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Time Perception:

Pregnant Time as a preggo is a different thing altogether. I have never been more aware of time than when pregnant, especially with your first baby.

comes is like waiting for christmas (after running a marathon).

My midwife once told me that if a full term woman hasn’t called her by 9am then she The last few weeks of isn’t having her baby pregnancy are agony. that day. It is like being stuck in a permanent transit Having a family totally lounge. warps your sense of time, from pregnancy You are unable to start which is especially the any new projects be- longest 9 months of cause everything could your life to those first change in a heartbeat. few hazy weeks with Your whole life is about your new baby when to get turned on it’s days and nights blur head and you’re never into one big haze the sure when it’s going to. the first year which whips around at lightGoing to bed every ening speed and has night with the hope you wondering where that tonight could be that little baby disapthe night that the baby peared to so quick.” Interview with a Mother of two. 26/03/11

part 2 project dlf  
part 2 project dlf  

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