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annual report

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MISS I O N As an independent, forward thinking girls’ school we are committed to preparing girls for a lifetime of learning, leadership and engagement in our global community.

VI S I O N Inspire girls to be bold. Educate girls to live lives of impact and purpose.

VA LU E S Our values shape and define the Ruyton woman and the way she leads her life.

• Character to be resilient and to act with confidence and compassion. • Citizenship to effect positive change through civic and environmental action. • Endeavour to be curious, creative and courageous learners seeking to achieve personal best. • Integrity to live a life with honesty and virtue. The Ruyton community lives by these values, providing support, role models and a sounding board for our girls as they make their mark in the world.

WE LCOM E On March 8 2017, International Women’s Day, the statue of a defiant young girl was placed in New York City (NYC), facing the infamous Wall Street charging bull. A symbol for gender diversity in the workplace, the image of the girl standing up to the bull reminds us of the power of women in leadership and the imbalance of our current societal structures. As the world watched the Fearless Girl stand defiant in NYC, half a world away at Ruyton we launched our strategic plan with the vision: to inspire girls to be bold. To educate girls to live lives of impact and purpose. It was with boldness that Ruyton staff and girls embraced our vision and made it our touchstone in 2017. At the first Senior School Assembly, Co-Captains Roshica Ponnampalam and Meredith Rule delivered an inspiring speech, encouraging each and every girl in Royce to not only achieve her best but also to live with purpose and impact. It was a powerful and energetic start that has guided our girls and their action this year. The scene was also set with our Year 12 leaders determined to lead with cohesion and exuberance and with our Year 6 leaders choosing the leadership theme Drive the Change You Want to See. What followed was a year where they have truly led our girls in going above and beyond. This year our young women have led from the front, raising their voices and their action to a new level with their fierce determination to make a difference. Their engagement in self determined projects of purpose highlights their belief that it is about others. Purpose comes from believing the world needs improving and that you can help, according to Professor William Damon of the Stanford Centre on Adolescence. He names purpose as the number one long term motivator in life. Unlike passion or ambition, which focus on self, purpose touches on the needs of the wider world.


As educators we can act, but we need to tread lightly; enabling our students to raise their voices and to take action without leading them. This year our girls have shown impressive initiative by taking the power of one to embrace the power of many and make a real difference. Now, more than ever, we encourage our girls to lead their lives bravely; to be fearless and curious learners, and to make a real difference for others and for our environment. And it is this challenge that Ruyton girls have embraced wholeheartedly in 2017. As we celebrate each and every one of our students’ endeavours and achievements this year, we particularly acknowledge our Year 12 students for their contribution to Ruyton over many years. This year they have led with cohesion and exuberance, and truly made their mark on our community. We wish the Class of 2017 safety and happiness for the future as they strive to live a life of significance and character; a life that truly matters. Thank you to our staff who have continued to work with caring, respectful and enthusiastic commitment to our students. In a rapidly changing educational landscape they have also challenged themselves by stepping outside their comfort zone, embracing change and questioning the familiar. Our staff have led by example, demonstrating character, citizenship, endeavour and integrity; and for this we are most thankful. Throughout this year, the Ruyton community has continued to show its strength as a forward thinking girls’ school. Our girls have shown grit, determination and persistence in their endeavour and we have celebrated their individual and collective achievements. It has been deeply satisfying to see so many girls push themselves to try new experiences, lead by example, move out of their comfort zone and to take risks in both their learning and cocurricular activities. We are delighted to share with you the highlights of the past year in this report. And we look forward to 2018; a year when we celebrate our 140th year history as a leading school for girls. Recte et Fideliter. Ms Linda Douglas Principal




Board Members Mr Peter Kanat Ms Kylie Taylor Ms Fiona Griffiths Mr Bruce Meehan Mr Tim Hogg Mr John Gillam Mr Bruce Bayley Ms Melanie Higgins Ms Virginia McLaughlan Mr Cameron Price Ms Linda Douglas Mrs Leanne Smith

President Vice President Chair of Foundation Chair of Finance and Risk Chair of Project Control Group Member Member Member Member Member Principal Secretary to the Board

Mr Peter Kanat

President of the Board – Governance As a Board, one of our roles is to ensure the development of the School’s facilities and infrastructure to keep pace with the rapidly changing demands of the modern learning environment. I am pleased to report that, with the generosity of our community, we have been able to continually refresh and renew our learning spaces. Given the smallish patch of land that we occupy, that has taken some creativity and very clever architecture, but the results speak for themselves. The Junior School and Margaret McRae Centre redevelopments now stand out as examples of best practice and other school leaders come to see the learning spaces Ruyton has created. With these projects complete, the oval has been returned to the School community and the sports courts upgraded.


This year the Senior School girls have enjoyed refreshed open learning spaces and we look forward to the redevelopment of the Health Centre, due for completion by the commencement of the 2018 year. And now we are moving forward with the next stage in the Master Plan, planning for the Performing Arts Precinct and an upgrade of the Library Resource Centre. Our job is to ensure that Ruyton remains a viable, sustainable and highly desirable option for girls’ education for our community, today, tomorrow, and well into the future. This year we have further developed our long term financial forecasting and modelling to support and guide our resource management. With that long term thinking in mind, I thank all those in our community involved in philanthropy to support our School. The Ruyton Foundation has been strengthened this year and is seeking to build a stronger giving culture to support long term growth. Your positive response has been greatly appreciated. I also thank all of our parents who volunteer in so many ways. Ruyton has always enjoyed a high level of involvement from our parent community and that support makes our community a special place. People always tell me they can feel that sense of belonging and togetherness at Ruyton. The Ruyton Board recognise our outstanding teaching community here at Ruyton. Nothing would be possible without this group of highly dedicated professionals. They are also supported in their endeavour by dedicated professional staff. In 2017, the Board introduced the Staff Service awards, honouring staff who have served our School for 15, 20 and 25 years. The Inaugural Ruyton Distinguished Teacher Award acknowledged the outstanding and selfless contribution of Mrs Di Berold. It was a privilege to recognise Di’s amazing contribution to Ruyton for over 40 years.


As our Year 12s conclude their school years and prepare to step out into the world, my sincere hope is that they know that their worth is not measured by a number. In fact, their worth cannot be measured by anyone else but themselves. We wish them well in their future endeavours and look forward to their continued connection as members of the Ruyton family.


Foundation Committee members Mr Jonathan Buckley Ms Linda Douglas, Principal Mrs Kim Downes, Director of Community Relations Ms Fiona Griffths, Chair Ms Gillan Hund Mr Peter Kanat, Chair of the Board Ms Susie King Mr Peter Nelson Mr Richard Ng Ms Tonya Peters, Development Manager Mrs Leanne Smith, Business Manager Ms Kylie Taylor Ms Kathryn Watt Mr Malcolm Woolrich Mrs Robyn Kanat


Summary Financial Information –  Financial year ended 31 December 2017

We are pleased to report that, in 2017, all key budget parameters were met and the financial position of Ruyton Girls’ School continues to remain sound. It is the role of the Board to run the School prudently today, while also ensuring sustainability and accessibility for the future. We manage our resources very carefully with both these goals in mind. In addition to the prudent financial management of our day-today activities, Ruyton has a constant improvement programme in place for the facilities at the School to ensure that the students and staff have access to the spaces, equipment and technology necessary for the delivery of our programmes. During 2017, our community enjoyed the newly redeveloped Junior School and Senior school learning spaces in the Jacobs Gillies Building. During December, the Health Centre and Reception Room refurbishments were also completed. In late 2017, we explored the opportunity to purchase two properties adjacent to those already owned by the School on Selbourne Road. 6

It was determined that not only would this give the School new scope for the long-term facilities vision, but also it would provide a low-risk investment and flexible options for some of our nonlearning and teaching activities in the short term. As part of the school’s next master plan, to be developed over 15 to 30 years, we will further consider how we incorporate these spaces to best achieve our long-term vision for learning and wellbeing at Ruyton. It is the prudent financial management of the School, along with the strong support of our community that has made this possible, providing new and exciting opportunities for the future generations of Ruyton girls.



Tuition fees and private income Government grants




Other income Donations




Salaries and related expenses 10.3% Tuition related expenses Depreciation Other expenses Capital expenditure

10.8% 4.8% 1 G OVER NANC E & FI NA NC E 7



Director of Early Learning In 2017 Ruyton Early Learning received an overall rating of ‘exceeding’ in our assessment and rating report from the Department of Education. This rating reflects the high-quality education and care service we provide to our young students and their families. Over the year, we welcomed many special visitors to Early Learning, as we celebrated events such as Grandparents’ and Special Friends’ Mornings, Pre Prep Mothers’ Science Night, Kindergarten Mothers’ Day Afternoon Tea, Pre Prep Fathers’ Day Sport Evening, and Kindergarten Fathers’ Day Breakfast. The Family Picnic at Hays Paddock Park in Term 1 was a wonderful opportunity for families and staff to connect and come together as we started the year. This year has also seen the introduction of Ruyton Playgroup, an opportunity for families to engage with Ruyton at an earlier stage. The Playgroup has welcomed members of the Ruyton community and the wider community, as well as Old Ruytonians and their children. Our staff have continued to consolidate and extend our development of the Reggio Emilia philosophy. Teachers have attended professional learning, visited other centres and ... • We attended the Reggio Emilia Australia Information Exchange (REAIE) twilight tours of other centres • We completed Personal Learning (PL) with Tiziana Filipini from Reggio Emilia • We visited the Hundred Languages of Children exhibition and attended workshops to extend our learning around the principles and practices of Reggio Emilia • Two staff went to the REAIE conference in Sydney – Landscapes of Identity 8

• We have also completed online training in working in consultation with children and introduced the Floorbook approach (which we have more training on in the staff days) • We attended City of Boroondara Early Childhood Network event • We have completed workshops on transition to school. Throughout the year our youngest students have shared their learning with the community in a variety of ways. Children worked in consultation with the City of Boroondara to give their voice to the future plans for the city. The children shared their thoughts and ideas about the community, which will be used as part of the next strategic plan development. Storypark is used to share learning with families and parents at home , and also relatives and friends nationally and internationally. Our Celebration of Learning showcased the projects and work from our learning in 2017. Children used many languages to represent their thoughts and theories. This was attended by family and friends, as well as members of executive and other School staff.

J U N I OR S C HO O L H IG H L IG HTS Mrs Nicole Ginnane

Deputy Principal, Head of Junior School This year saw the introduction of the Year 6 and 7 Blended Programme, with the girls working together under the guidance of their teachers and our Director of Learning Innovation, Mr Jake Plaskett. This is one of the ways in which we are strengthening the connections between the Junior and Senior levels, ensuring a seamless transition for our Year 6 girls as they prepare to move into the Senior School.

Community Service has continued to unite us, as the girls seek ways in which they can reach out and help others. In Term 3 we held our first whole School Community Service ‘think tank’, where Mrs Gumley and I invited girls from across the School to share with us what they see as the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for the development of Community Service at Ruyton. The girls were united in their desire to improve education outcomes for children, particularly girls, around the world. They are very aware of the privileged education that they receive and sincerely want to improve access to quality education for all. Our students have 9


The Buddy Programme continues to be a valuable experience for our students. The Prep and Year 6 girls have continued to enjoy their time reading, playing and being present for each other. Our Year 5 girls have also enjoyed the opportunity to connect with the younger students and have been regular visitors to our Pre Prep students. The Year 4 girls have similarly enjoyed connecting and establishing relationships with the Kindergarten students.

committed to working much more closely between Senior and Junior School to explore issues facing girls in greater depth and to also provide financial assistance that will have both a short and longer term impact. We have also explored opportunities for the girls to support others in need through service. The Junior School Science Programme has continued to evolve over recent years to become Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), creating an opportunity for learning that crosses the boundaries of all four subjects. It is not unusual to find our youngest girls ... • Programming LEGO Mindstorm robots with touch and light sensors • Conducting capillary action water experiments where water does go uphill • Coding Sphero robots to make complex group games • Testing  out whether paper helicopters spin clockwise or anticlockwise depending on the folds and direction of their wings • Coding and producing geometric shapes as they prepare to share their learning with teachers and students alike at a national STEM Conference. A number of Junior School girls had their artworks displayed in the annual Independent Schools Victoria (ISV) Art Exhibition this year. The curation of the various art projects has provided an insight into the richness of the programme. This year in Drama our Year 6 girls excelled in their performance of the musical Annie JR, which was a rich collaboration between Drama and Music. The Year 5 Showcase involved a collaboration with Year 9 students, with the girls telling stories inspired by the book by John Marsden titled The Rabbits. Year 3 and 4 thoroughly enjoyed their Term 3 production. We all loved seeing this evolve in the Open Space as the girls learned their lines, songs and choreography. Meanwhile, our Prep, Year 1 and Year 2 girls stole our hearts in Term 4 with their fabulous performance.


SEN I OR S C HO O L H IG H L IG HTS Mrs Glenis Gumley

Deputy Principal, Head of Senior School In the first Senior School Assembly of the year, we congratulated the Dux of 2016, Claire Smart, who shared her valuable hints for success, and we recognised the efforts and outstanding academic results of the Class of 2016. Claire shared her personal experiences of VCE in a truly courageous speech that told her story wholeheartedly. She exposed her vulnerabilities by outlining what she defined as her problems and mistakes. To see a successful person sharing her personal vulnerabilities and wearing her failures with pride was a powerful illustration of true success; showing that character and integrity will always mean more than grades. The Co-ordinate Programme with Trinity Grammar extends beyond the VCE academic environment, allowing our students to work together, and create incredible performance opportunities. In 2017 this has included The Addams Family Musical, the Senior Play After Juliet, and the new Year 9/10 play Girl Who Cried Wolf. High levels of participation, dedicated coaching, team spirit and commitment have enabled Ruyton girls to achieve impressive results in the GSV competitions, with particular commendation to the victorious Cross Country, Triathlon and the Swimming and Athletics teams, who were both placed second in 2017. Our Assembly and Forums programme provided many highlights, with renowned guest speakers engaging the audience as they shared their passions, and included Ms Rosie Batty, 2015 Australian of the Year; author and journalist Ms Belinda Hawkins (Old Ruytonian); and Jessica Watson OAM, sailor.


In the September holiday break 29 girls and 4 staff participated in the Science and Innovation Tour. They spent a week at NASA’s ‘Space Camp’ in Huntsville, Alabama, followed by visits to a number of organisations in Los Angeles and San Francisco, including the California Science Centre, Griffith Observatory, Carnegie Observatories, the Computer History Museum, TWiT TV, Intel and the headquarters of both Apple and Google. The girls also engaged in the following: • Brave Women, Bold Stories panel as part of our Masterclass experience • Reflections on Harmony Day as community members recalled the challenges of their families integrating into Australian society provided a powerful message • Community Service Programmes, either through individual community based ‘hands on’ experiences, year-level charities or through the Community Service Committee, delivered much needed assistance to a variety of charities, including the Vanuatu project and Live Below the Line • Sustainability team initiatives included the making of smoothies by the generation of power with bicycles and the establishment of a clothing exchange • A variety of lunchtime creative workshops highlighted the possible career pathways during Art Week and weekly debating competitions honed the language skills of our orators.

Exchanges included: • A new two-week Year 9 exchange with Perth College • Year 8 Sydney and Adelaide exchanges • An opportunity for Year 10 girls to spend approximately three to four weeks in the UK, Canada, US or France through our International Exchanges • 29 girls to participate in the Science and Innovation Tour to the US during the September holidays this year. As the year concludes, Year 12 girls have treasured the ‘last’ of many special events and reflected on the relationships forged over many years. They have shown incredible leadership, sometimes in the face of adversity. Living their chosen words in their motto, they have led with ‘Cohesion and Exuberance’, leaving a legacy by which they will be remembered. 12



Assistant Principal, Director of Learning The 2017–2020 Ruyton Strategic Plan has provided a solid platform and clear direction for staff professional learning this year. Using the strategic priorities as a foundation, a number of annual School goals were identified, with these goals forming the basis of both learning areas and individual professional goals for all teachers. Every member of the teaching staff has undertaken, as part of a team, a Teacher Inquiry Group project linked to one of these goals, sharing their learning with colleagues on the Staff Professional Learning Day at the commencement of Term 4. Projects included ‘Addressing Performance Anxiety through Mindfulness in Music Performance’, a PE and Prep collaboration to promote and provide opportunities for fitness, mindful practice and positive psychology, and the development of a STEAM Project Based Learning programme at Year 8 incorporating aspects of Science, Maths, Music and Art.

Building on our learning in 2016, a Project Based Learning approach has been adopted across a number of learning areas, with a focus on building rich, authentic and interdisciplinary learning experiences for our students. Under the leadership of Mr Jake Plaskett, these have included the addition of signature experiences such as the Year 8 ‘Escape Room’ and the Year 6/7 ‘Blended Programme’, as well as the introduction of ‘Innovate-ED’ at Years 7 and 8. 13


Earlier in the year 20 of our teaching staff from across the School undertook a ‘Mini Certificate of Gifted Education’, facilitated by presenters from the University of New South Wales, and throughout the year a team of staff has been involved in the Independent Schools NSW ‘Elevate’ programme, using a disciplined innovation model to explore how we can provide optimal learning experiences for high potential learners.

Our vision of ‘inspiring girls to be bold and educating girls to live lives of impact and purpose’ was epitomised when we were privileged to welcome Dr Lois Peeler as our keynote speaker for the 2017 Ruyton Foundation Masterclass with the theme ‘Bold Women, Brave Stories’. It has most certainly been a year of Powerful Learning for the Ruyton Community.


2017 Premier’s VCE Awards As a community we congratulate the following 2017 Ruyton students who were presented with Study Awards: • Rose Adams – Theatre Studies • Annie Gleisner – English International Competitions: • 2 High Distinctions in ICAS English Competition • 3 High Distinctions in ICAS Science Competition National Competitions: • 11 High Distinctions in the Australian Mathematics Competition • 28 High Distinctions in the Mathematics challenge for Young Australians • 6 High Distinctions in Australian National Chemistry Quiz • 1 High Distinction in Australian Science Olympiad • 5 High Distinctions in Big Science Competition State Competitions: • 4 High Distinctions and 1 State Finalist in GTAV Geography Competition • 2 Major Bursaries and 4 Minor Bursaries in Science Talent Search Local Competitions: • 1st, 2nd & 3rd place in Boroondara Young Writers’ Middle Years Prose • Highly Commended in Boroondara Young Writers’ Senior Years Prose • 1st Place in Boroondara Young Writers’ Junior Poetry


2017 LEAVERS D E STI N ATIO N S Tertiary Institutions Total degrees: 68

University of Melbourne

Swinburne University

Monash University

Box Hill Institute

RMIT University


Deakin University



Study Disciplines







Built Environment



Creative Arts

Information Technology

YEAR 12 R E S U LTS 2 01 7

Dux: Roshica Ponnampalam (ATAR 99.95) Scores above 99.00: Sarah Cheang, Callie Evans, Annie Fang, Sophie He, Elise Kiernan, Rachelle Papantuono, Roshica Ponnampalam, Anna Rabinowicz, Angie Yan and Ava Zhang. Scores of 50 (Perfect Study Scores): Roshica Ponnampalam – English and Further Mathematic Callie Evans – English, Literature and History Revolutions Elise Kiernan – Psychology ATAR Scores ATAR Scores 2017 40 number of students

35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0

90–99.95 80–89

70–79 60–69 atar score


The above information shows the number of students who gained an ATAR score within the indicated range for students completing VCE in 2017. Average ATAR Scores 2008-2016 Median ATAR Score 60

40 30 20


number of students


10 0

90–99.95 80–89 70–79 60–69 atar score



Published post Year 12 destination information for 2017 students Each year the information provided by VCAA (Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority) for individual schools is published in the newspapers in May. The published data relates to senior secondary outcomes, including the percentage of Year 12 students undertaking vocational training in a trade, and attaining a Year 12 certificate or equivalent vocational education and training qualification, and post-school destinations. Ruyton’s data is listed below. VCAA School number: 01176 VCAA School name: Ruyton Girls’ School Address locality: Kew

VTAC Data Tertiary Applications and Offers University Offers % TAFE/VET Offers % Any Tertiary Offer % On Track Survey Data 2017 Year 12 completers consenting to On Track In Education and Training Bachelor degree enrolled % Certificate / diploma Deferred TAFE / VET Apprentice / Trainee Not in Education and Training Employed % Looking for Work %


98% 1% 99% 62 92.9% 4.8% 2.4% nil nil 0% 0%


Numeracy (NAPLAN) Testing Results Students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 undertake the NAPLAN testing over a three-day period in May. Individual reports were regenerated by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) and were posted to parents. The graphs below show Ruyton’s results compared with the State results. The left hand box represents students in the State Education System and the right hand box represents Ruyton students. The graphs indicate performance in key learning areas and show achievement in a box and whisker format. The box represents the middle 50 per cent of the students’ scores and the middle score (median) for the group is shown by the black line. The whiskers show the range of scores achieved by the middle 80 per cent of the students. The figures on the left axis indicate Victorian Essential Learning Standards Levels. Level 1 to 6 represents year levels from Prep to Year 10. Year 3 In 2017, all Ruyton students in Year 3 met the national benchmarks for Reading, Writing, Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation, and Numeracy.

Year 5 In 2017, all Ruyton students in Year 5 met the national benchmarks for Reading, Writing, Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation. 99% of the Year 5 students met the national benchmarks for Numeracy. 3 POWER FU L LEA R N I NG 19

Year 7 In 2017, all Ruyton students in Year 7 met the national benchmarks for Reading, Writing, Grammar and Punctuation, and Numeracy. 99% of the Year 7 students met the national benchmarks for Spelling.

Year 9 In 2017, all Ruyton students in Year 9 met the national benchmarks for Reading, Writing, Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation, and Numeracy.



English • Development of further Project Based Learning units, including Year 9 The Other. Building on project work in Year 8 during their study of The Book Thief students read and studied a text that focused on another culture or background. This unit challenged students to undertake interpretive reading to understand the thinking of the author and ask open-ended questions. • Year 9 also enjoyed a day dedicated to writers’ workshops. Following on from the Masterclass theme of ‘Brave Women, Bold Stories,’ students participated in workshops with visiting authors Isobelle Carmody, Cath Crowley and Fiona Wood before spending the afternoon planning, drafting and writing stories about brave women with bold stories. • Development of formative tasks across all English learning programmes focusing on inquiry and independent thinking, peer evaluations and self-reflection.

Health and PE • The introduction of a ‘Jump Jam’ session for all girls in Junior School. Jump Jam is a fusion of dance and fitness disciplines along with cultural interpretations that capture the look, attitude, posture and elements of Aerobics and Fitness. This programme was also used in Prep PE classes to promote fitness and mindful movement. • As part of the Year 9 Health Programme, a Project Based Learning approach was adopted to redevelop the Drug Education unit.

• An interdisciplinary project between Year 9/10 Law and Politics and Money Management students to create a mock United Nations session, facilitated by Year 11 students. • Introduction of a Humanities Day to raise the awareness of the Humanities. • A departmental, focus on the use of data, including external testing and observational data collected through the ‘Looking for Learning’ process, to ensure that the learning needs of our high potential learners are understood and met. 21


Humanities • Teacher Inquiry Group collaboration Year 9 History and Year 9/10 Art Elective exploring how historical events can be better understood and portrayed using techniques such as the construction of a quilt, with History students replicating a quilt made by female convicts on one side and Garment Construction students working sustainably by using scraps of fabric to make the other side.

Individual Learning • Increased support for teachers during planning to increase the delivery of high level differentiation in class programmes and meet the needs of gifted students. • Passion projects relating to areas such as coding and history offered in order to bring together like-minded students across various year groups. • The introduction of the web based spelling programme ‘Stepsweb’ in Year 1, 3 and 4. This programme is targeted at improving core knowledge and skills needed for reading and spelling, including vocabulary, comprehension and reading fluency. • The introduction of the EAL continuum for all Junior School students ensures that EAL students are correctly identified and receive targeted support. • Winter 20 Series’ established as part of the lunch time enrichment programme, where staff members give presentations to the Year 8, 9 and 10 girls about their own personal ‘passions’.

Languages • Spanish Language and Culture was successfully introduced as an alternative language pathway for students in Year 10. • Significant development in use of student portfolios – submitting work, providing feedback and displaying work. • The Inaugural Languages Week was held to demonstrate our united effort to promote learning about languages and culture, with a focus on diversity and respect. • In total, 93 students participated in French and Chinese at VCE.

Junior School • The introduction of Virtual Debating in Year 6, which has allowed our girls to compete against schools across the country, our Year 5 and 6 team qualified for the finals in this competition. • The Early Learning and Junior School Buddy Programme has broadened with regular interactions between the Year 4 and Kinder students and the Year 5 and Pre Prep students. • The development of Project based Learning within the Collaborative Learning Investigations. • Full integration of the Year 6 Music and Drama programme 22

through the production of Annie JR showcasing and extending the musical and dramatic talents of the students. • Year 5 students collaborated with Year 9 students in their performances inspired by the book The Rabbits, written by John Marsden and illustrated by Shaun Tan.

Library Resource Centre • Provision of new high quality databases, including two science databases, one health database and the Churchill database. • Seamless access from the library catalogue to over 800 Click view titles. • Providing the School community access to relevant Open Access collections. • Special student events including Book in a Day, which was one of the Teacher Inquiry Group projects developed in collaboration with Junior School teachers. • Introduction of a ‘Fandom’ club for students to share their interests.

Mathematics • Teachers have continued to utilise the flexible learning spaces in the Margaret McRae Centre, with team teaching and open classrooms allowing for innovative learning experiences at Years 7 and 8. • Teacher Inquiry Group project focused on reducing anxiety and encouraging passion for Mathematics across all year levels. • The new STEM-based Year 9/10 Elective ‘Creating the Future’ has encouraged the introduction of more links between learning in Mathematics and other content areas. • The development and implementation of a STEAM project for Year 8 in conjunction with members of the Music and Science departments in which students used properties of linear graphs to generate notes for a musical composition.


• Teachers of Mathematics from Years 5 to 8 attending a Professional Learning workshop focused on exploring strategies for creating learning experiences and to extend mathematical thinking for students of all abilities.

Performing Arts • A Year 9 Ruyton/Trinity play was introduced, with The Girl Who Cried Wolf rehearsed and performed at the Kew Courthouse. • A Year 5 and Year 9 combined Drama Showcase afternoon was introduced. • A combined Ruyton/Trinity Band Workshop and Concert for students in Years 7 to 12 was hosted by Ruyton. • A DJ Club was introduced for students in Years 5 to 8. 23

Science • The Year 9/10 STEM elective ‘Creating the Future’ was introduced and developed in collaboration with the Mathematics department, and was co-taught by staff from both teams • The Cosmos/stile resource, which links science curriculum to current research in science, was implemented across Years 7 to 9 • A STEAM project, in collaboration with Music and Mathematics was developed • A project based learning unit at Year 8 was introduced, where students use the principles of Simple Machines to design and build a Rube Goldberg machine • The Junior School STEM curriculum embedded coding and applications of technology across all year levels, including the introduction of ‘Boogie Bot’ at Year 1 and the use of Lego EV3 robots at Year 3.

Visual Arts • ‘What Sparks Your Creativity’ Art Week across both Junior and Senior Schools, including lunchtime activities with prominent female practising artists and in class workshops • Selection of 16 works of Art by Ruyton students to be included in the 2017 Independent Schools Victoria Annual Art Exhibition at the Shell Building, 1 Spring St Melbourne • Collaboration between the Visual Art team and Art consultant Emma Cleine to review develop reinvigorate, and sequence Art curriculum across the School • Art and Ruyton Early Learning exploring the value in art skills and self-expression to provide a vehicle for wellness and mindfulness.


Senior School Sport Senior School Girls continued to participate in sporting competitions with 23 other Independent Girls’ schools through Girls Sport Victoria (GSV). GSV is one of the largest school sporting associations in Victoria. Nearly 15,000 girls from Years 7 to 12 have the opportunity to be involved in more than 20 sports – in weekly sport competitions, carnivals, tournaments and skills development programmes. GSV highlights: • One Year 9 student selected for the GSV Representative Water Polo team • Two Year 10 students selected for the GSV Representative Cross Country team • Preliminary Swimming Carnival – Ruyton won Points to Population, Senior and Overall trophies • Division 1 Championship Swimming Carnival – Ruyton finished 2nd overall and won the Junior trophy. Ruyton – ranked 2nd in Swimming out of 24 GSV member schools for 2017 • Swimming Finals night – 30 individuals and 12 out a possible 12 relays qualified. 4 Gold Medals, 3 Silver medals, 7 Bronze medals, plus two new records set • Division 2 Diving Carnival – Ruyton won the Senior Junior trophy • One individual qualified for Diving Finals night • Triathlon – Ruyton finished 1st school overall winning one team Gold medal, three team Silver medals and one team Bronze medal • Preliminary Cross Country Carnival – Ruyton won Junior, Intermediate, Senior and Overall trophies. • Division 1 Championship Carnival – Ruyton won Junior, Intermediate and Overall trophies. Ruyton – ranked 1st in Cross Country running out of 24 GSV member schools for 2017


• Preliminary Track and Field Carnival – Ruyton won the Intermediate trophy and finished 2nd overall • Division 1 Championship Track and Field Carnival – Ruyton finished 2nd overall. Ruyton – ranked 2nd in Track and Field out of 24 GSV member schools for 2017 • Track and Field Finals night – 48 individuals and 5 out of a possible 8 relays qualified. 7 Gold Medals, 4 Silver medals, 7 Bronze medals, plus one new record set • 10 teams qualified for weekly sport finals. Senior Softball team were Premiers.


Ruyton girls who were selected/qualified for State teams (or equivalent): • Cross Country running – 5 students • Diving – 1 student • Fencing – 1 student • Rhythmic Gymnastics – 1 student • Rowing – 10 students • Swimming – 5 students • Track and Field Athletics – 3 students • Triathlon – 1 student • Water Polo – 1 student Outstanding achievements / medals at State Events: • Victorian All Schools Cross Country relays (teams of 4) – 1 Gold Medal, 2 Silver Medals, 1 Bronze Medal • Victorian All Schools Road relays (teams of 4) – 1 Gold Medal, 1 Bronze Medal • Victorian All Schools Cross Country (teams of 4) – 2 Gold Medal, 2 Silver Medals, 2 Bronze Medals • Rowing Junior Girls’ State Championships – 2 crew Silver Medals, 1 crew Bronze Medal. • Rowing Open Girls’ State Championships – 1 Individual Gold Medal, 1 crew Silver Medal, 1 crew Bronze Medal • Head of Schoolgirls Rowing – 2 crew Gold Medals, 1 pair Silver Medal • Rowing Nationals – 2 crews ‘A’ finalists • Rhythmic Gymnastics National Championships – 1 Senior Gold Medal • Rhythmic Gymnastics Senior Victorian State Championships – 2 Gold Medals, 3 Silver Medals • Netball Victoria All Schools Netball – 1 team qualified for finals.


SSV sport – Junior School The grit and determination of our sportswomen has continued to ensure that girls achieve their best on the sports field and continue to support and inspire their peers. Whether it is Cross Country, Athletics, Swimming or team games, the tenacity of our girls has won through, as they have sought to represent their School with pride. The culture of our sporting teams is second to none and has allowed the girls to take pride in their achievements, which are many and varied. Swimming • South Yarra District (SYDSA) – 5 individual 1st places, 4 individual 2nd places, 3 individual 3rd places. 4 Relay 1st places, 1 Relay 2nd place. Ruyton team 2nd overall • 6 individuals and 3 relays qualified for Beachside Division • 1 individual and 1 relay team qualified for Southern Metropolitan Regionals • 1 individual and 1 relay team qualified for the State Primary Schools Competition – 1 relay Bronze medal • 1 Year 6 girl selected to represent Victoria in the Pacific School games. Cross Country running • South Yarra District (SYDSA) – 13 top 20 finishers. Ruyton team 1st overall • 7 individuals qualified for Beachside Division • 4 individuals qualified for Southern Metropolitan Regionals • 3 individuals qualified for the State Primary Schools Competition. Track and Field • South Yarra District (SYDSA) – 7 individual 1st places, 12 individual 2nd places, 7 individual 3rd places. 2 Relay 1st places. Ruyton team 1st overall • 15 individuals and 2 relays qualified for Beachside Division

Rhythmic Gymnastics Junior Victorian State Championship 5 Gold medals, 2 Silver medals, 4 Bronze medals. Hoop Time Basketball – Year 6 team qualified for the Regional Finals. Netball Victoria All Schools Netball – Year 6 team finished second in their group on the day.



• 1 individual and 1 relay team qualified for Southern Metropolitan Regionals.

Performing Arts • Two students won awards at the Lyrebird Youth Theatre Awards for their performances in The Addams Family for: – Best Supporting Actress in a Youth Musical – Best Female Ensemble Performer in a Youth Musical • Mini Mads received a Platinum Award at the Victorian Schools Music Festival, and placed first in the Waverley Eisteddfod. Students who participated in Eisteddfods and Festivals Victorian Schools Music Festival (VSMF) – 381 Boroondara Eisteddfod – 55 Generations in Jazz – 50 Flute Guild Competition – 16 Dancelife – 28 Waverley Eisteddfod – 57 Junior School Victorian Schools Music Festival Year 3/4 Bumblebee Choir (all girls in these year levels) Gold Shield Mini Mads Platinum Shield Paganini Strings Gold Shield Windchimes Silver Shield Waverley Eisteddfod Mini Mads First Place and also recipients of the Robert Blackwood Hall Championship Award Senior School Victorian Schools Music Festival Platinum Open Secondary Choir – Madrigals Bronze Open Secondary Choir – Snr Chamber Choir Silver Junior Secondary Choir – Chamber Choir Gold Intermediate Concert Band – Concert Band Silver Junior Jazz Ensemble – Junior Jazz Giants Boroondara Eisteddfod 1st place 7–12 Secondary School Choir – Snr Chamber Choir Generations in Jazz 3rd place Div 1 – The Groove 2nd place Div 3 – Ruyton Jazz Choir 2nd place Div 4 – Dizzy Blue Ruyton Crew 3rd place Div 4.2 – National Stage Band Award Victorian Flute Guild Inc 1st place Flute Ensemble competition – Flutation 3rd place Flute Ensemble competition – Flutopia 28



Awards • Mrs Diane Berold received the Inaugural Ruyton Distinguished Teacher Award. • 25 staff service awards were given recognising staff service from 15 to 30+ years

Certifications • 19 staff completed the University of NSW Mini Certificate of Gifted Education • 2 staff completed the Cognitive Coaching Foundation Certificate. • 2 staff undertook the Harvard Graduate School of Education online ‘Introduction to Datawise’ programme. • 2 staff undertook the National Coalition of Girls’ Schools (USA) online ‘Introduction to Girls’ School’ programme. • 2 staff undertook the OneSchoolHouse (USA) online ‘Untangled – Educating Adolescent Girls’ programme. • 4 staff undertook the ‘Leadership for Learning: Middle Leaders Making a Difference’ Professional Learning Programme.



• 3 staff participated in the ‘Model UN’ programme at Government House Victoria.

Scholarships/ Programmes • Mrs Cathryn Furey received a scholarship through ISV to participate in a Swinburne University programme leading to a Grad Dip in Applied Business. • Ms Jacinta Greer was accepted into the ‘Education WISE Changemaker Programme’ focused on educating and inspiring girls in STEM. • Ms Linda Douglas was accepted into the Harvard Project Zero/ ISV Leading Learning that Matters project group (2 year programme)

Presentations • Mr Jake Plaskett was invited to present at Edutech 2017. Assessors • A number of staff were assessors for VCAA oral and written examinations.



Above 30 Years of Service Mrs Diane Berold English Teacher Mrs Louisa Jill Burbury

Director of Sport

25 to 30 Years of Services Ms Asmina Danos Year 10 Wellbeing Leader and Mathematics Teacher Mr Matthew Habben

Instrumental Music Teacher

20 to 25 Years of Services Ms Ellen Funnell Co-ordinator of Strings Ms Sonja Horbelt

Co-ordinator of Percussion

Mrs Danyang McAuliffe

Learning Leader - Languages

Ms Tanya Cockwill

Junior School Teacher

Mrs Catherine Smibert

Science Teacher

Ms Emma Tankovich

Gymnastics Coach

Mr Stephen Ellinghaus

Director of Athletics

15 to 20 Years of Services Mrs Cathryn Furey Assistant Principal, Director of Learning Ms Fran Johnson

Instrumental Music Teacher

Mrs Kate McPherson Junior School Individual Learning Teacher Ms Julie Hoskins Co-ordinator of Senior School Community Services and Student Exchanges Mrs Angela Allen House Co-ordinator and Physical Education Teacher Ms Helen Tait

Junior School Teacher

Mrs Jennifer Lane

Instrumental Music Teacher


Mrs Elizabeth Blumbergs Executive Assistant to Principal Ms Michelle Raatjes Year 11 Wellbeing Leader and Humanities Teacher Mrs Georgina Parker

Drama Teacher

Ms Carla Bond

Junior School Teacher

Mr Walter Zavattiero Year 9 Wellbeing Leader and Debating Co-ordinator Mrs Lee Alexis Year 7 Wellbeing Leader and Science Teacher Ms Kathryn Bertram

Early Learning Co-educator 31


Ms T Cockwill, BTeach(Prim), BEd

Mr B Bayley, BEng (Hons), MBA

Mrs D Davies, BEd, DipTeach (Prim)

Ms L Douglas, BEd, MEd(Curriculum)

Mr T Doyle, BEd(Prim), DipTeach(Prim)

Mr J Gillam, BCom, FAIM

Miss C Gibson, BTeach, Bed

Ms F Griffiths, LLB, B.Com

Ms M Gidley, DipEd(Prim), BEd

Ms M Higgins, BA(Economics)

Mrs N Ginnane, BEd, BA, PGradDipAppSc(LibInfoMgmt), DipEd, MEdLship

Mr T Hogg, BConsEco, FAIQS Mr P Kanat Ms F Marsden, BAgResEco(Hons), MCom(Econ), GAICD (Retired) Ms V McLaughlan, BA(Hons), FAHRI, GAICD Mr B Meehan, BCom, BIT, ACA Mr C Price, BEc, LLB(Hons) Ms K Taylor, BA(Comms) Secretary Mrs L Smith, BBus(Acc), MBA, CPA, MAICD Principal Ms L Douglas, BEd, MEd(Curriculum) ACADEMIC STAFF ELC Mrs M Bell, DipTeach Ms K Bertram, Dip(ChildServ), BAE (EarlyChlhd) Miss Z Brown, BEd(EarlyChlhd&Prim) Ms J Chan, BAEd(Hons)(EarlyChlhd&Prim), BECE(Hons) Ms M Dimitrova, BEd, Dip(ChnServ) Mrs T Dluzniak, BAE (EarlyChlhd)

Mrs S Gowland, BEd(Prim) Mrs L Graham, DipEd(Prim), PostGradDipEd Ms J Halliday, BA, DipEd Ms C Hallpike, BEd, DipEd(Prim) Miss C Hayward, BA, GradCertEd, GradDipEd(Prim) Miss B Hook, BEd(Prim) Mrs J Johnson, DipTeach(Prim) Mrs K McPherson, BTeach(Prim), BEd Miss J Milic, BEd(Prim), BAppSc(HumMove) Ms K L Mortimer, BArt BTech(Hons), GradCert(GiftedEd),MAEd(GiftedEd) Mrs C Mullins, BEd, DipTeach(Prim) Mr J Mutton, BEd (Primary) Ms M Nomes, BEd, DipTeach (Prim) Ms E O’Leary, BMus, BEd (Prim) Mrs B Odman, BEc MTeach (Prim) Mrs G Parker, BA, BTeach, AssocDip(Dance) Ms J Parsonage B.A. B.Ed (HONS)

Mrs S Lusted, BEd(Hons)(EarlyChlhd&Prim)

Mrs M Roy, BA, DipTeach

Mrs K Vines, BA(Arch), GradDipEd(EC)

Ms D Ward, BA(Teach)

Ms J Mitchell, Bed(Prim), GradDip(EarlyChlhd) Mrs C Stagg, BA(Teach), Med Ms H Tait, BA(Hons), PGCE, MEdSt(SpEd) Mrs S Swingler, BEd(EarlyChlhd) Mrs H Wild, DipTeach(EC), BEd(Prim)

Miss N Welsh, BEd(Hons)

Ms T Wojcik, DipTeach (Early Chldhd), Grad Dip Special Ed

Ms Z Williamson, BA/BSc, Mteach(Prim) Miss J Young, MA(Teach)

Ms W Xing Miss S Denholm, B Ed (EC)

Ms M Young, BAppSc(SpchPath), DipEd(Prim), MEd(SpecEd)



Ms F Arthaud

Mrs K Adams, BTeach, BA

Mrs R Barker, BMusEd

Mrs L Alexis, BEd, CertIV(WkplaceTrng&Assmnt)

Ms E Barry, DipTeach(EarlyChlhd) Ms S Bell Ms C Bond, BA, BTeach(Prim) Dr E Bowtell, BEd, MPsych, PhD Ms K Bray Ms A Brown, BA, M Teach Mrs A Bush, BEd(Prim), DipTeach Mrs O Campbell Mrs L Clyde, BAE(Prim), GradCertEd(IncEd) Mr S Clyde, B Ed, M Ed Lead


Mrs A Allen, BAppSc(HumMove), BEd(Sec) Mrs N Barrah BEd(Sec), GradDip(VocEd&Train) Ms M Barratt, BEc, DipEd Mrs D Berold, MA, DipEd Mrs G Bert, BA(Arts), GradDipEd Ms A Boussioutas, B.A. (Hons), Dip. Ed. Mrs E Bradley, DipPhysEd, Dip Teach Mr P Brandner, BA(Photography), GradDip (Film&Tel), BEd(Prim&Sec)

Ms A Bray, MA, DipEd, Cert(d’Ethnologie)


Ms L Broadfoot, DipT, BEd, CertIV (SportsAdmin&Mgmt)

Mrs D McAuliffe, BA, MA, BEd, DipEd

Mr A Broder, BEng, MBA(Hons), GradDipEd

Mrs E McDonald, BPerfA, DipCnslg, DipEd(Sec)

Mrs L Burbury, BEd(PhysEd), GradDipEd (Admin)

MS H McNally

Mr S Chockalingam, BAVetSc(Hons), Mtech(Sec)

Mr C Moloney, BA, DipEd, MEdSt

Ms E Cleine Ms M Clemens, B Sc, Dip Diet, Dip Ed, Dip Sport Sc, Dip Adol Hlth Wlf, Cert Ed Stud (Math) Ms E Conabere, BEco, GradDip(EdPsych), MA(CnslgPsych), MAPS Ms D Cooper, BA, DipEd(DblMethodEngl)

Mr B Moller Mrs S Mooney, BA(Math), Cert(SecEd) PGradCert(SpecialEd) Mr D Moulton, BA, Bed(Prim), MEd Ms D Moynagh, BSc, MEd, PGCE Ms A Paisley, BA, DipEd Mrs A Pearson, BASc(Nurs), DipAppSc(Nurs) Mrs J Phillips, B.A., B. Ed., Grad Cert R.E.

Mrs F Cooper-White, BContpA

Ms L Piantadosi, BA(Design)

Mrs J Cornelius, BA(Hons), DipEd, DipModernLang

Ms S Pidgeon, BEd(PhysEd) Ms M Pinnell, BAppSc(FoodSc&Tech)

Ms I Corr, BA, GradDip(French&Engl)

Mr J Plaskett

Ms M Danos, BScEd

Mrs J Power, BEd(Sec)Mus, AMusA, GradCertRE

Ms N Dempsey, BA, DipEd, DipCrim Ms M Di Vitto, BBiomedSc, GradDipEd Mr C Eames, BSc(Hons)Maths, GradDipEd Mrs P Ebbage, BEd(Art&Craft) Mr S Ellinghaus Ms K Feng, MEd, GradDip(Sec) Mrs S Fryer, BSc, DipEd, GradDipCompEd, MITEd Mrs C Furey, BEd, Med Ms J Gallagher Ms T Gibbons, BSc, DipEd,PgradDipEco (Statistics) Ms P Grant, BAGradDipEd(Sec) Ms J Greer, BSc, BEd Mrs G Gumley, BSc, DipEd Ms M Han, MA(Teach), CLIL, PGradDipTeach(Sec) Mr D Harrison, BEd(PhysEd) Dr T Harvey, BSc(Hons), PhD, DipEd Ms J Hoskins, BEd, GradDipA(Eng), MEd

Ms M Raatjes, BEd(Sec) Ms R Rae MsJ Roszkowski, BEd(VisArts), GradDip(ArtHistFilm) Mr D Saunder, BEd, GradDipEd Ms L Shen, Bteach Mrs, C Smibert, BSc, DipEd Mr P Smith, BEd(Mus) Ms S Solowko, B.A., Dip. Ed., M.A. (Germanic Studies) Mr J Thomson Mr P Upperton, BA, DipEd Mrs C Walkley, BAppSc(HumMove), Bed Mrs J Whelan, BEd, GradDip(Careers) Mr M Wilson, BCom(Mkt&CommclLaw) Ms W L Xiao Mr T Yeo, BSc(Maths), PostGradDipEd Mr W Zavattiero, BA(Hons), MA, DipEd

Miss C Hudson

Ms W Zhang, MAEd, GradDipEd(Secondary)

Mrs T Hume


Ms B Johnson, BAppSc(PhysEd) Ms D Kane-Priestley, BTeach, BA

Mrs E Ambrose

Ms J Kitt, BA, DipTeach

Mr A Angus, BA(Music), BAHons, MMUS, GradDip(Hum)

Ms L Klovekorn, BA, Grad Dip Ed

Mr S Connew

Ms B Lang, BEd (Visual Art), MA(LA)

Ms F Cunningham, BMus, BMusPerf, BMusPerf (Hons), GradDipEd

Mr D Larkin, B SC(Math&It), BTeach, Cert RE Ms C Lee, DipMkt(Hons) Ms S Mancev, BA, DipEd, MEd, AMusA Mr A Martin, BAppSci (Maths), DipEd,

Miss T Foley Ms E Funnell, DipEd, BMus, AMusA, LMusA, FMusA



Mrs A Herault, Med

Mrs J Purcell, BEd, GradDip(InfoMgt&LibSt), MInfoSt(ChildLib)

Mrs E Glover, BMus, GradDipEd

Mr C Goswami

Mr O Grenell, Dip(Jazz)(Perf), DipEd(Teach&Lrng)

Mrs N Hibbert, BEd(PhysEd)

Mr M Habben, BEd(Mus)

Mrs K G Jackson, CertIII(OffAdmin)

Ms K Hewitt Ms S Horbelt, BA(Hons), BA(MusPerf), GradDipEd Ms F Johnson, Bmus Mr S Jones, BMus(Hons), AMusA, GradDipEd Ms L Kennedy, DipMus, PGradMus Mr S Kessaris, Bmus Mrs J Lane, BEd(Mus), BA(Mus),Dip(Cnsig) Ms A Mosca, BBus, AMusA, ADipA, MIMT, STCA(Prim) Mr R Nicholson, BMus(Hons) Ms E O’Hanlon, BMusEd, AMusA Ms J Power Mr I Rosa, BMus(Perf)

Miss K W Holding BIT Mrs M Jenkin Book Keeping 1 & 2 Ms I Karadimitris Dr C Karopoulos PhD, BSc(Hons) Mrs J Koenig, BA(Hons), Cert(PubRelats) Mrs V Koutroulis, CertIII(OffAdmin) Ms Y Lang Mrs A Mafrici, Dip Acc, Ms F Mantelli Mr G Mark Mrs A Martell, BComp(Hons), Grad Dip Fin&Inv, CertIV (WkplaceTrng&Assmnt), Dip LifeCoach Mrs L McLaverty, ASCTA Silver Licence, AustSwim-Teacher of Swimming

Ms R Scaffidi, MMusPerf, FTCL, LMusA, AMusA, BMus(Hons)Perf

Mrs J McMillan

Mr R Sedergreen

Mr R Moodie

Miss C Stevenson-Mentiplay Ms K Stockwin, BA(Mus)(Hons), LTCL Ms J Summers Ms J Vallins, GRSM, ARCM Mr R Wallis, BMus, CertIV(WkplaceTrng&Assmnt)

Ms M Midgley, Grad Dip. Ed. Admin Mrs J Musgrove Mr L Parker Mr S Patel Mr H Patel Ms T Peters Mrs J Power


Ms D Savea

Ms N Anderson, BA(ProfWrtng&Edit), DipMusPerf

Mrs R Schultz

Mrs E Beattie, MA

Mrs L Smith, B.Bus (Acc), MBA, CPA, GAICD

Mr K W Beckwith Mrs D Begg Mrs E Blumbergs Miss J Brown Mr S Caltabiano Mrs A Cheng, GradDip(InfoMgt), BTeach(Prim) Ms Z Clark Mr R Corrie Mrs H de Morton, CertIV (School Supp Ser), Dip (Mgt) Mr A Di Petta Ms C Dodson, BA(Hons)Hist, GradDipMusStud Mrs K Downes, BS,CFRE,CAP, Mr C Elmer Ms S Freeman, Dip Bus (Admin) Mr J Gamble Mr E Gaulke, B.App.Sc. (Hort.) LIAV, HMA Ms L Glikfeld Mr A Goetz


Mrs A Sciberra Mrs K Soumprou Mr L Sparkes Ms S Tossoun, USCPA, BComm(Acc), Mrs F Trumble, B.Comm, CPA


ENGAG E D COM MU N ITY TH E R UY TO N FO U N DATIO N Ms Fiona Griffiths Foundation Chair

It was a privilege to be invited to Chair the Ruyton Foundation from January 2017. Following an external review of the Ruyton Foundation, its operations were restructured to broaden the Foundation Committee to include nine engaged members of our community who are current parents, ORA members and/or past parents. We share a belief in the power of philanthropy to transform Ruyton, secure its future and make a real difference for current Ruyton girls and those of generations to come. The Foundation exists to support the strategic aims of the Board and to introduce and nurture a thriving culture of philanthropy at Ruyton, with active engagement across our entire community. Thank you to every donor who has partnered with us this year, your investment into Ruyton girls is appreciated.

Highlights • Meeting our amazing existing, new and prospective donors within our community who are energised by the possibility of transforming Ruyton via philanthropy

• Raised $238, 550 to support the Junior School redevelopment with the building officially opened on 24 May 2017 • Raised $39,780 in the 88 Keys the Gift of Music Campaign to enable the purchase of an as new Yamaha C7 Grand Piano for the Margaret McRae Centre unveiled on 2 November 2017 • Received $81,175 during Annual Giving directed towards scholarships and the building fund with a focus on Henty House with the Health Centre and Reception Room renovations. These renovations will be completed over summer 2017/2018 35


• Received 652 gifts from 336 donors from 1 Jan till 1 October 2017 totalling $308,622

• Unveiled the Class of 2016 Leavers Gift – a friendship tree and circular friendship seat which has been installed in the Prep to Year 2 playground • Special thanks to the dynamic committee of volunteers who raised $60,000.00 at the Ruyton Foundation Ball with funds raised directed towards the Health Centre. The pie chart below shows the areas where the Foundation has received funds.

ANNUAL Appeal total Voluntary Building Fund Donations The Ruyton Ball - directed to the Health Centre Junior School Redevelopment FORPA Grand Piano – 88 Keys the Gift of Music Margaret McRae Pledge payments Other – Building Fund Donations on Enrolment, Year 12 Gift 2017, Rowing, Endowed Awards


COM MU N IT Y R EL ATIO N S Mrs Kim Downes

Director of Community Relations After an external review, the Development Department was renamed Community Relations and a new Director commenced in 2017 with a focus on creating a culture of philanthropy and enhancing community engagement which aligns with the strategic plan.

Highlights: • Establishment of a Ruyton Fathers’ Group • Initiating the formation of a networking group of chairs of Foundations from other girls’ schools • Role out of new branding • Website renewal • Focus on building a culture of philanthropy

FU N D RAI S I N G U PDATE Ms Tonya Peters

Development Manager The generosity of our community continues to grow. We have seen a significant increase in philanthropy within our Ruyton community, with not only more funds raised, but also in the number of donors participating in our various appeals. Our Annual Appeal in 2017 saw a 56 per cent increase in overall donations, raising $81,650. We have received ongoing support across a number areas from 1 July 2016 until 1 Aug 2017. Our community has made over 800 donations during this time totalling $439,076. Collectively donors have assisted us with gifts towards the following projects: • The Junior School redevelopment • Facilities upgrades via the Voluntary Building Fund Contributions • The fulfilment of pledges to the Margaret McRae Centre • FORPA 88 Keys – The Gift of Music • Scholarships • Donations for: the Class of 2016 Gift, Rowing via the Australian Sports Foundation, supporting Archives, Annual Appeal Building Fund 2016 (after 30 June 2016), Building Fund on Enrolment and endowed Speech Night Prizes • Heritage Leaf Gifts • Annual Giving 2017 – Henty House Reception. 37


• Annual Giving 2017 – Health Centre

LIST O F DO N O RS Mrs S A’Beckett (Vautier ‘62) Mr A & Mrs M Abeysekera Mr N & Mrs K Adams Mr A Allibon Mr N and Mrs O Alevras (Alysandratos ‘87) Mr D & Mrs M Alysandratos Mr L Anderson & Dr E Brennan Mrs J Andrews (Darby ‘57) Mr P & Mrs M Andronis Mr V & Mrs F Angelo Anonymous x 15 Mr T & Mrs S Antonopoulos Mr A & Dr E Apos Mr G Aquino & Ms V Savinos Arnhem Investment Management Pty Ltd Ms A Badger Mr G & Mrs R Bala Mr J & Ms S Balaskas Dr P & Mrs K Barlis Mrs M Baulch (Crawley ‘46) Ms F Beck & Mr W Robertson Mr J & Mrs M Bedelis Ms L Bedford (Wilson ‘67) Mrs E & Mr D Beggs Mrs A Bendix (‘42) Ms T Bernard & Mr J Bornstein Mr M & Mrs K Blair Mrs M Bottaro Mr P & Mrs P Brooks Mr A Brown & Prof M Southey Mr D Brown Mr G & Mrs C Brown Mr I & Mrs A Brown Mr M & Mrs J Browning Mr M Buckle & Mrs L Paiman Mr J & Mrs K Buckley Mrs B Burke (Hardie ‘70) Mr A Cameron & Ms V Green Mr A & Mrs L Campagna Mr M & Mrs A Caplan Dr M Chao & Mrs R McAuley Mr A Chen & Mrs J Nong Mr L Chen & Ms Y Wang The Chen Family Trust Mr J Chen & Mrs M Yin Mr S & Mrs H Cheng Mr A & Mrs L Clarke Mrs M Clarke (Menzies ‘57) Mr B & Mrs J Cleeve Mr M & Mrs K Clemenger


Dr I Collins & Ms J Thomas Mr G & Mrs E Collyer CompliSpace Pty Ltd Ms A Condon & Mr M Cunnington Mr R Cooper & Ms S Jayaswal Mr S & Mrs W Cooper Dr S & Mrs C Cran Mrs F Crosby Mr B & Mrs K Crump Ms S Cumming Ms B Currie & Mr A Ham Prof P & Mrs R Currie Mr D & Mrs L Curry Mr I Curry & Mrs L Anderson Mr A & Mrs H Danks Mr L Kafasis & Ms C Dardalis (‘01) Mr S Davison & Ms K Devlin Ms S Dean (‘70) Dr M & Mr D Delanoy Mr D & Dr M Dellaportas Mr K Dempsey & Ms P Eadie Mr P & Mrs C Denovan Mr S Dick & Ms C Rhodes Mr P Ding & Ms H Sun Mr S & Mrs T Dluzniak Do Smile Dental Pty Ltd Mr C & Mrs A Doufas Mr G & Mrs V Doufas Ms L Douglas Mrs K Downes Mr G & Mrs L Draper Driver Bus Lines Pty Ltd Ms J Edwards Mr M & Mrs J Elford Mr S & Mrs K Fallscheer Mr Y Fan & Mrs J Xie Mr F Fang & Mrs W Chen Mr D & Ms K Fedele Mr S Feng & Mrs J Wen Mr M & Mrs E Finocchiaro Mr J & Mrs L Flinn Ms J Foletta (‘65) Mrs P Fraser Friends of Ruyton Performing Arts Mr M & Mrs S Fryer Mrs C & Mr C Furey Mr D & Mrs M Gallace (Constantinou ‘98) Mr P Gardiner & Ms Y Song Ms P Gardner (Daniels ‘64) Mr X Ge & Ms L Shao Mr J & Mrs H Gillam

Mr T Gleisner & Ms M Muirhead OAM Mr A & Dr T Goonesekera Ms B Gough (‘69) Mrs S Grant Mr P Green & Ms M Spangaro Mr D Greenwood & Ms D Smith Mr B & Mrs R Griffith Mr A Osmond & Ms F Griffiths (‘87) Mrs J Gu & Mr C Liu Mrs G Gumley Mr L Guo & Mrs A Wang Mr S Haddy & Mrs B Fitzpatrick-Haddy Mr T & Mrs L Hajdasz (Hagger ‘87) Mr D Hall & Ms S Sloan Mr G & Mrs L Hall Mrs R Hall Mr A Hamilton Mr D Hamilton & Dr K Hutchison Mr D & Mrs F Hancox Mrs F Hargreaves (Imray ‘54) Mr D & Mrs S Hartin Mr D He & Mrs X Zhou Mr H He & Mrs T Xu Mrs A Helps & Mr R Gannon Mrs H Henderson (Menzie ‘46) Mr O Hereford & Ms A Reed Mr A & Mr M Higgins (Blomquist ‘92) Mr T & Mrs K Hogg Mr J & Mrs L Houlihan Mr Y & Mrs J Hu Mr Y Huang & Ms N Yu Ms E Hughes (‘96) Mrs G Hund Mr D Iser & Mrs N Wellington-Iser Dr T Jacques (‘74) Mrs C James (Rodwell ‘39) Dr E & Mr R Jamieson Mr E & Mrs S Jansen Mr B Jiang & Mrs Y Zhang Mr Y Jiang & Dr Y Zhang Ms P Jin & Mr J Wang Mr S Jones Mr P & Mrs H Jordan Dr R Joyce & Ms P Thiagara Mr C & Ms P Juebner Mr P & Mrs R Kanat (Bate ‘80)

Mrs M Mostafa & Mr A Elnakeeb Dr A Moulden OAM (‘76) Mr L & Ms P Mugavin Mr I Muller Mr D Murray & Ms F Mardling Mr W & Mrs A Murray Dr R Nair & Dr B Whitehouse Mr P & Mrs N Nelson Mr J Neoh & Ms L Look Mrs A & Mr R Ng Dr H Nguyen & Ms C Tran Mr M Nolan & Ms G Russell Mr K & Mrs S O’Brien Mr S & Mrs J O’Brien Mr A & Mrs K Panagopoulos Parents of Ruyton Ms D Perelsztejn & Mr L Rabinowicz Mr P & Mrs L Perrignon Ms T Peters Dr J & Ms V Phillips Mr M & Mrs T Pilkington Mr J Plaskett Mr B & Mrs F Power Mr C & Mrs J Preston Mr C & Dr M Price Mr R Price & Dr M Malcolm Mr J Pryor & Ms L Millard Questers Ms H & Mr S Rachcoff Mrs K & Mr D Rasmussen Mr A Ravindran & Ms T Menyen Dr F & Mrs S Raymond Mr B & Mrs K Richards Mr K Richards Ms S Robertson (Wines ‘62) Mr D Royce & Ms S Lyall Mr A & Mrs N Rule Dr C & Mrs A Russell Mrs J Salanowski (Grant ‘52) Mr L & Mrs S Samouris Mr A & Mrs S Sando Mr D Schaefer & Ms G Holland Mr J Schuller & Ms M Goodwin Mr D & Mrs R Schultz Mr R Schwartz & Ms A Butt Mr V & Mrs E Scopelliti Mr P Sharples Mr L Shen & Ms Q Ding Mr G Siamos & Mrs V Smirlis Mr D Simmonds & Ms S Guo Mr K Skoullos & Mrs M Moutsidis Mr C & Mrs H Samartzis Mrs L & Mr M Smith Mr P Smith Mr R Smith Mr A Starkins Mr Z Su & Ms W Xu Mrs S & Mr R Sutherland Miss E Syle (‘75) Mr H & Mrs S Tadgell Mr A & Mrs S Talbot Mr P Tang & Mrs S Yu Mrs B Taylor (Simpson ‘47)

Ms K Taylor Mr D & Mrs G Timm Mr M Tinney & Ms D Nicholson Mr J & Mrs B Tonkin Mr D & Mrs A Tooby Mrs K Tornya & Mr S Tornya Ms S Tossoun & Mr N Calil Mr B Trahar & Ms K Greene Dr D Tran & Mrs C Huynh Mr D & Mrs M Traverso Mrs M & Mr M Tricarico Mr A & Mrs V Tripodi Mrs L Trotta & Mr F Trotta Mr H & Ms C Truong Mr D & Mrs S van Gerrevink Mr J & Mrs J van Haandel Mr A Venables Mr N Vernon & Mrs L Valentic Mrs F & Mr M Verrocchi Mr M & Mrs J Verrocchi Mr M & Mrs K Vinecombe Mr G Viney & Ms J Alexander Mrs B & Mr S Walmsley Mrs C Wang & Mr H Wu Mr J Wang & Mrs L Liu Ms Y Wang Mr Q Wang & Ms F Hu Mr T & Mrs F Warner Ms K Watt Dr A & Mrs D Weeraman Mr J West & Ms M Tribe Mrs J Williamson (Strickland ‘56) Mr A Willmott & Ms S Gorman Mr P Wilmshurst & Ms G Baron Mr J & Mrs N Wilson Mr P Wilson Dr P Wirth Wolf Interactive Pty Ltd Dr T & Mrs S Wood Mrs J & Mr A Woollard Mr M & Mrs K Woolrich Mrs P Wootton (Macdonald ‘68) Mr J & Ms C Wotherspoon Mr H Wu & Mrs C Wang Mr J Wu & Ms M Yang Mr Y Xie & Ms X Wang Mr L Xu & Ms L Gu Ms R Xu & Mr D Wu Mr T Xu & Ms X Lin Mr W Xu & Mrs N Li Mr X Xu & Ms W Wu Mr D Yang & Mrs Y Xie Mr X Yao & Ms J Feng Mr P & Mrs Y Yeardley Mrs I & Mr A Zaparas Mr C Zhang & Mrs Y Wang Mr F & Mrs J Zhang Mrs Q Zhang & Mr S Chen Mr J Zhao & Mrs J Ren Mr S Zheng & Ms J Zhu Mr Y Zheng & Ms H Wu Mr G Zhu Ms J Zhu & Mr S Zheng Mr R & Ms S Zimmerman



Mr J & Mrs A Kanterakis Dr C & Mrs P Karopoulos Ms K Kaspar Dr L Kearney & Dr K Melrose Mr J Kelly & Dr S Joseph Prof S & Mrs H Kent Mrs M Keppell (Cathie ‘56) Ms L Kerr Mr N & Mrs F Kerr Mr C & Mrs Z Kilby Mrs H King & Dr J King Ms S King & Mr B Sutherland Dr B Kodithuwakku & Dr S Karunaratne Mr W & Mrs M Lamb (Flanders ‘85) Mr S Lardner & Ms K Streckfuss Mr D & Mrs K Lathouras Dr W Lau Mr A Lay & Ms I Lim-Lay Ms K Lee & Mr J Chang Prof T Leong & Dr P Khaw Mr T & Mrs D Lew Mrs L Li & Mr S Shi Mr Y Li & Mrs H Zhang Mr Y Li & Ms L Zhang Mr X Li & Mrs Y Shi Mr F Liang & Ms L Liu Mr F Lin & Ms T Rudometova Mr K Lin & Mrs J Guo Mr J Ling & Mrs T Zhou Mr D Liu & Mrs W Feng Mrs G Liu Mr P Liu & Mrs J Wang Mr G & Mrs S Long Mr G & Mrs B Lowe Mr C Luo & Ms F Liu Mr H Luu & Mrs L Vo Dr L Luu & Dr N Cook Mr T & Mrs R Magdich Mr A & Mrs K Magoutis Mr A Mallia Dr D & Mrs A Mandrawa Mr A Marek & Ms K Silberberg Ms F Mazzocco & Mr C Brown Mr D & Mrs L McCarthy Mr R & Mrs B McClure Mr D McCombe & Dr G Pettigrew Dr G McGillivray & Assoc Prof S Mandelstam Mr P & Mrs K McGrath Mrs V McLaughlan Mr D & Mrs S McLeish The Hon. Justice C McMillan (‘70) Mr S & Mrs K McPhail Dr R & Dr R McRae Mr B & Mrs D Meehan Mrs L Mei & Mr F Tang Mr Z Mei & Mrs M Shao Mr J & Mrs L Melton Mr F Mentes & Ms M Manzi Mrs M & Mr F Morberger Dr A Morgan & Dr L McKnight

ORA COM M IT TE E 2 01 7 President Treasurer Secretary

Ms Caroline Jarrett Ms Andrea Fyfe Mrs Jenni Musgrove – Co-ordinator Community Ruyton

General Committee Members Ms Belinda Anderson Ms Mia Antonopoulos Ms Sarah Blyth, President – 2014 to 2017 Ms Phoebe Demiris Mrs Kim Downes, Director of Community Relations Ms Sarah Forbes Ms Liv Fowler Ms Samantha Gusset Ms Anna Truelove Ms Jane McIntosh Mrs Jenni Musgrove, Secretary, Ruyton Co-ordinator, Community Highlights: • Fleur Coldwell (‘08) and Fiona Horman (‘01) inducted as Honorary Life Members • Year of consolidation – new Committee members and structure (Ruyton Co-ordinator, Community taking the role of Secretary) • Development of a Strategic Plan • Restructure of reunions • Working on involvement in Ruyton’s 140 year celebrations for 2018 • Preparing for ORA 110th Anniversary celebrations in 2018.



Mrs Jenny Woollard and Mrs Vicki Doufas Co-Presidents 2017

Executive Committee Members: Co-President Mrs Vicki Doufas Co-President Mrs Jenny Woollard Administrator Mrs Anne Howells Secretary Mrs Anne Howells General Committee Members: Mrs Karina Woolrich Mrs Melinda Gray Mrs Kellie Considine Mrs Sue Sloan Mrs Donna DeBortoli Mrs Sam Dayman Mrs Sophie Lyall Highlights: • Welcoming all Parents at the Start of Year Celebration evening held in the new Junior School Building. • In December 2016 a donation was made by the POR and Questers towards the seating around Derham House. Questers who had been waiting for the perfect projects to fund also made a further donation which had been accumulated over the last five years towards the roll-over bar in the Junior school playground, the renovation of the fountain, as well as the purchase of the new Ruyton Crest on the Carolyn Anderson Building. It was exciting to return to School to see all these projects completed and able to be used by the girls. • Year Level Representatives have organised many events ranging from Parent dinners, Father daughter activities, Mother daughter activities, all for the purpose of helping parents connect with other families in their year level.

• Cancer Council Biggest Morning Tea held at School with girls ordering and enjoying cupcakes for morning tea combined with a Parent Morning Tea in the Courtyard Café under the gorgeous bunting created by the talented Questers’ sewing ladies. Organisers: Sue Lindsay, Kate McPhail and Karina Woolrich.



• The Ruyton Luncheon was held on Friday 24 March 2017 at Fenix. The luncheon was again a successful event raising approximately. $8000. Organisers, Sue McLeish, Samantha Robertson and Jennifer Woollard.

• Mothers’ and Fathers’ Day breakfasts hosted in the Margaret McRae Centre Event Space, there were freak shakes and Lego characters for the girls to enjoy. The polarised photo with Mum and Dad were precious keepsakes to remember the mornings by in future years. Thanks to organisers: Amanda Gonzalez, Samantha Robertson, Jennifer Woollard, as well as student volunteers, for assisting with the function on the mornings. • Second Hand Uniform Sale (SHUS) established its permanent location. SHUS was open the first Friday of every month during term time. Co-ordinators: Pearly Khaw and Karina Woolrich. • Ruyton Velo, the Ruyton parents’ road cycling group, which rides on the last Sunday of each month, has continued to grow. Organiser: Wayne Kenafacke. • Parent Education - two seminars in May 2017 focusing on raising teenage girls and providing an insight into their world and how we can support them. We had over 100 parents and many Ruyton staff members attended the Batyr « Starting a Conversation with your Teen » workshop, a discussion around the mental health and wellbeing of young people. We also had many parents attend the presentation from the award winning journalist Madonna King, author of Being 14 – helping fierce teens become awesome women. Both parent seminars were a huge success. • At Valedictory the POR continued to give each Year 12 the gift of a beautiful box-framed personalised collage of Ruyton memories as a keepsake. Thank you to Samantha Robertson and Alicia Wyatt for their wonderful creative work. The POR also provided the Year 6 girls with a gift in celebration of their completion of Junior School. • Questers’ stalls – huge success yet again Coordinated by Amy Reid, Kathryn Brown and Zoe Kilby. • FORPA – supporting the year level plays, The Addams Family Ruyton/ Trinity Play.




Earlier this year the Executive Team met with staff from the Independent Schools Victoria (ISV) to analyse the results from the LEAD Survey 2016–2017. The School surveys the parent body once Every two years, and used this tool to determine their satisfaction with the School and their daughters’ education. The survey compares us with statistically similar schools according to size, socioeconomic status (SES) score, recurrent income and religious affiliation. The LEAD report is designed to provide schools with an effective assessment of their performance in the key elements of schooling and includes staff and student surveys, as well as parent surveys. High performing schools such as Ruyton expect critical feedback from our parent, staff and student community to support review and continuous improvement. It helps us to improve our overall effectiveness and student outcomes.

Students: There were 326 students from Years 5–11 (57.6%) who responded to the General Student Survey and 60 students (85.7%) who responded to the Year 12 Exit Survey. Our girls expressed high levels of satisfaction and their academic results were also recognised as high, which indicates happy and fulfilled students. Staff: There were 131 staff (68.4%) who responded to the General Staff Survey. The teaching staff responses reflected an increased level of general satisfaction. 43


The LEAD report comprises three parts; student outcomes, school effectiveness and stakeholder perspectives. In 2016–2017 42 schools took part in the survey, a smaller sample than the previous survey we participated in during 2014–2015. The 2016–2017 responses for Ruyton reflect a high satisfaction rate with Overall School Performance and Effectiveness for Student Perceptions, along with Academic Achievement and Transition; Teacher Quality, Facilities/Resources, Morale, Goal Alignment, Parent and Community Involvement, Personal and Social Development, and Health and Safety. We noted the following information from each sector of the survey.

The use of technology is now seen as a strength by staff, a change from the previous survey, and reflective of the significant change the staff have managed so well over the past few years. Ruyton has an experienced, collaborative and professional staff who demonstrate a strong culture of pride and participation. The staff responses acknowledge they continue to enjoy the School’s commitment to opportunities for further learning as we ensure continuous improvement in our learning and wellbeing programmes across the School. Parents: There were 228 people who responded to the 2016 – 2017 Parent Survey, from an estimated parent population of 735 (31%). Those who responded identified our strengths as safety, pastoral care and transition. Parent responses to the survey reflect a keenness to see an increased focus on: welcoming and connecting families transitioning into the Ruyton community; ensuring Senior School girls and families are aware of the range of opportunities available in our Year 11 and 12 academic programme; and continuing to expand learning experiences and opportunities available to Senior School girls with regard to career education. We were disappointed not to be given access to individual participants’ anonymous comments in this survey. ISV has assured us that in the future access to these comments will be provided to participating schools, as we believe these comments are of definite value. Armed with this valuable information, as a School and as a community, we will continue to consolidate our strengths and to seek opportunities for improvement in the key areas. In 2018 girls will have new opportunities to engage in entrepreneurship and internship as part of our expanding focus on career education. We are also reviewing components of our parent and student information sessions and induction processes. In 2018 we will celebrate 140 years of outstanding education for girls at Ruyton. As a School that embraces both our traditions and innovative learning opportunities, we understand the value of reflection, feedback and forward thinking. We are committed to preparing girls for a lifetime of learning, leadership and engagement in our global community. At the heart of all of our work student learning and wellbeing is our priority. 44


Profile for Ruyton Girls' School

Ruyton Annual Report 2017  

Ruyton Annual Report 2017