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Serving the counties of Alleghany, Botetourt, Craig, Franklin and Roanoke;  the cities of Covington, Roanoke and Salem; and the towns of Clifton Forge, Rocky Mount and Vinton  

March 2011 Edition

Staff Assisting Localities with Redistricting   The Regional Commission recently acquired redistricting software that uses GIS (Geographic Information System) technology to aid in the drawing of election district boundaries. Commission staff will be assisting Alleghany and Craig Counties, and the City of Covington in the redistricting process. Staff has also provided redistricting technical support to Botetourt and Roanoke Counties. An election district map for the proposed City of Alleghany Highlands consolidation was also developed using the software. The Virginia Constitution requires that all cities and counties that elect members of a governing body from districts must redistrict in 2011. Using the “one person-one vote” standard, district lines must be drawn so that each district has nearly equal populations, and is compact and contiguous. Redistricting takes place after each decennial census, and is based on detailed population numbers collected in 2010 by the US Census Bureau. As some regions grow and others lose population, district and precinct lines have to be adjusted. Complicating the process is the fact that federal and state election district lines will change as well. Hopefully these federal and state boundaries will be available at the end of April to be incorporated into local redistricting plans. More detailed information on redistricting can be found at the Virginia Department of Legislative Services website (http:// Contact: Matt Miller ( or 540-343-4417)

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Data Summary


MPO Constrained Long Range Transportation Plan 2035


Mayor’s Bike Ride APBP Webinar Series RIDE Solutions Program Performance


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MEMBER OF SAMPLE   Redistricting Map   Prepared by RVARC



Project Updates 

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Jeremy Holmes,  Coordinator  of  Sustainability  Programs  for  the  Roanoke  Valley‐Alleghany  Regional  Commission,  has  taken  over  leadership  of  the  Commission’s Volunteers for Energy  (VfE) program.  The VfE program uses  retired  engineers  and  other  energy  professionals  to  perform  free  energy  assessments for businesses, nonprofits, schools, and local governments.   

For more information, visit   or contact Jeremy Holmes   at or   540‐343‐4417 

Volunteers for  Energy    has completed, or is in the process of completing,  three  audits.    Assessors  have  examined  St.  James  Episcopal  Church  in  Roanoke,  The  Wallace  Agency  in  the  Old  Southwest  neighborhood  of  the  City of Roanoke, and the Regional Commission’s own building.  Assessors  continue  to  train  on  new  energy  saving  technologies  and  measurement  tools,  while  Commission  staff  work  to broaden  the  scope  of  the program  by  incorporating  transportation  energy  into  the  assessment  process,  as  well as integrating regional and national recognition programs such as Cool    Green Biz and Best Workplaces for Commuters.   

Jake Gilmer,  Senior  Planner  at  the  Regional  Commission,  will  serve  as  Project  Leader  on  the  recently  awarded  Sustainable  Communities  Initiative  Grant.    The  Commission  and  other  Consortium  members  received  a  $625,000,  3‐year  grant  to  complete  a  Sustainable  Communities  Plan  for  the  Roanoke  Metropolitan  Statistical  Area.    The  Commission  was  the  lead  applicant  for  the  grant  and  recently  signed  a  formal  agreement  with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development on  February  15.    Commission  staff  will  begin  work  to  develop  a  formal  agreement  with  all  of  the  Consortium  member  governments for their participation in the plan development.      Current members of the Roanoke Valley Sustainability Consortium include the Counties  of  Craig,  Franklin  and  Roanoke;  the  Cities  of  Roanoke  and  Salem;  the  Roanoke  Valley‐ Alleghany  Regional  Commission,  the  Roanoke  Valley  Area  Metropolitan  Planning  Organization,  the  Council  of  Community  Services,  and  Virginia  Western  Community  College.  Stakeholder and public involvement will be conducted throughout the process  and  close  to  50  organizations  will  have  membership  on  a  Consortium  Stakeholder  Committee,  representing  the  following  sectors:  housing,  transportation,  underserved  populations, land use, energy and environment, economic and workforce development,  public health, and education.    The  Regional  Commission  will  be  partnering  with  the  Cabell  Brand  Center  for  Global  Poverty  &  Resource  Sustainability  Studies  to  host  an  upcoming  Regional  Sustainability  Summit  on  Friday,    April  29,  2011  at  the  Greenfield    Education  &  Training  Center  in  Daleville,  VA  (invitations  forthcoming).    The  Summit  will  bring  regional  leaders  and  stakeholders together to address a wide spectrum of sustainability issues  in our region   and  to  ultimately    develop  and  implement  a  comprehensive  sustainability  plan  in  our  region.    The  goal  of  the  Summit  is  to  take  a  step  toward  developing  a  long‐term  networking  and  partnership  mechanism  for  area  colleges,  local  governments  and  businesses  in  the  region,  to  pool  resources  and  address  current  and  anticipated  sustainability problems in a collaborative fashion.       

For More Information Contact:    Jake Gilmer ( or 540‐343‐4417) 

Roanoke Valley Regional SUSTAINABILITY SUMMIT April 29, 2011 9:00 am - 4:00 pm Greenfield Education & Training Center (Daleville, VA)

Project Updates  Cont’d  


The Fiscal Year 2010 Annual List of Federally Obligated Transportation Funds is now available on the Commission’s website. The document lists transportation projects that received funding last year from the Federal Highway Administration or Federal Transit Administration. Online at: The Regional Commission will soon release a final draft of the Roanoke ValleyAlleghany Rural Long Range Transportation Plan. The plan includes analysis and recommendations for multimodal transportation improvements in Alleghany, Botetourt, Craig, and Roanoke Counties, as well at the Town of Clifton Forge and the City of Covington. The plan has been cooperatively developed by the Regional Commission and the Virginia Department of Transportation. It will impact the priorities of the Virginia Long Range Multimodal Plan (VTrans) and the development of the Virginia Six-Year Improvement Program. Online at: For More Information Contact: Jake Gilmer at or 540-343-4417. Commission staff completed an update to the Solid Waste Management Plan for Craig County and the Town of New Castle. The plan addresses all requirements of the regulations for the Development of Solid Waste Management Plans. Revisions to the plan incorporate proposed improvements to the solid waste transfer station, recycling, and activities of the Craig County Beautification Committee. The plan is designed to serve as a guidance document for Craig County and the Town of New Castle as they continue to strive to provide the most economical, safe, environmentally-responsible waste management system for their citizens. The Roanoke Valley-Alleghany Regional Commission continues to work on an update to the Regional Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan. Staff has presented GIS data layers, estimated potential losses from flooding in the region, and risk assessment tables to the Pre-Disaster Mitigation Committee for review. More information about the planning process, including meeting materials and maps, can be found at Commission staff provided technical assistance to the Alleghany Highlands Consolidation Citizens Committee by developing a proposed election district map and website at The website includes documents related to the consolidation process and a Question & Answer section. For More Information Contact: Matt Miller at or 540-343-4417. The Regional Commission continues to maintain the Grant Resource Access Network (GRANT), a free service to notify area governments, non-profits, and other interested parties in the region of grant opportunities and resources available from federal and state agencies, as well as private foundations. GRANT members receive the weekly e-newsletter GrantStation Insider which provides information on grant makers, upcoming grant deadlines, conferences and seminars, and industry news. Additionally, GRANT members can schedule a time to use GrantStation’s advanced (i.e., subscription) features to search for national and regional grant opportunities. Current GRANT membership includes 150 individuals, representing more than 90 local governments, non-profits, and other agencies throughout the Commonwealth. Interested parties can join the GRANT listserv by contacting or calling 540.343.4417 and providing your name and email address. Additional GRANT information is available at Staff Contact: Shane Sawyer (

Alleghany County The Honorable Carolyn Barnette The Honorable Shannon Cox John Strutner Botetourt County The Honorable Steve Clinton The Honorable Billy Martin, Sr., Vice Chair Ned C. McElwaine Kenny Sexton Craig County The Honorable Jennifer Durling The Honorable Richard Flora Franklin County The Honorable Russell Johnson The Honorable Ronnie Thompson The Honorable Charles Wagner Chris Whitlow Roanoke County Clay Goodman, III The Honorable Kevin Hutchins Dean Martin, Treasurer The Honorable Ed Elswick The Honorable Charlotte Moore J. Lee E. Osborne City of Covington The Honorable Kim Warlitner John Doane City of Roanoke The Honorable David Bowers Jay E. Foster Rob Logan Chris Morrill The Honorable Court Rosen The Honorable David Trinkle, Chairman City of Salem The Honorable John Givens The Honorable Jane Johnson Melinda Payne Town of Clifton Forge Darlene Burcham The Honorable Jimmie Houff Town of Rocky Mount James Ervin The Honorable Robert Strickler Town of Vinton The Honorable Bradley E. Grose Chris Lawrence

NON-VOTING LIAISON MEMBERS Beth Doughty Roanoke Regional Partnership Teresa Hammond Alleghany Highlands Chamber of Commerce Landon Howard Roanoke Valley Convention & Visitors Bureau Debbie Kavitz Salem-Roanoke County Chamber of Commerce 11

Dr. Robert Sandel Virginia Western Community College Dr. Richard Teaff Dabney S. Lancaster Community College Doloris Vest Western Virginia Workforce Development Board Joyce Waugh Roanoke Regional Chamber of Commerce

Data Summary 

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2010 Census Data and Components of Change Decennial Census Count

April 1, 2000 - April 1, 2010 Percent


April 1, 2000

V irginia

April 1, 2010

Population Growth

Natural Increase

Net Migration






Alleghany County






Botetourt County






Craig County






Franklin County






Roanoke County






Covington City






Roanoke City






Salem City






Roanoke MSA






RVARC Region






So uce: Weldon Cooper Center for Publi c Service, US Census B ureau

Largest Employers in RVARC Region

Towns 2000-2010 Population Change











Town of Clifton Forge




Town of Rocky Mount




Town of Vinton




Source: US Bureau of the Census

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital Department of Veterans Affairs Wal-Mart Kroger Wells Fargo Bank City of Roanoke Lewis Gale Medical Center County of Roanoke MeadWestvaco Corporation Roanoke County Schools

Source: Virginia Employment Commission

Source: Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service (


Roanoke Valley Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO)

Roanoke Valley Area   Metropolitan  Planning   Organization (MPO)  Policy Board Members 

Bedford County  The Honorable Dale Wheeler    Botetourt County  The Honorable Billy Martin, Sr.  Ron Smith    Roanoke County  The Honorable Richard Flora, VC  The Honorable Charlotte Moore    City of Roanoke  Dr. M. Rupert Cutler  The Honorable David Trinkle, Chair    City of Salem  The Honorable Jane Johnson  Melinda Payne    Town of Vinton  Doug Adams  The Honorable Carolyn Fidler    Va. Dept. of Transportation  Richard Caywood    Valley Metro  Leon Alder    Rke. Regional Airport Commission  Jacqueline Shuck    Roanoke Valley‐Alleghany   Regional Commission  J. Lee E. Osborne       

Update on the Constrained Long Range Transportation Plan 2035 The   MPO’s  Financially  Constrained  Long‐ Range Transportation Plan (CLRTP) is nearing  completion.  The centerpiece of the plan has  traditionally been a financially constrained list  of  transportation  projects  to  be  built  over  a  20‐year horizon.   The  purpose  of  the  CLRTP  is  to  serve  as  a  "check  and  balance"  for  federal  surface  transportation  funds  between  the  Federal,  State  and  Local  (represented  by  the  regional  MPO Policy Board) levels.    In  its  simplest  form,  the  local  governments,  through  the  MPO,  have  to  agree  to  Federal  and State funding decisions by including them  in  the  CLRTP.    The  recent  downturn  has  blurred  the  fiscal  picture  to  such  an  extent  that it has been extremely difficult to develop  an  adequate  fiscally  constrained  list  of  projects  because  of  constantly  shifting  financial  projections.      The  storm  has  now  receded  so  that  staff  and  local  government  stakeholders  can advance  the process  with a  goal  of  getting  the  final  lists  and  plan  narrative  to  the  Roanoke  Valley  Area  MPO  Policy  Board  at  its  April  2011  meeting.    This  will  allow  the  public  process  to  start  with  anticipated  final  approval  at  the  June  MPO  meeting. 

The Long Range Planning Process Public Participation and Stakeholder Input. Results from touch screen kiosk, focus groups and public meetings help shape Goals, Objectives and Strategies of CLRTP 2035.

Guiding Principles of the Plan. Context of the plan with regard to demographic, funding and environmental trends. Goals, Objectives and Strategies to guide project selection.

Technical Process. Computer model to estimate future travel demand. Computer model produces list of estimated deficiencies where volume/capacity is 1 or more. List is typically much larger than a reasonable financial constraint.

Prioritization. Candidate projects from technical process and other plans are prioritized through the Transportation Technical Committee, Community Advisory Committee, local plans and local committees.

Non‐Voting Members    Federal Highway Administration  Tammye Davis    Federal Transit Administration  Tony Cho    Virginia Department of Rail  and Public Transportation  Jeff Sizemore       

The CLRTP can be accessed at

Staff Contact: Mark McCaskill ( or 540-343-4417)

Planning and administrative staff to the Roanoke Valley Area  MPO is provided by the Roanoke Valley‐Alleghany Regional  Commission, which also serves as fiscal agent.   

Financially Constrained and Vision Lists. Projects are organized into those selected for the financially constrained list, which is the major product of the CLRTP 2035 process, and a vision list of candidate projects ready should more funds become available.

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Upcoming Events  Mayor’s Bike Ride  Saturday, May 7, 2011  City of Roanoke   

RIDE Solutions and the City of Roanoke’s Parks and Recreation Department will  host the annual Mayor’s Bike Ride to celebrate Bike Month in Roanoke.  Mayor  David  Bowers  will  lead  the  ride  on  Saturday,  May  7th  at  10:00  A.M.    The  ride  will  start  at  the  new  Vic  Thomas  Park  and  end  at  the  Mayor’s  Monument  in  downtown  Roanoke,  where  riders  can  then  attend  the  Strawberry  Festival,  Chili  Cook‐off,  and  other  great  events  that  will  be  going  on  in  downtown  Roanoke that day.  Check for more Bike Month  events  happening  throughout  the  month,  or  contact  Jeremy  Holmes  at or 540‐342‐9393. 

Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals (APBP) 2011 Development Webinar Series  

The Roanoke Valley‐Alleghany Regional Commission will host the following webinars from the APBP Professional   Development Webinar Series in 2011.  The webinars will be held at the Regional Commission  office (upstairs conference  room) located at 313 Luck Avenue in downtown Roanoke.  All webinars are offered free of charge for participants, but  RSVP is requested. Please contact Shane Sawyer at 540.343.4417 or to reserve your seat.   Directions to the Regional Commission are available at    Design Manuals and Guides   Wednesday, March 16, 2011, 3:00‐4:00 p.m.    Using Social Media to Improve Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities   Wednesday, May 18, 2011, 3:00‐4:00 p.m.    Bicycle and Pedestrian Facility Design within a Constrained Right‐of‐Way   Wednesday, June 15, 2011, 3:00‐4:00 p.m.    Crosswalk Policies, Designs and Signals   Wednesday, July 20, 2011, 3:00‐4:00 p.m.    Designing and Retrofitting Bridges for Active Transportation  Wednesday, August 17, 2011, 3:00‐4:00 p.m.    Multimodal Level of Service   Wednesday, October 19, 2011, 3:00‐4:00 p.m.    Parking: Buffers, Bikes and Cars   Wednesday, November 16, 2011, 3:00‐4:00 p.m.    Additional information on the APBP Professional Development Webinar Series   is available at‐ 

RIDE Solutions Program Performance RIDE Solutions Grows by Leaps and Bounds   

RIDE Solutions Program Director, Jeremy Holmes, offered a program performance update at the January Regional Commission meeting. Highlights of that performance over the past year included:   


  

Current Membership


A 100% increase in membership to over 2,000 commuters. 33 Workplace Partners representing over 40,000 employees. Robust social media outreach with over 6,000 blog views, over 1,000 connections via Facebook and Twitter, and 14,000 YouTube video views. Participation in a number of regional sustainability initiatives, including the City of Roanoke’s Bicycle Friendly Community and Citizens for Clean and Green Committees, the Green Living and Energy Expo, Roanoke Valley Cool Cities Coalition, Go Green NRV, and the Roanoke Regional Chamber’s Cool Green Biz Program. Relaunch of the Red Rack bike rack donation program. Updates to the online park-and-ride map and interactive bicycle map. Presentations to Best Workplaces for Commuters members, NADO, and blog syndication via Streetsblog.

A copy of the entire presentation can be requested from Jeremy Holmes at or (540)342-9393

Workplace Partnerships RIDE Solutions welcomes Dabney S. Lancaster Community College, John T. Morgan Roofing and Sheet Metal, and Salem City Public Schools to the Workplace Partnership Program. The Program provides employers in the region, including local governments, access to sustainable transportation programs and promotional efforts customized to their needs and business culture, all free of charge.

RIDE Solutions has launched the Red Rack Program, which provides custom-made bicycle racks free to qualifying businesses, nonprofits, and local governments. To-date, racks have been awarded to the Town of Vinton, John T. Morgan Roofing and Sheet Metal, and K-Mart (Franklin Road).

It’s time again for the annual Clean Commute Challenge. Part of the series of Bike Month events organized by RIDE Solutions and its many partners, the Clean Commute Challenge encourages commuters to try a sustainable transportation mode on one or more Fridays during the month of May, the traditional start of ozone pollution season. Commuters who take the pledge are entered into a drawing for great prizes. This year, RIDE Solutions intends to take its Clean Commute hospitality tent on the road, serving coffee and doughnuts to area Park-and-Ride users on various Fridays throughout the month, and partnering with Downtown Roanoke’s newest coffee shop, GET, to offer our usual breakfast reward to downtown commuters.


P.O. Box 2569  313 Luck Avenue, SW  Roanoke, VA  24010  Phone: 540‐343‐4417  Fax: 540‐343‐4416  Email: 

UPCOMING CALENDAR Tuesday, March 29, 2011 Sustainability Consortium Meeting @10:00 am (Regional Commission Conference Room) Thursday, April 14, 2011 Transportation Technical Committee Mtg. @1:30 pm (Regional Commission Conference Room) Thursday, April 21, 2011 Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) Committee Mtg. @3:00 pm (Greenfield Education & Training Center, Daleville, VA) Public Meeting — Rural Long Range Transportation Plan, 4:00-6:30 pm (Regional Commission Conference Room) Thursday, April 28, 2011 1:30 pm — Roanoke Valley Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) Policy Board Mtg. 3:00 pm — Roanoke Valley-Alleghany Regional Commission Mtg. (both mtgs. will be held in the Regional Commission Conference Room) Friday, April 29, 2011 Roanoke Valley Regional Sustainability Summit 9:00 am to 4:00 pm (Greenfield Education & Training Center, Daleville, VA) Friday, May 13, 2011 Clean Commute Day

Rural Long Range Transportation  Plan Public Meeting Scheduled   

The Roanoke  Valley‐Alleghany  Regional  Commission  will  host  a  public  meeting  on  the  Rural  Long  Range  Transportation  Plan  on  Thursday,  April  21,  2011  from  4:00  to  6:30 pm at the Regional Commission office  (upstairs  Conference  Room),  313  Luck  Avenue, SW, downtown Roanoke.      During  the  months  of  April  and  May,  Virginia  Department  of  Transportation  officials  and  the  Consultant  Team  are  scheduling  public  meetings  throughout  Virginia  to  obtain  citizen  comment  on  the  Rural Long Range Transportation Plan.  The  plan will be presented to our region on the  April 21 date.     Staff Contact: Jake Gilmer  ( or 540‐343‐4417)  

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March 2011 Newsletter

Roanoke Valley Alleghany Regional Commission Newsletter  

March 2011 Newsletter