from grief to remembrance. 2. THAT CREMATION DOESN’T LIMIT YOUR WAYS OF CREATING PERMANENT REMEMBRANCES. In fact, when you choose cremation you have a wide variety of choices that include permanent memorials, cremation niches, and cremation gardens. And new technologies allow you to create truly personal remembrances that capture a life in uniquely meaningful ways.

3. THAT CREMATION DOESN’T JUST MEAN SCATTERING. While advertising makes it seem like that is the only choice, when you choose cremation you can have any kind of service, and any kind of memorial you wish. That means you can have a traditional service and a cremation, a scattering and a permanent cemetery niche, or space in a cremation garden. And for many families having a permanent place to remember their loved ones fills an important need that a scattering just can’t. 4. THAT MANY RELIGIONS HAVE SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS AROUND CREMATION. For example, while the Catholic Church now permits cremation—the Church requires that the cremated remains be treated in the same respectful way that a body in traditional burial receives. Other religious traditions also have requirements regarding cremation and funerals. 5. THAT “DIRECT CREMATION” MEANS NOT SEEING YOUR LOVED ONE. Many families don’t realize that with a direct cremation, when the body is removed, they will have no opportunity to ever see their loved one again. And for many families being able to see their loved one at least one last time is very important. If our families are properly informed by every section of the funeral industry of the options available to complete the essential process from grief to remembrance then the paradigm will shift and our industry will prosper.

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AUSTRALIAN FUNERAL DIRECTORS ASSOCIATION (AFDA) REPORT As the new National President of the AFDA, I am very proud to present my first report. It is truly an honor to represent an association which displays such commitment to maintaining, encouraging and promoting professional standards. I wish to firstly congratulate John Scott on his term as President. John not only represented the AFDA as a leader, but his ability to make people feel welcome was greatly appreciated by all. It was wonderful to have so many attend The 2011 AFDA National Convention held in Melbourne. The response from those who attended the business sessions and social events was extremely positive and I am pleased to report that with high expressions of interest from our Members, our 2012 AFDA Convention will run in conjunction with the Asia Funeral Expo from 16-20 May 2012, with Australia being the Focus Country for the year.

Over 20 AFDA Members attended the 2011 Asia Funeral Expo which was held in Hong Kong from May 13-16. The conference provided a great opportunity to develop relationships with international associations, funeral directors and professionals from the funeral industry. Applications for the 2011 AFDA Scholarship are now open. The prize for the winning applicant includes attendance at the 2012 AFDA Convention in Hong Kong and an education package including course fees for a work/business related course of study as approved by the AFDA up to the value of $2000. Regards,

Bernardine Brierty National President

AFDA President, Bernardine Brierty

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accanew TH E OF FIC IAL






w in te r 1




To know what’s going on in the cemeteries and crematoria industry, subscribe to accanews For full details contact the ACCA Secretariat:


s winter1 1

Suite North 1, 215 Bell St Preston, Victoria, Australia, 3072 Tel: +61 3 9863 6914 Fax: +61 3 9863 6901 Email:

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PROFILE GLASS HISTORY Frank Kos immigrated to Australia in 1981 from The Netherlands looking for a better future for his young family. He worked as a master tradesman on the tools for 5 years and then in the office of a large firm as a draftsman and estimator. The opportunity arose to work in a glass furniture manufacturing company. During his employment he had to go to Germany to visit a trade fair and it was there that the world of architectural glass inspired Frank to begin his own company in the production of architectural slumped glass. Profile Glass started with one kiln on a friend’s farm in a stable. After a year the business moved into a small factory and Peter, Frank’s son, joined the business after working as a scientist. The business rapidly expanded, moving to larger premises and the equipment grew to three kilns, waterjet cutting machine, glass laminating plant and glass tempering unit.

Five years into the business, after visiting a number of cemeteries in The Netherlands, they investigated the use of glass as a memorial product in Australia and launched Memoriam Glass. Their products include glass headstones and slumped glass plaques. Aside from a number of commercial architectural glass projects and many domestic glass installations, they have been also involved in the production of highly precise curved glass panels for concept vehicles produced by local car manufacturer, Holden. For more information Profile Glass can be contacted on 03 9761 4399 or visit

above: Vos Headstone Tallarook Cemetery

MEMORIAM GLASS HISTORY OF SHEET GLASS Glass is a material that has been around for thousands of years. The first use of window glass dates back to about 100 AD when the Romans began to use poor quality but clear glass in some of their most important houses. Over the next 1800 years processes were refined and we now have a process that has been in use for nearly 100 years whereby molten glass is poured onto a molten bed of tin and then cooled. During the Middle Ages glass was beginning used both functionally for windows and aesthetically for looks. The most important buildings such as churches and palaces had elaborately designed stained and leadlight windows. Over the last 100 years decorative glass began to be produced by pressing the glass into moulds or by passing the glass through molding rollers. These techniques produced the bottle bottom style amber glass, amongst others, that was popular in the 50s, 60s and 70s.


accanews winter11

MODERNISED GLASS USING ANCIENT TECHNIQUES Glass was initially made in small ovens and kilns. Slumped Glass is based on the same principle. Using standard modern mass produced glass; sheets are heated in kiln to 800 degrees and reformed onto a moulding material. This substrate can be anything that will withstand the high reforming temperatures and includes ceramics and steel. Profile Glass creates each mould on an as required basis. Although they have a number of “standard” textures, because of the hand made process, no two panels will be exactly the same. The individual mould creation allows for custom panel creation, making the design to suit the customer’s requirements. Design elements can be logos, images and text. Further development of techniques has incorporated the use of colours and etching of the glass. Colours can be fused into the glass, enameled into the surface, cold painted or digitally printed. Depending on the final application, the appropriate method is used.

USES FOR SLUMPED GLASS Slumped glass can be used for nearly any location that glass in being used for architectural purposes. A very popular use is as a splashback in kitchens and bathrooms. Over the past 15 years flat glass has become a modern alternative to tiles in wet areas. Although a wide range of colours are available, the look can be ultra modern and create a sterile looking kitchen. Using textured glass gives character to the splashback which can be lost when flat glass is used. The wide range of textures, ranging from subtle to coarse can suit any design and with smooth face surface that is still easy to keep clean. Slumped glass can be incorporated as showerscreens, windows, dividers, door panels and signage to name common uses. Using a wide variety of techniques, the glass can be designed to suit the customer’s requirements.

clockwise from top left: Custom designed slumped, laminated glass sidelights // Custom Designed Slumped Toughened Glass Dividers // Slumped Glass Water feature // Custom Designed Slumped Toughened Dividing Panels for Waiting Room // Custom designed slumped toughened frameless showerscreen // Custom designed slumped toughened glass sidelights

SAFETY OF SLUMPED GLASS Slumped glass treated in a similar way as “normal� flat glass to become a safety glass. After texturing, the glass can be rapidly heated and cooled in a process called toughening. This means that the glass can withstand a greater variation in temperature and if it should break will do so in small, relatively safe, pieces. Two sheets of slumped glass can also be laminated together, so that if it should break it will be bonded and won’t produce sharp shards of glass. GLASS AS MEMORIALS Glass has been used for over a decade in Europe as headstones, creating a sculptural memorial using properties of glass that granite cannot offer. Using the concepts of the European memorials, Profile Glass began to develop a new line of memorials designed specifically for the Australian market. Using ultra thick glass, laminated together, and incorporating techniques refined in the creation of their architectural glass, they launched Memoriam Glass. The headstones incorporated the use of safety glass, stainless steel and granite, along with glass etching, fusing and printing, to create a unique and contemporary alternative to standard granite headstones. Further development of their product range has now produced a digitally printed glass plaque, using slumped glass as a background. This is plaque is encased in a stainless steel frame and laminated for strength and extra safety. The plaques have been designed to be mountable onto a variety of surfaces and custom mounting can also be designed to suit. Memoriam Glass can be contacted on 03 9761 7727 or visit

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Last year I was fortunate enough to visit the Monumental Cemetery of Staglieno which is just outside Genoa, Italy. The cemetery was established in the mid 1800’s when Genoa had a very affluent population who wanted to create elaborate lasting memorials of themselves. It features the work of some of the finest Italian marble sculptors of the


accanews winter11

late 19th and early 20th century such as Leonardo Bistolfi, Giulio Monteverde, and Edoardo Alfieri. The cemetery is the largest outdoor sculpture museum in Europe, yet it is almost completely overlooked by most tourists and receives very little promotion in tourism guides. Restoration work is now being planned with the hope of giving the cemetery the attention it deserves.


Champagne Dog H

The Aquatica BIO

Embrace Green Photo BIO

The Journey Keepsake Navy BIO

Simplicity Wood Grain BIO

Unity Wood Grain S BIO

Cocoa Teddy Bear H

Chest BIO

Embrace Maroon Photo BIO

Purity BIO

Unity S BIO

Unity Wood Grain M BIO

Comfort Club & Gold Locket H

Cocoa Teddy Bear Wings H

Embrace Autumn Leaves S BIO

The Journey Natural BIO

Reflect BIO

Unity M BIO

Unity Wood Grain L BIO

Embrace Autumn Leaves Me BIO

The Journey Keepsake Natural BIO

Shell BIO

Unity L BIO

Crucifix Stand Redwood 13", 10", 7", 4"

Snow Angel H

Huggable Cat H

Embrace Autumn Leaves L BIO

The Journey Aqua BIO

Shell BIO

Unity Pastel S BIO

Crucifix Stand Maple 13", 10", 7", 4"

Embrace Floral Bouquet BIO

The Journey Keepsake Aqua BIO

Shell BIO

Unity Pastel M BIO

Crucifix Stand Walnut 13", 10", 7", 4"

Snow Angel Wings H

Embrace White Hemp BIO

The Journey Navy BIO

Simplicity BIO

Unity Pastel L BIO

Crucifix Stand White 13", 10", 7", 4"

ALL HUGGABLE TEDDYS AVAILABLE WITH PINK, BLUE OR WHITE WINGS OR RIBBONS H = Huggable BIO = Biodegradable C = CloisonnĂŠ * = Other colours available

The Minter Group of Companies 17 Park Road Oakleigh Victoria 3166

T: 03 9568 6999 F: 03 9568 1813 Email: accanews winter11 17

24th ANNUAL ACCA CONFERENCE 23rd - 27th October 2011 Amora Hotel Wellington, New Zealand

It is already winter! And the 2011 Annual Conference is only a few months away! This year the conference is being held in Wellington at the Amora Hotel. Whatever else it may be, Wellington is first of all the capitals of New Zealand and the cultural, commercial, cosmopolitan centre of the country. Located at the southern tip of the North Island of New Zealand it is, as well, in the country’s geographical centre, and the South Island is just a ferry ride away. For all that, it could just as well be a secret city. For most international visitors to New Zealand, it would seem that the destinations of choice are Auckland in the north and Christchurch and Queenstown in the south. However, this may have been the case five years ago, but in the past few years Wellington has transformed into New Zealand’s hottest urban destination and the city now surpasses Rotorua as New Zealand’s fourth busiest destination.

The fabulous, downtown Amora Wellington Hotel has just completed a total accommodation makeover redefining superior comfort and luxury with contemporary style in New Zealand’s Capital City. Nearly all rooms at the Hotel command unobstructed views of the Wellington Harbour and/or the city and it is located right in the arts and entertainment precinct. This year there will be three conference themes. Monday’s theme Today, Tomorrow and Beyond will look at global trends in economics, politics, society and business and how these trends affect us locally and regionally. We will also touch on culture change including religious and ethnic backgrounds. Are Operations Operational? will be the main focus on Wednesday. Speakers will look at OH&S issues including preventative measures and management practices. Lastly, on Thursday the theme will be Science, Technology and the Future. Science and technology is big business and presentations will be based on new developments within the industry and worldwide.

The program includes speakers such as James Morrison, Angry Anderson, Neville Norman, Tony Christiansen and Jacqui Cooper - it is set to be the best program yet! The conference also creates a valuable networking opportunity for sponsors and exhibitors as it provides a platform for companies to associate with many of the major decision makers in our industry. If you would like further information on the sponsorship opportunities available at the 2011 conference please contact ACCA secretariat on 03 9863 6914. Partners are also invited to attend a fantastic 4 day program full of tourist attractions including a Snapshot of Wellington Tour, Martinborough Wine Tour, Capital Arts Tour and a Wild Wellington Tour. All information regarding costs, times and program details are included in the conference brochure, which was sent out in the midle of June. If you have not received a brochure and would like more information please either see the website or contact the secretariat on 03 9863 6914. Please register as soon as possible to secure accommodation and to take advantage of the early registration fees. We look forward to seeing everyone in Wellington.


accanews winter11

ACCA expresses sincere appreciation to the following organisations that have committed to sponsoring the 2011 conference in Wellington, New Zealand.

Trade Exhibition ACCA is delighted to have the following companies represented at this year’s Trade Exhibition.

AEC Systems Arrow Bronze Austeng Axiom Business Systems Enabling InterStream LiteGuard Major Furnace Australia Milne Construction N&F Arciuli Phoenix Foundry PhotoTiles Regal Manufacturers 1973 Ltd & Hickey & Co Pty Total Lifting Solutions

accanews accanews winter11 winter11



The premier engineering

Setting the standard in crematoria design and systems

Austeng’s skills in design and management of crematoria projects in partnership with our clients have earned us a reputation for excellence. The latest “Joule” cremator is fully computerised and packed with many unique and innovative features that sets the standard for cremators world wide.



Computer Screens

Set Up Photos courtesy of Rookwood General Crematorium, owned & operated by InvoCare Australia Pty Ltd

Our extensive involvement in the cemetery and crematoria industry mean that we understand the challenges. We also supply engineering solutions to the cemetery industry. Our current range of equipment includes: > Grave Shoring > Grave Covers > Grave side safety Fence > Transfer Trolleys > Mausoleum Shutter Handling and Transfer Van Modules

Licensee for Furnace Construction


accanews winter11


providers to the industry If you have an engineering problem, we are the answer Narrow Access Spida Crane

Side Tipping Trailer

Owners of:

Modern Burial System

Narrow Access Backhoe

Heavy Duty Trailer

In Co-operation with:


> Quicker and more efficient > Greater land utilisation > Safety advantages > Flexibility > Aesthetically pleasing > Long term advantages > Significantly increases revenue

The Modern Burial System is a new approach to interment that significantly increases cemetery revenue. Austeng can provide advice and an overall systems proposal that would best suit your cemeteries circumstances.

quality innovation eco -aware Australian Engineering Solutions Pty Ltd Austeng 78-80 Douro Street, North Geelong, Vic, Australia 3215 Phone: 03 5278 2044 Fax: 03 5278 5176 Email: Website:

Providing engineering solutions to the cemetery and crematoria accanews industrywinter11


~ CHANGE is POWERFUL ~ CHANGE can unleash the POTENTIAL in people CHANGE can provide GROWTH to people and organisations CHANGE can bring ENERGY, EXCITEMENT and EXCELLENCE to everyone But it can also produce conflict, fear, apprehension and even terror ~ to people unprepared for the change process ~

ACCA’S MID-YEAR SEMINAR ACCA’s Ninth Annual Mid Year Seminar was held in Melbourne from the 2nd till the 3rd June and was structured as a workshop dealing with Change Management. 66 delegates gathered at the Rydges Bell City Hotel early on Thursday morning eager to start the day’s proceedings. The seminar opened with President Bryan Elliott welcoming all board members and attendees. To officially welcome everyone to Melbourne, Brendan introduced the first speaker of the day Rod Shell. Rod Shell commenced his employment as a Chemical Engineer at Mobil Oil’s Altona Refinery. After leaving Mobil he worked in broad management roles for capital equipment manufacturers to the international oil and metals manufacturing industries for more than 20 years. One of these, a furnace manufacturer, included cremators in its product range. His work took him to around Australia and New Zealand, the United States, Europe, United Kingdom, South-East Asia and China. He met his current employer in China in 2000 whilst visiting crematoria facilities before becoming General Manager Operations with the then Necropolis Springvale in 2003. He currently holds the position of President of the Cemeteries & Crematoria Association of Victoria.


accanews winter11

After the official welcome, the MC for the event Darryl Thomas, Chief Executive Officer of Geelong Cemeteries Trust firstly acknowledged the presence of two of our Corporate Partners Lyn Davis from Arrow Bronze and Joe Campbell from Phoenix Foundry. He then introduced the facilitator of the Thursday workshop, Wayne Goldsmith. Wayne Goldsmith has been described as the Brain behind the Brain. He is one of the most passionate, innovative, enthusiastic, energetic and experienced sports performance experts in the world.   He has worked with some of Australia’s most successful businesses and sporting teams and is considered one of the leading high performance consultants in the industry today. Wayne was a fantastic facilitator making sure everyone was involved in group activities and allowing attendees to express their thoughts and ideas. Overall, Wayne gave a very professional and uplifting presentation that aimed to help delegates understand change What it is, how it works and how it can be the most powerful tool in the management “tool-kit”.

After a very full day of work-shopping the delegates retreated to their rooms to prepare for the Seminar Dinner. The chosen venue for this year’s dinner was the Vienna room at the Rydges Bell City Hotel. Excellent food, wine and company made this evening a memorable one for all delegates. On the following day, delegates proceeded to Melbourne General Cemetery for a tour. The group had a lovely time and saw everything the Cemetery had to offer including Morning Tea – special thanks to the Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust for providing this. The Cemetery Tour concluded with a tour of Fawkner Memorial Park where delegates were treated to superb hospitality with lunch generously provided by the Great Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust - thank you. Once everyone was back at work, an evaluation form was sent to all delegates. The response was fantastic! Overall, the 2011 Mid Year Seminar was a great success!

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accanews autumn11 winter11

GRAVE SHORING SYSTEMS Customised solutions for your industry

Panels are very light, approximately 30kgs each. The standard panels are 2400mm long x 600mm high x 40mm thick of structural grade aluminium, painted green or any colour on request. Other sizes are available. Panels can be handled manually or by small machinery often used within cemeteries. Base panels come with 600mm high legs in the corners to save damaging the coffins on removal of the shoring system. For use in sandy soil, panels can have built in or clip on edges. Lifting lugs on all panels. Panels can be stacked 4 high to a depth of 3000mm. An alternative to the standard panels, particularly in sandy soils is the Box Section Shoring, which has four sides, therefore is for fixed size graves. Spreader bars, either screw jack adjustable or fixed length. Spreader bars double as a ladder for entering and exiting the excavation. Lite Guard are specialist aluminium fabricators of ground support and shielding systems. Lite Guard can manufacture to your individual designs or requirements. We can fabricate whatever you require.

Other products are: q Safety lids for open graves ,mesh or solid aluminium. Can be lockable and attach to the decking and shoring q Hand rails to meet the falling from heights regulations (if grave is 2000mm deep) q Checker plate flooring systems for around grave sites

q End closure panels q Monument stabiliser

We also supply synthetic grass All our products meet the Australian, USA, British and European standards

Phone: +613 8768 8670 Fax: +613 8768 8671 P.O. Box 428 Hampton Park, VICTORIA 3976 accanews winter11 25 Web: Email:


The Board has approved a “once-off” new-membership incentive for the following classes of Membership:

Ordinary Membership, Corporate Membership and Affiliate Membership (see criteria below)

TO JOIN NOW - until 31 August 2011 there will be NO JOINING FEE. Contact the Secretariat today or download an application form from the web-site:

MEMBERSHIP CRITERIA Ordinary Membership:

Organisations that administer the affairs of a cemetery and/or crematorium in Australasia. SUITED TO CEMETERIES AND CREMATORIA

Corporate Membership:

Shall be incorporated organisations or trading enterprises considered worthy of membership associated with the burial or cremation industry who satisfy the Board that one or all of their activities assist and complement the work of the association and/or other members. SUITED TO SUPPLIER COMPANIES.

Affiliate Membership:

Shall be persons considered worthy of such classification associated with the burial, cremation or allied industry who are not otherwise qualified to become an associate fellow, associate member or corporate member of the association. SUITED TO FUNERAL DIRECTORS.

ACCA Secretariat: Suite North 1 / 215 Bell St, Preston VIC 3072 Australia


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Telephone: +61 3 9863 6914 Facsimile: +61 3 9863 6901 Email:

ACCA MEMBER BENEFITS The Australasian Cemeteries & Crematoria Association (ACCA) is a non-profit professional organisation that exists to provide leadership, professional services and communication to the cemetery and crematorium industry. ACCA is financially supported by a strong membership from around Australia and overseas, with the Australian Members collectively representing over 85% of Australia’s annual burials and cremations. ACCA holds quarterly meetings of the Board of Directors and provides the following key services to its Members: 1 A certificate acknowledging the status of the member of ACCA 2 Part of a National body empowered as a voice for industry lobbying 3 Copy of ACCA News (complimentary for voting Ordinary members) issued quarterly Communiqué (following each Board meeting), and frequent Member Updates

4 Access to the Member Login section of the website, offering open forum with fellow members 5 Opportunity for a detailed description of your organisation on the website 6 Member contact details for organisations throughout Australasia 7 Discounted registration fees and costs to the industry respected annual conference and mid-year seminar 8 Networking for the sharing of ideas and industry assistance 9 Link and ‘reciprocal arrangements’ with State Associations 10 Professional development 11 Media liaison and media statement access 12 Codes of Practice and Conduct 13 Environmental and technical guidelines 14 Advice on specific industry issues

15 Access to industry benchmarking and statistics 16 Access to ACCA logo branding 17 Voting rights at the annual general meeting or other extraordinary meetings for Ordinary Members 18 Opportunity to be involved in a range of sub-committees and projects 19 Opportunity to seek lobbyist support from the Association 20 Opportunity to become a Member of the Board of Directors’ for Ordinary Members 21 Opportunity to have input and an active role in the ACCA Strategic Plan The ACCA Board and management team are here to assist Members in any way we can, and to this end we encourage you to take full advantage of the resources we provide as well as accessing the cumulative pool of knowledge the Association represents.

CERTIFICATE III TRAINING FOR OUR INDUSTRY UPDATE Grave digging, Grounds Maintenance (Certificate III) 19 Units Of Competence Required

Cemetery and Crematorium Operations (Certificate III) 14 Units Of Competence Required REMEMBER:

Northern Sydney Institute – TAFE NSW (NSI) has, in conjunction with ACCA developed an easy to complete “Expression of Interest Form” to commence the registration process of Certificate 111 Training. In order to evaluate each individual, this form is integral to the student’s recognition of prior learning through experience and previous training. In simple terms both Certificates require the completion of Units of Competence as follows:


WHERE TO START? Managers need to take responsibility and sit down with each employee to determine their training needs…NOW! THEN: COMPLETE an EXPRESSION OF INTEREST FORM available for download from or ring the Secretariat office on 03 9863 6914 and return direct to the training coordinator, TAFE NSW: David Sharpe: Email: or FAX: 02 9448 6300 (Attention: David Sharpe) THEN: NSI Assessment of each individual will be undertaken to determine RPL, plus funding availability through MEGT and finally interviews/appointments prepared. MORE INFORMATION? Contact the Secretariat: email: or phone: 03 9863 6914

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IT’S A NEW FINANCIAL YEAR! INCREASES TO MINIMUM WAGE As part of the annual review Fair Work Australia conducts on wages for employees covered by the national workplace relations system, there are new increases to wages that will take effect from 1 July 2011. There’s often a lot of changes that come into effect at the start of a new financial year and this one is no different.

The changes include increases to: • modern award weekly wages by 3.4%

If any of your employees are exempt from the levy they may wish to lodge a Flood levy exemption declaration to lower their withholding. There are also tax tables available for you to use for those employees who are exempt and have lodged the declaration, or they can be refunded by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) of any overpaid levy when they lodge their 2011-12 tax return.

Some of the changes that will affect businesses across Australia are summarised below.

• the national minimum wage for adults to $589.30 per week, or $15.51 per hour

For more information on the flood levy, visit the ATO website.

• allowances under applicable modern awards



• minimum rates for juniors, apprentices and trainees.

You should be mindful of the recent amendments to the Sex Discrimination Act which take effect from 1 July. The changes prohibit discrimination on the basis of family responsibilities for both men and women in all areas of employment, and establish breast-feeding as a separate ground of discrimination.

From 1 July, businesses will be required to provide Parental Leave Pay to eligible long-term employees who have or adopt a child from this date. Centrelink will contact you if you’re required to provide Parental Leave Pay to an employee. You will then be required to register for the scheme. Once you’ve registered, funds for Paid Parental Leave will be provided to you before your employee’s usual pay cycle. Your employee can choose to receive Parental Leave Pay before, after, or at the same time as employer-provided paid leave such as recreation leave and employer-provided parental leave. For more information and how to register online, see our Paid Parental Leave topic.

The wage increases must be paid from the first pay period on or after 1 July. For more information on the wage increases and who they apply to, visit the Fair Work Ombudsman website. FLOOD LEVY A Temporary Flood and Cyclone Reconstruction Levy (flood levy) will apply to individuals for the 2011-12 income year. If you have employees with an income over $50 000 in this financial year, they will have to pay the flood levy. To assist you in calculating how much tax you will need to withhold, the flood levy will be incorporated into the new withholding tax tables you use to withhold amounts from their salary or wage.

You will need to make sure you introduce measures to accommodate the needs of breast-feeding mothers in order to comply with the new amendments from 1 July. Other changes include prohibiting sexual harassment by the use of new technologies such as the internet, social networking sites and mobile phones. For more information on the changes, visit the Australian Human Rights Commission website.


Jonathan Fiddle

In a Ruidoso, New Mexico, cemetery:

In a cemetery in Hartscombe, England:

Here lies Johnny Yeast. Pardon me For not rising.

On the 22nd of June, Jonathan Fiddle Went out of tune.

Jonathan Blake

in Enosburg Falls, Vermont

In a Uniontown, Pennsylvania, cemetery:

Harry Edsel Smith of Albany, New York: Born 1903-Died 1942 Looked up the elevator shaft to see if the car was on the way down. It was.

In a Silver City, Nevada, cemetery: Here lays The Kid. We planted him raw. He was quick on the trigger But slow on the draw.

Here lies the body of our Anna Done to death by a banana. It wasn’t the fruit that laid her low, But the skin of the thing that made her go.

On a grave from the 1880s in Nantucket, Massachusetts:

Sir John Strange.

Under the sod and under the trees, Lies the body of Jonathan Pease. He is not here, there’s only the pod. Pease shelled out and went to God.

Ezekial Aikle

A lawyer’s epitaph in England:

In a cemetery in England:

in East Dalhousie Cemetery, Nova Scotia:

Here lies an honest lawyer, And that is Strange.

Remember man, as you walk by, As you are now, so once was I. As I am now, so shall you be. Remember this and follow me.

In a Thurmont, Maryland, cemetery: Here lies an Atheist All dressed up And no place to go.

Here lies Ezekial Aikle, Age 102. The Good Die Young.

John Penny

Anna Wallace

in the Wimborne, England cemetery:

In a Ribbesford, England, cemetery:

Reader, if cash thou art In want of any, Dig 6 feet deep; And thou wilt find a Penny.

The children of Israel wanted bread, And the Lord sent them manna. Old clerk Wallenstein wanted a wife, And the Devil sent him Anna.


Here lies the body of Jonathan Blake. Stepped on the gas Instead of the brake.

Anna Hopewell

accanews winter11

To which someone replied by writing on the tombstone: To follow you I’ll not consent Until I know which way you went.


above left to right: Jeremy Browne, Warwick Hansen, Ashton Shirley, Kevin Crowden and Ian Roddick at the 1985 conference in Toowoomba.

“Honouring Their Unconditional Love� At Best Friends Memorial Services we not only help people with the loss of a beloved Pet our aim is to help all people in their time of a loss. Our extensive range of Cremation Urns, Keepsake and Memorial Jewellery and our Grief Resources are suitable for anyone experiencing a loss in their Family. Please visit our website to view our catalogue of over 1000 Very New Products available to you and appropriate for the Cemetery and Crematorium Industry Not Just the Pet Industry. Prices shown on the website are recommended retail prices and not applicable to Cemetery and Crematorium Wholesalers for your price list please email sales@ or telephone on the listed number. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

PO Box 2057 Bennettswood Victoria 3125 Phone 0402 031 670 accanews winter11



FAWKNER MEMORIAL PARK - THURSDAY, 12 MAY 2011 Chairman of the Organising Committee for the London Olympics 2012, Lord Sebastian Coe, who is a former English athlete and Olympic gold medallist, visited Fawkner Memorial Park on Thursday 12 May. Accompanied by journalists and photographers from National Nine News, The Australian and Associated Press, he visited the gravesite of Britain’s first Olympic champion, Launceston Elliott (1874 - 1930). In a brief ceremony, Lord Coe placed a bunch of roses and hyacinths on the grave in which Elliot was laid to rest in August 1930. “It’s such a shame in a way that it is an unmarked grave,” Lord Coe said. “I know the British Olympic Association are very keen to create a proper headstone, which is the right thing to do.”


accanews winter11

Lord Coe, who was in Melbourne on a private visit, said it was important that Elliot be properly honoured and respected. “We really have to do something,” he said. Despite the novelty status his event would have today, Elliot, a member of a prominent Scottish family, established a fine athletic record. Elliot was born in India in 1874, the son of a magistrate and a member of a family headed by the Earl Minto, a Viceroy of India. The family returned to England in 1887 by which time Elliot had grown into an exceptionally proportioned teenager who showed an ability for weightlifting. At the age of 21 he travelled to Athens for the reincarnation of the Olympic Games where he also entered the regular weightlifting competition, the 100m, the wrestling and the rope climbing.

An account of the day reveals that he lifted the same weight in the twohanded event as a Danish competitor, causing a vigorous debate between the judges, Prince George of Greece and an Englishman, Lawrence Levy. Not surprisingly, the Prince’s opinion prevailed and the Dane received the champion’s laurel wreath. Elliot had his revenge in the one-handed lift, hoisting 71kg and finishing ahead of the same Dane, who had injured his shoulder in the earlier competition. The official Greek Olympic report of Elliot’s appearance at the Athens Games spoke glowingly of him. “This young gentleman attracted universal attention and brought to himself great honour,” it said. Elliot competed at the Games again in 1900, this time in the discus in which he finished 11th, and soon after turned professional. After his retirement he came to Australia in 1923 and took up farming until hisdeath in 1930 from cancer of the spine.

LAKESIDE MEMORIAL PARK SUPPORTS CROATIAN COMMUNITY WITH SCULPTURE AND MEMORIAL GARDENS World famous Australian artist Charles Billich recently unveiled his latest sculpture Altos and Sopranos at Lakeside Memorial Park in Dapto, NSW. The spiritual piece will adorn Lakeside Memorial Park’s Croatian Memorial Gardens, which were officially blessed at the ceremony by Bishop Peter Ingham. Sydney-based Billich, one of the most prominent living Australian artists, was born in Opatija in Istria, now part of Croatia. His work is displayed in venues as varied as the Vatican Museum, the United Nations Headquarters in Geneva and the Hall of Congress, Washington DC. Closer to home, Billich’s artwork can be seen at the Brisbane City Hall Art Gallery, USA Australian Olympic Committee Headquarters, Sydney and the Exhibition Building, Melbourne. A gallery of Billich’s work is located in the Rocks area of Sydney’s CBD.

“We are very pleased to add Charles Billich’s Altos and Sopranos to Lakeside Memorial Park’s existing collection of statuary and sculptures,” said Julie Harvey, Lakeside Memorial Park’s Family Service Manager. “The sculpture was contributed by members of the Croatian community and the Mary Queen of Croats Church, and I am certain that the display of this wonderful piece of art will be welcomed by people who visit our gardens.” “The clay I use to sculpt the angels is as material as my awkward hands, yet the act of creation of a sculpture is as transient as a prayer supplicating for a chance to make that sculpture define a spiritual dimension. Working on “Altos and Sopranos” was for me an epiphany from Above and a vision channelled to me, as angels don’t model, though their fleeting appearances on the stage of my dreams have enriched my dayto-day realities,” said artist Charles Billich.

The placement of Charles Billich’s sculpture at Lakeside Memorial Park is particularly appropriate as Wollongong plays host to a significant proportion of Australia’s Croatian community. Mary Queen of Croats Church, Australia’s first Croatian church was built in Figtree in 1983 and the South Coast United Soccer Club, founded by Wollongong’s Croatian Australian community, now plays in the Illawarra Premier League. “Supporting our culturally diverse community has always been a priority for Lakeside Memorial Park,” said Julie Harvey. “In addition to the new Croatian Memorial Gardens, we also have specific areas set aside for a variety of other cultures.” Annual cultural and religious events held by Lakeside Memorial Park include the Italian La Santa Messa each March and All Souls Day in November. “We genuinely value the relationship we have with families in the local district. Everything we do is about creating a more comfortable place for personal reflection for families and friends of all cultures to visit and remember their loved ones.”

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2012 AUSTRALIAN CEMETERY FRIENDS CALENDAR It’s time to submit your entries for the Australian Federation of Cemetery Friends Inc. Calendar for 2012. We are seeking input from all Australian Cemeteries this time. The theme is ‘Angels’. So get your cameras out and take a photograph of your most interesting Angels at your cemetery and send them to:


accanews winter11

Australian Federation of Cemetery Friends Inc, PO Box 293, Kew, Vic, 3102. Entries close 30 July 2011. The Federation has been busy trying to raise some funds to produce some pamphlets to help raise awareness of what people can do to clean their family graves, and also establish some Cemetery

Friends Groups. If you think your cemetery is in need of a “Friends” group or you already have one established send their details to us at the above address. We will be offering “Friends” groups the opportunity to sell these calendars and keep the profits for their own groups.



Jewellery Urns FREE office and consumer catalogues available now on request NO minimum order

A beautiful and intimate way to pay tribute to a life lived

Quality Handcrafted Jewellery Available in Sterling Silver or 14ct Gold View our full catalogue at or call 0403 202 430 with any enquiries

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SINCE 1983

t:0419 983 641

f:(03)9882 2442

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acca member directory The following Member Directory is the Membership listing as at 30 June 2011 of ORDINARY MEMBERS, ORDINARY MEMBERS - INTERNATIONAL AND CORPORATE MEMBERS of ACCA and includes only the member entity. The various branches or locations of member entities were included in the previous edition of ACCA News.

Ordinary Members: Australian Capital Territory ORGANISATION




ACT Public Cemeteries Board / Canberra Cemeteries

PO Box 37, Mitchell, ACT, Australia 2911

(02) 6207 1622

Norwood Park Limited

PO Box 18, Dickson, ACT, Australia 2602

(02) 6241 3177

New South Wales ORGANISATION Broulee Memorial Gardens & Crematorium Catholic Cemeteries Board



(02) 4471 5867

PO Box 10, Lidcombe, NSW, Australia 1825

(02) 9649 6423

PO Box 152, Cessnock, NSW, Australia 2325

PO Box 10, Batemans Bay, NSW, Australia 2536

(02) 4993 4244

12 Military Road, Matraville, NSW, Australia 2036

(02) 9661 5655

Hakea Avenue, Davidson, NSW, Australia 2085

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(02) 6581 8778

(02) 8841 7810

Suite 1707 - Tower 1, 520 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction, NSW, Australia 2022

(02) 9369 1767

Lincoln Grove Memorial Gardens & Crematorium

45 Gunnedah Road, Tamworth, NSW, Australia 2340

(02) 6765 3999

Lismore City Council - Lismore Memorial Gardens

PO Box 23A, Lismore, NSW, Australia 2480

(02) 6625 1221

Lithgow City Council

PO Box 19, Lithgow, NSW, Australia 2790

(02) 6354 9926

(02) 9602 0344

Cessnock City Council Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park Frenchs Forest Bushland Cemetery Innes Gardens Memorial Park InvoCare Australia Jewish Cemetery Trust Necropolis Rookwood

Liverpool General Cemetery Macquarie Park Cemetery Maitland City Council Manning Great Lakes Memorial Gardens Melaleuca Station Memorial Gardens

PO Box 84, Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia 2444 Suite 1, Level 2, 1C Grand Avenue, Rosehill, NSW, Australia 2142

PO BOX 4676, Casula Mall, NSW, Australia 2170

(02) 9805 0499

(02) 4934 9769

PO Box 930, Taree, NSW, Australia 2430

(02) 6551 3589

PO Box 2001, Kingscliff, VIC, Australia 2487


(02) 6674 3777

Cnr Dehli & Plassey Roads, Macquarie Park, NSW, Australia 2113 PO Box 220, Maitland, NSW, Australia 2320

Moree Plains Shire Council

PO Box 420, Moree, NSW, Australia 2400

(02) 6757 3212

Penrith City Council

PO Box 60, Penrith, NSW, Australia 2751

(02) 4732 7640

(02) 4980 0202

Port Stephens Council Queanbeyan City Council Lawn Cemetery Rookwood Independent Cemetery Sandgate Cemetery Trust Sapphire City Crematorium Shoalhaven City Council’s Bereavement Services

PO Box 42, Raymond Terrace, NSW, Australia 2324 PO Box 90, Queanbeyan, NSW, Australia 2620 PO Box 9, Lidcombe, NSW, Australia 2141 116 Maitland Road, Sandgate, NSW, Australia 2304 129 Grey Street, Glen Innes, NSW, Australia 2370

(02) 6298 0183

(02) 9749 1744

(02) 4968 3602

(02) 6732 5911

(02) 4421 6355

Silverton Village Cemetery

PO Box 1006, Broken Hill, NSW, Australia 2880

(02) 8088 6325

Wagga Wagga City Council

PO Box 20, Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia 2650

(02) 6922 6802

St Thomas Street, Bronte, NSW, Australia 2024

(02) 9665 4938

Locked Bag 8821, Wollongong, NSW, Australia 2500

(02) 4272 4404

(02) 9545 4677

(Wagga Lawn Cemetery&Crematorium)

Waverley Cemetery Wollongong City Council Woronora General Cemetery & Crematorium Trust



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349 Worrigee Road, Worrigee, NSW, Australia 2540

PO Box 4, Sutherland, NSW, Australia 1499

Northern Territory ORGANISATION




Alice Springs Town Council

PO Box 1071, Alice Springs, NT, Australia 0871

(08) 8950 0500

Litchfield Shire Council - Thorak Regional Cemetery

PO BOX 446, Humpty Doo, NT, Australia 0836

(08) 8983 1912

Queensland ORGANISATION Bledisloe Holdings Australia Pty Ltd Brisbane City Cemeteries Bundaberg Crematorium & Memorial Park Cairns City (Regional) Council




(07) 3206-6467

(07) 3407 8128

PO Box 768, Bundaberg, QLD, Australia 4670

(07) 4151 3357

PO Box 359, Cairns, QLD, Australia 4870

(07) 4044 3356

GPO Box 665, Brisbane, QLD, Australia 4001 3 Bronson Street, Bridgeman Downs, QLD, Australia 4035

Centenary Memorial Gardens

PO Box 363, Sumner Park, QLD, Australia 4074

(07) 3271 1222

Fraser Coast Regional Council

PO BOX 1943, Hervey Bay, QLD, Australia 4655

(07) 4121 3351

Gladstone Regional Council

PO Box 29, Gladstone, QLD, Australia 4680

(07) 4975 8100

Gold Coast City Council

PO Box 5042, Bundall, QLD, Australia 4217

(07) 5581 7089

Leslie G. Ross Funerals

PO Box 1072, Hervey Bay, QLD, Australia 4655

(07) 4124 7511

140 Adelaide Street, Maryborough, QLD, Australia 4650

(07) 4121 4183

(07) 3480 6648

Maryborough Crematorium Pty Ltd (Hervey Bay) Moreton Bay Regional Council Rockhampton Regional Council Cemeteries Toowoomba Garden of Remembrance & Crematorium Toowoomba Regional Council Woongarra Crematorium

PO Box 5070, Strathpine, QLD, Australia 4500

(07) 4934 8374

1001 Ruthven Street, Toowoomba, QLD, Australia 4066

(07) 3870 1950

PO BOX 3021, Village Fair Toowoomba, QLD, Australia 1350

42715 1543

21 Hartington Street, North Rockhampton, QLD, Australia 4701

PO Box 10, Wulguru, QLD, Australia 4811

(07) 4778 1476

South Australia ORGANISATION Adelaide Cemeteries Authority Anglican Diocese of Adelaide / North Road Cemetery Centennial Park Cemetery Authority




(08) 8139 7400

Cemetery Avenue, Nailsworth, SA, Australia 5083

(08) 8344 1051

760 Goodwood Road, Pasadena, SA, Australia 5042

(08) 8276 6011

PO Box 294, Enfield Plaza, SA, Australia 5085

61 Golden Grove Road, Ridgehaven, SA, Australia 5097

(08) 8396 6451

Mount Gambier Cemetery Trust

PO Box 56, Mount Gambier, SA, Australia 5290

(08) 8721 2555

Payneham & Dudley Park Cemeteries Trust

Exeter Terrace, Dudley Park, SA, Australia 5008

(08) 8344 2973

(08) 8406 8386

(08) 8684 2001

Drumminor Gardens Pty Ltd

Salisbury Memorial Park (City of Salisbury) West Coast Memorial Park

PO Box 8, Salisbury, SA, Australia 5108 PO Box 1415, Port Lincoln, SA, Australia 5606

Tasmania ORGANISATION Burnie City Council Carr Villa Memorial Park / Launceston City Council Millingtons Cemeteries Vincent Funeral Services Pty Ltd

ADDRESS PO Box 973, Burnie, TAS, Australia 7320 36 Nunamina Avenue, Kings Meadows, TAS, Australia 7249 The Cottage, Queens Walk, Cornelian Bay, TAS, Australia 7008 113 Bass Highway, Parklands, Burnie, TAS, Australia 7320



(03) 6430 5742

(03) 6323 3162

(03) 6278 1244

(03) 6431 9911

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acca member directory Victoria ORGANISATION Ballaarat General Cemetery




(03) 5332 1469

Bendigo Cemeteries Trust

PO Box 268, Eaglehawk, VIC, Australia 3556

(03) 5446 1566

Box Hill Public Cemetery

395 Middleborough Road, Box Hill, VIC, Australia 3128

(03) 9890 1229

(03) 5231 4629

(03) 5221 1077

Colac Cemetery Trust Geelong Cemeteries Trust

Lydiard Street North, Ballarat, VIC, Australia 3350

PO Box 7, Colac, VIC, Australia 3250 141 Ormond Road, Geelong East, VIC, Australia 3219

Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust

PO Box 42, Fawkner, VIC, Australia 3060

(03) 9355 3100

Maldon General Cemetery Trust

PO Box 125, Maldon, VIC, Australia 3463

(03) 5475 2531

Melton Shire Council (Melton Public Cemetery Trust)

(03) 9747 7245

Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust

PO BOX 1159, Clayton, VIC, Australia 3169

(03) 8558 8203

Swan Hill Cemetery

PO Box 231, Swan Hill, VIC, Australia 3585

Wangaratta Cemetery Trust

PO Box 21, Melton, VIC, Australia 3337

PO Box 238, Wangaratta, VIC, Australia 3677

(03) 5722-0807

Western Australia ORGANISATION Albany Cemetery Board

ADDRESS PO Box 469, Albany, WA, Australia 6330



(08) 9844 7766

Bunbury Cemetery Board

PO Box 1115, Bunbury, WA, Australia 6231

(08) 9721 3191

City of Mandurah

PO Box 210, Mandurah, WA, Australia 6210

(08) 9550 3833

(08) 9921 2707

Kalgoorlie - Boulder Cemetery Board

PO Box 79, Kalgoorlie, WA, Australia 6430

(08) 9091 1693

Metropolitan Cemeteries Board

PO Box 53, Claremont, WA, Australia 6010

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(08) 9781 0439

Geraldton Cemetery Board

Shire of Busselton

130 Eastward Road, Geraldton, WA, Australia 6530

Locked Bag 1, Busselton, WA, Australia 6280

International ORGANISATION Auckland Memorial Park City Parks Service Mangere Lawn Cemetery Trust Board P Day and Son Ltd Purewa Cemetery Trust Board South Canterbury Crematorium Ltd Norfolk Island Cemetery (kingston & arthur’s vale historic area)


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ADDRESS PO Box 391, Silverdale, Auckland, New Zealand 121 - 131 Trafalgar Street, Onehunga, Auckland, New Zealand PO Box 59207, Mangere Bridge, Auckland, New Zealand


PHONE 64 9 426 9383

64 9 275 4822

64 03 5287787

64 9 528 5599

PO Box 58, Timaru, New Zealand

64 3 6843251

Kingston, Norfolk Island 2899

(06) 7232-4198

57 High Street, Motueka, New Zealand 4a Parsons Road, Meadowbank, Auckland, New Zealand 1005

Corporate Members: Australian Capital Territory ORGANISATION Grave Keepers

ADDRESS PO Box 5699, Latham, ACT, Australia 2615

Office of Australian War Graves

PO Box 21, Woden, ACT, Australia 2606



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Frank Dimarco & Son Pty Ltd

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Wan Jia - Glory Marble & Granite H. Parsons Pty Ltd

PO Box 363, Sydney Markets, NSW, Australia 2129

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34 Belmore Street, Woolongong, NSW, Australia 2500

H.N. Olsen Funerals Pty Ltd

691 Old Princess Highway, Sutherland, NSW, Australia 2232

Heaven Address

Suite 2, Level 2, 92 Pitt Street, Sydney, NSW, Australia 2100

Hickey & Co. Pty Ltd L.S. Piddington & Sons Pty Ltd LifeArt Australasia Pty Ltd Lifetime Images

PO Box 13, Petersham, NSW, Australia 2049 PO Box W424, Armisdale, NSW, Australia 2350 66 Derby Street, Silverwater, NSW, Australia 2128 5 The Esplanade, Drummoyne, NSW, Australia 2047

(02) 9545 3477

0418 621 615

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(02) 9737 0004

(02) 9181 2476

(02) 6674 3777

Melaleuca Station Memorial Gardens

PO Box 2001, Kingscliff, NSW, Australia 2487

N. & F. Arciuli Pty. Limited

6 East Parade, Eastwood, NSW, Australia 2122

(02) 9804 7232

Phoenix Foundry Pty. Ltd.

PO Box 5, Uralla, NSW, Australia 2358

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Whyman Funeral Services

1 Little Church Street, Bega, NSW, Australia 2550

(02) 6492 4111

Queensland ORGANISATION ARGO Projects Pty Ltd

ADDRESS PO Box 3378, South Brisbane BC, QLD, Australia 4101



(07) 3010 2300

South Australia ORGANISATION A.L. Nalty Memorial Pty Ltd Doug Dick & Co.

ADDRESS PO Box 161, Prospect, SA, Australia 5082 Unit 1/250 Glen Osmond Road, Fullarton, SA, Australia 5063

Monumental Masons Association of SA Inc

3/73 King William Road, Unley, SA, Australia 5061


PHONE (08) 8346 4955

(08) 8278 2844

(08) 8300 0184

Victoria ORGANISATION Arrow Bronze Austeng Pty Ltd Axiom Business Systems Pty Ltd

ADDRESS PO Box 4576, Dandenong Sth, VIC, Australia 3189 78-80 Douro Street, North Geelong, VIC, Australia 3215 PO Box 110, Vermont, VIC, Australia 3133



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Florence Jaquet Landscape Architect

8 Rowell Avenue, Camberwell, VIC, Australia 3124

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Harmer Architecture P/L

25 Budd Street, Collingwood, VIC, Australia 3066

(03) 9416 4466

LITE guard

PO BOX 428, Hampton Park, VIC, Australia 3976

(03) 8768 8670

Major Furnace Australia

100 Fairbank Road, Clayton, VIC, Australia 3169

(03) 9558 1700

PO Box 40, Montrose, VIC, Australia 3765

(03) 9761 7727

PO Box 2237, Footscray, VIC, Australia 3011

(03) 9687-1301

(03) 5799 0650

(03) 9568 6999

Memoriam Glass Nelson Bros. Funeral Services Norwalk Concrete Industries Pty Ltd The Minter Group of Companies

PO Box 595, Seymour, VIC, Australia 3661 17 Park Road, Oakleigh, VIC, Australia 3166

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INDUSTRY NEWS FACELIFT FOR LAWN CEMETERY “Put simply, this will allow Warrill Park to compete with some of the other privately managed facilities in south-east Queensland,” Cr Antoniolli said. “This is about creating better services here in Ipswich so that people no longer have to go out of town – to somewhere like Centenary Memorial Gardens – to have a funeral.” First opened in 1971, Warrill Park Lawn Cemetery was operated by the Ipswich Cemetery Trust until the council became the trustee in 1979. There are now more than 9000 graves at the site, making it the most utilised cemetery in the city. Cr Antoniolli said it was expected that the new chapel and crematorium could be operating within five years. above: Cr Andrew Antoniolli visits the Warrill Park Cemetery.

ONE of Ipswich’s largest cemeteries is set for a major upgrade as part of plans to encourage more people to mourn their loved ones locally. The Warrill Park Lawn Cemetery will officially change hands in the coming months, with Canberra-based company Norwood Park now in contractual negotiations to take over management on behalf of Ipswich City Council.

Health and Regulation Committee chairman Andrew Antoniolli said Norwood Park was working with the council to develop a master plan and development plan for the facility, about 15km south of the CBD at Willowbank. The council was already able to confirm that the company was planning to build a new crematorium and chapel.

“At this point we probably won’t see any dramatic changes at the cemetery. However, once the master plan is agreed upon there will be some improvements and changes. This is likely to take 12 months,” he said. Goodna has the only other operating crematorium. Council will maintain control over basic fees and charges. Cr Antoniolli said there should be no additional costs for existing services at Warrill Park.

HARD TO FIND AT THE BEST OF TIMES THIS ORCHID IS IN GRAVE DANGER The Prasophyllum petilum or Tarengo Leek Orchid, is known to appear in only two places - Hall Cemetery, and the NSW town of Boorowa. But although it only exists in Hall because of the presence of the bush cemetery, its highly threatened status means any burial activity has to be restricted. The ACT Public Cemeteries Authority is asking Hall residents who hold burial rights to plots in the cemetery to consider shifting their rights to a plot further away to help save the orchid. above: The Prasophyllum Petilum or Tarengo Leek Orchid

A TINY, endangered orchid that is inconspicuous even when it flowers in the spring could force the closure of Canberra’s oldest operational cemetery. 40

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A report from the ACT Environment and Sustainable Development Directorate has also supported the recommendation that the cemetery, which holds only three or four burials a year, be closed for the sale of new allotments.

Chief executive of Canberra Cemeteries Hamish Horne said that because so little was known about the ecology of the orchid and how it propagates, the only way to ensure its survival is to limit activity around the cemetery. Unfortunately, some of this activity includes the very point of the cemetery itself. Mr Horne said he’d been advised that digging graves and burying humans in an area that could damage the orchids or their habitat could amount to a breach of the federal Environment Protection and Biodiversity Act. The cemetery plans to apply to expand the cemetery into an adjacent block.

will your business systems stand the test of time? The Enabling Cemetery Enterprise Management Solution (CEMS) is a fully-integrated relationship and financial management solution which provides a single, organisational-wide view of all business operations specifically designed for the cemetery and crematorium industries. enabling cemetery enterprise management solution Fully-integrated back-end: finance, accounts, database management, statutory and financial reporting.

funeral directors Bookings, Orders/Invoicing, Communications

cremated remains Deceased Details, Booking, Location Management, Tracking

contact management


Family Relationships, Deceased Details, Bookings, Orders/Invoicing, Communications

Burial/Cremation, Event Management, Memorial Sales, Pre-Need Bookings

location management

works management Incident Tracking, Risk Register, Location Management – WRA’s

“The CEMS solution generates a true benefit for the future, where the reporting functions allow us to report on sales and historical trends, as well as tracking all the attributes and interactions associated with any particular relationship.” Russ Allison Southern Metropolitian Cemetery Trust

Sales/valuation, Attribute Tracking, Positions/Deceased, Tenure Management

key benefits of solution: • Sensitive and understanding approach to people and relationship management • Single platform (Sage Accpac ERP and CRM) from which to manage all aspects of cemetery and crematorium management • No need to manage and maintain multiple databases and silos of information • Ease of use and access to data • Reduced risk based on records management, data security, no need for double entry of information, ability to report with ease • Solid, proven technology platform with a clear and industry-leading roadmap • Reporting across all areas of the business • Ability to meet all Government Statutory reporting requirements.

If you missed us at the ACCA conference please contact us on 1800 enabling – 1800 362 254 (Australia)


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