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CORE ROLES “The Importance of Music”: A National Plan for Music Education (NPME) November 2011 • Ensure that every primary school child has the opportunity to learn a musical instrument through a whole-class ensemble teaching programme • Provide opportunities to play in ensembles/to perform from an early stage • Ensure that clear progression routes are available and affordable • Develop a singing strategy to ensure that every pupil sings regularly and that choirs and other vocal ensembles are available in the area i.e. not the same things previously supported in Rutland by Music Standards Fund… But in essence, NPME established Hubs in every local authority area because

Every Child’s Music Matters

CORE ROLES The Rutland Plan: • Focuses on primary years • Encourages joined-up thinking across the county (not exclusive to an individual family of schools) • Is committed to enabling equitable provision for all pupils in the county The Arts Council (which disburses funding) has granted us a formative period to develop our work in Rutland in best manner possible. Recruitment of approved music staff to work within schools from Sept 2014 is a major project for the RMH in Terms 5 & 6.

WHO’S WHO The Rutland Music Hub (RMH) is jointly led by: Rutland County Council Sarah Bysouth Head of Lifelong Learning & Robert Clayton Uppingham Community College Jan Turner Headteacher & Bruce Moffat Head of Music The current delivery partners are: Oakham School Peter Davis Director of Music Exton & Greetham CE Primary School Kathy Whitehead Headteacher & Megan Body music co-ordinator Oakham CE Primary School Joan Gibson Headteacher & Toni Wainwright music co-ordinator

WHO’S WHO 2 All the lead organisations and delivery partners make-up the Hub’s Strategic Group, along with Catherine Drury RMH Co-ordinator. There is also an Operations Groups with representatives from a number of primary schools. Activity to date has focussed on four developmental areas: • Baseline consultation • Singing • Instrumental • CPD

BASELINE CONSULTATION We must extend a huge debt of gratitude to all schools for their engagement with this vital exercise. We now have a much more accurate picture of county-wide provision. In almost all other local authority areas, this data already existed before the launch of hubs thanks to provision previously led by county music services. This work can now inform the future direction of the RMH, and shape our delivery in the months ahead. Key messages that have emerged are being reflected in the shape of today’s inaugural training event.

SINGING Led by Oakham School as their key contribution as a RMH delivery partner. Every pupil should sing regularly. Choirs/vocal ensembles are available. VOCES8 workshop in Oakham School Chapel in September 2012. Two whole county singing days in June 2013 using “The Way The Winds Blow�. Further guidance will be sent to schools relatively soon. Plans for an Arts for Rutland event involving primary singers in June 2014 (to take place at Kendrew Barracks) Keen to provide vocal specialists to help lead activities in schools from September 2014 where there are no specialist staff available. Continue to work with other national organisations such as SingUp and Voces Cantabiles Music (VOCES8) to enhance opportunities and training. Medium term aim to launch another youth choir in Oakham.

INSTRUMENTAL Led by Uppingham Community College (Bruce Moffat). The key objective is the provision of whole class, First Access teaching for all. A hugely positive objective in its own right! For some pupils, this may be the start of a instrumental journey that might continue through subsidised small-group tuition into individual tuition and ensemble playing. The RMH Plan will focus on recorder-based learning for First Access, led by visiting specialists with free resources & instruments. Trial scheme running in three schools during Terms 5 & 6 (Exton & Greetham, Leighfield, Oakham CE) that other schools will be able to visit. Curricular resources will be provided to prepare key skills prior to delivery. Longer term aims: • Open access small group tuition • Instrumental loans/investments • Cross-county ensemble provision

CPD Our inaugural training event aims to respond to the key messages from baselining. Committed to engaging and supporting all teachers, wherever you currently are on the confidence spectrum in leading and delivering music in school. Very grateful to Northamptonshire Music & Performing Arts Trust for their support. SINGING – led by Teri Deal (two sessions) COMPOSITION – led by Megan Davis & Peter Davis INSTRUMENTAL – exploring three different pathways: Alaster Thom classical instruments Megan Davis recorders Peter Davis percussion We are keen to respond to teachers’ needs in planning future events.

WHAT ELSE? No time today for a session focusing on music provision for SEN pupils, which is an initiative being led by Oakham C of E . Please speak to Toni Wainwright during the day if you weren’t able to attend the training event that they hosted earlier this year. Grateful for the practical support of Oakham School and Oakham C of E Primary School today.

Plenty of opportunities for caffeine and chat – please make the most of them! Any questions during the day, please approach myself or Catherine Drury – or any of the workshop leaders. HAVE A GREAT DAY!

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