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April: 18th-22nd: Spring Break 25th: Classes resume 25th-29th: OAA testing May: 24th: Choral Concert 7pm @MHS 25th: Spring sports picnic 30th: Memorial Day: no School June: 7th: 7th grade awards 1pm 8th: Last day of school

If it happens on Team 7B, we got it covered!! Volume 1, Issue 3

Third Quarter Newsletter

What’s Happening??? Here is a glimpse of what has been happening on Team 7B: Science

Genetics Counselors Visit Milford Junior High School By: A.J. Erdaty Last month Milford Junior High School got some special visitors! They came from the University of Cincinnati. These graduates talked to seventh grade team B about genetic counseling, and what they do at their jobs as genetic counselors. The students learned many interesting facts about genetic counseling and how it helps people. Job Opportunities These counselors spoke to us about a couple possible jobs in the field of genetics. Some are as a forensic scientist or a genetic counselor. A forensic scientist would work in the field of genetics, as well as the field of law. They would use DNA evidence found at a crime scene and trace it back to one person to find the criminal. The main focus of the visitors though was to speak to us about genetic counseling. A genetic counselor is someone who gets together with a family and helps the family figure out if its children might have a disease or genetic disorder, or find out the chances of a family

member getting a disease through genetics. They can be very helpful to families and can help families find out about diseases or disorders that run in their family. It was very fun to have these visitors come to our school. All of the students enjoyed their presentation. We hope that they can visit again in following years to help with our study of genetics. Math During the 4th quarter, all math classes will be focusing on reinforcing skills to prepare for the OAA. During the first few weeks of the quarter, students may have another math teacher, but after spring break they will return to their original teacher and class. In the final stretch, classes will explore the abstract algebra standards that will prepare the students for the content they will see in next year’s math class. Social Studies During the 3rd quarter students learned how the past cultures of Asia and Europe influenced present day United States. Students learned about several Asian inventions that are still used in the United States today (paper making, ink, moveable type, gunpowder, fireworks, and canal building).

Students also learned how the Middle Ages influenced the United States. For example, schools for the common man were created, King John signed the Magna Carta (some of the rights outlined in this charter can be seen in our Bill of Rights), the Eastern part of the world influenced the Western part of the world as a result of the Crusades, and international trade and cultural exchange increased among civilizations. In the 4th quarter students will learn about the Renaissance, the Reformation, and exploration and expansion around the world between 1350-1800. We will study in detail how the events between 1350-1800 influence the United States and the rest of the world today.

Language Arts Spring has sprung and 7B Literature is busy preparing for OAA testing. The students are working hard in our buckle down book. (Ms. Sager calls them the strap me down books). To enhance all the skills they need for testing, we will supplement our learning with computer power points, fun activities, and games. Literature class is lucky enough to have a smart board and all students enjoy being part of the interactive learning. In the 4th quarter, the students will be reading mythology and completing a research project to understand the process of research writing. In composition, students are taking a different twist to OAA review. No homework has seemed to be a great incentive to keep them working diligently during class. In the 4th quarter, we will be writing a variety of poems.

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Spotlight Teacher: Mrs. Ward

Spotlight Teacher: Ms. Rapp

College Attended: University of Dayton

College Attended: Miami University

Favorite food: Homemade Macaroni and cheese

Favorite food: ALL food

I wish I could visit Australia because I love the accent of the people and the food off the “barbie”

I wish I could visit Denali National Park in Alaska because I want to experience the true wilderness and see all the animals.

Favorite type of music: I listen to almost anything...right now I’m really into Mumford & Sons.

Favorite type of music: Country

What Do You Like to Do in Your Free Time? I love being outside...running, hiking, or at the park with Charlotte.

What Do You Like to Do in Your Free Time? Gardening and kayaking

Eagle Rules

1. Eat a healthy breakfast on test day. 2. Bring the necessary supplies for the test. 3. Get to school on time. 4. Listen carefully to the test instructions. 5. Read the questions before reading the passage. 6. Cross out answers you know are incorrect. 7. Highlight the passage: main idea, details… 8. Restate the questions and provide details from the story that support your answer.

Team B Contact Information: MJHS Office:831-1900 Mrs. Bruce: Mr. Ferguson: Mrs. Lane: Ms. Rapp: Ms. Sager: Mrs. Ward: Mr. Wiesenhahn:

Each team has a set of rules and incentives. Team 7B’s rules are centered around RESPECT. The 4th quarter incentive is FIELD DAY during the last week of school. Students who do not have any missing work in any subject and less than 5 write ups on the team expectation card will be permitted to join in the festivities of field day. Remember to be in your seat when the bell rings. Expect to turn in assignments when they are due. Stay focused during all classroom activities. Participate in class discussions. Everyday bring all materials to class. Cooperate in group activities. Treat others with RESPECT!

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7B Newsletter  


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