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February 10, 2012

Let’s Not Forget Next Tuesday Is VALENTINE’S DAY

February 10, 2012

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The Only Weekly Newspaper Exclusively for the Ladera Ranch Area

The Ladera Ranch News

The Ladera Ranch News

The Ladera Ranch News

The Only Weekly Newspaper Exclusively for the Ladera Ranch Area

February 10, 2012

Top Ten Valentines Gifts for Women By Debra Proctor Choose from the top ten Valentines Gifts for women and you can’t go wrong. Women place much more importance on Valentine’s Day than men do, so the last thing you want to do is gloss over this important day. Show her she’s special by giving her one of the best Valentine’s gifts possible. Here’s a list of the top ten Valentines gifts for women to give you some great ideas. #1 - Get Away Trip For the Valentines experience of a lifetime, treat her to a romantic getaway trip. You can go all out and book a trip to St. Maarten or Belize or stay local and have a romantic weekend at a bed and breakfast or spa. Either way, she’ll know she’s special with a gift like this. #2 - Flowers There’s not a woman alive who doesn’t appreciate flowers and now giving flowers is easier than ever. You can go the traditional route and order from your local florist or save some time and order online. If you love the idea of giving her flowers but need to save some cash, most grocery and discount stores have live bouquets. Pick a pretty bouquet, choose one of the vases, add a pretty bow and you’re all set. #3 - Handcrafted Gift Are you handy? If you are, think about your hobby and how you can use it to create a one-of-a-kind gift. If you’re not so handy, shop local stores that sell handcrafted items. You’ll usually find these tucked away in shopping strips or in the historic or tourist section of town. If you prefer to shop online, try Etsy. com. This entire website is filled with all handcrafted items for you to choose from. #4 - Personalized Gift When you give a personalized gift, it tells the woman you love that you went the extra mile and actually put some thought into the gift. Shop websites like or www.PersonalCreations for items you can have engraved, monogrammed or to have a special picture turned into a canvas print. #5 - Jewelry Jewelry is right up there with candy and flowers. Your decision here revolves around your budget and what kind of statement you want to make. Fine jewelry shows a woman that you are getting pretty serious while less expensive fashion jewelry is just fun to receive. Shop for fine jewelry at stores like, and You can find a good assortment of pretty fashion jewelry at any major

department store. Necklaces and bracelets are easiest to buy as you don’t have to get a certain size. #6 - Breakfast in Bed If you want to really impress the women in your life, treat her to breakfast in bed. Clueless about what to cook and how to do it? Let AskMen. com give you some help with their breakfast in bed article. #7 - Love Letter Writing a love letter might make you feel silly, but your loved one will be thrilled. For those of you who need help doing this (and who doesn’t?) read this article on How to Write a Love Letter> for step-by-step instructions. #8 - Romantic Dinner Do you have a special restaurant as a couple? Where did you go for your first date? Make reservations at your special restaurant or recreate your first date and relive the memories. Women love taking trips down memory lane. #9 - Creative Dates If the love of your life is adventurous, dinner and a movie won’t impress her. Instead, give her the thrill of a lifetime by planning something adventurous and exciting. Look creatively at the area you live. What are the special tourist attractions? Do you live in wine country? Take a tour of a winery and have a picnic complete with wine and cheese. Is it warm in your part of the country on Valentine’s Day? Try whitewater rafting. For thrill seekers, set up a date for bungee jumping, hang gliding, hot air balloon or a helicopter ride. #10 - Candy Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but let’s face it, all women love chocolate. Wow her with a gourmet chocolate assortment like Godiva Gold Gourmet Chocolate Gift Basket

or Homemade Gourmet Chocolate Candy Bars. The main thing to remember about giving a gift that makes a lasting impression on the woman you love, is the thought. The special woman in your life will be happy as long as she knows you

put some thought into choosing the gift and that it comes from the heart. Use this list of top ten Valentines Day gifts for ideas and you’ll soon find the perfect gift for that perfect woman in your life.

The Ladera Ranch News

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February 10, 2012

The Only Weekly Newspaper Exclusively for the Ladera Ranch Area

The Ladera Ranch News

Festival Ballet Theatre announces spring production of The Sleeping Beauty Ballet. Festival Ballet Theatre will perform The Sleeping Beauty Ballet as its spring production on March 24 and 25 at the Irvine Barclay Theatre. Following a very successful Nutcracker season of sold-out performances, FBT presents the full-length timeless story ballet that is sure to please audiences of all ages. Festival Ballet Theatre’s Sleeping Beauty features elaborate sets and spectacular costumes, and the story takes audiences back in time to a magical kingdom. Excitement brews when a beautiful princess named Aurora is born to a beloved King and Queen. The kingdom’s fairies gather with Lilac, the Fairy of Protection, to celebrate the blessed event. The ballet features internationally acclaimed dancers Irina Dvorovenko and Maxim Beloserkovsky, principal dancers with the American Ballet Theatre (ABT), and favorites of Orange County audiences. The couple (married to each other in real life), share an intimacy that is true to the princess and prince and bring the story to life. Audiences are in for a special treat when company dancers and guest artists take the stage. Their artistry and athleticism lead them to execute breath-taking performance that tells a magical tale of this world-famous fairytale.Tickets now on sale. or 949.854.4646. Saturday, March 24 at 7:30 PM, and Sunday March 25 at 2 PM. $40 adults, $36 seniors, $30 children

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1503 South Coast Drive, Suite 207 Costa Mesa, CA 92626 Website: e-mail:

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The Ladera Ranch News

The Ladera Ranch News

The Only Weekly Newspaper Exclusively for the Ladera Ranch Area

February 10, 2012

Debunking the Top Five Wine Myths

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By David White “Red wine with fish?” muses James Bond, as he confronts the villain in From Russia with Love. “Well, that should have told me something.” James Bond may be a great spy, but he wouldn’t make a great sommelier. Believe it or not, fish sometimes works with red wine -- and white wine often works with meat. This is just one of the many wine myths that remain omnipresent. Here are the top five: Myth #1: Serve white wine with fish and red wine with meat. James Bond wasn’t entirely wrong. As general rule, it isn’t a terrible idea to pair lighter foods like fish with white wine. But plenty of seafood dishes work better with red wine. If your fish is meaty or charred -- or served with tomatoes, mushrooms, or a fruity sauce -- it’ll likely be complimented best by a delicate red like Pinot Noir. Similarly, plenty of meats work better with white wines. Spicy cuisines like Chinese, Thai, and Indian demand rich, high-acid wines like Riesling and Gewurztraminer. Myth #2: Sparkling wines like Champagne are only for special occasions. France’s big Champagne houses have spent millions trying to convince us that Champagne is best enjoyed when celebrating. That might be true -- after all, wine shops see a huge spike in sales around New Year’s and Valentine’s Day -- but sparkling wines can be enjoyed all year long. Most sparklers are characterized by vibrant acidity and freshness, so they work with variety of dishes. Sparkling wines can cut through spicy food, complement savory food, and elevate even the simplest of dishes. Burgers and Champagne, anyone?

Myth #3: Sophisticated wine drinkers avoid Chardonnay and Merlot. Among self-appointed wine experts, it’s become fashionable to bash Merlot and Chardonnay. This isn’t entirely without reason. When Americans started developing a taste for wine in the 1990s, Merlot became the go-to grape for red, and Chardonnay became the go-to grape for white. So the market quickly became flooded with cheap, nondescript wine devoid of varietal character. For Chardonnay, this resulted in wines that tasted mostly like butter and oak -- leading many to declare themselves members of the “ABC Club” to let people know they’d drink “Anything but Chardonnay.” Meanwhile, oceans of Merlot were simply bland and boring. Thing is, both Chardonnay and Merlot are responsible for some of the greatest wines in the world. Sure, both demand the right soil, the appropriate climate, and skilled winemaking. But when those demands are met -- as they often are -- both grapes can produce remarkably delicious, complex wines. Myth #4: There are no good wines for less than $20. The world is awash in affordable, great-tasting wine. But many drinkers insist on contending that it’s difficult to find a good wine for less than $20. They’re not just wrong; they’re delusional. Sure, it’s difficult to find a good Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon for less than $20, just as it’s difficult to find affordable caviar. But there are plenty of delicious options from the world’s unheralded wine regions -- places like Portugal’s Douro Valley, Washington’s Columbia Valley, the Languedoc-Roussillion region of France, and virtually all of South Africa.

Even to seasoned oenophiles, these regions can be overwhelming. So don’t hesitate to ask your local wine shop for advice. Myth #5: Serve white wines chilled and red wines at room temperature. This is probably the most pervasive wine myth. And it’s why most people -- and even most restaurants -- serve red wines too warm and white wines too cold. Before the advent of thermostats, homes were much cooler than they are today. So serving red wine at “room temperature” made sense -- it still made for a refreshing beverage. Today, most Americans keep their homes at about 72 degrees -- a temperature that’ll make even the finest red wine taste rough and alcoholic. Legend has it that white wines are served “cool” because historically, they came straight from the cellar. A cellar, of course, is warmer than your average refrigerator -- most of us set our fridges at around 35 degrees. Serving any wine this cold will mask its flavors. Fortunately, you don’t need a fancy thermometer to serve wine at its optimal temperature. If you’re drinking a red wine, pop it in the fridge for 25-30 minutes. If you’re drinking a white wine, pull it out of the fridge about 25-30 minutes before you’re going to drink it.

“I have found men who didn’t know how to kiss but I’ve always found time to teach them.” ~ Mae West

The Ladera Ranch News

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February 10, 2012

The Only Weekly Newspaper Exclusively for the Ladera Ranch Area

The Ladera Ranch News

Diocese of Orange Formally Acquires Crystal Cathedral and Adjacent Campus

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange today acknowledged the close of escrow proceedings concerning ownership of the Crystal Cathedral and its adjacent 30.9 acre campus in Garden Grove, CA. The Diocese purchased the complex following acceptance of its bid by the central California U.S. Bankruptcy Court. Formal transfer of title to the Diocese has been made. While close of escrow marks the conclusion to an emotional and complicated acquisition process, occupancy of the campus and use of the cathedral itself will not be immediate. Under the terms of the agreement, Crystal Cathedral Ministries may continue to use the church and some other campus structures for a period of up to three years. Operational and administrative transfer of the Memo-

DOVE CANYON HOSTs LOVE FROM DOVE FUNDRAISER Last year, Dove Canyon residents hosted Dove Loves Dove, a major fundraising event to support families who suffered extensive damage to their homes from rain and mudslides. This year, in keeping the tradition of helping our neighbors in need, the Dove Canyon Country Club and Dove Canyon residents are partnering with South County Outreach, to host “Love from Dove Valentine’s Spectacular” the weekend of February 10th-13th, 2012 at Dove Canyon Country Club. “Love from Dove Valentine’s Spectacular” is a multi-day “Weekend of Giving” with the purpose of raising funds for South County Outreach. Every eighty-seven cents raised from the “Valentine’s Spectacular” will provide much-needed food, housing and other resources to the unemployed, underemployed, seniors, veterans, disabled and children in South Orange County. “Orange County is not typically viewed as having a need, however we are serving more than 50 families a day,” said Gabrielle Comfort, Special Events and Marketing Manager, “We look forward to an exciting Valentine’s Day weekend filled with food, fun and golf– all to help those who are struggling the most within our community.” Events include: “Taste from Top Local Chefs” featuring local chefs’ specialties, wine pairings and an outdoor cigar bar; a “Sweetheart Extravaganza” showcasing local retailers for your Valentine’s shopping needs; a silent auction and food drive throughout the weekend and a “Golf to Give Tournament” with reception to follow. For “Love from Dove” event information, registration and sponsorship opportunities, visit or contact (949) 380-8144 ext. 210. South County Outreach, founded in 1989, is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing hunger and homeless prevention services to low-income families in crisis in South Orange County. South County Outreach helps those in crisis reach self-sufficiency by providing the following services: food pantry, utility and rental assistance, homeless prevention counseling, computer training, clothing and transitional housing to support homeless families. For more information about South County Outreach, visit Page 6

The Ladera Ranch News

rial Gardens to the Diocese will be immediate. A diocesan pastoral center will be established on the site in due course with anticipation of that nearby Catholic St. Callistus parish will eventually transfer to the new campus. While architectural changes are required before the cathedral can be used for Catholic liturgy, Bishop Brown noted, “Our goal is to preserve an already cherished religious landmark and to enhance its worship use for Orange County Catholics and all people of faith who may be inspired by this wonderful, now Catholic, cathedral.”

The Ladera Ranch News

The Only Weekly Newspaper Exclusively for the Ladera Ranch Area

February 10, 2012

FACTS ARE IN: THE“College costs climb, yet again”

CNN Money, October 29, 2011 “California’s public universities enacted the highest average tuition increase, 21%, of any state” Los Angeles Times, October 26, 2011 “The University of California...raised annual tuition this year to $12,192, also three times more than the rate paid by students a decade ago.” Orange County Register, January 28, 2012

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February 28th @ the Mission Viejo Library Community Room March 6th @ the Laguna Hills Mall (Liberty Tax Office) March 15th @ the Bell Tower, RSM Community Center March 29th @ the Bell Tower, RSM Community Center

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The Ladera Ranch News

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The Only Weekly Newspaper Exclusively for the Ladera Ranch Area

February 10, 2012

The Ladera Ranch News

Society Scene by

Kelly Bennett Exclusively for the Ladera Ranch News

Ocean Institute Celebrates 10 Years of JAZZ! The Ocean Institute in Dana Point celebrated 10 years of Jazz on two evenings last weekend that raised around $180,000 to support the Institute and its unique, ocean-oriented educational programs. Co-chairing the event for the 10th time was Dana Point resident Tim McMahon, Senior Vice President, CBRE and Laguna Niguel resident Jens von Gierke, Principal and Founder of Wave Hospitality Advisors Inc. Headlining the two nights of excitement were Honorary Member, Jazz Artist and producer Rick Braun and a few of his friends, David Benoit and Mindi Abair. Braun, an internationally recognized trumpeter and composer, was joined on stage by Benoit, one of contemporary jazz’s most acclaimed composers and pianists, along with highly regarded saxophonist and vocalist Abair. Around 290 guests came Friday evening and enjoyed a wine and appetizer reception with the concert performance. Saturday evening, the premier evening, gave around 200 guests, not only the concert, but a gala gourmet dinner prepared by celebrated local chefs from premier Orange County hotel resorts. The elegant intimate affair was an Epicurean taste extravaganza that started with a cocktail reception featuring delicious appetizers from Chef Pierre Albaladejo from the Park Hyatt Aviara Resort and Chef Josef Lageder from the Balboa Bay Club and Resort. Montage Laguna Beach sponsored the popular Martini Bar and Pear Valley Vineyards from Paso Robles provided all the wines for the evening. After the silent auction closed, guests sat down to a magnificent four course feast. Chef Rob Wilson from the Montage Laguna Beach started us off with a salad made from Maggie Farms Arugula, Soledad Goat Cheese, winter Grapefruit, and baby beets that was served with a smoked almond vinaigrette. This was paired nicely with a Pear Valley 2010 Sauvignon Blanc. The second course, Chef Andres Jimenez, from the Ritz Carlton, Laguna Niguel surprised us with a pan seared jumbo sea scallop with basil pistachio crust and a celery root puree that was served with a warm blood orange vinaigrette and paired nicely with Pear Valley 2010 Tom’s Oaked Chardonnay. The main course was made by Chef Erasmo Rodrigques, from Laguna Cliffs Marriott Resort and Spa. Guests enjoyed a Prime Beef Fillet with Pomegranate and mushroom sauce served up with micro vegetables, frozen shaved horseradish and potato log. A glass of Pear Valley 2009 Inspiration – Rhone Style Blend was superbly paired with this. Let’s not forget about dessert. Chef Frederic Castan and Pastry Chef Joshia Huella from the St. Regis Monarch Beach Resort and Spa served up a wonderful Jasmine Coconibs Pepermint Bar with Passion Fruit Coulis along with Orange 2 Ways with Vanilla Cremeux which was out of this world. The live auction was exceptionally competitive. Up for grabs were a few get-aways and of course - vacations galore. The South Africa Photo Safari for two where guests stay for 6 days and 6 nights at the Luxury Hemingwaystyle tents at the Heritage Safari Lodge in the heart of Zululand, went twice for $5,000 each. Ann and Roger Worthington and Cliff and Nan Blanchine were the lucky winners. Another double win was the Summer Adventure in Montana -4 nights and 5 days at a luxury three bedroom two bath cabin along with gourmet meals and all the goodies went to Kent and Lisa Matranga and again to Robert and Linda Beaulieu for $3,500 each. A surprise “Chef’s Dinner” was donated from all seven chefs who prepared the evening’s delicious fare and it also sold twice. The chefs agreed to serve one dish at a dinner for a party for 10; Bryan and Jeanne Stirrat paid $4,250.00 and Jeffrey and Wendy Verdon gave $4,000.00 – the details of the dinner are still being worked out but these two couples get an amazing dinner in their home by the celebrated chefs. The evening ended with everyone on their feet dancing to the tunes of the Jazz trio; Braun, Benoit and Abair were stellar performing together. The Page 8

The Ladera Ranch News

Local Chefs who participated in the Ocean Institute’s 10 Years of Jazz Celebration are (back row, left to right) Erasmo Rodriguez, Laguna Cliffs Marriott Resort & Spa; Andres Jimenez, Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel; Rob Wilson, Montage Laguna Beach. (Front row, left to right): Pierre Albaladejo, Park Aviara Resort; Frederic Castan, St. Regis Monarch Beach Resort & Spa; and Joseph Lageder, Balboa Bay Club & Resort

William & Erica Stetson with Roxanne & Dan Stetson (CEO and President Ocean Institute)

Nicole and Jens Von Gierke (cochair and board member)

Carol & Tim McMahon (Co-chair and board member)

Rick Braun and Friends performed at the Ocean Institute’s 10 Years of Jazz Celebration. Left to right, David Benoit on piano, Mindi Abair and Rick Braun

committee has much to rejoice for putting on such a marvelous event that benefits the Ocean Institute. To date, the annual jazz celebration has raised more than $735,000 - helping their programs reach more than 115,000 students and public visitors annually which helps preserve the pristine majesty of the oceans for generations to come. For more information on the Ocean Institute, visit Photos by Rick Chatillon

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The Ladera Ranch News

The Only Weekly Newspaper Exclusively for the Ladera Ranch Area

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The Only Weekly Newspaper Exclusively for the Ladera Ranch Area

February 10, 2012

The Ladera Ranch News

The History of Valentine’s Day: Who was St. Valentine? By Scott Brodie This history of Valentine’s Day is shrouded in mystery. While every February 14, Valentine’s Day, couples send romantic Valentines, no one knows the true history of Valentine’s Day. Many believe the history of Valentine’s Day can be found in the question, “Who was Saint Valentine?” The Roman Catholic Church has three saints named Valentine, or Valentinus. Of these three, the history of Valentine’s Day supposedly honors the first Saint Valentine. So, who was Saint Valentine? Saint Valentine was a third-century priest in Rome. He was martyred. Any further answer to, “Who was Saint Valentine?,” is speculation. Yet, there are three theories about the history of Valentine’s Day. Each attempts to answer, “Who was Saint Valentine?” Who Was Saint Valentine? A Priest Marrying Couples. According to this theory on the history of Valentine’s Day, Saint Valentine was a priest during Emperor Claudius II’s reign. Because Claudius II believed single men were better soldiers than married men, he outlawed marriage for young men. Saint Valentine did not adhere to Claudius II’s proclamation, however, and continued to perform marriages in secret. When he was discovered,


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Saint Valentine was imprisoned and sentenced to death. Who Was Saint Valentine? A Priest Freeing Christians. Another theory about the history of Valentine’s Day contends that Saint Valentine was sentenced to death for free Christians from Roman prisons. This is the least romantic history of Valentine’s Day, but it portrays Saint Valentine as a heroic and strong figure. Who Was Saint Valentine? The First Valentine. According to this romantic theory of the history of Valentine’s Day, Saint Valentine sent the first valentine. He supposedly fell in love while imprisoned. Perhaps it was the jailor’s daughter who he loved. Whoever the lady was, he sent her a letter signed, “From your Valentine.” The truth is, no one can answer, “Who was Saint Valentine?” Since it remains unknown, the question for today is not, “Who was Saint Valentine?” Rather the question is, “Who is Saint Valentine now?” Whoever he was, Saint Valentine is remembered as a strong, heroic and romantic figure. It is no wonder lovers have been sending love letters in his name, as valentines, ever since the Middle Ages.

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February 10, 2012

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February 10, 2012

The Only Weekly Newspaper Exclusively for the Ladera Ranch Area

The Ladera Ranch News

baptist church

Share Some Love with Cupcakes

Five Decadent and Easy Chocolate Desserts for Valentine’s Day By Freida Thomas I can’t think of anything better than treating your sweetheart with a homemade dinner and an easy decadent dessert this Valentine’s day. I’ll leave the dinner up to you, but below are five sweet and delicious suggestions for desserts to make for your Valentine this year! Simple but Yummy Brownie Sundae The key to making this common dessert special is to cut your favorite baked brownies into individual hearts with a 3 ½ inch heart shaped cookie cutter. To assemble, use a white plate and squirt some raspberry sauce in a decorative pattern. Place a scoop of strawberry ice cream on one side of plate. Lay your heart shaped brownie up against the ice cream. Make the mood more romantic by slowly feeding this delish dish to your valentine! Chocolate Fondue What would Valentine’s Day be without chocolate fondue? Serve while the fondue is warm. Load up skewers with fruits of all kinds: bananas, strawberries, pineapples, apple slices, pear slices, and marshmallows. This dipping dessert is only Page 12

limited by your imagination. The possibilities are endless! Brownie Heart Cupcakes This is simple yet will convey your love on Valentine’s Day. Bake your favorite cupcake and brownie recipes. Use a 1 ½ in heart cookie cutter to cut heart shapes from the brownies. Frost your cupcakes with a pink Basic Butter cream Icing recipe. Then carefully place your heart shaped brownie on top of the cupcake. Optionally, you could place a cherry on top of the brownie! Chocolate and Banana Waffle Panini (perfect to serve your Valentine for breakfast in bed) This is an easy recipe, but will make a big impression. Simply take 2 frozen waffles, spread 1 side of each waffle with butter. Place sliced bananas, and 1 oz. of chopped chocolate in between the non-buttered sides of the waffles. Heat the waffle Panini, buttered sides out, in a medium skillet, covered, until he chocolate melts and the waffles are crisp and done, about 2 minutes per each side! Chocolate Drizzled Nuts with Sea Salt If your Valentine is a nut lover

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(notice I didn’t say nut), but a lover of nuts, try this sweet and salty recipe to have with a glass of wine after your romantic dinner. You can make this with a single nut of your choice or a can of lightly salted mixed nuts. I prefer the mixed because I’m a lover of all nuts! Line a rimmed cookie sheet with parchment paper and spread out 2 cups of nuts on it. Next melt ¼ pound of semi-sweet chocolate, chopped in 30 second intervals, stirring after

each interval, until the chocolate is melted and smooth. Drizzle nuts with the chocolate and ½ teaspoon flakey sea salt. Place the cookie sheet with the nuts in the refrigerator until set, about 15 to 20 minutes. Break apart into pieces before serving. Any of these five easy yet decadent recipes will be appreciated by a chocolate lover, especially if they are made and presented with a kiss and an “I love you.”

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Courtside Restaurant

February 10, 2012


of Rancho Santa Margarita Courtside Restaurant is a beautiful location specializing in exquisite and memorable events. We offer casual elegance for any type of event.

Planning A Wedding or Other Special Event? Everything All In One Beautiful Loaction! Our friendly staff will assist you with anything may need for your event. DINING



Weddings Receptions Rehearsal Dinners Parties Bar Mitzvahs Graduations Holidays Corporate Meetings Bridge Clubs Networking Events

Call us for your next special event! 949-361-2211 111 Ave Vista Montana San Clemente 949.361.2211 949.492.1516 Located in the Rancho San Clemente Tennis Club

2012 1

July 1, 201

edom Celebration of Fre nd 4th of July Weeke

WE DELIVER ( 949) 459-0181

Must mention Coto de Caza News when you order. TRY OUR ORIGINAL CRUST PIZZA ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!! 100% Real Mozzarella Cheese, All Fresh Ingredients



All Large Pizza, Any 3 Toppings, Your Choice!

X-Large 16” Pizza

Plus Tax

Large 14” Pizza

Delivery Available, Minimum Order 2 Pizzas or More



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Must bring coupon when ordering. Not valid with any other offers. Exp. 2-29-12

FREE DELIVERY with this coupon!

Monday - Thursday 11 am to 9:30 pm Friday & Saturday 11 am to 10 pm Sunday noon to 9:30 pm

O.C. PIZZA ( 949) 459-0181

21612 Plano Trabuco Rd #G Trabuco Market Place

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Proudly serving Rancho Santa Margarita for over 20 Years!

949.589.1900 31931 Dove Canyon Drive

We deliver 5:00 to 8:30pm

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February 10, 2012

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Valentine’s Day Ideas for Guys Valentine’s Day. It’s a day when guys pull out all the stops in love and women enjoy the ride! Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity for guys showcase their most creative and romantic appreciation for their mates. Anyone can simply go out for a nice dinner and nightcap, but guys will win extra ‘awww’ points with women if they take it a step beyond the norm and get creative with their Valentine’s Day plans. Women like to feel special and unique as opposed to a cliche or societal norm. As I have learned from countless causual conversations with women, they really do appreciate when a man goes above and beyond to impress them on days like this. Check out these 5 great ideas that are sure to sweep to anyone woman off her feet on this romantic day!

1. Candlelight Dinner - How easy is it for you to just pick a woman up and whisk her away to a nice romantic restaurant for dinner where you don’t have to lift a finger?! Instead, show your lady that you put some real thought, effort, and energy into the occasion. Surprise her by cooking one of her favorite meals and enjoying it by candlelight. This is not only a great way to show off your cooking skills but also to showcase how great of a catch you really are when you combine great conversation into the mix. To really make it romantic, dress up as if you were taking her out, splash on that cologne she loves so much, and have a small surprise gift waiting for her at the end of dinner. 2. Romantic Scavenger Hunt Want to take Valentine’s Day to the next level? Try leading your lady on a romantic scavenger hunt throughout the day that ends with a jaw dropping surprise. You can start the scavenger hunt by sending her surprise flowers to work (yes her job so everyone, not just her, can see where you’re going with this idea). Include a mysterious Page 14

you want to sweeten the deal buy her a nice comfortable pair of pajamas to lounge around in with you. Wear your most comfortable pj’s as well. Sometimes there’s nothing better than lounging around in comfy pj’s with your woman watching TV and enjoying each other’s company. Simple and sweet. There you have it, 5 great Valentine’s Day ideas to show your lady how much you care. These ideas will require a little thought, good planning, and a little extra effort. In the end when you look into her eyes, she flashes that million watt smile, and she tells you how much she loved everything, and plants a big wet one on you, you will know how much you made her day. Lastly and most importantly no matter what you do treatment. Follow this up with a nice for your lady on Valentine’s Day, be romantic dinner and it will be you who sure to look her in her eyes and tell ends up getting a surprise at the end. her how much you love, appreciate, and adore her with the utmost sincer-

note that begins the scavenger hunt with a few vague instructions for her to follow so it leads to the next part of the scavenger hunt. Make sure your notes and instructions are very short with concrete details, times, and/or locations, etc. Ex. 1219 Rose Street Downtown 4pm ask for John. As you ‘anonymously’ reveal more details throughout the day, her heart will be racing with anticipation and she will be kept on her toes waiting to see what you’re going to do next. To you psych majors, when you keep a woman guessing in a positive light about you the more her interest level in you will go up. Waaay up. 3. Massage/Spa Date ­- It’s no secret that women love to be pampered. Hair, nails, skin, you name it they do it. Why not surprise your lady with a romantic day at the best spa in town. Let her get everything she’s ever wanted at a spa all in the same day. She will definitely appreciate this gesture from you. Her stresses, worries, and negative energy will all melt away in these moments which will help her to relax. To make it really enjoyable, join her in the spa

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4. Inside Picnic - Don’t have a lot of money to spend or don’t know your way around the kitchen? Having an indoor picnic is a great idea that guys can do for their ladies on Valentine’s Day. Make sure it’s done right: a picnic blanket and a basket of food, drinks, and some of her favorite sweet goodies should do the trick. To really kick it up a notch, light some scented candles, sprinkle the surrounding area with rose petals, and have some soft music playing in the background to make the mood even more romantic. 5. Movie Night - Not too creative? Light in the wallet? There’s still hope for you. Invite your lady over, order in, and snuggle up for the night and watch some of her favorite movies. Yes that means the chick flicks. If

ity. When she hears this, it’s almost certain she’ll be head over heels or remember why she fell in love with you to begin with. Remember guys, women fall in love between their ears not their eyes.

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February 10, 2012

ladera ranch news R est aurant Antonucci’s RestAuRAnt Serving authentic Italian seafood and award-winning pizza since 1976 with exciting appetizers and a full bar and live entertainment on Saturday evening.

24190 Alicia Parkway Mission Viejo. 949-472-4332 BeAch FiRe BAR & GRill Burgers, Sandwiches, Tacos, Salads plus Spiced Chipotle Chicken, Blackened Catfish. Open Monday-Friday 11:30am to11pm; Saturday 11am to 11pm; Sunday 11:30am to 10pm. Sunday Brunch 10-3

25682 crown Valley Pkwy. 542-7700 cinnAMon PRoductions BAkeRy cAFé

Breakfast can be delightfully decadent with sugary cinnamon rolls like grandma used to make or lighter eggs and toast or scones. Some interesting sandwich possibilities and strong hot coffee OPEN Sunday/Monday 6:30am to 4:00pm Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 6:00am to 8:00pm

25672 crown Valley Pkwy. 949-218-1515 clAiM JuMPeR Monster salad bar, great steaks, full bar with a wide selection of beers and wines to choose from.

27845 santa Margarita Pkwy, Mission Viejo 461.7170 cosMo’s itAliAn kitchen Owners Bob Quinn and Dick Fisher celebrate their 5th anniversary with special dinners Monday, Wednesday and Sunday. Open 11am Monday to Friday.

28562 oso Pkwy 949.216.9029 diho siAM Authentic Thai and Chinese food at affordable prices. Many varieties of Thai and Chinese delicacies. Chicken, Beef, Pork, Tofu and Vegetarian! Barbecue Chicken, Crispy Duck, Beef w/Oyster Sauce. Spicy Cat Fish. Hours: Open daily from 11am to 9pm; Sat. & Sun. until 9:30pm.

27702 crown Valley Pkwy e-3 365-8777 don GustAVo’s Authentic Mexican Food with home-style flavor, menu items include Chile Relleno, Carnitas, Fajitas, Eggs Machaca, Chimicangas, Veggie Burrito, Fish Tacos, Shrimp Enchiladas, Taco Salad. Margaritas, Tequilas y Mas! Plus catering at your home or office. Open for lunch & dinner 7 days a week, plus Weekend Breakfast. Located at Oso/ Marguerite in the Pavillion’s Shopping center,

inFusion RestAuRAnt And BAR Featuring an open style kitchen, our executive chef will tempt your palate with entrees including thick steaks, chops and island style fresh fish. In addition, we feature an extensive wine list and a martini bar. Open for lunch and dinner. Catering is also available.

25612 crown Valley Pky, ste l-1. 364-1100 JeRRy’s Wood FiRed doGs

Breakfast served daily from 8am to 11am Smokey Joe Croissants, Sausage, Eggs, Bacon.Try their hot link Breakfast Burrito, for lunch the wood fired dogs have all best flavors, tastes and toppings.

1701 corporate drive, ladera Ranch (949) 364-7080 JAlAPeno’s RestAuRAnt Open for breakfast, lunch & dinner. Authentic Mexican food including Chili Verde, Omelettes, Huevos Rancheros, Tostadas, Carne Asada, Menudo, traditional burritos including Beef, Chicken, Fish, Beans (Vegetarian), Chile Rellenos, Taquitos, Enchiladas. Imported and domestic beers.

27602 Antonio Pkwy, 364-5614 lAtte dA BAGelRy & GRill Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner served all day. Fifteen different types of bagels made daily. Salads, burgers, plus Italian specialties like Chicken Alfredo. opens at 6am daily; closes at 9pm Monday through Saturday, open until 4pm on Sunday.

21612 Plano trabuco Road at santa Margarita Parkway in the Albertson’s center in Rancho santa Margarita. 949-589-6405 neWPoRt RiB coMPAny A complete selection of aged, midwestern corn-fed USDA choice steaks and prime rib, tender pork & beef ribs, fresh seafood, chicken, fresh salads and sandwiches. Take out daily from 10:30am; lunch from 11:30am. Now open for dinner at 4pm.

27742 Antonio Pkwy. 364-9111 o’neill’s BAR & GRill at the Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club. Sunday Brunch at O’Neill’s is a delicious and leisurely experience. Zagat calls it the “best value in Orange County.” Daily specials include fresh fish, steaks, pizza and hearty sandwiches.

G u id e


tRABuco oAks steAkhouse

Newly remodeled restaurant on the Lake, expanded the dining area, full service bar, waiting lounge and a front dining patio. The rear-dining terrace offers a beautiful view of Lake Mission Viejo. Happy Hour daily from 3:00 to 7:00 pm.

Forty years serving choice meats and seafood. Home of the famous “2-pound steak.” Relax while you sip one of our sumptuous wines or cocktails or a frosty beer. Everyone welcome - straight from work or off the trail or dressed for a night out. OPEN: Sun.-Thurs. 5pm to 9pm; Fri. and Sat. 5pm to 9:30pm. Please call after 2pm for reservations.

27780 Vista del lago, Mission Viejo 859.9556 P.F. chAnGs chinA BistRo Superb Shanghai Street Noodles, available in few places on the globe, make the trip to Mission Viejo Mall a veritable necessity.

800 The shops at Mission Viejo, Ruby Rosensteel, 364-6661 the RAnch sPoRts GRill All Laker games, NHL, Fox Soccer and all Top Games. Taco Tuesdays, Slider Wednesdays, Taste of Italy Thursdays, DJ Friday nights. Happy Hour 11am to 6pm Mon.- Fri.

27412 Antonio Pkwy. 429-7737


RestAuRAnt ReVieWs WAnted!

Have you dined out recently in Ladera Ranch? The Ladera Ranch News would like your opinion and we are actively looking for more reviews of local area restaurants that are NOT already listed on this page. Please make it brief and informative with 50 words or less. Reviews must include your name, phone or email address (please do not send reviews on fast food or strictly pizza places). Please send your Restaurant Review to

RoMA d’ itAliA Menu items include Calabrese Pizza, Pasta Estiva, Gnocchi Catanzaro, Grilled Halibut or Salmon, Shrimp Calabrese, Mostaccioli Arrabbiata, Veal Sorrentino, Osso Buco, Eggplant Sorrentino and more. Don’t forget to try one of the homemade desserts like Tiramisu, Rum Cake, Cannoli and Cheesecake. You can also order beer and wine with some good, inexpensive Chiantis by the bottle.

25606 crown Valley Pkwy. 276-5712 siMPly Fondue Fabulous fondues composed of delicious meats, cheeses, breads, fruits and vegetables with steaming savory sauces. Worth the short trip to

31761 camino capistrano, san Juan capistrano 240.0300 tAco MesA Offers healthy, authentic, and innovative Mexican cuisine from fresh ingredients. Open Sun. - Thurs. 8am to 9pm; Fri. & Sat. 8am to 10pm. Bridgepark Plaza,

27702 crown Valley Pkwy. 364-1957

26772 Avery Pkwy, Mission Viejo. 949-305-5100

26012 Marguerite Pkwy #A, Mission Viejo 348.2386

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February 10, 2012

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JOIN US Church Services - Sun at 10 AM Sunday School - Sun at 10 AM Healing Tesimony Meetings - Wed at 7:30 PM Child Care at all Services

Visit Our Christian Reading Room Open Monday- Friday 10 AM - 2 PM Saturday 10 AM - Noon


30442 Via Con Dios Rancho Santa Margarita

If You or a Loved One is Facing Criminal Charges

You Need Someone On Your Side ! 100% Criminal Defense 24 – 7 Assault, Battery, Drug Cases, DUI, DMV Hearings, Juveniles, Theft, Shoplifting, Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Fraud, Expungements, Resisting Arrest, Probation Violations

Call Me TODAY for a FREE Initial Consultation SUNDAY: BIBLE STUDY & IGLESIA DE CRISTO 9:30am

Law Offices of Lisa Bethune

(949) 306-3959

23151 Moulton Parkway Suite 102, Laguna Hills, CA 92653

Marguerite Christian School Serving our community with quality preschool education in a Christian environment. Ages 3-6. Director Susan Johnston 949-582-5856

Pastor Rev. Fred K. Bailey

A Catholic-Christian Faith Community within the Diocese of Orange

Bread Blessed and Broken… this is my body. Wine poured and shared… this is my blood. Do this in memory of me… Corpus Christi! We’ve grown! Corpus Christi Catholic-Christian Community invites you to share our life in our exciting new church. Come, share our WORSHIP, our HOSPITALITY, our EFFORTS to be the Body and Blood of Christ in Aliso Viejo.


MASS: Saturday 5pm • Sunday 8am, 10am and Noon “Through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, our Catholic-Christian community seeks to fully understand, embrace, and live as God’s children and diciples of Jesus Christ.” - Corpus Christi Catholic-Christian Community Mission Statement

27231 Aliso Viejo Pkwy., Aliso Viejo

Phone(949) 389-9008 Fax(949) 831-6540

Find out More About us at

Ladera Ranch Birth Announcement The Ladera Ranch News is Happy to Announce the Birth of Your Newborn Baby’s Name _________________________ Date of Birth__________________________ Weight ______________________________ Length ______________________________ Parents _____________________________ ____________________________________

Send with photo! The Ladera Ranch News, 23472 Vista del Verde, Suite 6, Coto de Caza, CA 92679 Page 16

The Ladera Ranch News

Former Orange County Prosecutor Former Public Defender Licensed to practice in all State Courts in California 12 years Experience

The Ladera Ranch News

FINANCIAL PRIVATE MONEY LENDER WANTED – High Yield 8% paid quarterly.Safe-Secure Minimum $100 K. OAKTREE CAPITAL 949-412-9936

PET Services AT DOG TRAINING. Reasonable hourly rates. Postive reinforcement methods. Adele and Amy 949-433-2396

TUTOR MATH TUTOR - Experienced, professional & caring. Grades 3-12, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I/II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, College Algebra. Also a home-school tutor. 949-302-9423 READY FOR FINALS!? Math & Statistics Tutor- UCLA Grad with over 10 years experience. Effective SAT Math Expert. Local references in Coto de Caza, Dove Canyon and Ladera Ranch, www.boomerangtutoring. com , 310-384-7628. EXPERIENCED Math Tutor in RSM! Retired Math Teacher Tutoring Elementary through Colllege Algebra. Call 949-521-2526

MUSIC LEARN TO CREATE MUSIC! Write and record songs. Make Beats. No musical experience necessary. Cory 949-9734146 PIANO AND VOICE lesson with Peter. My studio or your home. Great with kids. All musical styles, 949-282-7756. First lesson free! MUSIC LESSONS OCMusic Center located in RSM at Empressa & Aventura. WWW.OCMUSICCENTER.COM Call 949-858-0900 EMPLOYMENT Display Advertising Sales Representatives. Experienced ad sales representatives to sell ads for South Orange County’s top 5 weekly newspapers. Weekly draw against commissions, benefits, protected accounts. Experienced only, no trainees. Fax resume in confidence to 949-5896429 LOCKSMITH LOCKSMITH SERVICE 24/7. Commercial, Auto and Residential. Great Rates ! Call For A Free Quote. 949-529-4744 HOME SERVICES RYAN’S Hauling Service, demolition, trash pick-up, garage clean up. No job too small. Also handyman/odd jobs 949293-5691 HOUSECLEANING by Polish Married Couple. Professional, reliable with local references. Call: 949-701-7494

STABLES Maxwell Stables in Coto, stalls available 12x24 covered stalls, feed & clean twice daily. 949-858-9700 or 636-3458

OFFICE SPACE FOR LEASE SHARE LUXURY OFFICE in Prime RSM location. Reception + 3 Furnished Offices available. Conference room, Gym, Kitchen, Baths. Baths include Shower & Lockers. Plenty

The Only Weekly Newspaper Exclusively for the Ladera Ranch Area

of Parking and Warehouse Space. Won’t Last... Call Today! 949-275-6573

HOMES FOR LEASE 3400 / 3br - Just Reduced! Highly Upgraded Walk to Beach (San Clemente, CA) This highly upgraded custom 3 Bedroom, 2.5 bath, plus office/ utility area has many upgraded fixtures including travertine flooring, custom staircase with rod-iron railing, granite counter tops, stainless steel Jen Air appliances, custom cabinetry, recessed lighting, beautiful light fixtures, wiring for flat screen in master bedroom & family room and 2 fireplaces and balconies, tankless water heater and much more! 949-292-4895 $1275 / 2br - Living Too Far Away and Paying Too Much? (Newport Beach) A gated community near the prestigious Santa Ana Country Club, Palm Mesa Apartments feature first class amenities at coach prices: lush landscaping, heated pool and spa, on-site laundry, well-equipped fitness center, patios, balconies, and courtyards. Easy freeway access means we’re only minutes away from the John Wayne Airport, the shopping centers of South Coast Plaza and Fashion Island, and the sparkling sands of the beach. 714-546-9860

In Loving Memory

Written memorial tributes in the newspaper are always meaningful to friends, relatives and loved ones. For obituary assistance, or to be certain that an obituary or other memorial tribute is included in the newspaper please call (949) 589-9990.


CLASSIFIED ORDER FORM $1 Per Word ($15 Minimum)

$4100 / 4br - 3500 SF HOME, Mission Viejo. Upgraded to the max and absolutely wonderful - island kitchen with walk-in pantry, granite counters, travertine floors & imported antique hardwood floors throughout (no carpet anywhere), 3 fireplaces including one in the master bedroom and a fabulous master bathroom. 949-683-0498

Close to lake and shopping. 1 bedroom with loft. Great views. Fireplace. Highly upgraded. Light and bright with high ceilings. Private and gated. Pets considered. agent 949-858-8185 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, 2 car attached garage, membership to Mission Viejo lake and amenities. Single story home in Mission Viejo with yard. Upgraded in beautiful neighborhood. agent 949697-3342 Ex ecutive

home in the guard gated community of Dove Canyon with view. Upgraded with granite counters, french doors, decorator paints & treatments. 4 bedrooms up & 1 bedroom/bathroom suite down. Built in spa. Close to community pool, lighted tennis courts, hiking trails & championship golf course. agent 949355-9520

Start Date:

Category Desired:

$1189 / 1br - One Bedroom (Mission Viejo) Starting rates are for selected units on a 12 month lease term only with approved credit. Terms and rates are subject to change without notice. $450 Security Deposit is on Approved Credit. 888485-7125

San Clemente Great 2 bedroom 1 bath with fireplace, one car garage, carport, big kitchen with pool and coin washer and dryer. Right near Starbucks and in the middle of downtown, Great location three blocks to ocean and pier. $1500 949-212-3246

February 10, 2012

























TOTAL WORDS:______ $

Please select newspapers below.

Add 1 or more extra newspapers at half price for each. Please run my ad


Coto de Caza News Mission Viejo News Ladera Ranch News San Clemente News Newport News


TOTAL $ Please Bill My Credit Card:



Card# Exp:


3/4 Digit Code:

Name: Address: City:


Phone: (



Fax Credit Card Orders to




23472 Vista del Verde, Suite 6, Coto de Caza, CA 92679

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February 10, 2012

The Ladera Ranch News

5 Gifts He’ll Love on Valentine’s Day By Alison Harrison How to pick a valentine’s gift for the man in your life? You love him no matter what. You don’t mind that he drops his shirts on the floor, can’t hear you when he watches football, and still likes to eat pizza out of the box in front of the Tivo. But choosing the perfect Valentines gift for him is hard. Here are 5 ways to show him you care on Valentine’s Day without being too cutesy (unless he likes that). A beer gift basket Beer on the Wall has a great selection of beer gift baskets and beer of the month options. This will probably delight him more than any box of Valentine’s Day chocolates. If he’s not a beer drinker, then how about some of the vinyards and wine sellers who offer wine clubs with gift boxes or monthly deliveries? Cookie bouquet There are lots of surveys stating that men actually want to receive flowers on Valentine’s Day. Uhhuh. I’m betting he’d rather have a “bouquet” of his favorite cookies instead. Try Cookies By Design for a great selection. Or if you’re feel-

ing domestic, why not bake him up a batch? Not sweet toothed? Many meat producers offer gift packs of bacon, steaks or jerky. Or sign him up to a farmers vegetable box delivery so he can whip up his favorite vegetarian food all year round. Personalized T’s If he’s more of a jeans and t-shirt kind of a guy than a fancy restaurant customer, try Café Press for a range of fantastic T’s or create your own with a personal message. Looking for something a little more upscale? Cufflinks or collar stays can be engraved with initials or special messages. Tickets If you have the cash, buy some front row seats to his favorite team or band. if you’re on a more meager budget this year,then try tickets to a film that he wants to see - especially if it’s a type you’re not so keen on. You get the double benefit of having bought the gift and letting him see that you’ll go out of your way to make him happy. Weekend away Just you and your honey in a cosy cottage with a hot tub and the

sound of the sea. Or a swanky hotel room in the heart of the city. Travel prices are down a little this year so splash out and make it a weekend he won’t forget. Deep down, men and women both want the same - to be loved

and appreciated and maybe spoiled a little. Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to use your imagination but make sure that,whatever the gift,you give it with love.

Unique Food Ideas for Valentine’s Day By Euryice Roman When Valentine’s Day approaches, the central theme of hearts and roses is seen everywhere. During this time, people are also inspired to let their food creations reflect the essence of Valentine’s Day. There are many different foods you can serve during the holiday with a heart-shaped presentation.

the cookie cutter to prepare another pancake. For this idea, however, it would be easier and definitely not as time-consuming if you have several cookie cutters you can use at once. There is also the idea of heartshaped meatloaves. You can shape the meatloaves by shaping them in a pan or shaping them by hand. Depending on your serving needs, you can make one large heart-shaped meatloaf or several smaller sized ones. You can then top the meatloaves off with tomato sauce, ketchup or another red sauce of your

For breakfast, you can make mini heart-shaped pancakes for your family. This is not hard. You can simply use a small heart-shaped cookie cutter into which you will pour the batter into on the skillet. Once the pancake has started to bubble around the edges, you can remove

choosing a few minutes before the baking time is complete. A cool and refreshing heartshaped Valentine’s Day treat

Page 18

The Ladera Ranch News

is a Valentine’s Day strawberry torte I make every year. I create my torte by baking two white cake layers in heart-shaped cake pans. I mix my favorite strawberry frosting with Cool Whip and top each cake layer with the frosting/cool The only items you need to fulfill whip mixture and sliced strawberries. This dessert is the objectives of your heart-shaped easy to assemble and makes for a cooking creations are heart-shaped eight- or nine-inch baking pans, heartrefreshing and fruity dessert. shaped baking muffin tins as well as heart-shaped Jell-O molds. However, creativity is key, because some dishes can be shaped into a heart design or pattern without the necessity for a specific baking instrument. Just remember that this is Valentine’s Day so think chocolate, cheese, strawberries and champagne as you begin the development of your heart-shaped meal. You will learn a lot from this process, and it may inspire future unique and creative cooking endeavors.

The Ladera Ranch News


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February 10, 2012

H E N AT U R A L , N O N - S U R G I C A L L O O K



Dr. Ernest Robinson Background & Training

Medical School: Loma Linda University Internship: General Surgery Residency: Otolaryngology/Head & Neck Surgery Fellowship: Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Board Certification: American Board of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery American Board of Otolaryngology/Head & Neck Surgery

Ask about our “lunchtime� procedures such as

the new FDA approved filler that is an instant and long lasting wrinkle correction Secondary & Revisional Facial Surgery Nasal Surgery Ear Pinning

Intense Pulse Light

the newest laser technology, a no downtime skin treatment that improves coloration and texture

Botox, Collagen

Eyelid Rejuvenation

Facial Liposuction

Lip Enhancement

Facial, Cheek & Chin Implants

Cosmetic Mole & Blemish Removal

Chemical Peel

Cosmetic Skin Cancer Reconstruction

Forehead Lift Face Lift

Laser Resurfacing

Portrait Plasma - tightening procedure that diminishes wrinkles and improves tone and texture

24541 Pacific Park Drive, Suite 103, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656

949 831-5900

100% financing available. Visa, MasterCard and American Express Accepted. The Ladera Ranch News

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February 10, 2012

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The Only Weekly Newspaper Exclusively for the Ladera Ranch Area

The Ladera Ranch News

The Ladera Ranch News

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Let’s Not Forget Next Tuesday Is VALENTINE’S DAY February 10 , 2012 The Only Weekly Newspaper Exclusively for the Ladera Ranch Area The Lade...

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Let’s Not Forget Next Tuesday Is VALENTINE’S DAY February 10 , 2012 The Only Weekly Newspaper Exclusively for the Ladera Ranch Area The Lade...