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Time Perception:

Toddler “The only children I can speak for are my own. At 2 years old M still has no concept of what time means. ‘Later’ is as bad as a curse word in my house because the answer “later” is always followed by the question “now?”

When we have something exciting happening I don’t tell M until an hour or so before hand. Giving her more time to think about it does no one any favours as she has no idea how long 2,3, 5 hours actually is. When I say “We’re going out now” we then have to physically go out. Saying that then putting on my shoes, brushing my teeth, and doing whatever not only do I loses my credibility on not following through (your

words need to have meaning if you parent without punishment, which for the record is different to discipline, which we are doing plenty of right now) but it also frustrates M because she doesn’t understand whats happening. Days of the week are still confusing for her. She is still figuring out that the Sunday Market on happens on a Sunday, and that Sunday morning comes around after 6 night sleeps.

Interview with a Mother of two. 26/03/11

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part 2 project dlf  

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