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September 7, 2012

Cars of the Stars

With Previews of 2013 Models Jay Leno and his 55 Buick Roadmaster

September 7, 2012

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The Only Weekly Newspaper Exclusively for the Newport Area

The Newport News

The Newport News

The Newport News

The Only Weekly Newspaper Exclusively for the Newport Area

September 7, 2012

Could Mercedes’ New Hybrid Revolutionize the Auto Industry? By Don Kress Think your Toyota Prius is the most efficient car on the road today? You’re going to be in for a surprise for the 2013 model year, then, as Mercedes-Benz is slated to introduce its new E300 BlueTEC Hybrid Diesel sedan in the third quarter of 2012, followed by an E400 gasoline hybrid to American shores sometime next year. Always at the forefront of burgeoning technologies in the automotive world, Mercedes-Benz is grasping on the increasing popularity of hybrid vehicles and blending it with their notoriously efficient and long-lived diesel power trains. The result is what may arguably be the most fashionable way to save the planet yet conceived. Based on the existing E 250 CDI sedan, Mercedes’ new diesel features a modular hybrid power train that delivers approximately 15% more fuel economy than the previous engine, coupled with more power. This means simply that no major modifications are necessary to incorporate the BlueTEC hybrid system into the E300 architecture, and that the system can be incorporated into any Mercedes-Benz

vehicle currently in production. This stands to reduce production costs, making this newest Merc potentially much more of a value with regards to ownership costs, as well as the beginning of what could well be a diesel hybrid revolution. An S550 AMG diesel hybrid? The BlueTEC hybrid system could make such a thing possible. Boasting as much as 56 miles per gallon in fuel economy, this car could be the one that makes diesel engines desirable again. Previous generations of diesel engines, notably the ones that helped to make the 1970s and 1980s such a smoggy mess, were inefficient, noisy and malodorous, and simply weren’t worth the additional cost and the additional weight that were added to the cars they were installed in. Even more recent examples from the 1990s were found to be sluggish and joyless to drive. Thanks to modern engineering practices, though, not to mention

Europe’s infatuation with the diesel engine as an alternative to expensive gasoline, today’s diesel engines are quiet, powerful and even (gaspinducingly) sporty. The biggest problem with the E300 diesel hybrid, though, is that there are as yet no plans to import this vehicle to the United States. Although numerous manufacturers are set to offer hybrid engines in their

vehicles beginning with the 2013 and 2014 model years, Mercedes is sure to keep their cards close to the vest until it has become clear that the American buying public is ready to fully embrace the benefits of buying diesel instead of gasoline. Once that hurdle is overcome, a diesel-electric hybrid might not seem like such a lark, after all.

...and they will reach the stars.


The Newport News

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September 7, 2012

The Only Weekly Newspaper Exclusively for the Newport Area

The Newport News

Car Makes and Models to Replace Discontinued Automobiles in 2013 By Sylvia Cochran The biggest surprise on the discontinued cars list was perhaps the Ford Escape Hybrid. Two other vehicles that will miss the 2013 car lineup are the Lexus HS 250h and Mitsubishi Eclipse. Which car makes and models could replace these vehicle choices?

Discontinued: Ford Escape Hybrid Hybrid Cars announced in October 2011 that the Ford Escape Hybrid would join the multitude of discontinued car models in 2013. Slated for replacing the hybrid were the C-Max hybrid and a C-Max plug-in version. If only an Escape will do, Ford offers the 2013 Escape S, which retails with a starting MSRP (manufacturer suggested retail price) of $22,470, features a 2.5-liter engine, offers

98.1 cubic feet of passenger volume and 67.8 cubic feet of cargo volume behind the front seats. It promises 22 city miles and 31 highway miles to the gallon of gasoline. If the drop from the 2013 car lineup has soured your taste for Ford, try Mitsubishi. The 2013 Mitsubishi Outlander ES, as noted by Edmunds, features a 2.4-liter engine, starts at $22,695, promises 23 city- and 28 highway miles to the gallon and has a cargo capacity of 36.2 cubic feet, if all seats are in place. The total cargo capacity, should you remove some seats, is 72.6 cubic feet.

30,000-per-year sales goal. In fact, 2011 closed with only 2,864 models rolling off dealer lots. Prior to that, the brand only moved 10,663 HS 250h models in 2010. The 2013 Lexus ES 300h is a five-passenger luxury sedan that gets 40 city- and 39 highway miles to the gallon. With a top track speed of 112 miles per hour, it falls short of the ES model’s 130 miles per hour. The 12.1 cubic feet trunk capacity compares favorably to the HS. Car and Driver places the estimated MSRP at $38,000. Another option is the 2013 Toyota Avalon Hybrid. Although most everyone is still mum on the MSRP, the carmaker is quick to point to the 40 city- and 39 highway miles this car gets to the gallon of gasoline.

Discontinued: Lexus HS 250h Kelley Blue Book notes that Lexus intends to replace the HS 250h with the Lexus ES 300h Hybrid. As deDiscontinued: Mitsubishi Eclipse tailed by Motor Authority, the Lexus The 2012 Mitsubishi Eclipse gets HS 250h fell far short of its ambitious 20 city- and 28 highway miles to

the gallon. Starting at $19,499, it is an affordable sports car wannabe. Yet as noted by the New York Times, the market simply did not support the Eclipse and Galant. To replace these car makes and models, Mitsubishi will focus on plug-in hybrids, which will hit the market in 2015. If an Eclipse-style MSRP is necessary for a tight budget, take a closer look at the 2013 Hyundai Elantra coupe. Car and Driver places the starting price at $18,220, which offers you a vehicle with 28 city- and 39 highway miles to the gallon of gas. With only two doors, it fits the mold of the wouldbe sports car. Looking forward to 2014 Auto Blog warns that while the Dodge Avenger is still part of the 2013 car lineup, it will meet its demise in 2014. Torque News alerts of the scheduled 2014 discontinuation of the Jeep Compass, while Forbes reports that 2014 will spell impending doom for the Chrysler Town and Country.

29941 Aventura, Suite D * Rancho Santa Margarita * CA 92688 On Empresa - between Santa Margarita and Aventura, next to Papa John’s. Page 4

The Newport News

The Newport News

The Only Weekly Newspaper Exclusively for the Newport Area

September 7, 2012

Demystifying the Pomp and Circumstance of Wine Service

Subscription Rates $26.00/year Editorial offices: 23472 Vista Del Verde, Suite 6 Coto de Caza, CA 92679-3930 949-589-9990 To send a press release:

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Newport News is an independent weekly newspaper published every Friday. We are not owned or operated by any of the big daily newspapers. The views and opinions expressed are those of the publisher and not any organization. No reproduction, in whole or in part is permitted without the express written permission of Newport News. Legal Advertising: The Newport News was adjudicated by the Orange County Superior Court as a newspaper of general circulation pursuant to Government Code 6000 case #A187752 on July 15, 1997 and as such is the appropriate newspaper to place legal and public notices for the South Orange County Judicial District including Balboa, Newport Coast, Corona del Mar and the City of Newport Beach, California.

By David White Restaurant wine programs are better than ever before. Once upon a time, high-end restaurants felt obligated to employ snooty sommeliers, most of whom pushed expensive, predictable wines that were easily found at your local liquor store. Today, though, high-end restaurants are staffed with hip sommeliers who are better described as wine educators, eager to discuss the interaction of wine with food and share their recent discoveries. Most traditions associated with wine service remain, however. When dining virtually anywhere, your server will formally present you with the bottle you’ve ordered, making sure the label is facing upwards. After opening the wine, she’ll present you with the cork. Finally, she’ll pour you a small taste of the wine and wait for your approval. Knowing what to do -- and when it’s appropriate to reject a wine -- can be nerve-wracking. But it needn’t be. Here’s all you need to know. Checking the label is easy. It’s presented simply to confirm that the server has pulled the bottle you ordered -- so check the producer, variety, and vintage. Mistakes can and do happen, especially when restaurants are busy. Inspecting the cork is almost as simple. For starters, there’s no need to smell it. Instead, check to see if it’s streaked or drenched with wine. If it is, the wine might be heat-damaged, as heat causes wine to expand and push against the cork. But you’ll need

to smell the wine to make sure, as it could also mean that the bottle was overfilled. Also check to see if the cork is crumbly. If the wine is relatively young, this could be a sign of improper storage -and the wine could be oxidized. Again, you’ll need to smell the wine to make sure. Note that if a cork is covered in little white crystals that look like sugar, there’s nothing to worry about. It’s simply tartaric acid, a natural byproduct of wine, and those crystals are tasteless, odorless, and harmless. Analyzing the wine comes next. So give the wine a swirl to help release its aromas and stick your nose in the glass. Most flaws can be detected by your nose alone, but don’t hesitate to also taste the wine. If the wine is affected by TCA, or cork taint, the fruit will be masked by aromas reminiscent of wet cardboard or a damp basement. A 2005 study by Wine Spectator found that this flaw impacts about one in 15 bottles. If the wine has been exposed to high temperatures or is oxidized from poor storage, it will likely seem flat, with muted aromas and minimal flavor. Sometimes, oxidized wine can give off aromas of caramel, candied almonds, and dried fruits. If you think your wine might be flawed, give your glass to the server and solicit her opinion. If she’s familiar with the wine, she’ll be able to let you know if something is off. And if she’s not familiar with it, she’ll probably trust your judgment or have someone with more expertise come to the table. If the wine is in good condition, tell your server. She’ll then pour it for

everyone at the table. Keep in mind that the taste isn’t poured to find out if you like the wine. If it’s simply not to your liking, there’s a good chance the restaurant won’t take it back. That said, restaurants value customer service. So don’t hesitate to explain to your server why you dislike the wine. The restaurant might replace the bottle. Of course, the best way to avoid ordering a wine you won’t like is to chat with the sommelier or server beforehand, to get a sense of what you should expect. Alternatively, you could find a wine that’s available by the glass and ask your server for a small sample. Ordering wine at a restaurant is fun -- it’s an opportunity to try unique wines and elevate your meal. So don’t let the pomp and circumstance of wine service intimidate you. David White, a wine writer, is the founder and editor of His columns are housed at Wines. com, the fastest growing wine portal on the Internet.

“I have bad reflexes. I was once run over by a car being pushed by two guys.” Woody Allen The Newport News

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September 7, 2012

The Only Weekly Newspaper Exclusively for the Newport Area

The Newport News

FESTIVAL OF ARTS NOW ACCEPTING ARTISTS’ APPLICATIONS FOR THE SUMMER OF 2013 FINE ART SHOW The Festival of Arts – California’s Premier Fine Art Show is a prestigious, highly competitive, regional juried fine art show featuring original artwork by southern Orange County’s finest artists.   The 2013 show will run next July and August. Artists who would like to apply for the 2013 fine art show should submit a CD with three digital images per media and a completed application form to the Festival of Arts by October 26, 2012 (by 4pm).  Applicants may download an application from the Festival’s website,, or call 949-464-4234.   The Festival of Arts accepts applications from artists residing in the following cities:  Aliso Viejo, Balboa, Balboa Island, Capistrano Beach, Coto de Caza, Corona del Mar, Costa Mesa, Dana Point, Foothill Ranch, Irvine, Laguna Beach, Ladera Ranch, Laguna Hills, Laguna Niguel, Laguna Woods, Lake Forest (El Toro), Mission Viejo, Monarch Beach, Newport Beach, Newport Coast, Rancho Santa Margarita, San Clemente and San Juan Capistrano.  Artists must be able to show that they have resided in one

of the aforementioned cities for at least one year prior to October 26, 2012. Jurying fees are $50 per medium submitted. The jurors will score the submitted artwork based on quality, intention and content; excellence of craftsmanship; facility with media; excellence in the use of design elements; and professional presentation. FREE SEMINAR  (SEPTEMBER 1 8 t h )   - « H O W TO PREPARE YOUR ARTWORK FOR SUBMISSION TO  THE  2013 SUMMER EXHIBIT» To learn more about the Festival of Arts, the application process and photographing artwork effectively for submission, artists are invited to attend a free seminar at the Forum Theatre on the Festival of Arts grounds on September 18th from 7 – 9pm on a first come first served basis. For

BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENTS! The Mission Viejo News is Happy to Announce the Birth of Your Newborn Baby’s Name ______________________ Date of Birth ______________________ Weight ___________________________ Length ___________________________ Parents ___________________________ _________________________________

***Send Photo***

Mission Viejo News, 23472 Vista del Verde, Trabuco Canyon, CA 92679 Page 6

The Newport News

more information, please call (949) 464-4234.     The Festival of Arts is a nonprofit organization whose proceeds support the arts and art education in and about Orange County. This prestigious juried art exhibition is Southern California’s oldest and most respected outdoor art show.

since 1907

Each summer the works of 140 accomplished artists are showcased to the public in a six-acre art haven. The event is located at 650 Laguna Canyon Road, Laguna Beach, California.  For general information visit or call (949) 464-4234.






CALL: 949-589-9990

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The Only Weekly Newspaper Exclusively for the Newport Area

September 7, 2012

Government Set to Start Testing New Technology to Prevent Car Crashes - Test Uses Wireless Technology By S.E. Jones

The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) is about to embark on an ambitious test project to see if connecting cars wirelessly can help reduce nonalcohol related traffic accidents; this according to an Associated Press report courtesy of Fox News. CNET confirms the report and says that testing will begin this August and will entail using 3,000 cars, truck and buses, and both professional and volunteer drivers. The whole idea, the AP says is to find out if drivers would respond in appropriate ways to signals on their dashboard offering information that is likely to aid in reducing the likelihood of being involved in an accident. To make that happen, the vehicles involved in the study, which is to take place in and around Ann Arbor Michigan, will be fitted with monitors that track their position on a road using GPS, car speed, and several other parametric. That information is then fed into a computer onboard the vehicle which then analyses it and broadcasts it to all of the other vehicles within “hearing” distance. Setting vehicles

up in this way could alert a driver for example to a car that has stalled in the middle of the road just over the next hill, or warn the driver of a vehicle coming when trying to make a turn onto a road. CNET says the initiative has come about as the NHTSA finds itself unable to improve on traffic fatalities after years of adding new protection measures that have reduced traffic accidents, fatalities and injuries over the past sixty years. Despite such efforts, traffic accidents still rank as number four on the list of reasons that people in the United State die each year (after heart disease, cancer and strokes). They report that 7,800 fatal accidents occurred last year in intersections alone. Thus, the agency has been looking to new technology to make new improvements. The new technology, the AP says, is called “Vehicle to Vehicle” or V2V for short, who also report that over 32,000 people in all were called in traffic accidents, a number the NHTSA desperately wants to bring down. For the driver, they say, the new technology boils down to a series of lights on the dashboard,

with different alignments indicating differing potential accidents and their likelihood of occurring. Thus, drivers need to interpret those signals and take action to avoid disaster, and that is the key to the whole system as human beings have been found to be very sensitive to taking instructions from machines.

If successful the NHTSA will likely force car makers to add the new technology to new vehicles. If not the engineers will have to go back to the drawing board to find some other way to protect drivers from themselves and others.

High School Grads Need to Understand Credit By Jason Alderman If you’ve got a recent high school graduate who’s getting ready to head off to college or join the workforce, let me share a few lessons I learned the hard way about managing personal finances that you can pass along to your kids. Young adults are just starting to build their credit history. In the coming months they’ll probably encounter many unfamiliar expenses – and many financial temptations. If they’re not careful, a few ill-thought decisions made now could damage their credit for years to come. Here are several actions your kids can take to build good financial habits and strong credit – and a few minefields to watch out for: Probably the most fundamental tool to for young adults to help manage their finances is a basic checking account and debit card. A few tips to pass along: Look for a bank/credit union that charges no monthly usage fee, doesn’t require minimum balances and has conveniently located ATMs so you don’t rack up out-of-network ATM charges. Enter all transactions in the check register and review your account online regularly to know when deposits, checks, purchases and automatic payments have cleared. Don’t write checks or make debit card purchases

unless the current balance will cover them – many transactions now clear instantaneously. Banks must ask whether you want overdraft protection. If you opt for coverage, understand that overdrafts can be expensive – up to $35 or more per transaction. Request text or email alerts when your balance drops below a certain level, checks or deposits clear, or payments are due. Credit cards for young adults can be a useful tool, but they must be used responsibly. By law, people under 21 must have a parent or other responsible adult cosign credit card accounts unless they can prove sufficient income to repay the debt. If you allow your child to become an authorized user or joint account holder on one of your accounts, remember that any account activity, good or bad, goes on both your credit reports, so careful monitoring is critical. Another way to build credit history is to start out with a “secured” credit card – a card linked to an account into which you deposit money. Typically you can charge up to the amount you’ve deposited and then replenish the account with more funds. After they’ve made several on-time payments, have your kid ask the lender to convert it to an unsecured card, or to at least add an unsecured amount to the account. Just make sure that the lender agrees to report your payment history to at least one of the three credit bureaus; otherwise,

the account does nothing to improve your credit. If they qualify for an unsecured credit card, have your kids follow these guidelines: Always make at least the minimum payment – on time – each month. Strive to pay off the full balance each month; otherwise, the accumulated interest will add significantly to your repayment amount. Avoid using credit cards for cash advances, which often incur upfront fees and begin accruing interest immediately. Look for a card with no annual fee and also compare cash advance, late payment, balance transfer, over-the-limit and other fees. For more tips on building and maintaining strong credit, visit What’s My Score, a financial literacy program for young adults run by Visa Inc. (www. The Newport News

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September 7, 2012

The Only Weekly Newspaper Exclusively for the Newport Area

SPEECH AND LANGUAGE THERAPY Take action now to correct your child’s speech problem. Let me help you with stuttering, voice, accent reduction, stroke recovery

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September 7, 2012

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September 7, 2012

The Only Weekly Newspaper Exclusively for the Newport Area

The Newport News

Society Scene by

Kelly Bennett Exclusively for the Ladera Ranch News

Eric Pepys Tournament Raises $125,000 for Orangewood

Winning foursome: Lou D’Ambrosio, Jim Grant, Steve Benigno, and Ron Benigno

Eric Pepys loved golf and foster children and along with his wife, Shirley, was a longtime supporter of the programs at Orangewood Children’s Foundation. When Pepys passed away, his friends, Frank Robitaille and George Rach, and his family established the Eric Pepys Memorial Golf Tournament three years ago in celebration of his life. This golf tournament and summer party attracted 250 attendees who raised $125,000 this year for the program that benefit former foster youth who have a current or past connection to Orangewood and have beaten the odds; they’ve received a college degree and want to pursue advanced studies. An Orangewood initiative called the “Advanced Studies Scholarship Program” for former foster youth who want to pursue advanced degrees was funded from the first memorial tournament back in 2009 and continues to this day. The Advanced Studies Scholarship Fund came about through the situation of one vibrant young lady, Kim, who was a former foster youth in Orange County. After receiving her B.A. from U.C. Irvine, her goal was to pursue a Master’s degree. With the help of the Advanced Studies Fund, she was able to attend Harvard University where she earned a Master of Education, Risk and Prevention and today works in the field of social work and education. Max and Charity Pepys with daughters Orangewood Board Member Greg “Education is extremely important,” said Shirley Pepys. “We are so pleased Marshall with wife Lois Macy, Reece and baby Charlotte to see our Advanced Studies scholarship students accomplish such wonderful things. Eric would be humbled to know that he is being celebrated in such a way with so many people for such a good cause.” Since its inception, the Advanced Studies Scholarship Program has provided 31 scholarships totaling over $250,000 to deserving former foster youth. Students have or will be pursuing masters, doctorates and certificates in education, psychology, social work, law enforcement, fine arts, nursing, business, English and law. Among foster teens, 70% express a desire to go to college. However, only 10% do and of those less than 2% graduate. With the help of Orangewood college scholarships, hundreds of Orange County foster teens are achieving their dreams of a college education. And thanks to the Pepys Golf Tournament, those who desire to pursue advanced degrees can receive financial help. With funding from last year’s event, Orangewood was able to provide scholarship assistance for the 2011-2012 Jennifer Snodgrass, Darren Houck and former scholarship student Kim Snodacademic year to 10 dynamic young grass adults who were previously in the foster care system. Orangewood Children’s Foundation is a private, nonprofit organization founded in 1981. Their mission is to provide innovative services for abused and neglected children and at-risk families to end the cycle of child abuse one life at a time. Their programs focus on the areas of education, supportive services, life-stage transition and child abuse prevention. For more information, please visit Advanced Studies Scholarship student/

Photos by Ann Chatillon Page 10

event speaker Michael Malenitza with Orangewood board member Cindy Dillion

The Newport News

Shirley Pepys, Dan Houck, and Renee Pepys Lowe

The Newport News

The Only Weekly Newspaper Exclusively for the Newport Area

September 7, 2012

Every day Monday-Saturday we have some of the best trainers teaching popular classes such as Yoga and Kickboxing in our brand new state-of-the-art facility

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September 7, 2012

The Only Weekly Newspaper Exclusively for the Newport Area

The Newport News

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The Newport News

The Only Weekly Newspaper Exclusively for the Newport Area

September 7, 2012

NEWPORT BEACH R est aurant AMELIA’S SEAFOOD & ITALIAN One of the oldest family-owned & operated restaurants in Orange County. For nearly 45 years, this cozy Balboa Island landmark has offered a distinct menu of delectable Italian and seafood dishes.

311 Marine Ave. 949-673-6580 BACK BAY CAFÉ AT NEWPORT DUNES Al fresco dining with views of the bay. Enjoy California cuisine in fun, casual setting. Award-winning seafood chowder. Free parking, guest slips available for boaters. Brunch Saturday and Sunday.

1131 Back Bay Drive. 949-729-1144 BANDERA Some of the best and freshest fish in town, cooked over a hot almond wood mesquite.

3201 E. Coast Hwy., Corona del Mar. 949-673-3524 BILLY’S AT THE BEACH Billy’s bayfront restaurant offers a view of the bay and tropical décor. Thick steaks, lobster and fresh Hawaiian seafood such as Ahi and Ono. Polynesian Bar for nightly live entertainment.

2751 W. Coast Hwy. 949-722-1100 BLUEWATER GRILL Located at the former site of Sea Shanty and Delany’s on the water in Newport Beach. Fresh mesquite-charbroiled seafood, pastas and oyster bar items, Sunday brunch, kids menu. Dock spaces, catering & boat charters available.

630 Lido Park Drive. 949-675-3265 BRASSERIE PASCAL A lively French bistro specializing in Prime American steaks prepared “Parisian style”. French and American bistro classics including French Onion Soup, Escargot, Sandwiches, Crepes, Fresh Seafood and souffles. Signature martinis, champagne cocktails, Alsatian beers, French and California wines.

327 Newport Center Drive. 949-640-2700 THE BUNGALOW RESTAURANT Specializes in steaks, seafood and claims to have the best martinis in the county. Their award-winning wine list offers more than 20 premium wines by the glass and over 160 bottled wines. Monday-Friday Happy Hour well drinks for $4.75 and house wine for $5 from 4:30 pm to 8 pm daily.

2441 East Coast Highway in Corona del Mar. Call for reservations. 949-673-6585 CANNERY RESTAURANT & CRUISES Located at the historic wharfside location in the heart of old Cannery Village for 25 years. Open air dining on the wharf is available day and night. Champagne brunch cruises. Awarded Hospitality Ambassador of the Year, 1997.

3010 Lafayette Avenue. 949-675-5777

CAFE JARDIN AT SHERMAN GARDENS Dine in a “hidden oasis” amongst a serene paradise garden setting featuring a lite French and Mediterranean luncheon fare at Sherman Gardens. The dining area is available for private parties, banquets for up to 230 people.

949-263-9400 CHART HOUSE RESTAURANT Sunset & water views combined with outstanding cuisine since 1961. Choose from Snapper Hemingway, Shrimp Fresca & slowroasted Prime Rib. Daily selection of fresh fish, an extensive collection of fine wines & whiskies, & decadent desserts.

949-548-5889 COMMONWEALTH LOUNGE & GRILL Balboa Peninsula’s newest restaurant features a modern day supper club with two levels of antique yet trendy décor. CW offers faves like their Garlic & Parmesan Slow Roasted Prime Rib, the best Monte Cristo sandwich since the 50’s plus a variety of steaks, chops, seafood, salads and sandwiches, 26 beers on tap, boutique wines by the glass, and signature cocktails. Open for lunch, dinner, late night and entertainment seven days a week. For more information:

THE RESORT AT PELICAN HILL Celebrating the best of Californian lifestyle: deep, sweeping ocean views from the alfresco terrace with granite tabletops and flower baskets overhead. Seafood and steak dishes. Ocean and golf course views.

2270 Pelican Hill Road South. 949-467-6800 QUIET WOMAN Since 1965, a favorite spot for generations of locals. Fabulous food, worldly wine, inviting ambiance and seamless service.

3224 E. Pacific Coast Hwy., Corona del Mar. 949-640-7440 THE RITZ RESTAURANT An award-winning tradition synonymous with elegance, gracious service and a blend of classic and contemporary cuisine creates the perfect atmosphere for any occasion. Five unique dining rooms, which seat from 20 up to 140, each has its own personality and ambiance. Whether your mood ranges from prime steaks, chops, lamb, seafood or a more traditional faire, The Ritz has it all.

3801 E. Coast Hwy., Corona del Mar. 949-760-0331 MAYUR CUISINE OF INDIA Fragrant, pungent spices from all over India are delicately mixed to create a spectacular variety of dishes.

2931 E. Coast Hwy. 949-675-6622 NEWPORT LANDING

VILLA NOVA Established in 1933, this landmark restaurant located on the water offers classic Italian cuisine and a spectacular view. Homemade pastas, fresh seafood, veal specialties. Live entertainment nightly.

3131 W. Coast Hwy. 949-642-7880 WOODY’S WHARF

2318 W. Newport Boulevard. 949-675-0474

4001 W. Pacific Coast Hwy. 949-645-THAI

A beautiful replica of one of England’s oldest country inns, features candlelight and cozy fireplaces. Award-winning food, exceptional service and unmistakable style.





The latest restaurant concept from the Tommy Bahama Group, features regional, seasonally fresh cuisine in a casually, elegant setting. Designed for Newport Beach locals and visitors, it is a casually elegant oasis. Please visit for the most current offerings.


Exquisite Thai dinning with its delicious flavors and exotic atmosphere. Enjoy the quiet tranquility of Thai culture, sample our dishes and experience the taste of Thailand.



Fresh seafood moderately priced in a casual nautical setting. There are even slips to accommodate several large yachts for customers who prefer sailing to driving. Live rock ‘n roll entertainment Thurs.- Sat. 949-675-4444

Daily Grill serves traditional American fare featuring Genuine Angus Steaks and Chops, Fresh Seafood, Classic Cobb and Caesar Salads, Meat Loaf with Mashed Potatoes, Chicken Pot Pie, not-to-be-missed Desserts and Sunday brunch 9am to 2pm. All served in a sophisticated yet casual atmosphere.

G u id e

RUBY’S DINER 1940’s diner captures all of the good feelings of a classic all-American diner. End of the Balboa Pier, Balboa.

949-675-7829 RUSTY PELICAN RESTAURANT A long Newport Beach tradition for outstanding meals and legendary service. Breathtaking harbor views and a wide variety menu. Award- winning wine list.


21 OCEANFRONT New American cuisine comes to life in this custom-designed location overlooking the harbor in Newport Beach. Chef Umberto Rubelli brings culinary drama to his inventive dishes for lunch & dinner.

2100 West Oceanfront. 949-673-2100 345 SAN SHI GO A seasonal experience on every visit! Dinner Only - Tuesday thru Thursday & Sunday 5:00 to 10:00pm; Fridays & Saturdays from 5:00 to10:30pm. Located on the Balboa Peninsula at:

205 Main St., Newport Beach. 949.673.3724

SAM & HARRY’S USDA prime steaks, “jet-fresh” seafood flown in daily from around the world, and an award-winning wine program that showcases a list of hand selected bottles, while highlighting 50 wines by the glass. Private dining rooms provide the perfect ambiance for an evening of business or leisure. Sunday Brunch 6am to 1pm.


Waterfront dining including fresh seafood, prime beef, and Sunday champagne brunch. The casual upstairs lounge offers complete menus, patio deck, and live entertainment. Banquets and catering available.

503 E. Edgewater, Balboa. 949-675-2373 PALM TERRACE RESTAURANT & LOUNGE From casual to elegant, indoors or out, Island Hotel is famous for its award-winning cuisine directed by world-recognized Executive Chef Bill Bracken. Enjoy a leisurely meal poolside amid lush gardens and graceful palms at the Palm Terrace Restaurant or a refreshing cocktail at the lounge.


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September 7, 2012

The Only Weekly Newspaper Exclusively for the Newport Area

The Newport News

Google Autonomous Technology Brings Driverless Car to Nevada By JD Stockman In movies like “Minority Report” and “Demolition Man”, we get a glimpse of what the future may hold. These two movies no longer need be referenced for what could be for automotive driving, because the first authorization of driverless cars is official. Nevada has become the first state to approve the use of autonomous vehicles. Google’s autonomous technology can officially invade the roadways. Google has been testing a number of prototypes since 2010 when the project first launched. Google reports not one single crash has occurred as it perfected the autonomous vehicles for meeting the regulatory requirements placed by the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles and its director, Bruce Breslow. “Nevada is the first state to embrace what it surely the future of automobiles,” explains Breslow. About a year ago, Breslow was invited to try out one of Google’s driverless cars. The autonomous technology that Google had been working on was enough to make Breslow’s “apprehension disappear after about five seconds” once he concluded “the car can see better than” he could. The new legislation from the DMV in Nevada goes in effect March 1. Drivers using the autonomous technology will be required to apply for a new license to reflect the updated laws covering driverless cars. Companies on the forefront of these new vehicles are Google, Mercedes-Benz, and likely General Motors.

The autonomous technology has been able to perform such feats as being aware of cattle on the highways while traveling up to 75 mph; and avoid pedestrians, construction, and a range of debris while on the Las Vegas strip. Some laws will still be in effect despite the lack of driver maintenance. Legally being intoxicated over the limit and driver seat occupancy are still mandatory in case the driver needs to resume control manually due to unforeseen circumstances;

however texting and talking on the phone will be permitted. The driverless cars are still in their introductory phase despite having Nevada’s approval. The DMV has been given nine months to produce a comprehensive set of requirements for drivers using the autonomous technology. Applications for these vehicles are $100, however the individual companies may apply bonds for their cars for now.

Tiny Fold-Up Car Set to Debut in Europe New Car Folds Up to Take Up Less Parking Space By s.e. Jones A very small car called the “Hiriko” is to be shown to European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso this week in the official kick-off for the new car in Europe. The launch will occur in Spain first, because the company that makes the car is based there. The car by a company of the same name is thus far the only project developed by a European collaboration, also of the same name as the car, which means “urban” in Basque. The car is tiny as can be seen in the video the company made to extol its virtues, and literally folds up so that it takes up a very minimal amount of parking space. The whole idea, as noted by the AFP newswire, is to promote social innovation which entails finding solutions to air pollution, crowding and of course parking in cities. The Hiriko is all electric and can go up to seventy five miles before recharging. Also, as a nod to its mission, the car has a speed control monitor to prevent the driver from exceeding posted speed limits. The idea for the car was first came about, as the AFT notes, from Boston’s MIT-Media lab, which licensed the technology to the consortium that has worked to build the car. The fold-up idea was first considered as a part of initiative to allow for building smaller parking garages, which have become a much bigger problem in Europe due most of them having been built before the advent of the automobile. The aim was to build a car that was small enough to all two of its size to fit in one traditional parking space, and by the looks of things, it appears they team has succeeded. The consortium is currently in talks with leaders from other cities around Europe and there is talk that many small facilities might be built to service the needs of local users, which some say could lead to a fleet of city-owned vehicles similar to taxies being rented by drivers, rather than having full sized vehicles filling the streets as is the practice now. The vehicle is currently for sale for 12,500 Euros, but that is likely to change if government subsidies can help support their manufacturer. Also, if cities begin building facilities to make their own cars, that too would certainly drive the price down. Some in the consortium have even suggested that in the future only cars owned by municipalities and rented by drivers will be allowed in the downtown sections of some of the bigger cities in Europe, such as London, that have already taken to restricting traffic and imposing steep tolls. Page 14

The Newport News

The Newport News

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September 7, 2012


Pacific Symphony indulges guests in la dolce vita (the sweet life) at “Festa di Firenze,” a lavish Opening Night celebration of Italian delights and dazzling piano virtuosity, as the orchestra launches the 201213 Hal and Jeannette Segerstrom Family Foundation Classical series with “André Watts Plays Brahms.” Hosted by the Symphony’s board of directors and co-chaired by Ruth Ann and John Evans (the same couple who made last year’s Opening Night such a success), the black-tie affair takes place Thursday, Sept. 20, with proceeds benefiting the Symphony’s artistic and education programs. The festivities begin at 5 p.m. at The Westin South Coast Plaza, where guests enjoy cocktails and appetizers, followed by a savory Italian dinner and performances highlighting music of the upcoming season, including an opera selection from Puccini’s “Tosca.” The soiree continues through the concert to an exclusive intermission reception in the Box Circle lobby and after at a party featuring a decadent gelato bar, champagne and dancing. It’s a night of endless enjoyment and at the center is one of classical music’s most revered pianists, André Watts, playing Brahms’ Romantic and intimately moving Piano Concerto No. 2, led by Music Director Carl St.Clair in the Renée and Henry Segerstrom

Concert Hall, starting at 8 p.m. The presenting sponsor for Opening Night is South Coast Plaza and Tourbillon is the retail partner. Single tickets for the event are $500, with tables available from $7,500 to $25,000. Concert tickets are sold separately ($25-$110). For more information, please contact the special events department at (714) 8762364 or email at The last day to RSVP is Sept. 8. For more information about the concert or to purchase tickets for the concert only, call (714) 755-5799 or visit “We love Pacific Symphony,” says co-chair Ruth Ann Evans. “We had so much fun last year and it was such a success, that we couldn’t say no to co-chairing again! The theme for the evening is ‘Festa di Firenze,’ a festival night in old Florence. Florence is a city with some of the greatest art and sculpture in the world and is a place so many of us have visited. We love the flavors, the colors and the history of a beautiful Italian city, so it seemed a great way to get away for an evening of fine Italian food, music, friendship and even some opera arias to whet our appetites for the music of Puccini’s ‘Tosca’!” Guests begin arriving at The Westin at 5 p.m. to a parade of

Italian flavor. An assortment of Italian appetizers includes a flat-bread pizza station, pistachio gorgonzola risotto cakes, bread soup and melon wrapped in prosciuttto. At 6 p.m., everyone is ushered into the ballroom decorated in elegant terra cotta and olive drapery, reminiscent of the olive orchards of Tuscany. As they are greeted by the Symphony’s president and music director, they enjoy a feast of butternut squash ravioli with brown butter sage sauce and Sole Florentine with lemon garlic vinaigrette, sauteed spinach, spaghetti squash with lemon and mint, risotto and rustic bread, topped off with a declicious tiramisu with whipped cream and vanilla sauce. Buon appetito! After dinner concludes, a procession of guests makes its way to the hall for the opening concert. The Symphony welcomes long-time friend—legendary piano virtuoso André Watts—performing Brahms’ tender, yet passionate and stormy second concerto. The program also includes the lightheartedness of Johann Strauss Jr.’s Overture to “Die Fledermaus,” which contrasts with the sophistication of Richard Strauss’ Suite from “Der Rosenkavalier,” packed with colorful operatic orchestration. “André’s depth of knowledge and understanding of the works he per-

forms reflect a level not often reached or experienced,” says Maestro St.Clair. “He’s an artist’s artist. This makes everyone around him a better musician and also a more discerning listener.” “We are really looking forward to the opening concert with André Watts playing the gorgeous Brahms Piano Concerto!” says Evans. “We are also excited to hear the Symphony and the opera singers performing a selection from ‘Tosca,’ as well as the Mozart’s Requiem. This will be so perfect to start the season, which will be a glorious combination of symphony and chorus, with the much-honored Pacific Chorale.” The party continues during intermission in the Box Circle lobby of the concert hall, as the Symphony honors artist sponsors Mike and Ellie Gordon and welcomes Tourbillon as the Box Circle sponsor. After the concert, guests are invited back to the Terrace Pavilion of The Westin, where the Symphony honors the Hal and Jeanette Segerstrom Family Foundation. Guests delight in a gelato bar of authentic Italian flavors: Panna Cotta, Gianduia, Amarena Cherry and Mango Sorbetto; as well as champagne, and they dance the night away to the tunes of RamFunkshus, playing dance music from the 1960s to today.

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September 7, 2012

The Only Weekly Newspaper Exclusively for the Newport Area

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church Masses: Saturdays: Sundays: Weekdays: Holy Days:

8 am, Vigil at 5 pm 8 am, 10 am, 12 noon, and 5 pm 8 am 7 pm (eve of holy day), 8 am, and 7 pm

Confessions: Saturdays:

3:30 - 4:30 pm

Baptisms: By appointment Marriages: Call for details Sick Calls: Anytime day or night

1441 West Balboa Boulevard - Newport Beach Rectory 673-3775 Fax 673-3137 Religious Education Office 673-2719 Pastor Rev. Fred K. Bailey

A Catholic-Christian Faith Community within the Diocese of Orange

Bread Blessed and Broken… this is my body. Wine poured and shared… this is my blood. Do this in memory of me… Corpus Christi! We’ve grown! Corpus Christi Catholic-Christian Community invites you to share our life in our exciting new church. Come, share our WORSHIP, our HOSPITALITY, our EFFORTS to be the Body and Blood of Christ in Aliso Viejo.


MASS: Saturday 5pm • Sunday 8am, 10am and Noon “Through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, our Catholic-Christian community seeks to fully understand, embrace, and live as God’s children and diciples of Jesus Christ.” - Corpus Christi Catholic-Christian Community Mission Statement

27231 Aliso Viejo Pkwy., Aliso Viejo Phone(949) 389-9008 Fax(949) 831-6540

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Find out More About us at

The Newport News

The Newport News

The Newport News

EMPLOYMENT Display Advertising Sales Representatives. Experienced ad sales representatives to sell ads for South Orange County’s top 5 weekly newspapers. Weekly draw against commissions, benefits, protected accounts. Experienced only, no trainees. Fax resume in confidence to (949) 5896429 homes for lease $3400 / 3br - Just Reduced! Highly Upgraded - Walk to Beach (San Clemente, CA) This highly upgraded custom 3 Bedroom, 2.5 bath, plus office/utility area has many upgraded fixtures including travertine flooring, custom staircase with rod-iron railing, granite countertops, stainless steel Jen Air appliances, c u s t o m c a b i n e t r y, r e c e s s e d l i g h t i n g , beautiful light fixtures, wiring for flat screen in master bedroom & family room and 2 fireplaces and balconies, tankless water heater and much more! (949) 292-4895 $1275 / 2br - Living Too Far Away and P a y i n g To o M u c h ? ( N e w p o r t B e a c h ) Living Too Far Away and Paying Too Much? A gated community near the p r e s t i g i o u s Sa n t a A n a C o u n t r y C l u b , Palm Mesa Apartments feature first class amenities at coach prices: lush landscaping, heated pool and spa, onsite laundry, well-equipped fitness center, patios, balconies, and courtyards. Easy freeway access means we’re only minutes away from the John Wayne Airport, the shopping centers of South Coast Plaza and Fashion Island, and the sparkling sands of the beach. (714) 546-9860 $1189 / 1br - One Bedroom (Mission Viejo) Starting rates are for selected units on a 12 month lease term only with approved credit. Terms and rates are subject to change without notice. $450 Security Deposit is on Approved Credit. (888) 485-7125

The Only Weekly Newspaper Exclusively for the Newport Area

$4100 / 4br - 3500 SF HOME. Mission Viejo. Upgraded to the max and absolutely wonderful - island kitchen with walk-in pantry, granite counters, travertine floors & imported antique hardwood floors throughout (no carpet anywhere), 3 fireplaces including one in the master bedroom and a fabulous master bathroom. (949) 683-0498 San Clemente Great 2 bedroom 1 bath with fireplace, one car garage , carport, big kitchen with pool and coin washer and dryer. Right near Starbucks and in the middle of downtown, Great location three blocks to ocean and pier. $1500 949-212-3246


CLASSIFIED ORDER FORM $1 Per Word ($15 Minimum)

Category Desired:

3 Bedroom + Loft, 2 ½ baths Town-home, Seacountry, Gated, Community Pool, Highly upgraded, Fireplace. $2,200 949212-6486 Executive home in the guard gated community of Dove Canyon with view. Upgraded with granite counters, french doors, decorator paints & treatments. 4 bedrooms up & 1 bedroom/bathroom suite down. Built in spa. Close to community pool, lighted tennis courts, hiking trails & championship golf course. agent 949355-9520 Close to lake and shopping. 1 bedroom with loft. Great views. Fireplace. Highly upgraded. Light and bright with high ceilings. Private and gated. Pets considered. Agent 949-858-8185 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, 2 car attached garage, membership to Mission Viejo lake and amenities. Single story home in Mission Viejo with yard. Upgraded in beautiful neighborhood. agent 949697-3342 COTO DE CAZA $995. Large Studio, Greenbelt View. Kitchenette, walk-in closet, deck, laundry, pool. Updated, quiet, great for single. Near trails, shopping. Beautiful Location. 949-735-7314

September 7, 2012

Start Date:

























TOTAL WORDS:______ $

Please select newspapers below.

Add 1 or more extra newspapers at half price for each. Please run my ad


Coto de Caza News Mission Viejo News Ladera Ranch News San Clemente News Newport News


TOTAL $ Please Bill My Credit Card:



Card# Exp:


3/4 Digit Code:

Name: Address: City:


Phone: (



Fax Credit Card Orders to




23472 Vista del Verde, Suite 6, Coto de Caza, CA 92679

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September 7, 2012

The Only Weekly Newspaper Exclusively for the Newport Area

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2013 Chevy Corvette

The 2013-Model Orange County International Auto Show is set to pack more than 500 of the hottest new cars, trucks, crossovers, exotics and more into the Anaheim Convention Center Thursday, October 4 through Sunday, October 7. This four-wheel extravaganza is not only the place to check out all the new cars but to also get behind the wheels of more than 100 vehicles

2013 Ford Super Duty Platinum

all available for public test drives, from more than 15 manufacturers! From the all-electric CODA vehicles to the latest from Cadillac, FIAT, Ford, Honda, Jeep, Volkswagen and more, attendees can climb behind the wheels and go for a spin. The OC International Auto Show is packed with excitement, offering car lovers the chance to win a ride in exotic vehicles from Ferrari and Lamborghini, a chance to win a new Jeep, Cram the Cube for Cash, L.A. Laker Girls appearances and more. The OC International Auto Show is one of the first auto shows of the 2013-model season and the best place to see new vehicles side-by-side. Attendees are invited to check out all the latest rides in a non-selling environment, sit behind the wheels, play with the infotainment systems, inspect engines, kick tires and even take a spin in Page 18

text in a special code for the chance to win a ride with a professional driver in a Ferrari or Lamborghini! Camp Jeep Anaheim, the interactive adventure zone where professional 4x4 drivers will share the experience of Jeep’s on and off-road capabilities with riders, will be featured again this year. A popular destination inside the show, the

120-150 real-world driving miles per charge. The 6.6 kW on-board charger takes six hours to fully charge from empty, and two hours to charge for an average 40 mile commute. After the drive, check out CODA’s art-wrapped vehicle inside their display. Internationally renowned digital artist Matthew Watkins transformed the CODA into

more vehicles than ever. Several exciting new and pre-production models will turn heads on the show floor including the all new Dodge Dart, Honda Accord, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, MercedesBenz GL-Class, Cadillac ATS, Ford C-MAX, 2014 Chevrolet Impala, Lexus LFA, Nissan Altima, Hyundai Santa Fe, Lexus RX, Buick Encore and more. The OC International Auto Show will 2013 Ford Shelby GT500 be one of the first places for the public to get up close to several hot new models Jeep test track includes logs, stumps, an angled drive-over and other terrains. It also features a thrilling hill climb where passengers experience the Jeep’s traction capabilities while climbing a 35 degree Jeep Mountain and a Camp Jeep DJ spins tunes. Additionally, kids

mobile art with a digital finger-painting he developed on his iPad®. Visitors won’t want to miss seeing specialty cars at the show, including the Lexus LFA Supercar, valued at $375,000. This limited-production sports car features a 4.8-liter V10 engine that pumps out 552 horsepower with a top speed of 200 mph. The ARK

making their West Coast debuts. These vehicles include the all-new redesigned 2013 Audi RS 5, 2013 Audi S8, 2014 Chevy Impala, 2013 Chevrolet Traverse, 2013 Honda Accord, 2013 Lexus LS, 2013 Nissan Pathfinder and 2013 Subaru XV Crosstrek. Ride and drives have increased by nearly 50 percent at this year’s OC International Auto Show, featuring more than 100 new vehicles from Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, CODA, Dodge, FIAT, Ford, GMC, Honda, Jeep®, Nissan, Ram, Scion, Toyota and Volkswagen. Attendees can come to the show, take a drive and compare the different vehicles in real driving situations. All-new this year, the OC International Auto Show is hosting a first-time Exotic Vehicle Ticket to Ride opportunity. Visitors simply take a test drive at one of the ride and drives offered, and

The Newport News

2013 Lexus RX 450h

will be invited to test their driving abilities in the mini Power Wheels® Jeeps, and enjoy a 25’ climbing wall. Need a new ride in your garage? Who doesn’t! One lucky auto show attendee will win an all-new Jeep Wrangler! Attendees don’t want to miss registering at the auto show for the chance to win this vehicle, which will be given away at the show on Sunday. Also added to the ride and drive opportunities this year will be several all-electric vehicles including the latest from CODA, a zero emission EV sedan. The CODA sedan provides consumers

Hyundai Veloster will also be on display and is sure to please customizing fans. Hyundai teamed with ARK Performance to build this rally-inspired Veloster, featuring an upgraded engine, modified suspension and custom paint. Down the highway carpet in the Mercedes display, see the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, featuring an aluminum body and gullwing doors. Fans of Marvel’s recent blockbuster movie, The Avengers, won’t want to miss Tony Stark’s supercar located in the Acura display; and Honda will feature the Indianapolis 500 winning race car. In Chevrolet, see the highly customized Sonic Dusk Concept, the racing-inspired Chevrolet Sonic Z-Spec

The Newport News

The Only Weekly Newspaper Exclusively for the Newport Area

and attendees will be able to get a real, hands-on comparison as they consider their next new car,” said OC International Auto Show’s Director John Sackrison. “We are also taking the experience further this year, offering attendees the chance to win a ride in an exotic vehicle from Ferrari or Lamborghini, with ten opportunities per hour available at the show. It’s an auto show first!”

2013 Mazda CX-5

#2 Concept and a crowd favorite - the airbrushed Chevrolet “American Pride” Camaro. Also new this year, “Cram the Cube” will be held. This fun contest will showcase local college fraternities and sororities attempting to fill a Nissan Cube with as many people as possible for a chance to win a cash prize of $1,000 for their charity of choice. The “cramming” will take place each hour during

Follow the camera flashes to see a collection of high-end exotic vehicles from top manufacturers including Bentley, Fisker, Lamborghini, Lotus, McLaren, Rolls-Royce, Spyker and more. Some of the vehicles planned to dazzle showgoers include a 2013 Rolls-Royce Series II Phantom, Spyker LM85, Fisker Karma EcoSport, just to name a few. The DUB® Magazine Celebrity Car Showcase will feature a popular col- 2013 Toyota Avalon lection of tricked-out celebrity rides and Following are additional special appearances and events that will fill the show with excitement throughout the weekend: • L.A. Lakers Girls – The L.A. Lakers Girls will greet fans and sign autographs on Friday, between 5 p.m. & 7 p.m. • Vic “the Brick” Jacobs – Stop by the KLAC “FOX Sports” radio booth

2013 Porsche Boxster

the show and a live leader board will be continuously updated. The current record is 20 people inside the car at one time. In addition to local college

graphs, take photos with fans and demonstrate mixed martial arts. • Every Day is Family Day! Bring the kids for fun for all ages and kids 12 and younger are free when accompanied by a paying adult, compliments of The OC Register. Special activities for the little ones include a scavenger hunt, mini electric vehicle test rides and more. The OC International Auto Show is

owned and presented by the Orange County Automobile Dealers Association and produced by Motor Trend Auto Shows, LLC. The auto show will be open to the public Thursday, October 4 through Sunday, October 7, at the Anaheim Convention Center, located at 800 W. Katella Avenue in Anaheim. Follow the signs for convention center parking, located on West Street, just south of Katella (more than 5,500

The RPM Lounge™ will be home to several high-end vehicles. Also, check out the SHIFTR Automotive and Lifestyle Expo, a custom car show within the auto show featuring exotics, drift cars, lowriders, music and more.

2013 Cadillac XTS

“The show is even larger this year, covering more floor space and offersororities and fraternities, any interested ing visitors more than 100 test drive organization with a philanthropic com- vehicles. This is the biggest number of ride and drives we have ever offered ponent is welcome to participate. 2013 Volvo XC60

September 7, 2012

and meet Vic “the Brick” Jacobs on Saturday, between 4 p.m. & 6 p.m. • Hooters’ Miss OC International Auto Show Contest – Cheer your favorite Hooters Girls as they walk the runway on Saturday. • Hooters Poster Girls of OC – Hooters poster girls will meet fans and sign autographs Saturday. • Hooters Wing Eating Contest – Watch contestants at the Hooters hot wing eating competition on Saturday. • BAMMA USA Productions – Mixed Martial Arts activity takes place on Saturday. Meet Bamma USA’s Badbeat Fighters as they sign auto-

parking spaces available). Show hours are Thursday, from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m., Friday, from 12 noon to 10 p.m., Saturday, from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Sunday, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Admission is $10 for adults, $6 for senior citizens (62 and older) and military (w/any DOD ID) and free for children 12 and under when accompanied by an adult. Attendees will receive a FREE one-year subscription to Motor Trend magazine (a $12 value) with each online ticket order or box office purchase, compliments of the Orange County Automobile Dealers Association. Advance E-tickets can be purchased at a discount from the official auto show Web site, www.

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September 7, 2012

The Newport News




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Located on a quiet culdesac with views. Aprox. 2500 sq. ft. with 5 bedrooms and 3 bath. Loaded with upgrades and a wonderful family home. Newly landscaped and all new flooring. 9 Woondsong $659,000.00


Offering approx 4700 sq. ft with 5 bedrooms and 5.5 baths. Incredible traditional floorplan with all the upgrades.Oversized gourmet kitchen and adjoining family room with large breakfast nook. Private backyard complete with pool/spa, outside family room and built in BBQ. 12 Salinger $1,199,000.00





Offering approx 4000 sq. ft. with 5 bedrooms and 4 baths. Spacious bonus room could be a 6th bedroom. Beautifully appointed with stone and hardwood floors. Newly remodeled kitchen with granite counters and center island. The yard is complete with pool/spa and built in BBQ area with a cozy fireplace. Nice views and located on a culdesac. 5 Blackhawk $929,000.00




Beautiful townhome with all the ammentities. Offering approx. 1600 sq. ft with 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths. Spacious floorplan with separate living and dining. Very nicely upgraded. Nice size backyard and an attached 2 car garage. Close to the park. 67 Night Bloom $569,000.00






Wonderful family neighborhood and ideal floorplan. Offering approx. 1900 sq. ft with 4 bed- Traditional home offering approx 4700 sq. ft with 5 bedrooms and 5.5 baths. Situated on a rooms and 3 baths. Seller has remodeled this beautiful home extensive tile floors and granite prime view lot and loaded with upgrades. Extensive hardwood flooring, built ins, granite and counters. Spacious backyard and well manicured. 10 Calle Larspur $485,000.00 custom window coverings. Pool/spa, built in BBQ and stunning sunset views. 15 Salinger Coto de Caza $1,219,000.00

Large corner lot with loads of privacy. This unique floor plan is like nothing you have seen. Very unique upgrades throughout. Marble floors, granite counters, built-ins and shutters. Main floor master bedroom. Office with built-ins, oversized bonus room upstairs. Stunning backyard with pebble tec salt water pool and spa. Built in BBQ and large grass area for the kids. 11 Calle de Princesa $998,000.00


Offering approx 1129 sq. ft. with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths.Everything is brand new!! Very nice spacious floorplan. Light and bright location. Hardwood floors, granite counters and stainless appliances. 1 car garage and 1 carport. Assoc. pool and spa. 5 Sundance $359,000.00







Nestled up towards the hills in a wonderful family neighborhood with community pool and Located on a prime lot with golf course views and so many upgrades beyond your imagination. Offering approx. 1351 sq. ft with 3 bedrooms and 3 bath. Two car atpark. Offering approximately 2,300 sq. ft., 4 bedrooms, 3 baths and a large yard. tached garage and large front courtyard. 12969 Ternberry $499,000.00 20692 Shadow Rock $539,000.00



Offering approx 3000 sq. ft with 5 bedrooms and 3 baths. Excellent floor plan with vaulted ceilings and lots of windows. Light and bright and very inviting with its richly appointed upgrades. Pool/ spa, putting green and built in BBQ Golf course and mountain views. 18 Carnoustie $847,500.00




This location and exterior views of the oak trees will leave you speechless. This custom home This beautiful QUALITY custom home has it all! This well thought out floorplan homes offers approx. 4000 sq. ft. situated on an acre lot nestled amongst the oak trees. Newly offers 6200 sq. ft.with 4 bedrooms, 6 baths and a private office. Exceptional remodeled with top notch finishes. Seller has the plans for the infinity pool. A must see. Seller private backyard. This custom home is situated on over an acre lot and located in the prestigious neighborhood “The Woods”. 5 Shire $2,849,000.00 will consider seller financing or a trade 3 Palomino $1,299,000.00


All redone inside with extensive stone floors, granite, carpet and paint. Large open floor plan with roaring ceilings. Nice size kitchen with granite counter. Exceptional backyard with sparkling pool and spa. Enjoy the magnificent views of saddleback mountains. 47 Summitcrest $749,000.00


Let’s discuss how to effectively and affordably market your home. (949) 888-0383

Where Integrity Meets Excellence

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