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Welcome‌ On behalf of the RVCC Board of Directors, the staff and the membership, welcome to the 87th annual Southern Oregon Golf Championships. We are happy to have you at our club and are glad you have chosen to spend the week with us. Special thanks to our head professional, Tracy Snyder, the staff, as well as the tournament committee and countless

volunteers that make this experience one of the best in the West. Enjoy the golf, the competition, and the social event s along with new and old friendships. We appreciate the opportunity to help make this a memorable week for you. Get your tee times, four ways: 541-772-4050, check Facebook at Rogue Valley Country Club or Southern Oregon Golf Championships or go to



Your Hosts...

David Cuttrell

Layne Snyder

Craig Hilty

Tracy Snyder

Demelza Quinn

RVCC Club President


Golf Course

Head Golf

Director of



Membership and Sales

Jeff Kyker

Chris Berg

Tom Nelson

Kelly Horen

Greg Miller

Project Manager


Food and Beverage

Assistant Golf

SOGC Tournament




Rich Shorkey

Cathee Shorkey

Sharon Swartsley

Tom Michaels

Jim Buck

Volunteer Coordinator

RVWGA President


RVCC Men’s Club

RVCC Senior Men’s


Club President


RVCC History

In late August, early September the Southern Oregon Golf Championships will be staged for the 87th time – bigger and better than ever. It used to be just a local tournament with a handful of entrants. Now there are over 400 participants from all over the world. The Southern Oregon Golf Championships has grown to be the largest amateur match play tournament played on a single golf course in the United States.

The Southern Oregon Golf Championships have been held at the Rogue Valley Country Club every Labor Day weekend since 1928, with the exception in 1994 when renovation of the golf course was underway. From a rather modest beginning as a men’s open tournament, it now has over 400 participants. It is now a prestigious amateur tournament with separate divisions for men, junior/senior men, senior men, super senior men, women, and senior women.

Some of the most successful golfers of the SOGC are Eddie Simmons, six-time men’s champion and four-time senior’s champion, Helen Thompson/Helen Davies, ten-time winner (later known as Helen Milne). Ann Swanson won six times and Sybil O’Byrne won five times. Bob Harrell is a six-time winner and George Mack, Sr. has won eleven times. The late Ed Godden won nine times, combining three divisions; one men’s, one junior/senior and In 1928, H Chandler Egan redesigned the course, seven senior. adding nine more holes. This eighteen-hole course was in The success attributed to a well-run, fun, use for the first Southern Oregon Open, the forerunner of the Southern Oregon Golf Championships. In 1961, challenging tournament creating a great golfing experience along with the friendships that are made and reunited upon another nine. returning to participate each year. Back in the Roaring Twenties, the enthusiasm for the great game of golf came to Medford. H. Chandler Egan was the architect who designed our first nine holes. A modest wooden structure served as the first clubhouse along with another small structure used as the Pro Shop. They were located approximately where the locker rooms are today.


Year 1929 1930 1931 1932 1933 1934 1935 1936 1937 1938 1939 1940 1941 1942 1943 1944 1945 1946 1947 1948 1949 1950 1951 1952 1953 1954 1955 1956 1957 1958 1959 1960 1961 1962 1963 1964 1965 1966 1967 1968 1969 1970 1971 1972 1973 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015

Men R.B. Hammond, Jr. Donald S. Clark R.B. Hammond, Jr. Leslie Leal H.H. Pringle Eddie Simmons H.B. Bentley Eddie Simmons H.B. Bentley Eddie Simmons Eddie Simmons Dick Hanen Dick Hanen Skee Riegel Leland Clark Eddie Simmons Pete Schefeick Dick Hanen Dick Hanen Harvey Hixson Eddie Simmons George Harrington Bob Atkinson Bob Atkinson Skip Nagler Dom Provost, Jr. Bob Atkinson Rod Funseth Phil Getchell Lynn Creason Bob Prall Bob Prall Stewart Schroeder Tom Shaw Rob Ashman Robert Maentz Lynn Creason Doug Olson George Mack Allen Brooks Jack Sheehan Charles Eddie Paul Vetsch Tom Egge Kelly Owen John Nuich Jeff Sanders Mark Binegar Jeff Sanders Mark Binegar Ed Godden Jim Smith Shell Joyner Tony Joyner Shell Joyner Doug Olson George Daves George Daves Tony Joyner George Mack, Jr. Tom Smith Tony Joyner Mark Binegar Mike Adams Brad Bills Paul Weinhold Pat Watson Doug Olson Brooks Newsom Tommy smith Tommy Smith Kevin Klabunde Scott Tuttle Scott Tuttle Brooks Newsom Brodie Sullivan Brooks Newsom Mike Barry Mike Barry Casey King Mike Barry Kevin Murphy Kevin Murphy Kevin Murphy Mike Barry Chris Polski

SOUTHERN OREGON GOLF CHAMPIONSHIPS PAST CHAMPIONS Women Helen Thompson Helen Thompson Helen Thompson Helen Thompson Helen Davies Helen Davies Helen Davies Sue DeVoe Carol Joe Kabler Carol Joe Kabler Marjorie Fillis Sue DeVoe Betty Martin Shirley Siegmund June Robinson Pam Stacey June Robinson Helen Davies Helen Davies Helen Davies Mary Wolfe Mary Wolfe Sue DeVoe Cathy Gaughn Cathy Gaughn Mary Budke Ann Swanson Ann Swanson Ann Swanson Ann Swanson Mary Wilson Ann Swanson Lisa Baxter Mary Lou Mulflur Ann Swanson Mary Lou Mulflur Diane Murphy Mary Rock Anita Sandstede Bunny Casey Sybil O’Byrne Sybil O’Byrne Sybil O’Byrne Sybil O’Byrne Sybil O’Byrne Amanda Nealy Cappy Mack Mary Lou Mulflur Heather Holte Mary Lou Mulflur Laura Tennant Reena Eklund Amanda Nealy Johnna Nealy Nikki Mack Nicole Keller Nettie Morrison Abby Fowler Johnna Nealy Linda Johnson Trina Jones Stephanie Johns Kelly Loeb Kelly Loeb Tiffany Schoning Terry Levis Rosie Cook Reena White


Senior Men Carl Schmidt Ed Stuckrath Carl Schmidt Lynn Creason Ed Simmons Gene Maidment Ted Fleskes Ted Tegeler Jim Wilson Ed Simmons Ed Simmons Carl Scott Jim Maxwell Clayton Lewis Ed Simmons Clayton Lewis John Steely Jim Curley Jim Curley Ed Godden Pat Strong Ed Godden Ed Godden Ed Godden Ed Godden Ed Godden Ed Godden Bob Harrell Don Hodgen Bruce McDonald Don Hodgen George Mack Bob Harrell Dick Swanson Bob Harrell Bob Harrell John Dunkin Jim Smith Bob Harrell Jim Smith Bob Harrell Keith Valk Bob Maentz Jim Smith Kevin Klabunde Kevin Klabunde Kevin Klabunde Mark Wilson Mark Wilson Glen Clark Kevin Klabunde


Junior/Senior Ralph Odell Bob Buck Bud Brooks Jim Quincy Bud Brooks Bud Brooks Bud Brooks Hal Light Don Loving Ed Godden Hal Light Stewart Schroeder Stewart Schroeder George Mack, Sr. George Mack, Sr. George Mack, Sr. George Mack, Sr. Dave Boals, Jr. Dave Boals, Jr. George Mack, Sr. George Mack, Sr. Pat Watson Bob Cox Kevin Klabunde Doug Ward Kevin Klabunde Doug Ward Doug Ward Greg Miller David Boals, Jr. David Boals, Jr. Jay Audia David Boals, Jr. Tom Deatherage Alex Merkner Glen Clark Brad Bills Ken Stringer Paul Johnson Don Gorman Don Gorman Steve Taormino Bret Breeze

Senior Women Pam Hubbard Pam Hubbard Pam Hubbard Carmen Akins Carmen Akins Bogey Loyd Deb Cordell Judy Slater Deb Cordell Claudia Robbs LaVone Kirkwood Linda Johnson

Super Senior Men George Mack, Sr. George Mack, Sr. George Mack, Sr. Bob Maentz Dan Dixon George Mack








Super senior


Chris Polski

Ryan Schaefer


George Mack

Herman Holm


Taylor Klemp

Ted Stark


Craig Galpren

Bill Drewien


Joey Walker

Alex Brown


Al Raduski

Ron Howard


Jeff Barry

Alfonso Powers


Michael Miller

Gordon Beckwith


Erik Pedersen

Sonny O’Grady


Chuck Kenny

Larry Schmaltz


Scott Weiland

Sam Garner


Conrad Caprez

Jerry Rohrs


Curtis Wagoner Michael Barbieri


Herb Malone

David Rasmussen


Scott Reed

Brandt Cullen


Mark Fawver

Mike Arant


Darren Bruhns

Chris Intelkofer


Bob Doolen

Tom Michaels


Tanner Lawton

Jeremy Ross


Donald Young

Wendell Towe

Junior Senior



Bret Breeze

Marty Morslan


Reena White

Trina Jones


Rob Neff

Todd Dixon


Lindsey Crosier

Susie Ashdown-Hammitt


Todd Ostenson

Jake Rockwell


Victoria Watson Julia Tissen


Keith Lallo

Ran Harvey


Lori Humphrey


Rick Hutchins

Joe Bowles

Senior Womens


Tony Nieto

Scott Entinger


Linda Johnson

LaVone Kirkwood


Michael Webb

Jim Retzlaff


Barb Pinkham

Nancy Moore


Brian Sherrill

Kevin Primerano


Donna Woodson Rosemary Harrington


Julie Schamanek Darla Allen

Senior Champion

Kevin Klabunde Mark Wilson


Billy Crenshaw

Terry Faulkner


Scott Tuttle

Doug Engle


Patrick Daggitt

John Buda


Evan McArthur

Tim Trower


Jerry Johnson

Scott Mayfield


Terry Buntin

John Lawton


Bill Allen

Lance Hunter


Cliff Barnett

Brian Schmitz


Raymond Smith John George

Lee Ann Loftin

PUTTING CONTEST: Don’t forget to stop by the putting contest for your chance to win a $2,000 grand prize!


How to AVOID the Head Marshal!! We all know stuff happens; a lost ball, a misplaced club, a bathroom break, a ruling. When something like that occurs, it is your responsibility to catch up with the group ahead of you as soon as possible.

Helpful Hints 

If you have a slow player in your group, tell him or her!

Be ready to play when it is your turn.

Take only one practice swing.

Watch each other’s shots closely to avoid losing a ball.

Hit a provisional ball when appropriate.

Line up your putt while others are putting.

Have two players in a match putt out.

Walk faster between shots.

You must keep up with the group ahead, regardless of the position of the group behind you. Do not tell a marshal, “There is no one behind us.”

We hope that you enjoy your week with us and other players enjoy you because you finished in four hours. The marshal staff will be on the course to help you keep up.

Local Rules: 1.

USGA Rules will apply with the following exceptions:


All drainage ditches, French drains, earth cracks and flowerbeds are considered Ground under Repair (Rule 25 –1), drop one club length no nearer the hole without penalty.


All staked and ribboned trees are immovable obstructions (Rule 24-2).


The embedded ball rule (Rule 25-2) is in effect “through the green” see Ap-I.


Water hazard on ole #11 — As an additional option under Rule 26-1, if a ball is in the water hazard, the player may, under penalty of one stroke, drop a ball in the area marked “Ball Drop.”


If a ball strikes overhead wires on holes #4 and #12, the stroke shall be cancelled and the shot replayed without penalty in accordance with Rule 20-5.


A ball crossing public road and coming to rest on another part of the course is considered to be out of bounds. (Hole #10 and #14 on the Rogue Course.)


Stones /rocks in bunkers are to be treated as “movable obstructions” and can be removed without penalty. (If you have to ask if it is a rock, it is sand.)


Distance measuring devices are allowed. Devices with the capability of measuring things other than distance (such as elevation) are NOT allowed.

10. The competition is closed ach day when the last match score is posted on the scoreboard. 11. The local rule under #6 of Appendix 1 for relief from obstructions within two club lengths of a green is in effect. Find the nearest point of relief and drop it. Please repair all ball marks on the greens, replace or sand divots and rake bunkers. The bunker rakes should be left outside of the bunkers where it is least likely to interfere with play. Pull carts must be kept 30 feet from greens and tees or kept on the cart paths near tees and greens. Do not pull carts between bunkers and greens. Note: The water hazard on #16 is not a Lateral Hazard! The 2 club length option is NOT available. Note: ENCLOSURE ON TEMPORARY IMMOVABLE OBSTRUCTIONS (TIO’S)


Clubhouse Information: 

  

Complimentary cocktails and hors d’oeuvres for you and your guest will be served from 7:00pm to 9:00pm, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. A NAME BADGE FOR YOU AND YOUR GUEST IS INCLUDED IN YOUIR REGISTRATION PACKET. THE BADGE WILL BE REQUIRED IN ORDER FOR YOU AND YOUR GUEST TO ENTER THE COCKTAIL AREA (You and your guest must be 21 years of age or older to enter the cocktail area, a photo identification will be required for those in question). The putting contest will start on Wednesday at 1:00pm and continue through 7:00pm Saturday evening with the Champion Putt starting at 8:00pm. It will be held on the putting green next to the terrace at the back of the clubhouse. Win $2,000! The junior putting contest will start on Wednesday at 1:00pm and continue through Friday. Junior winners will be posted Saturday in the Pro Shop. Also for your enjoyment, we have electric games located in The Grill. (Must be 21 to enter The Grill.) Refreshments, sodas and beer will be available on the golf course each day. For your comfort, sports clothes are the dress of the evening. Gentlemen are not required to wear coats unless so desired. Contestants anticipating personal or business telephone calls - PLEASE LEAVE LOCAL ADDRESS AND TELEPHONE NUMBER IN CLUB OFFICE.

SWIMMING – The swimming pool will open at 11am daily.

Also for your enjoyment, we have electric games located in The Grill. (Must be 21 to enter The Grill.) Refreshments, sodas and beer will be available on the golf course each day. For your comfort, sports clothes are the dress of the evening. Gentlemen are not required to wear coats unless so desired. Contestants anticipating personal or business telephone calls - PLEASE LEAVE LOCAL ADDRESS AND TELEPHONE NUMBER IN CLUB OFFICE. SWIMMING – The swimming pool will open at 11am daily.

 

 

The Awards Presentation on the Terrace will follow immediately after the completion of the championship matches. Only those winners in other flights TRAVELING TO DISTANT CITIES may claim their trophy early.  Those wishing to charge food and beverage to their home clubs will be asked for identification. Please PRINT your name, membership number, phone number, club name with city and state on your ticket.


Temporary Immovable Obstructions: I. Definition: A temporary immovable obstruction (TIO) is a non-permanent artificial object that is erected in conjunction with a competition and is fixed or not readily movable. For the purposes of this event, the sponsor banners located around the course and the supporting wires and posts are declared as TIO’s. II. Interference by a TIO occurs when (a) the ball lies in front of and so close to the TIO that the TIO interferes with the player’s stance or the area of his intended swing, or (b) the ball lies in, on, under or behind the TIO so that any part of the TIO intervenes directly between the player’s ball and the hole and is on his line of play; interference also exists if the ball lies within one club-length of a spot equidistant from the hole where such intervention would exist. NOTE: A ball is under a TIO when it is below the outermost edges of the TIO, even if these edges do not extend downwards to the ground


A player may obtain relief from interference by a TIO as follows: (a) Through the green: If the ball lies through the green, the point on the course nearest to where the ball lies must be determined that (a) is not nearer the hole, (b) avoids interference as defined in Clause II and (c) is not in a hazard or on a putting green. The player MUST lift the ball and drop it, without penalty, within one club-length of the point so determined on a part of the course that fulfills (a), (b) and (c) above. (b) In a hazard: If the ball is in a hazard, the player must lift and drop the ball either; (i) Without penalty, in accordance with Clause III (a) above, except that the nearest part of the course affording complete relief must be in the hazard and the ball must be dropped in the hazard, or, if complete relief is impossible, on a part of the course within the hazard that affords maximum available relief, or (ii) Under penalty of one stroke, outside the hazard as follows: the point on the course nearest to where the ball lies must be determined that (a) is not nearer the hole, (b) avoids interference as defined in Clause II and (c) is not in a hazard. The player must drop the ball within one club-length of the point so determined on a part of the course that fulfills (a), (b) and (c) above. The ball may be cleaned when lifted under Clause III. Note 1. If the ball lies in a hazard, nothing in the local rule precludes the player from proceeding under Rule 26 or Rule 28 if applicable. Note 2. If a ball to be dropped under this Local Rule is not immediately recoverable, another ball may be substituted.


If a player’s ball lies in front of or behind the TIO (not in, on or under the obstruction), he may not obtain relief under Clause III if: 1. It is clearly unreasonable for him to make a stroke or, in the case of intervention, to make a stroke such that the ball could finish on a direct line to the hole, because of interference by anything other than the TIO. 2. Interference by the TIO would occur only through the use of an unnecessarily abnormal stance, swing or direction of play. 3. In the case of intervention, it would be clearly unreasonable to expect the player to be able to strike the ball far enough toward the hole to reach the TIO. A player not entitled to relief due to these exceptions may proceed under Rule 24-2 if applicable.

IV. Ball in TIO not found

If it is known or virtually certain that a ball that has not been found is in, on or under a TIO, a ball may be dropped under the provisions of Clause III or Clause IV, if applicable. For the purpose of applying Clauses III, the ball is deemed to lie at the spot where it last crossed the outermost limits of the TIO (Rule 24-3). PENALTY FOR BREACH OF LOCAL RULE; Match play – loss of hole; Stroke Play – Two strokes.


Rule Sheet: 1. Play summer rules. Embedded ball rule will be in effect “through the green.” 2. TEES: 1) All women’s play will be from the white tees. 2) The Men’s & Junior/Senior Men’s Divisions qualify from the gold tees. Senior & Super Senior Men’s Divisions will qualify from the blue tees. 3) During match play, the Men’s and Junior/Senior championship flights will play the black tees, all other Men and Junior/ Senior’s from the gold tees, all Senior Championship Flight from the gold tees, all other Senior Flights and Super Senior Flights from the blue tees. 3. To encourage speed of play, players will be limited to a maximum score of 7 on any hole during qualifying rounds. However, adjusted scores will not be eligible for Medalist. Therefore, if you wish to be eligible for the Medalist award, you must hole out and record your true stroke count. For Championship flight qualifying determination, hole scores greater than 7 will be adjusted downward to a score of 7. 4. Staked/ribboned trees, relief under rule 24-2. Trees with irrigation pipe around trunk are NOT staked unless specifically staked or ribboned. Free drop from all drainage ditches and earth cracks. 5. All flowerbeds on the course are considered ground under repair (GUR). There is also an area to the right of #17 fairway used for a recycling of wood waste, which is also GUR. 6. Water hazards are marked with yellow stakes and lines and lateral hazards with red stakes and lines. Proceed under rule 26. Optional drop circle on #11. The line is defining the hazard, the stakes are indicators only. 7. A ball crossing a public road and coming to rest on another part of the course is considered OB. 8. Drinking fountains, course equipment, buildings, outhouses and bridges are all considered immovable obstructions. 9. Stones in bunkers are movable obstructions. (Rule 24-1 applies). 10. Distance measuring devices such as Sky Caddies are allowed during the competition. 11. Ties will be decided by handicap index for Match Play Pairings, ties for medalist will be determined by a 3 hole stroke play format playoff. Defending Champions are seeded #1 in their respective fields unless they elect to qualify. 12. The stroke play qualification round is officially closed when the match play sheets are posted at the scoreboard. 13. EXTRA HOLE MATCHES. All extra hole matches are to proceed to the 17th Tee of the course being played instead of the first tee. When starting times have been concluded for the day, then all extra hole matches start on the 1st Tee. 14. WHEN MATCHES ARE CONCLUDED ALL PLAYERS MUST DISCONTINUE PLAY AT THAT POINT AND THE WINNER REPORTS THE RESULTS TO THE SCOREBOARD IMMEDIATELY. 15. Only Junior Senior, Senior and Super Senior men contestants and Women 40 years of age and older will be authorized the use of power carts. The Men’s and Ladies Championship finalists on Monday may use carts for the final 36-hole match. 16. As a condition of competition, if you are unable to compete in the next match, it is appropriate to concede the match anytime prior to completion to avoid a bye in the next round. 17. SLOW PLAY WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Covered under separate sheet. 18. There will be a large number of golf carts in use during the tournament. PLEASE USE THE 90-DEGREE RULE FOR COURSE USAGE. CART PATHS ARE MANDATORY FOR SPECTATOR CARTS. No more than two riders per cart for spectator carts. Player rental carts must be returned immediately upon completion of match. 19. Minimum caddie fee for the tournament will be $30 for 18 holes. Caddies will be designated with tags. These caddies have received fundamental instructions. There will be a caddie master in charge of the caddies. NOTE: Spotters will wave a white flag if the ball is in bounds, red flag if out of bounds.

- 10 -

Cart Rules: Non-member private carts are allowed at RVCC. The usage fee is $150 during the SOGC week. The Golf Shop will provide a decal that must be affixed to the left hand side of the power cart, just in front of the doorway. See Tracy or Kelly in the Golf Shop. All spectator carts must remain on the cart paths at all times! No more than THREE (3) riders on any spectator rental cart. Violators of this rule will be subject to removal from the golf course and forfeiture of rental fee. Player’s carts please use the 90-degree rule: 1. Stay at least 30 yards from all greens. 2. Stay on cart path for all par 3’s. 3. Only two (2) players and their clubs per cart. 4. We do request a voluntary cart path only policy. 5. There will be two parking areas for private carts. One will be to the right of #15 green on the #1 course, the other behind #2 green on the #2 course. 6. Rental carts must be returned at match completion. Keep carts at least thirty feet from all greens and tees, and do not take carts inside the curbed areas around the tees and greens. CARTS MUST REMAIN ON THE PATHS ON ALL PAR 3’S FROM TEE TO GREEN. FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE, THE FOLLOWING CONCESSIONS ARE AVAILABLE FEATURING A VARIETY OF SNACK FOODS AND BEVERAGES. Located on Course 1 #9 Tee Box Wednesday thru Saturday (August 28 – August 31) #13 Tee Box Monday thru Saturday (August 26 – August 31) Located on Original Course (September 1 & 2) #4 Tee Box Sunday & Monday #13 Tee Box Sunday & Monday #18 Tee Box Sunday & Monday

Pace-Of-Play Regulations: As a condition of the competition, players are subject to being timed at any time during their rounds. Timing starts when it is clearly a player’s turn to play. Players are allowed their 45 seconds to complete each stroke. When a group is out of position (as defined below), players within that group are allowed a maximum 30 seconds to complete each stroke. In Position Defined A group is in position if it reaches the tee of a par 3 hole before the hole clears, clears the teeing ground of a par 4 hole before the preceding group clears the putting green or arrives at the teeing ground of a par 5 hole before the preceding group has reached the putting green. Note: The lead group, and subsequent groups, are in position when their elapsed time is under the applicable time schedule. Groups failing to maintain the above position are considered “out of position”. Undue Delay Definition and Penalties If a player exceeds the applicable time limit on: 2 occasions the player is warned (such warning remains in effect for the stipulated round) 3 occasions the player automatically loses the hole 4 occasions the player automatically loses the hole 5 occasions the player is disqualified (For qualifying rounds, the penalty is two strokes.) Average Playing Times You are expected to average playing times of: 1 hole 14 minutes 9 holes 2 hours and 6 minutes 18 holes 4 hours and 12 minutes

- 11 -

- 12 -

The SOGC Trophy History This trophy was presented to the winners of the early Southern Oregon Golf Championship. When this event started, the first winner to win the trophy three times got to keep the trophy. Eddie Simmons was that lucky


His wife, Billie, donated the trophy back o Rogue Valley Country Club to preserve its history just in time for the 75th tournament. This trophy is now displayed in the H. Chandler Egan trophy case.

Sogc program 2016  

Rogue Valley Country Clubs 2016 Southern Oregon Golf Championship

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