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Eating the right food is important, food gives you the energy to do all the things you do on a daily basis, so without it healthy food, you’d pretty much be sat there unable to do anything!!

Eating healthy food is really important when your still growing. You need to eat food that will help you to grow in a healthy way. You should try to eat a variety of foods. Fruits and vegetables are really good for your body, sweets and fast foods shouldn’t be cut out your life completely – just so long as you don’t eat them all the time.


Eating well is an important part of taking care of yourself. If you don’t it's like running a car on empty. Healthy eating can improve your confidence and make you feel better about yourself. Healthy eating means doing the following things: • • • • •

›eating breakfast ›sitting down with others ›getting your 5-a-day ›cooking for yourself (cutting out fast food and takeaways) ›cutting down on caffeine (energy drinks, tea and coffee) A healthy diet also gives you the energy you need, and can help you to look and feel great. But eating well doesn't have to mean giving up all your favourite foods. A healthy diet means eating a wide range of foods so that you get all the nutrients you need, and eating the right number of calories for how active you are. Beware of fad diets: they’re rarely the way to a healthy weight. Instead, use our tips to help you eat more healthily.


Make sure you eat plenty of different foods! Doing this will make sure that you have a balanced diet. Eating a variety of foods can even help need to be healthy and prevent illness. Eating healthy meals is a good way to take some control over the nutrients you’re getting and make sure that your body is getting everything it needs to fight illnesses, which in turn will make you stronger. Choosing to eat healthy and nutritious snacks, such as fruits, cereal bars and vegetables can to help control your weight and ensure good health.

Why not try a healthy snack instead of a bar of chocolate?


Exercise is really important for you to stay healthy and in shape. It’s alright to do things like watching TV and playing video games in moderation. But these activities can should not take the place of more active hobbies. The good news is that exercising doesn’t have to be a chore. You can choose activities you enjoy, such as mountain biking, football or swimming. If exercise is something you enjoy doing you’re more likely to do it more often and keep it up.


We all know being active is good for us. But what kind, how much, and where? Well the good news is you don't have to join a gym. Walking briskly for a total of 30 minutes, 5 days a week will not only reduce stress levels, but will also help reduce your risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes. You don't have to do it all at once either. Three lots of 10 minutes works just as well, and makes it easy to fit into everyday life. Do something simple, like take the stairs instead of the lift or cycle instead of driving. Many of us aren't too keen on the idea of exercise. It might be that we’re too busy or we simply can’t face the thought of it. But most people are not getting the amount of activity they need to stay healthy. Only 1 in 20 people are actually doing the right kind of activity they need each week. And sitting down for hours – maybe at work, watching TV or playing computer games - can also increase the risk of poor health.

Building activity into your day keeps your heart healthy, reduces your risk of serious illness and strengthens muscles and bones. It can also be a great way of reducing your stress levels and lifting your mood if you’re feeling down.


Your safety and wellbeing is the most important thing. Young people face decisions. You should try and avoid situations which could be harmful to yourself, for example, have protected sex to reduce the chances of getting a STD or becoming a parent. Avoiding drug and binge drinking is a good way to reduce these risks. Teenagers who drink alcohol are more likely make poor choices like having unprotected sex or drink driving. Healthy activities like sports and youth groups allows you to have fun without drugs and alcohol. SRC have a range of extra curricular activities you can get involved in, email for more information on these.


Sleep is vital for your physical, mental and emotional health. If you don’t get enough sleep, it can interfere with your academic performance and make you feel unhappy and you may get easily wound up. People between the age 15-19 are meant to get 8.5 to 9 hours of sleep each night.

WHAT IF YOU CAN’T SLEEP? Good sleep is essential but can be the first thing to go when we're stressed. And this can lead to us feeling even more stressed. If you can’t sleep: • Go to a different room for a while and do something that's not mentally challenging, have a warm, milky, caffeine-free drink. Don't lie in or nap to compensate the next day • Concerns often disrupt our sleep. Try thinking about them, and what you might do about them, during the day. • Relaxation techniques to aid sleep Winding down is a critical stage in preparing for bed. There are many ways to relax: • A warm (not hot) bath will help the body reach a temperature where it's most likely to rest. • Relaxation exercises, such as light yoga stretches, will help relax their muscles. • Relaxation CDs work by relaxing the listener with carefully chosen words and gentle hypnotic music and sound effects. • Reading a book or listening to the radio will relax the mind by distracting it from any worries or anxieties.


Taking a break from your hectic life - even a small one can stop stress building up. Being stressed can stop us doing the things we usually enjoy. But missing out on those things is also one of the causes of stress. Are there things you used to love doing, but haven't done recently? Making time to relax and have some fun is an important part of beating stress - even if you don't feel like it to start with. Good ways to relax include: •

›Going for a walk, with the dog if you've got one

›Making time to hang out with friends and family

›Baking a cake, and sharing it with someone

›Deciding to learn something new for example, by taking an evening class in something you've always wanted to do.


Eat, Learn, Live Eat Happy 5 a day planner Healthy Living Get the app!

If you have any concerns about your weight or healthy living or your weight please ask at reception to speak to a member of the Youth Work Team or speak to you GP.

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