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Kick-Ass Toons 3 – How to create high-quality animated videos that can increase your viewer's engagement... dramatically!! Kick-Ass Toons 3 is a set of breath-taking animated characters that will make your videos truly stand out & sky-rocket your conversions... all as easy as load them into your favourite software!!

Kick-Ass Toons 3 Overview 

Bonuses: [EXCLUSIVE] You will get any of the bonus packs in below: o

GIANT Bonuses Pack 1


SPECIAL Bonuses Pack 2


ULTIMATE Bonuses Pack 3


HUGE Bonuses Pack 4


MEGA Bonuses Pack 5

What Is Kick-Ass Toons 3? Unless you’re from outer space or a time-traveler from the 90’s, you already know that videos are the present and specially the future of internet marketing. (Almost) everything you’ve heard about video is true...       

100 million internet users watch online videos daily Video performs 7 times better than text The brain processes visual data 600,000 times faster than text 70% of marketers report that videos convert better than any other medium 64% of consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching an online video By 2018, videos will take up 79% of consumer internet traffic It’s easy to stand-out as there’s little competition… REALLY??

However, just having videos won’t make you stand-out. Even if you buy expensive video software and manage to put together something you think is good enough...

Even if you have the best product or service, if your video looks trashy, chances are there will be no engagement and no sales... Things change fast on the internet, baby. As the ammount of information rapidly grows, customers becomes more and more demanding about quality. If you want to be on this game on the long term, well... It's Time You Got An Upgrade! Introducing: Kick-Ass Toons 3 Kick-Ass Toons 3 is a set of breath-taking animated characters that will make your videos truly stand out & sky-rocket your conversions... all as easy as load them into your favourite software!! It could be the most advanced animated characters that will change forever the video marketing game‌

How Does Kick-Ass Toons 3 Work?

What Will You Get With Kick-Ass Toons 3? MODULE #1 Animated "Hairdesser" JENNA

MODULE #2 Static "Hairdesser" JENNA

MODULE #3 Animated "Business Man" BRETT

MODULE #4 Static "Business Man" BRETT

MODULE #5 Animated "Business Woman" MARY

MODULE #6 Static "Business Woman" MARY

MODULE #7 Animated "Massage Therapist" NATALIE

MODULE #8 Static "Massage Therapist" NATALIE

MODULE #9 Animated "Baseball Player" BOBBY

MODULE #10 Static "Baseball Player" BOBBY

MODULE #11 Animated "Karateka" KEVIN

MODULE #12 Static "Karateka" KEVIN

MODULE #13 Animated "Professor" PAUL

MODULE #14 Static "Professor" PAUL

MODULE #15 Animated "Fitness Trainer" STEPHIE

MODULE #16 Static "Fitness Trainer" STEPHIE

MODULE #17 Animated "Car Mechanic" FRANK

MODULE #18 Static "Car Mechanic" FRANK

MODULE #19 Animated "Judge" JOSEPH

MODULE #20 Static "Judge" JOSEPH

MODULE #21 10 Unique Cartoon Backgrounds

MODULE #22 "Kick-Xmas Toons" SPECIAL 20 Animated "Kick-Xmass Toons" Characters

20 Static "Kick-Xmass Toons" Characters

6 Christmas Cartoon Backgrounds

Kick-Xmas Tunes - 63 Christmas Music tracks

An amazing collection of Christmas music tracks for you to add the perfect final touch to your Christmas videos.   

MP3 Format Various styles Full Rights

How It Works: See Kick-Ass Toons In Action With Some Of The Most Popular Video Software...

Why Should You Get Kick-Ass Toons 3 Now? For 99% of marketers and small businesses, producing high quality animations is simply...unaffordable Unless you’re an expert animator with years of experience... Unless you can spend THOUSANDS of dollars per minute of video... But please, don’t take my word for it! just check out what skilled professional animators are charging... ...For 1 hour of work!! (Crazy, right?)

With Kick-Ass Toons 3, you can create your own high-quality animated videos that your competitors can't afford and increase your viewer's engagement... dramatically!!   

Stop wasting time and money with dull, mediocre and “cheap-looking” videos that don't convert Fully engage your audience on a deep psicological level using Emotional Storytelling “On Steroids" Your videos can stand out from the crowd with Higher-Quality animations (Zero animation skills needed!)

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But Wait, They’ve Got Even More!

If you thought Kick-Ass Toons 3 couldn’t get any better, they’ve got some limitedtime bonuses for you for being a fast-action taker! However, you must act before this offer closes. Because once it does, these bonuses will NOT be available anymore.

Exclusive Bonuses From Kick-Ass Toons 3 FAST ACTION BONUS #1 50 Animated Objects

FAST ACTION BONUS #2 Easy Animator Software Create fun, engaging animations in just a few clicks!    

Easily animate your text and graphics, use it with Kick-Ass Toons or other assets Easy & advanced mode... Thousands of different combinations! Import SVG, PNG & SWF, export animated GIF or Explaindio/Video Maker FX ready SWF... Mac & PC fully compatible

FAST ACTION BONUS #3 Shotcut Video Editor

Edit, cut and join videos like a PRO with this powerful software     

High-End video editing features Green Screen (Chroma Keying) Video Transitions Drag & Drop Mac, Windows & Linux


390 "Kick-Ass" Copyright-Free music tracks   

Professional quality music Variety of lenghts & styles 100% Copyright-Free

FAST ACTION BONUS #5 Kick-Ass Video Sales Letters

47 pages PDF report Discover how to create a Video Sales Letter that gets people to watch from start to finish, and give them the urge to buy your product right away!

FAST ACTION BONUS #6 "STEP-BY-STEP" Video Training Now, it doesn't matter if you've never made a video before. I'll take you by the hand, and show you step-by-step how to create great-looking and engaging videos with Kick-Ass Toons... And the best of all... You'll be able to do that using ONLY the assets and tools included in this package. Yeah, that means that I will turn you from ZERO into an animation HERO, and you won't eben need to spend a penny on expensive and over-complicated software... How cool is that??

FAST ACTION BONUS #7 VIP Acces to "Kick-Ass Video Makers" FB Group

    

Get fast support Ask for feedback on your videos Share your knowledge and experiences Get exclussive downloads Suggest new products and features

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Kick-Ass Toons 3 review-- Kick-Ass Toons 3 (SECRET) bonuses  
Kick-Ass Toons 3 review-- Kick-Ass Toons 3 (SECRET) bonuses  

Kick-Ass Toons 3 review-SECRETS of Kick-Ass Toons 3 and $16800 BONUS. Review in Detail of Kick-Ass Toons 3 and Premium BONUSES of Kick-Ass T...