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Principal Sponsor ACCA’s 24th Annual Conference, Wellington 23rd - 27th October, 2011

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Founded December 1985 Executive Committee 2010/2011



President Bryan Elliott CEO Centennial Park Cemetery Authority Telephone: 08 8276 6011

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Armen Mikaelian

President’s Report

General Manager Cemeteries and Crematoria Invocare Australia Pty Ltd Telephone: 02 8841 7810




Executive Members

State Reports


Peter Deague Director Planning Metropolitan Cemeteries Board Telephone: 08 9383 5229

Pieter Den Boer CEO Bunbury Cemeteries Board (08) 9721-3191

Karen Hinrichsen Manager Toowoomba Garden of Remembrance Telephone: 07 4635 4866

Darryl Thomas CEO Geelong Cemeteries Trust Telephone: 03 5221 1077

Malcolm Tucker General Manager Norwood Park (02) 6241 3177

ACCA Secretariat Suite North 1, 215 Bell St Preston VIC 3057 Telephone: 03 9863 6914 Facsimile: 03 9863 6901

Board Activity


New Cremator For Darwin

Recycling Breakthrough Comes To Australia


Release Of The New Major HD60 Cremator


Industry Events


Geelong Cemeteries Trust Chapel


AFDA Report


Make It A Memorial, Not Just A Marker!

Final Resting Places: Managing A Unique Business



Forest Lawn Memorial Park’s Rockstar Tribute


Woronora Cemetery Crypt Plan Update


Lawrie Miller Retirement

The Remembrance Process

Thousands Of New Burial Spaces For Adelaide

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Thriving Community Partnership At Work At Coburg Cemetery








Cemeteries, The True Museums Of Art And History

Australian War Graves/ Technology At Woronora

ACCA Conference

Centennial Park Commemorates 75 Years

Jim’s Angels

ACCA Member Directory

ACCA Past Presidents and Life Members

ACCA Membership

cover: Frédéric François Chopin grave monument, Père Lachaise Cemetery, Paris, France


Industry News

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Bryan Elliott

This is my last report to you as President of ACCA as I was appointed to fill the vacancy that was created when Brendan O’Connor stood down at the AGM in Fremantle in October 2010. It is amazing how quickly the time has passed since we all headed away from The Esplanade Hotel in Freo back to our homes and our own organisations. Without doubt there has been a great deal of activity in our industry during the past twelve months with the retirements of Ross Davis, Peter MacLean and Russ Allison as well as other long standing members of our industry navigating career changes. Add to this the many natural disasters such as cyclones and hurricanes, floods, bushfires, earthquakes and tsunamis, as well volcanic eruptions that have occurred during that time both in Australia and overseas it is no wonder that we all seem to say that - as we get older - time seems to pass just that bit quicker. Technological advancements have made the news of the world travel all that much quicker and so it seems that never a day goes by without something newsworthy happening around the globe. I am sure that the pace of business and all the technology we all have at our finger tips contributes to that feeling that time goes quicker these days. Mother Nature has her own timetable and sure enough the plane trees outside my office have burst into bud and will soon be offering their magnificent canopy as shade and comfort to visitors during the heat of a summer day in Adelaide. The roses have been pruned and are now also starting to burst forth with new growth and very soon the grounds will be awash with colour and perfume. We are all indeed fortunate that we can stop and


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smell the roses as well as an abundance of other plants that brighten our grounds during warmer months. All of us who work in this industry know all too well that life is finite and we should make the most of every day.

Board Activity

As I come to the end of my short time as President I reflect on the fact that I have tried to make my time count and leave the Association in the capable hands of the new Board you will elect in Wellington in good shape to handle the challenges ahead. I have been honoured to serve as the 13th President of ACCA and I would like to thank my fellow Board members for their time, efforts, professionalism and dedication to serving the association over the past twelve months - thank you Armen, Darryl, Karen, Malcolm, Peter and Pieter.

The new auditors Selby Westhorpe and Partners, represented by Michelle Westhorpe, CPA attended the August Board meeting to meet with Directors and discuss the audit for the financial year just ended. The Board was provided with a comprehensive report detailing the outcome of the audit process which will be a valuable tool for improving processes as we move forward.

The Board made the commitment to ensuring fiscal responsibility in all of our activities this year and I believe our Annual Report is evidence that we have achieved that outcome with a significant turnaround from the results of the previous year. The midyear seminar held in Melbourne was extremely well attended and was a success. Well done to all who attended and all those who were involved in the planning and delivery of the seminar. The upcoming annual conference in Wellington has a diverse range of topics and speakers and I believe will be another resounding success. Well done to Katrina and all who have assisted her in putting the program together. No Board or association can function without the assistance and support provided by the administration team ACCA is no different and we have had the able support of the team of Ken, Katrina and Helena and I wish to thank them for their efforts during the year. Again time does not stand still which is illustrated by the Ken resigning his role to take up a new challenge. Your Board is working to fill the vacancy and ensure that as soon as practical the office is again fully staffed to provide you with the best support we can. Congratulations must also be extended to Katrina and her husband on the upcoming birth of their first child in early February 2012. Once again thank you for the opportunity and honour of serving the Association and I look forward to catching up with as many of you as possible in Wellington in October.

The following items are noted from the recent Board Meeting held in Melbourne and of subsequent events.


Finance The Board are pleased to advise that the final result for the financial year was ahead of the budget prediction. This is a substantial turnaround from the previous financial year and reflects a concerted effort by the Board and the ACCA office to ensure the budget was achieved. The new Budget for 2011 - 2012 has also been prepared to build on the result achieved this year ensuring that the association financially goes from strength to strength.

Certificate III In Grave-Digging And Crematoria Operations Member CEOs and management are encouraged to enrol their staff in these Nationally-accredited training courses, the details of which are included in this issue. Many of us understand the value and motivation that a recognised qualification can give to our employees and this training package is a unique opportunity for staff to achieve a recognised qualification in our unique industry.

General Business Following a review of the mid-year seminar the Board has decided to consider planning a mid-year seminar for 2012. Preliminary work will be undertaken on identifying the appropriate venue for the newly elected Board to finalise in November 2011. The Board has also commenced investigations into eligibility criteria for membership of crematoria to the Association. There a many vexing questions to be resolved in this matter and the membership will be kept informed of this project over time.

Preparations are underway for the upcoming Annual General Meeting to be held in Wellington on Wednesday 26th October. All the relevant information will be forwarded to the membership in due course. If you cannot be there make your vote count by appointing a proxy to vote on your behalf. Anyone who may be interested in contributing to the association is encouraged to consider standing for a Board position and to put their name forward on the nomination forms that will be distributed with the AGM papers.

The ACCA 2010/2011 Board. From left to right, Front Row: President Bryan Elliott, Vice President Armen Mikaelian Back Row: Darryl Thomas, Karen Hinrichsen, Peter Deague, Pieter Den Boer, Malcolm Tucker

Representation President Bryan Elliott attended the QCCA AGM held on the Gold Coast in August and congratulations are extended to Rob Luscombe for again being elected President of QCCA.

Staff Updates Ken Manders, Executive Officer has resigned from his role to take up a new challenge. The Board is actively seeking to fill the vacancy as soon as is practical with a committee consisting of the President, Vice President and Chair of Finance being delegated the responsibility to interview and recommend to the Board a suitable replacement. Congratulations must also be extended to Katrina and her husband on the upcoming birth of their first child in early February 2012.

Single Industry National Association (SINA) Project Following the most recent meeting in May, it was agreed to review possible alternate models at the next meeting in November. Verbal reports received from all States, provided mostly positive acknowledgement on the dissemination of information to members, but further actions were proposed.

Summary Of Meetings & Actions 1. Promotion There is a need to promote the benefits that will be available under a national scheme - prepare a PR document for presentation at state meetings (PR document to include benefits/examples and potential issues/solutions). There is no doubt that members of state associations need to have a clear understanding of what the model entails and what benefits they - individually - will get from a SINA. 2. Concept Model an alternative model may also be prepared based on feedback received. The aim is to provide the best model that meets the needs of all concerned. 3. Defined Objectives There is a need to collect data pertaining to membership numbers and categories as well as sponsorship/supplier (national & state) data. The data on membership and sponsorship will relate to category types and subscription levels. There will be no names or any other information collected on individual entities it must be made clear that this is not about ACCA trying to get contact details of state association members to try and poach members. The data collected is to assist in determining the income generated by each state for financial modeling purposes.

4. Collation Upon submission of all data, a spreadsheet will be prepared for the next meeting, which will determine the scope of financial modeling required and assessing whether there is a need to engage an independent consultant. 5. Meeting It is important that state associations do understand the concept that is being discussed and as such it is imperative that the President and VP of ACCA attend and present on the SINA model to state associations if required. 6. Target It was agreed that it was not unrealistic to aim to bring on board at least Queensland, Western Australia and possibly South Australia on 1 July 2012, which will of course be subject to their member approval at state AGM and ACCA change of constitution. The latest date for these proposed transitions would be 1 July 2013. Realistically the entire concept could be fully functional in 3-4 years.

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Cemeteries & Crematoria Association of New South Wales (CCANSW)

1. Crown Cemeteries Advisory Committee CCANSW’s input into the work of the NSW Government’s Cemeteries and Crematoria Advisory Committee is continuing, particularly in relation to the possible introduction of renewable tenure.

2. Griffith Quarterly Conference A very successful CCANSW Quarterly Conference was held in Griffith on 30 June and 1 July 2011. The conference was developed to provide a balance between professional development, networking and collegiate assistance. A 2 hour 20 minute panel presentation on “Effective Memorialisation” provided some extremely valuable information. A number of leading Memorial Park Managers outlined their Parks’ techniques and practices in offering effective and value adding memorialisation options to families. The presentation covered the broad spectrum of memorialisation options available, including Asian specific, children’s areas, family gardens, both high and low end price points, sales techniques, staff training, etc. Representatives from Arrow and Phoenix also provided valuable information. On behalf of the Executive Committee, I would like to thank all presenters for giving their time freely and sharing their knowledge and information.

3. Adelaide Quarterly Conference The November CCANSW Quarterly Conference is being held in Adelaide on 17 & 18 November 2011. The theme for the function is “Sustainability - Renewable Tenure - Lift & Deepen’. The theme is very relevant to NSW practitioners as the introduction of renewable tenure in NSW is anticipated in the not too distant future. All industry delegates, Australia wide, are welcome to attend and invitations have been sent to the various State Associations for dissemination. If you wish to attend and have not received your conference brochure, please contact the CCANSW Secretariat at


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4. Education & Training

Principal Sponsors:

NSW continues to provide members with the opportunity of further education and training. With CCANSW support, the following training has been carried out, or is to be held, by the Northern Sydney Institute of TAFE:- Working Effectively in the Funeral Industry Course No. 19443 * 25 - 26 August 2011 - 9 people attended.

- Safe Grave Techniques Course No. 19441 3 courses are scheduled for delivery in September and October, two in regional NSW and one in the Sydney metropolitan area. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for the Safe Graves Techniques Course is currently taking place at the Catholic Cemeteries Board (CCB) and should be completed by late November 2011. From all reports, RPL is progressing very smoothly and at the end of the process, potentially 20 plus CCB employees will have completed their Statement of Attainment in Safe Grave Techniques. We believe that the CCB is the first employer in NSW to undertake RPL in their training program. Congratulations and well done!

5. Guidelines CCANSW has undertaken a review of their industry guidelines:• Above Ground Interment • Burial or cremation of Pathological Samples in N.S.W. • Floral and Ornamentation Policies • Planning an Exhumation including removal of a coffin or casket from a Cemetery • Reduced Depth Graves • Service in Cemeteries and Crematoria in N.S.W. The revised drafts have been circulated to the membership and it is hoped that the final documents will be adopted at the Adelaide General Meeting. In closing, I wish to acknowledge and thank our sponsors for the recent Griffith and forthcoming Adelaide Quarterly Conferences being:-

Sponsors: Austeng Engineered Solutions Frank Dimarco & Son Pty Ltd Globe Memorial Company Pty Ltd N & F Arciuli Pty Ltd Tyrrells Northern Suburbs Memorials Co Pty Ltd. Their support and contribution ensures that the CCANSW is able to continue with its member and government relations activities and, thus, remain the peak industry association in NSW. Thank you sponsors. Mary Reid CCANSW Secretary.


Queensland Cemeteries and Crematoria Association (QCCA) The QCCA recently held their AGM on the beautiful Gold Coast in Queensland. The day was attended by 70 people from all parts of Qld, interstate and also representatives from AFDA, NFDA, QFDA and of course ACCA. The program of speakers was full and varied. Paul Rahill from Matthews Cremation Division provided us with an in depth and detailed presentation on their new biocremation system. It could just be the way of the future.  We also had ACCA President Bryan Elliott present an ACCA report as well as some fantastic information on how he has managed, with fantastic support, to reduce his facilities carbon footprint to nearly zero. Bryan provided many ideas and suggestions on how we can all improve what we do and how we do it when it comes to reducing our carbon footprint.  The recent Qld Parliamentary enquiry into the Environmental Impacts of Traditional Funeral Practises was addressed and updated by Carryn Sullivan MP and we also had one of our regulars Christine Smyth from Robbins Watson Solicitors speak to use regarding recent law changes affecting our industry and bringing us up to date from a legal perspective and of course answering many questions.

The meeting day concluded with the QCCA AGM and the filling of management committee positions listed below: President: Rob Luscombe Sunshine Coast Regional Council

Vice President: Janine Hone Great Southern Garden of Remembrance

Treasurer: David Molloy Nudgee Catholic Cemetery

Secretary: Gayle Read Bundaberg Regional Council

Management Committee: Rita Marie Lenton Great Northern Garden of Remembrance

Mark McGowan Southern Downs Regional Council

Lawson Rennie Toowoomba Regional Council

Cathy Woodbury Gold Coast City Council  

I would like to thank the QCCA members for putting their hands up and being involved and also thank everybody that gave their time and energy to make the AGM a success.

Cemeteries & Cremetoria Association of Western Australia (CCAWA) CCAWA recently held a Board meeting at Karrakatta Cemetery in Perth. After the usual meeting formalities and project reports on Worksafe and Heavy Lifting issues, the Board discussed the various options for next year’s AGM and one day seminar. The town selected is unique in WA and offers attendees the opportunity to experience some true Australian history. On offer is a chance to go underground, visit the biggest hole in Australia and this town once proclaimed to have more pubs per head of population than anywhere else in the southern hemisphere. Kalgoorlie - Boulder is that town, a town that produces more gold from its “Super Pit” than most gold producing countries. Though historic in nature, Kalgoorlie still offers comfortable accommodation, good restaurants and a modern airport with direct flights from the east coast. The seminar date is yet to be confirmed, but late March 2012 is planned. Subject matter for the seminar will include cemetery security, electronic bookings and breakout group discussions. Put a marker in your diaries and come and join us.

Our very generous QCCA sponsors and meeting supporters were also provided with some time to update those attending on their products and changes that may have been of interest.  I would like to thank our generous sponsors, Arrow Bronze Matthews, Phoenix Foundry, our meeting sponsors, Worssell and Company and National Granite and our meeting supporters ARGO Architects and Masterplanners and Final Touch Australia who without their support we would not be able to offer these events.

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Cemeteries Association of South Australia (CASA)

Planning For Further Website Development

Following the AGM in May, the CASA Executive Committee has focused mainly on developing the association’s program for the year.

Having revamped the Association’s website in 2010/11, the Executive Committee is working on a plan for further development over time to ensure the site meets members’ needs and remains fresh.

The program includes:

A Regional Meeting The success of visits by the Executive Committee to Mount Gambier and Renmark in the past two years will be built on with a meeting in a regional centre in November 2011.

Constitution Review The Executive Committee has embarked upon a review of the Association’s constitution to be tabled at the next AGM, to ensure the governance framework remains relevant and up-to-date with current industry practice.

above: Home page of CASA website


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Strategic Plan Review And Update The Association’s first Strategic Plan was developed two years ago with measurable objectives to guide the Executive Committee in delivering improved services and demonstrating value for money in membership. With almost all KPIs achieved, the committee will update the plan to drive activities for the next three years.

A recent survey of members’ level of satisfaction with the program of activities at the Information Day and AGM in May returned an overwhelmingly positive response from delegates who attended. 90% President Bruce Nankivell said that the events such as the Information Day and regional meetings provided an opportunity for country members and their staff to actively participate in the CASA discussions, network with industry colleagues and explore issues impacting on the operation of local cemeteries.


Cemeteries & Crematoria Association of Victoria (CCAV) The CCAV held its 2011 Annual General Meeting and Trade Show on 5 August at Mooney Valley in Melbourne. Some 110 attendees enjoyed the event that combined the AGM, trade exhibition and guest speakers. The day commenced with a great trade show supported by many long standing suppliers to the industry. After the trade show, the first of two presentations commenced by Nick Wakeling MP, Parliamentary Secretary for Health, who holds the portfolio of cemeteries and crematoria. Nick acknowledged with gratitude the excellent service provided by Victorian Cemetery Trust Members, and ensured that the assistance and support provided by his department would continue with his guidance. The second presentation was from key note speaker Steve Tighe, who presented “Changing Perceptions & Future Trends”, showing how the values & perceptions of Australians have evolved over time, and how these changes have impact everyone on a day to day basis. Steve explained why and how Australian values are pivotal to understanding tomorrow’s society, and the future opportunities and implications that these changes now represent. The AGM saw the appointment of a new Committee of Management for 2011/2012, with Rod Shell as President, Frank de Groot as Vice President, Christine Thompson as Treasurer, Jan Richardson as Secretary and Public Officer, and Rebecca Beasley, Darren Brownscombe and Dennis Seymour as Ordinary Committee Members.

To assist cemetery trusts with meeting their OH&S obligations, the Cemeteries and Crematoria Regulation Unit, through the Department of Health’s Cemetery Grant’s Program has made funding available for Victorian Public Cemetery Trusts for CCAV training of Gravesafe, safe work in cemeteries as well as Trench Shoring. In light of this funding, additional training dates have been scheduled to give as many trusts as possible the opportunity to attend these quality industry run courses. The Grant Program has also made funding available for the purchase of grave covers. The CCAV will be running two pilot training workshops covering the issue of Dealing with grieving people. The first workshop will be held in Mid October, and the second in early November. Both workshops have been fully booked out, and if feedback is positive, additional workshops will be delivered covering this important issue.

The Communications Group has been working closely with the Web Designers in creating the new and improved Web site. The Environmental and Sustainability Group has been working closely with OrthoMetals and Austeng to make the Recycling of Metals after Cremation, project a reality in Victoria. This service is now available with Austeng being the Australian contact. The Newly elected President presented a Certificate of Appreciation on behalf of the CCAV membership to Glenn Solomano who recently left the industry after 15 years service at Bendigo Cemeteries Trust and 7 years serving on the CCAV Committee of Management including President for 1 year. Rod Shell CCAV President

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spring 11


Principal Sponsor ACCA’s 24th Annual Conference, Wellington 23rd - 27th October, 2011

To know what’s going on in the cemeteries and crematoria industry, subscribe to ACCA news For full details contact the ACCA Secretariat:

The Newly elected President presented a Certificate of Appreciation on behalf of the CCAV membership to Glenn Solomano who recently left the industry after 15 years service at Bendigo Cemeteries Trust including seven years serving on the CCAV Committee of Management.

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Suite North 1, 215 Bell St Preston, Victoria, Australia, 3072 Tel: +61 3 9863 6914 Fax: +61 3 9863 6901 Email:

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INDUSTRYEVENTS 2011 We are increasingly becoming an international/global business community. Following is a snapshot of the industry conferences and seminars we have been informed of for 2011. Web links to the organisations are below, if you would like further contact details of any of the organisations listed, please contact the Secretariat Office.

2011 23 - 27 October ACCA Conference Wellington, NZ

17 - 18 November CCANSW & CASA (proposed combined meeting)

Adelaide, SA

2012 19 – 22 March ICCFA 2012 Convention & Exposition, Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada


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Cremation Society of Great Britain

NFDA (Southern Africa)







Geelong Cemeteries Trust has purchased the Design Rights to the A.C. Shore Set from Cleary Engineering. Originally designed by Anthony Cleary in 1994, the A.C. Shore Set has proven to be a simple and versatile grave shoring system that can be installed by one person. Due to other work commitments, Cleary Engineering found it increasingly difficult to fabricate and supply units to cemeteries and after some discussions, Geelong Cemeteries Trust decided to purchase the Design Rights to be able to continue the supply of this unique and tested system to the cemetery industry. The A.C. Shore Set Grave Shoring System is easily transportable, uses minimal storage space, is reusable and durable, made from strong commercial grade steel and is industrially zinc-plated to ensure a long life.


Shoring can be installed progressively and is easily removed with less time spent in the grave.


The system, as used in accordance with this brochure, has been tested by R.M.I.T. (Technisearch). This system has been used by major cemeteries for over 17 years and is considered to be one of the safest box set shoring systems available for the cemetery industry.


No heavy lifting is required, easily transportable – one person operation.


The A.C. Shore Set is versatile, it adjusts to cater for varying widths, will not jam or bind when used in wet and muddy conditions. Ideal for shoring monument graves, exhumations and unstable ground. One shoring set contains: 1 A.C. Hydraulic Press, 6 A.C. Shore Set Struts with opening to 900mm, 6 steel collared pegs, 6 timber pegs, 4 Procedure and Maintenance Booklets. Side timbers not included but can be supplied at extra cost.



141 Ormond Road, East Geelong, Victoria, Australia 3219. Telephone: +61 (0) 3 5221 1077 Facsimile: +61 (0) 3 5221 7031 Email: Web: spring11 9

GEELONG CEMETERIES TRUST CHAPEL GOES HIGH TECH When the Geelong Cemeteries Trust first built the Crematorium Chapel at Mt. Duneed in 1988, the then state of the art audio visual system consisted only of CD players and twin tape decks for recording of services. Over the years, add-ons to the system such as DVD players and recorders, plasma screens and additional external audio points gave some extra functions but the system as a whole became a mismatched and cumbersome set up that was both difficult to repair or service and messy to operate. Earlier this year, the Trust decided to invest in a complete new system that would assist the new tech savvy generation of funeral directors to meet the needs of families who wish for a more personal service with photo presentations, individual music selections and being able to stream the service live via the internet. The Trust met with Huib de Bruijn from KHtec Media Control-System Design and initially discussed the Trust’s expectations in offering a complete integrated system that would be easy to operate. above: AV Room


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With Huib’s assistance, the Trust presented the proposed system design to local Funeral Directors who were asked to give feedback on the design based on their needs. What Huib came back with was pretty amazing. Full High Definition (HD) panzoom cameras operated by touch screen tablet screens, HD recording by DVD, USB and internal backup. A separate web cast computer was also recommended to enable picture in picture broadcasting with production software to enable some editing if required. The whole unit is run through a central touch screen control remote that controls the visual and audio media selection as well as allowing external devices like iPods and laptops to be integrated when needed. Three new LCD screens were installed in the building, with two in the chapel and one in the entrance lounge for large services. An additional output was installed outside to enable a screen to be installed when required.

Webcasting is done through InterStream Pty Ltd who specialise in the latest of video streaming technology. Peter Chapple from InterStream liaised with Huib and the Trust to enable the funeral service to be broadcast live via video streaming over the internet through a secure connection that only the Trust, Funeral Director and family would know. In addition to the live broadcast, a funeral webcast may also be viewed at any time up to one month after the service. By having video streaming outsourced, the Trust only required a dedicated internet line, InterStream did the rest. The Trust was required to build a specific AV room to house the full system and seat up to two operators to run the service. The wall to the adjacent celebrant’s room was removed as part of a major internal renovation.

above: Touch Screen

The system is now fully operational and feedback from all users has been extremely positive. Huib did promise that the system would be easy to operate with very little practice required to run a professional looking service, proving that technology doesn’t have to be scary.

top: Family Watching Webstream above: AV Room with Chapel in Background

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AUSTRALIAN FUNERAL DIRECTORS ASSOCIATION (AFDA) REPORT “Working together is Success” - Henry Ford - I believe the work being done within our Association and towards the AGM’s is a clear indicator that we are a successful Association. The adoption of the AFDA Code of Professional Conduct is a significant step forward for AFDA. The introduction of this Code will further enhance the professional manner in which we conduct our business and reaffirms our commitment to excellence and will be well regarded by the community and government as a responsibility to be adhered to. The self driven set of standards raises the bar for funeral directors and the wider industry by ensuring the highest quality professional practices of AFDA Members.

During the recent round of AGM’S we have been discussing our commitment to informing our Members of the issues surrounding funeral insurance policies. To assist Members in informing their communities about all the options, a Funeral Insurance Awareness Kit has been sent to each Member. The Kit is a valuable resource, which will help Members answer questions from the public and at the same time promote prepaid funerals in their own area. The case studies included from two Members certainly show the benefits of educating the community. I believe it is our obligation to inform the public on funeral insurance so that when they make a decision it is an informed one. I had the pleasure of attending the 2011 AIE Conference in Perth which was a great avenue to share new perspectives, meet new people and moreover get an insight into the amazing work our Mortuary Staff do.

AFDA President, Bernardine Brierty




The 2012 AFDA National Convention will be held from 16-20 May 2012 at the Renaissance Harborview Hotel in Hong Kong and will run in conjunction with the Asia Funeral Expo and Convention. Further information will be released in late October. Regards,

Just Print and Place

Bernardine Brierty National President Print The Urn Gem In Your Own Office In Seconds Can Be Printed Using Any Printer - Ink Or Laser 40 Different Images To Choose From Easily Add A Photograph For Outdoor Use Urn Gems have been developed and designed in Ireland by Danny Morning

17 Park Road T: 03 9568 6999 Oakleigh Victoria 3166 F: 03 9568 1813 Australia E:


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The premier engineering

Setting the standard in crematoria design and systems

Austeng’s skills in design and management of crematoria projects in partnership with our clients have earned us a reputation for excellence. The latest “Joule” cremator is fully computerised and packed with many unique and innovative features that sets the standard for cremators world wide.



Computer Screens

Set Up Photos courtesy of Rookwood General Crematorium, owned & operated by InvoCare Australia Pty Ltd

Our extensive involvement in the cemetery and crematoria industry mean that we understand the challenges. We also supply engineering solutions to the cemetery industry. Our current range of equipment includes: > Grave Shoring > Grave Covers > Grave side safety Fence > Transfer Trolleys > Mausoleum Shutter Handling and Transfer Van Modules

Licensee for Furnace Construction


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providers to the industry If you have an engineering problem, we are the answer Narrow Access Spida Crane

Side Tipping Trailer

Owners of:

Modern Burial System

Narrow Access Backhoe

Heavy Duty Trailer

In Co-operation with:


> Quicker and more efficient > Greater land utilisation > Safety advantages > Flexibility > Aesthetically pleasing > Long term advantages > Significantly increases revenue

The Modern Burial System is a new approach to interment that significantly increases cemetery revenue. Austeng can provide advice and an overall systems proposal that would best suit your cemeteries circumstances.

quality innovation eco -aware Australian Engineering Solutions Pty Ltd Austeng 78-80 Douro Street, North Geelong, Vic, Australia 3215 Phone: 03 5278 2044 Fax: 03 5278 5176 Email: Website:

Providing engineering solutions to the cemetery and crematoria accanews industry spring11


CEMETERIES, THE TRUE MUSEUMS OF ART AND HISTORY A reflection by Jason Lyle Each time we visit or drive past cemeteries or memorial parks where friends and relatives are at rest, we feel as though we have a holy connection to that place within our hearts. These places are seen as being somewhere to visit when we want to remember, reflect and honour our relatives and friends that have passed before us. If we don’t have loved ones interred in these places, generally we don’t give them a second thought and only visit them if we have to. Upon a recent trip to Paris, I visited the famous Pere Lachaise Cemetery. This cemetery was established in 1804. At the time of its opening, the cemetery attracted few funerals as families considered it to be too far away from the city. The administrators at the time decided to transfer the remains of some famous individuals such as La Fontane (Poet), and Moliere (play wright and actor) to the cemetery in the hope of encouraging more families to bury their loved ones there. This proved to be very successful with people wanting to inter family members alongside these famous individuals. It is now the worlds most visited cemetery. Amongst its 1 million burials are countless great figures including Chopin, Jim Morrison, Edith Piaf and Oscar Wilde


accanews spring11

Pere Lachaise is an exquisitely laid out cemetery, with its rolling hills, winding cobble stone paths and thousands of trees, it has an almost romantic feel to it. At nearly 120 acres, it is easy to spend a full day there exploring its amazing sculptures and incredible stone craftsmanship in the monuments and mausoleums. Some of the tombs are massively extravagant and others are small and humble. It seems as though there are priceless pieces of art and history around every corner. The remains of thousands of people that requested cremation are housed in the beautifully maintained Columbarium. Located at the top of the hill and surrounded by manicured lawns and garden beds packed with colourful tulips, the Columbarium is a true centre piece of the cemetery. After my visit to Pere Lachaise, I started thinking about the great responsibility bestowed on us as custodians of the rich history present in our own cemeteries. We have a duty to encourage families to preserve and maintain these historical monuments in any way we can. This history becomes more prevalent as we grow older as a nation, as our identity is entrenched in those that passed before us.

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PERMISSION TO USE THE SERVICE EMBLEM ON A PRIVATE MEMORIAL However, for copyright reasons, permission to inscribe a badge must first be obtained from the Office of Australian War Graves (OAWG). Section 83 of the Defence Act 1903 (Cth) delegates authority to the Director of War Graves to approve the use of a Service emblem on privately erected memorials for individuals. All veterans who served in the Royal Australian Navy, the Australian Army or the Royal Australian Air Force are entitled to have their Service emblem/ badge inscribed on their private memorial. Veterans who served in the Merchant Navy are entitled to inscribe a Merchant Navy badge.

In order to streamline this process OAWG has developed an on-line option for the printing of letters of Permission to Use the Service Emblem/Badge for World War II veterans. This option will be available to anyone seeking permission to use a Service emblem on a private memorial.

TECHNOLOGY AT WORONORA A recent Military Funeral Service showcased the advanced state of Woronora’s Chapel systems. In an innovate move for Woronora’s systems, both 1934 Art Deco Chapels were used simultaneously for the one service. Issues were associated with facilitating the large military service attended by the Prime Minister, Leader of the Opposition, Premier of NSW and other dignitaries, due to the size of the 500 plus mourners. The service was web cast from the South Chapel through the internet to the West Chapel in a seamless manner. Other mourners and army personnel who were not able to fit into either of the Chapels were able to watch on the large television monitors located outside, thus allowing the large congregation to have real time involvement. Having the capability to Webcast a service has proven to be another value adding service for Woronora as an option for bringing families together at a time of loss and grief from any part of the world. Recent webcasting internet streaming to New Zealand and the USA has meant the service is seen in real time by family and friends who are unable to physically attend. A personalised webpage is made available so that the service may be replayed at a later date. An extensive upgrade of the audio visual systems has also been undertaken throughout the last few years. In conjunction and staging in with the new technology, from December 2009 a new concierge service has been operating at Woronora’s chapels. The concept


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has been to facilitate funeral services in support of funeral directors, adding value to the experience for funeral director’s using Woronora’s services. This has proven to be a successful initiative. The Concierge service not only provides assistance to Funeral Directors but also offer support to families when testing presentations or music for services prior to the Funeral Director arriving. At a time where remembering the lives of loved ones is becoming more and more a visual tribute, the old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” has proved very true. Woronora’s Concierge also provides personalised screensavers and floral tribute boards as well as a complimentary DVD recording of the service upon request through the Funeral Director. Electronic signage showing all services for the day and individual display screens outside the Chapels ensure mourners more easily find the relevant chapel and service time. Special services are held each year in conjunction with local Funeral Directors to commemorate Mother’s Day, Father’s Day as well as a Candlelight Christmas service. The popularity of the services is increasing, with the 2011 Father’s Day seeing around 200 family, friends and staff attending and the service being over 100% on the number of those that came in 2010. The expectation is that all services of such nature will continue to grow in significant popularity.

Simply log on to , find the veteran and follow the options to obtain the necessary letter of permission to use the Service badge on the private commemoration or memorial of a deceased World War II veteran. In the coming months OAWG hopes to extend this on line facility to include letters of permission for all Korean & Vietnam War veterans. We will advise you as they become available. If you have any difficulty accessing this new feature or if you have any questions regarding the permission letters, please contact OAWG on 1800 026 185.

NEW SAND & GELATIN Biodegradable Urns for water burial

Oceane Aqua Blue 9”x 7”

Classic aqua 11”x 7.25”

Oceane Pearl 9”x 7”

Classic pearl 11”x 7.25”

Traditional Aqua Blue 8.9”x 6.9”

Traditional Pearl 8.9”x 6.9”

Oceane Sand 8.9”x 6.9”

Quartz Round 8.25”x 9.75”

Salt Urn & Mini 9.5” x 8”

Regent Mahogany 12.5”L x 7.5”D x 7”H


Blue 10”x 7”

Green Floral 10”x 7”

Natural Floral 10”x 7”

Red Rose 10”x 7”

SCATTERING TUBES Adult Size: 12.6” x 5”

Ascending Dove


Bluebell Forest

Forget Me Not

Ocean Sunset

Rainbow Pond


Terracotta 10”x 7”

Mini Size: 5.25” x 2.95”


Sunflower Fields


The 19th Hole

The Minter Group of Companies T: 03 9568 6999 17 Park Road F: 03 9568 1813 Oakleigh Victoria 3166 E: Australia accanews spring11 17

24th ANNUAL ACCA CONFERENCE 23rd - 27th October 2011 Amora Hotel Wellington, New Zealand

The 24th ACCA Annual Conference, is being held in Wellington, New Zealand at the Amora Hotel from Sunday 23rd October to Thursday 27th October. We would like to thank all the delegates who have registered thus far for the Annual Conference and we can assure you that you will not be disappointed. For those who missed out, we hope to see you in 2012. This year’s conference has attracted a very strong attendance of close to 250 people including a large delegation from our Chinese Members. This year there will be three conference themes. Monday’s theme Today, Tomorrow and Beyond will look at global trends in economics, politics, society and business and how these trends affect us locally and regionally. We will also touch on culture change including religious and ethnic backgrounds. Are Operations Operational? will be the main focus on Wednesday. Speakers will look at OH&S issues including preventative


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measures and management practices. Lastly, on Thursday the theme will be Science, Technology and the Future. Science and technology is big business and presentations will be based on new developments within the industry and worldwide. The program includes high-calibre speakers such as James Morrison, Angry Anderson, Neville Norman, Tony Christiansen and Jacqui Cooper. The social program also promises to be memorable with the Presidents Reception being held at the Chaffers Dock and the Gala Ball themed to be a beautiful night in “Monet’s Garden.” All of the sessions will provide a forum to share knowledge and also allow the invited speakers to communicate their views and outlooks. In addition to the business program, is an extensive trade exhibition, a cemetery tour, a partner program and an amazing social program.

In Wellington, a total of 15 exhibitors will present delegates with a range of innovative products and services and as always a very valuable networking opportunity. Once again, all booths will be staffed by highly professional and helpful representatives from some of the industries most renowned suppliers. We will look ahead to the 2012 Conference, which will be launched on the last day of business sessions. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our sponsors and exhibitors. We have had overwhelming support this year from the industry. Special appreciation goes to Arrow Bronze for their continued high profile support of the annual ACCA Conference. We look forward to seeing you all in Wellington.

ACCA expresses sincere appreciation to the following organisations that have committed to sponsoring the 2011 conference in Wellington, New Zealand.

Trade Exhibition ACCA is delighted to have the following companies represented at this year’s Trade Exhibition.

AEC Systems Arrow Bronze Austeng Axiom Business Systems Enabling Funeral Studio InterStream LiteGuard Major Furnace Australia Milne Construction N&F Arciuli Phoenix Foundry PhotoTiles Regal Manufacturers 1973 Ltd & Hickey & Co Pty Total Lifting Solutions

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NEW CREMATOR FOR DARWIN Work has recently been completed at Thorak Regional Cemetery to replace its aging cremator and initiate a major upgrade to the cemetery chapel. Litchfield Council became the responsible party for the day to day operations of the Thorak Regional Cemetery in 2008 including a crematorium and chapel complex. The challenge for Litchfield was to ensure that the only cremator in Darwin remained operational. “The cremator was the cause of some heartache for the council last year when the ageing unit started dying. The day before the funeral of fallen Digger Scott Palmer in July, a door fell off. The funeral was attended by more than 500 mourners, including Prime Minister Julia Gillard, Opposition Leader Tony Abbott and Defence heads. Litchfield staff and an engineer worked into the night to fix the problem in time for the cremation the next day. After much lobbying, Local Government Minister Malarndirri McCarthy approved a special purpose grant of $650,000 to buy and install a replacement cremator at Thorak.” (NT News August 2nd, 2011) After an exhaustive tender process it was decided to install an “oversize” Joule cremator and ancillary equipment including coffin trolley doubling as a charge bier, a catafalque, ash processor stainless steel bench and dust extraction system manufactured by engineering company Austeng. The project was fully integrated with the installation of a standby generator. The Chapel & Crematorium complex was specifically designed for a Tropical Cyclone Region with the additional installation of a comprehensive lighting protection system.


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CEO of Litchfield Council Russell Anderson commented that “We were looking for a cremator with the following minimal features:At least 24 hour capacity that would accommodate possible disasters/ emergencies Most efficient system because :• The fuel is LPG that provides maximum efficiency with diesel generator back-up. • Two chamber design that promotes efficiency by virtue of its design. • Efficiently offer at least 5 cremations each working day. Most importantly the cremator bed should be constructed with a sequence of hearth tiles that can be replaced individually by local tradesmen. My inquiries with other cremators during site visits and my experience with our former cremator was that most composite beds cracked over time in the heating up/cooling down process and required interstate tradesmen to repair. As Thorak is cyclone prone and also prone to lighting strikes other features include:• Lightning arrestor located on top of the building and computer, power supply and electrics lighting protected with the best technology available. • Flue sited only partially above roof line • Flue designed to withstand wind speeds of up to 270kph.

Russell Anderson further commented “Austeng’s proposal complied with all tender criteria and this ensured the final result is aligned with Thorak Regional Cemetery’s special needs. We are very pleased with the final result and believe that this Cremator will serve its role in the foreseeable future. This would also address, not only the needs of the Northern Territory but other regions such as the north west of Australia.” For more information contact Russell Anderson CEO Litchfield Council p. (08) 8983 0600 e.

above: A typical bin full of recycled implants at OrthoMetals new factory located at Zwolle, The Netherlands

RECYCLING BREAKTHROUGH COMES TO AUSTRALIA Austeng and OrthoMetals BV are pleased to announce that they have entered into a co-operation agreement so the benefits of recycling of metals remaining after cremation is now available in Australia. OrthoMetals has been a member of ACCA since 2009 and is dedicated to providing an environment-friendly turnkey solution to the collection and recycling of orthopaedic implants and other metal remains from crematoria. OrthoMetals is a registered and fully certified company based in the Netherlands. The complete recycling process is under the supervision and control of OrthoMetals. All collected metals are first sorted and then re-melted to prevent the end product from being recognized and re-used as an implant. OrthoMetals provides logistics to collect and transport all metals, free of charge, to a central location. One of the principles of the OrthoMetals recycling concept is to return a substantial part of the proceeds (after deduction of costs) to charity.

OrthoMetals is now active in 13 countries in Europe serving 375 Crematoria as well as North America since 2006. OrthoMetals was founded by Jan Gabriels and Ruud Verberne - Jan is a practising orthopaedic surgeon who initially articulated the concept. Ruud Verberne (an attendee at the last few ACCA conferences) is an expert in recycling and logistics with over 35 years experience. Their sons are now active in the business. Austeng will provide the local logistical support, collect the wheelie bins, consolidate the metal and then ship them to OrthoMetals for processing. The chair of CCAV’s Environmental Committee Frank De Groot comments “We are excited about the opportunities this partnership presents both in terms of re-cycling and also of returning tangible benefits to the local community”. So far all of the crematoria organisations in Victoria have indicated their willingness to participate. Any inquiries please contact Ross George at Austeng at or for further information about the process visit website

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RELEASE OF THE NEW MAJOR HD60 CREMATOR Major is proud and delighted to announce the launch of its new Major HD60 Cremator. This new cremator is to be wholly designed and manufactured in Australia.

The Major HD60 Cremator is designed to meet the needs of emerging private operators and municipalities who are looking to service their own communities either by public or private means.

The Major HD60 Cremator now joins the extensive family of Major Cremators which includes the HD90, HD120, Hindu and Lotus models.

Through the introduction of the Major HD60 Cremator the industry will now have available to it a cremator that:

The new Major HD60 Cremator is ideal for customers with low to medium daily throughputs and complements the higher duty Major Cremators. The high duty Major Cremators have throughputs of up to 8 cremations per normal day and provide for 24 hour per day operation as no cool down between charges is required due to their superior refractory design and Major Cremation Control System. All Major Cremators are built to the same high quality standards and are capable of meeting the strictest emissions requirements at the same time as minimizing fuel consumption by the use of the Major Cremation Control System.

1. Is economical to purchase and operate. 2. Is a compact machine sized to suit smaller customer facilities. 3. Designed to meet the trend to wider coffins. 4. Complies with current ACCA environmental guidelines. 5. Features fully automatic “charge and forget” operation via the Major Cremation Control System. 6. Has an advanced operator friendly touch screen. 7. Is easy and quick to install and reline. 8. Of robust construction and elegant appearance. 9. Is available in a variety of colour schemes to suit your building interior. 10. Is designed, manufactured and serviced from the Major facility in Australia.


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The Major business started in 1912, designing and building its first cremator in 1936. As such, Major’s technical team is well versed in cremation technology with more than 200 years combined experience. Major recently tasked its current technical team to develop via in-house 3D design and Computational Fluid Dynamics techniques, a cost effective cremator without compromising the high quality and reputation established by other Major Cremators. No other Australian manufacturer matches Major’s long experience and knowledge of the cremation industry. The Major HD60 Cremator design aims to have a positive impact on the domestic market by providing a robust product that will provide years of reliable service and meet the requirements of crematoriums needing to perform up to 5 cremations per normal working day at minimum cost. Andrew North (Managing Director) and Nigel Gleeson (Service Manager) will be representing Major at the 24th Annual ACCA Conference. They look forward to meeting you at booth 8 to discuss how Major can assist with meeting your current and future requirements.

Major is based in Melbourne with experience in cremation technology commencing in 1936. Stringent worldwide environmental pressures and health regulations, the company’s dedication to excellence, superior quality and advanced technology has lead to Major developing upgraded combustion technology, advanced PLC controls and cremator exteriors designed along more aesthetic lines. Today the company is a leader in this technology throughout the world market. Major has an extensive portfolio of reference plants. Please visit our website for details of our cremation technology. Major Furnace australia Pty. ltd.

92 Fairbank Road, Clayton, Victoria, 3169, Australia

telephone: +61 3 8558 1800 Facsimile: +61 3 8558 1805 email: Web:

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pinegrove memorial park ~ minchinbury




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de memorial park ~ dapto

liverpool general cemetery ~ sydney



N&F ARCIULI PTY LIMITED Established 1970

T +61 2 9804 7232 F +61 2 9804 6077 E

OFFICE & SHOWROOM 6 East Pde Eastwood NSW 2122 accanews spring11




ArrowArrow BronzeBronze invitesinvites you you SM SM to become to become an Authorised an Authorised Remembrance Remembrance Provider Provider

Join theJoin National the National Marketing Marketing ProgramProgram FocusedFocused on Growing on Growing Your Business. Your Busines CremationCremation is the national is thetrend...and national trend...and you need ayou national need asolution. national solution.

You know You the world know isthechanging world isall changing around all you. around New-generation you. New-generation consumers consumers are requiring arenew requiring services, newnew services, approachesapproaches and new models and new of end-of-life models of end-of-life care. In addition, care. Inincreasing addition, numbers increasingofnumbers consumers of consumers are choosing are choo alternativesalternatives that may mean that may they mean never they even never visit aeven cemetery visit aorcemetery memorial or park. memorial park.

The irony The is that irony the isemotional that the emotional issues that issues a family thatfaces a family whenfaces they when lose athey lovedlose onea are loved exactly one are theexactly same the s whether they whether choosethey cremation choose cremation or burial - or andburial in important - and in important ways families ways who families choosewho direct choose cremations direct cremations are being short-changed. being short-changed.

They are not They making are not use making of the use services of the that services you offer; that you services offer; that services have been that have proven been to proven help families to help fami deal with grief deal with and move grief and to “remembrance.” move to “remembrance.”

To help these To families, help these wefamilies, have to we show have them to show the value themofthe thevalue services of the andservices the products and theweproducts all provide. we allAnd provide. we An need to do need this not to do in this a vacuum, not in abut vacuum, in the context but in the of acontext complete of a“care-giving complete “care-giving continuum”continuum” that is designed that istodesigne deal with families’ deal withkey families’ issue: how key issue: to dealhow withtothe dealloss with of athe loved loss one. of a loved That’sone. why That’s we arewhy proud we to areintroduce: proud to introdu The Remembrance The Remembrance Process SM Process SM

The Remembrance The Remembrance Process SM Process SM growing business growingfor business funeralfor homes funeral andhomes cemeteries. and cemeteries. It educatesItconsumers educates consumers on the importance on the importance of o remembering remembering their lovedtheir onesloved and the ones vital and role theyou vital play roleinyou thatplay process. in thatItprocess. also provides It alsoAuthorised provides Authorise Remembrance Remembrance ProvidersSMProviders with theSMessential with themarketing essential marketing tools to grow tools in to their grow local in their markets. local markets.

TAKING TOTALTAKING SOLUTIONS TOTALTO SOLUTIONS THE NEXT TO LEVEL THE NEXT LEVEL Funeral HomesFuneral | Cemetery Homes | | Crematorium Cemetery | Crematorium | Consumers | Consumers

SM The Remembrance The Remembrance Process SM begins Processwith begins the core with emotional the core needs emotional of your needs families. of yourWe families. don’t discriminate. We don’t discriminate. Cremation Cremation or Burial, because or Burial, we because all need we to be all remembered. need to be remembered.


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re’s how Here’s Matthews' how Matthews' Remembrance Remembrance Process SM Process HelpsSMGrow HelpsYour Grow Business. Your Business.

onal Program National–Program Building–demand Buildingfor demand cemetery for& cemetery crematorium & crematorium services nationally services nationally A National • AWebsite. Website. The websiteThe willwebsite providewill families provide with families comprehensive with comprehensive informationinformation to guide them to guide through them thethrough processthe of dealing process with of dealing the loss with of athe loved loss one. of a loved The site one. is The site is designed todesigned promote to thepromote value ofthe your value services of your before services they before come to they your come funeral to your home, funeral cemetery home,orcemetery or SM . . crematorium crematorium and to direct and consumers to direct to consumers Authorised to Authorised Remembrance Remembrance ProvidersSMProviders Internet • Marketing Internet Marketing Campaign.Campaign. We will useWe a coordinated will use a coordinated program ofprogram web advertising, of web advertising, social media social media and search engine and search optimisation engine optimisation to drive consumers to drive to consumers the to the website. website. A National • APR National Campaign. PR Campaign. The PR campaign The PR iscampaign not focused is not onfocused productsonbut products about the but importance about the importance families before families they before come to they your come funeral to your home funeral or cemetery. home or cemetery. Palliative • Care/Hospice Palliative Care/Hospice Outreach Outreach Programs.Programs. We will market We will to market the palliative to the care palliative and clergy care and clergy SM SM exposure usage ofand The usage Remembrance of The Remembrance Process and Process encourage and families encourage to use families to use communities communities to build exposure to buildand website. website. the the T Step One




Step One

Help In Planning Ahead And Caregiving Help In Planning Ahead And Caregiving











Step Two











Step Two





Step Three

Help When Someone You Love Dies Help When Someone You Love Dies

Help In Saying Good Bye










Step Four

Ways to Plan Hospice and Clergy

Hospice and Clergy

Whether you plan 6 days, or 6 years

Whether you plan or of 6 years If your loved one 6is days, in need hospice care,

If your loved one is in need of hospice care,

Friends Are Saying Good-Bye Today.

in advance, it will be perhaps the most

inweadvance, it willyou be with perhaps most can provide the the information

we can provide you with the information

We will help you understand the various

important thing you can do to reduce stress

important youservice. can do Your to reduce you’ll needthing for this clergystress can

you’ll need for this service. Your clergy can

ways families today are saying good-bye,

ways families today are saying good-bye,

for yourself and your family. Here are some

for yourself andcomfort your family. Here during are some also give you and advice this

also give you comfort and advice during this

from the traditional to the personal. We

from the traditional to the personal. We Community Gathering

Community Gathering

of the ways you can begin:

of the ways you can begin:

will gladly go over each in detail and

will gladly gochoices over each in detail and Additional include:

Additional choices include:

Informal conversation with Refer to for

• steps Informal with we canconversation help you through:

View videos from other families on what Work with your Remembrance Provider™

Friends Are selections Saying Good-Bye Today. • Music

Music selections

We help youvideo understand the various • will Memorial

Memorial video

steps we can help you through:

Transportation to place of service

Preparation for death

your consideration. From the small private

your From the small private • consideration. Memorial service

Memorial service

Family preparing for death

gatherings to the larger ones that may

gatherings to thehandouts larger ones that may • Memorial

Memorial handouts A funeral or cremation is just the beginning

Choices: a Mark AMemorialization funeral or cremation is justLeaving the beginning

Memorialization Choices: Leaving a Mark

Family and friends: letting them help

include the community.

include the community. • Transportation of loved one to place of

Transportation ofof loved onegoodbye. to place You of may want to seek saying

Bronze grave memorial of• saying goodbye. You may want to seek

Bronze grave memorial

Remembrance Providers™ and planning


• Granitefrom headstone or monument counseling clergy and other caregiving

Granite headstone or monument

• Bronze medallions professionals or programs that we found

Bronze medallions

Cremation urns/modern or classic

Keepsake jewelry

™ • • View videos from other families on what Remembrance Providers and planning

helped them on •

Guest handouts

choices • information Family and and friends: letting them help

• Remembrance Preparation forProvider death ™

information and choices •

• • Refer to preparing for Family for death

Remembrance Provider™ •

Guest handouts

Transportation to place of service

Step Four

Help In Achieving Remembrance Help In Achieving Remembrance

Ways to Plan


Step Three

Help In Saying Good Bye


Permanent Remembrance

counseling from clergy and other caregiving

helped them on

Personal Family Good-Bye

Personal Good-Bye • RiteFamily of committal

Rite of committalprofessionals or programs that we found

Work with your Remembrance Provider™

Choices available:

Choices available: • Tribute services (Examples: dove release,

Tribute services (Examples: dove release,

to create a personalized way of saying

to create a personalized way of saying



When A Death Occurs

• 24/7 availability and support from When A Death Occurs

No two deaths are alike. We understand that

™ Remembrance Providers No two deaths are alike. We understand that

your situation is unique and are prepared

your unique and areofprepared • situation Respectfulis transportation the body to

to give you the emotional help you may

to givefuneral you the emotional help you may home

need through this stressful time. If the death

need thispreparation stressful time. If the death • through Respectful

is impending you may have time to think

is •impending you may have time to think

about some of these things you’ll need to do.

about some of these thingsguidance you’ll need to do. • Required document

If the death is sudden, and you’ve had no

If•the Your deathtime is sudden, you’ve had no to takeand a breath—help in

chance to prepare, we will be there for you

chance to prepare, reducing stresswe will be there for you

24 hours a day. In either situation we will

24 hours a day. In either situation we will

make sure you receive the information and

make sure you receive the information and Choices


emotional support you need.

emotional youWe’ll need.explain each for Burial or support cremation.

Immediate Help

Immediate is right forHelp you, the caregiving your family

We will attend to your loved one’s body in

We will will attend to your loved one’s body in needs all be the same.

Burial or cremation. We’ll explain each for Friends and Family Good-Bye your consideration. Whichever you decide Additional choices available: is right for you, the caregiving your family • Chance to share memories with a larger needs will all be the same. number of friends and family

your consideration. Whichever you decide

respect they deserve. We will also supply

respect they deserve. We will also supply

you with all the information about the legal

you with all the information about the legal



• Immediate family only 24/7 availability and support from • Paying Last Respects Remembrance Providers™ • Chance to share memories Respectful transportation of the body to • Support from Remembrance Provider™ funeral home • Spiritual and religious support Respectful preparation • Farewell presentation

• Setting and casket Required document guidance • Cremation Ceremonies Your time to take a breath—help in • Personal urn reducing stress • Burial •

Cemetery services

Chance for family and friends to provide

Immediate family only military service)

• • Paying Last Respects Choir/soloist

Permanent Remembrance

Cremation urns/modern or classic

military service) some of the time-tested ways and venues

• Keepsake jewelry ways and venues some of the time-tested


that we can help introduce to you that can

that we can help introduce to you that can

Chance to share memories

Support from Remembrance Provider™

fond memories.

fond memories. Choices


Spiritual and religious support

Spiritual and religious support

•• Spiritual and religious support Cemeteries


Farewell presentation

Grief counseling

•• Grief counseling Mausoleum


Setting and casket

Website memorials

•• Website memorials Cremation gardens

Cremation gardens

Cremation Ceremonies

Permanent memorials

•• Permanent Cremationmemorials niches

Cremation niches

Personal urn

Support information and videos

•• Support information and videos Cremation columbarium

Cremation columbarium


•• Personalized locations with a memorial

Personalized locations with a memorial

Cemetery services

Permanent Remembrance Location

A Permanent Remembrance

A Permanent Remembrance

Chance to share memories with a larger

way to mark the life of someone they loved,

way to mark the life of someone they loved,

number of friends and family

but also aids in the healing process. We

but also aids in the healing process. We

Chance for family and friends to provide

can show you examples of what is available

can show you examples of what is available


to you and, if you wish, help you design a

to you and, if you wish, help you design a

the proper place for it.

the proper place for it.

Permanent Remembrance Location

Friends and Family Good-Bye Additional choices available: • •

support •

Support from Remembrance Providers™

Support from Remembrance Providers™

Prayer cards

Guest book

Prayer cards Family good-byes are time-tested ways of helping families move from grieving to remembrance. Guest book

Family good-byes are time-tested ways of helping families move from grieving to remembrance.

l Marketing Local Marketing Toolkit – Providing Toolkit – tools Providing to help tools youtowin help locally you win locally TV Commercials. • TV Commercials. We provideWe high-quality provide high-quality commercialscommercials that you canthat customise you canand customise which you and can which then you can then run in yourrun localinarea. your The localcommercials area. The commercials use emotional use music emotional and images music and to connect images with to connect consumers with and consumers and show the value showofthe your value services of your andservices products andinproducts the context in the of remembrance. context of remembrance. Print Ads. • Print We provide Ads. We print provide ads inprint which adsyou in which can insert youyour can insert logo and yourutilise logo and in your utilise market. in your There market. There are multipleare adsmultiple for funeral ads homes for funeral and homes cemeteries and which cemeteries are designed which are fordesigned varied adforformats varied from ad formats full-page from full-page to obituary to fractional obituaryads. fractional ads. The Family • The Guide. Family This Guide. comprehensive This comprehensive brochure isbrochure designed istodesigned introduce tothe introduce Remembrance the Remembrance ProcessSM ProcessSM program to program your families, to your and families, also to and hospice also and to hospice clergy. and It shares clergy.information It shares information about the overall about program, the overall program, our four- step ourprocess four- step of moving process from of moving grieving from to grieving remembrance, to remembrance, the the website, website, and the Remembrance and the Remembrance ProviderSM Pledge. ProviderSM Pledge. Point of • Sale Point Videos of Sale and Videos Materials. and Materials. We provideWemultiple providevideos multiple for videos use with forfamilies use withinfamilies your in your location that location explainthat the explain Remembrance the Remembrance ProcessSM, help Process youSMprovide , help you a new provide consumer-centered a new consumer-centered approach toapproach to presenting presenting products and products permanent and permanent remembrances, remembrances, and build interest and build in memorialising interest in memorialising loved ones. loved ones. SM SM Access •to The Access Remembrance to The Remembrance Process Process Branding. Branding. We will provide We will theprovide Remembrance the Remembrance ProviderSM ProviderSM Pledge for you Pledge to display, for youshowing to display, your showing commitment your commitment to serving families to serving as part families of a "care-giving as part of a "care-giving continuum"continuum" that includes thatclergy includes and clergy hospice. andAlso, hospice. you can Also,utilise you can the Remembrance utilise the Remembrance ProcessSM branding ProcessSMinbranding your in your marketing to marketing help differentiate to help differentiate your business your andbusiness you canand linkyou your canwebsite link your to website to Training • Materials. Training Materials. We will provide We will a complete provide aset complete of training set of materials trainingthat materials will help thatyou willand help your you and your SM staff to use staff all aspects to useofallThe aspects Remembrance of The Remembrance Process SM toProcess help your tobusiness help your grow. business grow. SM Remembrance “The Remembrance Process SM adds Process a fourth adds dimension a fourthtodimension Matthews’to(Arrow Matthews’ Bronze) (Arrow Total Bronze) Solutions, TotalFamilies. Solutions, Matthews Families. Matthews only company is the only in company the industry in the that industry unites Funeral, that unites Cemetery, Funeral,Crematorium, Cemetery, Crematorium, and Consumers. and Consumers. People,not just People,not products. ” just products. ”

Jim Doyle, Group Jim Doyle, President, Group Memorialization President, Memorialization Matthews International Matthews International

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SM The Remembrance The Remembrance Process SM Process A Phased A Phased Approach Approach to Educating to Educating Consumers Consum About Your About Value. Your Value.

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THOUSANDS OF NEW BURIAL SPACES FOR ADELAIDE More than 3,000 new burial spaces will be created in metropolitan Adelaide as a result of a new operations complex at the State’s largest cemetery, Centennial Park. The $3.75 million project, which will be built around the cemetery’s existing crematorium, will consolidate four operational buildings into one. The new complex will house all of Centennial Park’s operations teams including those in burial, crematorium, infrastructure and grounds maintenance. Construction commenced in August 2011. Centennial Park’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr Bryan Elliott, said the consolidation of operations into one new facility will free up valuable land that will provide for anadditional 3,000 new burial positions. “Centennial Park is the main provider of cemetery services to the southern suburbs community,” Mr Elliott said. “However, at current death rates, we expect to run out of first-use burial land by the year 2020.


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“As Centennial Park is bordered by roads, this makes it impossible for us to expand. “Therefore, it’s absolutely imperative that we make use of our existing space. “Centennial Park is committed to ensuring we can deliver burial, cremation and memorial services to South Australians for many years to come. “Our new operations complex will free up valuable land that can be utilised for burial purposes and extend the long-term future of the cemetery by another eight to 10 years. Mr Elliott said that in addition to freeing up burial space, the new operations complex would use half of the existing operational buildings’ land mass and enhance its environmental performance through a range of processes and practices. “This will result in significant energy and cost savings,” he said. “The new complex will have a range of environmental features including a series of sloping roofs with moveable windows.

“This will provide additional natural lighting and help with ventilation and air flow,reducing the need for heating and cooling. “Rainwater and stormwater will be captured and stored within two 208,000 litre underground tanks. “This water will be used to irrigate the memorial gardens, reducing our dependence on mains water. “We have also included provisions that will allow us to incorporate additional environmental features in the future.” Mr Elliott said that Centennial Park had an ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability. “Centennial Park’s new operations complex, and its environmentally sustainable features, will further enhance our dedication to improve efficiency and reduce our impact on the environment,” he said.

THRIVING COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIP AT WORK AT COBURG CEMETERY The Greater Metropolitan Cemetery Trust’s (GMCT) Community Advisory Committee is making great in-roads in establishing strong ties between the Trust’s cemeteries and local communities. The Trust has been lucky enough to secure committee members for its advisory committee from diverse and interesting backgrounds including individuals from the following organisations: Islamic Society, Australian Federation of Cemetery Friends and Horticultural and Historical societies. One of the committee’s first projects is to establish a signposted Heritage Walk at Coburg Cemetery. This was an obvious first choice given the cemetery’s rich historical significance and wealth of interesting burials. This project has generated much interest from the local community – with a number of people coming forward with information on forgotten heroes, such as descendents of Constable David Edward McGrath who died in the call of duty and until recently lay forgotten in an unmarked grave at Coburg Cemetery.

A MayDay themed walk was organised by the committee earlier this year, featuring the lives and tales of the founders of the Trade Union movement. This walk was well attended by the local community and assisted the committee in establishing a Friends of Group for Coburg Cemetery. The advisory committee and Coburg Cemetery Friends Group, along with the Trust’s Community Engagement Manager, are now working with the local community to establish a short-list of individuals to include in the Coburg Cemetery Heritage Walk. Some of the fascinating lives and stories that will be shared on the tour include: William Spence - Founder of the Australian Workers Union; John ‘Snowy’ Cutmore - a villain recently featured on ‘Underbelly Razor’. Known as the killer of Squizzy Taylor; Laurence Cohen - a Labor party activist;

William Ambrose Cull - a Captain who served in World War 1 and author of the book ‘At All Costs’ - a memoir of his time as a prisoner of war; Jock McHale - a Collingwood football coach legend; Victims of the Sunshine rail disaster; and Victims of the SS Dandenong steam disaster. “In Coburg there is a rich tradition of working class heroes. This heritage walk is a chance for us to remember those people who helped shape our lives,” said Jan Penney, Chair of the Trust’s advisory committee. The signposted walk will be completed by April 2012, and will have its official launch during Heritage Week 2012. For further information about the heritage walk, please contact

Isaac Mattson - a Eureka Stockade pioneer and best friend of Peter Lalor, the leader of the rebels; David McGrath - a police hero killed in the line of duty;

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LITE guard Grave Shoring products are manufactured by LITE Industries Pty Ltd, specialist aluminium fabricators of ground support and shielding systems. Other products in their range include trailers for plant machinery, ramps for trailers and trucks, speed humps, aluminium pallets and many one off specialised customer products. All LITE industries products are aimed at being lightweight, easy to use, have a long life and assist in meeting OH&S obligations.

OUR PRODUCTS The LITE Guard grave shoring panels are very light, approximately 30kgs each made of structural grade aluminium. The standard panels are 2.4 metres long, 600mm deep and 40mm thick though other sizes are available. The spreader bars are adjustable, the standard ones are 600 to 900mm, but for wider graves we can supply 1 to 1.8m spreader bars. Panels can be handled manually or by small machinery often used within cemeteries and there are lifting lugs on all the panels. They can be stacked 4 high to a depth of 3metres using extension joiners. The Base Unit has 4 spreader bars whereas the stacking panels only require 2 spreader bars per set. The base panels come with 600mm high legs though for use in sandy soil we recommend built in or clip on cutting edges.

LITE Industries Managing Director, Tony Geldart, spent many years in the construction industry as a drainage contractor. He has experience in the field of design, engineering and installation of safety systems and identified a need for a more lightweight shoring system that could be transported easily and be more cost efficient. Dot worked as a draftsperson for 35 years and left her last position to join the business 5 years ago. The cemetery industry was virtually unregulated, and within the cemeteries grave diggers would fashion their own style of shoring from steel frames to plywood and timber panels with timber or steel spreaders. This kind of shoring often failed as they were never engineered by a qualified structural engineer. In 2000 the Australia Standard for shoring was introduced, and all excavations whether trenches or graves have to meet this standard. Therefore, as Managers, Trustees or Employees, you are responsible to ensure that you are supplying a safe environment for your workers and anyone else visiting your cemetery. Tony was approached by Falkner Cemetery to develop a system for the cemetery industry that met the Australian Standard AS2124.1-2000. This was a test, to meet the standard, to be lightweight and easy to handle. Specially designed extrusions were used and the end product was certified by a qualified Engineer. This proved to be successful and later other products followed such as safety lids, tread plate decking, end panels and hand rails. Currently we are developing a gantry system to handle coffins, to address the back problems associated with handling heavy coffins.

Box section shoring has been developed for use in sandy soil and has proved to be very successful. There are lifting lugs in each top corner. As with the standard grave shoring, these are built to your requirements.

Safety Lids can be used with the tread plate decking or on their own over an open grave. They can be solid aluminium or mesh. The mesh lid is a more popular option as it is more lightweight being only 20kg. The checker plate decking ensures that the grave surrounds are safe. The standard width is 400mm and is made in 4 panels which bolt together.

End closure panels are for use with the standard shoring panels when in sandy soil. Each panel is made up of 3 sections which are adjustable to fit the ends of the grave. The standard section is 300mm wide and 2400mm long but can be made a different size on request.

Quality and Health & Safety have been embraced as a fundamental concept for the business and LITE Industries rigorously research and develop their products. They hold several design registrations and operate in close consultation with customers to provide innovative and low cost solutions. LITE guard grave shoring products are now used in Australia, New Zealand, UK & Canada, with enquiries now being received from the USA. The Company’s facilities are located at Lynbrook, South East of Melbourne. For more information LITE Industries can be contacted on (03) 8768 8670 or visit their comprehensive website at

Handrails are made from steel, to meet the falling from heights regulations if a grave is more than 2m deep.



SAFETY LID Applications are now available for grants from the Department of Health for cemetery products in Victoria. One item specified is a safety lid for use over an open grave. Lite Guard manufacture both solid and mesh safety lids. The mesh is usually the preferred option as it’s more lightweight being only 20kgs.

For details of the grant go to: Click on “Cemetery Grants” under “Quick Links” or phone: 1800 034 280 / (03) 9096 5160

CENTENNIAL PARK COMMEMORATES 75 YEARS Centennial Park Cemetery is commemorating its 75th anniversary in 2011.

“Since 1938, more than 85,000 burials and 149,000 cremations have taken place at Centennial Park.

It was established in 1936 to mark the centenary of South Australia, from which its name Centennial Park is derived.

“Throughout the cemetery’s 75-year history there have been many significant milestones.

It is the State’s largest provider of burial, cremation, funeral and memorial services.

“These include the opening of the WA Norman Chapel in 1955, one of the State’s first crematoria, followed by the establishment of a separate upgraded crematorium in 1983, which featured three new cremators of modern design.

Set on 40 acres of parkland, Centennial Park boasts an award-winning chapels complex, modern crematorium and more than 50 individually themed gardens, including South Australia’s only memorial island. Mr Bryan Elliott, Chief Executive Officer of Centennial Park, said it was an honour to lead Centennial Park during its 75th year of servicing the South Australian community. “Centennial Park has helped thousands of South Australians to create special places where they can remember and celebrate the lives of loved ones who have passed away,” he said.

“The development of the Jubilee Chapels Complex in 1986 put Centennial Park at the forefront in the provision of combined chapels and lounges, boasting world standard facilities unequalled anywhere else in Australia. “Centennial Park is very proud of its heritage and reaching 75 years of funeral industry service is an outstanding achievement.”

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Jim’s Angels Take To Flight Over Woronora Doves are very symbolic. They are a traditional symbol of love and peace. In the biblical story of Noah, a dove found dry land and brought back the good news of hope in the form of a freshly plucked olive leaf. The dove is symbolic of the Holy Spirit, where in Matthew 3:16 and Luke 3:22 “the Holy Spirit descended on him (Jesus) in bodily form like a dove. And a voice came from heaven: “You are my Son, whom I love; with you I am well pleased.”

top: Jim and two of his angels above: Angel loft

Woronora cemetery has created a “lofty” home for about 80 white pigeons (with more on the way with the new breeding cycle), affectionally known as “Jim’s angels”. Woronora’s special flock is named after Woronora’s cemetery manager Mr Jim Ramsey, who has worked at the cemetery for going on 37 years. Jim has effectively incorporated “doves” as a sustainable value added option for Woronora’s service offerings. The first pigeons bred at Woronora for a funeral service were “launched” in flying style in July 2010. The angel’s loft was built in February of that year by cemetery staff with the breeding pigeons being donated by a pigeon fancier located in Port Macquarie. The time taken from first breeding and training of the young birds to release before the public is a period of around 12 months. Subsequent to that first launch, there have been many dove releases at services held at Woronora, with a two dove release from special white baskets being charged at $80 inclusive of GST. Among other events, major bird releases have been conducted at Mother’s Day Services; the opening of Woronora’s Garden of Angels (for those children who never had the chance to breath); the opening of the Doorway of Hope for missing persons (attended by the family of the then missing Queensland boy Daniel Morcombe). At the conclusion of a funeral service held in July 2011, the four young children of the deceased each released two doves while looked on by the Prime Minister, the Leader of the Federal Opposition, the Premier of NSW plus numerous other dignitaries.

While still in commercial infancy, the doves are becoming more popular at services conducted at Woronora, providing both a rich celebration of life as well as release for grieving families. The only problem relates to the resident Peregrine Falcon. During early training the doves had two causalities, but they have now learnt to fly, and fly very fast! Seeing Jim’s angels circling, darting and flying high above the cemetery each weekday evening is inspiration for those watching below. Jim’s angels have taken to flight and those around stop and stare as the ancient symbol of love and peace takes flight formation as a visual vanguard for Woronora’s new value added services, a place “where beauty softens grief”.

top: The Angel vanguard above: Angel hangout, outside the angel loft


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MAKE IT A MEMORIAL, NOT JUST A MARKER! The importance of an epitaph As a regular visitor to many cemeteries I have seen some memorable epitaphs on headstones and plaques (yes, the kids are very impressed with visiting cemeteries on holiday trips). This raised the question of how would I like to be remembered? Would I like a plaque with the standard “loved father of…”, and then “rest in peace” or would I like something more personal that could make the reader of the memorial walk away with a smile on their face knowing something about me. Recently my Grandmother passed away and I was asked to help with the wording on the plaque. My Grandmother loved a chat on the phone and like many old people always had to say the last thing before hanging up. This always led to a long sequence of “bye’s” before the call ended. So I thought why not add this to her memorial. I simply added “BYE, BYE, BYE” as a 1 line epitaph at the bottom of the memorial and the family loved it. It was personal, relevant and when read by people visiting the grave would be instantly recognisable. It now helps you leave the grave with a smile on your face with a memory of the good times, which is the whole point of what a memorial should do.

I have come across many memorable epitaphs including: Mel Blanc: “That’s all folks!” Spike Milligan: “Dúirt mé leat go raibh mé breoite.” Gaelic epitaph that translates as, “I told you I was ill.” Joan Hackett: “Go away - I’m asleep.” Miscellaneous: “Two things I love most. Good Horses and Beautiful Woman and when I die I hope they tan this old hide of mine and make it into a ladies riding saddle, so I can rest in peace between the two things I love the most” Miscellaneous: Sacred to the memory of my husband John Barnes who died January 3, 1803. His comely young widow, aged 23, has many qualifications of a good wife, and yearns to be comforted. John Yeast: “Here lies Johnny Yeast. Pardon me for not rising.” Lester Moore: “Here lies Lester Moore. Four slugs from a 44, no Les, no more.” George Johnson: “Here lies George Johnson, hanged by mistake 1882. He was right, we was wrong, but we strung him up and now he’s gone.” Harry Edsel Smith: “Looked up the elevator shaft to see if the car was on the way down. It was”. Lawrence Cook: “Ma Loves Pa, Pa Loves Women, Ma Caught Pa with 2 in Swimmin. Here Lies Pa....” Rodney Dangerfield: “There goes the neighbourhood”

If you think back to the last funeral you attended many of the comments mentioned during the eulogies reflect back on the experiences and good times had. This helps with the grieving process and helps people remember their loved ones. But when it comes to placing a memorial the majority of people do not place this information on the memorial and revert back to the standard inscriptions used on other graves. Why is this so? Should we be encouraging people to place some relevant information on the memorial in a way that will help them be remembered for the person they were? Epitaphs bring people into your cemetery. It is more interesting to walk around cemeteries and look at these epitaphs and get a feel for the people who are buried compared to walking around seeing everyone with an epitaph of “Rest In Peace”. What does “Rest In Peace” tell us about the person? As you can see from the above examples the epitaphs do not need to be a novel, just a short statement relevant to the person. May this be one of the answers to your decreasing memorialisation rate issues and help make a cemetery a point of significance for families again? So what will you have on your epitaph? Maybe mine should read “Now he’s karked it, Phoenix plaqued it”. Feel free to post your suggestions or other interesting epitaphs that you have heard at

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Axiom Business Systems has been a corporate member of ACCA since 1998, and has been providing integrated technology solutions to Australasian and North American cemeteries in that time frame. On 9th June 2011, Anthony Field from Axiom proudly accepted the 2011 International Meridian Award presented by Pitney Bowes Business Insight in Las Vegas, in recognition of Axiom’s Excellence in Spatial Technology. Candidates for the award came from all over the globe. Axiom’s award winning case study was based on a digital mapping project in one of New York’s most prestigious cemeteries, Ferncliff Cemetery in Hartsdale. Since commencing its export plan for its cemetery software, Axiom has hosted several international visitors to Australian cemeteries, as a gesture towards knowledge sharing and promoting the world class best practice of Australian cemeteries. In every instance, the innovative and professional presentation of

Australia’s premier cemeteries has inspired new ideas, landscape designs and more efficient work practices which have been channelled back into various cemetery properties in North America. Axiom’s International award for its specialized technology work with cemeteries is a ‘good news story’ for Australian business in general, and specifically a testament to the high benchmark set on a global stage by some of ACCA’s leading cemeteries.

The following article is the business case that was published by Pitney Bowes, and authored by Chantelle Meek, contact details as follows:

The Ferncliff Cemetery Records project project encompassed the consolidation of three disparate computer programs, paper ownership, deceased cards, paper maps and diagrams and the conversion of over 400,000 records

P: +61 2 8925 7387 F: +61 2 9439 1773 E:

Chantelle Meek Marketing Communications Executive Pitney Bowes Business Insight Level 7, 1 Elizabeth Plaza North Sydney NSW 2060 Australia

Every connection is a new opportunity™

The Mapping project digitized 105,000 interment locations, 38 floors and over 280,000 square feet of mausoleum buildings with 913 wall locations for more than 150,000 spaces


above: Anthony Field (right) from Axiom being presented with the award by John O’Hara (left) the President of Pitney Bowes Buisness Insight

above: Ferncliff Mausoleum

Pitney Bowes’ Business case on Axiom’s international award winning cemetery technology solution, by Chantelle Meek With the baby boomer generation now reaching their mature years, a growing demand is emerging for a diverse range of services related to the ‘final resting places’ for an increasingly sophisticated consumer. Most are becoming proactive in their choices, and rightfully expect to have those catered for with a knowledgeable and engaging professional. Couple this trend with landlocked physical space, limited inventory and in perpetuity record-keeping requirements, cemetery managers now require specialised technology solutions to manage an increasingly challenging business operation.


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So it was for Ferncliff Cemetery Association of New York (Ferncliff), the 107 year old, 75 acre prestigious cemetery 30 minutes north of Manhattan. Ferncliff is the final resting place for notable individuals such as Judy Garland, Joan Crawford and Malcolm X, and the cremation site of John Lennon, Jim Henson and Yul Brenner among others. “Day to day cemetery management involves accessing and updating many systems - inventory, sales, accounts receivable and general ledger – it’s repetitive, time-consuming and can be prone to human error,” said Kevin Boyd, President of Ferncliff. “As our records are held in perpetuity by law, we also have 107 years of paper records we needed to care for and refer to regularly. Against this background, we could see the advantages that an integrated technology system could deliver.”

After a period of in-house development and a two-year market assessment and selection process, Ferncliff chose Melbourne-based Axiom Business Solutions to “revolutionise our recordkeeping and administrative systems. After months of thoroughly analysing the current market options, Ferncliff realised that the one company and the one product it would trust with the critical task of converting its manual record keeping system, was Axiom and its Charon cemetery management suite,” Boyd continued. Originally an accounting application developer, Axiom identified the market need for a cemetery management system with a strong financial foundation and an industrial strength location intelligence capability. The result is Charon Cemetery Management Suite, completed in late 90’s and now used in cemeteries across North America and Australia.

“Cemetery management has common requirements worldwide so what started as a strong market fit for Australian operators became a strong fit for operators anywhere,” said Anne Field, Marketing Manager at Axiom. “Of course a robust and audit-able financial system is important, but the location intelligence, precisely knowing exactly where inventory is located, is critical too. Pitney Bowes Business Insight’s location intelligence solution provides globally recognised location strength and is constantly being upgraded with new developments. This includes the technology to now have our mapping technology on line in real time.”

“We have development plans in place to offer an e-Commerce application which will allow clients the opportunity to browse on line, add in the location intelligence from Pitney Bowes, and the Charon’s system ability to display all available space in the cemetery in colour coded maps, and you have a sophisticated information tool that satisfies an expectant and savvy consumer, as well as an empowering device to enable staff to meet those service requirements”, stated Field. “Coupled with the portable options available using tablets or iPads, cemetery staff have unobtrusive and fast access to totally up-to-date inventory and mapping data when meeting bereaved families,” she said.

above: Ferncliff Cemetery Overview - Charon Mapping

Charon incorporates inventory, sales, accounts receivable and general ledger functionality in a single application. In addition this information is then integrated with a Customer Relationship Management module and simultaneously updates the cemetery map at the work station level, the information kiosk and the Web. With this Point of Sale System in a single login, cemetery staff can update all systems from a single source, eliminating discrepancies from multiple entries, thereby building staff confidence and trust in the data and information in the system.

Traditionally, cemetery management included referring to large old books and index cards dating back decades, and sometimes centuries. These books held the details of every interment, cremation and ownership record, however over time the accuracy and reliability of these records may have been questioned but without any way to verify every record, the situation was difficult to improve. With historical records being one of the most important assets to a cemetery, most mangers realise that to not move forward with a digitised format presents a significant business risk.

above: Rosewood Mausoleum - Ferncliff Cemetery

Once these old records have been captured in a computerised format, the Axiom Charon system then converts hundreds of thousands of paper records and performs a data reconciliation and cleansing along the way. For Ferncliff, the mapping and digitising exercise of 400,000 historical records discovered approximately $200,000 of unsold interment space mistakenly marked as sold, which then became available to the cemetery as instant sales inventory. “A deteriorating paper based system presents many risks to the cemetery manager including regulatory and reputational risks,” said Field. “Records by law are held in perpetuity so an inability to access accurate records or incorrect information has the potential to create legal issues. However, it is on the human impact front where getting it wrong, such as selling a plot twice, can have an undesirable impact on the reputation of the cemetery.” But according to Ferncliff’s Boyd, selecting a technology solution is more than just looking at the functionality. “Over the years Axiom has created a culture of excellence in its customer service, and it prides itself on its ability to build a relationship of ‘trusted advisor’ with its clients. The Axiom staff have been diligent and tireless in their efforts, and have been a pleasure to work with” says Boyd. “We spent a considerable amount of time ensuring every step of Charon development was adaptable and continued to move with customer demands,” said Field. “Integrating Pitney Bowes location intelligence suite was a great decision initially and continues to deliver benefits to our solution and endcustomers every year.”

above: Colour Coded Sales Map - Charon Mapping

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FOREST LAWN MEMORIAL PARK’S ROCKSTAR TRIBUTE Forest Memorial Park, in Sydney’s southwest, commemorated the life and times of famous Australian rocker Ted Mulry on Saturday, September 2nd at a ceremony attended by Ted’s family, fans and music industry greats. Timed to coincide with the 10th anniversary of Ted’s death, the uplifting memorial event attracted several hundred attendees, including well-known friends Glenn A Baker, John Paul Young, Angry Anderson and Doc Neeson. Ted achieved fame both as a solo artist and songwriter, and subsequently with his own band, the Ted Mulry Gang (TMG). His string of singles included ‘Julia’, ‘Darktown Strutters Ball’ and ‘Jamaica Rum’, and in a special nod to his success, Ted’s memorial plaque features an image of a classic 1950s car - the FJ Holden - and the title of his biggest hit, ‘Jump in my Car’ “Ted’s an Aussie icon. The Ted Mulry Gang, Skyhooks and Sherbet were it back in the 70s!” said Ted’s brother Steve Mulry. “He was a larrikin; he always made you laugh and had a joke. Everyone loved him.”


accanews spring11

Forest Lawn Memorial Park already featured a memorial to the late Michael Jackson, placed at the request of his official Australian fan club members, and the Ted Mulry memorial has been situated nearby. Following in the footsteps of the park’s Southern Californian namesake, Forest Lawn Memorial Park Leppington looks set to have its own ‘Who’s Who’ walk of fame. “During the ten years following Ted’s passing, the Mulry family received frequent queries as to where his memorial was located which shows how important a lasting tribute of remembrance is to the grieving process,” said Rob Matta, Family Service Manager, Forest Lawn Memorial Park. “Forest Lawn Memorial Park is delighted to play a part in keeping Ted’s memory and music alive by providing a place for his fans, friends and family to pay tribute to him, and by hosting a special event to dedicate the memorial,” said Rob Matta.

Ted’s memorial ceremony included tribute videos, messages from those who were unable to attend due to touring schedules or distance, and a musical rendition by John Paul Young and Warren ‘Pig’ Miller of The Allstar Band. A display of classic muscle cars from the 1960s and 70s added to the ambience and Steve Mulry, Ted’s brother and vocalist for the band Black Label, also gave a moving performance of a song called ‘No Matter Where You Are’ which he co-wrote with Ted. “As his family, the things Ted did and said are always with us,” said Steve Mulry. “But this event was bigger than that. This memorial is for the fans and for Ted’s friends.” “We’d like to extend a special welcome to Ted Mulry and TMG fans visiting Forest Lawn Memorial Park to celebrate Ted’s life and achievements,” said Rob Matta. Forest Lawn Memorial Park is located on the Camden Valley Way, Leppington in Sydney’s south-west. The Ted Mulry memorial is situated adjacent to the North Chapel.

WORONORA CEMETERY CRYPT PLAN UPDATE The supply and construction of a new multi-million dollar grave system (known as “Modern Burial System - MBS”) consisting of 945 individual interlocking pre-cast geopolymer graves at the south west corner of Woronora Cemetery is proceeding according to plan.

Another major advantage is that the geopolymer based concrete exhibits properties which are potentially superior in most respects to conventional Portland cement. This includes strength and chemical resistance. In the context of cemeteries industry this translates to:-

The area to be re-developed using MBS was previously used as land-fill and couldn’t be used for traditional grave interment. It has the potential of extending the cemetery life by over ten years.

Better Flexural Strength

The use of a new material being a geopolymer based concrete rather than conventional Portland cement is an exciting development. The graves are being manufactured by Rocla Pty. Ltd. a leading Australian supplier of concrete solutions to the building and construction industry. Rocla has commercialised their available technology into a volume production system. The manufactured geopolymer based concrete has significant environmental benefits including the saving of about 70% of C02 emissions when compared to conventional Portland cement. The production of traditional concrete amounts for an estimated 8% of the worlds greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to an estimated two billion tonnes per year.

• This means in some circumstances it can be manufactured without steel reinforcement removing the risk of corrosion of the steel (so called concrete cancer). Salt Resistant • Very relevant given salt content in most Australian soils. • Relevant also where high water table is present Rocla and Austeng have co-operated together to develop moulds and production methods as well as quality assurance and safety procedures to produce one of the largest commercial pre-cast pour of geopolymer, it is believed, anywhere in the world. Initial testing and mould development began late last year and full scale production from early this year with the manufacture of 350 grave sections and 600 lids and other associated products to date. Attached is a photo of a batch of geopolymer graves at the Rocla Canberra plant.

Installation work at Woronora Cemetery will begin when the site development works are completed. Challenges have been encountered in this regard given typical civil engineering problems that occur with large scale excavations in ground filled with waste material. The site chosen has, since the 1930’s, been used for refuse from the cemetery grounds. Large amounts of rainfall in the Sydney region have not assisted progress. Attached is a photo of the earthworks in progress. Ross George, Managing Director of Austeng commented “We are excited about the product - it has exceeded expectations in almost every area and it will, I believe, over time revolutionise the building process. Graham Boyd, CEO of Woronora Cemetery and its Trust are to be commended on their foresight in proceeding with this project. We both look forward to being in a position to show this new development to the rest of the industry”. For further information please contact:Gerard Robbers Austeng p. (03) 5278 2044 e. Graham Boyd CEO - Woronora Cemetery p. (02) 9540 4677 e.

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By the time the amalgamation was implemented, the Western Trust had completed its design for Geelong Memorial Park on the new land, which included the site for the crematorium, and both were constructed by the new Trust and opened in 1988. Lawrie was the new Trust’s convener initially and was then elected as its Chairman - a position that he held annually for twenty-five years and which continued when reclassified as a Class A Trust in March last year. Lawrie said that he thoroughly enjoyed working with Geelong Trust members, the management team and staff and the Geelong community to achieve the growth since 1985 from five cemeteries and 1200 regional deaths annually to ultimately developing and managing thirteen cemeteries, a crematorium and a mausoleum - all catering for 1900 deaths each year. He said that the Trust is progressive and innovative and had a number of “firsts” in Australia including designing and building portable safety fences to protect mourners at grave sites.

above: Lynden Smith and Lawrie Miller

LAWRIE MILLER RETIREMENT FROM GEELONG CEMETERIES TRUST Lawrie Miller, inaugural Chairman of the Geelong Cemeteries Trust since 1985, retired on 19 August after his involvement with cemeteries and Trusts in Victoria spanning forty-five years. Lawrie first began in 1966 when, as Deputy City Engineer at Mildura, he was responsible for the design and construction of the cemetery extension at Mildura Cemetery. As City Engineer at Swan Hill, he assisted the secretary of the Swan Hill Cemetery Trust with the design and construction of new cemetery extensions at that cemetery in 1970 following their tour of cemeteries at Horsham, Altona, Fawkner and Springvale. As City Engineer of South Barwon, in Geelong, Lawrie was asked in 1981 by Jack Thomas, Secretary, Geelong Western Cemetery Trust, to help him find suitable land for a new cemetery and Geelong’s proposed crematorium. The Western Cemetery was rapidly filling up and Geelong badly needed its own crematorium because all cremations were being carried out in either Ballarat or Melbourne.


accanews spring11

Through their efforts, a 44 hectare site was found in rural Connewarre (south of Geelong) and both Jack and Lawrie presented the Trust’s submission to the Treasury for funding and this was ultimately successful which, as Lawrie understands it, was the last land purchase by the government for cemetery purposes! Because of his interest, Lawrie was invited to become a member of the Trust and was its Deputy Chairman when Premier Cain amalgamated the three separate Trusts in Geelong in late-1984 to better organise and improve the five cemeteries under them, have standard burial fees and to plan for the future while providing a high standard of service to the Geelong community. Lawrie was one of three Trustees from his Trust chosen by the Minister, along with four other Trustees from Geelong Eastern and Highton Cemeteries, including Ian MacDonald - the other remaining Geelong Trust member, to be on the amalgamated Trust from 1985.

“My time helping the cemeteries that I have worked with and all of the people involved with them and ACCA has passed so quickly and a personal highlight was being made a Life Member of ACCA in 2007” Lawrie added. Lawrie said that he will look back on his association with all of them with a great deal of satisfaction. Inset is a photo of Lawrie Miller handing over the reins of Geelong Cemeteries Trust to the proposed new Chairman Lynden Smith, who has been a member of the Trust since 2004 and Chair of the Audit and Risk Committee for 7 years. The Trust unanimously moved that Lynden Smith be endorsed as the proposed Chairman and the Trust is currently awaiting Government approval for this position. Lynden is well qualified to take on the role of Chairman from someone as well respected and experienced as Lawrie. The Geelong Cemeteries Trust, ACCA Board and Members wish Lawrie and Annette all the best for a long and healthy retirement.



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When designing your new Mausoleum or allowing a Private Mausoleum to be built in your Cemetery, remember Norwalk.

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Site works in your Cemetery are not even commenced until almost all of the modules are ready for delivery. So when you finally commence site works, it will be for a much shorter time than it is when making your Cemetery the factory. Norwalk will deliver and install the modules for a 500 casket mausoleum in 14 days.

Or supply and install 200 concrete lined graves (vaults) in 7 days. Or provide one vault within 24 hours notice.

P R E - C A S T



7 9 1 e c Sin


47 Highlands Road, Seymour, Vic, 3660, (PO Box 595, Seymour, Vic, 3661 T: 03 5799 0650 F: 03 5799 0651 E: W: spring11 *Lilydale Mausoleum constructed using Norwalkaccanews Pre-cast Modular Crypts.35

acca member directory The following Member Directory is the Membership listing as at 30 June 2011 of ORDINARY MEMBERS, ORDINARY MEMBERS - INTERNATIONAL AND CORPORATE MEMBERS of ACCA and includes only the member entity. The various branches or locations of member entities were included in the previous edition of ACCA News.

Ordinary Members: Australian Capital Territory ORGANISATION




ACT Public Cemeteries Board / Canberra Cemeteries

PO Box 37, Mitchell, ACT, Australia 2911

(02) 6207 1622

Norwood Park Limited

PO Box 18, Dickson, ACT, Australia 2602

(02) 6241 3177

New South Wales ORGANISATION Broulee Memorial Gardens & Crematorium Catholic Cemeteries Board Cessnock City Council Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park Frenchs Forest Bushland Cemetery Innes Gardens Memorial Park InvoCare Australia Jewish Cemetery Trust Necropolis Rookwood Lincoln Grove Memorial Gardens & Crematorium Lithgow City Council Liverpool General Cemetery Macquarie Park Cemetery Maitland City Council Manning Great Lakes Memorial Gardens Melaleuca Station Memorial Gardens Moree Plains Shire Council Penrith City Council Port Stephens Council Queanbeyan City Council Lawn Cemetery Rookwood Independent Cemetery Sandgate Cemetery Trust Sapphire City Crematorium Shoalhaven City Council’s Bereavement Services



(02) 4471 5867

PO Box 10, Lidcombe, NSW, Australia 1825

(02) 9649 6423

PO Box 152, Cessnock, NSW, Australia 2325

PO Box 10, Batemans Bay, NSW, Australia 2536

(02) 4993 4244

12 Military Road, Matraville, NSW, Australia 2036

(02) 9661 5655

Hakea Avenue, Davidson, NSW, Australia 2085

(02) 9451 6204

(02) 6581 8778

(02) 8841 7810

Suite 1707 - Tower 1, 520 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction, NSW, Australia 2022

(02) 9369 1767

45 Gunnedah Road, Tamworth, NSW, Australia 2340

(02) 6765 3999

PO Box 19, Lithgow, NSW, Australia 2790

(02) 6354 9926

(02) 9602 0344

(02) 9805 0499

PO Box 84, Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia 2444 Suite 1, Level 2, 1C Grand Avenue, Rosehill, NSW, Australia 2142

PO BOX 4676, Casula Mall, NSW, Australia 2170 Cnr Dehli & Plassey Roads, Macquarie Park, NSW, Australia 2113

(02) 4934 9769

PO Box 930, Taree, NSW, Australia 2430

(02) 6551 3589

PO Box 2001, Kingscliff, VIC, Australia 2487

PO Box 220, Maitland, NSW, Australia 2320


(02) 6674 3777

PO Box 420, Moree, NSW, Australia 2400

(02) 6757 3212

PO Box 60, Penrith, NSW, Australia 2751

(02) 4732 7640

(02) 4980 0202

(02) 6298 0183

(02) 9749 1744

(02) 4968 3602

(02) 6732 5911

(02) 4421 6355

PO Box 42, Raymond Terrace, NSW, Australia 2324 PO Box 90, Queanbeyan, NSW, Australia 2620 PO Box 9, Lidcombe, NSW, Australia 2141 116 Maitland Road, Sandgate, NSW, Australia 2304 129 Grey Street, Glen Innes, NSW, Australia 2370 349 Worrigee Road, Worrigee, NSW, Australia 2540

Silverton Village Cemetery

PO Box 1006, Broken Hill, NSW, Australia 2880

(02) 8088 6325

Wagga Wagga City Council

PO Box 20, Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia 2650

(02) 6922 6802

St Thomas Street, Bronte, NSW, Australia 2024

(02) 9665 4938

Locked Bag 8821, Wollongong, NSW, Australia 2500

(02) 4272 4404

(02) 9545 4677

(Wagga Lawn Cemetery&Crematorium)

Waverley Cemetery Wollongong City Council Woronora General Cemetery & Crematorium Trust



accanews spring11

PO Box 4, Sutherland, NSW, Australia 1499

Northern Territory ORGANISATION




Alice Springs Town Council

PO Box 1071, Alice Springs, NT, Australia 0871

(08) 8950 0500

Litchfield Shire Council - Thorak Regional Cemetery

PO BOX 446, Humpty Doo, NT, Australia 0836

(08) 8983 1912

Queensland ORGANISATION Bledisloe Holdings Australia Pty Ltd Brisbane City Cemeteries Bundaberg Crematorium & Memorial Park Cairns City (Regional) Council




(07) 3206-6467

(07) 3407 8128

PO Box 768, Bundaberg, QLD, Australia 4670

(07) 4151 3357

PO Box 359, Cairns, QLD, Australia 4870

(07) 4044 3356

GPO Box 665, Brisbane, QLD, Australia 4001 3 Bronson Street, Bridgeman Downs, QLD, Australia 4035

Centenary Memorial Gardens

PO Box 363, Sumner Park, QLD, Australia 4074

(07) 3271 1222

Fraser Coast Regional Council

PO BOX 1943, Hervey Bay, QLD, Australia 4655

(07) 4121 3351

Gladstone Regional Council

PO Box 29, Gladstone, QLD, Australia 4680

(07) 4975 8100

Gold Coast City Council

PO Box 5042, Bundall, QLD, Australia 4217

(07) 5581 7089

Leslie G. Ross Funerals

PO Box 1072, Hervey Bay, QLD, Australia 4655

(07) 4124 7511

140 Adelaide Street, Maryborough, QLD, Australia 4650

(07) 4121 4183

(07) 3480 6648

Maryborough Crematorium Pty Ltd (Hervey Bay) Moreton Bay Regional Council Rockhampton Regional Council Cemeteries Toowoomba Garden of Remembrance & Crematorium Toowoomba Regional Council Woongarra Crematorium

PO Box 5070, Strathpine, QLD, Australia 4500

(07) 4934 8374

1001 Ruthven Street, Toowoomba, QLD, Australia 4066

(07) 3870 1950

PO BOX 3021, Village Fair Toowoomba, QLD, Australia 1350

42715 1543

21 Hartington Street, North Rockhampton, QLD, Australia 4701

PO Box 10, Wulguru, QLD, Australia 4811

(07) 4778 1476

South Australia ORGANISATION Adelaide Cemeteries Authority Anglican Diocese of Adelaide / North Road Cemetery Centennial Park Cemetery Authority




(08) 8139 7400

Cemetery Avenue, Nailsworth, SA, Australia 5083

(08) 8344 1051

760 Goodwood Road, Pasadena, SA, Australia 5042

(08) 8276 6011

PO Box 294, Enfield Plaza, SA, Australia 5085

61 Golden Grove Road, Ridgehaven, SA, Australia 5097

(08) 8396 6451

Mount Gambier Cemetery Trust

PO Box 56, Mount Gambier, SA, Australia 5290

(08) 8721 2555

Payneham & Dudley Park Cemeteries Trust

Exeter Terrace, Dudley Park, SA, Australia 5008

(08) 8344 2973

(08) 8406 8386

(08) 8684 2001

Drumminor Gardens Pty Ltd

Salisbury Memorial Park (City of Salisbury) West Coast Memorial Park

PO Box 8, Salisbury, SA, Australia 5108 PO Box 1415, Port Lincoln, SA, Australia 5606

Tasmania ORGANISATION Burnie City Council Carr Villa Memorial Park / Launceston City Council Millingtons Cemeteries Vincent Funeral Services Pty Ltd

ADDRESS PO Box 973, Burnie, TAS, Australia 7320 36 Nunamina Avenue, Kings Meadows, TAS, Australia 7249 The Cottage, Queens Walk, Cornelian Bay, TAS, Australia 7008 113 Bass Highway, Parklands, Burnie, TAS, Australia 7320



(03) 6430 5742

(03) 6323 3162

(03) 6278 1244

(03) 6431 9911

accanews accanews spring11 spring11


acca member directory Victoria ORGANISATION Ballaarat General Cemetery




(03) 5332 1469

Bendigo Cemeteries Trust

PO Box 268, Eaglehawk, VIC, Australia 3556

(03) 5446 1566

Box Hill Public Cemetery

395 Middleborough Road, Box Hill, VIC, Australia 3128

(03) 9890 1229

(03) 5231 4629

(03) 5221 1077

Colac Cemetery Trust Geelong Cemeteries Trust

Lydiard Street North, Ballarat, VIC, Australia 3350

PO Box 7, Colac, VIC, Australia 3250 141 Ormond Road, Geelong East, VIC, Australia 3219

Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust

PO Box 42, Fawkner, VIC, Australia 3060

(03) 9355 3100

Maldon General Cemetery Trust

PO Box 125, Maldon, VIC, Australia 3463

(03) 5475 2531

Melton Shire Council (Melton Public Cemetery Trust)

(03) 9747 7245

Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust

PO BOX 1159, Clayton, VIC, Australia 3169

(03) 8558 8203

Swan Hill Cemetery

PO Box 231, Swan Hill, VIC, Australia 3585

Wangaratta Cemetery Trust

PO Box 21, Melton, VIC, Australia 3337

PO Box 238, Wangaratta, VIC, Australia 3677

(03) 5722-0807

Western Australia ORGANISATION Albany Cemetery Board

ADDRESS PO Box 469, Albany, WA, Australia 6330



(08) 9844 7766

Bunbury Cemetery Board

PO Box 1115, Bunbury, WA, Australia 6231

(08) 9721 3191

City of Mandurah

PO Box 210, Mandurah, WA, Australia 6210

(08) 9550 3833

(08) 9921 2707

Kalgoorlie - Boulder Cemetery Board

PO Box 79, Kalgoorlie, WA, Australia 6430

(08) 9091 1693

Metropolitan Cemeteries Board

PO Box 53, Claremont, WA, Australia 6010

(08) 9383 5213

(08) 9781 0439

Geraldton Cemetery Board

Shire of Busselton

130 Eastward Road, Geraldton, WA, Australia 6530

Locked Bag 1, Busselton, WA, Australia 6280

International ORGANISATION Auckland Memorial Park City Parks Service Mangere Lawn Cemetery Trust Board P Day and Son Ltd Purewa Cemetery Trust Board South Canterbury Crematorium Ltd Norfolk Island Cemetery (kingston & arthur’s vale historic area)


accanews spring11

ADDRESS PO Box 391, Silverdale, Auckland, New Zealand 121 - 131 Trafalgar Street, Onehunga, Auckland, New Zealand PO Box 59207, Mangere Bridge, Auckland, New Zealand


PHONE 64 9 426 9383

64 9 275 4822

64 03 5287787

64 9 528 5599

PO Box 58, Timaru, New Zealand

64 3 6843251

Kingston, Norfolk Island 2899

(06) 7232-4198

57 High Street, Motueka, New Zealand 4a Parsons Road, Meadowbank, Auckland, New Zealand 1005

Corporate Members: Australian Capital Territory ORGANISATION Grave Keepers

ADDRESS PO Box 5699, Latham, ACT, Australia 2615

Office of Australian War Graves

PO Box 21, Woden, ACT, Australia 2606



(02) 6259 0344

(02) 6289 6477





Frank Dimarco & Son Pty Ltd

14 Production Avenue, Kogarah, NSW, Australia 2217

(02) 9588 5477

Future Plastics Pty Ltd

104 Pebbly Hill Road, Maraylya, NSW, Australia 2765

(02) 4573 6276

(02) 9748 3688

Wan Jia - Glory Marble & Granite H. Parsons Pty Ltd

PO Box 363, Sydney Markets, NSW, Australia 2129

(02) 4228 9622

34 Belmore Street, Woolongong, NSW, Australia 2500

H.N. Olsen Funerals Pty Ltd

691 Old Princess Highway, Sutherland, NSW, Australia 2232

Heaven Address

Suite 2, Level 2, 92 Pitt Street, Sydney, NSW, Australia 2100

Hickey & Co. Pty Ltd L.S. Piddington & Sons Pty Ltd LifeArt Australasia Pty Ltd Lifetime Images

PO Box 13, Petersham, NSW, Australia 2049 PO Box W424, Armisdale, NSW, Australia 2350 66 Derby Street, Silverwater, NSW, Australia 2128 5 The Esplanade, Drummoyne, NSW, Australia 2047

(02) 9545 3477

0418 621 615

(02) 9564 1888

(02) 6772 2288

(02) 9737 0004

(02) 9181 2476

(02) 6674 3777

Melaleuca Station Memorial Gardens

PO Box 2001, Kingscliff, NSW, Australia 2487

N. & F. Arciuli Pty. Limited

6 East Parade, Eastwood, NSW, Australia 2122

(02) 9804 7232

Phoenix Foundry Pty. Ltd.

PO Box 5, Uralla, NSW, Australia 2358

(02) 6778 4803

Whyman Funeral Services

1 Little Church Street, Bega, NSW, Australia 2550

(02) 6492 4111

Queensland ORGANISATION ARGO Projects Pty Ltd

ADDRESS PO Box 3378, South Brisbane BC, QLD, Australia 4101



(07) 3010 2300

South Australia ORGANISATION A.L. Nalty Memorial Pty Ltd Doug Dick & Co.

ADDRESS PO Box 161, Prospect, SA, Australia 5082

PHONE (08) 8346 4955

(08) 8278 2844

3/73 King William Road, Unley, SA, Australia 5061

(08) 8272 7786




Unit 1/250 Glen Osmond Road, Fullarton, SA, Australia 5063

Monumental Masons Association of SA Inc


Victoria ORGANISATION Arrow Bronze Austeng Pty Ltd Axiom Business Systems Pty Ltd

PO Box 4576, Dandenong Sth, VIC, Australia 3189 78-80 Douro Street, North Geelong, VIC, Australia 3215 PO Box 110, Vermont, VIC, Australia 3133

(03) 9794 2922

(03) 5278 2044

(03) 9887 0500

Florence Jaquet Landscape Architect

8 Rowell Avenue, Camberwell, VIC, Australia 3124

0419 983 641

Harmer Architecture P/L

25 Budd Street, Collingwood, VIC, Australia 3066

(03) 9416 4466

LITE guard

PO BOX 428, Hampton Park, VIC, Australia 3976

(03) 8768 8670

Major Furnace Australia

100 Fairbank Road, Clayton, VIC, Australia 3169

(03) 9558 1700

PO Box 40, Montrose, VIC, Australia 3765

(03) 9761 7727

PO Box 2237, Footscray, VIC, Australia 3011

(03) 9687-1301

(03) 5799 0650

(03) 9568 6999

Memoriam Glass Nelson Bros. Funeral Services Norwalk Concrete Industries Pty Ltd The Minter Group of Companies

PO Box 595, Seymour, VIC, Australia 3661 17 Park Road, Oakleigh, VIC, Australia 3166

accanews accanews spring11 spring11


acca member directory Corporate Members: International ORGANISATION


Xiang An International (Aust) Eternal Cultural Service & Co.

702-703/99 Bathurst Street, Sydney, NSW, Australia 2000

Stone Orchard Software Inc. Fuzhou San Shan Cemetery Co Ltd

KM1306, No 88 Cao Xi Rd North, Shanghai, China 200030

Fuzhou Yaoxin Hardware Company

Xiajin Village, Jianxin Town, Cangsham District, Fuzhou, Fujian, China 350008

PHONE (02) 9283 7668

(800) 932 3388 86 21 54255151

86 13 950411576

GuangZhou Xiang An Enterprise Development Co. Ltd.

8/F Di Jing Building, No. 36-38, Taojin Road, Guangzhou, China

86 20 83578168

Guizhou Zhongcheng Industrial Co. Ltd

Level 16, BLKB, Zhuanshi Square, No. 50, Zhonghua Nan Road, City Of Guiyang, Guizhou, China

86 85 15870118

Jiangxi Wuyuan Wanshoushan Cemetery Co. Ltd Shanghai Fu Shou Yuan Industrial Development Co. Ltd Shanghai Yangyi Gardens Engineering Co. Ltd TianJin YongAn Funeral and Interment Co. Wuhan Shimenfeng Metropolitan Cemetery Co. Ltd

86 7 93 741 6612

86 21 64743933

No. 7510 Qingsong Road, Qing Pu District, Shanghai, China, 201700

86 21 69208828

Chen Zui Town, Wu Qing District, Tianjin, China

86 22 86839498

86 27 87635449

Taizi Brige, Zitang Town, Wu Yuan County, Jiangxi, China Room 1306, No 88, Cao Xi Road North 200030, Shanghai, China

Wangjiadian, Jiufeng Township, Hongshan District, City Of Wuhan, Hubei, China, 430075

Xian He Ridge Yang An Cemetery

Level 5, Fuzhuang Building, Zhongxin Street, Yan’an City, Shaanxi, China

86 911 2116938

Yinchuan Fushou Yuan Ecological Cemetery Co. Ltd

East of Botanic Garden, Liangtian Town, Jinfeng District, Yinchuan, China

86 9 51 5177008

86 71 88132468

Zhejiang Anxian Garden Taiyo Chikuro Industries Co Ltd

Bashan Shuihong Temple, City Of Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China 6-21 Higashi-koen, Hakata-Ku, Fukuoka, Japan

0 8 92 651 4131


9A Jalan S822/23, Petaling Saya, Selangor, Malaysia, 47400

6 3 772 95585

Nilai Memorial Park (NS) Sdn Bhd

c/- PUSAT XIAO EN, NO: 1, JALAN KUARI, OFF, Jalan Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 56100

603 9145 3888

605 807 6868

Prestavest Crematorium & Memorial Park Mongolian Funeral Association

Lot 8517, Jalan Taman Semarak, Pokok Assam, 34000, Taiping, Perak, Malaysia PO Box 181, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, 210628

976 326 11 585

Cremation Society of Canterbury Ltd

PO Box 398, Christchurch, New Zealand

64 3 3896 282

Hamilton Park Cemetery

Private Bag 3010, Hamilton, New Zealand

647 856 9604

Hutt City Council Manukau Memorial Gardens Maunu Crematorium Ltd New Plymouth District Council North Shore City Council

Private Bag 31912, Lower Hutt, New Zealand Private Bag 76917, Manukau City, Auckland, New Zealand PO Box 0843, Kensington, Whangarei, New Zealand Private Bag 2025, New Plymouth, New Zealand, 4342 235 Schnapper Rock Road, North Shore, Auckland, New Zealand

64 644 570 6774 64 9 279 8232

64 6 759 6060

64 9 415 9646

Permanite Memorials

61 Station Road, Marton, New Zealand, 4710

64 6 327 7019

Waikumete Cemetery & Crematorium

Private Bag 93-109, Glen Eden, New Zealand

64 9 818 4407

Ortho Metals F.G. Marshall Ltd


17665 Leslie St, Unit 47, Newmarket, Ontario, Canada L3Y 3E3


PO BOX 321, NL-7900 AH, Hoogeveen, The Netherlands New Place, Park Road, Banstead, Surrey, United Kingdom, SM73EH

Matthews International Corporation

1315 W. Liberty Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA, USA, 15226

Milne Construction Australia Pty Ltd

PO Box 2740, Portland, Oregon, USA, 97208

accanews spring11

01737 357123

412 571 5601

503 222 9837

ACCA 1985 - 2011


C Ashton Shirley

Bruce D Macumber

OCTOBER 1985 - JUNE 1897


Graeme J MacGill

James McKay

JUNE 1987 - OCTOBER 1987


Ian I Roddick

Pieter den Boer



Kevin M Crowden

Darryl Thomas



David Blake

Brendan O’Connor



Peter D MacLean

Bryan Elliott



Koos C Adrichem OCTOBER 1999 - OCTOBER 2001


Koos Adrichem

Greg Taylor

John Campbell

Peter MacLean

Keith Joyce

Lawrie Miller

David Lusby

Tony O’Connor


2004 2004 2004

2004 2005 2007 2007

accanews accanews spring11 spring11



MEMBERSHIP CRITERIA Ordinary Membership: Organisations that administer the affairs of a cemetery and/or crematorium in Australasia. SUITED TO CEMETERIES AND CREMATORIA

Corporate Membership: Shall be incorporated organisations or trading enterprises considered worthy of membership associated with the burial or cremation industry who satisfy the Board that one or all of their activities assist and complement the work of the association and/or other members. SUITED TO SUPPLIER COMPANIES.

ACCA Secretariat:

Affiliate Membership: Shall be persons considered worthy of such classification associated with the burial, cremation or allied industry who are not otherwise qualified to become an associate fellow, associate member or corporate member of the association. SUITED TO FUNERAL DIRECTORS.

Suite North 1 / 215 Bell St, Preston VIC 3072 Australia T: +61 3 9863 6914 F: +61 3 9863 6901 E:

ACCA MEMBER BENEFITS The Australasian Cemeteries & Crematoria Association (ACCA) is a non-profit professional organisation that exists to provide leadership, professional services and communication to the cemetery and crematorium industry. ACCA is financially supported by a strong membership from around Australia and overseas, with the Australian Members collectively representing over 85% of Australia’s annual burials and cremations. ACCA holds quarterly meetings of the Board of Directors and provides the following key services to its Members: 1 A certificate acknowledging the status of the member of ACCA 2 Part of a National body empowered as a voice for industry lobbying 3 Copy of ACCA News (complimentary for voting Ordinary members) issued quarterly Communiqué (following each Board meeting), and frequent Member Updates


accanews spring11

4 Access to the Member Login section of the website, offering open forum with fellow members 5 Opportunity for a detailed description of your organisation on the website 6 Member contact details for organisations throughout Australasia 7 Discounted registration fees and costs to the industry respected annual conference and mid-year seminar 8 Networking for the sharing of ideas and industry assistance 9 Link and ‘reciprocal arrangements’ with State Associations 10 Professional development 11 Media liaison and media statement access 12 Codes of Practice and Conduct 13 Environmental and technical guidelines 14 Advice on specific industry issues 15 Access to industry benchmarking and statistics 16 Access to ACCA logo branding

17 Voting rights at the annual general meeting or other extraordinary meetings for Ordinary Members 18 Opportunity to be involved in a range of sub-committees and projects 19 Opportunity to seek lobbyist support from the Association 20 Opportunity to become a Member of the Board of Directors’ for Ordinary Members 21 Opportunity to have input and an active role in the ACCA Strategic Plan The ACCA Board and management team are here to assist Members in any way we can, and to this end we encourage you to take full advantage of the resources we provide as well as accessing the cumulative pool of knowledge the Association represents.

CERTIFICATE III TRAINING FOR OUR INDUSTRY UPDATE Grave digging, Grounds Maintenance (Certificate III) 19 Units Of Competence Required

Cemetery and Crematorium Operations (Certificate III) 14 Units Of Competence Required REMEMBER:

Northern Sydney Institute – TAFE NSW (NSI) has, in conjunction with ACCA developed an easy to complete “Expression of Interest Form” to commence the registration process of Certificate 111 Training. In order to evaluate each individual, this form is integral to the student’s recognition of prior learning through experience and previous training. In simple terms both Certificates require the completion of Units of Competence as follows:


WHERE TO START? Managers need to take responsibility and sit down with each employee to determine their training needs…NOW! THEN: COMPLETE an EXPRESSION OF INTEREST FORM available for download from or ring the Secretariat office on 03 9863 6914 and return direct to the training coordinator, TAFE NSW: David Sharpe: Email: or FAX: 02 9448 6300 (Attention: David Sharpe) THEN: NSI Assessment of each individual will be undertaken to determine RPL, plus funding availability through MEGT and finally interviews/appointments prepared. MORE INFORMATION? Contact the Secretariat: email: or phone: 03 9863 6914

“Honouring Their Unconditional Love” At Best Friends Memorial Services we not only help people with the loss of a beloved Pet our aim is to help all people in their time of a loss. Our extensive range of Cremation Urns, Keepsake and Memorial Jewellery and our Grief Resources are suitable for anyone experiencing a loss in their Family. Please visit our website to view our catalogue of over 1000 Very New Products available to you and appropriate for the Cemetery and Crematorium Industry Not Just the Pet Industry. Prices shown on the website are recommended retail prices and not applicable to Cemetery and Crematorium Wholesalers for your price list please email sales@ or telephone on the listed number. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

PO Box 2057 Bennettswood Victoria 3125 Phone 0402 031 670 accanews spring11



The first community Mausoleum to be built in regional Western Australia is now taking shape. Mausoleum builders, Milne Construction Australia, have the crypts poured and advise they are on track for a mid November completion. Bunbury Cemetery Board Chairman, Wayne Jennings, who has met with several interested community groups, says “there is a subdued excitement amongst people in the Bunbury and surround communities.”


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The project which first gained momentum in October 2009, will give the locals a choice of interment that “they are accustomed to back home.” Many families have chosen to go to Perth in lieu of local in ground interment, but now have the option to stay local. The Mausoleum is chapel style with 44 crypts in this stage. The building is in a modern Tuscan style with touches of “old” melded into clean lines. This allows the architecture to be matched with other buildings in the cemetery grounds.

will your business systems stand the test of time? The Enabling Cemetery Enterprise Management Solution (CEMS) is a fully-integrated relationship and financial management solution which provides a single, organisational-wide view of all business operations specifically designed for the cemetery and crematorium industries. enabling cemetery enterprise management solution Fully-integrated back-end: finance, accounts, database management, statutory and financial reporting.

funeral directors Bookings, Orders/Invoicing, Communications

cremated remains Deceased Details, Booking, Location Management, Tracking

contact management


Family Relationships, Deceased Details, Bookings, Orders/Invoicing, Communications

Burial/Cremation, Event Management, Memorial Sales, Pre-Need Bookings

location management

works management Incident Tracking, Risk Register, Location Management – WRA’s

“The CEMS solution generates a true benefit for the future, where the reporting functions allow us to report on sales and historical trends, as well as tracking all the attributes and interactions associated with any particular relationship.” Russ Allison Southern Metropolitian Cemetery Trust

Sales/valuation, Attribute Tracking, Positions/Deceased, Tenure Management

key benefits of solution: • Sensitive and understanding approach to people and relationship management • Single platform (Sage Accpac ERP and CRM) from which to manage all aspects of cemetery and crematorium management • No need to manage and maintain multiple databases and silos of information • Ease of use and access to data • Reduced risk based on records management, data security, no need for double entry of information, ability to report with ease • Solid, proven technology platform with a clear and industry-leading roadmap • Reporting across all areas of the business • Ability to meet all Government Statutory reporting requirements.

If you missed us at the ACCA conference please contact us on 1800 enabling – 1800 362 254 (Australia)


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