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DA42 The Ultimate Flying Machine


The Diamond DA42 The DA42 Twin Star is the ultimate flying machine. If you’re considering a high performance single or light twin, there simply isn’t a better aircraft on the market today. It is the world’s first and only aircraft with an advanced airframe, avionics and engines giving you options like you’ve never had before. The DA42 is fully IFR equipped with the Garmin G1000, autopilot and available known ice protection. The Twin Star leads the way with exceptional range, economy and comfort. Twin Jet-A fuelled engines give the DA42 speed and you the confidence of two engines, which means you can go direct over water or rugged terrain, and cover great distances without the need to refuel. No matter where you’re going, you can get there in a Twin Star. “When you get into the Twin Star, you feel like you’ve just stepped into the future of aviation. The comfort, speed, economy, control, situational awareness and sheer joy of just flying it is unmatched by any other aircraft I’ve flown – jet or otherwise.”

– Geoff Armstrong

AWARDS Airplane of the Year 2006 – Aviation Consumer Best of the Best 2004 – Robb Report

Top 100 Technology Innovations 2004 – Popular Science

DA42 Performance

Go where singles fear to tread Imagine this: It’s dark. You’re in the mountains. You’re picking up ice. Your intended destination just closed.

Go far – fast – or throttle back and go VERY far. The extreme fuel efficiency at part throttle means that typical flights with one stop

It’s times like this that you’re grateful to have the added

become non-stop flights. This efficiency gives you more options

security of a second engine, known ice certification and

(range and endurance) if your destination shuts down.

incredible endurance. All critical safety features when turning back is not an option. The peace of mind that comes with

“The engines are uncanny in their smoothness and economy, plus

the Garmin G1000 glass cockpit, autopilot, FADEC controlled

with the prices of av-gas on seemingly continual climb, I wanted to

turbo-diesel engines, and a tough composite airframe, is just

own the future.”

part of a long list of standard features.

– Daniel Eldridge

Diamond’s obsession with safety is embodied in the design of the DA42. The Twin Star is the undisputed technology leader


– not for the sake of technology, but for the sake of your comfort and safety, ease of operation and efficiency. It offers the ultimate

The interior of the Twin Star rivals that of any high end car – leather

in redundancy – damage tolerant, fail-safe all carbon airframe;

seats and a spacious comfortable cabin give you and your

completely redundant electrical system and power sources;

passengers a relaxing, enjoyable ride. The cavernous 4 way baggage

redundant flight instrumentation and of course, twin engines with

compartment is complemented by the generous nose baggage area

convenient single lever powerplant control.

that is large enough to carry two sets of full size golf clubs.

Do you know known ice? Control The simple operation, smoothness and quietness of the powerplants result in significantly reduced pilot fatigue. The FADEC controlled engines take the guesswork out of proper powerplant management. The dual power levers offer jet-like thrust control and easy single engine procedures. With controlled liquid cooling and Vne landing gear extension speeds, high speed descents become routine.

Known ice certification is much more than just having ice protection equipment. Known ice means proving that the aircraft performs and handles safely when in actual icing conditions: that the system is designed with redundancy; that ice accumulation on unprotected areas is not hazardous; that the powerplants are not affected; that the windshield is deiced and that enough fluid is on board to get you back out.

Engines T.A.E. Centurion 1.7 Horsepower 270 hp Propellers MT 3 blade constant speed, full-feathering Length 28 ft 1 in Height 8 ft 2 in Wing span 44 ft Max take-off weight 3,935 lbs Useful load 1,174 lbs Fuel capacity std 52 US gal Fuel capacity ext 79 US gal Fuel Jet A1 T/O distance, ground roll* 1,130 ft T/O distance 50 ft obst* 1,730 ft Landing dist ground roll 1,069 ft Landing dist 50’ obst 1,877 ft Rate of climb, sea level* 1,280 ft/min Max operating altitude 18,000 ft Max SE ceiling (std day) 10,000 ft Cruise speed @ 80% 172 ktas / 12.5 gal/hr total Economy @ 60% 151 ktas / 8.8 gal/hr total Stall, full flaps, gear down 56 kias Stall, clean 62 kias Landing gear operating 194 kts Max demo crosswind 20 kts Range @ 80%, ext fuel 917 nm Range @ 60%, ext fuel 1,129 nm * at 3748 lb takeoff weight




“The Twin Star’s performance? In a word, dramatic. This is the plane that flew from Newfoundland Canada to Portugal and burned only 72 Gallons. But it’s not just the incredible range of the aircraft, it’s an across the board performer.” – George Bradshaw

Personal Time Machines

D A 2 0 : P e r f o r m a n c e w i t h Economy

There are so many opportunities and experiences to

Diamond Aircraft’s line of modern, fuel efficient and

take advantage of in life, but seldom do you have the

cost-effective aircraft enable you to do just that and

time to do them all. What if you could optimize your time

experience all of the exciting opportunities life has to

and get more out of the 24 hours you have in a day?

offer, big or small. Our aircraft are literally “personal

What if you could buy time?

time machines”.

A Full Range of Aircraft

Flight training, sport flying or going cross-country, the remarkably fast DA20 delivers – and for a lot less than you’d expect. It’s the aircraft of choice for the US Air Force basic training programs. “Construction quality and fit and finish are superb. Diamond does the best glass in the industry.” - Aviation Consumer

DA40 FP: Multi-mission Machine The DA40 FP is perfect for fleet operators, training providers and leasebacks. The efficient and proven DA40 airframe, powered by the most successful engine in the flight training business and equipped with the available Garmin G1000, will make your business grow. High revenue, low operating cost, coupled with high dispatch reliability and utilization will

Get the luxury of time and start reaping the rewards – get a Diamond.

strengthen your bottom line. “It’s not just a single feature that makes this plane a hot seller. It’s that it scores 9 out of 10 across the board.”

D A 4 0 X L : S p e e d , C o m f o r t and Style A performance machine packed with the industry’s

The Diamond Advantage

most advanced technology; the DA40 XL is the

The Diamond advantage is the ultimate balance between

• Exceptional performance and economy

performance, style, safety and comfort, in every aircraft

• Industry leading airframe, avionics and power

that we build. With a line of aircraft that offer you exactly

plant technology

what you need, Diamond lets you achieve the fine

• Responsive, agile controls and a spacious

balance between work, play and family, by saving you

comfortable cockpit

travel time and providing you the means to take

• A commitment to safety - Diamond aircraft have

advantage of life’s many opportunities.

the best safety record bar none • Low insurance premiums and operating costs • A full range of aircraft to choose from – we have an aircraft for every need • Outstanding customer support

- Private Pilot

aircraft to get you to your business meeting or weekend destination with speed, comfort and style – with less fuel burn, lower operating and insurance costs than anything else in its class.

“When you look at the cost of operation, the exquisite handling, the consistently impressive maintenance reports we’ve been privy to and the customer support and satisfaction stats we’ve been examining… well, the DA40 edged out its competition to win title of BEST Certified Aircraft of the Year.” -

DA42: The Ultimate Flying Machine All carbon airframe, single lever FADEC controlled turbo diesel jetfuel engines, and Garmin’s G1000 glass cockpit, make the DA42

D - J E T: P e r s o n a l T i m e M a chine

the undisputed technology leader – not for the sake of technology,

D-JET defines a new class: The Personal Light Jet.

but for the sake of performance, comfort, utility and safety. With

Traveling by private jet has been the ultimate luxury, for the lucky few – until now. The D-JET

twin engine redundancy and known ice certification, you can go

brings turbine performance, smoothness and ease of operation to the owner-flown market.

where you want, when you want. Choose your destination and go

Blending exceptional cabin comfort with a practical performance envelope, the D-JET is

without the need to refuel.

designed for simplicity of operation, safety and affordability.

“The Twin Star is among the most dramatic new entries to the general aviation market.”

Unlike other VLJ concepts that are burdened with the inherent complexity required by high altitude operations and therefore every bit as challenging to fly as conventional business jets, the D-JET is aimed at pilots like you – think of it as the Bonanza of the 21st century.

direct – over water or rugged terrain, and cover great distances


An Aircraft for Every Mission Diamond Aircraft is an international company with over 900,000 square feet of production facilities worldwide. Our people are passionate about what they do and it shows in every aircraft we build. Our quality comes from our integrity. Diamond’s dedication to building the ultimate fleet has shaped its product line of modern fuel efficient aircraft, each with a specific application in mind. From flying for business or pleasure, training ab-initio through IFR, commercial, multi-engine or jet, Diamond has an aircraft to match your mission.

D A 20

D A 4 0


Call us today for a test flight and see why Diamond aircraft are the new standard for sport flying and flight training around the world.

Specifications and equipment subject to change. Illustrations may show optional equipment. 11/06


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