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Healthy design is a concept by BCG and Laloberinto to promote a culture of sustainable design for companies and environment. Healthy living last longer.

The company

Healthy Design is a full service website design, interactive design and print design company located in Millingen aan de Rijn, the Netherlands. Healthy Design is a concept by BCG and Laloberinto to promote and create a culture of sustainable design for companies and the environment. Healthy living last longer.

Our Mission

The mission of Healthy Design [HD] is to create design for companies with a high quality profile for an affordable and fair price. HD aims to valuate the client’s needs and wishes with a highly original and creative approach to graphic design, offering

Our Team Edwin Rovers is the goal driven full sided project manager of HD specializing in e-projects. He has the knowledge to bring projects to life and means serious business.

Agustin Quiñones is HD’s all round designer with lots experience in video-animation and a trustful source of creation and making things happen the way they should.

Rob van den Boogaard is HD’s project manager specialized in new technologies running several companies in which he combines knowledge and practice to bring projects to its best development.

Eduardo Pérez creative designer of HD, has 20 years experience in design, multimedia design and print design. Having a strong background in visual languages, Pérez works as an experimental artists using new media.

Solutions Here’s a few key points of Healthy Design’s communication solutions: A lot of companies encounter problems with the design of their brand when working with many different graphic designers for various services or by trusting their profile with cheap companies or by using graphics for free. To avoid this problem HD offers high quality and professional design for a similar price, reducing future expenses and extra costs while avoiding conflicts in the production of the graphic, print and web material. HD offers fast communication solutions to companies with complex structures.

HD has experience in producing material using a vast network of providers in the areas of printing, photography, video, craftsmen, etc. Economy nowadays asks to be effective, reducing costs in all sectors of a company. HD presents high quality design for an affordable price. HD’s connection with Mexico offers the possibility to outsource the production design in a different time zone, therefore projects can be delivered faster. .

Contact information Healty Design Studio Postbus 105, 6566ZH Millingen aan de Rijn Edwin Rovers Extern Project Manager M: 06-29554869 E: Skype: edwinrovers Rob van den Boogaard Commercial Director M: 0622-383333 E: Skype: robvandenboogaard Eduardo Pérez González Creative Director M: 0648-118965 E: Skype: laloberinto Agustín Quiñones Pacheco Mixed media designer M: 0654-315631 E: Skype: agustinq78

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