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Founded December 1985 ACN 009 555 426 Executive Committee 2011/2012 President


Bryan Elliott

CEO Centennial Park Cemetery Authority Telephone: 08 8276 6011 Vice-President

Armen Mikaelian General Manager Cemeteries and Crematoria Invocare Australia Pty Ltd Telephone: 02 8841 7810

Executive Members


Peter Deague

CEO Metropolitan Cemeteries Board Telephone: 08 9383 5229

Pieter Den Boer

Manager Bunbury Cemeteries Board Telephone: 08 9721 3191


CEO Catholic Cemeteries & Crematoria Telephone: 02 8713 5777

Darryl Thomas

CEO Geelong Cemeteries Trust Telephone: 03 5221 1077

ACCA Secretariat Suite North 1, 215 Bell St Preston VIC 3057 Telephone: 03 9863 6914 Facsimile: 03 9863 6901

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The Board is also very aware of the need to ensure that you, the members, gain benefit from your membership. ACCA was created in 1985 when attendees of the parks and gardens conference realised there was insufficient specific information and networking opportunities for cemeteries and crematoria to meet and exchange ideas and help grow the industry both professionally and ethically. Over the years the generosity of individual trusts, both large and small, has resulted in standards and ethics that we can all be proud of. Larger entities have been extremely generous in their support of the industry demonstrated by the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board in Perth recently offering, through ACCA, to share their experience and resources they have recently developed in preparation for the new WHS laws. Over the years many of the larger cemeteries have been willing to share their resources and knowledge with the industry, using ACCA as the medium, for the betterment of the industry, let us hope that the spirit of generosity continues for many years to come.

President Bryan Elliott

PRESIDENT’S REPORT In what seems to be the blink of an eye it is already autumn and the first quarter of the year has gone. I am sure that most of you will agree time does appear to be passing so much quicker these days. Boy am I starting to sound like my grandparents and even my parents when they used to start sentences with “when I was a lad”. As the futurist Morris Miselowski proclaimed at the conference in Wellington (October 2011) the speed of technological change experienced over the past 100 years will now be seen in the next ten years. That is an absolutely frightening thought. Many of us blame technological advancements for “speeding up time” what will happen to our time if technological advancement does occur at the pace predicted? There is always a challenge for the ACCA Board and secretariat to plan when to hold conferences and seminars for our members. Wherever possible a date is chosen that does not clash with events that the various state associations and other industry associations run. Based on the available information the Board has scheduled our mid-year seminar for the 14th and 15th of June in Port Stevens. With the advent of harmonised legislation covering Work Health and Safety (WHS) there will be an opportunity to hear about the changes and the impact on our industry with the additional opportunity to network with your peers and learn from each other. Due to the increasing interest in limited tenure it has been decided to also present a segment on this topic as well. Please seriously consider the opportunity to come along to the seminar to learn and network with your industry peers. Associations such as ACCA provide opportunities such as these for its members to not only learn from experts but to also learn what others are doing around Australasia – this is a benefit of our national association. Planning is well underway for the 25th Annual Conference from the 14th to the 18th October in my home town of Adelaide. We value your comments and suggestions’ regarding the content of the conference and the program and every effort is being made to include the suggestions that have been received. Without your feedback and input the Board and the secretariat cannot develop the program to meet your expectations. I am looking forward to welcoming as many of you as possible to Adelaide in October with a conference that will be stimulating and educational for all our members.

Individually members of the Board give of their personal time as well as their professional time. Every Board member is indebted to their own organisation for affording them the time to attend meetings and work on ACCA issues. I know my own Board has been extremely generous to allow me to be involved but they also believe they are gaining knowledge and experience through my involvement. Please consider whether you would like to get more involved in your association as there are always opportunities to serve on the Board or committees. Get involved and work with your colleagues to shape the future of your association. Finally I would like to thank Malcolm Tucker for his involvement on the Board of ACCA. Sadly Malcolm is no longer employed in the industry and has resigned his role on the Board. On behalf of us all I wish Malcolm all the best for the future. As your President I hope to see as many of you as possible over the coming months either at a state meeting or at the midyear seminar in Port Stevens or in Adelaide in October.

Bryan Elliott

ACCA President


Bruce D Macumber

october 1985 - june 1987

october 2001 - october 2003

Graeme J MacGill

James McKay

june 1987 - october 1987

october 2003 - october 2005

Ian I Roddick

Pieter den Boer

october 1987 - october 1990

october 2005 - october 2007

Kevin M Crowden

Darryl Thomas

october 1990 - october 1993

october 2007 - october 2009

David Blake

Brendan O’Connor

october 1993 - october 1997

october 2009 - october 2010

Peter D MacLean

Bryan Elliott

october 1997 - october 1999

october 2010 - present

Koos C Adrichem october 1999 - october 2001


BOARD ACTIVITY MALCOLM TUCKER RESIGNS The ACCA Board would like to recognise the valued contribution of Malcolm Tucker to both the ACCA Board and the industry at large. We wish him all the best for his future endeavours and hope to see him in some capacity within the industry in the near future. BOARD MEETING

NATIONAL ONLINE WH&S MODEL ACCA Vice President Armen Mikaelian was in attendance at the recent CCANSW General Meeting in Kiama where one member had an interesting suggestion. The idea was to develop a National program to effectively “induct” contractors and other external cemetery workers to assist cemeteries in complying with Workplace Health & Safety requirements. ACCA is fully supportive of this suggestion and have taken the project on board for implementation. ACCA Director Peter Deague is working with the secretariat to ensure a prompt delivery of this project.

The ACCA Board met on 7th March 2012 to discuss quarter 2 results and upcoming projects. The meeting took place at the site of our next Annual Conference – Hilton Adelaide which allowed us to conduct final inspections of the venue and associated President’s reception venue and cemetery tour locations. The Hilton looks fabulous with a fresh new look since the last time ACCA held their conference there. We look forward to fine tuning the conference program and delivering another successful conference to our members.


The Board are happy to announce some exciting projects that we are currently working on and will be implemented throughout the coming months.

Early financial results for 3rd Quarter are tracking well. The board is expecting a positive report at the next Board meeting in June.


We have had a positive response to the upcoming Mid-Year Seminar in June and look forward to giving you further updates as they become clear.

ACCA understand our members want value for their membership buck. We have been busy working on ways in which we can improve the service we offer our members. We are pleased to introduce “ACCA Rewards”, a fantastic program that will give you, your trust members, staff and associates access to everyday savings that you can really use. This is entirely an “opt in” service and will be rolled out for all members for use with the grand launch at ACCA’s Mid-Year Seminar in June.

As reported at the ACCA Board meeting on 7 March 2012, the Board are pleased to advise that the 2nd Quarter for 2011/12 fell within budget in most cost centres with the overall result tracking ahead of budget. It was identified that the Association could strengthen its financial risk by looking at ways in which it can diversify income. This will be further discussed at the 3rd Quarter Board meeting in June which has been tabled as a strategic planning meeting.

REPRESENTATION Vice President, Armen Mikaelian has had a busy few months with ACCA and recently attended the 75th Annual FDANZ Conference in Tauranga, New Zealand. The conference program included a range of Education sessions including the Burial and Cremation Act Review, Contemporary Funeral Practices, Personalisation and Conflicts & Funerals. The AGM was held on Thursday 16th February in which Armen presented an update on ACCA activities and upcoming events. The response to the presentation was well received and we look forward to attending the 76th FDANZ Conference in 2013. continued…

The ACCA 2010/2011 Board. From left to right, Front Row: President Bryan Elliott, Vice President Armen Mikaelian Back Row: Malcolm Tucker, Pieter Den Boer, Peter O’Meara, Karyn Szulc, Peter Deague, Darryl Thomas


board activity Armen, along with Director Peter O’Meara and Secretariat Karyn Szulc, attended the CCANSW Quarterly Conference and General meeting in Kiama in February. The theme of the conference was “Technology” with presentation topics including Futurevation: The Tomorrow and Beyond of the Cemetery and Crematoria Business, A Layman’s Overview of GPS & GIS, Surveying Cemetery Assets, Integrating a Database Management System with GPS Surveys, Simplifying IT Solutions and Economic Update & Outlook. The AGM included addresses by CCANSW principal sponsors followed by an open forum segment which gave delegates the opportunity to raise issues of concern, seek advice or report on items of interest. Armen presented a report on current and upcoming ACCA activities and an update on the SINA concept. The presentation was well received and constructive feedback given to Armen, Peter and Karyn about SINA. The conference was a great opportunity for Karyn to meet some key people in the CCANSW organisation. Director - Darryl Thomas reported that the Queensland Funeral Industry Reference Group (QFIRG) working party has not yet set the next meeting date. We will continue to keep you updated on this project as it develops. Darryl attended the meeting for the Funeral Training Package Review on behalf of ACCA on the 20th March in Melbourne. We look forward to reporting more on this in our next edition of ACCA News. Thank you to all of our members who submitted feedback. President - Bryan Elliott presented at the CCAWA conference held in Kalgoorlie and provided delegates with a report on ACCA activities and an update on the SINA proposal. The conference program included information and guidance on expiry of grants pre 2012, dealing with requests from families to do their own burials, training needs within the industry, bookings to backfill and manual handling.

Bryan is committed to attending each State Association Conference and AGM in 2012 and he has confirmed his attendance at the upcoming CASA AGM on the 20th April. Following the CASA AGM, Bryan will make his way over to the CCAV Country Conference on the 27th & 28th April. Bryan will be joined by Darryl Thomas and Conference Committee member Karen Hinrichsen at the upcoming AFDA/ AFE Convention in Hong Kong on the 16th-20th May. Bryan will address the delegates and provide an update on ACCA activities whilst continuing to promote ACCA and network with our Asian members. The Board appreciate all appropriate opportunity to support our membership voice and welcome any nominations via our Secretariat. Feel free to contact Karyn Szulc to discuss or email SINGLE INDUSTRY NATIONAL ASSOCIATION PROJECT The SINA project was discussed at the last ACCA board meeting on 7th March 2012. The board is of the view that for SINA to progress, either one way or another, we need to ask our members to make an “in principle” decision on whether SINA is actually the direction the members want to go in the future before ACCA and the State Associations who have been involved invest further resources into the development of the project. It is ACCA’s intention to move on this project this year by way of reforming the working party and pushing on with development or removing the project completely from the project list. The way in which ACCA proceeds will depend entirely on views and feedback from members. The ACCA board have been committed to presenting the most comprehensive information regarding the concept to each state association and their members at their respective AGM’s. For the remainder of the year we will request that SINA is put on as an agenda item so the members of that state can vote on a “general” feeling of support of the project. For those states that have already had their AGM and not had the opportunity to vote, we are happy to accept your questions, comments and feedback via email or phone and as soon as further opportunity arises, we will seek your formal response. Armed with the information collected from those states who can vote, the matter of SINA will then be discussed at the ACCA AGM in October 2012. Any requests from the members for further information about the SINA concept are welcome via the Secretariat. GENERAL BUSINESS A number of projects were discussed at the ACCA Board meeting in March including further discussion around the development of eligibility criteria for membership of crematoria only to the Association. The Board have fine-tuned the eligibility criteria and are finalising documentation for presentation at the next ACCA Board meeting. Once finalised by the board, the documents will be circulated for member feedback before presenting at the next AGM for vote. As mentioned, the June ACCA board meeting has been set aside as a strategic planning meeting in which a number of ACCA guidelines will be reviewed. We are in the process of outlining the guidelines due for review and seeking industry input throughout the process. If there is a particular guideline you believe needs highlighting, please contact the ACCA office. The Board are pushing along with the National Paperwork project and will continue to update you on the progress. If you have any issues affecting your Trust, would like to raise an issue for the board to consider further or have any feedback in regard to how we can serve your membership better, please feel free to discuss it with the Secretariat.


top: Opening Night - FDANZ Conference bottom: The FDANZ Executive for 2012 - Robyn Grooby, Lyndon Hope, Casey Martin, President Eion McKinnon, Rachel Benns, Gavin Murphy, and Tony Garing

FDANZ CONFERENCE 2012 75th anniversary

This year commemorated the 75th anniversary of the Funeral Directors Association of New Zealand Conference. It was an honour and a pleasure for ACCA to not only attend but to also present on such a special and important occasion for the Association. ACCA Vice President Armen Mikaelian had a very enjoyable experience representing ACCA at the Tauranga based conference which he described as being a very well organised and professional engagement. A highlight of the conference was the Tuesday dinner which was held at Classic Flyers - a wonderful venue that incorporates aviation history, a museum, a function centre, a cafĂŠ, flight training plus classic flights. It was an excellent choice for the occasion and the success of the evening was topped off with wonderful entertainment from the Andrews Sisters.

The closing dinner was also a success which was supported by an outstanding presentation from New Zealand Sevens coach Gordon Tietjens. Gordon made it very easy for guests to understand how the principles and management philosophy of his team can effectively be applied to any business. Armen was very impressed with the way in which FDANZ honoured their past Presidents and the superb way that the FDANZ history of the past 75 years was showcased to attendees. Congratulations and thanks should be given to Tony Garing (outgoing President) and congratulations also to Eion McKinnon who was inducted as the new President.


state reports

QUEENSLAND CEMETERIES & CREMATORIA ASSOCIATION 2012 QCCA Annual General Meeting Preparations are coming along very well for our Annual General Meeting to be held in beautiful Bundaberg on August 23rd and 24th. I would like to say that the support for this meeting has been excellent with many exhibitors and presenters already locked in. The venue is CQ University which is located opposite the Bundaberg airport and the perfect location and venue for the meeting. The purpose built auditorium for presentations, the fantastic area for exhibitors, the access and the gathering area which will house our meals and the amazing hospitality we have been shown will make this the best meeting in the history of the world. Some of the presenters we have confirmed include Doris Zagdanski who is one of our favorite presenters who will once again talk to us about grief and grieving. Her soft, genuine and peaceful delivery manner ensures all of us remain captivated and informed whenever she speaks to us. David Molloy will fill us in on the perils and tribulations of above ground burials. As well as being the Treasurer of the QCCA, David’s experience in performing above ground burials is second to none. His laid back approach will make for an eventful presentation. Rob Noble from the Dept of Justice and Attorney General will fill us in on the recent changes to the WPH&S Act which made the Act National. Rob will address the most important aspects of the Act which relate to not only our industry but all work sites. Brian McDonald will also give us an update on cemetery specific software from Stone Orchard. He will show us the benefits of having specific software and the details involved to have it implemented.

We also have our exhibit area for delegates to obtain the best products and advice possible. So far we have confirmed exhibits from Arrow Bronze, Phoenix Foundry, Worssell and Co., Randflex, LiteGuard, Forever Shining, Final Touch Australia, KTA Australia and AEC Spatial with more to come. Qld Funeral Industry Reference Group With the recent change of state Government in Qld, the Industry Reference Group set up by the Bligh Government has been put on hold until the new Government settles on their priorities and decides which of the Bligh initiatives they would like to adopt, if any. The group was convened to work with the state Government to make some changes to the industry which would allow it to be more transparent in the future. We are hoping that this group will be continued into the future and chaired by the new Qld Attorney General, Jarrod Bleijie. Changes to cremation container labeling and location of burial / cremation recording Changes to legislation in Qld recently will see adjustments and requirements to be listed onto cremation container labels. The labels will contain more specific information which refers to location of cremation and other relevant detail. The other change is that when a cremation or burial is conducted the facility where that occurs is required to lodge an electronic record with Births, deaths and Marriages. This is to ensure that all disposal is recorded correctly and efficiently. The Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages is currently working to implement both of these changes before the end of the year.

We are also assembling an expert panel to tackle any topic you may wish to be addressed.

left: Bundaberg Post Office, Queensland.



state reports


Government Liaison

A very successful CCA Quarterly Conference was held in Kiama on 23 - 24 February 2012, with over 6 people attending. The conference consisted of the quarterly General Meeting, Annual General Meeting and a number of presentations. The theme of the conference was ‘Technology’ and the presentations provided excellent information that can be utilised in their own organisations.

One of the measures of an Association’s relevance is the degree of participation, and influence, it has on important matters affecting its members. Is it being listened to? Is it able, to some extent, influence the reform agenda?

The main social networking event was a ‘Vegas Night’ with the dress code for the evening being ‘1920’s and Gangsters’. As you can see from the photos a great time was had by all! At the Annual General Meeting, the following Office Bearers and Executive members were appointed:George Passas President CEO, Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park Graham Boyd Vide President CEO, Woronora General Cemetery & Crematorium Trust John Richardson Treasurer General Manager, Operations, Catholic Cemeteries Board Martin Forrester-Reid Councillor Manager, Waverley Cemetery, Waverley Council Graham Wakeling Councillor General Manager, Liverpool General Cemetery Trust Derek Williams Councillor Manager, Rookwood Anglican Cemetery Necropolis.


CCA has, in my view, done this effectively. The wheels of Government turn slowly and this requires patience. In 2008, in response to the looming shortage of burial space, particularly in Sydney, CCA recognised the benefits of adopting the practice of renewable tenure in NSW and made representation to the then Government. That process led to representation on the Crown Cemeteries Advisory Committee, which was formed in early 2010. That representation has been pivotal to inputting into the formulation of the proposal to implement renewable tenure in NSW currently before Minister Hodgkinson. The bulk of those inputs occurred during calendar 2011. CCA has gained the reputation of being a necessary party to this type of fundamental reform process. We’ll be part of the next steps including, I suspect, the drafting of a NSW Cemeteries Act to mirror what has occurred in South Australia and Western Australia. CCA was also invited to input into the proposed changes to the Disposal of Bodies Regulations to which we provided our separate, detailed response. Hunter Valley Quarterly Conference The next CCA Quarterly Conference is being held in the Hunter Valley on 28 & 29 June 2012. The theme for the Conference is “Sustainability and Supporting Management Systems”. It you are interested in presenting a paper, attending, sponsoring or recommending a possible speaker, please contact Mary Reid, CCA Secretary on 02 8246 2582 or

state reports

Education & Training

2011 Industry Improvement Award

CCA continues to provide members with the opportunity of further education and training in both metropolitan and regional NSW. Since 2008, with CCA support, Northern Sydney Institute of TAFE (TAFE NSI) has delivered training to over 140 delegates, in the following areas:-

Congratulations are extended to Christoper Killam, the winner of the 2011 Industry Improvement Award. Christoper is from the Rookwood Anglican and General Trust and is employed in their Monuments in Memoriam area. He specialises, and has a particular interest, in restorative works as well as the broad spectrum of memorialisation. A well deserved winner. The Award includes spending a week at another location to learn more about other successful techniques and to share information.

- Working Effectively in the Funeral Industry - Course No. 19443 - Safe Grave Techniques - Course No. 19441. A number of industry personnel who have completed either of the above courses have registered to continue towards one of the following qualifications: SIF30208 Certificate III in Gravedigging, Grounds and Maintenance SIF30108 Certificate III in Cemetery and Crematorium Operations. If you are interested in enrolling in the above courses or qualifications please contact Dave Sharpe, TAFE NSI on 02 9448 6266 or TAFE NSI 02 9448 6301. Service Skills Australia (SSA) in consultation with the industry is currently conducting a review of the SIF08 Funeral Services Training Package to ensure that the Training Package meets both current and emerging industry skill needs. SSA is in the process of researching what is really important for future skills development for the funeral services industry, and whether current qualifications need to be updated or changed in any way. CCA has provided SSA with a detailed submission and looks forward to being involved in the next stage of the review process. CCA has supported accredited training since inception and we look forward to being part of the continual development of relevant accredited training, matching industry needs.

inkedIn - Australian Cemeteries and Crematoriums Group CCA has established a LinkedIn group called the Australian Cemeteries and Crematoriums Group. Membership is growing rapidly and at present, we have over 40 members. If you are a LinkedIn member, consider joining now, if not, jump on board and see what it is all about. 2012 meeting dates The next CCA Quarterly Conference is being held in the Hunter Valley on 28 - 29 June 2012. This will be followed by the Melbourne Quarterly Conference on 15 - 16 November 2012. All industry colleagues, including members from CCA’s colleagues in the various State Associations, are invited to attend. In closing, I wish to acknowledge and thank our sponsors for the recent Kiama Conference being:Principal Sponsors:

General Sponsors: Glory Marble & Granite Supporting Sponsor: Frank Dimarco & Son Pty Ltd Globe Memorial Company Pty Ltd N & F Arciuli Pty Ltd Tyrrells Northern Suburbs Memorials Co Pty Ltd. Their support and contribution ensures that the CCA is able to continue with its member and government relations activities and, thus, remain the peak industry association in NSW. Thank you sponsors. Mary Reid. CCA Secretary.


state reports

CEMETERIES AND CREMATORIA ASSOCIATION OF VICTORIA The CCAV Committee of Management is continuing to focus on the many projects in action as reported in the Summer edition of ACCA News. The President and Vice President have continued to meet with the Department of Health on a regular basis and items such as the Enterprise Bargaining process, Clarifying the Class A Trust member appointment process, and perpetual maintenance in cemeteries have remained on the working table. CCAV provided documentation and guidance on the Government’s response to a Pandemic and the result of which was advised that Victoria’s approach falls in line with other states in that the matter will be managed by the coroner. The CCAV has offered to test this capability by conducting a “desk-top” test with the assistance of the AFDA. The CCAV Focus Groups have continued to make progress in their ongoing projects. The Communications Focus Group are in the process of producing a number of promotional tools to assist our members to raise the awareness of right of interment, perpetuity, tenure and memorialization.

The Environmental Sustainability Focus Group has released a public statement in regard to the recycling of metals remaining after cremation agreement. The group have also recently met and are in the process of drafting a Heritage Policy with SMCT’s Celestina Sagazio. The Training Group continues to be committed to rolling out industry related Professional Development. The recent tender process was greeted with a positive response and we plan to finalise this process mid-May.The latest training programs, schedules and applications are available on the CCAV website – ACCA has invited CCAV President Rod Shell to present at their upcoming Mid-Year Seminar in June at Port Stephens NSW. Rod will cover the topic: “Managing Contractors to work Safely Within Your Cemeteries” as part of the general theme of the seminar, WH&S Harmonisation and Limited Tenure. EVENTS 27-28 April COUNTRY CONFERENCE Moonah Links, Fingal, Mornington Peninsula VIC 1 June GENERAL MEETING Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust Northern Memorial Park - Commemoration Centre

GRAVE SHORING SYSTEMS Customised solutions for your industry

Panels are very light, approximately 30kgs each. The standard panels are 2400mm long x 600mm high x 40mm thick of structural grade aluminium, painted green or any colour on request. Other sizes are available. Panels can be handled manually or by small machinery often used within cemeteries. Base panels come with 600mm high legs in the corners to save damaging the coffins on removal of the shoring system. For use in sandy soil, panels can have built in or clip on edges. Lifting lugs on all panels. Panels can be stacked 4 high to a depth of 3000mm. An alternative to the standard panels, particularly in sandy soils is the Box Section Shoring, which has four sides, therefore is for fixed size graves. Spreader bars, either screw jack adjustable or fixed length. Spreader bars double as a ladder for entering and exiting the excavation. Lite Guard are specialist aluminium fabricators of ground support and shielding systems. Lite Guard can manufacture to your individual designs or requirements. We can fabricate whatever you require.

Other products are: q Safety lids for open graves ,mesh or solid aluminium. Can be lockable and attach to the decking and shoring q Hand rails to meet the falling from heights regulations (if grave is 2000mm deep) q Checker plate flooring systems for around grave sites

q End closure panels q Monument stabiliser

We also supply synthetic grass All our products meet the Australian, USA, British and European standards


Phone: +613 8768 8670 Fax: +613 8768 8671 P.O. Box 428 Hampton Park, VICTORIA 3976 Web: Email:

left: Metal implants right: Nails remaining

Recycling of Metals Following Cremation Public Statement

At some time in our lives we may need to have an operation to replace a joint or have a metal insert to assist the repair of a bone. Often we will die with these metal implants still in our body and if cremated, these metal implants remain with the cremated remains following the cremation. At present these unique metals, along with the remaining metals from the construction of the coffin, are removed from the remains and stored until there is a sufficient quantity to be taken out into the cemetery grounds and buried. The cremated remains, free from any metal substances are then placed in an urn, ready for memorialisation or collection by the family. Meanwhile we continue to dig raw materials out of the ground and damage the environment in the process of making new metal inserts. In addition the E.P.A. in Victoria indicate that these materials if separated from the human remains would be classed as Industrial Waste, and if burial of these continues, further tests would need to be conducted as the process of burying these metals may be illegal. In a time when environmental issues are becoming more and more important to us all, we are realising that we cannot continue practices that are detrimental to our environment, without accepting the consequences of our actions sometime in the future. After more than three years of investigations, the Cemeteries and Crematorium Association of Victoria (CCAV) has reviewed existing recycling practices with those that are currently available in other countries. Recycling of metals remaining after cremation is now fully accepted in over 15 countries across Europe including the U.K. and also in some states of the U.S.A. with over 450 Crematoria participating with a combined amount of around 200 tonnes of these metals being recycled.

Whilst recycling services are not available in Australia, OrthoMetals a company based in the Netherlands, through Austeng in Victoria, offers Victorian crematoria a full recycling service for collecting and dispatching these materials to the Netherlands for sorting and remelting these non-ferrous metals and the orthopaedic implants containing high quality metals of cobalt, tungsten, titanium and stainless steel that remain after a cremation and ensure that the use of non-renewable resources is minimised, thus helping protect our environment long term. Orthometals have been doing this for European based crematoriums for more than 14 years. The Victoria Cemeteries and Crematoria Regulations 2005, Part 5, Regulation 19 “Disposal of substances”, is very clear with the disposal of non-human material and reads: “A cemetery trust may dispose of any metal substance or non-human substance recovered from a cremator after the cremation of bodily remains or body parts in a crematorium at a public cemetery for which a cemetery trust is responsible pursuant to a cremation authorisation or a cremation approval, or in the case of body parts, pursuant to an authority under section 150 of the Act, in any manner it considers appropriate.” Arrangements are in place through the CCAV to ensure the highest standards of collection are maintained. This recycling project will be at no cost to the individual crematoria. Please note that soft/precious metals melt during the cremation process and are dispersed throughout the remains and the cremator and are reduced to tiny granules. These cannot be recovered and returned to the family so it is recommended that all jewellery is removed prior to cremation. The CCAV encourages participating crematoria to donate any monies returned, and assures families that any monies made available to the CCAV through this process will be donated to death related charities such as bereavement support groups, the Heart Foundation and Cancer Research etc. Should you have any questions about this recycling program, please contact the CCAV on 9863 6911. 10

CEMETERIES ASSOCIATION OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA The CASA AGM & Information Day is fast approaching on Friday 20 April 2012. The location for this year’s event is the picturesque McLaren Vale, 40 minutes south of Adelaide. President Bruce Nankivell said the program would present an interesting mix of topics, with special focus on operational issues and challenges for cemetery managers. “This is an area that members consistently tell us they value in the day’s program”, he said.

McLaren Vale, South Australia


“Following on from our successful regional meetings in recent years, we are delighted to be able to include four case studies from regional councils that will highlight successes and learnings from specific cemetery developments.” Also included in the program are demonstration of safety equipment and a tour of two local and historic cemeteries. The CASA Executive Committee has reviewed the association’s current constitution during the past year and is submitting an updated version to the AGM for approval by members.

CEMETERIES AND CREMATORIA ASSOCIATION OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA The CCAWA Annual General Meeting and One Day Seminar were held in the City of Kalgoorlie Boulder on Friday 23rd March 2012. The Quality Inn Railway Hotel & Function Centre hosted around 38 attendees and their partners. Guest speakers included Mr. Bryan Elliott, President, Australasian Cemeteries and Crematoria Association and Mrs. Kerry Everett, Chairman, Kalgoorlie-Boulder Cemetery Board. Emeritus Fellow and Life Member of the Australasian Cemeteries and Crematoria Association, Mr. Peter MacLean, was on hand to announce this year’s winner of the Peter MacLean award, Mrs. Anne Dixon, Bunbury Cemetery Board. Keynote speaker, Mr. Scott Wilson, President, Eastern Goldfields Historical Society, delivered an interesting session on Ghost Towns in the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder. Other sessions included Expiry of Grants of Right of Burial Pre-1986, DIY Burials and Getting a Handle of Manual Handling.

All attendees participated in breakout sessions discussing Cemetery Security, Weekend Bookings, Multiple Same Day Bookings and Out of Hours Requests. These sessions focused particularly on small, regional cemetery solutions. This year’s seminar provided the CCAWA with an opportunity to launch its new website. This new service provides member access to information and resources covering a wide range of relevant topics. The formal program concluded with a tour of the Kalgoorlie Cemetery and Crematorium, a unique and beautiful facility. Most attendees stayed to enjoy drinks and nibbles at the sundowner and then followed on with a delicious dinner at Danny’s Restaurant. The group was treated to a pleasant surprise when Mr. Ken Ball, Kalgoorlie Monumental Works, regaled us with genuine Australian Bush Poetry. Thanks to sponsors AFDA, Arrow Bronze, Goldfields Funeral Directors, HH Webb, Lite Industries, Phoenix Foundry and William Barrett and Son for the brilliant day. Another big thank you goes to Gaye Newton, CCAWA Treasurer, for her tireless work to organise such a successful event.



We are increasingly becoming an international/global business community. Following is a snapshot of the industry conferences and seminars we have been informed of for 2012. Web links to the organisations are below, if you would like further contact details of any of the organisations listed, please contact the Secretariat Office.

2012 20 April

CASA Information Day & AGM Adelaide, SA

27 - 28 April

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AUSTRALIAN FUNERAL DIRECTORS ASSOCIATION (AFDA) REPORT The past few months have been a great opportunity to plan for 2012 so as an association we can continue to deliver relevant information, assistance and training. The Future Planning Workshop which will be held in March will aim to identify and examine future issues and directions for the AFDA and our industry in general. I am confident that the outcomes will help to refine our focus and plans to ensure we are focusing on key issues and topics for the future. In February I had the pleasure of attending the FDANZ 75th Annual Convention in Tauranga, New Zealand. Apart from the wonderful social events, the FDANZ also provided an excellent education program and I do believe that we are very fortunate to have such a positive relationship with our friends across the Tasman. With the new WHS laws being introduced around the country it is appropriate that we dedicate some time to understand these important legislative changes. Not all states are coming on board at the same time; however it is worthwhile being prepared for the changes.

AFDA President, Bernardine Brierty

The AFDA has recently undertaken a full review of our AFDA OH&S Manual in light of this new legislation. It was pleasing to see that the AFDA OH&S Manual stood up well to the review and remains current and relevant with lots of practical advice for Members. All Members should have received a guide to the new WHS legislation and a two page update to the AFDA OH&S manual which was sent out in January The AFDA is also actively involved in the review of the Funeral Service Training Package which is being carried out by Service Skills Australia during 2012. The review is part of the commitment to continuous improvement and to ensure that the training package meets both current and emerging industry skill needs. Regards,

Bernardine Brierty National President


Nilai Memorial Park - ARGO Architects

Chinese River Village, Negeri Sembilan (near Kuala Lumpur), Malaysia Although Filial Piety (Xiao En) is the intention of this major cremated remains interment facility, the theme is “Chinese River Village�. Approximately 30,000 cremated remains are interred inside these river village dwellings, some in air conditioned comfort and all certainly in secure and beautiful surroundings. This extensive village facility runs beside a natural stream, which has been beautified with landscape in traditional Chinese garden style. Andrew Browning and Will Marcus of ARGO Architects travelled to China with their client, Frank and Keng Choo of the Xiao En Group, Malaysia, to investigate the special and unique Chinese River Village architecture for inspiration. This is the first cremated interment village of its type in the world and its commercial success has been so great that copy facilities are already starting to open around South East Asia. This facility met a significant pre-need market very successfully and as a result, has continued to grow every year since its first stage as any village might, up the stream.


Courtyards and special landscapes have been included for all niches to have gentle and restful views and for the living to enjoy the spaces while paying their respects to their loved ones. During the Cheng Beng (Ching Ming) and Hungry Ghost (Enlightenment) festivals held each year, the River Village comes alive with thousands of families, paying respect and giving offerings. The design is set out to manage the high flow of people and to allow many restful places for older people to retreat and sit down in comfort, usually beside flowing water.

WELCOME ACCA CORPORATE PARTNERS 2012 ACCA are happy to announce the Association Partners for 2012. We value the support and contribution all our partners offer both the Association and the Cemetery & Crematoria Industry at large. We look forward to a great year ahead.


PLATINUM PARTNER Arrow Bronze is the world’s leading supplier of cast bronze memorial plaques and products. The company also supplies the identification and commemoration industries.

Arrow Bronze’s reputation for superior quality products and services dates back to 1850. They incorporate the latest technology and crafting techniques that are nearly as old as the art of bronze. Arrow Bronze is now located in their modern premises in Dandenong South where the tradition of memorial products and services of the highest quality continues. PHONE: 03 9794 2922 EMAIL:




Phoenix Foundry is the leading Australianowned and made supplier of cast bronze memorial and cremation plaques and other products throughout Australia. They have been creating and manufacturing beautiful cast bronze plaques, commercial and house signs, commemorative products, cast metal letters and numbers, honor rolls, coats of arms and badges since 1983. Phoenix Foundry also supplies cast bronze products to the USA, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Austeng is a well-established company with an excellent engineering reputation in the design and manufacture of special purpose equipment for industry. Situated in Geelong, Victoria, Austeng is an industry leader in engineered solutions, particularly relating to import replacement.

Shanghai based Fu Shou Yuan Industry Development Co, together with its subsidiaries, engages in the development and construction of cemeteries and provision of funeral arrangement services in the People’s Republic of China. The company sells grave plots and niches for cremation urns and tombs.


Phoenix is an award-winning business with an extensive and successful history. They manufacture a wide range of high quality cast bronze plaques and other products for cemeteries, crematoria, commemoration and for the home. All bronze plaques and other products can be designed with a wide range of features, and are also easy to install or fix to any surface. PHONE: 02 6738 2200 EMAIL:


Austeng offers a "one-stop" solution to its clients providing a complete service from the design through the manufacture, installation and commissioning phases. It often uses a "mechatronics" approach, i.e. it integrates mechanical and electronic elements of machines often in an unusual or innovative fashion to enable equipment to carry out various manufacturing tasks. Austeng also provides a comprehensive range of design and drafting services, combining a wealth of experience in designing mechanical systems with utilisation of Computer Aided Design facilities.


Fu Shou Yuan operates as a subsidiary of Anhui Anhe Investment Consulting Co Ltd. Fu Shou Yuan Group is a standing member of China Funeral Association and is sanctioned by certain government authorities as Red touring Base and educational base for young people. The group has won the title of "Model Unit" granted by Shanghai Municipal Government for successive years. PHONE: +86 (21) 64743933 EMAIL:

PHONE: 03 5278 2044 EMAIL:


Bunbury cemetery

Group welcomes tomb with a view The new Mausoleum at the Bunbury cemetery was officially opened at the weekend. A crowd of more than 40, comprising suppliers, those involved in the planning and the members of the Italian community in the South West attended the ceremony which saw Bunbury MLA John Castrilli cut a ribbon to open the new building. Father Edwin Ocho blessed the new structure which has a mixture of double and single crypts as well as an area to store ashes. The concrete and marble structure was built by Milne constructions which travels the world designing and building structures for cemeteries. The first community mausoleum outside of the metropolitan area, the building cost $750,000 and sits atop a hill in the Catholic section of the cemetery, offering a commanding view over the precinct. During his speech, Mr Castrilli mentioned that the building looked like a villa and said it would be welcomed by the Italian community as well as the public of the South West in general who may be looking for an alternate resting place for their loved ones. Plans have already been drawn to build a second mausoleum should all the available spaces on offer be taken.



P R E - C A S T





NORWALK CEMETERY TRUST MAUSOLEUMS are for cemeteries whose clients desire a mausoleum style interment, but do not have a need for their own private mausoleum.


NORWALK PRIVATE MAUSOLEUMS are for people who desire an interment which is tailored to suit their personal culture, customs, and traditions. These may be arranged through the cemetery or directly through NORWALK.

• Reclaim unstable or unusable land

NORWALK BURIAL VAULTS are easy to install and eliminate threats of cave-in, providing a safe work environment for your staff. NORWALK BURIAL VAULTS can accommodate double or triple interments and are available in a range of sizes to suit your cemetery’s specific needs.

MODULAR SINGLE CRYPTS can be supplied ready to fit into Private mausoleums to ensure compliance with Australian Standards.

• Can safely support machinery and maintenance equipment

NORWALK BURIAL VAULTS can be installed individually, or as multiple installations - reducing the risk of machinery damage to adjacent monuments. Multiple installation of Norwalk Burial Vaults also allows you to complete the landscaping and development of the area ensuring interment re-openings and second interments are carried out in a safe, clean and tidy environment.

To better help you, NORWALK has a Design and Construct Service for both cemeteries and individuals to take the headache out of building your mausoleum - giving you complete confidence the finished building will comply with all relevant Australian Standards.

• Allows for installation and planning pre-need

NORWALK BURIAL VAULTS accommodate all casket sizes and are completely waterproof. They are made from the highest quality reinforced pre-cast concrete and provide a solid foundation to support the installation of extensive monumental masonry.

• Traditional earth contact burial • Provides a safe, faith respecting interment • Install up to 3,800 units/hectare • Will accommodate 1,2 or 3 burials • Utilize your existing capital equipment

• Reduced on-going maintenance costs

NORWALK CONCRETE INDUSTRIES PTY LTD 47 Highlands Road, Seymour, Victoria, 3660 - PO Box 595, Seymour, Victoria, 3661 T: 03 5799 0650 F: 03 5799 0651 M: 0418 549 572 E:



“Show me the manner in which a nation or community cares for its dead and I will measure with mathematical exactness the tender sympathies of its people, their respect for the law of the land and their loyalty to high ideals”. -Gladstone These powerful words sum up the importance of memorialisation and why its essential role in the grieving process should be fostered and nurtured. The Remembrance Process is indeed a process that guides families and service providers through the continuum of grief to remembrance. People who deal with death every day, professional care givers such as palliative care, grief counsellors, clergy and medical practitioners have long understood the importance of remembrance. It is an established principle that helps heal, so we can go on living our lives in meaningful ways. There is little doubt that grieving family and friends find solace in slowing down and having the opportunity to cherish the memories of their loved one during a visit to the cemetery. Funeral and cremation services remembrance rituals are not only ways to say goodbye to a loved one, but should also be time-tested ways that can help families and friends move from grieving to remembrance. Permanent remembrance in the form of a memorial site provides a place and a way for families to remember and honour their loved ones forever. There are many reasons to celebrate and mourn the life of a loved one, but for many, these six things sum up why remembrance is important: 1. To acknowledge the reality of death. 2. To acknowledge the emotions associated with the death. 3. To acknowledge that the relationship with the person who died has shifted from physical presence to memory. 4. To acknowledge changes in personal self-identity.


5. To ponder and search for new meaning in life. 6. To receive the loving support of remaining family and friends. Sadness at the loss of a loved one may never entirely go away, but remembrance lives on. The desire to be remembered lives within our genetic makeup. It is the age-old reason people carve their initials in trees, place their hands in cement, and chalk their names on rocks. They want to leave their mark. They want to be remembered. But for the living, the real marks they leave are the ones they’ve left on us. A hug. A smile. A timely word of advice. We want to remember those we’ve loved and lost, not only for them, but also as importantly for ourselves, to mend, to heal, to live, and never to forget. We are at a watershed in the Industry and we all need to work together to change a paradigm. Only 50% or so of all funerals include this final stage of grieving particulalry in cremation where only 30% are memorialised at a Memorial Park. Why because they are told that scattering of cremated remains or no service cremations are somehow romantic and cheap. There lies the misconception. We must show families that if they are not moving through the time tested procedure of grief to remembrance they are really short circuiting themselves and in fact they’re grieving process is not good. We can start to change these perceptions, dare we say paradigm by everyone at every opportunity getting behind The Remembrance Process, promoting the site www. and becoming Authorised Remembrance Providers. As more and more people realise the importance of completing the process of grief to remembrance, only then can we all once again take pride in those words that Glastone wrote so long ago.

Alternative Memorialisation From the depths‌ Life.

The closest thing to the Lost City of Atlantis may be located three miles off the coast of south Florida.

Making the reef a final resting place, she says, is a simple process for anyone.

Forty feet below the surface is a man-made, pristine reef where, several times a month, divers come to deposit stone urns containing ashes of the recently departed. This underwater burial ground near Miami was created by the Neptune Society, says Martha Porter, one of the group's counselors.

"That's the whole key. We want the family to actually celebrate a person's life. We don't want to have to see them go through all the mess in handling everything that has to be done."

"The deep-sea divers go down with your ashes mixed with cement, and they place it in selection spots you made. So, if you have an affinity for water, it's a great way to go - and people love it." In addition to providing a permanent legacy for those who loved the ocean, the Neptune Memorial Reef is attracting recreational scuba divers, marine biologists, students, researchers and ecologists from all over the world. Porter says visits to the reef are free and accessible to all visitors. The Neptune Memorial Reef is the world's largest man-made reef. When complete, it will have transformed more than 16 acres of barren ocean floor. The project is environmentally sound, Porter says, and meets the strict guidelines of the Environmental Protection Agency, Florida Fish and Wildlife Department and Army Corps of Engineers.

The completed first phase is a classical re-creation of the Lost City, 40 feet under the sea. These structures have produced a marine habitat to promote coral and marine organism's growth while creating the ultimate 'Green Burial' opportunity. A recent marine study conducted by the Department of Environmental Resource Management concluded that marine life around the Reef has gone from the zero to thousands in two years. Boat activity at the site is brisk, with families chartering boats or taking their own to snorkel or simply be at the site. Some family members actually become dive certified, enabling them to visit the site, to see their loved ones and monitor the Reef's growth. Eventually, it should cover 16 acres with room for 125,000 "placements," says Jim Hutslar, who manages the reef's construction. It opened in 2007 and "placements" cost about US$2,000. Among its residents: 86-year-old Edith Hink of Naples. Her family decided she loved the water so much, they'd try something new.


ACCA Facebook & LinkedIn

ENTERING THE WORLD OF SOCIAL MEDIA After attending the CCA NSW Conference in Kiama in February and being reminded by Morris Miselowski (who also presented at ACCA’s Annual Conference in Wellington) that Social Media and Technology is nothing to be scared of. ACCA have embarked on the journey of learning about this somewhat mysterious (to some of us anyway) culture. Here are some tips from the Cheat Sheet of the “Social Media Marketing for Dummies” Marketing through social media platforms isn't quite the same as traditional marketing. Here are some rules that can help you conduct a successful social media marketing campaign: Social Media Marketing Rules • Make sure you give your customers something valuable because they'd much rather spend the time talking to each other about their passions than engaging with you. • Recognize that different types of influencers play varying roles at different points in the marketing funnel. Do the research to know who is influencing your customers and where. • Tie together all your strategies across the social media platforms. Think about how all your social programs can work together harmoniously. • Make your customers brand advocates and partners in your business. Give them the opportunity to impact not just marketing but product development, customer service, and innovations, too. • Develop your authentic social voice for the social media platforms. And make your brand a social brand. We join CCANSW in taking up the challenge to the Cemetery Industry to adopt this function into our everyday communications. Please also take the time to add the LinkedIn group created by Pierre duParte to your social media and Linkedin experience.

QR Codes

DOWNLOAD SMARTPHONE APP QR Code (Quick Response Code) is the trademark for a type of matrix barcode (or two-dimensional code) first designed for the automotive industry. The QR Code system has become popular due to its fast readability and large storage capacity compared to standard UPC barcodes. The code consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background. In recent years the QR Code has become common in advertising and packaging. The dissemination of smartphones "has put a barcode reader in everyone's pocket" for the first time. It provides quick and effortless access to the brand's website and even directly to a component of the site that may interest the reader. Thanks to Arrow Bronze (who provided the code), ACCA will be embracing this technology in future print marketing. To test it out, download a QR Reader from your phone’s APP store and scan the code.


NEW SAND & GELATIN Biodegradable Urns for water burial

Oceane Aqua Blue 9”x 7”

Classic aqua 11”x 7.25”

Oceane Pearl 9”x 7”

Classic pearl 11”x 7.25”

Traditional Aqua Blue 8.9”x 6.9”

Traditional Pearl 8.9”x 6.9”

Oceane Sand 8.9”x 6.9”

Quartz Round 8.25”x 9.75”

Salt Urn & Mini 9.5” x 8”

Regent Mahogany 12.5”L x 7.5”D x 7”H


Blue 10”x 7”

Green Floral 10”x 7”

Natural Floral 10”x 7”

Red Rose 10”x 7”

SCATTERING TUBES Adult Size: 12.6” x 5”

Ascending Dove


Bluebell Forest

Forget Me Not

Ocean Sunset

Rainbow Pond


Terracotta 10”x 7”

Mini Size: 5.25” x 2.95”


Sunflower Fields


The 19th Hole

The Minter Group of Companies T: 03 9568 6999 17 Park Road F: 03 9568 1813 Oakleigh Victoria 3166 E: Australia
































































InterStreaming the Mid-Year Seminar This year the Mid-Year seminar will be a launching pad for a number of ACCA initiatives including ACCA rewards, the release of the Online WH&S Model and for the first time InterStream will be filming some of our industry presenters for playback. Delegates and members will be able to visit the ACCA website post seminar to revisit the presentations online and in the future, we hope to have these LIVE to all members who aren’t able to attend the function in person. InterStream has just released its new desk top streaming unit and claims to have made video streaming even easier. The new devices are fitted with a 7 inch touch screen for ease of operation and monitoring of the stream. The unit comes with standard analogue and HDMI Video inputs which offer uncompromised quality streaming. This new streaming device has been developed at InterStream’s Queensland facility. InterSteam will have a device on hand at the Mid-Year seminar for members to view.




MID YEAR SEMINAR 2012 PROGRAM THURSDAY 14TH JUNE 2012 9.00 am 9.30 am 9.45 am 10.45 am 11.15 am 12.00 pm 1.00 pm 2.00 pm


2.30 pm 4.00 pm 4.15 pm 7.00 pm


FRIDAY 15TH JUNE 2012 9.00 am


10.00 am MORNING TEA BREAK 10.30 am 11.00 am 1.00 pm


2.30 pm



CEMETERY SAFETY EQUIPMENT Geelong Cemeteries Trust supplies cemetery safety equipment that may assist your cemetery in providing a secure and safe grave, as well as meeting some of your health and safety obligations. This equipment is designed for cemeteries by cemetery staff. Please contact the Geelong Cemeteries Trust for further information. All prices quoted include GST.








141 Ormond Road, East Geelong, Victoria, Australia 3219. Telephone: +61 (0) 3 5221 1077 Facsimile: +61 (0) 3 5221 7031 Email: Web:

Eco Whisper Turbine

LAUNCH OF WORLD FIRST ENERGY QUIET ACHIEVER ACCA Corporate member Austeng has been working with Brisbane based company, Renewable Energy Solutions Australia Holdings Ltd (RESA) in refining their technology in relation to a cutting edge small wind turbine, called the Eco Whisper Turbine. The company chose Austeng based on Industry Capability Network recommendation and its track record in “high level” projects. A prototype has been manufactured by Austeng and installed at its premises for the purposes of testing and modifications and also as a show piece for demonstrating its operation. A formal launch of the Eco Whisper turbine occurred in October, last year before a number of local politicians and business people. Longer term Austeng will be purchasing this wind turbine to assist in its own efforts to become more sustainable and implementing its own Carbon Management Response Plan. The Eco Whisper Turbine is an innovative 20 kW electricityproducing wind turbine that is virtually silent due to a unique cowl/ring that prevents air from spilling off the blades. The Australian designed and manufactured wind turbine, has a number of advantages compared to comparable 3 blade designs, including: • Lower start up speed • An advanced ability to collect wind making it suitable for a large number of sites • Australian made generator and inverter, delivering more energy (up to 45,000 KwH per annum) • No turn away losses • Blades contained in a central hub to minimise birdlife casualty. Michael Le Messurier, Eco Whisper’s Business Development Manager has stated” that the turbine is set to revolutionise small to medium-size renewable electricity generation and interest from industry is already overwhelming, with more than 300 requests during our launch week.” “The Eco Whisper Turbine is a huge advancement for wind power technology, particularly in the mid-size 20kW market,” said Mr Le Messurier. “The quietness of the wind turbine and its ability to operate effectively in a range of wind conditions makes it wellsuited for organisations seeking to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and impact of the carbon tax to achieve the renewable target of 20% by 2020. Suited to grid and non-grid connections, the turbine is extremely versatile, can power up to 4 homes or a small factory, and has great appeal for commercial sites, urban environments, such as industrial parks, airports, community groups, universities, councils, ports and manufacturing facilities. Ross George, Managing Director of Austeng commented that “It is particularly well suited for cemeteries as it correlates well with cemetery power requirements and it is the most quiet and unobstrusive of all turbines available”. Australia has excellent wind resources by world standards and Mr Le Messurier believes there are boundless opportunities for renewable energy. Ross George said the markets for the turbines could be quite significant and a real boon to his company in terms of the creation of “clean-tech” jobs and expertise. Also although the eco turbine concept began two years ago the recent introduction of the carbon tax is fortuitous. A number of cemeteries have already taken the first step which is an independent analysis to determine level of wind on site, best location and viability. Any queries please contact: Lyn George on (03) 5278 2044 or or visit photo: Ross & Lyn George in front of wind turbine currently on site at Austeng



The premier engineering

Setting the standard in crematoria design and systems

Austeng’s skills in design and management of crematoria projects in partnership with our clients have earned us a reputation for excellence. The latest “Joule” cremator is fully computerised and packed with many unique and innovative features that sets the standard for cremators world wide.



Computer Screens

Set Up Photos courtesy of Rookwood General Crematorium, owned & operated by InvoCare Australia Pty Ltd

Our extensive involvement in the cemetery and crematoria industry mean that we understand the challenges. We also supply engineering solutions to the cemetery industry. Our current range of equipment includes: > Grave Shoring > Grave Covers > Grave side safety Fence > Transfer Trolleys > Mausoleum Shutter Handling and Transfer Van Modules

Licensee for Furnace Construction 27


providers to the industry If you have an engineering problem, we are the answer Narrow Access Spida Crane

Side Tipping Trailer

Owners of:

Modern Burial System

Narrow Access Backhoe

Heavy Duty Trailer

In Co-operation with:


> Quicker and more efficient > Greater land utilisation > Safety advantages > Flexibility > Aesthetically pleasing > Long term advantages > Significantly increases revenue

The Modern Burial System is a new approach to interment that significantly increases cemetery revenue. Austeng can provide advice and an overall systems proposal that would best suit your cemeteries circumstances.

quality innovation eco -aware Australian Engineering Solutions Pty Ltd Austeng 78-80 Douro Street, North Geelong, Vic, Australia 3215 Phone: 03 5278 2044 Fax: 03 5278 5176 Email: Website:

Providing engineering solutions to the cemetery and crematoria industry


The use of geophysical methods to detect unmarked graves DAVID HUNTER, HUNTER GEOPHYSICS

Geophysical methods provide a means of scientifically detecting buried materials and have been in use since the 1950s for archaeological prospection. Adaptation of geophysical methods for archaeological purposes led to the development of geophysical methods and instruments designed specifically for the detection of unmarked graves in the 1990s, which has since developed into mature, reliable technology. There are several geophysical methods available that are capable of detecting unmarked graves, although each technique has limitations: specific soil types, the presence of certain types of bedrock, and a myriad of other variables can prevent a particular method from reliably detecting unmarked graves. It is for this reason that Hunter Geophysics conducts a site assessment prior to recommending a particular geophysical technique for use at a particular cemetery. Ground-penetrating radar (GPR) is the most commonly employed geophysical technique for the detection of unmarked graves as it is suitable for use in most soil conditions and is time efficient. GPR works by transmitting radiowaves directly into the ground and recording both the time taken for the signal to be reflected and also the strength (amplitude) of that reflection by any layers that may be present in the soil. The reflectivity of a particular soil layer (or a buried object) depends on the variation of moisture content from one layer to another: the greater the difference in moisture content, the stronger the reflection.

Unmarked graves can be remotely detected by comparing the amplitude, timing and shape of reflections received by a GPR system. However, some soil types and soil processes result in a mixing of the soil moisture between the grave and the surrounding soil. In this case, unmarked graves may become undetectable and, therefore, we can employ alternative geophysical methods, including magnetic gradiometry and electrical resistivity. Electrical resistivity operates by measuring the resistance of the soil to the passage of electricity that is introduced by the instrument. The soil resistance is directly related to the concentration of electrically conductive minerals in the soil, including water, and so – in this regard – the technique is similar to GPR. This is particularly effective in clay or silt soils. Magnetic gradiometry measures the strength of the Earth’s magnetic field, which is influenced by the presence of magnetized materials such as metal objects, iron-rich soils or volcanic geology (such as basalt or granite). The presence of these materials beneath the ground causes an increase in the magnetic field strength, which is detected by the instrument. However, most graves are at depths beyond the typical ‘search depth’ of magnetic gradiometers, meaning that metal objects such as hinges on coffins may not be detected unless the coffin is buried particularly shallow. Buried headstones made of volcanic rocks such as granite or basalt may be detectable at depth, and some soil processes will cause an increase in soil magnetization within the grave-shaft itself. These issues may cause the method to be unreliable. Electrical resistivity or magnetic gradiometry is typically used in conjunction with ground-penetrating radar in circumstances where it is suspected that GPR may have a reduced effectiveness.

left: Plan-view map of unmarked graves at the Creswick Cemetery created from ground-penetrating radar data. The short, dark blue lines (shown in three distinct rows) are individual graves. right: The Creswick Cemetery set-up ahead of a geophysical survey. Parallel string lines are laid 50cm apart across the entire survey area, with the geophysical instruments walked along the lines to ensure complete coverage of the survey area.

Graves usually have a measurable difference in the concentration of water when the soil within a grave shaft is compared with the soil immediately surrounding a grave. This variation is caused by the funeral process: the soil from within the grave is left out beside the grave during the funeral, and the weather at the time will either cause the water within the soil to evaporate (if it is sunny) or more water will be introduced into the soil (by rain). The soil is then returned to the grave shaft following the funeral, resulting in a difference between the soil moisture concentrations inside the grave shaft and the surrounding soil. This difference results in a greater amplitude reflection and allows the grave to be remotely detected. 29

top: David Hunter (right) pushes the ground-penetrating radar system while Matthew Crosbie (left) produces a site map using survey-grade GPS at a cemetery in western Victoria, January 2012. bottom: A radargram cross-section of the ground at an Aboriginal cemetery south of Sydney, New South Wales. An unmarked grave is shown in the red box.

Chinese Graves located at Creswick Cemetery CRESWICK CEMETERY TRUST

left: Ground-Penetrating Radar being used along the survey lines to gather information. right: The entire area was carefully measured and pegged to assure accuracy in the 50m x 50m site.

Hunter Geophysics has remotely detected several hundred Chinese and European miners’ graves at the Creswick Cemetery, where records show there are six compartments at the cemetery: the Church of England, Methodist/Wesleyan, Presbyterian, Catholic and Various Religions compartments, as well as a sixth compartment of unknown cultural provenance. Unlike the other compartments, no grave monuments or markers are found in compartment six; the location of any graves in this area was previously unknown. The cemetery knew what side of the road it was situated on and assumed that row one would be in line with row one of the adjacent Catholic and Methodist sections as everything lined up on the opposite side of the road. This assumption has been proven incorrect. After using magnetometry, electrical resistivity, groundpenetrating radar and electromagnetic geophysical methods, Hunter Geophysics produced a clear map of the layout of burials within compartment six. The other exciting find is the possibility of headstones located under the topsoil on some of the graves. It is hoped that these can be uncovered, cleaned, repainted and re-erected. Future plans include a Moon Gate between the Chinese monuments erected in 2010 with a pathway leading to the gravesites. Along this pathway they will erect the headstones that came from the Old Cemetery in Drummond Street, which is now a Pioneer Park. These headstones have been cleaned by the Trust and re-painted by Mr. Mun Chin and Mr. Doug Scott. Mun and his wife Ivy have transcribed the headstones and wrote a book on the Chinese in Creswick as some of their ancestors mined in the area. Thankfully, funding was received from the Department of Health Cemeteries Maintenance Grants program. This enabled the cemetery to determine where the old burial sites were and allows them to use the other areas for future burials. David Hunter from Hunter Geophysics will be speaking on the use of Ground-penetrating Radar to detect unmarked graves at the CCAV Country Conference.


Adelaide 2012 25TH ANNUAL CONFERENCE of the


Adelaide 2012 25TH ANNUAL CONFERENCE of the



On behalf of the Australasian Cemeteries and Crematoria Association (ACCA) Board, I am delighted to invite you to take part in ACCA’s 25th Anniversary Annual Conference. This exciting milestone event for the association will be held at the Hilton Hotel in Adelaide, South Australia from the 14th - 18th October 2012. The conference provides a valuable opportunity for sponsors and exhibitors to network with many key decision makers in the cemeteries and crematoria industry from Australasia, Europe, Asia and North America. We once again anticipate strong representation from many groups in the industry thus providing an excellent platform for your company to create and build upon valuable relationships.

This year’s themes are sure to excite. The President’s Welcome Reception on Sunday evening has been set at the Adelaide University’s National Wine Centre, a truly fascinating venue and a great opening to the Conference. Monday’s plenary sessions will cover core business needs including focus points on client service and networking. On Tuesday we will be exploring current cemetery issues and how they relate to future planning and will be delivering this in an exciting, unique and interactive manner. We will take the day on Wednesday to tour some of Adelaide’s premier cemeteries and on Thursday we will conclude the conference business program covering environmental and technological matters and how they will affect the future of the industry. Of course every grand event must be concluded with an equally grand celebration and this year’s Gala Ball promises to be just that. Held in the beautiful Hilton Hotel Ballroom, we are sure you will enjoy celebrating the success of the 25th ACCA Annual Conference. An invitation to participate in the 2012 ACCA Conference will be forwarded to all corporate members and clients shortly detailing a range of options to suit any requirement or budget. Packages are strictly limited so if you are interested in participating in this opportunity to support our industry then contact us on the below details and a prospectus will be forwarded to you immediately. Phone: Email:

+61 3 9863 6914

Karyn Szulc Executive Assistant 31

adelaide 2012 HILTON HOTEL, 14 OCTOBER - 18 OCTOBER

australasian cemeteries and crematoria association's 25th Annual conference


West Terrace Cemetery

Cemetery wins best new tourism development award The Heritage Highlights interpretive trail opened in March last year. West Terrace Cemetery won Best New Tourism Development at the 2011 South Australian Tourism Awards.

“In a very short time, the Heritage Highlights interpretive trail has resulted in increased visitor numbers and interest in the heritage value of the cemetery,” Robert said.

Adelaide Cemeteries Authority Chief Executive Officer, Robert Pitt said The Heritage Highlights interpretive trail was selected ahead of seven other entrants.

“Creating new and refreshed tourism developments in South Australia is a key strategy outlined in the South Australian Tourism Plan 2009-2014, and this project adds to the city’s capacity to provide a range of unique and engaging cultural tourism experiences.

One of Australia’s oldest cemeteries, West Terrace Cemetery, is celebrating its 175th year of operation this year. Established in February 1837, the cemetery has been a major feature of Adelaide since Colonel William Light identified the cemetery in his original city plan. More than 150,000 souls have been laid to rest at the cemetery, including many leading political, religious, social and business figures that have shaped the very fabric of the State.


“The Authority will continue to identify and develop new experiences and refresh existing facilities to give people more reasons to visit and to return to the cemetery. “We are celebrating the cemetery’s 175th anniversary with an extensive program of community events and activities that will bring to light the cemetery’s rich repository of powerful and emotive stories.”



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1. Gracie Watson’s life size statue 2. Bird Girl Statue 3. A section of Bonaventure Cemetery 4. Bonaventure Cemetery’s live oaks and azaleas

The World’s Most Beautiful Cemeteries PART 1 – ENCHANTED GOTHIC GARDENS BONAVENTURE CEMETERY - SAVANNAH, GEORGIA Bonaventure Cemetery’s Southern Gothic magic mixed with its rare, evocative beauty has transfixed poets, writers and the like for over 150 years. Enchanted sculptural gardens dripping of Spanish moss make this natural cathedral seem to transcend time. It seems no surprise then that Bonaventure links closely with an era when death and dying became more romanticised than feared and is reflected in the lush and tranquil surrounds. The cemetery is historically significant in its presence as a mesmerising example of the changing views during the Victorian Era. Bonaventure Cemetery’s one hundred (or so) acre grounds are the resting place of military generals, poet Conrad Aiken, Academy Award-winning lyricist Johnny Mercer and Georgia's first governor Edward Telfair, just to name a few. In all its formidable beauty and grandeur, what might be Bonaventure’s greatest claim to fame was the result of some very clever photography and the enormous success of the novel upon which the resultant image appeared. Bonaventure’s “Bird Girl” statue, captured in the haunting twilight of the grounds, has entranced many a reader on the front cover of John Berendt’s hugely popular novel Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. The cover of the book harnessed nearly as much interest as the novel itself with flocks of people visiting the statue until it was eventually removed and given to a museum in an attempt to slow down the hoards of dedicated fans and curious onlookers. 35

Bonaventure’s classical gothic southern ambience is as dreamlike as the elaborate tombstones at every turn are breathtaking. But if it’s not the aesthetics and incredibly unique photo opportunities that draw people in then it’s sure to be one or all Bonaventure’s lingering legends that have for years attracted non-cynics and thrill seekers alike. A life-size statue of a Gracie Watson, a young girl buried at the cemetery, has attracted much attention over the years to the point where her statue had to be fenced off to prevent further damage. Gracie Watson’s young life was cut short at the age of six from pneumonia. Many people who visit will leave offerings of toys or trinkets in her lap. The legend says that if a present is taken away, Gracie’s statue will cry tears of blood and her cries can be heard well into the dark of night. Another folk story of the cemetery is that of a pack of ghost dogs that roam the cemetery grounds and allegedly chase people out. Although there have never been any reported sightings of the dogs, there have been many accounts of people hearing them breathe and bark as they are being chased. With such enormous widespread appeal and the ability to consistently stay in contention for the World’s Most Beautiful Cemetery title, it’s no wonder Bonaventure is high on the list of Savannah’s most fascinating attractions.





HIGHGATE CEMETERY - LONDON, ENGLAND The Gothic splendour of London’s most famous Victorian cemetery makes Highgate one of the most beautiful and most visited cemeteries in the world. Elaborately carved tombstones and monuments hold all the stories of the 170,000 people buried there since 1839. Twisted old pathways and derelict trees intertwine to create an ethereal setting that any producer would be envious of, if they hadn’t already been there to use or scout it for their movie! Add in that this is home to the likes of Karl Marx and George Eliot and it’s easy to see why this currently operational cemetery has become one of the most fashionable places to be buried. Whilst the dreamy Victorian notions upon which the cemetery was built have come and gone, Highgate still has an allure that has stood the test of time and public opinions regarding death. Perched upon a breathtaking south-facing hillside high above London, visitors flock to see underground mausoleums and extravagant tombs etched with unusual carvings that are reminiscent of another time. Highgate’s architectural brilliance is nowhere better exemplified than when the Egyptian Avenue flows out into the Circle of Lebanon. Twenty sunken tombs are built around the roots of the ancient Cedar of Lebanon tree from which this masterpiece gains its name. Curious details of historical importance are in abundance but it is perhaps Highgate’s natural beauty that epitomises and fascinates the most, an impression made all the more stronger when one learns that the perfect disarray of wildflowers muddled with undergrowth and crooked trees is not one part the result of human influence. A vast number of happy birds and little foxes have made Highgate their haven and are always there whenever one might choose to take a tour with the Friends of Highgate – the trust that has the responsibility of maintaining the grounds and looking after the many guests. And as is the case with any decent gothic cemetery, Highgate can’t help but lure in those with a fascination for the occult or the stretched imaginations of those who are just looking for a something like a good old fashioned vampire story! This is one place that certainly doesn’t disappoint on either count.





The legend begins in the 1960’s when Highgate’s popularity had well and truly dwindled, depicted by the decrepit graves and decaying gardens. It was at this time that reports started emerging that a vampiric presence had inhabited Highgate Cemetery. There were reports of bodies emerging from tombs and sightings of a hideous, deathly figure lurking beneath the gate’s railings. For many years there were countless discoveries of animal carcasses drained of blood which added weight to the vampire theory. One of the more recent cases involved a man who claims the vampire’s apparition paralysed with him such an intense fear that he was actually hypnotised whilst in its presence and for some time afterwards. Probably the most notable case of all is that of a young girl who claims to have been thrown to the ground by the pale faced figure with such intense force that she suffered injuries to her leg.



Whether one is drawn to visit for a chance to create their own piece of folklore or to listen the whispers in the old enchanted trees or simply to gaze upon some of the world’s most interesting monuments, one thing is for sure – Highgate Cemetery certainly leaves many of London’s more famous attractions in its wake when it comes to beauty and intrigue.

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Entrance to the Egyptian Avenue The Circle of Lebanon One of Highgate Cemetery’s numerous avenues An example of Highgate’s intriguing funerary architecture A statue at Highgate Cemetery The grave of Karl Marx


Promoting Significant Australian Cemeteries Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust (SMCT) Two of the most important and impressive graveyards in Australia are Melbourne General Cemetery and Springvale Botanical Cemetery in Victoria, both of which are administered by Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust (SMCT). A fear of death and cemeteries has prevented a greater appreciation of the considerable cultural heritage values inherent in our cemeteries. Demystifying cemeteries is in everyone’s interest – not only for us in the industry but also for the public. Research shows that regular exposure to that which we fear will lessen or obliterate our concerns. Regular tours of these two Victorian treasures are opening the eyes of many people to their historical and botanical significance. The night tours of the Melbourne General Cemetery, which have been conducted for 15 years, are particularly popular and an effective form of community engagement, with people from all walks of life and ages being attracted to the graveyard. Originally staged by the heritage organisation, the National Trust, the night tours were recently recommenced by SMCT staff and volunteers in October 2011. The night tours have introduced the use of volunteers to SMCT’s operations. They are conducted three times a year: Midsummer (February), Full Moon (April/May) and Halloween (31 October). The use of these catchy titles has added to the mystique of the events and attracted media and public attention. While there have been many tours of the crematorium and mausolea in Springvale Botanical Cemetery over the years, regular day tours of the cemetery’s historical and botanical significance are a new concept. Melbourne General Cemetery is a historian’s dream – it is full of history, contains a huge number of significant burials, and has attractive historic buildings and other interesting features. It has great potential as a major tourist attraction in Melbourne. About 10,000 people have participated in the night tours, some of whom have lost their fear of cemeteries were inspired to visit family graves or purchase burial and cremation sites. Melbourne General Cemetery, which opened in 1853, was the first modern cemetery in Victoria because it was designed like a large public park. Before that period there were much smaller, cramped and unsanitary cemeteries, and there was a reform movement in Europe and North America that led to the construction of much larger cemeteries away from settled districts. Melbourne General Cemetery was designed with wide wavy paths, gate lodges, rotundas, chapels and evergreen trees and shrubs. While the original layout of the cemetery has changed over the years and most of the original trees and plants have been removed, tour participants are fascinated by the historic monuments and structures, the meaningful symbolism and inscriptions and the life stories of the ‘permanent residents’. Notable people laid to rest in the cemetery include Prime Ministers Sir Robert Menzies, Sir John Gorton and James Scullin (there is also a symbolic memorial for Harold Holt who was lost at sea), ill-fated explorers Burke and Wills, judge Sir Redmond Barry who sentenced Ned Kelly to hang and Federici, the famous ghost of the Princess Theatre. The construction of three mausolea has given new life to the graveyard. Few people realise how significant and beautiful Springvale Botanical Cemetery is. Because of the emphasis on cremation at SBC over the years, many people are surprised to learn that the cemetery was established in 1901 and the first burial (a sevenmonth-old baby named Clarence Reardon) was in 1902. Not many would know that the cemetery boasts some 30,000 roses of 355 varieties and that the memorial rose gardens are the largest in Australia. The cemetery was originally laid out in a Union Jack pattern – believed to be a unique design in Australia - because the first trustees were a patriotic lot. Springvale Botanical Cemetery was also unusual in having the only railway line and station built in a cemetery in Victoria. The line operated between 1904 and 1951. The railway line and station are now gone but tour participants are fascinated to hear about the railway history. A plaque on a rock commemorates the approximate location of the station.


Springvale Botanical Cemetery has also played an important role in the history of cremation in Australia. The earliest cremation sites are visited on the tour, including the area where the first legal cremation in Victoria occurred on 13 April 1905. The deceased was retired customs officer Edward Davies, and the cremation method was a primitive method involving firewood and kerosene. The cemetery’s advanced crematorium and chapels of the 1930s-40s helped put the cemetery on the map. By 1970 the improved crematorium was very large by world standards and possessed the most productive and efficient cremation infrastructure in Australia. The current crematorium, which opened in 1991, is a world-class facility. Many famous people have found a final repose at Springvale Botanical Cemetery, including Governor-General Sir Zelman Cowen, Prime Minister Sir John McEwen (who was in that role for only 23 days), actor Charles ‘Bud’ Tingwell, footballers Jack Dyer and Darren Millane, jockey Scobie Breasley, Phar Lap’s strapper Tommy Woodcock and Julia Rapke, one of Victoria’s first female magistrates. Also of interest is the former American war cemetery, which once contained a number of American servicemen, including the notorious murderer Edward Leonski who killed three Australian women. The site has a flagpole with an eagle on top and an American flag at half mast. The Australian war graves area is laid like Australian burial sites in France, while a police memorial commemorates those officers who were killed in the line of duty.

These significant cemeteries, like other graveyards, should be valued and appreciated by more people. Cemeteries are public assets and should be treated like parks and gardens. They should be not feared and shunned but embraced as wonderful places that are repositories of our valuable history and contain beautiful gardens. Dr Celestina Sagazio Historian and Manager of Cultural Heritage, Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust


Wirra Wonga

Strong response to natural burial The community response to South Australia’s first natural burial ground, Wirra Wonga (the Kuarna term for bush grave,) has exceeded expectations according to Adelaide Cemeteries Authority. Authority Chief Executive Officer, Robert Pitt said that 29 people had been interred in new burial ground at Enfield Memorial Park in its first two years of operation. “While the service is still in its infancy, this level of response confirms growing community interest in environmentally sustainable alternatives to traditional funeral practices,” Robert said. 41

“Over time, the Wirra Wonga bushland will become a living and lasting natural memorial and clearly that is a concept that has broad appeal.” “The establishment of Wirra Wonga has a strong focus on sustaining and conserving the remnant native vegetation growing in and around the adjacent Folland Park Reserve,” Robert said. Wirra Wonga sites are sold with 99-year tenure and allow for single and side-by-side companion burials as well as single and double sites for cremated remains. All burials are excavated to single depth only, allowing for efficient and natural return of the body to earth.”


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Anne Emmett, Maxine Goulding (Chair of Centennial Park Board) Bev Jaeger and Val Baldock Chris Tillett, Eva Treen and Bryan Elliott (CEO, Centennial Park) David Munro, Damian Munro


S.A. FUNERAL INDUSTRY COMES TOGETHER FOR PHOTO EXHIBITION COCKTAIL EVENT More than 150 members of the South Australian funeral industry came together for the annual Centennial Park Photo Exhibition cocktail party in March. Funeral directors, celebrants, monumental masons, associated industries and school photography students attended this year’s event, which aims to commend professional and aspiring photographers on their work. Over 300 photographs illustrating unique moments in time were on show in the main foyer of Centennial Park’s Jubilee Chapels complex from 13 February to 22 March. The exhibition featured works from professional photographers from the South Australian Photographic Federation (SAPF). Students from a number of local secondary schools, as well as a number of Centennial Park staff and funeral industry members, also had photos on display.


“Centennial Park staff and funeral industry members also submitted some excellent portraits. “Our aim is for Centennial Park to be a place where people can remember and celebrate the lives of their loved ones and relive treasured memories. “Photographs are often used to capture memories as they are being created, and this provided the inspiration to develop a photo exhibition at Centennial Park.” The winning photographs have been professionally framed and will be hung in the main foyer of Centennial Park’s Jubilee Chapel for the next 12 months. For the first time in 2012, Centennial Park also called on budding photographers and members of the public to enter the cemetery’s first ever online Photo Exhibition Competition.

The Centennial Park photographic exhibition and competition has been running for over 12 years.

People had the opportunity to submit their own photos via Centennial Park’s new Facebook page for the chance to win a variety of prizes including an iPad 2, iPod and iPod Nano.

Centennial Park’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr Bryan Elliott, said this year’s photographic exhibition was yet another great success.

Over 320 photographs were received and winners were announced on 16 March.

“Centennial Park’s photo exhibition is a fantastic opportunity for professional photographers and talented students to highlight their best work to the local community,” he said.

The online photo entries can be viewed via Centennial Park’s Facebook page -






5. 6. 7.

Sam, Melvina, Natalie Ziedas (Teacher), Kim, Sharon and Jenny (all from Westminster School in Adelaide) Geoffrey Vogt, John Sanderson and Colin Campbell Elaine Grimm and Anja Chance

8. Laura Mora, Nathan Meersman 9. Shirley Cooke, Yvonne McKay, Sylvia Jacobson, Angela Taliangis, Adele English and Sally Uukki




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The theme for next year’s calendar is ‘our most significant grave’. This time we ask you to provide a bit of history about the person you are featuring. Entries need to be lodged by April 2013. They can be posted on a disc, or as a photograph, or emailed to We look forward to receiving your entries. AUSTRALIAN FEDERATION OF CEMETERY FRIENDS INC.

Tour being conducted over Box Hill Cemetery stopping at the grave of C. J. Dennis, famous Australian author and poet.


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Cremation & Burial Conference & Exhibition 2012 Monday 2nd, Tuesday 3rd and Wednesday 4th July Hilton Newcastle Gateshead, Bottlebank, Gateshead, Newcastle-upon-Tyne NE8 2AR

Ex ce De ptio le na Fe gate l Va e ’s lue

Cremation & Burial Conference & Exhibition

To book or obtain further details about this event visit the official conference website at E-mail: or telephone 01323 637704


Stop All The Clocks

has Been Made into a Song by Nemo Shaw ‘Stop All The Clocks’, the Unforgettable Reading Made Famous in ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’ has Finally Been Made into a Song by Nemo Shaw. The long wait is over, as W H Auden’s crushingly sad, grief poem is set to music, by emerging Scots-born singer songwriter, Nemo Shaw. This track is available for download today. Prepare to be moved. Many people first heard John Hannah reciting ‘Stop All The Clocks’ in the 1994 film ‘Four Weddings And A Funeral’. His reading has become known as the ‘saddest moment in a movie ever’, according to moviegoers and critics alike. The Scottish actor gave the performance of his career, as he tried to express the inexpressible, and managed to convey the all-consuming pain contained in the original poem. Those who found his reading heart-wrenching will want to listen to Nemo’s new song. Heather L Oosthuizen, of ‘Funeral Guide’, in South Africa, listed Nemo’s song on her informative Website, (, as soon as she had heard it. Speaking of the difficult task of transforming a poem into music, she said: ‘The catch is that the singer and the music have to suit the poem and I don’t think this is easy to do, especially with a well known piece. In the case of ‘Stop All The Clocks Song’, by Nemo Shaw, in my opinion, they’re spot on.’ Nemo delivers the legendary words in a soft and delicate timbre that does justice to one of the best love poems ever written. Often used at funerals, it was read at the funeral of Kevin Young’s father, after his sudden and violent death. The award-winning American poet said: ‘It’s that ability to express a feeling like the one that arrives quickly after the loss of a loved one – which poems like Auden’s wield.’ ‘Stop All The Clocks’ or ‘Funeral Blues’ as it is also known, is THE mourning poem that has been ‘begging for a tune’ for many years’. Heather explained why: ‘The poem needed to be put to music for a long time because the words are so moving, and it is a familiar verse which is also associated with great loss.’ She further elaborated on this point: ‘Well chosen music often moves people to tears at funerals, and that is the best thing one can do at a funeral.’ Nemo’s composition is intentionally simple and gentle, to counterbalance the impact of Auden’s powerful lyrics and evocative imagery. Further, his uncomplicated musical arrangement leaves space for listeners to feel whatever emotions may arise. The melody also has a soothing lullaby quality to it, as well as an endearing Scottish lilt, reminiscent of John Hannah. The accompanying video is powerful and poignant, too. Viewers are invited to journey alongside a solitary figure trudging through heavy snowfall, until eventually the figure disappears from view. In this context, the figure represents the bereaved, as well as the loved one who has died. Nemo has succeeded in creating a beautiful artistic interpretation that is charged with emotional power. The song is a celebration of life, as well as a truthful depiction of grief. ‘Nemo Shaw’s rendition of the poem is totally in keeping with what I would imagine. It reminds me of the poem exactly as it was read in ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’, accent and all. I love it, and I think people will love it, too’, concluded Heather. To watch the video and download the song, or for a CD copy, visit ‘Stop All The Clocks’ Website: (“She” and “They” versions are also available).  Nemo Shaw is a 33 yr old Scots-born singer-songwriter. Ann Lewiss (‘Stop All the Clocks')


fun and games

recommended reading Curtains: Adventures of an undertaker in trainings - TOM JOKINEN If Bill Bryson were to join a funeral home as an apprentice, and if he searched for the meaning of life and death while he was at it, you'd have Curtains.

Curtains: Adventures of an Undertaker in Training is a hair-raising and hilarious firstperson account of Jokinen's adventures. Outside of his work, which includes embalming, dressing bodies and cleaning corpses down to their fingernails, Jokinen attends a funeral trade show in Las Vegas and visits Los Angeles and San Francisco, the meccas of the new funeral customs and eco-friendly or 'green' burials: no casket, no embalming chemicals, but straight into the ground, in a forest, to let nature unfold. Some of the new customs approach circus absurdity, but all raise the key issue of 'What is the appropriate response to death?'

At 44, Tom Jokinen quit a good government job to work at a family-run funeral home and crematorium as a trainee undertaker. This drastic vocational change gave him an amazing opportunity to explore, first-hand, our culture's relationship with the dead, dying, and left behind. In a modern society where religion has lost its grip on rituals of transition, the funeral trade is fighting to find ways to make its work relevant to a new, secular, consumer culture, and positioning itself for its biggest potential wave of income ever: the death of the baby boomers.

Enlightening, funny and full of life in the midst of death, Curtains lifts the veil on the death and funeral industry in the 21st century.

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