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Another year has passed, and Best Friends Day 8, The Ocho is gearing up for the weekend of August 20-23. This year we have a South of the Boredom theme, a scavenger hunt that is the closest thing to Double Dare you will ever do, and a world record bike jump over 40 square feet of nachos. The weekend has been extended back to 4 days like it was in previous years, starting Thursday night with a show at Plaza Bowl and ending on Sunday at the Bike Lot with a 3-day scavenger hunt finale. Oh, and more bands! Though the whole weekend is without compare, the highlight will be a full day at Hadad’s Lake, complete with bands, water sports, volleyball, horseshoes, paddle boats, mini golf and BBQ! A complete list of events can be found at bestfriendsday.net. In the tradition of true independent media and music, we have teamed up with RVA Magazine, our city’s best independent free cultural magazine, to create this ultimate guidebook to Best Friends Day. Check out this upgraded BFD Guide for a run down of bands, interviews with some of the best people in Richmond, mind teasers, nostalgia, and personal reflections. And don’t forget to take some time out to get autographs from your favorite best friends!

Cheers amigos! BFD ‘09 Crew

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Best Friends Day Memories Intro by Shelly Briggs

The cool thing about Best Friends Day is that everyone has their own perception of it, depending on who they stayed with over the weekend, which years they went, how long they’ve been attending, where they came from, and how they managed to arrive in Richmond. We asked a bunch of people to write down their most memorable moments from any of the BFDs of the past. My story is very prominent in my memory, but I feel more like it belongs to someone else. Every time I see Ron Hadad, the owner of the water park, he reminds me of it, because it is what he remembers the most, which is awesome because he’s been to every Best Friends Day… We‘ve always been lucky with the weather over BFD weekends, and for the most part have always enjoyed sunny days at Hadad’s Lake. But as is true to Richmond summers, there was an incredible rainstorm around five o’clock during Best Friends Day 4. At this point, we weren’t renting out the whole park. We had only rented a small portion of the gazebos for our patrons, and other family reunions and parties were sharing the lake that day. It started to rain really hard and since we didn’t have much cover, we all ran under the pavilion (where the bands now play) for some refuge. There was a DJ playing music so we started to dance while the rain poured down, not even thinking about the fact that we were just totally busting into someone else’s party. After a bit, we got the hint that we were being invasive, and not welcome in these people’s space (because someone told us to get OUT), so we exited the pavilion by sliding down the hill toward the rope swing, which at that point had turned completely into mud. So, there was a pile up of muddy kids in their bathing suits at the bottom of this small hill, running around like 5 year olds, laughing about what a mess we were. For some reason, Ron thinks this story is really funny, even though we totally screwed up some of his other customers’ good time and then fucked up his grass by making a muddy Slip-and-Slide on his property. But that’s why he is such a good guy - he has a sense of humor. Shelley Briggs Richmond, VA

The first Best Friends Day I went to was pretty amazing. My friend and I had made shirts for the occasion - hers had a pepper shaker and mine had a salt shaker, and I had finally gotten a removable cast so I could swim after being in stupid plaster all summer. I also loved the one where DJ Assault played. I went to brunch with Tony [Foresta] and others that weekend and drew him a crappy picture of a lady with a big ass and huge titties so DJ Assault could find him when he picked him up from the airport. I went on to do the scavenger hunt and we won ourselves free admission to Hadad’s. But by the time DJ Assault started playing, as bad/good as it was, I had become a little reckless. I spotted the trampoline that was still on the stage from when the Waste played, and decided I was going to do a flip off the stage and land on my feet. It didn’t work, and I landed flat on my back, unable to move and watching the sea of dancing feet all around me. But luckily, little Chris offered a hand and I was not trampled, just in a lot of pain from typical, drunk BFD shenanigans. But, the next day at Hadad’s there were still the good ol’ chicken fights, runway style, coming from opposite sides of the trampoline. And lots of friends. Not to mention looking forward to Lucha Libre the next day at the Bike Lot. Ashley “Noodle” Pollack Richmond, VA

The Saturday at Hadad’s during Best Friends Day 4 happened to be my birthday, so I had an extra cause for celebration. My friend had made this really awesome piñata, shaped like 20 gold balls that got stuck together. I guess it was easier than making a horse, or a sombrero, or a horse wearing a sombrero. She had filled the piñata with “adult candy,” e.g. airplane liquor bottles and other assorted goodies. The piñata was hung in the center of one of the gazebos, and we made sure the picnic tables were out of the way so we had plenty of room to spin around and then go at it with a bat. I was the first one to go, since it was my birthday, and I was determined to hit this gold multi-balled sack as hard as I could. I put the blindfold on, spun around about 5 times, and walked toward what I thought was the piñata, holding the bat above my head like I was about to chop wood with an axe. This was a ridiculous way to go at the piñata, since hitting it from the side would have been much more productive. As I swung down with the bat, I heard my friends start to yell “NO!” Before I knew that I should have stopped mid-swing, I smashed something that sounded nothing like a plushy bag of candy. I took the blindfold off to discover that the piñata was behind me, and in front of me I had smashed my own video camera, that had been sitting “safely” on a picnic table. It was in pieces and everyone thought it was the funniest thing I could have possibly done. I was really glad it was not someone else’s camera, because I would have been out a couple hundred bucks. I managed to salvage the tapes, however, and still have some good footage of that weekend, and fortunately, none of it involves me and a piñata. Erin Briggs Richmond, VA

As I stood atop the water-slide that no longer exists at Hadad’s Lake, with Richmonders and youngsters peering up and chanting “Long hair! Long hair! Long hair!” I was contemplating my next dangerous (and soon to be imitated) maneuver into the murky “2000 Flushes” water. Deciding to go head first and backwards, I coiled my feet around the handles of the ladder, guided myself down the slide, extended my outstretched arms, and let go. Sliding down and tumbling into the hazy dark water, my toes hit the odd sandy bottom and quickly propelled me back above the water to sounds of jubilant cheers and cacophony. That, I believe, was Best Friends Day 1… I think. Another great memory of BFD has to have been my efforts to attain the highly-regarded and difficult double high-five with a friend on the dual rope swing, which was only accomplished a couple times. After many attempts, which included ample rope burns, contusions, and ears filled with water, we were able to achieve Best Friends Day high-five status. One of my favorite moments of the first three Best Friends Days was the beach volleyball game. Mainly the one BFD in which the gang listened to “Playing With The Boys” from Top Gun on repeat. My main recollections were of playing until exhaustion, drinking until inebriation, and burning my skin to level 6 on the toaster scale. The group photo at four o’clock is an all-time favorite, and then later trying to find yourself and your friends in the photos is always fun, especially as the years went on. Harpal Sodhi Los Angeles, CA

There was the year Scott left the disastrous Drop Dead house show and ended up driving around town with a bunch of skinheads. There was the year DJ Assault played and I accidentally danced on stage. Also the year Kyle puked on his Hurricane Burger at 821, which I don’t condone. Then there was the year I kissed someone underneath the bridge, and the year I wrecked my bike in front of Xtreme Pizza, and also the year Josh had sex in the cemetery. But I start thinking about all the friends I’ve made during those weekends in Richmond, and I think that’s far more important than all our dumb stories combined. Like most fests, BFD has the potential to turn seeing someone once a year into a happy reunion. There are a lot of people from the first few years that I only used to see shirts off, beards dripping, that I’m now good friends with. Like a funnel, fests tend to narrow down people who recognize each other until bonds are formed based solely on common experiences and shared interests. You’d be surprised how far a “hello” goes three years down the road. Remember the party at the end of Can’t Hardly Wait ? That’s BFD. The party where, for some reason, everyone in the high school gets together and doesn’t fight. BFD supports a wide cross-section of the much larger subculture that is punk rock. Everyone at BFD might not be a punk, and might not even be there to party, but at least we’re all hanging out together. So what you really have to ask yourself isn’t whether or not you need to see Hellnation this year (you should), or go swimming at Hadad’s (you should), but simply if you’re ready to hang out (and trust me, you are). Keri Smith Gainesville, FL Best Friends Day. I’m just going to hang out with a smile on my face, shirtless and barefoot. I’m going to exchange sweaty hugs with hundreds of people whose names I can’t remember, but whose faces make me happy. I’m going to break my ankle and it’s not going to matter, because I have masking tape and there are some crutches in a shed nearby. I’m throwing my worries aside. I’m in the magic zone and nothing can disturb these golden wasp wings that have grown from my shoulder blades and granted me flight into this clean August air. You know what I mean? Summer Ray Welch Savannah, GA

I think the best thing about Best Friends Day has always been that we went out of our way to find crazy fun things to do. We push adults back into summer fun with weekends full of water parks, bowling alleys, putt-putt golf, go-karts, scavenger hunts, and Family Feud championships. If you get lost, just follow the kids on bikes, look for the homemade banners, and listen for the never-ending loop of “Playing With The Boys” - that’s where you’ll find us year after year. Anna Virginia Richmond, VA BFD 2 was my first. We showed up to a house show/ party with homemade brick-oven pizzas and wine and bands shredding in the living room. The next day, we all went to Hadad’s and had a killer blast with friends, water stuff, kegs, and BBQs. That night we all went to the duckpin bowling alley and had fun with more kegs, and bands! From then on, we knew Best Friends Day would be a righteous treat every August. I’ve been there every year since for the totally wicked weekend. Jacob Hamilton St. Augustine, FL During Best Friends Day 6 at the Bike Lot we had rented a dunk tank that kept breaking, and at one point I was trying to figure out how to fix it. I was perched on the edge of the tank and looking under the seat when my friend Murty jumped on me, knocking us both in. Pretty soon, other friends started climbing in and jumping in the water, and within a few minutes, eight people were in a tank made for one. Naturally, we started a circle pit, which got to a quick enough speed that we were pretty much carried along in the current of dirty water and spilled beer. Ward Tefft Richmond, VA

My main love of Best Friends Day stems from the fact that folks from all different walks of life and social circles get together for a few days to chill abnormally hard. There’s so little bullshit and negativity in general that it’s just an uplifting weekend, and it’s no surprise that people travel to it from all over. It’s becoming a punk pilgrimage (or something), and everyone gladly overlooks how funky the Hadad’s water is, all in the name of having a good time. I look back on my times helping out with BFD fondly, and I’m stoked I was able to be even a small part of such an awesome gathering. Andy Low Richmond, VA During Best Friends Day 5 I lived in a house with 8-10 other people, depending on how you look at it. I was warned that people from Delaware and Florida were coming to the house, but didn’t really know what that meant. Wednesday night, some kids came to our door, decked out in camping gear, and asked to stay at the house, not knowing anyone who lived there. They just needed a place to stay. The next day about 20 kids from Florida showed up. I’m not really sure if anyone at the house knew them, but they knew the house. Then another 20 kids from Delaware, all wearing the same shirt, came in and it became really hard to tell who was who. Over the next couple of days my roommates and I kept asking each other if we knew who most of these kids were, and alas, no one really did. Over the course of the weekend, I chilled with my friends in my room feeling alienated in my own house, and may or may not have been hanging out until four in the morning. Friday night I passed out while watching a movie, and one of the house guests slammed open my door and turned off my DVD player, screaming “THIS IS SO FUCKING ANNOYING”. This led to me sleeping in and almost missing Hadad’s. The next night my friends and I all stayed up again, and then some of the house guests told us we needed to keep it down and that we were being too loud. So after nights of upsetting people whose names we did not know, we just kept chilling, listening to the same Annihilation Time record till Tuesday. The others all left, leaving behind one of their own, who just stuck around Richmond ever since, and whose name I learned by October. Curtis Grimstead Richmond, VA

My friend Bret and I took the Greyhound to BFD 5 down from New York at, like, four in the morning. We were going to take the Chinatown bus the next day, but we got really wasted and decided it was best to leave RIGHT THEN. So we get there and there’s a huge line. Apparently 4 AM is a popular time for the NYC-RVA trip. In our addled state, we decided that the best thing was to put on a huge show of Bret pretending to be an alligator wearing sunglasses, with me as his loving but long-suffering brother, taking him home to Richmond to “see Momma.” We cut right to the front of the line, hopped on the bus, and took the seats at the back. Everyone on there really loved us when they heard us shotgunning beers as the bus pulled onto the turnpike. Joel Alford Richmond, VA When we first decided to start booking bands for Best Friends Day I was pretty excited to be a part of it. I wanted my involvement to contribute to the randomness of the weekend by putting together different styles of music for each show. I wanted every weirdo like me to get excited about it no matter what they were into. By the time BFD 4 came around we really wanted to step it up a notch. At the time a large group of locals really got into this rapper/DJ named DJ Assault. You’ve probably heard of him. He sang such hit songs as “Beat Dat Bitch With A Bat” and “Ass and Titties” (which was later featured on Chappelle’s Show). Nobody thought we could do it, but after months of haggling with his people (who were actually just him) and Andy Low and I jumping around his ridiculous list of demands on his contract he agreed to perform. The whole experience of spending that Friday driving around this famous rapper with his assistant was so surreal. Oh, I’m sorry. Did I say his assistant? Well that’s what he and the contract he wanted us to sign called her. It turned out it was a girl he met on Myspace that he flew in to hook up with. What a playa! We had DJ Assault set up on the balcony above the stage at Alley Katz. It was set up so right after the Waste finished playing he could just start right into his first song for an instant dance party. From what I heard later from some friends watching from the balcony was that during the first few songs of The Waste set said he was completely freaked out at the reaction of the moshing crowd. Someone had to pull him aside and explained to him that they were just having fun. I guess he has never seen people react like that before and was afraid that a riot was breaking out in front of him. Someone seriously had to calm the poor guy down. He ended up playing his set and a ridiculous dance party ensued. After escorting him around for the rest of the evening and then taking him and his lady friend “assistant” to his hotel room I couldn’t help but burst out in laughter the second he got out of the car. I definitely got the vibe that he will not be returning to Best Friends Day in the future. I think we may have been a little too crazy for him. But was it worth it? Heck yeah it was! Two asses, four titties! Tony Foresta Richmond, VA

It was BFD 2008. I decided to ride my bicycle to Hadad’s with my good buddies Kensey and JP, along with some other random people from Philadelphia. Of course, as soon as I got past the city limits, my tire went flat. There wasn’t a patch kit among the six of us, so I told the crew to go ahead without me, since some girlfriends were supposed to be coming by later (late-as-shit later, it turns out) by car. They had enough room to rescue me from the side of the road. My pals were hesitant to leave me, being a damsel in distress and all, but I told them not to worry - I had sangria and cups in my backpack. So I set myself down on the side of the road, poured a glass, and enjoyed the people watching and sunshine. I stayed pretty content for a while. My situation could have been a lot more boring and the gals said they were going to leave for me right away. A few cars of people slowed down to check out the one-woman afternoon fiesta on the side of Osborne Road, but I guess I looked too chill for anyone to think a ride offer was necessary. I mean, it wasn’t, anyhow. Forty minutes went by, however, and the ladies I had talked to earlier still weren’t there. My happy-go-lucky roadside cocktail hour was starting to get old as I strained my eyes for Marley’s Monte Carlo to come save the afternoon. It was sometime around my third drink that I saw a familiar van coming around the bend. Scott was driving all by his lonesome and pulled over with great concern that fate was keeping me from this Ultimate Celebration of friends & giant blow-up pool toys. I was stoked to see him; of all people, I hadn’t seen Scott in months! As we loaded my wounded bicycle into the back of his ride, another familiar car came up the road. It was my original rescue party. They were happy to see me, but I didn’t even have to sit bitch in Marley’s car due to Scott’s good timing. All was well and right in the world once more. All these people wanted to help a sister out. That’s how Richmond does - it just takes its damn time doing it. That’s what sangria is for. That’s what friends are for. Carrie Whitaker Richmond, VA

My favorite Best Friends Day “moment” has to be Best Friends Day 7, the first time in years I had nothing to do with the event. Don’t get me wrong, the previous years had been a blast and I’ve got so many great memories of friends from near and far, bands, scavenger hunts, and aqua blue water. However, responsibility for a Saturday night show was always looming over my head, and last-minute complications seemed to be a constant threat to the good times being had. It’s pretty hard to screw something like that up, especially once everyone is in town, but being the kind of person that I am, I still had my worries. The shows always ended up amazing and I could breathe a sigh of relief at the end of the night, glad that at least the 300 of my friends packed into the Nanci Raygun had enjoyed themselves and the bands were paid well, something that typically didn’t happen at local shows. But last year, having freedom from worry allowed me to fully enjoy all of the amazing festivities. The Wiznerd descending from the ceiling of Alley Katz to kick off the Waste’s “Waste ‘Em All” lineup will forever be one of my favorite show memories. A weekend of fun all over town; partying with Philly kids and Paint It Black at a late night house show, hanging in the gazebo at Hadad’s while awesome bands played all day, a much more laid back and positive vibe amongst Hadad’s revelers, and finally spending a lazy Sunday at the Bike Lot with the friends that were still hangin’. I’m looking forward to more of the same this year. I just hope the gazebo will survive Torche. Johnny Hugel Richmond. VA

So there was this summer at some point in the not too distant past and we were with our best friends and we made new best friends and oh, what a summer! Just ask anybody who was there. So then Anna said, “Hey, how about you guys come back at the end of the summer because we have a day or two devoted just to such the thing: best buds, music, swimming, and the like.” Happily, we obliged and got together some more best friends and made our way north, celebrating all the while because really, best friends are just such good things. And the house show and big beers and mini pools and trestle swing river romps and everything that a sweaty Richmond night could offer. And yes, the next day was an even better thing and the best of friends or potential buds and maybe even just amiable strangers all gathered at wonderful Hadad’s, where the water was like minigolf water and the trampoline was dangerous and the rope swings were radical and the kegs were plentiful and the life jackets were abundant and anything you could ever want was there: high five explosions, romantic paddleboat excursions, volleyball tournaments and slam dunk sessions. So really, who could argue with days and nights dedicated to just such things? A day of friends and things that are best with which to bid summer goodbye, and these are held in the heart to look forward to next year, and we do it all again. See you in the water. Jeff McNally St. Augustine, FL “Working security for a Municipal Waste show at Alley Katz, I realized that there was no way to get through the crowd at a certain point in the show. I decided to take another security guy upstairs with me where we were above the band, looking down on the crowd. A much better vantage point. We just started shining flashlights on people that had fallen to the ground. It took a few minutes, but eventually, the crowd figured it out and when they saw us shine the light on a spot in the pit, they responded in kind by picking up the fallen. Seemed like the only way to do it by that time. Catfish Richmond, VA

Best Friends Day Survival Guide To make sure you can maximize your fun for the weekend, here are a few reminders of things to bring, things not to bring, and helpful hints for surviving four full days of wackiness. Bring - CASH for entry to all events and food vendors. Show up early to events in case things sell out. - Bathing suit that fits (PLEASE) - Sunscreen - Your Best Friends! - Plastic Bottle or Canned Drinks - Cooler with food! There are vendors but you can cook out at Hadad’s. Remember to eat!! - Water will be for sale at events, but it’s always good to have your own and stay hydrated - A sombrero (so you can look super chill) - The guide you are looking at right now! NO - NO Glass - NO Pets - And last but not least… - NO GLASS at any event - NO PETS at any event

Frequently Asked Questions What’s up with price changes? This year the Hadad’s show will cost $18, a $3 increase from last year. Due to higher maintenance costs and an insane clean-up, the park needed to ask for more money per person. However, we have lowered prices to the other shows, keeping the cost of the entire weekend to only $40! What a great price for a four-day weekend of wet insanity! Do I need to get tickets in advance? The only show you can buy tickets for in advance is the Friday Alley Katz show. For all the other shows, just make sure you show up early with a great attitude! Does BFD provide any drinks or food? No. Fine Foods will provide everything at a fine price. Bring cash to the shows to get great food from vendors. Or just bring your own to grill at Hadad’s. Why does Hadad’s have a sign saying “Welcome to our OOL”? Notice that there is no P in there. Let’s keep it that way. What do I do if my wristband falls off at Hadad’s? You will get a wristband when you pay at the gate. Put it on immediately, and keep it on all day long. If it breaks, bring the wristband to the merch table by the stage to trade it out. If you do not have a wristband, you will be asked to leave. Kind of important.

Ped ro by Cr isty Ro


3-DAY WINNER-TAKEALL SCAVENGER HUNT! This epic scavenger hunt combines the thrill of the chase, the danger of Double Dare , the mystery of the Wheel of Destiny, and an elimination round that makes Survivor look like Full House . Oh, and the last team standing on Sunday will win $200! Bonus prize packages from local businesses and labels will go to the winner and runner-up!

Scavengers by Jim Callahan

SIGN IN starts on Friday, August 21st at 11:30 at Vinyl Conflict (324 S. Pine St, Oregon Hill). The first twenty teams of four will be accepted.

Yo un g W id ows

Ultr a Dolp hins

Louisville, Kentucky, has bred countless bands that have kept the city in the spotlight over the years. Young Widows is one of the newest to make that list, playing loud, heavy tunes that lie somewhere between other Louisville bands like Slint and their own hardcore roots. These dudes just released a 7” series with Bonnie Prince Billy, Melt Bananna, Pelican, and My Disco. Plus, they released Old Wounds last year, easily their best record to date.

Continuously one-upping themselves, Ultra Dolphins have constantly come up with creative ways to outdo whatever they did last. Sharing members of Snacktruck and Gull, the band has expanded their sound by combining certain aspects of their other projects while still keeping the traditional Ultra Dolphins sound that you love. They just recorded a new album with Steve Roche (Armalite, Pink Razors) that will be out this fall.

Psyc he d to Die

Pysched to Die comes from New Jersey and plays a form of hardcore that is fun and lies somewhere between bands like Agent Orange and Adolescents. Pysched to Die’s songs are fast, pissed, and full of hooks. These guys released a crucial 7” this year on Grave Mistake that is a must-have. Featuring members of the Ergs!, Hunchback, and more.

Art Compliments of Patrick Godfrey, you can check out his awesome comic shop Velocity Comics located at 904 W. Broad St. They have the best selection in the world of independent and superhero comics!


Instead of just saying they’re Virgins (like some Orlando band), Future Virgins have foreseen the future with a new scientific breakthrough which restores virginity. Coming from Pensacola, FL and Chattanooga, TN, this band knows how to write a song that makes you want to throw down. Future Virgins sounds like Rocket from the Crypt without the horns, hanging out with Plan It X bands.

The Meas ure [SA]


One of the hardest working bands in Punk Rock today, the Measure [SA] (which stands for Strictly Analog) has been constantly touring and releasing records over the past couple of years. The band has awesome female/male vocal parts that go perfectly over their steady punk sound. These guys have played Richmond a lot over the past couple of years, and you’ve been missing out if you have not had a chance to catch them. Fans of Lemuria and Discount, take note!

RVA’s newest addition to its long history of killer pop punk. These guys just did a split with Tenement on Richmond’s Forcefield Records and have been getting reviews comparing them to such great bands as Jawbreaker and Hüsker Dü. Be sure to come early to watch them kick off a great weekend! Photos courtesy of the bands unless otherwise noted!


none more blac k

off with their head s

Easily one of the most well known and hardest working bands to come out of Richmond. We’ve been trying to get Strike Anywhere to play Best Friends Day for years and they are finally available! (Normally they’re off in some faraway country touring their butts off.). Look out for their first new album since 2006’s “Dead FM” on Bridge 9 later this year.

Another great pop punk band from New Jersey makes it way down to Best Friends Day this year. NMB features ex-members of Kid Dynamite and Kill Your Idols, and creates a style of catchy punk that is their own. These guys released a killer LP on Fat Wreck Chords in 2006. None More Black doesn’t play live very often, so this is a set you don’t want to miss. The best thing to come out of Minneapolis since D4 and the Quincy Punks! OWTH have been on tour for almost the entire year in support of their most recent and critically acclaimed album From the Bottom and don’t seem to be letting up anytime soon. The Best Friends Day staff fully plans to be pogoing their asses off during their Friday night set.

Blot to

The first band from Japan to play Best Friends Day! Blotto seems to get a lot of comparisons to Leatherface and Jawbreaker, but that’s not a bad thing, is it? These guys have done splits with three of the bands playing BFD. This is their first time playing in Richmond, so come out and show them how we roll.

Rin ge rs

Gato r Fa ce

no frie nds

Massachusetts gets cold as shit, but their bands can still sound like they’re from Florida or California. Ringers gets thrown in that “sounds like Jawbreaker” category, but you can totally rage harder with Ringers.

One of the many bands from Florida invading RVA this weekend. These guys play catchy punk reminiscent of bands like All and the Ramones. Check out their 10” for sweet tunes and a badass etching on the B-side by Horsebites (he did the cover of the magazine you’re holding).

No Friends: Melodic hardcore in the vein of Dag Nasty and the Decendents. Ben Snakepit described them as “Milo goes to the Wilson Center”. No Friends has a full length out on No Idea records and features Tony from Municipal Waste and 3/4 of the New Mexican Disaster Squad lineup. Rare live appearance. Photos courtesy of the bands unless otherwise noted!

Art Compliments of Jim “Barf” Callahan, whose full works can be found at barfcomics.com. Also be on the look out for his new skate/comic magazine Born Ugly.








lemu ria

Playing at Fine Food at 11am!

Super heavy and super catchy all at the same time. Loud guitars booming drums and melodic vocals. Not many bands are out there that sound like these gentlemen and we are lucky enough to see them play a water park. Get into it!

We liked Lemuria so much last year that we asked them back for round two. Lemuria blurs the lines of punk and indie in a very tasteful manner, and often gets compared to bands like Discount and Fifth Hour Hero. Lemuria is the perfect soundtrack to a day of rope swings, water slides, and chillin’ with your best friend!

pink razors

Scattered all over the country for the past year-and-a-half, the Pink Razors will come back together at Hadad’s for a long overdue Richmond show. Probably the best pop punk band to ever come out of Richmond since Action Patrol. Nuff said.

WAS TED TIM E and Poison Idea. Wasted Time just finished their first LP on

P: Tony Lynch

Local hardcore in the vein of bands like Negative Approach

Grave Mistake, and just returned home from a successful European tour with Goverment Warning. A great band that is getting Richmond hardcore noticed throughout the world.

Art Compliments of Ben Snakepit, be sure to pick up his Snakepit comics if you haven’t already!

If you’re from Richmond, odds are you’ve seen Gull play anywhere from the streets of Carytown to a synagogue. Nate from Ultra Dolphins/Snacktruck makes up Gull, which is his one-man-band where he plays the guitar and drums at the same time! If you have ever thought twice about a one-manband, you will not be at all let down by Gull.



It’s not Best Friends Day without a band from St. Augustine. Tubers consist of veterans of Best Friends Day past from EYC, The South, and 12 Hour Turn! If No Idea and Dischord had a baby it would probably sound like Tubers. 904 + 804 = FUCK YEAH!!!!


sexy crim es No bs brass ban d

Shell & Jen are the only members of this amazing band, but there is somehow more energy produced during their shows than most 4 pieces. When he’s not jumping off his amp or the tallest piece of furniture, Shell plays guitar, sings, and faces Jen, who plays drums standing up, sings, and stays in continuous motion so the bells on her belt and ankles are constantly ringing. A sincerely ass kicking band!

P: PJ Sykes

Magrudergrind’s name pretty much says it all: brutal thrash grind from DC. It’s never too early to hear blistering fast blast beats at your favorite local grocery store parking lot.

Consisting of Joel from Dynamite Arrows and Cassidy of Sexy Crimes, Sexy Crimes is probably the sexiest duo of the weekend. Plus, they are the perfect band for BFD: all of their songs are about their friends. Bonus points if you know who they are singing about and give that person a high five. And the award for Best Dance Party of 2008 went to No BS Brass Band at Hadads and hopefully 2009’s will. NO BS is a brass band( I guess thats kinda in the name) with a full rock drum set, that plays sweet original jams that sound like scores of kung fu movies. They also play covers of songs from such bands as Rush and Radiohead. Maybe if we are lucky we will see them collaborate with Gull!. Photos courtesy of the bands unless otherwise noted!

P: PJ Sykes

magruder grind

as sh ol epa ra de

P: PJ Sykes

Mon ikers

Florida’s Original Unit of thrash speedcore. These guys have been setting the standard for fast shit since the ‘90s! Give AssholeParade [I’m not sure on the caps] a warm welcome back to Richmond, since they haven’t been here in years!

Featuring ex-members of Discount and Kite Flying Society Monikers play songs that are strongly influenced by great bands such as Crimpshrine, Leatherface and Jawbreaker. Heartwarming, honest and fun drinking music played by guys who like to drink and play music.


Crucial Instrumental jams that sound like a prog space dream come true. Having two drummers creates a battering ram sound of sonic awesomeness. Features dawgs from Ultra Dolphins and Brainworms!

Art Compliments of Lauren Denitzio, who can be found at blackandredeye. com. Her band the Measure [SA] is playing Thursday night, don’t miss out!



Co ns tr ict or

These guys hate sex but love to rock. Virgins hail from Orlando, FL and feature Sam of New Mexican Disaster Squad. This band is not a rehash of NMDS, but a whole new animal, reminiscent of 80’s hardcore punk like Adolescents and The Stooges. Raw, snotty, and full of angst and real catchy at the same time. This trio will will screw you with their music, not their boners.

Weed-inspired death metal from the people who bring you Battlemaster and Municipal Waste. Need we say more? Okay. This band sounds like heavy smoke!

The rock and roll heaviness of bands like Bl’ast and Annihilation Time mixed with the vocal catchiness of Pennywise (a strange combination, but pulled off in the best way possible). This up-and-coming Virginia Beach band really puts on an amazing live show and their recordings are equally good. A great group with a bright future ahead of them. Not to be missed! Photos courtesy of the bands unless otherwise noted!

The Fine Doods From Fine Food

By Shelley Briggs and Tony Foresta Photo by Steve Crandall

We took a couple of minutes recently to interview two really great guys from Fine Food, Shaheen Issak and Rubel Hasan. Since they’re supporters of Best Friends Day, and pretty much anything fun going on in Richmond, we wanted to find out a little bit more about the these guys. Fine Food is Oregon Hill’s local, family-owned market, and a great stop for any of your convenient store needs: beer, SuperChill soda, lottery tickets, snacks, and big white t-shirts. If you live in the neighborhood, there’s a good chance you see these guys as much as you see your friends.

Tony: How long have you worked here? Rubel: I have worked here a year-and-a-half. Shaheen:Almost ten years. Shelley: How long has Fine Food been open? Shaheen: 11 years. I took over from my uncle. Shelley: Who actually owns the store? Shaheen: I do. Shelley: What is the best selling beer in the store?

Shaheen: Yuengling. Rubel: PBR. Tony: Of course. Shaheen: Oh, my bad. PBR. Tony: What’s your favorite beer that you sell here? Shaheen: I like a lot of beer, but I really like Legend Triple. Tony: What about you, Rubel? Rubel: Legend Triple. Shelley: What is the most popular scratch-off ticket you sell?

Rubel: Mt. Chill, cola, pineapple, black cherry, Dr. Chill, lemon lime, strawberry, cream soda, fruit Punch, orange, grape, ginger ale, peach.

Shaheen: Tony is always… he is one of our best customers. Tony is awesome. We all like Tony. He is always cool to us.

Tony: How long have you been selling those shirts? How many do you think you’ve sold out of this building?

Shelley: You’re missing one.

Shelley: Did you like it last year when the band played?

Shaheen: Five or six hundred, at least.

Shelley: It’s a really well-known soda. Everyone has a brand of this.

Rubel: Bingo and Cash Words.

Shelley: Are you serious?

Shelley: What’s the most money someone has won off of scratch-off tickets?

Rubel: Yeah, yesterday I sold 4 or 5. We sell 4 or 5 a day.

Shaheen: $200,000. Shelley: $200,000? How long ago was that? Shaheen: Five years ago. I can’t remember the scratch ticket. The dude didn’t even know he won $200,000. He thought it was 2,000, so he came over to the counter and said, “I won $2,000” and hands me the ticket, and I said, “Dude! Grab a bottle of water and sit down there”. I told him he won $200,000 and his jaw dropped. He said “It’s not $200,000!” and I said “It is! It is!” Yeah, the guy’s still around. Tony: Oh, it was someone in Oregon Hill? Shaheen: Yeah. Shelley: How often do you guys sell those big white tees? Shaheen and Rubel: Everyday.

Tony: That’s amazing! Shelley: Where do you keep them?

Rubel: I am not missing one.

Rubel: I don’t know.

Shaheen: We store them in the back.

Tony: He names all but one. How many is that?

Tony: What kind of music do you listen to?

Shelley: 14 out of 15. You missed root beer.

Shaheen; I am a big fan of U2, Pink Floyd, Dave Matthews Band, and Puddle of Mudd.

Tony: You only missed one. You got an “A”.

Shaheen: Oh yeah, I liked it. Shelley: What’s the craziest thing that’s happened in the store? Shaheen: Some lady was in here and she was so drunk that she pulled her pants down and started peeing right over here, right on the floor in front of everyone. She was that drunk. We all walked out and then we closed to clean it up. Shelley: Closed the store to clean it up? That’s amazing.

Shelley: That was really good. I couldn’t do that. Why do you keep letting Tony Foresta convince you to let bands play in your parking lot?

Tony: Okay, that’s it. We are leaving on that note.

Shelley: This one is a test: off the top of your head, name the flavors of SuperChill soda that you carry.

Shaheen: How come? We have known Tony for a long time.

Shaheen: (laughs) This one’s for you, Rubel.

Tony: Yeah, I’ve been coming here for over 5 years.

During Best Friends Day weekend Magrudergrind will be playing outside of Fine Food at 11 a.m. on Saturday, August 22nd.

Rubel: Old rock, new rock, heavy rock, classic rock, crazy rock.

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Photo s by Steve Cran dall

k N at e ’s Ta c o T ru c C o m p le t in g t h e Q u es t Fo r t h e P er fe c t Ta c o Intro by S. Preston

Duncan | Interview

by Shelley Briggs

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Do you listen to music that’s fast? Really fast? Did you try to collect every Spazz record that came out when you were younger? Did you once or do you currently own a Charles Bronson t-shirt? Were you an avid reader of the Monkeybite Fanzine? If any of these things ring a bell then I should have no need to explain to you who Assholeparade is. These guys have been doing it for ages, and have refused to slow down, whatsoever. They have blasted through Richmond many times over the years, and now they are returning to Best Friends Day for what looks to be a ridiculous show at The Bike Lot. Here’s the scoop on the past, present, and future of the mighty Assholeparade. Assholeparade has been around for a while now? Has it been over 10 years? When did you guys get together? Travis Ginn: We started the band in September 1995 and we played our first show at The Hardback in Gainesville on Saturday, October 14th 1995 with DAMAD and Section 8. You broke up for a while, right? Why didn’t that stick? Travis: After we went on our first tour to Europe in 1999, we came back and everyone kinda went their own way. Not to say that we were not all friends, because we always have been, but as far as practicing and playing shows and that kind of stuff, we just kinda…stopped. I think Interview by Tony Foresta | Images courtesy of the band

from the time we got back from that tour till the time that we played our “LAST SHOW”, we only did two shows in between, and they both kinda sucked. One was with Melt Banana and one was with Floor, and we were stoked on the shows, we just sounded real bad for some reason, and that did not help the morale of the band. After a while of not doing shows I suggested that we, at least, play an announced “last show” and go out with some sort of dignity, so we planned it out and did it up one night with DAMAD. Jon Weisberg : It was a 2 month tour that was amazing, but we all got a little sick of each others’ bullshit, after we came home we played a show or two, and then stopped for two or three years. We all were ready to take a break, and a few of us had other projects going on, we still were all pretty tight though. I recall seeing you guys play my friend Howdy’s basement on Grove Ave in ’98, and even before that you had been playing shows in Richmond. What is Assholeparade’s connection with Richmond, VA? Jon: Well, we played Richmond once or twice before that and had made a few friends, I was in contact with Jason from Suppression who had his Chaotic Noise tapes going on, and he asked us to do something with him. We hung out with those dudes in Roanoke earlier and instantly got along with them. That’s when we decided to do the east/ west coast tour with Suppression, the Richmond

shows were always amazing and I think we just got along well with the other kids there. There is some odd link between Richmond and Gainesville though, you have fun here, we have fun there. What do you remember best about RVA Gigs in the past? Matt Sweeting: My favorite Richmond show with AP was when we played the skating rink. I remember trying to mosh while the Waste was playing, in roller skates. There was so much beer on the floor that I couldn’t really move, and if Spinach hadn’t anchored me to the wall I think I might have killed myself. That whole night was so cool, from seeing Jason and Suppression again, to Mike and Pink Razors, to kicking off our first tour in so long. It was awesome and so fitting that it was in Richmond. Travis: I remember that one show in the basement pretty well, I remember there was no microphone and I was bloody after the show…got blood all over my Method Man shirt….haha. Haha I totally remember that Method Man shirt! You were wearing it the first time I met you. So do you guys feel that the punk scene in Richmond is much different than in Gainesville? Jon: Not so much different, although the Gainesville music scene had droughts and was flooded with crap bands for a few years, sad to say I was probably in a few, but it always comes back swinging with newer, better bands. Matt: I think that Richmond and Gainesville are pretty

similar. People have the same “Fuck it. We are going to make it wherever. We are awesome!” attitude. Whether it’s inflating a kids pool in a parking lot, or invading a park and totally taking over. I love the fact that people in both places are really open to having a good time whenever, wherever, and with whoever. You guys have outlasted so many of the other fastcore/powerviolence bands of your day, and now it seems that a lot of young people are taking notice again. What do you think of the renewed interest in this style of music? Jon: Play fast or go home! Well, I think that the whole powerviolence thing had a big impact on a lot of people, we got thrown into that category, but me and Travis liked a lot of other shit too. Travis and I would drive around Gainesville high as hell, and he would have these mix tapes of Stikky, Citizens Arrest, G-anx, Assuck, and Neanderthal. It gave us a charge, and we were all about playing fast and pissed. Kids into the fast stuff today are cool as shit, so many rad bands are coming up, like Coke Bust, Sick Fix and Pull Out an Eye from Belarus. I’m glad that shit is back and faster than ever. Travis: Yeah, it’s weird to me to still be touring and playing shows. I love it, it’s cool. We are pretty lucky to be able to still be doing it! I mean, we are all so damn old.

You guys have sooo many releases. How many do you have under your belt now? Jon: Geez, I dunno, ask Trav. Travis: Here is a list of what we have out, I think…

Demo Tape Split 7” with Ansojuan 3 songs on the SOUTH EAST HC FUCK YEA!! 625 SKATE COMP tracks Self titled 7” LhighVE 8”/10” Live at headline records tape Split LP with Palatka Say Goodbye 7” Say Goodbye tape STUDENT GHETTO VIOLENCE CD Discography EMBERS LP And comp tracks here and there. Damn man, that’s a ton of shit! I think I own most of those. I even got a test press of the self titled 7”. I swear I’m not a stalker or anything. Do you guys have anything new in the works? Jon: We have a new 7 inch coming out soon on No Idea, it’s some of our fastest stuff. Travis: Yea, we just finishing up some new songs for a 7” that we will have on tour with us. It came out good…it’s fast as shit.

You guys are going back to Europe soon, right? How many times have you toured over there? Why do you tour Europe more than you tour the states nowadays? What else have you guys been up to this summer? Jon: This is our third time going back to Europe. We tour the states from Aug.13th-26, and then we hit up Europe till Sept 26. Travis: Yeah, three times now, pretty stoked, super stoked on playing Russia this time around. Touring Europe is a lot of fun, and it always seems easier to get it set up over there, and it goes off without a hitch most of the time. Not to mention that it rules to get to go to all of those places. We are pretty lucky to have the opportunity to go back so much. We want to make it to Japan one of these days, and maybe Australia. We are also talking about doing some Midwest shows, West Coast, and some other stuff, but who knows? This will be your second time playing Best Friends Day. What do you think of the whole thing, and do you have any stories from your last BFD trip? Jon: Best Friends Day is always sweet. I’m looking forward to Panda Veg, Harrison Street Cafe, and all the bands playing this year. It seems to be a great mix, something for everyone.

Travis: It’s a rad weekend with tons off good bands, impossible to have a bad time. Although the last time we played Matt got so sick that he had to go to the hospital. Matt: Man, for me the last BFD was painful. I was literally dying and had to go to the walk-in clinic to get something for this debilitating strand of strep throat that I picked somewhere on the tour. I almost had to cancel our set because I couldn’t really stand up. I just sat in the van until it was time for us to go on. I had one of the guys come out and get me right before we went on. When I came in it was so surreal, my eyesight was really blurry from sleeping and all the meds I was on, not to mention I couldn’t stop sweating. There were all these people that I knew coming up to me, wanting to hang out but I couldn’t focus on anything. The thing that stands out from the show was tuning my guitar and the guy working the stage asking me if I was alright and me saying “Fuck we came to play, so let’s do it!” He set me up so that kids could stage dive from the back but couldn’t come too close to me. If anyone would have bumped in to me I wouldn’t have made it. We did play and it ruled. Afterwards I was whisked away to a hotel room to get really weird and hallucinogenic for the rest of the night. I’m looking forward to remembering this

one, or at least choosing not to by doing it to myself.

Are you doing a band out there?

Travis: This year will be better for him…

Travis: No, no bands for me right now…but maybe soon. There is always the chance that xGROUPHUGx will get back together in Denver….

Are there any bands you are excited to see this weekend? Travis: HELLNATION!!!!! Oh and I really want to see Lemuria too, I like them. Cannabis Corpse as well. Matt: I really want to see No Friends, Wasted Time, Hellnation, Blotto, Future Virgins and tons more. How has the punk scene in general changed for Assholeparade since you first got together 69 years ago? Travis: I don’t know, it goes up and down I think, but if you are far enough into it you can always find those seriously crucial bands to listen to. As much as I hate to say this, Myspace has made it so that pretty much any band, no matter how fledgling, can set up a page and get their music out there! It’s important!! I know that Travis has moved out to Denver, Colorado. Did that slow things down for you guys? Are you doing a band out there? Travis: You know, to be quite honest, with the exception of playing weekend shows and stuff, we have been touring just as much as I think we would be normally. So, not really.

It seems like the rest of the guys have their other projects going on in Gainesville. Can you tell us about the other Assholeparade affiliated bands? Jon: Well, Matt “I-ain’t-scared-to-take-on-90projects”Sweeting plays in We Moderns, Stressface, and Former Humans. He also plays in Worlds with me and our friend Spinach. Tony does Post Teens, Dead Friends and Religious as Fuck with me as well. Ed is in Apeshit #4, and has a new band with the Fiya dudes called Childrens Children. Can you give us a couple of highlights you guys have from playing in this band for so long? I’m sure you’ve seen some pretty amazing things. Travis: Mike Myers was at our show at The Cake Shop last time we played there! I don’t know…there have been so many weird things that have happened. I think for me it has been getting to play with so many rad bands over the years, Spazz, Charles Bronson, Hellnation, Lack of Interest, The Bold and The Beautiful, Pull out an Eye, just to name a few. Oh, and Municipal Waste and soon with The Subhumans. Being able to play all of these cool shows, Fests and going on all the tours is the highlight for me.

Matt: Man, there are so many stories. I don’t know where to start? From the last Hardback show to Fiesta Grande to the Europe shows. Man, hmmmm the first show we played in Spain on our first Europe trip was pretty incredible. We were a few hours late and didn’t think we would actually make it to the show. When we did finally get there, they told us there was only 45 min left to be in the space. We were on tour with our friends End of the Century Party so we had to get all our gear up and down two flights of stairs and both play in 45 minutes. I was like “fuck!” but the kids helped us unload everything and had saved some food for us, so while the gear was getting set up we chowed and got our drink on. End of the Century Party played and were awesome but there was only 10 min left for us to play. The guy in charge of the show was just like “go for it and we will see what happens.” Once we started playing everyone in the room went bananas. Soccer chants and these crazy synchronized dances. It was nuts. At some point during the set they made it a point to pick each one of us up and carry us around the room while we were playing, INCLUDING JON AND ALL OF HIS DRUMS! They carried Travis out of the room, down the stairs, and put him at the bar. He did a shot and they carried him back up. After we played every song we knew, they made us play half of them again and barred the venue’s doors so the people couldn’t stop the show. It was incredible. After the show the guys from E-150 took us around Barcelona until the sun came up. It ruled. That one just came to mind. Thanks you guys so much for doing this interview! See you at the Bike Lot! Assholparade plays Sunday, August 23rd at the Bike Lot with Monikers, Snacktruck, Virgins, Cannabis Corpse, and Constrictor. The Show starts at 1 p.m.!

Come join us during BFD 8! food and drink specials daily saturday and sunday brunch open until 2am


By To ny Fo re

st a

It would only be fitting for the Best Friends Day issue of RVA Magazine to feature an interview with this gentleman. Richard Minino, aka Horsebites, has not only drawn the flyer for this year’s event, but has designed t-shirts and cover art for at least five of the bands playing. On top of keeping up with art, he also plays drums in three sweet bands: Gatorface, None More Black, and No Friends (with yours truly). All of his bands are playing this weekend. Pretty busy guy, huh? He should get the nickname “Mr. Best Friends Day” or something. Too bad that name has already been given to Mike Pius. Anyway… heeeere’s Horsebites! Tony Foresta: You’re in a rare position of being able to make art for a living. How long did it take you from when you started to be where you are today?

Horsebites: It definitely didn’t come that quickly or easily. The only reason I started doing this was because I was pushed into it. I started doing the art for the band that I was in at the time, New Mexican Disaster Squad, because it was fun and really rewarding to see after it got pressed. I was still delivering pizzas, and Strike Anywhere took a liking to some of my NMDS art, and they asked me to do some shirts and eventually their album art. After that it took off and eventually I went on tour and never came back to work. That was about five years ago.

Explain “Horsebites”. Why would you name yourself such a thing?

I named my company Horsebites because of the band D.I. They were one of my favorites from Southern California. They had an album titled “Horse Bites Dog Cries” and I named my email after it. It was really obnoxious. I was working for a guy who was in charge of one of the bigger merch companies and he nicknamed me Horsebites, and it all became clear and made perfect sense. That’s when I decided to start my own illustrating company. I felt like it worked perfectly because it had a story and it actually meant something to me and the work I did. It was punk. Whose art do you find most influential on your work? Most artists I can usually pick out pretty fast, for example when I look at John Baizley’s art I think Pushead. For some reason I can’t really put a finger on who or what inspires you.

Definitely my main influence would be Jim Phillips, who visually defined Santa Cruz Skateboard Company, and absolutely made me crap my pants when I was younger. I used to obsess over his illustrations, and that made me realize I was way more into the art of skateboard culture than riding, ‘cause first off, I sucked, and second of all I was fat, and sucked. Did I mention that already? I also really loved Raymond Pettibon and

Collaboration with Heather Gabel

Pushead when I got into punk and started seeing their illustrations saturating a big part of my [music] collection. Another huge influence would be Walt Disney, because his illustrations were so epic to me and truly made my head spin when I would watch his movies and see how he completely turned the animation world upside down. Coming from Florida also doesn’t help. How did you hook up with the Strike Anywhere guys? How many covers have you done for them?

My band NMDS toured with them a few times and we instantly became good friends. It was almost a natural transition from playing with them to doing artwork for them. I understood them and they understood me. I’ve done 2 albums for them and am currently working on a third right now. What band that you haven’t worked with yet would you like to do art for the most?

Slayer. Definitely Slayer. I just got to do a hoodie for KISS, and that was amazing, but I think I would get a huge boner for Slayer. Angel of Death, bro. What is your favorite album cover that you’ve done? Personally I like your darker stuff, like the Virgins cover.

I don’t really have a favorite, but one I keep looking back on is the NMDS/Western Addiction split. I did that all by hand and it was one of the first ones I did. It was a mixture of hand-drawn and copied clippings of images that I later colored in by hand. It was way more of a magical thing to create than today, how it’s more routine and expected. Let’s ruin your punk cred here for a second. What bands or businesses have you worked with

that we would least expect? Did you ever do anything weird for Miley Cyrus, or the Slap Chop Corporation?

Ha! I wish I could do the Slap Chop Corporation. I’ve done work for Fall Out Boy, Rod Stewart, Beyonce, the Steve Miller Band, and some other bands that are just plain retarded. Some of those never got accepted but it’s still a weird feeling, knowing they at least looked at them and had no clue who the creep is behind the curtain. This is your first year attending Best Friends Day and you’ve been doing art for us for a few years now. Why the hell has it taken you this long to finally make it up here?

I’m a chode. I don’t know. I guess since it’s sort of close to The Fest in Gainesville, I didn’t leave because I was either doing a bunch of art for them or touring somewhere. You are playing 3 sets in 3 different bands on the Friday night show. Are you running marathons and working out extra hard in preparation, or did you just go buy Wii Fit?

I’m actually in the middle of tying a bunch of silverware together and using those as weights while I work out my biceps in the mirror. I’m sure I’ll feel like a noodle when I’m done but I can do it and it’s gonna rule! Since the demise of New Mexican Disaster Squad, you’ve been actively involved in these three bands. Can you explain to us how you’re a full-time artist and can still

great way to let loose and hang with your friends, because I’m lucky enough to be in bands where no one is stressing about being big or trying to impress everybody. More bands should be like that.

You have also recently been involved in a company called The Black Axe. What is it, and what is the difference between that and Horsebites?

Tell us about Gatorface.

The Black Axe will cut your head in half. It’s a design firm that my fellow illustrator and web design friends started so we could work more efficiently and collaborate on some bigger jobs. It’s great, because I do all of my design work through that, and do all of my personal art stuff like paintings, shirts, hoodies etc., for Horsebites. It helps a bunch to separate those because it’s easy to get burnt out on doing just your own stuff over and over again. Now I have the option to switch up my style, which I’m in the process of doing now, and it’s a great feeling. I’m also doing another company with Heather Gabel called the Caustic Collection that’s been really exciting. We work really well together, and it’s a good artistic outlet for me to do different styles and new products that I haven’t done before.

The Face came after NMDS broke up and Alex (bass player) and I wanted to do a more poppy band like early Descendents and not worry about touring. We asked some of our best friends, Nick and Quilty, to play and have fun. We mainly do what we want - play shows if it’s fun, and release stuff if it sounds good to us. Paper + Plastick put out our first EP, and package-wise and soundwise, it turned out amazing to us so we knew we could have fun and do things right. You guys just recently completed an LP for No Idea, right?

Yup. We’re ecstatic for that release. It’s a real honor to do something with them, mainly because they’re like the Dischord of Florida. They’ve put out some amazing releases and have been good friends to us since we met them all.

pull off playing in multiple bands?

Okay, besides Gatorface, you also recently joined None More Black, which is in the New York/Philly area. How does that work and how did that come about?

Easily - I’m gonna buy a bunch of guns and shoot everybody. No, but for real, it’s actually pretty stress relieving, because when you’re drawing everyday and trying to create constantly it becomes taxing on the brain. It’s like trying to take a dump all the time with no poop in you. Ya feel me? So playing in bands is just a

That came about from being instant friends with them after a tour together a while back. It actually works out amazingly, because they don’t play that often and I fly up when I need to, but it’s more of a vacation than anything because it’s so fun. We just sit around and laugh and more importantly, eat amazing food. Playing in the band comes second to having fun and being good friends.

Why are you so obsessed with YouTube, and what is your current favorite thing we should all look up?

Ha, I just post a bunch of YouTube videos because CPM from None More Black sends them to me all the time. They crack me up and give me a reason to take a break and laugh it up. Currently I’m loving the “World’s Worst Street Fight”. If I get in a street fight with dudes like that then I know how to survive and school those fuckers.


M ON IKE R S e c n e u l f In e h t r e d n U Always d By Cu rtis Gr ims tea the ban d Ph oto s cou rte sy of

The first time I saw Monikers I was visiting friends in Orlando and we went to see them play a gig with Gatorface. I knew the guys in the band, and I’ve known that they were a fun group of individuals, but I was completely unaware of exactly how much fun these guys like to have. I don’t know whose bright idea it was to have them play last, but a couple of them could barely hold their instruments when it was time to go on. To my astonishment, their set ruled and they played really well. After watching their drummer, Scotty, beer bong 6 beers throughout the set and not miss a beat (well, except for when he fell off the drum stool), I decided we had to get them to play BFD this year and I’ve been a fan ever since. Not only are they entertaining live, but they have a good amount of impressive releases under their belt. Oh, and there’s a guy from Discount in the band! Here is the interview with Mark Bonner and Ryan Seagrist. Enjoy! Curtis Grimstead: Thanks for taking the time to do this. Here’s the boring introduction question: Could you give us a brief history of the band? Mark Bonner : Well, Ryan had just moved back from living in shitty Scotland and started working at the same health food store that I

was working at. We both have the same taste in music and decided to start a band. We wanted to sound like Crimpshrine but I don’t think we were able to pull that off very well. Our drummer was our buddy Tyler, who left the band to move up to Gainesville and start building amps. So we got Scott Pappelardo (that was his name at that point in time) to play the drums and be the maniac who’s now known as “Scotty College”. Then Big Daddy Bry-on saw us and

Kitchen. Bad phase. We put out one LP on Damaged Goods, but when I came back to the US, I wanted to go back to playing ‘90s East Bay-style pop-punk. It was the stuff I liked when I was younger. I only sang a couple of songs for Discount, so writing everything was pretty new. Mark suggested we play, and we’ve been managing to do it ever since. I was in an indie-rock band called New Roman Times, but I eventually quit to just focus on Monikers. How many releases do you guys have under your belt now? Mark : Shit, I think we got like five 7”s and one full-length. We have one of those “Under the Influence” 7”s coming out and Bry-on is going to be putting out our new EP, if Ryan would ever finish the fucking vocals, but that is big city living for you.

said he would put out one of our records. Six months later we started recording for that record, and after about two years we finally put it out on Kiss of Death. Ryan Seagrist : That’s pretty much it. I tried out play-

ing some electronic music in Scotland with a band called The

Ryan : Lots of records. I’ve always liked putting out records, so we tried to get as much out as possible. The new EP is almost done. We did this one a bit different. We wrote the music first, then I worked on the melodies afterwards. Other releases, I just had full songs ready to go. Different groups have unique ways of writing their songs. How do you guys go about writ-

ing your music? Is it a collective effort or is it more the effort of one particular member of the band? Mark : Ryan writes everything. Ryan : I find it really easy to write songs fast, so I always have like two or three ready to go. Our songs aren’t necessarily rocket science. I like pop songs. What bands have influenced you most with songwriting? Is there a band that no one would guess?

Mark : I know that there are a series of photographs of Scotty, with his shirt off, shotgunning a beer and pouring another one all over his head. It looks like a more punk Animal House. Ryan : I’m just going to sit back and watch Scotty. I think someone should make a documentary following him around. It would be an awesome movie. Fucking blockbuster. I’ve heard rumors of this gig being your last show. Is this true? Mark : Naw, that was a goof.

Ringers a bunch of roman candles. As Witches were playing, someone punched out the light hanging from the ceiling. It was dark for a second, then the roman candles went off. Everyone was running, trying to get out of the basement. The power went off, and the place was full of smoke. Best set ever. Mark : Yeah, I think that was all Dan Wars’s fault. I love that guy. If you could play live on one TV show, out of these 3, which one would it be and why? The Tonight Show, Saturday Night Live, or The Young Ones? Mark : I think we would all agree on The Young Ones .

Ryan : I’ll take The Young Ones . I’ve got a 7” from their band Bad News. They cover “Bohemian Rhapsody”. It’s fucking hilarious. vals and the like. We’ll probably go on tour again later this year. I don’t think living apart will affect us very much. We Okay, that was an easy question. You both all do this band for fun, so we keep in touch. I think we’ll chose wisely. Please explain to us Virginalways play music together. ians what the Orlando punk scene is like. Ryan : I live in Brooklyn now, so we’re trying to play festi-

Ryan : I really like the Cranberries for their clean melodies. Obviously, Jawbreaker, Leatherface, Crimpshrine, What’s the worst or best show you Pegboy, stuff like that. I’m a huge Stiff have ever played? Did it involve Little Fingers fan as well, so I think that someone being really hammered? comes through. Ryan : When we were on tour with Witches With Dicks, This is your first time we played a basement in Boston. I guess Boston is pretty playing Best Friends Day. much the common link. The place was packed, and we What do you know about had a bunch of fireworks. Mark doesn’t drink, so he likes or expect from the upto set fires. It’s his only vice. That and cigarettes. For some coming weekend? reason, I thought it was a good idea to give Barker from

Mark : It is drunk and Scotty fights everyone. Ryan : It is hot and drunk, and Scotty fights everyone. Thanks! Thanks for taking the time to do this, guys! Monikers plays Sunday, August 23rd at The Bike Lot with Assholeparade, Snacktruck, Virgins, Constrictor, and Cannabis Corpse. Show starts at 1 PM.


Interview! Over the years Miami has bred a small but incredible roster of hardcore/punk/metal bands. One of the most notable was Floor. Known for their unique crushing sound that could be called stoner or doom, they wrote incredible melodies that set them apart from your average heavy band. The band broke up in 2004 and Floor guitarist/vocalist Steve Brooks formed Torche, which contained an all-star line up of Miami musicians, including members of Shitstorm and Cavity. The band has worked their asses off touring with bands like Mogwai, Harvey Milk, Isis, Pelican, and many more you would drool over. They have also have released two albums and two EPs in the past four years on Hydra Head, Rock Action, and Richmond’s very own Robotic Empire. The band has created a sound as unique as Floor’s, that has been dubbed stoner pop by many. Richmond has been graced with Torche’s presence many times in the past few years, as they played everywhere from Alley Katz to Nara. Every time they come to town people lose their shit, so it is only fitting that they play BFD. I got the opportunity to shoot Steve and Rick Smith, the drummer, some questions about the status of Torche, their future, and find out their feelings about rope swings and other BFD related activities: Curtis Grimstead: You guys are playing at a water park, which is not your typical venue. What other kind of non-traditional venues have you guys played? Steve Brooks :

Sushi restaurant, boat, church, and I’m sure a bunch more weird places I can’t remember.

Pho to by Lau ren Roe


We’ve played a ton of non-traditional venues including basements, a vacation resort (ATP), a sushi restaurant, a whirly ball arena, a bike garage... we love the non-traditional venues!

sortment of color combinations - what are some of your

Last year we had an evaluation sheet in which we asked what goals one wishes to achieve at Best Friends Day. What goals have you set for yourself for this BFD?

RS : I don’t even know what colors of vinyl we’ve pressed anymore... there’s too many! I usually like black vinyl best anyways, as boring as that is.

Rick Smith :

SB :

I want to be everyone’s best friend.

favorite and why? SB :I

don’t know? They all look cool, i guess.

One of the favorite attractions at Hadad’s Lake is the double rope swing. On a scale of 1-10, where would you rate your anticipated swing and do you have any signature moves on the rope?

RS : Pretty much to just have a blast and enjoy myself for a weekend. There was recently a video released for a song of yours where you guys are all dressed as characters from the Meanderthal cover. How did this video come to be and how was the filming process? SB : Our record label forced us to wear costumes in 110 degree heat in front of Hollywood types. I thought I was going to die. RS : The video was essentially the product of us having no real idea for a video. Our friend Lynne made the costumes and they came out genius. They were all characters from the Meanderthal album art. Robotic Empire and Hydra Head have done a hell of a job with the packaging and vinyl of your records. Each of your records comes on a vivid as-

Pho to by Rya n Rus sell

TORCHE Photo by Laure n Roero

RS : I haven’t been on a rope swing in years. I think I’d rate my anticipated swing at 6. Just ‘cuz.

sound less similar. How has your writing process changed?

SB : I anticipate breaking my neck on that kind of thing. No thanks.

SB : It’s all the same. We just felt like speeding things up a bit.

Hadad’s also hosts water volleyball. Of the bands you are playing with, who would you most likely challenge and why?

I wanna say we’d challenge any of them but we’d probably lose to all of ‘em. If you’ve ever seen Torche play basketball or any other sport you’d see why. Except me of course, I’m an excellent athlete. Tubers, ‘cause I like their name

You’re from Miami, where it’s harder for bands to tour. How did you guys find your way into the punk/ hardcore scene? SB :

Tourist trap. I might’ve been there before, but I don’t think I had enough time to enjoy or remember it. RS : I’ve only stopped at the Border once with an ex-girlfriend on the way home from Maryland Death Fest in 2006. Torche has no Border stories, unfortunately. What are the future plans for Torche? Any big tours? New records?


RS :

SB :

RS : I think we just wanted to write songs that make people wanna have fun. Usually fast and upbeat equals fun almost immediately, so a lot of our newer material is faster. There will always be slow jams on the albums, though.

SB :

Good question.

RS :

I think punk found me and we connected immediately. It all started with metal like early Metallica and Slayer for me, and then I just kept climbing the ladder to whatever was more extreme that I could find. Punk came after metal to me. Torche was supposed to be Floor with a new lineup, and the S/T release sounded like it could easily be a Floor record, but your newer releases are much faster and

You guys are on the road a ton. Are there any bands you’ve played with, where you had no clue what they would be like and they ended up being your shit? SB :

Monotonix blew my mind.

RS : Totally. Monotonix, Zu, Evil Army, Pollution... there’s a bunch! The theme for this year’s Best Friends Day is South of the Border, the glorious stop on I-95. Most bands have stories of this place that shouldn’t be told - what is your best South of the Border story? Have you been in the great sombrero in the sky?

SB : We have time off to write new jams. Recording will follow. Fuck touring for now. Next year we’ll increase the volume of ringing in our ears.

RS : There will be a split CD/vinyl/cassette release with Boris coming out in September or October. We start writing for a new full-length in September as well. We’ll be playing the Fest in Gainesville on Halloween weekend, then we play two shows in the south with Baroness in December.

Torche plays Saturday, August 22nd at Hadad’s Lake with Pink Razors, Lemuria, Wasted Time, Gull, Tubers, Shell Shag, Sexy Crimes and NO BS Brass Band. Show starts at noon.

4:20 PM Chillin’ and watching Pink Razors.

3:00 PM Feeling like a failure after getting a Par 3, Hector slides down the waterslide to fight his depression. 2:30 PM Hector tries to get a hole in one on the last putt putt hole for the scavenger hunt. 3:45 Volleyball Match against Sexy Crimes. 2:00 PM LUNCH!!!

3:20 PM Paddle Boats!

1:08 Hector and his friends have a blast on the trampoline.

12 :00 PM Hector finds his buds and begins his day of chillin’.


1:06 PM Hector takes a jump off the rope swing.

During Best Friends Day 8, Hector had a day full of waterslides, bands, and friendship. Here is a path of what he did for the day. What will your path of destiny be? Map by Jim Callahan

1:30 PM Hector listens to “Hey Ya” 5 times in a row.


4 AM

2 AM

1 AM



Belle Isle

Own Bed

Mojo's Bathrooms



Lost Their Clothes

Hawaiian Shirt


Judas Preist Shirt

Stuck on this? Go to RVAMAG.COM For Answer Key

Mike Pius Train Hopper Thrasher Bike Gang Member Indie Rocker


On the Monday after Best Friends Day 7, there were a lot of mysteries that were left to be solved. Some were figured out right away, like where the brass bands Tuba was, Others will most likely never be answered, like who lost their dentures in Hadad's Lake. Since then, we've talked to 5 different people who are still trying to figure out what they did that fateful weekend. Using your best skills in logic, see if you can figure out what each was wearing, where they ended up sleeping, and what time they actually fell asleep.

Mojo's Bathrooms Own Bed Belle Isle Backyard Midnight 1 AM 2 AM 4 AM 5 AM

1. The person who slept in the backyard didn't wear a speedo, but was asleep by 5am. 2. The Train Hopper slept in Petersburg, but didn't wear a Hawaiian shirt. 3. The Train Hopper fell asleep 1 hour before the Bike Gang member, but 4 hours after the person wearing a Hawaiian shirt. 4. The Indie Rocker, who wore a speedo, never made it to Mojos or Belle Isle on his Pink Razor Scooter. 5. The person who wore denim, which wasn't the Thrasher, did not go to Petersburg, but was the last person to fall asleep. Also the person at Mojos was there for last call(2 AM) 6. Mike Pious lost his clothes.

The Toast of Richmond WRIR 97.3 FM richmond independent radio radio for the rest of us online at WRIR.ORG

? friends new e m o s Make their name and numbe r so you This looks like the perfec t place to scratc h down nd togeth er in Richm ond! weeke can keep in touch after spend ing a magic al

! n o valuati E S elf so with you r erie nce . But we can only do plet ely hon est! e you r Bes t Frie nds Day exp com imiz ’re opt you to if ve ks stri wor we es, only it Her e at BFD Lab ora tori pas t 4 day s. Rem emb er, the r ove e om anc ail.c gm form o@ per r och you the help . Take a min ute to rate this pag e to bes tfrie nds day r eva luat ion, plea se e-m ail Wh en you are don e with you el dur ing BF D 8? In wh at are as did I exc

1. BF D 9? 2 . In what areas can I improve for pas t we ek? did I suc cee d ove r this On a sca le of 1-10, how 3. y we ll wit h oth ers .

I pla 4 .True or False: we eke nd: Lis t of frie nds I ma de this 5. Lis t of frie nds I los t this

we eke nd:

6. uld hav e... ove r aga in, I nev er wo ten ce: If I cou ld do it all sen the ish Fin 7. 8 . Further thoughts:



“Welcome Home� 7�

“Anachronous� LP/CD



(LP on House Plant)

“All Things Move...� LP/CD

“Say Goodbye� 7�/CD “Student Ghetto� LP/CD

“Leave Alive� CD

“From the Bottom� LP/CD


“No Friends� LP/CD



“Dream Homes� LP/CD DL/OWTH “Split� 7�


WORN IN RED â&#x20AC;&#x153;In the Offingâ&#x20AC;? LP/CDt1-":*/(4BUVSEBZOJHIU@ Nara Sushi THE MEASURE [sa] / THE ERGS! â&#x20AC;&#x153;Splitâ&#x20AC;? 7â&#x20AC;? LP/CD FROM: GATORFACEt8)*4,&:$PtHAWKS AND DOVESt:06/(-*7&34 Ă?K?FLJ8E;JĂ&#x203A;F=Ă&#x203A;Ă&#x203A;LE;<I>IFLE;Ă&#x203A;GLEBĂ&#x203A;I<:FI;JÂ&#x2022;Ă&#x203A;:;JÂ&#x2022;Ă&#x203A;J?@IKJÂ&#x2022;Ă&#x203A;8E;Ă&#x203A;FK?<IĂ&#x203A;=LEĂ&#x203A;JKL==Ă&#x203A;FEC@E<Ă&#x203A;Ă?

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The Best Friend's Day Issue of RVA  

The official guide to BFD brought to you by RVA.

The Best Friend's Day Issue of RVA  

The official guide to BFD brought to you by RVA.

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