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May 24, 2013

Ladera Ranch Ready For Party Season! Memorial Day This Weekend

May 24, 2013

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The Only Weekly Newspaper Exclusively for the Ladera Ranch Area

The Ladera Ranch News

The Ladera Ranch News

The Ladera Ranch News

The Only Weekly Newspaper Exclusively for the Ladera Ranch Area

May 24, 2013

Memorial Day Table Setting Ideas Memorial Day is great time to celebrate and have fun! We often gather for and plan parties, lunches, events or dinners on this wonderful occasion. It is nice to present our food and drinks on a wonderfully decorated table. If you are hosting such an event, here are some great tips for decorating your table on Memorial Day! My first and favorite choice is the red, white and blue table setting. This is a pretty and colorful way to show your Memorial Day spirit! This table setting idea has many variations that you can choose from! You can use a red table cloth, blue table cloth or white table cloth for this table setting. My favorite is the red table cloth. It does not show spills and stands out. I like to use white plates. If it is an informal gathering or party, white paper plates can be used, though I recommend the plastic plates or sturdiest plates you can find. This will make your guests more comfortable and they will be less likely to spill their plate. Use white napkins. This can be paper napkins or cloth ones. Serve the beverages in blue cups. They can be blue plastic cups or blue glasses. The effect of the white plates, white napkins and blue cups look very nice on a red tablecloth. Add a beautiful

basket or vase of red, white and blue carnations in the center of the table. I like to use silk flowers. If you like, you can use real red and white carnations. For an added touch, place small flags in the vase or basket, among the flowers! If you decide to use a blue table cloth, use red or white plates, white napkins and blue or red plastic cups or clear cups or clear glasses. If you use a white table cloth, red plates, white napkins and blue cups or glasses look wonderful. For silverware, any type can go with this idea, even white plastic. This Memorial Day table setting is easy to set up and very affordable. It looks great! For a Spring like look that is festive and very pretty, use a flowered table cloth. For plates, the color choice is white, napkins can be white and the beverages can be served in clear plastic cups or clear glasses. Use silverware or white plastic ware. A large vase of all different types and colors of flowers look great in the center of this table setting. You can also just use white carnations in a basket. This table setting is colorful, attractive and very easy to do. It is very nice and makes a great Memorial Day table setting, if you do not wish to use the red, white and blue color theme. For an outdoor gathering, a red

and white checkered table cloth looks very festive with white plates, white napkins, white plastic ware and red or blue cups or glasses. My preference is using red cups or glasses. I like keeping to the red and white theme on this idea. It looks fancy, yet simple. I add a basket or vase of red and white carnations to the center of the table and it gives the table setting a fun and fancy look. This Memorial Day table setting is sure to please! Depending on how much money you want to spend, you can find many Memorial Day themed table cloths to buy. Some are flag themed and some are red, white and blue checkers, stripes or a mix. If you use these, use white napkins, white plates, white plastic ware or silverware, and blue cups or blue glasses. Place a basket or vase of white carnations in the

center of the table. You can also place small flags in the flower arrangement. This table setting idea is creative and looks great! These Memorial Day table setting ideas are sure to make your holiday table look special. They are very easy to do and cost very little. Your table will look beautiful, festive and fun!

URGENT NOTICE: Citywide Solar Program Ending Soon


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The Only Weekly Newspaper Exclusively for the Ladera Ranch Area

May 24, 2013

The Ladera Ranch News

Why Do We Celebrate Memorial Day? The History of Memorial Day by Amanda Austin Memorial Day is more than just a weekend off from work, an excuse to throw a picnic, or a reason to take a weekend trip, it is a national holiday. The history behind Memorial Day seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle throughout the years. With May 27th growing closer, take time to familiarize yourself with the history of Memorial Day, and why we celebrate this holiday. Memorial Day, originally known as “Decoration Day,” was established on May 5 1868 by General John Logan, the national commander of the Grand Army of the Republic. The first observation of Memorial Day took place on May 30th 1868, by decorating the graves of fallen Union and Confederate soldiers in Arlington National Cemetery. Here is an excerpt from General Logan’s “General Orders No. 11,” officially declaring “Decoration Day.” “The 30th day of May, 1868, is designated for the purpose of strewing with flowers or otherwise decorating the graves of comrades who died in defense of their country during the late rebellion, and whose bodies now lie in almost every city, vil-

lage, and hamlet church-yard in the land. In this observance no form of ceremony is prescribed, but posts and comrades will in their own way arrange such fitting services and testimonials of respect as circumstances may permit.” New York was the first state to officially recognize Memorial Day as a Holiday in 1873, and all of the Northern states had followed suit by 1890. The Southern states didn’t recognize Memorial Day until after World War 1 when it was changed from recognizing soldiers who lost their lives fighting in the Civil War, to soldiers who lost their lives fighting in any war America participated in. The reason that students and employees are given the day off on Memorial Day, is so they can properly

observe the holiday. When the holiday was originally established nationally it was intended to give patrons the opportunity to visit the graves of our fallen soldiers, attend memorials, fly the American flag at half staff until noon, and acknowledge the “National Moment of Remembrance” at 3:00 PM. The “National Moment of Remembrance” is when everyone has a moment of silence and if you are in a public place “Taps” is played. So, this year on Memorial weekend

take a moment to remember why you don’t have to go to work or school. If you are taking a trip with your family, make your rest stop at a memorial or Veteran’s cemetery and observe the men who have fought for our country. If you are having a get together at your home, or attend one at someone else’s home, give a little speech at 3:00 and call for a moment of silence to remind your friends and family why you are all able to get together that weekend.



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The Ladera Ranch News

The Only Weekly Newspaper Exclusively for the Ladera Ranch Area

May 24, 2013

Vietnam Memorial Volunteers Gear Up for Memorial Day by Yancy Caruthers

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When visiting one of D.C.’s most popular monuments, one is likely to notice a few people in yellow hats, talking to visitors and answering questions about the history of the 30-year old monument. Charlie Harootunian is one of those volunteers. A veteran of the war himself, he served with the II Corps in the Central Highlands of Vietnam for a year in 1967-68. He started working at The Wall in 1986, just four years after the wall was built.. “When I first started, we would see the children of those names,” he reveals. “Now we are seeing the grandchildren.” Under his arm is tucked a copy of a directory, which he uses to help people find specific names on The Wall’s dozens of panels. He also carries a supply of paper and pencils to help visitors create etchings if they wish. “We see thousands of people every day, young and old, and lots of international visitors,” Charlie said. I was surprised to learn that Charlie isn’t a local - he travels from his home in Massachusetts to spend a weekend at the Wall. He assures me that this isn’t unusual. A volunteer named Nancy, who worked with the Red Cross during the Vietnam war, travels thousands of miles from Alaska each year to spend some time educating visitors. Her brother’s name is carved in one of the center panels, where she will tell her stories to those willing to listen. Nancy is expected to join them to welcome the huge crowds drawn by Memorial Day weekend. A ceremony will be held at the monument, but the day’s biggest event will be “Rolling Thunder,” a gathering of motorcycle

enthusiasts who ride in honor of veterans everywhere. Groups such as the Patriot Guard Riders and the Combat Motorcycle Veterans of America will participate. A number of “Gold Star Mothers,” a term given to those who have lost a son or daughter in armed conflict, will lead the procession. “It keeps getting bigger every single year,” Charlie says enthusiastically.

If all else fails, immortality can be assured By a spectacular error. -John Kenneth Galbraith The Ladera Ranch News

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The Only Weekly Newspaper Exclusively for the Ladera Ranch Area

May 24, 2013

The Ladera Ranch News

Start the Summer off Right - Memorial Day Safety Tips!

Next weekend is Memorial Day Weekend. “Let’s all take part by Water Safety being responsible for our self and Paddle Board? Jet Ski? It’s all others says Fire Chief Sam Di- harmless fun, right? Fun, certainly. Giovanna.” Here are a few safety But think before you play. Whatever tips: the activity, observe these three cardinal rules: Travel Safety • Wear a Coast Guard-approved • Buckle up, slow down, don’t life jacket. drive impaired. • Know local weather conditions. • Be well rested, alert and patient; Make sure the water and weather give your full attention to the road. conditions are safe. Let others know Do not text and drive! when you hit the water and when • Let someone know your desti- you plan to return! nation, your route, and when you • Learn to swim. Do not swim expect to arrive. alone or leave children unattended!


ADA and CDA Member

• complete Dentistry for children & adults • Mercury-free fillings • orthodontics (tooth straightening) • emergencies seen promptly • Dentures repairs / relines • tooth bonding & bleaching • We meet all prescribed standards of sterilization and infection control



459-7212 1-877-gENTLE-T

Most insurance plans WelcoMe Page 6

Most MaJor creDit carDs accepteD

The Ladera Ranch News

Let someone know where and what away from the house, the deck, tree time your leaving and intend on branches, or anything that could returning! catch fire. Hot grease or ashes could spill from the grill onto the Grill Safety wooden deck or into dry leaves or This fun seasonal ritual has a grass. flip side, though—namely, an onset of injuries and home fires due to For additional safety tips go to: careless cooking practices. Here are some tips you can follow to advisories/safe-memorial-daystay safe while enjoying those tasty weekend.pdf treats at your cookout. • Never grill indoors or unatHappy Memorial Day and Be tended – not in your house, camper, Safe! tent or any enclosed area. • Keep the grill out in the open,

loCal ranCho SanTa MargariTa area DenTiST Dr. MiChael TeSSier reVealS Why he loVeS hiS WorK When we asked local dentist Dr. Michael Te s s i e r why he is always so cheerful, He replied: “because I love my work. What Dr. Michael Tessier I do makes people feel better and look better. What could be better than that? And, almost on a daily basis, my practice is finding new ways to take care of people. ”Dr. Tessier continued. “My office uses the latest in scientific dental advancements such as toothstraightening without metal braces (“Invisalign”); Tooth-colored porcelain crowns that have no metal in them and are subsequently dramatically more attractive and natural looking than the old porcelain-baked-on-to-metal type. I also recommend Porcelain veneers that, with a minimum of tooth structure removal, improve alignment, color, and evenness of front teeth, a process that is accomplished in a remarkably small amount of time. There are so many new scientific dental innovations that modern dentistry is a pleasure for me to practice. I often use a tiny “sandblaster” to do many of our smaller fillings, allowing us to do those fillings without discomfort and subsequently without anesthetic altogether. Another remarkable tool we use is the laser .We treat canker

or cold sores with a laser, dramatically shortening their life and the discomfort they cause. We do gum surgery with a laser (Periolase), not a knife, which is much more effective and greatly reduces any discomfort. Today Removable dentures can be anchored to implants, preventing them from moving and restoring more normal chewing. Another wonderful innovation is Implant crowns, which allow us to replace missing teeth without damaging the teeth on either side of the space where the tooth was originally located. We make an intra-oral appliance that keeps the lower jaw forward during sleep, reducing sleep apnea and all the other problems that the cessation of breathing at night can cause. I’ve been in private practice in Saddleback Valley since 1980 when I got out of the Navy. When the situation arises that we need a specialist, like an oral surgeon for wisdom extraction, or endodontists (root canal specialists), or periodontists (gum specialists) to save jeopardized teeth, I’m on a “first-name” basis with the best in all of those fields, who are all close by. We’re all living longer, and we’ll need our teeth longer. So it is my pleasure to have all of these good things we can do to make that happen. It’s better to have teeth left at the end of your life, rather than life left at the end of your teeth. Dr. Michael Tessier’s Office is located at 28562 Oso parkway at the intersection of Oso and Antonio parkways in the retail center near the Carwash and Starbucks the telephone number is (949)-459-7212.

The Ladera Ranch News

The Only Weekly Newspaper Exclusively for the Ladera Ranch Area

May 24, 2013

OCTA Partners with San Juan Capistrano Businesses Construction is underway for Caltrans’ I-5 / Ortega Highway Interchange Improvement Project. The project, which will reduce delays and traffic congestion on Ortega Highway, is slated for completion in 2015. In partnership with businesses impacted by the project, OCTA has developed a program to promote public transportation and encourage the public to visit the project area. The program, which encourages the public to “Make it a Mission to Experience San Juan Capistrano,” features multiple discounts that are available to Metrolink riders. Participating businesses include Mission San Juan Capistrano, Zoomars Petting Zoo, Mission Grill, Zia Jewelry, Five Vines Wine Bar, Capistrano Trading Post, Camino Real Playhouse and more. Join OCTA for a Free Event on June 8 OCTA will launch the ridership campaign with a kick-off event on June 8 at the Santa Ana Station, beginning at 8:30 a.m. The event will feature free refreshments from Nothing Bundt Cakes, live music performed by Headshine and prizes. Attendees can then take Metrolink to San Juan Capistrano to take advantage of special discounts.

As part of the event, additional discounts will be available on June 8th, in additional to regular ongoing discounts at other locations. Special event-day discounts will include: half-price admission to Mission San Juan Capistrano; A free meal at Sarducci’s with the purchase of a regular meal; half- price admission to Zoomars Petting Zoo; and

A buy one, get one free offer for coffee or dessert at Rick’s Café. Riders can take the OC Metrolink line Ride to San Juan Capistrano from as far as Los Angeles or the IEOC Line from as far as San Bernardino. For more information, visit sanjuancapistrano.

The Ladera Ranch News

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May 24, 2013

The Only Weekly Newspaper Exclusively for the Ladera Ranch Area

The Ladera Ranch News

It’s Rattlesnake Season in California ing no venom was injected, but the bites still require medical treatment. The potential of running into a rattlesnake should not deter anyone from venturing outdoors, but there are several precautions that Speckled can be taken to lessen the chance of being bitten when out in snake counAs springtime calls people and try - which is just about anywhere in snakes alike to the outdoors, encoun- California. ters with snakes become inevitable. California has a variety of snakes, most of which are benign. The exception is California’s only native venomous snake - the rattlesnake. California rattlesnake species include the northern Pacific rattlesnake (in northern California), and the Western Diamondback, Sidewinder, Speckled rattlesnake, Red Diamond rattlesnake, Southern Pacific, Great Red Diamond Basin rattlesnake and the Mojave rattlesnake (all found in Southern California). Though rattlesnakes are Dos and don’ts in snake dangerous if provoked, they also pro- country First, know that rattlesnakes are vide humans with a tremendous service they eat rodents, other reptiles, not confined to rural areas. They and insects, and are in turn eaten by have been found near urban areas, other predators. In California where in river or lakeside parks, and at rattlesnakes are found from sea level golf courses. Be aware that startled to the inland prairies and desert areas rattlesnakes may not rattle before and to the mountains at elevations striking defensively. There are several of more than 10,000 feet, enjoying safety measures that can be taken the outdoors means learning how to to reduce the likelihood of startling a rattlesnake. avoid contact with rattlesnakes. Never go barefoot or wear sanGenerally not aggressive, rattlesnakes strike when threatened or dals when walking through wild areas. deliberately provoked, but given room Wear hiking boots. When hiking, stick to well-used they will retreat. Most snake bites occur when a rattlesnake is handled trails and wear over-the-ankle boots or accidentally touched by someone and loose-fitting long pants. Avoid tall walking or climbing. The majority of grass, weeds and heavy underbrush snakebites occur on the hands, feet where snakes may hide during the day. and ankles. Do not step or put your hands Rattlesnakes can cause serious injury to humans on rare occasions. where you cannot see, and avoid The California Poison Control Center wandering around in the dark. Step notes that rattlesnakes account for ON logs and rocks, never over them, more than 800 bites each year with and be especially careful when one to two deaths. Most bites occur climbing rocks or gathering firewood. between the months of April and Check out stumps or logs before sitOctober when snakes and humans ting down, and shake out sleeping are most active outdoors. About 25 bags before use. Never grab “sticks” or “branches” percent of the bites are “dry,” meanwhile swimming in lakes and rivers. Rattlesnakes can swim. Be careful when stepping over the doorstep as well. Snakes like to crawl along the edge of buildings where they are protected on one side. Never hike alone. Always have someone with you who can assist in an emergency. Do not handle a freshly killed Sidewinder snake, it can still inject venom. Page 8

The Ladera Ranch News

Teach children early to respect snakes and to leave them alone. Children are naturally curious and will pick up snakes.

tree or shrub. Discourage snakes by removing piles of boards or rocks around the home. Use caution when removing those piles - there may already be a snake there. Encouraging and protecting natural competitors like gopher snakes, kingsnakes and racers will reduce the rattlesnake population in the immediate area. And, kingsnakes actually kill and eat rattlesnakes.

Great Basin

Is it a rattlesnake?

Many a useful and non-threatening snake has suffered a quick death from a frantic human who has mistakenly identified a gopher snake, garter, racer or other as a rattlesnake. This usually happens when a snake assumes an instinctual defensive position used to bluff adversaries. A gopher snake has the added unfortunate trait of imitating a rattlesnake by flattening its head and body, vibrating its tail, hissing and actually striking if approached too closely. A rattlesnake is a heavy-bodied, blunt-tailed snake with one or more rattles on the tail. It has a triangularshaped head, much broader at the back than at the front, and a distinct “neck” region. The rattlesnake also has openings between the nostrils and eyes, which is a heat-sensing pit. The eyes are hooded with elliptical pupils. Additional identifying characteristics include a series of dark and light bands near the tail, just before the rattles which are different from the markings on the rest of the body. Also note that rattles may not always be present, as they are often lost through breakage and are not always developed on the young.

Southern Pacific

What to do in the event of a snake bite

Though uncommon, rattlesnake bites do occur, so have a plan in place for responding to any situation. Carry a portable phone, hike with a companion who can assist in an emergency, and make sure that family or friends know where you are going and when you will be checking in. The first thing to do if bitten is to stay calm. Generally, the most serious effect of a rattlesnake bite to an adult is local tissue damage which needs to be treated. Children, because they are smaller, are in more danger if they are bitten. Get to a doctor as soon as possible, but stay calm. Frenetic, high-speed driving places the victim at greater risk of an accident and increased heart rate. If the doctor is more than 30 minutes away, keep the bite below the heart, and then try to get to the doctor as quickly as possible.

The California Poison Control Center advises:

Stay calm Wash the bite area gently with soap and water Mojave Remove watches, rings, etc, which may constrict swelling Keeping snakes out of the Immobilize the affected area yard Transport safely to the nearest The best protection against rattle- medical facility snakes in the yard is a “rattlesnake proof” fence. It can be expensive and requires maintenance, however. The fence should either be solid or with mesh no larger than one-quarter inch. It should be at least three feet high with the bottom buried a few inches in the ground. Slanting your snake fence outward about a 30-degree angle will help. Vegetation should be kept away from the fence since the snake Western Diamondback could crawl to the top of an adjacent

The Ladera Ranch News

The Only Weekly Newspaper Exclusively for the Ladera Ranch Area

The Ladera Ranch News

May 24, 2013

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The Only Weekly Newspaper Exclusively for the Ladera Ranch Area

May 24, 2013

The Ladera Ranch News

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OC MUSIC GUITAR CAMP 2013 • Designed for children ages 8 - 12 years old. • Starting July 8th, 2013 and runs for six consecutive weeks. • Choose either Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday - or both! • Each session is a fun-filled 90-minutes from 10:00am to 11:30am.

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The Ladera Ranch News

The Only Weekly Newspaper Exclusively for the Ladera Ranch Area


May 24, 2013

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About 248 registered participants and 42 teams have already raised $59,200 for the June 1-2 Mission Viejo-based Relay For Life at Saddleback College. With the countdown on to the American Cancer Society event, organizers are hopeful Relay will raise $113,000 for this worthy cause. More teams are sought to take part in this fun-filled overnight event designed to celebrate survivorship and raise money for research and programs. During Relay For Life, team members will take turns walking or running laps. At nightfall, hundreds of luminaries are lit in a moving ceremony to honor cancer survivors and remember those who lost their battle to the disease. Relay features food, games and activities that provide entertainment and build camaraderie. It is a family-friendly environment for the entire community. Folks can have fun while supporting a great cause. Teams can register online or sign up on Saturday, June 1. Cancer survivors and caregivers are invited to walk the first lap at the event, which will feature a host of family and children activities. Information about Relay for Life is available at The Ladera Ranch News

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May 24, 2013

The Only Weekly Newspaper Exclusively for the Ladera Ranch Area

KSBR Birthday Bash Jazz Festival Announces Line-Up Saddleback College Radio Station KSBR (88.5 FM) is proud to announce that Spencer Day, Jackiem Joyner, Keiko Matsui, Bill Cantos, Chris Standring and Sarah Gazarek will be among the more than 30 musicians appearing at this year’s KSBR Birthday Bash Jazz Festival. The Birthday Bash takes place this Sunday, May 26, 2013 on the Village Green of Oso Viejo Park in Mission Viejo. Some of the other artists appearing at this year’s event include trumpeter and one of the founders of Tower of Power, Greg Adams and two-time Grammy Award winner Paul Brown. As always, there will be at least seven very special guests who, because of contractual obligations, cannot be announced until they come on stage. Previous surprise artists have included Dave Koz, Mindi Abair, Patti Austin, Chris Botti, Larry Carlton, Brian Culbertson, Bob James, Boney James, Joe Sample, Tom Scott, and Peter White. “At most festivals, one band takes the stage, followed by a break, and then another band, and so forth. But, at the Bash, the headliners leave their bands behind and play with each other in an all-star musical party,” according to Saddleback College Broadcast Services Director Terry Wedel. The concert is co-sponsored by the City of Mission Viejo. This will be the 25th year of the station’s largest fundraising event, and it celebrates the 35th anniversary of jazz on KSBR (88.5 FM). Organizers are excited to announce the second annual Taste of the Bash, which was a wildly successful element introduced last year and will again feature more than 20 restaurants showing off their finest creations. The Taste is an added value so those purchasing tickets to the concert will be admitted to the Taste of the Bash for no additional charge. The Birthday Bash is the major fundraising event for KSBR, Mission Viejo’s own community radio station at Saddleback College. Some of the restaurants that are confirmed to serve are 2nd Floor Restaurant in Huntington Beach, California Pizza Kitchen in Mission Viejo, Acapulco Restaurant in Orange, Sundried Tomato in San Juan Capistrano, Bistro K in Laguna Niguel, Slater’s 50/50 in Lake Forest, Citrus Fresh Grill in Aliso Viejo, as well as wineries Hamilton Oaks Vineyards from Trabuco Canyon, Napa Cellars in Napa Valley and breweries Cismontane Beer in Rancho Santa Margarita and Hangar 24 Brewery in Redlands. More restaurants and wineries that will be at the Taste of the Bash can be found at Platinum and Premium Gold VIP guests will be treated to a fine dining experience by Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen in Anaheim, Savannah Chop House in Dana Point, Delizie Ristorante in Mission Viejo, The Ranch Sports Grill in Ladera Ranch and Vintage Steak House in San Juan Capistrano; dessert will be provided by Tommy Bahama in Newport Beach and MegaLoad Chocolates. It’s a Grind Coffee in Mission Viejo will also be serving coffee. La Pan’s Catering in Mission Viejo, Ricardo’s Place in San Juan Capistrano, and Two Guys Grilling from Dana Point will be providing meals for the Bash All-Stars and their families. The event will include a special tribute to Veterans. Saddleback College’s Veterans Memorial is the most significant tribute to veterans at any community college campus in the nation. In recognition of this event and the role that the college’s VETS (Veterans Education and Transition Services) Center plays in the community, the festivities will include a color guard performance and a special musical tribute to kick off the concert. In addition, veterans and active military personnel may purchase general admission tickets for just $25 through the Saddleback College VETS Center (949) 582-4252. The Center is open Monday – Thursday 9am to 4:30pm and Friday 9am to 12 noon. Doors open at 3:30 pm; the Taste of the Bash will run from 3:30 P.M. to Page 12

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Keiko Matsui is one of this year’s artists scheduled to appear at the KSBR Birthday Bash Jazz Festival.

The Ladera Ranch News

Spencer Day will be making his debut appearance for the KSBR Birthday Bash Jazz Festival.

Mindi Abair and Dave Koz were one of the surprise special guests at last year’s KSBR Jazz Festival.

The crowd and stage at the 2012 KSBR Birthday Bash Jazz Festival and Taste of the Bash.

5:00 P.M. Advance sale ticket prices begin at $55; $60 at the door. Reserved VIP seating is still available and is priced at $110-$180 per person. Tickets are available to the public at, at the Norman P. Murray Community and Senior Center and at the Fine Arts Ticket Office at 949-582-4656. Located in Mission Viejo, Saddleback College provides quality higher education and training to the greater south Orange County community. Having served more than 500,00 students since 1968, Saddleback College offers over 300 degree and certificate programs to help students reach their personal, career, and educational goals. For more information, please visit and for Fine Arts information, please visit

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The Only Weekly Newspaper Exclusively for the Ladera Ranch Area


May 24, 2013

22332 EL Paseo Rancho Santa Margarita (Plaza El Paseo) (949) 709-2266 Executive Chef George Valdovinos Invites You to Join Us for


Executive Chef and Co-owner George Valdovinos

Dont Forget! Every


Dinner Specials Prime Rib Eye Steaks Pan Seared Halibut Beef Short Ribs Venison Chops

P h o n e : ( 9 4 9 ) 3 4 0 - 2 0 5 5 Fa x : ( 9 4 9 ) 3 4 0 - 0 0 9 5 27412 Portola Pkwy, Suite D Foothill Ranch, CA 92610

w w w. U r b a n G r i l l a n d W i n e B a r. c o m

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The Only Weekly Newspaper Exclusively for the Ladera Ranch Area

May 24, 2013

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LADERA RANCH NEWS R est aurant Antonucci’s Restaurant Serving authentic Italian seafood and award-winning pizza since 1976 with exciting appetizers and a full bar and live entertainment on Saturday evening.

24190 Alicia Parkway Mission Viejo. 949-472-4332 Cinnamon Productions Bakery Café

Breakfast can be delightfully decadent with sugary cinnamon rolls like grandma used to make or lighter eggs and toast or scones. Some interesting sandwich possibilities and strong hot coffee OPEN Sunday/Monday 6:30am to 4:00pm Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 6:00am to 8:00pm

25672 Crown Valley Pkwy. 949-218-1515

Breakfast served daily from 8am to 11am Smokey Joe Croissants, Sausage, Eggs, Bacon.Try their hot link Breakfast Burrito, for lunch the wood fired dogs have all best flavors, tastes and toppings.

1701 Corporate Drive, Ladera Ranch (949) 364-7080 Jalapeno’s Restaurant Open for breakfast, lunch & dinner. Authentic Mexican food including Chili Verde, Omelettes, Huevos Rancheros, Tostadas, Carne Asada, Menudo, traditional burritos including Beef, Chicken, Fish, Beans (Vegetarian), Chile Rellenos, Taquitos, Enchiladas. Imported and domestic beers.

27602 Antonio Pkwy, 364-5614

The Ranch Sports Grill All Laker games, NHL, Fox Soccer and all Top Games. Taco Tuesdays, Slider Wednesdays, Taste of Italy Thursdays, DJ Friday nights. Happy Hour 11am to 6pm Mon.- Fri.

27412 Antonio Pkwy. 429-7737 Selma’s Chicago Pizzeria & Tap Room Selma’s serves 6 different styles of pizzas: Deep Dish, Chicago Pie, Low Profile, Artisan, Artisan Wheat, and Gluten Free. Plus great pastas, gourmet salads, Panini sandwiches, appetizers, desserts, and one of the largest selections of beers & wine in the area.Selmas’ offers full service or drop and go Catering.

27702 Crown Valley Pkwy, Ladera Ranch. (949) 388-7260

Latte Da Bagelry & Grill

Claim Jumper Monster salad bar, great steaks, full bar with a wide selection of beers and wines to choose from.

27845 Santa Margarita Pkwy, Mission Viejo 461.7170 Cosmo’s Italian Kitchen Owners Bob Quinn and Dick Fisher celebrate their 5th anniversary with special dinners Monday, Wednesday and Sunday. Open 11am Monday to Friday.

28562 Oso Pkwy 949.216.9029 Diho Siam Authentic Thai and Chinese food at affordable prices. Many varieties of Thai and Chinese delicacies. Chicken, Beef, Pork, Tofu and Vegetarian! Barbecue Chicken, Crispy Duck, Beef w/Oyster Sauce. Spicy Cat Fish. Hours: Open daily from 11am to 9pm; Sat. & Sun. until 9:30pm.

27702 Crown Valley Pkwy E-3 365-8777 Don Gustavo’s Authentic Mexican Food with homestyle flavor, menu items include Chile Relleno, Carnitas, Fajitas, Eggs Machaca, Chimicangas, Veggie Burrito, Fish Tacos, Shrimp Enchiladas, Taco Salad. Margaritas, Tequilas y Mas! Plus catering at your home or office. Open for lunch & dinner 7 days a week, plus Weekend Breakfast. Located at Oso/ Marguerite in the Pavillion’s Shopping center,

26012 Marguerite Pkwy #A, Mission Viejo 348.2386 Page 14

Jerry’s Wood Fired Dogs

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner served all day. Fifteen different types of bagels made daily. Salads, burgers, plus Italian specialties like Chicken Alfredo. opens at 6am daily; closes at 9pm Monday through Saturday, open until 4pm on Sunday.

21612 Plano Trabuco Road at Santa Margarita Parkway in the Albertson’s Center in Rancho Santa Margarita. 949-589-6405 O’Neill’s Bar & Grill at the Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club. Sunday Brunch at O’Neill’s is a delicious and leisurely experience. Zagat calls it the “best value in Orange County.” Daily specials include fresh fish, steaks, pizza and hearty sandwiches.

26772 Avery Pkwy, Mission Viejo. 949-305-5100 Peppino’s Newly remodeled restaurant on the Lake, expanded the dining area, full service bar, waiting lounge and a front dining patio. The rear-dining terrace offers a beautiful view of Lake Mission Viejo. Happy Hour daily from 3:00 to 7:00 pm.

27780 Vista del Lago, Mission Viejo 859.9556 P.F. Changs China Bistro Superb Shanghai Street Noodles, available in few places on the globe, make the trip to Mission Viejo Mall a veritable necessity.

800 The Shops at Mission Viejo, Ruby Rosensteel, 364-6661

The Ladera Ranch News

Simply Fondue Fabulous fondues composed of delicious meats, cheeses, breads, fruits and vegetables with steaming savory sauces. Worth the short trip to

31761 Camino Capistrano, San Juan Capistrano 949.240.0300

Trabuco Oaks Steakhouse Forty years serving choice meats and seafood. Home of the famous “2-pound steak.” Relax while you sip one of our sumptuous wines or cocktails or a frosty beer. Everyone welcome - straight from work or off the trail or dressed for a night out. OPEN: Sun.-Thurs. 5pm to 9pm; Fri. and Sat. 5pm to 9:30pm. Please call after 2pm for reservations.


G u id e Restaurant Reviews Wanted!

Have you dined out recently in Ladera Ranch? The Ladera Ranch News would like your opinion and we are actively looking for more reviews of local area restaurants that are NOT already listed on this page. Please make it brief and informative with 50 words or less. Reviews must include your name, phone or email address (please do not send reviews on fast food or strictly pizza places). Please send your Restaurant Review to

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The Only Weekly Newspaper Exclusively for the Ladera Ranch Area

May 24, 2013

Disabled “Theme Child” Introduced at California-Hawaii Elks 98th Convention in Anaheim In Anaheim, officers and members of Elks Lodges of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks (“BPOE”) throughout California and Hawaii were introduced to their new “Theme Child”. Andrew Bowring (photo attached) will represent California – Hawaii Elks Association’s (“CHEA”) Major Project program through May 2014. CHEA is best known for its state-wide children’s vision testing program and support of children with disabilities through its Major Project program, affectionately referred to as the “Purple Pig.” Elk members fill a purple piggy bank with “A coin a day so children can walk, talk, see and play.” Erin Bowring went into premature labor at twenty (20) weeks. She was given little hope of the baby’s survival. But, she carried to term and on December 11, 2010 Andrew arrived as a nine pound five ounce healthy baby. Father James and sister Macie welcomed the new addition to the family. After several months, Andrew’s grandmother noticed Andrew was behind in motor skill development, which was confirmed through

testing. In Tehama County, physical therapy services are very limited so the Bowring’s were referred to the CHEA Major Project program. Within two weeks, Denise Wilson an Elks physical therapist visited the Bowring home. She outlined a physical therapy program to strengthen Andrew’s muscles. With the Denise and Bowring administered physical therapy, Andrew was soon able to sit up, crawl and eventually stand. Andrew was then diagnosed with a mild form of cerebral palsy. After using a “reverse” walker for a few months, leg braces helped him stand and walk. Physical therapy continues. Erin said, “The Elks program has been phenomenal when it came to adjusting therapy to our family’s busy needs. Having the program there for us has made life so much easier and has made accepting Andrew’s diagnosis of cerebral palsy easier to handle. We really want to say thank you very much for helping our family so much. The program has positively influenced our lives and we truly want to say thank you.” In addition to the gifts given to An-

drew on the convention’s stage, he was granted his wish to visit Disneyland. At a recent Orange Coast District Elks gathering, it was learned of Andrew’s desire to visit Disneyland. An impromptu passing of the hat with donations from the ten Orange Coast District Elks Lodges netted over $1,000, more than enough for the entire Bowring family and care giver to visit Disneyland. Following the introduction of Andrew and his family, the president’s of 172 Elks Lodges proceeded to the convention stage announcing their yearly lodge donations to the Major Project program. The donations to the Major Project totaled $3.023 million.

Andrew Bowring.

Headquarters for the CHEA is in Fresno with headquarters for the BPOE in Chicago. The BPOE is a charitable organization with a 145 year history of giving, “Elks Care, Elks Share.”

Elks Lodge Festive Carnival Delivers Comfort to Pediatric Oncology Patients On Sunday, May 19, 2012, Mission Viejo / Saddleback Valley Elks Lodge No. 2444 (“Elks Lodge”) held a festive carnival for Pediatric Oncology Patients and their families who are supported by Orange County Foundation for Oncology Children and Families (“OCF-OCF”). On this day, the children and their families could enjoy time away from the effects of their illnesses and chemotherapy, radiation and other medical treatments. After greetings from Batman, Superwoman, pirates and a clown, the children and their families gazed upon a ceiling filled with “clouds of colored balloons”. All children and their families were provided with a tote bag and a t-shirt with figures of two children holding hands saying, “We Have Friends at The Mission Viejo Elks Lodge”. The children quickly found the Elks Lodge patio and the colorful tent canopies where they immersed themselves into typical carnival games. At all of the game stations, each child won a prize for participation in that game. The animals from Saga Creek Petting Zoo of Trabuco Canyon were a big hit! Children could pet an adult and baby goat, a pig, a rabbit, baby chicks and baby ducks.

The children also enjoyed a bounce house, crafts and face painting. Even some parents had their face painted. All attendees enjoyed typical carnival food: lemonade, “SnoKones”, cotton candy, chicken fingers, corn dogs, French fries and sweets. In addition to game prizes and upon their departure, each child picked out a “special” gift from a selection of Nintendo DS games; Dolls (Barbie, Cinderella and Prince, etc); action figures; Disney Vinylmations; DVDs (Madagascar, Shrek, Kung Fu Panda, Spiderman, Quantum of Silence, GoldenEye, etc.), books and other assorted prizes. Event chairperson Stephanie Bongartz said, “Some of these children have been undergoing treatment for up to five years. It is heartwarming to see a child from a previous year return to the carnival with a full head

(L to R): Alyssa Santiago; Hannah Davis; Gaby Spoonhauer; Brenda Hohnstein; Stephanie Bongartz; Stephen and Abelle Davis; Michelle, Addison, Drew and Bailey Spoonhauer. of hair.” Last October, Stephanie chaired a fund raising dinner at the Elks Lodge to help pay for this event. Additional funds for this event came from the Elks Lodge Bingo operation, Bongo Ink of Lake Forest and other fund raising events involving individual Elks Lodge members. Ninety (90) volunteers including fifteen (15) youth from Saddleback Valley area schools helped run the event. The Mission Viejo / Saddleback

Elks Lodge No. 2444, celebrating forty-three (43) years of service to the Saddleback Valley communities, is one of ten lodges in the Orange Coast District of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks (BPOE) whose headquarters is in Chicago, Illinois. The BPOE is a charitable organization with a 145 year history of giving, “Elks Care, Elks Share.”

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May 24, 2013

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Marguerite Christian School Serving our community with quality preschool education in a Christian environment. Ages 3-6. Director Susan Johnston 949-582-5856

4 1/2 Hour Classes for


a Month per Student

WWII Vets Provide First-Hand Perspective to SMCHS US History Class SMCHS History teacher Scott McIntosh and his World War II classes were given the opportunity to hear first-hand reflections from World War II veterans For the 5th consecutive year, History teacher Scott McIntosh provided his World War II classes the opportunity to hear first-hand experiences from three war veterans, from different military branches. Larry McCook, a retired member of the Marine Corps, has worked with McIntosh to bring veterans to SMCHS for the past 5 years as a chance to provide high school aged kids the opportunity to speak and listen to military personnel that lived and served during WWII, the very subject they are studying. McIntosh sees this this opportunity for his students as invaluable and something they will take with them forever. “Bringing the veterans in to class gives the students a first person account of what is was like for those who were there. The textbook and my lectures can’t provide them with that learning experience. Ultimately, this is the day that the students will remember for the rest of their lives long after they have forgotten all about my lectures and the assignments from the book.” This year, students listened to Captain Wes Wilson of the USMC, Seaman 1st Class Ernesto Schimmer of the US Navy, and Lieutenant Joe Onesty of the US Army Air Corp , which was the precursor to the Air Force. These veterans told tales of being engaged in Page 16

Pictured from L-R: Larry McCook, USMC; Captain Wes Wilson, USMC WWII Veteran; Seaman Ernesto Schimmer 1st Class, US Navy; Mr. Scott McIntosh; Lieutenant Joe Onesty, US Army Air Corp (the precursor to the Air Force)

aerial combat, meeting their wife while in boot camp, and seeing the world at the ripe age of 17. Lieutenant Onesty remembered taking his entrance test into the US Army Air Corp before turning age 18; Seaman 1st Class recanted being a surfer from Santa Monica before deciding to join the US Navy, and Captain Wilson spoke

The Ladera Ranch News

about the different ranks he obtained during his 20+ years of service to our Country. All three men conveyed the same message during their time with the class which was to make sure the students remained healthy, take care of themselves, and to take the path that in the years to come will make them happy.

The Ladera Ranch News

TUTOR3 MATH & STATISTICS Tutor, UCLA Grad with 10 Years Experience. AP Calculus & AP Stats expert. Local References in Coto de Caza & Dove Canyon areas. Call 310-384-7628 EXPERIENCED Math Tutor in RSM! Retired Math Teacher Tutoring Elementary through College Algebra. Call 949-5212526

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For sale 2012 Corvette Grand Sport Supersonic Blue 3LTR, 6 Speed Manual – 949-8586764 $52K – OBO – 11,600 Miles Fully Custom 2005 High Performance 4X4 Avalanche (2500 Model) Fully Automatic/Lt Leather Package 8100 Vortex Engine With Hypertech Full Tow Package, Fully Automatic, Custom Suspension, OnStar, Security Syst. GPS Remote Start, Custom 35” Racing Wheels and Exaust. Fully Loaded (Mileage 79,000). Email Me If You Have MUSIC Any Questions or MUSIC LESSONS OCMusic Center call 949-973-8114 Ask For Gordon located in RSM at Empressa & Aventura. Cars for sale WWW.OCMUSICCENTER.COM Call 949-858-0900 Rancho Santa Margarita Honda 29961 Rancho Santa Margarita Pkwy EMPLOYMENT Rancho Santa Margarita, Ca 92688 Display Advertising Sales Representatives. Phone: 877-801-7855 Experienced ad sales representatives to sell ads for South Orange County’s top Stock# :71117020 5 weekly newspapers. Weekly draw VIN:2GCEC13V771117020 2001 Chevy Silverado-Ready for Haulagainst commissions, benefits, protected ing $11,991 Automatic and Cloth CREW accounts. Experienced only, no trainees. CAB Rancho Santa Margarita Honda Fax resume in confidence to 949-589- 877-801-7855 6429 Stock #: 6C029387 HOME SERVICES VIN:JHLRD68556C029387 HOUSECLEANING by Polish Married 2006 Honda CRV LX-Clean and ready Couple. Professional, Experienced, for YOU $12,995 Rancho Santa MarReliable with Local References. Call: garita Honda 877-801-7855 949-701-7494 mandm.housecleaning@ Stock #:6U733925 VIN:4T1BE32K16U733925 ENGLAND EXTERMINATING Inc- 2006 Toyota Camry LE - Gas Saver and PR072 -Family Owned and Operated Clean $9,995 Rancho Santa Margarita Full Service Termite, Pest Control and Honda 877-801-7855 Wood Repair. Call for a 10% discount off initial treatment. england@englandext. Stock #:6KS33520 VIN:WBAVB33516KS33520 com 949-297-8660 2006 BMW 330i - Drive in class $17,991 “I’M GOOD-WITH WOOD!” Affordable Rancho Santa Margarita Honda Expert Carpentry. Decks-Stairs-Floors- 877-801-7855 Additions. Local References. Call Gordon Stock #:AE051354 Shuey 949-347-2458 VIN:19XFA1F98AE051354 PLUMBER 24/7 – FREE ESTIMATES. 2010 Civic EXL-Gas Saver Certified Stoppages, Water Leaks, Faucets, $16,575 Rancho Santa Margarita Honda Garbage Disposals, Water Heaters. We 877-801-7855 solve all your Plumbing Problems! Local References Available. Call 949-742-0273 Stock# : 81827961 VIN : JM1BK32G881827961 RYAN’S Hauling Service, demolition, 2008 MAZDA 3I Auto A/C Power Optrash pick-up, garage clean up. No job tion, Gas Saver!! $9,971 Rancho Santa too small. Also handyman/odd jobs 949- Margarita Honda 877-801-7855 293-5691 Stock #: 6R662373 landscaping VIN: 2A8GM68496R662373 SILVER CREEK LANDSCAPING – 25% 2006 Chrysler Pacifica Touring FamOff - Call for Details – 949-753-0663 or ily ready SAFE $10,981 Rancho Santa Visit Us @ www.silvercreeknurseryinc. Margarita Honda 877-801-7855 com Stock# CB040635 VIN: 5FNYF3H95CB040635 STABLES 2012 Honda Pilot touring 11k Navigation, Maxwell Stables in Coto, stalls available Bluetooth Touring $SAVE CERTIFIED 12x24 covered stalls, feed & clean twice Stock#:A0178886 VIN:JTDKN3DU9A0178886 daily. 949-858-9700 or 636-3458 2010 Prius-GAS SAVER $16,885 HORSE RIDING LESSONS Rancho Santa Margarita Honda Heritage is accepting a Limited Number 877-801-7855 of New Students. Beginners through Stock#: 2C021457 Advanced Welcome. Safe Lessons. VIN: JHMCG66012C021457 Ponies and Horses Available. Call 949- 2002 Honda Accord 2.3 EX with Leather, 322-1768 SAFE, RELIABLE $5,971 Rancho Santa Margarita Honda Soccer training 877-801-7855 Soccer Training By Elite College Player. Email for Scheduling/Information. All Ages/Levels. 1 HOUR - $30.00. Group and Packages Available

May 24, 2013

Cars for sale Stock# : 4c033345 VIN: JHLRD78824C033345 2004 Honda CRV EX 4WD, Reliable!! Gas Saver!!! $8,971 Rancho Santa Margarita Honda 877-801-7855 Stock#: 5H550242 VIN: 2HKYF18675H550242 2005 Honda Pilot EXL-RES 4WD, auto, clean!! $8,991 Rancho Santa Margarita Honda 877-801-7855 Stock# 9FB26595 VIN: 1FTPW14V19FB26595 2009 Ford F150 Super Crew, Ready for Hauling!! $22,891 Rancho Santa Margarita Honda 877-801-7855


CLASSIFIED ORDER FORM $1 Per Word ($15 Minimum)

Start Date:

Category Desired: 1
























TOTAL WORDS:______ $

Please select newspapers below.

Add 1 or more extra newspapers at half price for each. Please run my ad


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TOTAL $ Please Bill My Credit Card:



Card# Exp:


3/4 Digit Code:

Name: Address: City:


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Fax Credit Card Orders to




23472 Vista del Verde, Suite 6, Coto de Caza, CA 92679

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May 24, 2013

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Easy Memorial Day Recipes Celebrate Memorial Day with These Easy Appetizer and Dessert Recipes Everyone thinks of Memorial Day as the official start to summer. Although traditional hot dogs and hamburgers may be a mainstay for your Memorial Day recipes, don’t stop there. Add some red, white, and blue Memorial Day recipes for appetizer and desserts to remind your guests why we celebrate Memorial Day.

Easy Memorial Day Recipes - Appetizer Red, White, and Blue Boiled Shrimp If you live near the coast - and even if you don’t - why not enjoy boiled shrimp for Memorial Day? Boiled shrimp is one of those great makeahead Memorial Day recipes for a picnic. You really can’t mess up this Memorial Day recipe! Needed for this easy Memorial Day recipe: Stock Pot (or other large pot) Water 1 to 2 lbs. medium sized shrimp (de-headed and in shells) Old Bay Seasoning or Zatarain’s Crab and Shrimp Boil Optional: Additional items from your pantry (see below) stop the cooking process. Strainer Fill a bowl with ice and add shrimp. Large Bowl (preferably blue) Store in the fridge until time to serve. Ice Cocktail and tarter sauce, crackers Serve along with cocktail sauce, tarter sauce, and an assortment of Fill a stock pot about halfway crackers. MEMORIAL DAY RECIPE HINT: with water and pour some Old Bay For this Memorial Day recipe be sure Seasoning or Zatarain’s Shrimp Boil in the water. The directions on the to use a blue bowl. The blue bowl, back of the jar or can will guide you ice, and pink shrimp make this one in determining how much you need. of the most festive, refreshing, and A couple of tablespoons is usually healthy Memorial Day recipes you could make to start your celebration. good. Add more if you’d like. Add any or all of these items from your pantry: dehydrated onion and Easy Memorial Day Recipes dried parsley (a couple of table- - Desserts spoons), freshly squeezed juice from a lemon or two, bay leaves, a shake Think red, white and blue and be or two of salt and pepper, and my as healthy as you want to be with secret ingredients, one or two cloves these easy make-ahead Memorial of garlic (dehydrated or fresh pressed Day recipes for desserts. - either is fine) and a few drops of Tabasco sauce. Needed for these easy Memorial Bring water to a boil and then add Day Recipes: shrimp. Strawberries (or Raspberries) and IMPORTANT RECIPE TIP: Cook Blueberries only until the shrimp tails begin to curl Strainer back toward the body of the shrimp Whipped Cream or Cool Whip (Lite (the shells may also look pink) and or Regular) then remove from heat. This will just White angel food cake, pound take a couple of minutes! Don’t cook cake, or sheet cake too long or your shrimp will be tough. White Icing (only used for sheet Strain the hot water from the shrimp cake) and lightly rinse them in cold water to Optional - mint leaves for garnish Page 18

The Ladera Ranch News

Clear, wide mouthed glasses with stems (champagne, martini, red wine) Alternative: Clear Sherbet or small, stemmed water glasses Healthy Memorial Day Dessert Recipe: Wash and drain berries. Pat dry with towel. Hull strawberries and cut them in half. Combine strawberries and blueberries in stemmed glasses and top with a dollop of Lite Cool Whip. Garnish with mint leaves. Refrigerate until ready to serve. Another Healthy Recipe Alternative: Cut up white angel food cake and add it to the bottom of your glass. Top with berries and Lite Cool Whip as described above.

Day. Decorate the top of your white iced cake with berries. For a flag design put red strawberries in upper left corner and alternate blueberries for blue stripes across the rest of the cake. Serve slice of cake on red, white or blue plates. Or use your computer. Print and cut out Memorial Day star shapes (5 pointed stars work best) in different sizes. Lightly place the paper stars randomly over your cake. Lightly trace around the shapes with a butter knife, remove paper stars, and fill in the shapes with red and blue berries. Be totally random and cover the top of your cake with the red and blue berries. No special design. It will still look beautiful and festive for Memorial Day.

Other Delightful AddiNot for the Calorie Conscious tions for Memorial Day

Recipe Alternative: Substitute white pound cake for Enjoy these easy Memorial Day the angel food cake. Add berries and recipes as part of a traditional welCool Whip or whipped cream. come to summer but don’t forget why we celebrate Memorial Day. Forget the Calories Recipe AlterPlease display the flag proudly to native: welcome your Memorial Day guests. Purchase or make a plain white Please have a moment of silence sheet cake with white icing. Wash and as a memorial to those who have thoroughly drain your berries. Pat dry made all of our Memorial Day picnics with towel. Be creative for Memorial possible.

The Ladera Ranch News

The Only Weekly Newspaper Exclusively for the Ladera Ranch Area

May 24, 2013

Robinson Facial Plastic Surgery Holiday Special!

Buy 1 Restylane syringe and get 50% off 2nd syringe. Offer good until June 30th. Restylane is used for Facial Contouring, Facial reconstruction (due to sudden weight loss and effects of aging), Nose contouring and Hand rejuvenation. Call our office and schedule an appointment today so that you may be ready for the upcoming holidays. You deserve it! Call the office today (949) 831-5900.

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May 24, 2013

The Ladera Ranch News

Rancho Santa Margarita Honda

Orange County Fastest Growing Company / Dealership of the Year/ Council of Sales Leadership Award.



SHOWDOWN 2013 Honda Civic LX Coupe lease for $ 1 5 9 / month plus tax

159 Per month

Lease for $159 per month plus tax. On approval of credit. All in Stock. 36 month lease. $2399 total due at lease inception which includes $0 security deposit; plus tax and license. Lessee responsible at lease end for mileage that excess of 36,000 miles at $0.15 cents per mile. Expires May 31, 2013.



2013 Pilot EX-L lease for $319 / month plus tax

319 Per month

Lease for $319 per month plus tax. On approval of credit. All in Stock. 36 month lease. $2499 total due at lease inception which includes $0 security deposit; plus tax and license. Lessee responsible at lease end for mileage that excess of 36,000 miles at $0.20 cents per mile. Expires May 31, 2013.

1.9% apr finanCing aVailable on all preoWnDeD honDaS anD aCCorDS

2013 CR-V LX $189 / month plus tax

lease for


Service Special Lube, Oil & Filter Change Most Models


Per month

Lease for $189 per month plus tax. On approval of credit. All in Stock. 36 month lease. $2399 total due at lease inception which includes $0 security deposit; plus tax and license. Lessee responsible at lease end for mileage that excess of 36,000 miles at $0.15 cents per mile. Expires May 31, 2013.


Plus Tax

Expires 6-31-13

Hours Monday through Saturday 9:00am-8:00pm Sunday: 10:00am-6:00pm

Call Us Toll Free: 888.254.6946 29961 Santa Margarita Parkway, Rancho Santa Margarita,CA92688 “Prices do not include government fees and taxes, any finance charge, any dealer document processing charge, any electronic filing charge and any emissions testing charge.”

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LR 5-24-13  
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