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Time Perception:

Grandma “…anyway time is confusing as you get older. It seems time does not move at all because you don’t feel any different but clearly it does and coming to terms with that, accepting the movement of time is interesting. When you have small kids the whole world moves past you while it seems you stand still in the centre of a maelstrom of tiredness and

effort but slowly you move back into the flow of time and then you’re in it for years, in the rings around the core, and the rings are spinning quiet fast but without you realising you are being pushed slowly, ring by ring to the outer rings where it’s a lot slower and you have the ability to look back into the rings – all the layers of time moving at different speeds.” Mrs Burstyn, 50

Interview with a Grandma of three, 10/04/11, image of Mrs Burstyn by R. McElhinney.

part 2 project dlf  
part 2 project dlf  

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